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CJ Chapter 54

Chris was standing at the side of the church where he was trying to calm Saul Bernstein down. They were both wearing tuxedos and their roles in life were totally reversed. For the moment Chris was now the adult, and he was trying to calm his adoptive father down.

"Don't worry, B" Chris said softly. "She'll be here and everything will go fine. Just relax. I wish you would've taken the Valium that Poppa Mike offered you, but you're such a jerk about taking drugs. I'm just the Best Man, but if he offered the Valium to me, I would've taken it!"

"I still can't believe this is happening!" Saul said. "I never expected to ever find anyone to replace Eloise, and I'm scared to death about getting married again!"

"No one can replace Eloise," Chris offered. "I wish that I could have met her, but I know that she's watching us right now and is sharing our joy. Helen's a wonderful woman, and I'm proud to be with you when you two get married. You've been the most important person in my life, but now I have Mike, and you have Helen. When we walk into this church, our lives will never be the same again, but I'll always love you for what you've done for me."

Saul hugged his son and tried to push back the tears that were filling his eyes. He knew that God works in strange ways, but he never expected to meet a young boy at the St. Mary's Orphanage 7 years ago and adopt that boy. Their lives together had been filled with the excitement of living together and sharing Chris' athletic success, along with several life threatening situations. Chris was now a man who was in control of his own life. It was time for Saul to let Chris go and start a new life with Helen Waterson. The Episcopal Church service would be short, and he'd be wed to a wonderful woman who had accepted him and all of the baggage he brought into their marriage. His mind drifted back to the stressful situations that had happened to him and Chris.

"It's show time!" Mike said to Chris and Saul. He knew that the marriage ceremony would unite Saul and Helen, and would also be an important step for Chris to let go of the past and head into the future with him. His love for Chris was unconditional, and he sensed that his big lover would be disturbed seeing his adoptive father take a new wife. He was determined to help Chris adjust to his new status.

The large church was filled to capacity when the wedding procession began. Saul and Chris were the last of the men to walk to the altar area and turned their attention to the main aisle. They watched Robbie Thompson, dressed in a blue tuxedo, walk up the aisle carrying the silk pillow that was traditional for the Ring Bearer. His sister, Katy, dressed in a beautiful pink dress, quickly followed the cute little boy. Katy was carrying a basket of rose petals, and carefully dropped them on the satin runner that had been rolled out after the last of the bridesmaids of the wedding party walked down the aisle.

The entire congregation stood when the organist began playing the wedding processional song. The traditional "Here Comes the Bride" wasn't used in the Episcopal Church, but everyone knew when to stand to show honor and respect for the bride.

Saul choked back his tears when he saw Helen begin walking down the aisle. She was being escorted by Benjamin Jacobs, father of Eloise Jacobs Bernstein. Benjamin and Mary Jacobs had flown from Tel Aviv, Israel, for this important ceremony, and Benjamin had accepted the honor of walking with Helen Waterson down the aisle to be wed to Saul Bernstein. Helen's parents were deceased, and Benjamin felt honored when Helen asked him to "give her away" in the wedding ceremony.

Chris could sense the emotions of his adoptive father and put his hand on Saul's shoulder. He could feel B trembling and knew he had to comfort his father.

"That beautiful woman wants to be your wife," Chris said softly to Saul. "I'm here to help you if you need me, but I'm sure that you'll survive this wedding. I still have the Viagra pills for you if you need help!"

"You big jerk!" Saul exclaimed in a whisper. The joking of his son helped him regain control of his emotions and he watched Helen and Benjamin walk slowly to join him at the front of the congregation.

"Who gives this woman to marry this man?" Fr. Paul Joseph asked.

"Her parents in heaven have given me that honor," Benjamin Jacobs replied.

Saul had never seen Helen look so beautiful. She was radiant in her cream colored wedding dress. He took her hand and barely heard the words of the priest during the ceremony. The only thing he remembered was hearing the priest announce that he could kiss the bride, and then announce, "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Saul Bernstein!"

The church came alive with everyone celebrating the marriage of Saul and Helen. It was a traditional marriage with the wedding party leaving the church to a huge crowd of people celebrating and wishing them well for the future.

Saul and Helen were thrilled that so many of their friends had witnessed their union, but the most important to them were Chris and Mike, the two men who had stood with Saul during the ceremony. John Klein, Jonathan Carpenter, Sam Gardner, Jim Moore, and Jeff Gerth had accepted the honors of being part of the wedding party along with Chris and Mike.

The wedding reception was held at the new home of Saul and Helen. The huge mansion was a perfect setting for the reception, and everyone was celebrating. Saul and Helen broke away from the huge crowd and pulled Chris and Mike into the library to talk.

"How're you doing?" Saul asked his son. "This has been a traumatic time for all of us, and we're concerned about you."

"I'm trying to focus on the happy things," Chris admitted.

"I'm making him take the sleep meds," Mike admitted. "It's been a time filled with good things like your marriage and the sadness of the funeral for Tommie."

Saul reflected back on the events of the past two weeks. Chris had been thrilled when he was allowed to return to active status with the basketball team after his stitches had been removed. He had returned to the team with a vengeance, and had lit up the scoreboard with his athletic prowess. The next day, Chris had joined many of the CSU athletes at the Grand Opening of the local Wal-Mart store. He smiled when he thought about the incident at the store.

Evan Loyer had waited with his father in the long line to get an autograph from his favorite athlete, CJ Hammer. The young teen was awestruck when the line finally led him to stand in front of Chris. The boy had to pee, but wouldn't leave the line for fear of losing his place. When he was finally standing in front of CJ Hammer, Evan couldn't move or speak. He just stared at his huge idol, and tried to control his bladder.

"My son has to pee really bad," John Loyer admitted. "Evan was afraid he'd lose his place in line if we went to the restroom."

"I need to take a quick break!" Chris announced to the huge line of Falcon fans. "I'll be right back after I make a quick contribution to the UCLA cafeteria!"

The large crowd laughed and cheered, knowing that Chris was teasing about sending his human waste to the UCLA cafeteria. The night before, the Falcon basketball team had dominated the UCLA Bruins by a score of 109 to 78.

"Let's hit the toilet!" Chris whispered to John Loyer and his son. He led them inside the store and held back his laughter when he saw John and Evan rush into the toilet stall and quickly close the door. Chris went to the urinal and drained his bladder, even though he really didn't have to pee bad enough to leave the huge crowd. He only left the table where he was signing autographs along with other CSU athletes to allow the cute young guy to relieve his discomfort, but then he heard some disturbing sounds.

"SHIT!" Evan Loyer exclaimed. He couldn't get his penis out fast enough and had wet himself.

"I'm sorry son!" John Loyer said. "I should have pulled you out of the line so this wouldn't happen."

"I can't go out there with wet pants!" Evan sobbed. "I want to die!"

Chris was shocked. He remembered how the nuns at the orphanage had humiliated him when he had wet his pants, so he knew that Evan was devastated. He quickly removed his football jersey and used the permanent marker to write on the front, "To my Buddy, Evan. Go Falcons!"

"Will this help?" Chris had asked while he handed the jersey over the privacy divider. "When I lived in the orphanage I wet my pants too, and was humiliated by the nuns. My jersey is big so it should cover Evan's problem. I have a T-shirt on, and no one will know anything unless you tell them. I'm gonna head back to the crowd, and my buddy Mike will grab another jersey for me to wear. I'm sorry you had that problem, and I hope you'll be okay."

Chris left the bathroom while John and Evan Loyer's emotions changed from humiliation to celebration. The young boy was ecstatic when he saw the custom autograph on the huge jersey. He quickly put on the jersey and knew it would cover the front of his jeans where his bladder had released too soon. His mood had quickly changed from humiliation to pride. He could now leave the restroom with a prize that his friends would be jealous of, and no one could see his wet jeans.

"Where's your jersey?" Mike had asked Chris.

"I'll tell you later," Chris said. "Just grab another jersey from my gym bag please, and don't ask me again with anyone around."

Mike saw John and Evan Loyer leave the store after waving to Chris. The smile on the young teen's face was radiant, and Mike knew that Chris had done something exceptional again. He grabbed the spare jersey from the gym bag and watched Chris return to signing autographs for the huge crowd. He loved Chris even more after seeing the happiness on the faces of the man and his son when they left the store. He knew something special had happened in the restroom, and couldn't wait to hear the details.

The entire morning was an outstanding media event for the new Wal-Mart store and the National Company. Their national publicity crew was present, and the store manager was in heaven. The publicity crew along with local newspapers captured the famous CSU athletes signing autographs for the Grand Opening. The planned event of two hours extended to five hours with huge crowds of fans wanting autographs on T-shirts, footballs, basketballs, and photographs. The parking lot had been filled to capacity, and the retail sales in the store set a new record. The store wanted to repay the athletes for their appearances, but the Tri-Tau members graciously refused any free food or gift certificates.

Saul remembered how happy Chris had sounded when he had called after the autograph session. Chris was thrilled that he had been returned to active status and had played one of the best basketball games of his life before the Grand Opening of the Wal-Mart store. The happiness had been shattered when Mike got a phone call from his father.

"I'm sorry to tell you this," Poppa Mike had said. "Tommie King died last night, right after he watched Chris play in that basketball game against UCLA. Tommie's parents and brother were with him, and he held out until Chris was pulled out of the game with five minutes left in the game. He died with a smile on his face, and I knew you'd want to know. Break this news to Chris carefully. I'm heading to the fraternity right now, and I've got my emergency meds with me. I'm really sorry to have to give you this bad news."

Mike had ended the call and wondered how to break the news to Chris. He watched his buddy celebrating in the Lounge Area with their brothers, and knew that Chris was excited about his active status on the basketball team and the next week when Saul and Helen would be married. He struggled with how to break this news to Chris, and decided to ask some of his brothers to help him. He grabbed Cody Emerson, Jarvis Williams, and Joe McClure to help.

"Chris I have some bad news for you," Mike began. "It's not easy for me to tell you, but my dad just called me and said that Tommie King died last night. I know he was a special kid to you, and I'm really sorry to be the one to tell you."

"NO!" Chris screamed. "HE CAN'T BE DEAD! I talked to him two days ago, and he was feeling better!"

Jarvis, Cody and Joe were ready when Chris collapsed, unconscious. They quickly grabbed him and guided him to a couch. They saw Mike Mahley Senior run into the room and quickly put smelling salts in front of Chris's nostrils. The effect was immediate, and Chris regained consciousness and immediately lashed out at anyone near him. Jarvis was the only guy in the fraternity who had a chance to control Chris when he released his immense strength. He tackled Chris and screamed for help in holding Chris down while Poppa Mike gave Chris an injection.

"Call an ambulance!" Poppa Mike ordered.

"NO!" Mike screamed. "We'll take care of him! Chris hates hospitals, and he needs to be here with his brothers to get through this! You know how he loves kids, and right now he's lost one of his favorites! We'll make sure he doesn't go postal on anyone, but don't make me go postal with you!"

Mike Senior didn't like hearing his own son defy his orders, but he relented. He gave Mikey some pills to give to Chris and demanded to be informed of how Chris was doing. He left the fraternity after calling Saul to give him the bad news.

Back in Boston, Randy Carpenter was sleeping in his apartment when he felt the emotions of his brother wrack his body. He jumped up and dumped the girl he was spending the night with on the floor. He ran for his cell phone and called his father.

"Something's wrong with Chris!" Randy screamed when his father answered the phone. "He needs us!"

Jonathan Carpenter knew that Randy was connected emotionally with his other son, CJ Hammer. He tried to calm Randy down while he left the bed he shared with his wife, Carol. He tried to call Chris's cell phone, but was frustrated when he was connected to Chris's voice mail. He called Saul Bernstein, and was quickly informed of what was happening to Chris. He was upset to hear about the death of the young boy, but was relieved to hear that Chris wasn't hurt or in any imminent danger.

Saul remembered driving to the fraternity along with Helen to visit their son. He remembered how weak Chris seemed to be when they got to the room that Chris shared with Mike, Isaac and Leif. Chris had been sedated, and had slept for several hours.

Mike woke Chris. "It's time for us to go," Mike had said to Chris. "I'll help you dress. It's gonna be hard, but you need to go with me to the funeral home to pay our last respects to Tommie. Dad gave me some Valium for you to take, and B and Helen will drive us. I sent flowers from both of us, but I know the family will appreciate seeing you more than having a ton of flowers. Now's the time for you to show everyone how strong you really are. Get up and let's go pay our respects to Tommie and his family."

Saul remembered how Chris got up with the help of Jarvis Williams. The huge black athlete looked drained from staying with Chris during the time he was under sedation. He thanked Jarvis for taking care of his son, and also thanked the other brothers who had helped restrain Chris when he woke up and went ballistic after realizing the bad news wasn't a nightmare. He watched Mike help Chris head for the shower room and then get dressed in the traditional fraternity blazer, slacks, shirt and tie.

"I can't do this," Chris admitted to Mike. They were riding in the back seat of Saul's Mercedes, with Helen watching from the front seat.

"You're gonna do this for Tommie and his family!" Mike exclaimed. "We knew when we went to the hospital that some of the kids would never leave there alive. You gave Tommie the most valuable thing you could. You gave him your time. Now you can give his family the same gift. I know they don't expect us to be there, but we all need to help them through this time of grief. This is part of our vows of membership in Tau Tau Tau, where we share our time with others. Remember the three `T's'. `Time, Treasure, Talent'."

"What can I say to his parents?" Chris asked. It was the longest sentence he'd spoken since he heard the bad news.

"Just being there will be the message," Helen said. "Grieving families need visitors to share their grief more than words. I'm proud of you and Mike for going today."

When Chris and Mike walked into the funeral home, they were quickly recognized.

"It's CJ Hammer!" Nathan King screamed. He ran to grab his parents and announce the important visitor.

"Mr. Hammer, I can't believe that you're here!" Mathew King exclaimed. "My wife and I are honored that you spent time with Tommie and more so that you're here today with us! Thank you for coming!"

"Call him Chris," Mike offered after realizing that Chris wasn't able to speak. "Chris has been upset ever since he heard the news about Tommie. We really don't know what to say to you about your loss." Mike introduced himself along with Saul and Helen. He held Chris's hand while the family thanked them for coming to the funeral home.

"Tommie was your biggest fan!" Nathan said of his brother. "We all watched your game against UCLA, and right after you left the game, he smiled and just went to sleep."

Chris broke down. The tears flowed down his face while Saul and Mike hugged him and tried to comfort him, along with the King family.

"Please don't cry for Tommie" Mary King begged. "We had nine months to prepare for this, but you gave him something no one else in the world could give him! You gave him your time, your jersey and that little basketball. When we came back to his room after your visit, he was beaming with pride. He refused to let go of that jersey you autographed for him and bragged to Nathan about your visit. It was the happiest we've seen Tommie in the last nine months! I hope you aren't upset, but Tommie wanted to take that jersey with him. It's been his security blanket ever since your visit, and he's wearing it right now. You gave him some happiness, and we can't thank you enough."

Mathew and Mary King led Chris and Mike up to the casket where Tommie's body lay in state, covered by the Falcon jersey. Tommie's hands were holding the autographed basketball that Chris had given him. Mathew and Mary King realized that the big man was paying his respects to Tommie and hoped that Chris wouldn't collapse. They waited while Chris and Mike knelt on the prayer bench in front of the casket and said a prayer for their son. They watched Saul and Helen help the two young men leave the casket and take seats in the funeral home.

"I miss my brother," Nathan began, looking at Chris and Mike, "but I sure didn't like seeing him in pain. We all think you were so neat for visiting him and giving him your jersey. Tommie would want you to get back to basketball and kick some ass! He loved watching you play, and he'll be watching you from heaven. Some of Tommie's buddies are here, and I know they want to meet you. Would that be okay?"

Saul watched his son meet the other young boys who all said they were Falcon fans. He knew that Chris had an away basketball game on the day of Tommie's funeral, and wouldn't be able to attend. His son and Mike talked to the boys and spent more time with the King family before leaving the funeral home.

"Take care of him," Saul asked Mike when they got back to the fraternity. "Please call the Carpenters and let them know how he's doing. If you need me, call my cell phone."

"All of our brothers will help calm him down," Mike replied. "Marcus will be here along with David Patrick to talk to Chris before he goes to bed. We'll watch him closely."

Chris finally recovered from his depression. He'd listened to his coaches and knew that Tommie would be disappointed if he fell apart. He became a terror on the basketball court, and the Falcons were on a long winning streak.

"Saul will always be your dad," Helen said to Chris after the wedding ceremony. "I promise to stay out of the way when you guys need to spend time together."

"I love both of you," Chris said to B and Helen. "Now I have a new Mom to love along with the old man. This was a fantastic day, and I'm thrilled to see you two get married."

"It's wonderful to hear you call me `Mom'," Helen admitted. "You and Mike are always welcome to spend time with us. This is your new home, and we hope you'll come home with Mike very often."

Things had returned to normal on the CSU campus. The Christmas break arrived, and most of the students headed home for the holidays. The Falcon athletes were allowed to go home, but the basketball and football players were required to return on December 27th. The basketball team was flying to Honolulu for the Aloha Classic tournament, and the football team was preparing for their game against the Texas University Cowboys. That very important football game would be played on Sunday, January 6th, and would decide the National Championship.

Chris and Mike had decided to spend Christmas Eve with Saul and Helen in their beautiful mansion. Mike Mahley Senior and his wife Mary were included, along with Jake Mahley and his pregnant fiancée, Shannon O'Brien. Saul and Helen had included the Moore family, Jeff Gerth and his wife, Sam, Kate and Jason Gardner, Millicent Haversmith, Joyce and Steve Thompson, along with Robbie and Katy, Dimitri and Tomas Kostas, John and Jodi Klein and their son, John Jr., and Alex.

The entire estate was covered with Christmas lights, and a 15-foot tall Christmas tree stood in the huge living room. The large mansion and the former servants' quarters, now the guesthouse, were filled with lights and decorations for the special holiday celebration. Alex ran around the huge house and begged from everyone to get samples of the tasty pre-dinner snacks that included liver pate`, Alaskan king crab, Gulf Shrimp, and smoked oysters. The big dog's feast was cut short when Chris explained to everyone that the big dog would eat until he exploded, and that his mutt had eaten enough.

The adults had relaxed their rules on alcohol consumption for the young people, mainly because they would all be spending the night. The booze flowed freely, with Jake and Shannon performing the duties of bartenders. Chris and Mike were leaving on Christmas morning to fly to Boston to celebrate the remaining holidays with the Carpenter family, and Jake and Shannon were heading for Chicago to visit the O'Brien family. The expectant couple would be wed on January 12th in Chicago, and Mike and Chris were going to be in the wedding party.

"I propose a toast to my Dad and Mom, and ask God to bless them with children!" Chris announced when he held his champagne glass in the air at the huge table before the fantastic meal began.

"HEAR, HEAR!" the young adults cheered and quickly drank to the toast.

"Very funny!" Saul exclaimed. "Children are God's punishment for having sex! I propose a toast to health and happiness for all of our family and friends!"

Everyone joined in the toast and laughed at the difference between the toasts offered by Saul and his son. After a traditional meal of turkey and all of the trimmings, the large group met in the living room for more cocktails and the exchange of gifts.

Tomas and Dimitri Kostas had closed their restaurant for two days to celebrate the holidays and allow their employees to spend time with their families. Their business had prospered with the advertisement that CJ Hammer had given them whenever he was interviewed at a sports event. They had investigated buying a larger location for their business, and had even made an offer on the property. They were disappointed when they learned that the larger restaurant had been sold, but celebrated the most profitable year in their history in the restaurant business.

John Klein had done the same for his entire chain of restaurants. It was the first time the restaurant owners had made that important decision, and their employees were thrilled. Instead of working to serve food to others, the owners were now guests, and were enjoying the special meal and conversation with their friends.

"I hope no one violated our rules of not spending more than $20 on any gift," Saul said to the large group of family and friends. "We've all been blessed with good fortune, and Helen and I are thrilled that you're all here tonight! I hope that we can make this an annual event where we can share a meal and give thanks for the blessings of life!"

Robbie Thompson and Kelly Moore were designated as "Santa's Elves" and distributed the gifts. The beautiful music of Manheim Steamroller filled the huge home with holiday music while the large group opened their presents.

John Klein, Jr. received a radio controlled monster truck from Chris and Mike, and ignored all of his other gifts to harass everyone by crashing the truck around the room. The young boy had turned 4, and was oblivious to all of the people and conversation in the large living room while he crashed his truck into everyone and any gifts that were on the carpeted floor.

Saul had noticed that gifts had been received by most of the people from everyone except Chris and Mike. He wondered if the two young men had been too busy to buy gifts, and hoped that none of their guests would be upset. He had always received a gift from his son and hoped that Chris would at least give Helen a gift.

"Mike and I are living proof that we don't follow rules," Chris announced. "We have some gifts for special people, in addition to the ones that have already been opened. In the past months, we found our love for each other, and we've done some very special shopping. We hope no one gets pissed at us, but we wanted our first Christmas together to be a memorable one for everyone."

"Some of our gifts are in envelopes, and we want Robbie, Kristin and Kelly to deliver them," Mike added. "The first envelope goes to Tomas and Dimitri Kostas. You guys wanted to buy a larger restaurant in a better neighborhood, but someone else bought it. Open your envelope!"

Tomas Kostas opened the envelope and found the deed to the desired restaurant, along with a signed agreement for complete renovation. Everything had been paid in full!

"That's a selfish gift," Chris began, "because Mike and I don't want to wait outside to get a table at your old restaurant. You can keep your current location open and either close it or keep it open when the renovations are complete on the new location."

Saul wanted to chastise his son for spending so much money, but quickly remembered that Chris was a grown man now and could make his own decisions. He joined in the celebration of Tomas and Dimitri Kostas, and watched them hug and kiss Chris and Mike.

"My brother let his hormones overpower his common sense," Mike said. "He got a beautiful woman pregnant, and I can't wait to be an uncle. The gift that Chris and I picked for the happy couple is in the envelope that Robbie has for them."

Shannon opened the envelope and screamed in joy when she read the contents. "Two weeks in a condo on Maui! It's for the two weeks right after our wedding and includes first class airline tickets! This is fantastic!"

Jake and Shannon ran to give Chris and Mike hugs and kisses. Saul knew that the gifts were very expensive, but he also knew that Chris and Mike were sharing their treasure with the people they loved. He was filled with pride when he hugged Helen and celebrated with everyone in the living room.

"I've had the pleasure of coordinating the renovations of the closed Kmart store into the `Wild Wheels' car museum," Mike said. "The old store had a Penske Car Parts Store, along with six bays for service. We don't want Jeff Gerth to operate his vintage car parts business anywhere that's not safe. We hope the museum will open in the next two months, and want to have a quality business that will help Jim Moore take care of the car collection."

Kristin handed Jeff Gerth an envelope. When he opened the envelope, he found the keys to the closed Penske Store where he could move his business. He had tears running down his face when he joined his wife in hugging and kissing both Mike and Chris. He had dreamed of moving his business to a safer area, and had recently been turned down when he tried to finance the purchase of a new location.

"There are two envelopes for Aunt Millie," Chris said. "The first is from the Tau Tau Tau Fraternity, and the second is from Mike and me. We hope you like both of them!"

Aunt Millie opened the first envelope and found a gift certificate for 52 weeks of lawn care from "her boys" at the fraternity. Her hands were shaking when she opened the second envelope and announced that it was a cruise for two for two weeks in Scandinavia. She had always wanted to visit the Scandinavian countries, but had never been able to make the decision to fulfill her dream. She had tears running down her face when she hugged and kissed her boys and thanked them for their generosity.

The entire living room was filled with people celebrating the special gifts that Mike and Chris had selected. They all realized that the two young men had spent a lot of time and money to make this holiday season very special.

"Mike and I heard that the Moore family recently spent a weekend at a resort where they all rode Jet Skis," Chris began. "We think you will enjoy what's waiting for you in the driveway to your new home in Fremont."

Robbie delivered envelopes to each member of the Moore family, and watched while they were opened. Inside were the keys to four new Kawasaki SX-R personal watercraft. The Moore family all celebrated when they saw the photos of the powerful new Jet Skis that they could ride together.

Kristin ran up to Chris and gave him a big hug and kiss. She loved living in their new home, and knew that Chris and Uncle Saul had given her entire family a new lease on life. Now she was celebrating along with her brother and parents. This was the best Christmas of her life!

"John Klein taught a nasty mouthed little boy to be a great cook," Mike said. "My buddy and I think you need to take a break from your restaurant business, so Kelly has a special envelope for you."

John Klein handed the envelope to his wife, Jodi, and listened while she screamed in joy after opening it.

"It's first class flights to Maui, along with a condo for two weeks and a deep sea fishing trip!" Jodi announced. She had begged her husband to take a vacation, but he always seemed to busy with his expanding business to take a break. Now he would have to relax, and would take a fishing trip like he had always wanted.

Kelly held onto the keys to his Jet Ski while he delivered an envelope to the Thompson family. He loved Chris and Mike, and knew that they had saved his life and given his family a new future.

"It's four first-class tickets to Orlando, along with seven days at the Magic Kingdom!" Joyce Thompson screamed with joy. We're going to Disney World!"

The entire Thompson family celebrated. The two children had dreamed of visiting the famous amusement park, but never dreamed that it would become a reality.

"It's hard to get something for Uncle Sam and Aunt Kate," Chris admitted. "They've been a vital part of my life ever since B came to the St. Mary's Orphanage. If Uncle Sam hadn't gone there to find Marco Andrews, I'd still be an orphan looking for a job washing dishes somewhere. We hope you enjoy what Mike and I picked out for you."

Kate Gardner opened the envelope and announced that she was headed for a two week Alaskan cruise with her husband. She jumped up and ran to give Mike and Chris hugs and kisses.

"Now you can't give me your lame excuses about being too busy to take a vacation, Kate said to her husband.

"Chris and I know that Jason has always loved a special car in the collection," Mike said. "Here are the keys to the car that Chris calls `Missy'. For those of you that don't know, Missy is a 1970 Chevelle, 454 C.I.D., 450 horsepower muscle car. We know you'll take good care of Missy, and we also know that Jim Moore and Jeff Gerth will be happy to help you maintain her!"

Jason looked at the keys and couldn't believe that Missy now belonged to him. He loved the powerful muscle car and had always dreamed of owning a vintage car with so much power. He choked back his tears and hugged both Mike and Chris to express his gratitude. He knew the value of the unique car, and was shocked that Chris would part with it.

"My two dads have pulled some strings to get tickets for the Nokia Sugar Bowl game that will be played on January 6th", Chris announced. "Everyone here will get airline tickets, hotel rooms, and tickets for the game. I hope you all can go and cheer for the Falcons when we play for the National Championship. It's the most important football game of my life, and I need you there to cheer for me and my teammates!"

Everyone celebrated and promised that they would attend the important football game. They were all excited to be included in the special gift.

"I didn't forget the man who saved my life seven years ago," Chris announced. "B has been driving a Mercedes S500, and Mike and I decided it was time for him to upgrade his `ride'. We also picked a new car for my Mom, and hope that they both like the colors we picked out. They must have been really busy today, because they never looked in the garage to see what we got for them."

"Just so everyone knows," Mike began, "We picked the same gifts for Dr. and Mrs. Mike Mahley. Their cars are in the garage at their home, but if anyone wants to see what the cars look like, let's go to the garage here!"

Everyone jumped up and hurried to the garage to see what Mike and Chris had picked for their parents. When Saul opened the door to the garage, he was shocked. Sitting in the garage were two brand new cars decorated with large bows. The one with the tag saying "HIS" was a Mercedes CL65 AMG, and the one identified as "HERS" was a Jaguar XK. He knew that his new car cost over $170,000 and that Helen's cost over $90,000. Both cars were the top of the line in their brand, and he was shocked that Chris and Mike had picked these beautiful cars for gifts.

"You certainly broke all the rules for gifts!" Saul exclaimed. "What am I gonna do with you?"

"You could say `thank you' and give me a hug!" Chris replied. "Mike and I wanted this holiday season to be special, and we picked gifts that we knew people would like. I still have money left in my investment account, so don't give me a bunch of shit!"

"I love you!" Saul said while hugging his son.

Helen joined in the hug and then wanted to look at the beautiful sports car that was now hers. She was thrilled that Chris and Mike had picked a beautiful sports car to replace her aging Lexus.

Mike Sr. and Mary Mahley looked at the expensive cars and celebrated that they would have similar vehicles waiting in their garage. They hugged their two sons and thanked them for the special gifts.

Everyone looked at the beautiful cars and then headed back into the living room to continue celebrate the beautiful evening. The room was filled with people celebrating and showing the special gifts they'd received. Little John Klein remained oblivious to all of the excitement, while he continued to harass Alex with his remote controlled truck.

It was almost 2:00 a.m. when Saul and Helen suggested that everyone go to their rooms and get some sleep. They knew that many of the guests were leaving on Christmas Day to visit other relatives and friends, and they were both tired from the intense celebration.

Jake and Shannon were spending the night in the smaller house on the estate that was formerly called the `Servants' Quarters'. They knew that Chris and Mike had already claimed the larger bedroom in the smaller house, so they had put their clothes in the other bedroom.

Chris and Mike sat in the living room of the `Servants' Quarters' and sipped glasses of vintage wine. They cuddled together and looked at the beautiful Christmas tree and listened to the stereo playing Christmas carols.

"I didn't want to give you your gift in front of everyone," Mike admitted while handing Chris the package.

Inside Chris found two pairs of edible underwear along with a camcorder. When he turned the camcorder on, he saw the images of himself and Mike having sex in their room. He was shocked that Mike had recorded their lovemaking without his knowledge.

"I can't believe you filmed us fucking!" Chris said. "The picture quality is awesome, but I sure hope no one else saw this!"

The two lovers watched the video and laughed hearing the sounds of passion when they reached orgasm at the same time. Watching the video caused both of them to be erect.

"Before we `do it' under the Christmas tree, I want you to open this," Chris said while handing Mike a small package.

Mike opened the gift and found a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air King wristwatch. He gasped, knowing how expensive the gift was. Instead of having numbers, emeralds were on the face with diamonds replacing the 3, 6, 9 and 12. Under the Rolex logo were three "Tau's" signifying the Greek letters of their fraternity.

"It's beautiful!" Mike exclaimed. "How did you get this?"

"I had it custom made at James Jewelry," Chris replied. "You're always late for everything, and I wanted you to lose your excuses! I think if you look at the watch, you'll see it's time for you to undress so we can make love right here in front of the Christmas tree!"

Mike leaned over and kissed Chris. He loved him with every fiber of his body and the lights of the Christmas tree and the music set the mood for intense lovemaking. He undressed Chris and kissed every inch of skin that was exposed. When he got down to Chris's boxers, he saw the huge bulge and a large wet spot. He knew that his lover was aroused from their foreplay, and sucked on the wet spot to suction up the tangy fluid.

Chris pushed Mike's mouth away and quickly undressed his Big Brother. He gobbled down Mike's cock and reached for the tube of lubricant. He had planned this event ever since he and Mike had decided to spend Christmas Eve at the estate.

"I need to feel you inside me," Chris said to Mike. "This has been a wonderful evening, but it can be better when I feel your cock deep inside of me."

"I need to feel my cock unload in your ass," Mike admitted. "Please don't make me wait!"

Chris pulled off his boxers and raised his legs in the submissive position. He moaned when he felt Mike apply lubricant to his puckered ring, and used both of his hands to spread his ass cheeks apart. He didn't have to wait long before Mike inserted his throbbing cock and slid it to the hilt.

"God your ass is tight!" Mike exclaimed. "You're so hot it feels like my cock's in an oven!"

"FUCK ME!" Chris screamed.

Jake and Shannon were upstairs in their bedroom and heard Chris scream. They both laughed and knew that the two horny guys were doing what they were getting ready to do.

Chris felt the pressure of having his anal passage stretched by Mike's thick cock. Ever since the first time they had shared sex, Chris knew that Mike had a lethal weapon between his legs. He knew his own cock was longer and thicker and wondered how Mike could ever take all of it inside his body without exploding. He quickly returned to the present when he felt Mike's cock slide against his prostate gland. He moaned loudly and wrapped his legs around Mike's body to pull the large cock deep inside his body.

Mike was in heaven. He loved having his cock inside Chris's body and began making love to the most important person in his life. He looked into Chris's eyes and saw nothing but pleasure and surrender. He plowed his cock in and out of Chris's ass, and felt the strong muscles of his lover grip his throbbing cock at each withdrawal, only to relax to allow him to easily penetrate again. He was amazed at the muscle control and knew his Little Brother was the ultimate sexual partner. He felt his orgasm approaching, and quickened the pace of his anal thrusts.

The small living room was filled with the sounds of slapping bodies and the aromas unique to male bonding. The Christmas tree was shaking from the movement of the two muscular bodies and the music was interrupted when the writhing bodies collided with an end table that toppled along with a lamp. The electric cord connecting the CD player to the wall was pulled, and the music stopped at the same time that both Mike and Chris were screaming in ecstasy during their mutual orgasms.

Chris felt his cock erupt at the same time that his rectum was being filled with Mike's semen. He wrapped his strong legs around Mike's waist to prevent his lover from pulling his throbbing cock out of his ass. His face was covered with his own jism, and he held onto Mike's writhing body to prevent disconnection of their horny bodies while their cocks continued pumping thick man pudding.

Mike finally collapsed on top of Chris. His cock had unloaded and his body was exhausted. Normally he would have leaned down and slurped up the copious quantities of cum that had covered Chris's face and the side of the couch, but he was totally drained. He barely realized that Chris had grabbed his T-shirt to clear the semen away from his eyes. He moaned when he felt Chris move to separate their bodies. He was barely conscious when he felt Chris lift him up and carry him up the stairs to the bedroom.

Chris laid Mike down on the large bed and marveled at the beauty of Mike's face. He leaned over and kissed Mike on the forehead. He could feel Mike's cum seeping out of his recently fucked asshole and savored the feelings. He covered Mike with the sheet and blanket, and headed for the bathroom to release the air and love juice from his anal passage. He could smell Mike's cologne on his body and decided not to take a shower. He loved having the aroma of his lover on his body, and returned to the bedroom. He lifted the blankets and slid in next to Mike's handsome body. He cuddled next to his lover and grabbed his body in a comforting embrace. The beauty of the Christmas season had been culminated with the ultimate act of love between two loving men.

"I can still feel my dick inside your ass!" Mike whispered to Chris. They were seated in the first class section of the airplane when it left the airport for the flight to Boston.

"Maybe tonight we can switch roles," Chris teased. "I'll have to gag you or my Boston family will all be awake when you blast your load with my dick buried in your ass! I love the way you spaz out when we have sex! Some day I'll tie you up and tape up your mouth while I plunder your body for about a week! I'll give you semen to eat, and that's pure protein so you won't die of starvation!"

"I love it when you talk dirty!" Mike exclaimed. "Now calm down your hormones or we'll have to violate airline rules to fuck in the toilet!"

Chris laughed and reclined his seat to take a nap during the long flight. He turned so he could look at Mike's handsome face and then relaxed and fell asleep.

Mike looked at the man that he loved more than life itself. He accepted the champagne during the flight and charmed the male flight attendant to keep his glass filled during the flight.

"You're the luckiest guy in the world!" Jamie Mathers said to Mike. "My life partner will shit when he hears that I was able to serve you guys today! You and CJ have helped this entire country accept gay people. He was so brave to come out to the world, and he's a hero to all gay people! He's sleeping, but I can see by the bulge in his pants that he's thinking about you! God, I can't imagine how that monster could stretch a guy's ass!"

"He's mine!" Mike exclaimed. "You can look, but if you touch him, I'll break every bone in your body, and the first one to break will be the bulge in the front of your uniform! He's my life partner, and I'll kill to protect him! Chill out and keep the champagne flowing, or I'll wake him up and turn him loose on your body!"

"I was just teasing!" Jamie insisted. "You guys are both `drop dead cute' and you can't blame a gay guy for doing some window shopping. My partner is serving the economy class passengers, and he'll be jealous that I got the lucky draw to serve you guys in first class. Kevin and I don't cheat on each other, but we sure like to scope out other cute guys."

Chris slept until the plane was making its descent into Logan Airport. He woke up when Mike shook him to get his seat back to the upright position. He was disoriented until he realized that the flight was nearly over. He looked at Mike and quickly realized that his buddy was drunk.

"You're wasted!" Chris exclaimed, chuckling. "What the fuck have you been doing while I was sleeping?"

"Your handsome partner was protecting your virtue!" Jamie teased. "I wanted to help take care of that huge bulge in your Dockers, but Mike threatened me! I calmed him down by making sure he always had a full glass of champagne. He'll be okay when he gets some fresh air. Thanks for coming out and letting the world know that gay guys can be famous athletes. You're a hero to every gay person in the world!"

When the plane arrived at the gate, Chris helped Mike get out of the plane. He was happy to see his two brothers waiting along with Jonathan and Carol Carpenter. At first he was surprised to see Joe McClure standing with Jennifer, but then smiled and hugged both of them.

"Mike got wasted on the flight!" Chris admitted. "I hope you aren't pissed at him or me."

"We're just happy to see you guys," Carol Carpenter said. "He's not the first one in our family to come to Logan Airport drunk. Randy and Charlie will help get Mike into the car, but right now I want a hug!"

Chris hugged his mother and father, and watched while Randy and Charlie helped Mike walk to the limousine. He watched Jenny and Joe walking together and could feel the strong love between them. Their wedding was planned for June, and Chris had accepted the honor of being Joe's best man.

"I'd planned on offering you some champagne," Jonathan began, "but maybe you've had too much already!"

"I'm up for some Christmas cheer!" Chris replied. "I think my buddy should have ginger ale and some aspirin!"

"I'm not drunk!" Mike slurred.

"If he wasn't so good in bed, I'd dump him on the side of the road!" Chris teased. "He's gonna need a nap before we have dinner. I hope that doesn't upset your plans."

"We thought you guys might be tired after the long flight," Carol admitted. "We planned for a late meal and then some family time around the Christmas tree. You know how the traffic leaving Logan Airport is a zoo. Just relax and enjoy the music and champagne."

Mike had slept long enough to sober up when the family gathered in the formal dining room. The servants had been given two days off, and Carol and Jennifer had prepared the meal. It was a fantastic meal of lobster tails and prime rib with all of the trimmings.

"I compliment the two beautiful women who prepared this meal," Mike offered. "I'm glad I was able to wake up in time to enjoy it! I sure didn't mean to arrive here wasted, but how could I refuse all that free champagne?"

Everyone laughed and teased Mike about drinking the inexpensive airline champagne when the Carpenters always served the finest vintage.

Chris had been waiting for an important call, and when his cell phone rang, he excused himself from the table. Mike knew who was calling and quickly followed Chris into the spacious library.

"This is the best Christmas of my entire life," Isaac Mendez announced happily. "My parents took the news great, and Leif is now part of our family. We were both scared shitless to come out to them, but they accept our relationship."

"That's great news!" Chris said. He had put the speakerphone on so Mike could hear what Isaac was saying.

"What about Danny?" Mike asked. "We all know he's been experimenting with guys on his football team. What did he say?"

"Danny's still working both sides of the street," Isaac laughed. "He got busted last week when he was dipping his weenie in one of the cheerleaders. Her parents went postal, and he ran out of the house buck-naked! He got grounded, but that didn't stop him from hooking up with a couple of his buddies to swap sperm!"

Chris and Mike were glad that they left the dining room to take the phone call. The Carpenters were accepting of gay or bi-sexual lifestyles, but there was no need to include them in information about Isaac and Leif or Danny Mendez. They both laughed about Danny running out of the girl's house naked, quite aware that the young dude must have been scared to death. They talked to both Isaac and Leif and then ended the call so they could return to the dining room for dessert.

After exchanging inexpensive gifts, the extended Carpenter family sat in the library to enjoy the Christmas tree and holiday music. After being hounded by everyone, Chris agreed to play the piano in the music room. Everyone gathered around and sang the Christmas carols that Chris expertly played. It was a wonderful way to conclude the family celebration.

Mike and Chris were spending the night in the guest room, and had just started undressing when they heard a knock on the door.

"Randy and I figured you guys might need some audio cover," Charlie teased. "I brought a boom box and have the recording of the concert for you guys to listen to. Dad and Mom listen to it a lot, `cause it reminds all of us how lucky we are to have you guys in our family."

Mike and Chris hugged Charlie and thanked him for the music. They were both full from the wonderful meal and were feeling the effects of the time difference between California and Massachusetts. They undressed and got in the king sized bed to cuddle. Cuddling changed into kissing, and kissing became passionate foreplay. Without saying anything, the two lovers moved on the bed so they were in the 69 position.

Chris licked the circumcised knob of Mike's cock and savored the flavor of his precum. He squeezed the shaft to push more of the clear liquid up and out. He used his fingers to smear the slippery liquid over the head of Mike's cock and down the thick shaft. When the meat was coated, Chris used his tongue to lick Mike's cock clean. He loved the flavor of precum, and continued paying homage to his lover's organ. When he sensed that Mike was close to orgasm, he diverted his attention to Mike's scrotum and balls. He vacuumed each nut into his mouth and gave it a thorough tongue massage before letting it pop out of his mouth.

Mike was enjoying Chris's foreskin. He loved pulling the skin back to reveal the large purple knob and the coating of precum. He slid the skin forward and nibbled on the puckered flesh. He was following Chris's lead, and when he felt Chris's shaft begin to throb, he left the purple knob to bathe Chris's nut sack with his tongue. He loved the special aroma of Chris's private area and wished that they could stay this way for the rest of their lives.

Both guys were running their fingers around the love chute of their partner. The gentle stimulation, added to their oral efforts, brought them both to climax. The recording drowned out their moans of passion while their hungry mouths gulped down the protein.

Chris had pinned Mike down on the bed to keep his buddy from writhing around and falling to the floor. He used his strength to control Mike's body and gulped down the tangy juice that was pumping into his mouth and down his throat. He continued stimulating Mike's body while his own cock kept pumping cum into Mike's throat. When he felt Mike's body relax, he knew that his buddy had passed out. His own cock continued shooting, and he pulled it out of Mike's mouth to avoid choking his lover. The last three spurts covered Mike's face and hit the pillow.

When Chris regained control of his body, he grabbed his T-shirt to clean the cum off Mike's face. He could feel his buddy stirring, and pulled Mike's body close to his. He saw Mike's eyes open and marveled at how handsome his best friend was.

"That was incredible," Chris whispered to Mike. "Just relax and let's get some sleep. I love you."

"I love you more!" Mike replied softly. He kissed Chris on the lips and snuggled next to Chris. His head was on Chris's chest when they both fell asleep.

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