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Ellen and Harvey Porter--Chris's maternal grandparents

Jonathan & Carol, Randall, Charles, Jennifer Carpenter--Chris's biological father and family

Marcus Knight- basketball coach

David Patrick--football coach

John Stevens, the Athletic Director for CSU

Jonathan Crawford, the university president

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CJ Chapter 55, Taking A Stand

Chris and Mike joined the Carpenter family for breakfast. The family knew that the two men were leaving that afternoon and wanted to spend as much time as possible with them.

"What do you have planned when you get back to California?" Jonathan asked his son.

"I guess you should tell everyone the truth," Mike said to Chris. When Chris hesitated, Mike answered the question. "We have a couple stops to make before we return to the campus. We're stopping in Chicago and Milwaukee."

Everyone at the table knew that Ellen and Harvey Porter lived in Milwaukee, but they didn't know anyone living in Chicago.

"I agreed to be on the Larry King Live Show tonight," Chris explained. "He has a group of assistants who gave me advance warnings about some of the questions I'll be asked. The Texas University Cowboys have been talking a lot of trash about the Falcon football team, and about me and my lifestyle. I'm gonna set things straight."

Jonathan was worried that his son was walking into a trap. He knew that Chris had announced his gay lifestyle, but was being protective in questioning the dangerous position of being interviewed live.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Jonathan asked. "Larry King is a fantastic person, but you might be trapped into answering questions about your relationship with Mike. Are you prepared for that?"

"Mike and I've talked about this," Chris replied. "I'm gay and in love. If people can't accept that, let them change the channel on their television."

"Chris is a gifted athlete who just happens to be gay," Mike said. "I know he can handle himself, and Larry King is the most fair interviewer on television."

All of the Carpenters were concerned and expressed their feelings about the live interview. They could tell that Chris was confident, and finally gave him the support he needed.

"We'll all be watching the show tonight," Jonathan said to Chris at the airport. He hugged his son and Mike and prayed that the interview would go well. He watched his son give everyone hugs before heading for the security checkpoint.

Mike was nervous in the television studio. He was watching the preparations for the live interview, and hoped that Chris could handle it. He loved Chris, and didn't want anyone to hurt him, physically or mentally. He watched the television show from behind the camera crew, and wished that Chris had declined the offer to appear.

"Tonight, I'm pleased to welcome, CJ Hammer, one of the most gifted athletes in the world," Larry King announced. "CJ Hammer is currently a freshman on the California State University campus, and has agreed to appear tonight before he returns to California. CJ, you've proved your athletic abilities in basketball, football and Karate. How does it feel to be such a gifted athlete?"

"Thanks for your kind compliments," Chris replied. "I've been blessed with success in athletics, but one injury could end it all. I enjoy competitive sports, but getting my degree in education is more important to me. There are times that I wish that I could go somewhere and not be recognized. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy talking to Falcon fans, but I can't walk into a 7-11 Store and leave with a Big Gulp without someone recognizing me and asking for an autograph. I guess it's hard to hide when you're my height!"

"Just for the record," Larry began, "How tall are you, and how much do you weigh?"

"I'm still be growing, but the last time I was evaluated, I was 7 feet inch tall and weighed 380 pounds," Chris replied.

"You've distinguished yourself in baseball too, and I've heard that you can throw a fastball over 100 miles per hour," Larry continued. "Do you plan on playing baseball for the California State University Falcons?"

"When I decided to attend CSU, I talked to John Stevens, the Athletic Director, and he suggested that I focus on one sport," Chris replied. "Playing both football and basketball along with attending classes, keeps me very busy. I think I'll make the decision about baseball when the time comes. I think I can keep up with my studies and play baseball at the same time. It's fun to pitch, but the umpires don't seem to recognize where my strike zone is when I'm batting."

"What sport is your favorite?" Larry King asked.

Chris laughed and then said, "You're trying to trap me! If I say `football' my friend, Marcus Knight, will fry me in the next basketball practice. If I say `basketball' Coach Patrick will have me doing wind sprints tomorrow when the football team practices. If I say `Karate', I'll end up being five feet tall after two coaches fry me!"

"You won a gold medal in the Olympics when you were in high school," Larry King reminded Chris. "Doesn't that help you express your preference?"

"This is gonna cost me," Chris began, "but my favorite sport is basketball. I guess I realized that when I was 12 and met a wonderful man who encouraged me to be a better basketball player."

"The viewers might not know, but I'm sure you're talking about Saul Bernstein, the man who adopted you," Larry said. "Tell the audience how he affected your life."

Chris choked back his tears. Reflecting back on his life in the orphanage and meeting B would be difficult to express. He took a deep breath and started telling his life story.

"I lived in an orphanage in Dallas, Texas for the first 12 years of my life," Chris began. "Two men came to find an orphan named Marco Andrews, and one of the men was Saul Bernstein. I called him `B' and he became my friend. The next day he came back to the orphanage and brought two basketballs for us. He joined us in playing, and our bond grew stronger. He adopted me and took me out of that depressing life. Without Saul Bernstein, my life would be empty!"

"You also found your biological father," Larry said. "How did that happen, and what are your thoughts about that event?"

"Actually my father, Jonathan Carpenter found me," Chris corrected. "He has twin sons, and one of them saw the resemblance between me and their father. Jonathan Carpenter went to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and saw me in the parade where I was wearing the gold medal from the Olympics. When I saw him, it was like I was looking into a mirror. I don't remember a lot about that day, but he talked to B and me and explained that he might be my biological father. The DNA tests proved that he was correct. It was a real shock to me."

"How did it feel to be connected with the Carpenter family?" Larry asked.

"The dream of every child in an orphanage is to find his parents," Chris said emotionally. "All kids in an orphanage want to be part of a family, and they all dream of the day that their real parents come and take them away. Meeting the Carpenter family was very traumatic for me! I was afraid that going to see them would tear their family apart, but I was wrong. They welcomed me into their family and my dream came true!"

"How has the relationship with Saul Bernstein changed since you met the Carpenter family?" Larry asked.

"B has always been the foundation of my life," Chris replied. "He encouraged me to find my roots and never held me back. Actually I was afraid to go to Boston, and B convinced me to take the trip. It may sound strange to you, but my family is very large now, and B and Jonathan, my two Dads, are good friends. I never had to choose one family over the other. I guess one example of how our family has united was when Jonathan Carpenter stood up for B in his recent marriage. When I was 12, I had no family. Now I know who my biological mother was, and have two other Moms to love along with two Dads, two brothers, a beautiful sister, and many grandparents. It's a blessing that all orphans dream about."

"You've experienced more adversity in your life than anyone I can think of," Larry stated. "You've faced death and have survived. What have you learned from the terrible situations that could have claimed your life?"

"I learned that no one's immortal," Chris replied. "The attacks were the result of being wealthy, recognized for athletic competition, or retaliation for protecting myself and others. When a person's faced with death, their priorities change dramatically, and they do whatever's necessary to survive. Wealth and athletics mean nothing to me compared to love and family. I've learned to `smell the roses' and enjoy each day. Life's too short to focus on negative comments or issues."

"You've led me into an area that you may not want to discuss," Larry said. "You're preparing for an important football game against the Texas University Cowboys on January 6th. Several of the Cowboys have boasted that they will destroy the Falcon football team, and have made several negative comments about your personal lifestyle. What are your comments?"

Chris paused and took a deep breath. He knew that the interview would include questions about his sexual preference, and he was ready to take a firm stand.

"I've heard several comments made by the Cowboys," Chris began. "They're unbeaten and have backed up their `trash talk' on the field, but the comments made by Lamar Thomas, their middle linebacker, are examples of their attitudes towards diversity. A lot of his comments had to be `beeped' out to be acceptable for the television audience. We have a great football team, and the scoreboard at the end of the Sugar Bowl Game will prove which team is the best in the nation."

Larry King paused to let Chris compose himself. He didn't have to wait long for Chris to continue.

"Specifically, I don't like to hear words like `fag', `faggot' or `queer' when anyone refers to my lifestyle," Chris continued. "Homophobic people are as bad as terrorists. The God that I pray to loves my partner, Mike and me. We're all here on earth for a short time, and I've learned to accept other people for who they are. I may not agree with what people say or do, but I don't attack them or say that my opinion is the only one that's right. People have been verbally or physically attacked for being honest about their lifestyles. I'm Christopher Jonathan Hammer and I'm a loving person in a loving relationship. If people can't accept that, they can go to hell! We have a powerful football team, and we plan to do our best to represent our university and not get into trading `trash talk' with the Cowboys."

"Well, I certainly think you made your point clear!" Larry exclaimed. "What are your thoughts on the issue of gay marriage or the gay lifestyle in general?"

"I believe that two people in love deserve the same recognition and benefits that straight people gain when they're married," Chris replied. "It's a form of discrimination to deny partners the benefits of health care, life insurance, and recognition of their devotion to their partner just because they happen to be of the same sex. This issue is a hot potato right now. Several states and religious denominations have recognized same-sex relationships, and I support their views. I haven't hidden my relationship with Mike Mahley, and hope that someday this great country will accept reality and give same-sex relationships the same status and protection as male-female unions. Gay bashers belong in prison if they release their venom on people who only want to be left alone. I've joined an organization called GLSEN, the acronym means, Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network, and they work with educators and students. Gay teachers can be role models for their `just coming out' gay students. The Network doesn't recruit or corrupt the kids, but does let them know that their feelings and desires aren't a sin or some disease. We're getting some criticism from homophobes, but we're also getting a lot of parents thanking us for helping their children. Suicide among young people has become a national crisis, and we recognize that young people need help in coping with their problems and peer pressures. Mike and I want to do whatever we can to help kids realize that they aren't alone if they're gay."

"I've had the National Chairman of GLSEN, James Worthy, on this show, and he brought some of the parents of gay children with him," Larry said. "The parents were extremely thankful for their gay children having role models and someone to talk to. Statistics support the benefits of the organization with reduced `hate crimes' and reduced teen suicides in school districts with GLSEN members."

"I'm pleased to hear that you've included GLSEN in your show," Chris said.

"Let's move on to another topic," Larry suggested. "What are your career goals?"

"I'm majoring in Secondary Education and want to get my Master's Degree," Chris began. He was relieved that the topic had changed. "I love sports, but no athlete can plan too far in the future. One injury can end a sports career, and I want to be prepared to teach Math and Science to Middle School or High School children. If I stay healthy, I'd love to play in the NBA (National Basketball Association), and then return to the St. Mary's Orphanage in Dallas to teach and maybe, coach."

"A lot of people expected you to skip college and sign up for the NBA draft right out of high school," Larry said. "Why did you delay the chance to make millions of dollars?"

"There are several reasons for my decision," Chris replied. "My Dad went to CSU and became a member of the Tau Tau Tau Fraternity. I wanted to follow in his footsteps, and now he's the National President of the Tau Tau Tau Fraternity. When I was 15, I met Marcus Knight, the CSU basketball coach, and we became friends. Marcus hooked me up with Shaquille O'Neal, and that's how I got into the Olympics. I have a lot to learn about playing basketball, and both Marcus and Shaq are teaching me. I'd be a fool to give up the opportunity to learn the sport from two fantastic players."

"You said there were several reasons," Larry continued.

"My Dad and I have enough money to live comfortably," Chris added. "College life is a lot of fun, and I'm enjoying my Freshman Year, especially now that I'm a member of the Tau Tau Tau Fraternity."

"You mentioned money," Larry said. "Rumor has it that you're VERY wealthy. Can you share with the listeners how that happened?"

"Around the time I turned 13, B bought some tickets in the Mega Millions Lottery," Chris began. He didn't explain that he was the one to pick the numbers and give Saul the money to buy the tickets. "He won a large jackpot. B's an investment counselor, and found ways to increase the value of his winnings."

"We've heard rumors that you did some speculation in the stock market yourself," Larry said. "Is that true?"

Chris wondered how Larry's investigators found out so much about the finances of B and him. He decided to be cautious in his reply.

"I wasn't old enough to legally dabble in the stock market," Chris replied carefully. "I studied the market and convinced B to gamble some of the money in highly speculative issues trading on the Futures Market. The gambles paid off with surprising success."

"Will you tell the viewing audience about the CJH Foundation?" Larry asked.

"I guess you figured out that CJH are my initials," Chris began. "B formed the foundation to use his money to help less fortunate people in the United States. The foundation supports orphanages, rape counseling, college scholarships, hospitals and other community services. The assets of the CJH Foundation were recently moved to the Carpenter Foundation, one of the largest charitable foundations in the country. My Dad, Jonathan Carpenter, is the CEO of that organization, and B is on the Board of Directors."

"I heard that the CJH Foundation was worth over one billion dollars when it combined its assets with the Carpenter Foundation," Larry said. "Is that true?"

"I honestly don't know the value of the CJH Foundation when it joined the Carpenter Foundation," Chris replied. "As long as my meal ticket for the dorm was still valid, I was happy. I know that B made a large donation to CSU to build the Jacobs Dormitory on the campus, and I was lucky enough to live there for a while."

"The Eloise Jacobs Dormitory was named in memory of Saul Bernstein's first wife, isn't that correct?" Larry asked.

"Her full name was Eloise Marie Jacobs Bernstein," Chris replied emotionally. "She was my mother, but I never got to meet her. Cancer took her away before I ever met B, but her memory lives on in the beautiful dormitory. I've met her parents and consider them my grandparents. I wish that I could have met her and know that my dad will never forget her."

"We've heard that you have a large collection of vintage cars, and are close to opening a car museum along with funding a new wing on Mercy General Hospital near the CSU campus," Larry said. "Here's your chance to put in a plug."

"Thanks, Larry," Chris said. "The `Wild Wheels Car Museum' should open near the CSU campus in the next couple months. My buddy, Mike Mahley, is coordinating the planning where around 250 cars will be displayed. Some of the cars are antiques, but most of them fit in the category of muscle cars. I don't like to be in hospitals, but visiting sick kids is one of the things my fraternity believes in. A new Pediatrics Wing is being planned for Mercy General, and some of my athletic awards will be displayed there. The hospital wing will be named in memory of my two deceased mothers, Eloise Jacobs and Angela Porter and I heard that the name will be the `Jacobs-Porter Pediatric Center'."

"Is there anything else you'd like to say to the television audience?" Larry asked.

"I'd like to say `Hi' to all of my family across the country and friends on the CSU campus. If you're ever in the area, please visit John's Steak House for the best steaks and barbecue in the world, and Dimitri's Greek Restaurant for the finest Greek cuisine imaginable," Chris replied. "GO FALCONS!!!"

Larry laughed at how the famous athlete had advertised for his favorite restaurants and also gave a cheer for his athletic teams.

"I thank you for this candid interview," Larry said. "I'm sure that our audience has learned a great deal about you and your amazing family. I hope you'll come back to visit with me in the future, and I wish you and your team luck in the Sugar Bowl."

"Thank you for the invitation to be here today," Chris said.

"There you have it!" Larry said to the cameras. "A very talented athlete who's already giving back to society for his blessings in life! This is Larry King saying, Goodnight!"

When the cameras were turned off, Larry King stood and gave Chris a hug. He thanked him for appearing on his show and again wished him and the Falcons luck in the important football game. The camera crew rushed to shake hands with Chris, but had to wait until Mike was hugged first.

"You were fantastic!" Mike exclaimed. "I'm so proud of you that I think I'll explode!"

Chris greeted the crew of the show and gave out a lot of autographs before leaving with Mike. Both of them had turned off their cell phones during the broadcast, and turned them back on while walking to the limousine. Both phones began ringing immediately.

Jonathan Carpenter was using the speakerphone in his office so Chris could hear the entire Carpenter family congratulate him on his excellent speaking skills. Similar congratulations came from Saul and Helen, along with several brothers from the fraternity.

Chris and Mike barely made it to O'Hare Airport in time for their short flight to Milwaukee. While they were seated in the first class cabin, they heard a disturbance at the back of the cabin where a curtain separated them from the rest of the passengers.

"Please let us see him!" a young girl and boy were pleading with the flight attendant.

The flight attendant was doing her job in restricting the first class section to only first class passengers. She was surprised when the tall athlete tapped her on the shoulder and asked, "Can I help you?"

"Mr. Hammer, I'm sorry, but I can't let them into the first class section," Sarah Smith said.

"Can I visit their section of the airplane?" Chris asked, knowing that the two cute kids wanted to see him or get an autograph.

Several other passengers got out of their seats to see the famous athlete who had just appeared on the Larry King Live Show. The flight attendants were concerned about maintaining order and safety for the passengers, and tried to convince Chris to return to the first class section. Sarah heard the pleas of many passengers who wanted autographs from CJ Hammer.

"Why can't you make an announcement that Chris will visit everyone if they stay in their seats?" Mike asked Sarah. "Remember your motto, `Fly the Friendly Skies of United!"

Sarah was the head flight attendant and quickly agreed. She knew that she was bending the rules, but decided to agree with her two handsome passengers.

"If everyone will return to your seats, CJ Hammer has graciously agreed to visit with you," Sarah announced through the cabin announcement system. "For reasons of safety, you must remain seated unless you need to use the toilet facilities. Please cooperate, and you'll have an autograph or story to tell your friends about this special flight."

Mike watched Chris kneel down to sign autographs for many passengers. He noticed that Chris spent more time with the children than he did with the adults. Chris was only half way down the aisle when the public address system came on.

"This is your captain, Martin MacDonald," the voice announced. "We're flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet and should arrive in Milwaukee in about 20 minutes. I hear that we have a celebrity with us today, and I hope CJ Hammer has time to give me and my co-pilot, Andrea Johnson, his autograph too!"

The plane was filled with the cheers of the passengers. Sarah knew that she had stretched the rules by allowing the visit of CJ Hammer, but also realized that the passengers wanted autographs more than the bags of nuts and complimentary beverages. The flight crew worked around Chris and still managed to serve everyone in the plane.

Chris was close to the back of the cabin when the "Fasten Seat Belts" light went on. He wanted to visit the last few rows where four children were patiently waiting along with their parents for autographs.

"I'm sorry but you have to return to your seat," Sarah told Chris. "We've started our descent, and we all need to follow airline safety rules.

Chris looked at the sad faces on the four children. Two of them started crying, and he was heartbroken.

"I'll wait for you at the gate," Chris promised them. "Maybe we can sit and talk for a few minutes. Will that be okay?"

The children and their parents were ecstatic! They had hoped that CJ Hammer would get to their seats before the plane was ready to land, and had been very disappointed.

The first class passengers were the first to leave the plane, and people waiting at the gate immediately recognized Chris. He was signing autographs when he saw the expectant faces of the children who had been seated at the back of the airplane. He found a place to sit down while Mike tried to control the crowd of fans.

"What's your name?" Chris said to the beaming little girl.

"I'm Katelyn Morris," the little girl replied. "Can I sit on your lap?"

Chris looked at Katelyn's parents for approval. Two happy faces nodded their approval, and Chris lifted the small girl and balanced her on his knee. The happy parents were snapping pictures with their digital camera while their daughter was with CJ Hammer.

Katelyn had the flight magazine from the airline, and asked Chris to autograph it for her. The same activities were repeated for the other children until Chris was exhausted.

"We have to leave now," Mike said to Chris. "I'm sure the limo is waiting for us, and we don't want to keep your grandparents waiting."

"I hope you have time for two more autographs," a voice said.

Chris and Mike were surprised to see two people in pilot uniforms walking towards them. They quickly realized that the pilot and co-pilot had left the plane and wanted Chris's autograph.

Chris was gracious and gave them both autographs for their children. He and Mike hurried to the baggage area and claimed their luggage, but not before Chris signed more autographs.

"My hand's gonna fall off!" Chris exclaimed after grabbing his suitcase to leave the main terminal.

"Maybe I should start writing your name to give to people," Mike teased.

"They couldn't read your writing!" Chris snapped back. "You already write like a doctor!"

"Don't give me any crap, or I won't play `doctor' with Little Chris anymore!" Mike fired back.

Chris and Mike spent the night and next day with Ellen and Harvey Porter, Chris's maternal grandparents. Both Mike and Chris were thrilled to visit the Porters and look at pictures and keepsakes from White Cloud and the Cherokee Nation. They both listened to White Dove describe her life with her parents on the reservation, along with pictures and information about Angela Porter, Chris's biological mother. They wished that they could have spent more time with the Porters, but knew they had to return to California.

When they arrived at the airport in California, they were surprised to see David Patrick and Marcus Knight waiting for them.

"So, you like basketball more than football!" David Patrick teased when he gave Chris a hug. "I've got some `special' training planned for you tomorrow!"

"SHIT!" Chris exclaimed.

"Relax, buddy," Marcus said. "David's just jealous! If he gives you any crap, I'll sic John Stevens and Jonathan Crawford on him!"

Chris knew that he had to concentrate on football instead of basketball to get ready for the Sugar Bowl game. He was excited about his holiday visits, but it was time to focus on getting ready for this upcoming football game.

Marcus and David both ordered Chris to get some rest, knowing that the time difference from traveling always created problems. When they dropped Chris and Mike at the fraternity, they saw the Tri-Tau brothers waiting to greet their returning brothers.

"Drink lots of liquids and get some rest!" David Patrick ordered.

"Tap the keg!" Chris yelled to his brothers while greeting Alex.

David Patrick groaned and accepted the teasing from Marcus Knight about Chris liking basketball more than football. Both coaches knew that Chris wouldn't drink any alcohol, but loved to torment both of them. They had both watched the Larry King show and were proud of their star athlete. They knew that their hopes of national championships rested on Chris and their talented freshmen.

Cody Emerson ran up to Chris with a frosted glass filled with Coors beer. "Here's your brew, big buddy!" Cody exclaimed.

Mike took the glass and drained it after chewing Cody out for trying to get Chris to break training. He saw Jarvis Williams walk up with a large glass filled with Gatorade, and watched Chris chug the liquid and head for the bar to get a refill.

"I'm really proud of you," Jarvis began. "You haven't hidden your sexual preference, but that was the first time I ever heard you take a stand for gay rights! We all watched the Larry King show and cheered for what you said! I'm proud to be your brother!"

Jarvis and Chris hugged and talked about the possible fallout from the comments made on the television show. They both knew that homophobes would be outraged, and Chris would probably get hate mail and threats. They also knew that the Texas University Cowboys would be furious about Chris's comments about their "trash talking".

Chris and Mike were playing with Alex while they walked down the hallway to their room. They stopped at a door when they heard familiar sounds.

"Pick me up and carry-fuck me!" Cody yelled to Jermaine Lewis. "I love being fucked while you carry me around the room! Stick that black dick up my ass and fuck me!"

Chris and Mike had both enjoyed the unique opportunity to have sex with Cody. The little guy loved to have a dick in his ass while he was carried around the room. They didn't open the door, but they knew what was happening. Cody's small body was built for fucking, and he was able to take a huge cock in his ass without complaining. Cody was a great fuck, and could use his ass muscles to massage every drop of cum out of his sexual partner.

"I don't want you to pick me up like Cody, but I sure want a nice hot fuck tonight!" Mike exclaimed. "I drilled your sweet ass on Christmas Eve, and now it's my turn to get poked!"

Chris laughed and watched Mike run ahead to their room. He knew his buddy was going to flush out his body and then join him in the shower room.

"God your dick feels huge!" Mike choked out when Chris's throbbing cock filled his ass. "I swear your dick grows bigger every day!"

"Do you want me to pull out?" Chris asked.

"Don't even think about it!" Mike said while wrapping his legs around Chris's waist to prevent withdrawal. "Give me a minute to let my body relax, and then I want you to fuck me hard!"

Chris looked into Mike's handsome face and waited for the sign to begin moving his throbbing cock. It felt like his cock was in an oven, and he didn't want to cum too soon. He wanted to prolong the sexual activity until they were both ready to climax.

Isaac and Leif had returned to the fraternity and headed for the room that they shared with Chris and Mike. They didn't see a sign on the door, but when they tried to open it, they realized that Alex was lying next to the door growling at them. They heard the sounds of Chris and Mike making love, and decided to find another room for the night. They both laughed when they heard Mike screaming for Chris to "Fuck him hard" and wished that they could watch.

Chris was pounding his huge cock in and out of Mike's clutching ass. He loved Mike and knew that their love would grow even stronger in the future. He was slamming his throbbing cock deep inside Mike's tight ass, and used his immense strength to keep Mike on their bed. He felt his balls pulling up close to his body and knew he was going to cum. He screamed when he felt the first shot of his cum blast inside Mike's manhole. He continued slamming his body against Mike's to drive every centimeter of his throbbing meat to the hilt.

Mike went into sexual overload. His cock was erupting with a flood of cum that splattered his face and chest; while he felt his insides fill with Chris's throbbing cock and thick semen. He held onto Chris and screamed when the intensity of his orgasm wracked his body. He struggled to remain conscious while he felt his body being hammered by Chris's huge cock.

The dorm room was filled with the sounds of male sex and the aromas of fresh cum mixed with sweat. The two handsome bodies continued slapping together until both cocks were drained of their male pudding. They collapsed on their bed and savored the intense feelings that were still coursing through their bodies.

Chris leaned down and slurped up the fresh cum on Mike's face. Each time he gathered a volume of Mike's semen, he shared it with Mike's hungry mouth. When Mike's face was cleared of the sticky liquid, Chris relaxed and felt his deflating cock start to slide out of Mike's well-fucked ass.

"You're crushing me!" Mike exclaimed when he felt the weight of Chris's body pin him to the bed.

"Sorry," Chris moaned. "Sometimes I forget how heavy I am."

Chris felt his cock slide out of Mike's ass, and could hear the escape of air and his own semen. He and Mike had always referred to the escaping gas as "fuck farts" and usually teased each other about the wet sounds. This time the two lovers groaned in unison. They cuddled together and whispered words of love while their bodies relaxed from the intense sexual bonding.

When Mike and Chris had recovered from their lovemaking, they left their room and headed for the showers. They accepted the teasing of their brothers who had heard their noisy sexual activity, and then headed back to their room. They got in their bed and exchanged kisses and words of love before they fell asleep with their bodies entwined.

On January 2nd, the football team headed for New Orleans to prepare for the important football game. David Patrick had mixed feelings about the readiness of his team and coaches. He was excited about the opportunity to win a National Championship for CSU, but was anxious about the youth of his team. The Falcons hadn't won the National Championship in over 20 years, and he knew everything depended on how he prepared his players. He knew the Texas University coach, Thomas Mitchell, had been a successful linebacker for the Chicago Bears and had recruited players that many universities had ignored. Several sports announcers had criticized Coach Brown for recruiting players with criminal records and for the way his team was the most penalized football team in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). David was also concerned about the artificial turf in the Louisiana Superdome. His team had only played three games on artificial turf during their season, but still had a perfect 12-0 record.

Chris was excited when he arrived at the Sheraton Hotel with his teammates. He knew that Coach Patrick had warned his players about their behavior when they were out in public. Chris also knew that each player had a travel buddy, and that no player was allowed to leave the hotel alone. He wished that Mike could be his roommate, but followed the team rules and selected Jarvis Williams to share his room. They left their luggage in their room and headed for the auditorium for the first team meeting.

David Patrick looked at the beaming faces of the young men he was coaching. He was proud of them for the way they had bonded together, and began his lecture.

"You guys are here because you're the best football team in the nation!" he began. He whistled to get the players to stop cheering and whistling, and continued. "We're all here to represent the State of California and California State University. I'm gonna explain the rules of behavior, and anyone who violates them will be on the next plane back to California! New Orleans is known as a wild city, and people will be watching us to see how we act. You already know the rule of no alcoholic beverages, and I won't tolerate any infractions. There are hookers and street hustlers here, and I certainly don't want to be called to the Police Station to bail any of you out of jail. I want you to have fun and enjoy this experience, but stay out of trouble!"

The players grumbled, but knew that Coach Patrick meant every word he said. None of them wanted to be sent back to California and miss the opportunity to play for the National Championship.

"I don't want any of you leaving this hotel alone," David Patrick continued. "The Ramada Inn is off limits! The Cowboys are staying there, and we don't need any altercations between us and them!"

"What if they start something?" Kelly Mason asked.

"I expect my team to avoid contact with the Cowboys at all costs!" David replied. If you're confronted, just tell them to save their energy for the football game and leave. If we travel in larger groups, there shouldn't be a problem."

All of the players knew that the Cowboys had several convicted felons on their team. They realized that strength in numbers was their best protection.

"I know some of you have girlfriends or boyfriends here in town," David continued. "I've never addressed the issue of sexual activity with the entire team, but I expect abstinence for the 24 hours before the game. There will be plenty of time for sex after we win the National Championship! Are there any questions?"

The entire team stood and cheered for their coach. They were all excited about representing their university in the important football game and wanted to enjoy the city of New Orleans.

Chris left with his teammates and headed for the main lobby. He knew that many of his family and friends would be staying at the same hotel and he wished that Mike were already there.

Mike arrived on January 4th and quickly headed for the room Chris was sharing with Jarvis. He knocked on the door and was thrilled when Chris threw open the door, dragged him inside, and began kissing him passionately.

Jarvis laughed and told Chris and Mike that he'd let them have some privacy, and that he'd see Chris at the team meal that evening.

Chris didn't hear what Jarvis said, mainly because he was focused on ripping Mike's clothes off. When he got down to Mike's boxers, he was thrilled to see a large bulge and wet spot. He ripped open the front of Mike's boxers to release Little Mike and quickly dropped to his knees. He gobbled Mike's cock down to the base, and shoved his finger inside Mike's tight rosebud.

"God I love you!" Mike exclaimed. He was getting the welcome that he had been hoping for, and wanted Chris to know it.

Chris picked Mike up and threw him on the bed. He quickly removed his own clothes and then reached for the lubricant that had been strategically placed on the nightstand. He wasted no time in coating his throbbing cock and entering Mike's tight ass.

"God I need this!" Mike exclaimed. During his flight to New Orleans, he'd been hard and horny, hoping that Chris would be ready for some intense sex. He struggled to relax his body to allow Chris's huge cock to slide inside.

Chris moaned when he felt his hard meat slide inside Mike's body. He paused to let Mike adjust and then began making short strokes with his cock. Each time he withdrew, he slid his cock deeper inside Mike until he felt his loins press against Mike's. He moaned and paused to control his own emotions to prevent early ejaculation.

"Here, put this on your dick!" Chris said to Mike. He handed Mike a condom and insisted that Mike unroll the baggy down the length of his hard shaft.

Mike was confused why Chris would want him to wear the condom, but did what his lover had asked. His attention returned to being fucked when Chris started pumping his cock in and out of his anal chute. He lifted his body off the bed and watched Chris slide two pillows under his ass to change the angle of his body.

Chris loved to bend Mike's body in half so he could slam his cock deeper inside Mike's gripping ass. Mike's hole was almost vertical, and Chris's body was like a pile driver, slamming straight down to give his buddy a fuck to be remembered. He continued ramming his cock inside Mike's body and changed his position to hit Mike's prostate gland with each down stroke. He knew that the stimulation would make Mike cum and he sped up his strokes when he felt his own orgasm approaching.

Mike was in heaven. He loved Chris with every fiber of his body and looked into the beautiful green eyes of the man who was taking him to orgasm. He screamed when he felt the first blast of cum fill the reservoir of the tight condom. He felt his insides being flooded with warmth and knew that Chris was blasting cum deep inside his body. He struggled to remain conscious while his cock continued blasting and his ass was filled with man cream.

Chris's screams of ecstasy joined Mike's. He was slamming his immense cock in and out of Mike's gripping ass, and he could hear the sloppy sounds of his lovemaking mixed with Mike's moans and groans of pleasure. He finally collapsed on top of Mike's body and savored the sensations of his pulsing cock and Mike's gripping anal muscles. He grabbed Mike's head and gave him a passionate kiss while the last few spurts of his cum drained into Mike's ass.

Mike was barely conscious. He had traveled from California to New Orleans to be reunited with his lover, and had hoped for a passionate reception. He never expected Chris to be as sexually frustrated as he was, but he was thrilled. He knew that Chris would be tempted to find a partner for sex, especially with Delano and Jarvis in the same hotel. He knew now that Chris had remained faithful, just by the amount of warm cum that was seeping out of his butt hole. He kissed Chris passionately and savored the feelings unique to a man who had just been soundly fucked.

Chris pulled his deflating cock out of Mike's ass and leaned back to watch his own cum flow out. He was surprised how much cum was rolling out of Mike's ass and quickly grabbed a towel to soak up his juice. He looked down and saw that the condom covering Mike's cock was filled with baby pudding, and he knew what he wanted to do. He leaned down and kissed Mike while he pulled the baggy off of Mike's deflating cock. He broke the kiss and inhaled Mike's softening cock when the condom had been removed. He eagerly gulped down the fresh cum that coated Mike's cock and used his tongue to lick it clean.

Mike moaned when he felt his satisfied cock being sucked into Chris's mouth. He looked down at the top of Chris's blonde head and then closed his eyes when he realized that Chris was eating his fresh cum and trying to get his dick hard again.

Chris loved eating Mike's cum. He had refrained from any sexual release during his time in New Orleans, knowing that his lover would be arriving soon and would be horny. He held the cum-filled condom in his hand and waited for Mike to compose himself and look at him.

"This is my dessert!" Chris remarked. He held the condom in front of Mike's face and let the latex receptacle drag over Mike's lips before taking it and putting it in his mouth. He sucked the fresh cum out of the baggy and savored the unique flavor of his lover's juice. He continued sucking the used condom and then used his mouth to turn it inside out. He licked the condom clean, saving some of the tangy juice in his hungry mouth.

Mike now realized why Chris wanted him to put on the condom. He watched his lover sucking his semen out of the used baggy and wished that he was eating Chris's fresh cum at the same time. He pulled Chris's mouth to his, and enjoyed the flavor of his own cum that coated the inside of Chris's mouth.

The two lovers enjoyed their passionate kisses and exchanged words of love. They cuddled together and exchanged words of love, while their two cocks rested.

Chris began kissing Mike's body and let his mouth travel down to Mike's nipples. He knew that Mike's nipples were extremely sensitive, and he began licking and sucking on them. He was happy to see that his oral efforts were paying off. Mike's dormant cock was springing to life, and Chris went south to capture the thick meat in his mouth.

Mike repositioned his body on the bed to get Chris's cock in his mouth. He slurped around the head and pushed back the long foreskin to expose Chris's cock head to his tongue and mouth. He slurped up the mixture of fresh cum and precum, and knew that his buddy had another donation of man juice for his enjoyment. He felt Chris's cock inflate to over 12 inches of steel while he slurped and sucked it to life.

Chris had his mouth full of Mike's throbbing cock when he felt his own cock slide inside Mike's throat. The thick cock in his mouth stifled his moans, but he quickly realized that Mike had taken the full length of Little Chris down his throat. It was the first time that Mike had been able to take all of Little Chris, and he was thrilled. He could feel Mike's throat muscles massaging his cockhead, and he knew he was going to cum.

Mike tried to concentrate on swallowing whenever his gag reflex kicked in. He was surprised that he could feel Chris's loins resting on his chin and knew that he had deep-throated his lover for the first time. He concentrated on breathing through his nose and flexing his throat muscles to give the ultimate pleasure to his partner. He fondled Chris's huge balls and squeezed them to stimulate his lover.

Chris was in heaven. Realizing this was the first time Mike had taken the entire length of his cock, he was determined to repay his Big Brother by sucking a load of fresh Mike juice down his throat. He slid two of his large fingers inside Mike's slimy butt hole, and stimulated Mike's prostate gland. The results were almost immediate when his hungry mouth was fed a donation of Mike's warm cum. He gulped down the tangy sauce and continued his sucking and finger stimulation while his own cock erupted for the second time.

Mike could feel Chris's warm cum flowing directly into his throat and down to his stomach. He finally pulled back so that Chris' spurting cock was filling his mouth instead of his throat. He gulped down the thick sauce and was amazed at how much cum Chris was blasting during his second orgasm in less than 20 minutes.

Both horny guys were gulping down fresh cum and enjoying the special bond that only gay men can realize. They drank the essence of maleness and enjoyed the stimulation of their taste buds. They collapsed on the hotel room bed and continued sucking the fresh cum out of their lover. They finally let the deflating cocks out of their mouths to express their love to each other.

"I never dreamed that you would be so horny!" Mike exclaimed when he regained control of his emotions. "I thought that you might hook up with Delano or Jarvis while you were here, but I can tell by the volume of cum that you didn't even jerk off!"

"I didn't want to get off unless you were with me!" Chris replied. "You're my life partner, and my cum is only for your tight ass or warm mouth!"

"I love you!" Mike said while licking up the last few drops of cum that he squeezed out of Chris's cock.

"I love you more!" Chris replied. He removed his cum-coated fingers from Mike's ass and licked them clean. He felt totally satisfied now that he and Mike had been reunited and had shared the ultimate act of male bonding. He licked the head of Mike's cock clean and then turned on the bed so he could kiss Mike on the lips.

The two lovers relaxed and exchanged gentle kisses. Their passions had been satiated, and now it was time to cuddle and talk.

"Are you ready for the football game?" Mike asked. "There's been a lot of hype on the television stations. Most of the announcers think that the Cowboys will win."

"This is the best football team I've ever seen or been a part of," Chris replied. "Everyone on the team is healthy and we have a couple `surprise' plays for the Cowboys. I'm confident that we're gonna win!"

"The bookies have the Cowboys as 6-point favorites to win," Mike stated. "I just hope that no one on our team gets hurt. The Cowboys are a bunch of thugs, and commit a lot of personal fouls to take out good players on their opponent's team. Please be careful!"

"We aren't a bunch of pussies!" Chris exclaimed. "We can hit just as hard as they can. Coach Patrick won't let things get out of hand in the game. By the way, did I get any mail?"

Mike had been opening Chris's mail and had brought some of the letters to New Orleans for him to read.

"You got a ton of mail" Mike replied. "Most of it is from people praising you for appearing on the Larry King Live Show and taking a stand on our issues. There were a few letters from homophobes and a couple of threats. I saved all of the letters for you to read when we get back to campus, and gave the threatening letters to the police. You need to focus on the football game and not on what some homophobe says."

Chris and Mike talked for a while and then decided to shower together before the team met for their evening meal. They gently washed each other and kissed frequently during their shower.

There was a lot of excitement throughout New Orleans when January 6th finally arrived. The football team had new uniforms with the Nokia Sugar Bowl logo on the front near their left shoulder pads. The uniforms were mostly white with blue and gold trim. The Cowboys were awarded "home team" status in a coin toss, and would be dressed in red uniforms with blue and white trim.

"This is Mario Hill, welcoming our television audience to the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana for this crucial game where the winner will be crowned as the National Champions of the NCAA," Mario Hill began. "CBS is proud to bring this game to you tonight, pitting the Falcons of California State University against the Cowboys of Texas University. With me is Jerome Watkins, a man who knows what it feels like to play for the National Championship. Jerome, how did it feel when you were a member of the LSU Tigers and won the National Championship?"

"Well, Mario, it's hard to put into words what it feels like to come into this dome and hear the crowd noise," Jerome began. "Football players dream of coming in here to play for the National Championship with millions of fans watching all over the world. Satellite broadcasts will reach our troops stationed around the world, and I'm sure that emotions are running high on both teams."

"This has been labeled as the `Clash of the Titans'," Mario said. "I've never seen a more drastic contrast in two teams coming into the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) title match. How would you compare these two teams?"

"This will be a clash of two distinctly different football programs," Jerome replied. "Thomas Mitchell's Cowboy team has a reputation for `hard nosed' football, and has the Number 1 defense in the nation. Mitchell was a star linebacker for the Chicago Bears, and he took his intensity to the Texas University campus. His teams always play hard, and never quit."

"The Cowboys are also the most penalized team in Division I-A football," Mario added. "How will that affect this game tonight?"

"The Cowboys recruited many players that other NCAA schools ignored," Jerome replied. "Several players on the Cowboy team have criminal records and have been in scrapes with the law during their collegiate careers. It's a strong contrast to the team that David Patrick brought to New Orleans."

"How will the officials control this game tonight?" Mario asked.

"The officials are from the Big Ten and SEC (South East Conference)," Jerome replied. "I'm sure that David Patrick has already voiced his concerns for a clean game, and I'm confident that the officials won't let things get out of hand."

"The Falcons come into this game with the Number 2 offense in the nation and the Number 3 rated defense," Mario said. "Can the Falcons run the football against the Cowboys?"

"David Patrick has a balanced attack of running and passing," Jerome replied. "He has a seasoned veteran in Kelly Mason at quarterback, along with key players on both offense and defense who are juniors or seniors. Mason is a senior, and is the second highest rated quarterback in the nation. He's thrown 22 touchdown passes and only had 5 interceptions all year. Mason is the team captain, and Coach Patrick lets him call a lot of the plays."

"The Cowboys have the Number 2 rusher in the nation in Jackson Vines," Mario said. "Can Vines run against the Falcons?"

"The offensive line for the Cowboys is huge, averaging over 300 pounds," Jerome replied. "I expect the Cowboys to have a good day running the football."

"How about the Falcon defense?" Mario asked. "Can they stop the run?"

"David Patrick has the best middle linebacker in the nation," Jerome replied. "Toby Bass is the top contender for the `Butkus Award' and will be keying on Vines to stop the run. Coach Patrick has two talented freshmen who will play a big part in this game too. Jarvis Williams, the starting right defensive end, is six feet six inches and weighs 360 pounds. Williams is the second leading tackler on the Falcon team and is a great pass rusher. The Cowboys will have their hands full trying to block Williams."

"What role will CJ Hammer play in this game?" Mario asked.

"Hammer is probably the best athlete in the country," Jerome replied. "He was injured for some important games this season, but when he's on the field, no one can stop him! The team roster lists Hammer at seven feet tall and weighing 375 pounds! He plays fullback on offense and opens huge holes for Delano Genovesi to run through. Genovesi ranks Number 3 in the nation in total yards rushing, and Hammer is Number 10. Hammer also plays on special teams and defense. He's returned a kick seven times for touchdowns this season and I know the Cowboys will try to kick away from him. Hammer plays `free safety' on defense, and can totally disrupt any blocking on the line when he rushes the quarterback. He has amazing speed for a big guy, and has intercepted six passes."

"How is David Patrick's team different from the Cowboys?" Mario asked.

"Coach Patrick has a disciplined team," Jerome replied. "It's a `night and day' contrast to Mitchell's team. David Patrick has strict rules for behavior on and off the field. He's benched players for breaking his rules and has even kicked players off the team when they got arrested for illegal drinking. Coach Patrick doesn't tolerate rowdiness, and only two teams in the nation had fewer penalties called on them. This game is truly a clash of two distinct coaching styles."

"There are some other contrasts between these two teams," Mario said. "The Cowboys have their names on their jerseys and are awarded stickers on their helmets for making key plays. Dominique Hall wears Number 1, and is the leading pass receiver in the nation. David Patrick doesn't allow names on his team's jerseys, stickers on their helmets, and doesn't use the `Number 1". He says that there is no Number 1 on his team! It's a strong contrast between the two teams."

"The Cowboys have four co-captains," Jerome said. "Lamar Thomas is one of the co-captains and has been bragging to the media that the Cowboys will win this game by a score of 49 to 0. In contrast, the Falcons have only one captain, Kelly Mason. The Falcons have avoided any `trash talking' when they were interviewed, but are confident that they will win this game tonight."

"This truly is the Clash of the Titans," Mario announced. "We'll be right back after this brief commercial break."

"We're back at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana!" Mario announced. "Nokia is proud to bring you this title match between the Texas University Cowboys and the California State University Falcons! Let's go down on the field for the introduction of the starting lineups!"

"We have another contrast between the two coaches," Jerome announced. "The starting players on the Texas University Cowboys will each be introduced, but David Patrick said he wanted the Falcons introduced as a team."

The pre-game formalities continued with the Falcons winning the coin toss.

"David Patrick has elected to receive the football," Mario announced.

"The Falcons want to test the Cowboy defense early in this game," Jerome added.

Jonathan Carpenter had rented a luxury suite in the Superdome. He was excited to see Mike, Saul and Helen join his family for this significant football game. The suite had a capacity of 30 people, and was alive with excitement. Many of the people who had shared Christmas Eve with Saul and Helen were in the suite, and the remaining family and friends were sitting in choice seats near the 50-yard line. Alcohol was forbidden in the stands, but the dome security forces ignored bottles of booze in the luxury suites.

The family and friends in the suite were excited when the announcer began his description of the game.

"Back to receive for the Falcons is Number 26, CJ Hammer!" the public address system announced.

"This is what we've been waiting for!" Mario announced. "CJ Hammer is standing near the end zone to receive the opening kickoff in this game that will decide the National Championship!"

"I expect the Cowboys to `squib kick' the ball," Jerome added. "Hammer is a dangerous return man, and the Cowboys will try to keep him from getting the ball."

"It's a long, end over end kick!" Mario announced. "Hammer catches the ball in the end zone and will down it there! No! Wait! Hammer is bringing the ball out! He's hit at the five-yard line and breaks the tackle! He's hit again at the 10, spins and breaks the tackle! He's headed for the left sideline and has blockers in front of him! He breaks another tackle at the 30 and he's loose! The only defender left is the kicker, and Hammer runs right past him! He's at the 30, 20, 10, 5, TOUCHDOWN FALCONS!!!!!"

"CJ Hammer just took that kickoff 105 yards for the first score of this game!" Jerome announced. "We knew Hammer was good, but that return was fantastic! When a guy as big as Hammer builds up a head of steam, no one can stop him! The Falcon team is going wild! Hammer is swarmed by his teammates and coaches and the crowd is standing and cheering for an exciting start to this football game!"

Mike had tears of joy running down his face when he jumped in the air, screaming, "YES!! YES!! YES!!"

Everyone in the luxury suite was celebrating with Saul and Jonathan exchanging hugs with each other and their friends. They all watched while Keegan Marshall kicked the extra point and then watched the replay on the large Trinitron screens in the Superdome. They continued celebrating and were proud of what Chris had just done.

"The Cowboys have been struck by lightning!" Mario exclaimed. "The Falcons did a great job of blocking for Hammer, and he `took it to the house'! We have a time out on the field, with the score, CSU Falcons 7, TU Cowboys nothing!"

When the commercial break was finished, the CBS commentators returned to their television audience.

"Thomas Mitchell was furious with his players and coaches," Mario reported. "Judy Smith is down on the Cowboys' sideline. Let's see what Judy has to say."

"I can't repeat what Coach Mitchell said to his players and staff," Judy announced. "Let's just say he wasn't pleased with what just happened here in the Superdome! His team is taking the field, and I'll return things to you in the press box!"

"Keegan Marshall is ready to kick the ball to Derek Robinson," Mario reported. "It's a high kick and it goes through the end zone and out of the field of play! The Cowboys offense will start on their own 20 yard line after that booming kick by the senior kicker from Lansing, Michigan."

"We've all heard the statistics on the Cowboy offense, but it's time for them to show everyone what they can do against the Falcons," Jerome added. The Falcons are showing a five-man line with CJ Hammer lined up right at the nose of the Cowboy center, Curt Johnson. Erik Schaeffer is the quarterback, with Jackson Vines at running back."

"Schaeffer takes the snap and drops back and is sacked by CJ Hammer for a six-yard loss!" Mario announced excitedly. "Hammer was on top of Schaeffer before he had a chance to hand the ball to Jackson Vines or throw a pass."

"The offensive line for the Cowboys is confused," Jerome added. "They never saw the Falcons with five down linemen, and someone had better pick up CJ Hammer or he'll wreak havoc in the Cowboys' backfield!"

"It's second and 16 for the Cowboys," Mario announced. "Schaeffer takes the snap and rolls to his right. He's sacked for a five-yard loss by Jarvis Williams! There's a flag on the field in the area that normally means `holding'. The huge freshman just showed why he won the starting role of defensive end over several upperclassmen! The Cowboys are in trouble if this penalty is against them!"

"Holding, number 76 on the offense!" Referee Robert Stallings announced. "The penalty is declined! Third down!"

"Travis Riggs, the left guard for the Cowboys was called for that penalty," Mario said.

"Riggs and the center, Curt Johnson both could have been called for that penalty," Jerome said. "They both grabbed Hammer to keep him away from their quarterback and the officials saw it!"

"It's third and 21 for the Cowboys from their own 9-yard line!" Mario announced. "Let's see if the Cowboys can get out of the shadow of their own end zone!"

"The Falcons are showing a blitz!" Jerome said. "Schaeffer takes the snap and Toby Bass nails him on the five yard line! The ball is loose, and Jarvis Williams scoops it up and lumbers into the end zone for another Falcon touchdown! There are flags all over the field, so let's wait to see what the officials saw!"

"There are two penalties against the offense," Robert Stallings announced to the huge crowd. "The first is holding, and that penalty is declined. After the play, we have a personal foul on number 78, and that penalty will be assessed on the kickoff. Touchdown, CSU!"

The luxury suite went wild along with the other CSU fans in the stands. They were thrilled with the score with the Falcons leading 14 0.

"Coach Mitchell is livid!" Mario said when the commercial break was finished. "His team was favored by six points, but they're now in a hole, down 14 points to the CSU Falcons! What will the Cowboys do to get back in this game Jerome?"

"The Cowboys need to calm down and figure out a way to stop the Falcon defensive line," Jerome replied. "David Patrick is a great coach, and he certainly surprised everyone by starting out with a five-man rush! The Cowboys will have to double-team both Hammer and Williams, or this is gonna be a long night for their team!"

"Keegan Marshall is ready to kick from the 50-yard line after that personal foul penalty," Mario announced. "The kick sails out of the end zone and into the stands! Marshall has a strong leg and should have a career in the NFL (National Football League) in his future. Let's see if the Cowboys can regroup and get their offense moving."

"The Falcons are showing a five-man rush again," Jerome said.

"Schaeffer is in the `shotgun' offense and takes the snap," Mario announced. "He hands the ball to Vines and he's nailed by CJ Hammer! Vines never got started before Hammer dropped him in his tracks! There are flags on the field again, and I suspect that it's against the Cowboys by the way they're backing up!"

"There are two penalties against the offense," Robert Stallings announced. "The first is holding by number 85 and that penalty is declined. After the play, we have a personal foul against number 85, and the result is half the distance to the goal! Second down!"

"Wow!" Mario exclaimed. "The Cowboys are self-destructing with repeated personal fouls! That one was obvious, when Dominique Anderson showed his frustration by first holding Jarvis Williams and then by hitting Williams after the play! Thomas Mitchell is complaining to the officials, but I don't think it will do him any good. The Cowboys are now faced with a second and 20 from their own 10-yard line!"

"The Falcons are showing `blitz' again," Jerome announced. "Schaeffer is in the shotgun and takes the snap. He drops back and is tackled at the four-yard line! The Cowboys can't stop the Falcon front five, and are now faced with third and 26!"

There are a lot of fans here in the Superdome dressed in red," Mario said. "Right now they're silent from seeing their highly ranked offense being throttled by the Falcon defense. Schaeffer hasn't had time to even look for a receiver or make a clean handoff to Vines, and the Falcon defense is in total control of this game!"

"Schaeffer takes the snap from Johnson and drops back!" Jerome announced. "He's sacked in the end zone by CJ Hammer! That's a safety, but I see penalty flags on the field again. The officials are certainly earning their money today!"

"Holding, offense number 78," Robert Stallings announced. "The penalty is declined, and the play stands as a safety for the CSU Falcons!"

The Falcon fans were ecstatic! Their team now led by a score of 16 0, and would get the ball on the free kick from the Cowboys 20-yard line.

"I know that we never expected the score to be 16 0 this early in the game!" Mario said after the television commercial break.

"The Falcon offense hasn't even been on the field yet, and their defense and special teams have given them a comfortable lead," Jerome added. "Delano Genovesi is back to receive the free kick. Genovesi is from Trenton, New Jersey, and his teammates have nicknamed him `The Trenton Terror' because of his ability to break tackles and score touchdowns! Genovesi says his favorite NFL player is Barry Sanders, the former running back for the Detroit Lions. Genovesi is five feet 10 inches tall and weighs 210 pounds. He's another one of David Patrick's talented freshmen, and has a running style reminiscent of his idol, Barry Sanders. Let's see what he can do when he takes this kick!"

"Genovesi takes the kick at his own 20 yard line!" Mario announced. "He avoids one tackle and breaks for the sideline! He makes a sharp cut and has a wall of blockers along the left sideline! Genovesi breaks into the open and it's a foot race to the end zone. No one can catch him and he's at the 30, 20, 10, 5 touchdown!"

"Delano Genovesi just showed his speed and ability to change directions on the artificial turf!" Jerome added. "Barry Sanders would be proud to make that run, and Genovesi is swarmed by his teammates! The Falcons now lead by a score of 22 to nothing, with the extra point coming right up!"

"The extra point is good by Keegan Marshall, and the Falcon lead is now 23 points!" Mario announced. "The amazing thing about this score is that there hasn't been a first down in the entire game, and the Falcon offense has remained on the sidelines! We'll be right back, with time out on the field in this BCS title game, with the California State University Falcons leading the Texas University Cowboys by a score of 23 0!"

Later in the first quarter, the Cowboys were again stopped by the Falcon defense.

"It's three and out for the Cowboys!" Mario announced.

"The officials are talking to both coaches about the play of their team," Jerome added. "This game could turn very nasty if the officials don't get control! The Cowboys are self-destructing with a series of personal fouls and holding penalties!"

"Let's see what the Falcon offense can do when they finally get on the field after this kick," Mario said.

"Michael Napoletano barely got that kick away!" Jerome announced. "The kick goes out of bounds on the Falcon 35-yard line, and we're finally going to see what the Falcon offense can do in this game!"

"Kelly Mason takes the snap and hands off to Genovesi up the middle!" Mario announced. "Genovesi follows the block of CJ Hammer and gains 15 yards before he's tackled by Jayme Layton! Genovesi made two guys miss him, and Layton saved another touchdown by barely tripping Genovesi up! First down, Falcons!"

"Genovesi is a talented runner!" Jerome said. "He can hide behind the huge body of CJ Hammer and take advantage of Hammer's crushing blocks!"

"Kelly Mason is under center, and Genovesi goes in motion to the left!" Mario announced. "Mason pitches the ball back to Hammer! Hammer heads for the left sideline with Genovesi blocking for him. Hammer stops and throws a pass across the field to a wide-open Kelly Mason! Mason is alone and streaks for the end zone! He's at the 30, 20, 10, 5, touchdown CSU Falcons!"

"The Cowboys just got burned by a trick play dreamed up by David Patrick!" Jerome said. "The Cowboys thought they had Hammer trapped, but they forgot that he played quarterback both in high school and in the last regular season game for the Falcons! That was a perfect pass, and the Cowboys were caught with their pants down! This crowd is going wild, with the extra point coming up!"

After the extra point by Keegan Marshall, the Falcons led by a score of 30 0. After the commercial break, the two CBS announcers continued their analysis of the important football game.

"No one expected a blowout in this game!" Mario stated. "I personally expected a tough game with a close score, but I sure was wrong! David Patrick and his coaching staff are on top of this game, and the Cowboys don't have any answers."

"I think Lamar Thomas and some of the other vocal Cowboys wish that they could take back their pre-game predictions," Jerome added. "Thomas promised a Cowboy win by a score of 49 0, and he's gotta be choking on those words right now!"

Toward the end of the second quarter, the Falcons were leading by a score of 44 0, after Delano caught a touchdown pass and Chris ran 55 yards for another. The Cowboys realized that the game was already out of reach, and they became enraged and committed several penalties.

With five minutes left in the first half, the Falcons had the ball on their own 45-yard line. Kelly took the snap and pitched the ball back to Chris. Chris headed towards the left sideline and was forced out of bounds at the Cowboy 40 yard line.

"Hammer was clearly out of bounds when one of the Cowboy players on the sideline hit him!" Mario announced. "The officials were right there, and the guilty player was Travis Riggs, the offensive left guard! Instead of moving aside to let Hammer run out of bounds, Riggs stepped up and nailed Hammer!"

"I think Hammer's hurt!" Jerome said. "His left arm is hanging down loose, and his legs look wobbly! Riggs should be ejected from this game for that obvious attempt to injure CJ Hammer!"

"We both saw the flags flying from the officials," Mario said. "Let's see what they called!"

"Un-sportsman like conduct on number 76!" Robert Stallings announced. "The player is ejected from this game, and 15 yards will be assessed at the end of the run! First down!"

David Patrick met Chris when he got to the sidelines. He was concerned about his star player, and immediately wanted to find out how bad the injury was and to calm down his team.

"It's just a shoulder pointer," Chris said to his worried coach and teammates. "I'll shake it off! That asshole's just pissed because we're wasting them!"

Saul was concerned for his son, and shared his emotions with Helen and Jonathan Carpenter. He was afraid that the game was getting out of control, and that someone would get hurt.

Mike was livid! He wanted to go down on the field and kick some ass, and Randy and Charlie Carpenter were ready to join him! They screamed obscenities until both Saul and Jonathan told them to calm down. The two Dads were just as angry, but tried to calm everyone in the suite down to watch the football game. Everyone was concerned that Chris was hurt.

On the next play, Kelly completed a pass to Julius Fisher for a first down at the 20-yard line of the Cowboys. After he threw the pass, Lamar Thomas hit Kelly hard, and the penalty flags flew!

"Personal foul, roughing the passer on number 52!" Robert Stallings announced while Kelly was helped off the playing field. "Half the distance to the goal! First down!"

"Throw him out of the game!" David Patrick screamed at the officials. He was livid that the middle linebacker had hit Kelly after he released the pass, and demanded to talk to the referee, Robert Stallings.

"He tried to kill my quarterback!" Coach Patrick screamed at the referee. "Do your fucking job and throw him out!"

Mike Johnson, the Offense Coach, and the other assistant coaches restrained David Patrick from grabbing the referee. They joined Coach Patrick in protesting the penalty, demanding that Lamar Thomas be ejected. They weren't successful in their protests.

"We have a timeout on the field," Mario said. "It's clear to see that David Patrick and his coaching staff are upset that Lamar Thomas wasn't ejected from this game. That was a dirty hit, and I agree that Thomas should head for the locker room to join Travis Riggs!"

After the commercial time out, the game continued, with Chris returning to the huddle where Justin Marshall was the quarterback.

"23 screen left," Justin announced to his team. He was communicating a screen play to Brad Miller that Mike Johnson, the Offensive Coach, had called.

"Bullshit!" Chris yelled at Justin. "We'll line up for that play, and then you call an audible to shift to 23 Slant! David, you hike the ball and open a hole for me along with Jay! Number 52 is all mine! His ass goes down for hitting Kelly! Brad, you hit the hole and follow my block! It's show time!"

David Cogsdill was the Falcon center, and Jay McBride was the right guard. They both saw the intensity in Chris's eyes and knew that he was going to nail the middle linebacker for the late hit on Kelly Mason. Delano was getting a brief break, and Brad Miller was the tailback.

"The Falcons are coming to the line of scrimmage, with Justin Marshall at quarterback," Mario announced.

"Justin Marshall is changing the play and calling an audible!" Jerome announced.

"Marshall takes the snap and hands off to Miller!" Mario announced. "Miller's following Hammer, and OH MY GOD! WHAT A HIT HAMMER PUT ON LAMAR THOMAS!"

"Miller makes a cut and streaks into the end zone!" Jerome announced. "It's another touchdown for the Falcons and Lamar Thomas is still down on the field. That was an NFL hit that Hammer unloaded on the middle linebacker! It was a clean block, but Thomas is down and appears to be unconscious!"

"Hammer's in the end zone celebrating with Brad Miller and the rest of the Falcon team!" Mario announced. "I don't believe what I'm seeing, but four of the Cowboys have attacked Hammer and Miller in the end zone! Flags are flying and both benches are emptying! We're gonna take a commercial break while the officials and security officers try to restore order in this game!"

After the commercial break, the announcers continued.

"Flags didn't stop the Cowboys from attacking Hammer and Miller in the end zone," Mario said excitedly. "CJ Hammer is the reigning Champion in the World Karate Federation, and he's the last guy I'd ever attack! During the commercial, we saw bodies in red uniforms flying, and I can only imagine one person capable of launching a 300-pound lineman through the air! We're gonna take another commercial break while the officials and security officers try to separate the two teams.

After the second commercial break, the commentary resumed.

"I don't know how the officials will sort this out!" Jerome said. "It was clear that several Cowboys attacked Hammer and Miller, but from what we saw, the Cowboys came out on the losing end of the battle in the end zone!"

"After the play we have several penalties of un-sportsmen like conduct!" Robert Stallings announced to the huge crowd. "Numbers 98, 96, 93 and 28 from the defense are ejected from this game, along with numbers 23 and 26 from the offense! The touchdown stands!"

David Patrick was livid. He knew that Chris had hit Lamar Thomas hard, but it was a clean hit. He also knew that the frustrated Cowboy defensive players had attacked Chris and Brad Miller in the end zone. He wanted to attack the officials for ejecting Chris and Brad from the game, but his assistant coaches restrained him.

"I certainly don't agree with the officials in this game!" Mario announced. "Hammer and Miller were attacked, and they defended themselves! Thomas Mitchell has lost all control of his team, and things have become extremely volatile!"

"To add another act of disrespect, we just saw one of the Cowboys kick a Falcon helmet that was lost in the end zone battle!" Jerome stated. "I see one of the Falcon trainers running out to get the helmet, and OH MY GOD!"

Both announcers were dumbstruck when they saw Judy Hobson, one of the CSU trainers pick up the helmet and extend her middle finger towards the Cowboys sideline.

"I think she's just expressing her opinion that the Falcons are Number One!" Mario said quickly. "Sometimes live television challenges us to cover an event without the benefit of delayed broadcasting, and that was one of our challenges!"

The Falcon fans cheered when Judy Hobson "flipped the bird" to the Cowboys team. Her obscene gesture was a perfect statement of the Falcon opinion of the actions of the Cowboy team.

"Let's hear what Judy Smith has to say down on the sidelines with the Texas University team," Mario said.

"Hi Mario and Jerome," Judy began. "The referee has just issued a warning to Coach Mitchell that made him livid! The referee said that any more `un-sportsmen like conduct' penalties would result in a forfeit of the game! Coach Mitchell said things that I can't repeat on the air, but let's just say he doesn't agree to the ejection of four of his defensive starters. He already lost his offensive left guard, and Lamar Thomas, his middle linebacker, was taken to the locker room with what appears to be a concussion. Thomas isn't expected to return, and now the Cowboys will have to use their second-string defensive linemen, and have also lost their top defensive back along with Thomas. Back to you in the press box!"

"I've never seen a championship game turn this nasty!" Mario said to Jerome. "I know that the television audience wants to know what the officials will do to control this game, and I have the same question. What are your thoughts, Jerome?"

"I think the officials had to make a tough decision to control this game," Jerome replied. "There was fighting from both teams and the officials can't allow one team to go unpunished. I'm sure that Hammer and Miller were defending themselves, but fighting always gets a player ejected. The six players are headed for the north end of the field with an escort of New Orleans police officers. Let's take another commercial break while things settle down here in the Superdome."

"We're back to action," Mario announced after the commercial break. "Unfortunately, some of the action happened when the six players were headed for the locker rooms. There was a big commotion and we saw several police officers running toward the tunnel. Judy Smith is down there, so let's hear what happened."

Saul was very upset that Chris had been ejected from the game. In all the years he had watched Chris compete in sports, Chris had never been kicked out. He knew that Chris would be upset and told Helen he was going to leave the luxury suite and see his son. Jonathan Carpenter and his twin sons, Randy and Charlie, and Mike Mahley quickly joined him. The entourage left for the locker room when the referee announced that Chris and Brad were ejected. They were arguing with the ushers when they saw a fight start between the ejected football players.

Things happened fast. Chris and Brad Miller were leaving the playing field with two New Orleans police officers separating them from the four Cowboys. The angry Cowboy football players shoved aside the two police officers and attacked Chris and Brad. Chris was slammed against the concrete wall, opening a cut on the side of his head. His instincts of survival kicked in, and Chris became a predator! He pulled one of the Cowboys off of Brad and used his Karate skills to protect himself and his teammate.

Randy, Charlie and Mike pushed the ushers aside and jumped down to the playing field when they saw that a fight had started. By the time they got into the tunnel they saw bodies in red uniforms slamming against the concrete walls and knew Chris was kicking ass! They ran into the tunnel and saw a police officer spraying pepper spray into Chris's face. Randy grabbed the officer and smashed his fist into the officer's face. Charlie grabbed his twin brother and held him back, knowing that Randy was so pissed that he would probably kill the officer.

Saul and Jonathan had finally got down inside the tunnel when several police officers pushed them aside. One of the police officers was a sergeant, and he quickly took control. He saw the broken bodies of the Cowboy football players and also saw CJ Hammer staggering around, his vision obviously blurred.

"What the fuck is going on?" Sgt. Jones demanded when he faced the patrolman being held by Randy Carpenter.

"This fucker sprayed my brother with pepper spray!" Charlie replied.

"He's right, sergeant!" Patrolman Mike Cooper replied. "Those fucking Cowboys pushed us both aside and attacked the two Falcon players, but Troy Smith sprayed the wrong guy!"

Sgt. Henry Jones faced the guilty patrolman and was livid. "You're relieved of duty! Get your worthless ass out of here! I'll deal with you later, but don't plan on wearing that uniform again! Let's get some ambulances in here to take care of these injured men!"

Mike saw that Chris's eyes had transformed into the eyes of a predator, and he knew he had to calm his big buddy down. He could tell that Chris's vision was blurred from the pepper spray and the police officers were afraid to get close to him. He screamed at Chris and then grabbed him.

"IT'S ME, MIKE!" Mike screamed at Chris. "CALM DOWN! DON'T GO POSTAL ON ME!"

Chris recognized Mike's voice and staggered when he felt Mike hug him. His eyes were filled with tears from the pepper spray and blood was running down his head from a scalp wound and a cut over his left eye.

"GO GET MY DAD!" Mike screamed at Charlie Carpenter. "CHRIS IS HURT!"

Charlie Carpenter ran back to the suite and screamed for Dr. Michael Mahley to return with him. He quickly told the family and friends that there had been a big fight and that Chris was hurt. The suite was filled with the screams of people concerned about Chris.

During the time Charlie and Poppa Mike were running towards the tunnel, Charlie told Poppa Mike about Chris's injuries. Dr. Mahley was concerned about his son, and hoped that Chris's injuries were only superficial cuts.

When the two men got to the tunnel, ambulance attendants were loading the four Cowboy players on gurneys to take them to the nearest hospital. Poppa Mike looked at the injured players and knew that they players had several broken bones. He knew that Chris could be the most dangerous man in the world if he was pissed, and he was now looking at the results.

Brad Miller was bruised and shaken up from the attack, but his injuries didn't require any medical attention. He was in the Falcon locker room along with Saul, Jonathan, Mike and Randy, and was trying to calm Chris down and attend to his injuries.

Poppa Mike and Charlie got to the locker room, just when Dr. Thomas Morgan, the Falcon team doctor, ran in. The two doctors started flushing Chris's eyes with water to reduce the effects of the pepper spray, and both realized that Chris would need stitches to close the cuts on his head and face.

"I can take him in a squad car to a friend's clinic!" Sgt. Jones offered.

"Why the fuck should we trust you?" Mike asked. "It was your fucking officers who didn't protect him and sprayed him with pepper spray!"

Sgt. Jones walked up to the table where Chris was being treated and looked at the blood streaked face of the star athlete.

"My name is Henry Jones," Sgt. Jones said to Chris. "Does that name sound familiar to you?"

Chris recognized the name and wondered if it was a coincidence.

"My dad named me after my uncle, Henry Jones, a Dallas police officer!" Sgt. Jones said.

"Uncle Henry!" Chris blurted out. "He's your uncle?" Chris remembered the Dallas police officer who had arrested him when he was 12 and had run away from the St. Mary's Orphanage. Bank robbers had shot both Henry Jones and Chris, and Henry nearly died. His daughter, Latisha, had been the girl who taught Chris how to dance, and Chris considered Latisha his cousin. He had spent many weekends with the Jones family, and had invited them to this important football game.

Sgt. Henry Jones smiled and grabbed Chris's hand.

"Uncle Henry wanted to be here for this game today, but yesterday he was promoted to Captain of the Dallas Police Force," Sgt. Jones said. "He ordered me to take care of you, but I've failed miserably! Latisha is here with her husband, but Uncle Henry is babysitting his grandkids and watching the game on television."

Saul immediately recognized the name of Henry Jones, and quickly told everyone the story of how Chris and Henry had met. He hugged Sgt. Jones and thanked him for taking charge of the brutal fight scene.

Henry Jones used his cell phone and made a quick call. He returned to the treatment table and said, "My friend, Troy Messinger, is a plastic surgeon. He's been watching the game on television, but he'll meet us at his clinic and take care of your injuries. It's a full service clinic and Troy will be able to take X-rays and perform any other procedures that are necessary. Do you trust me to take you there in a patrol car?"

"Of course we trust you!" Saul replied. "We never knew that Henry had a nephew on the police force here! I'll call Henry and congratulate him on his promotion when we get Chris to the clinic!"

The tension in the locker room evaporated when Chris's vision improved. His eyes were red from the pepper spray, but he could now see the faces of his family and friends. He struggled to sit up, and felt dizzy. He hugged Mike and tried to calm down and help his buddy calm down too.

"Did I get those assholes?" Chris asked Mike.

"You nailed them good!" Mike replied. "Just move slow so you don't fall down! Randy and Charlie will help you get to the police car, and I know my dad will help take care of you."

"Tell Coach Patrick that I'm sorry!" Chris said to Dr. Morgan. "I feel ashamed for what I did!"

"You didn't do anything wrong!" Dr. Morgan replied. "You defended yourself and Brad, and we're proud of you! The team will be coming here for half time, and I'll let them know how you're doing. Just relax and get back here for the trophy ceremonies!"

"I don't belong in any ceremonies!" Chris replied. "I disgraced my teammates and CSU!"

"That's bullshit!" Dr. Morgan exclaimed. "David will want you with the team when we celebrate this victory! You played a great game, and your teammates and the coaches will want you to share in the celebration! You protected yourself and Brad, and the team will be pissed if they hear that you're ashamed. You should be proud!"

Chris was taken to the clinic and received "royal" treatment from Dr. Troy Messinger and his staff. By the time he returned to the Falcon locker room, the crowd was counting down the final seconds of the game. Chris watched the television in the locker room and saw Judy Smith trying to get an interview with David Patrick.

"Coach Patrick, how does it feel to win this National Championship for the CSU Falcons?" Judy asked.

"We're not going to celebrate until CJ Hammer and Brad Miller are back on this field!" David Patrick replied. "I sent Judy Hobson to the locker room to get my two boys, and I won't go near that trophy until they join our team!"

"Coach Mitchell left the playing field without shaking your hand at the end of this game. How did that make you feel?" Judy Smith asked.

"Thomas Mitchell's team got their asses kicked tonight!" David Patrick replied. "His players disgraced Texas University and the Southwest Conference! Collegiate athletes represent their college before, during, and after the game, and I think his conference should take some disciplinary actions!"

"There you have it!" Judy Smith said to her two partners in the press box.

"The CSU Falcons have just defeated the Texas University Cowboys by a score of 65 to 7!" Mario announced. "Several Sugar Bowl records fell today! Jerome, can you wrap this National Championship up by listing the new records?"

"Well, Mario, it would be easier to describe which records DIDN'T get broken!" Jerome replied. "CJ Hammer set a new Sugar Bowl record with his kickoff return of 105 yards and racked up a total of 355 all purpose yards when you combine his rushing yards with the yards gained on special teams! Delano Genovesi set a new rushing record with 220 yards on 20 carries, and Kelly Mason set a new record by completing 15 of 18 passes for 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. Mason returned to the game after being injured, and certainly showed the pro scouts that he's ready to play football at the next level in the NFL! The Falcons set a new Sugar Bowl record with 765 yards of total offense and held the Cowboys to 35 yards rushing and 50 yards passing! 65 points is the most scored by any team in the BCS Championship Game, and the margin of victory of 58 points is another record! This was a total blowout, and David Patrick's team left no doubt in anyone's mind that they're the National Champions!"

"Just so the viewers know, we've been informed that CJ Hammer was taken to a local clinic for stitches after the huge altercation just before the first half of this game ended," Mario said. "We still don't have all of the details, but it appears that a fight broke out when the six players were leaving the field, and all four Cowboy players have been hospitalized! I see Hammer and Miller running onto the field to join their teammates for the trophy ceremonies! Hammer's white uniform is covered in blood, but the big guy doesn't look like his injuries have slowed him down!"

The television and stadium cameras zoomed in on Chris's face when he jogged onto the football field. The fans could see a big smile on his handsome face and tears of joy streaking down his face. The stitches in his scalp and over his left eye were easily visible, and the crowd stood and cheered when they saw him coming out on the field.

Saul, Jonathan and Poppa Mike returned to the luxury suite before the game ended. They quickly told everyone that Chris was going to be fine, and described how Sgt. Henry Jones had helped Chris. The champagne was flowing freely when the happy group celebrated the important victory and counted down the last seconds of the time clock.

Chris had insisted that Mike, Randy and Charlie stay with him and join the team for the award ceremonies. He was concerned about how David Patrick would treat him, but his fears were extinguished when David hugged him and congratulated him on his fantastic game.

"I'm really sorry for the fights," Chris said to Coach Patrick.

"Can that shit!" David Patrick replied. "You played like a true Falcon today! You protected yourself and Brad Miller, and I'm proud of you for not being a pussy!"

"I don't like pussy anymore!" Chris teased. "I like Mike's cock a lot more!"

"That's overshare!" David replied. "Get your ass over to that platform and take that crystal trophy! We're gonna take it back to the CSU campus!"

"Kelly's the captain!" Chris replied. "The team captain is the only guy besides you that should accept the trophy! Stop fucking around and go do your job!"

David Patrick would have normally cuffed Chris on the back of the head, but he realized his talented athlete had suffered head injuries. He grabbed Chris and gave him a hug before heading for the platform where the trophy would be awarded.

"David Patrick, your team just won the National Championship for the first time in 20 years," Mario announced. His commentary was being broadcasted to the television audience and to the cheering crowd in the Superdome. "How did you pull off this amazing victory?"

"This is the best football team that I've ever coached!" David Patrick replied. "We knew the Cowboys had a good defense, but they weren't ready for the blocking and running of CJ Hammer and Delano Genovesi! Our offensive line gave Kelly Mason the protection he needed to find the open receivers, and he played the best game of his career! I'm proud of my team, and tonight we're gonna CELEBRATE!"

"I see Graham Wellington, President of the Sugar Bowl heading for the platform to present you the trophy for winning this game tonight," Mario said. "Congratulations on your fantastic victory!"

David Patrick thanked Mario Hill for his comments and looked for the players he wanted to join him on the platform. He grabbed Jarvis, Kelly, Chris and Delano before climbing the steps where the trophy would be presented.

"I'm John Walker, CEO of Nokia, America," John Walker said to the crowd. "It's my pleasure to introduce Graham Wellington, President of the Nokia Sugar Bowl for the presentation of the trophy."

Graham Wellington took the microphone and faced David Patrick and the four players who had been selected to appear in the presentation of the Sugar Bowl trophy. The trophy was a faceted crystal football that was mounted on a wooden pedestal.

"On behalf of the Sugar Bowl Committee and our sponsor, Nokia, it's my pleasure to present to the California State University Falcons this trophy, signifying to the world that your team is the National Champion of the Bowl Championship Series!" Graham Wellington announced to the cheering fans in the Superdome.

David Patrick accepted the trophy and immediately handed it to Kelly Mason. The star quarterback took the trophy and insisted that Coach Patrick help him raise the trophy in the air, while Jarvis, Chris and Delano raised their arms in triumph. Photographers captured the image of the four Tau Tau Tau members celebrating with their coach. The picture would grace the cover of Sports Illustrated, along with newspapers across the nation.

The Falcon football team celebrated in the Superdome and then headed for their locker room. Chris stopped on the field and waited for Mike, Randy and Charlie to catch up to him. The four happy guys faced the suite where they knew their family and friends were celebrating and raised their hands in a victory salute.

Saul and Jonathan were thrilled that the Falcons had won, and were the proud fathers of the young man in the bloody uniform. They celebrated with expensive champagne and cheered when replays were shown on television of the key plays in the game. They knew it would take time for the players to shower and be transported to the Sheraton Hotel. Jonathan had reserved the ballroom and arranged for a special buffet for all of the players, coaches, and staff. It was the happiest night of his life!

David Patrick had trouble getting his players to quiet down so he could address them. His assistant coaches finally blew whistles to calm down the celebrating football players.

"I've never been so proud of a team in my entire life!" David said emotionally. The players started cheering and whistling again, and he had trouble getting them to listen to him.

"Tonight we faced a tough opponent, but you guys played like true champions and never let the Cowboys get into the game!" David continued. "You didn't just beat the Cowboys, you destroyed them!"

Again the locker room erupted with cheers. Chris was happy that Mike and his two brothers were sharing in the excitement of the impressive victory.

"Before we shower and head for a special celebration at the Sheraton, I want Julius Fisher to lead us in a prayer of thanksgiving."

Julius gave an emotional prayer while the locker room was silent. Everyone reflected on the intensity of the game and how fortunate they were that no Falcon player was seriously injured.

When the prayer ended, Coach Patrick asked the team, "Who gets the game ball?"

"The players unanimously agreed that their team captain, Kelly Mason, deserved the game ball. Kelly caught the ball from David Patrick and held it in the air with tears of joy in his eyes. It was the last game he would play for the CSU Falcons and he couldn't imagine what it would be like to never play football with this great bunch of guys. He couldn't control his emotions and broke down crying.

Chris, Jarvis and Delano hugged Kelly. They were consoling their fraternity brother and knew he was feeling the loss of playing his last game for the Falcons.

After the team had showered and dressed, they boarded the buses for the short drive to the Sheraton Hotel. David Patrick carried the trophy into the ballroom and accepted the cheers of the waiting crowd. It was a night he would remember for the rest of his life.

Chapter 56 Reflections on Life

It was a cool California morning when Chris and Mike arrived at the airport. The taxi cab driver recognized CJ Hammer and was thrilled that the famous athlete was in his cab.

"Drop us around the side by Muscle, Inc.," Mike instructed the driver.

The parking lot for Wild Wheels was filled to capacity, and the two guys wanted to enter through the business that Jeff Gerth operated.

"I'll trade the cab fare for an autograph," the cab driver offered. "It's not very often I get to meet a famous athlete!"

"You can have both!" Mike said, knowing that Chris would never refuse to give a fan an autograph. He handed the driver $50 and watched Chris sign a slip of paper for the happy fan.

"Let's see if we can get some wheels to drive to the campus," Chris said to Mike. He knew that Jim Moore and Jeff Gerth always had vehicles licensed for driving on the roads of California. When they got inside the building they were quickly recognized.

"CHRIS! MIKE!" Kelly Moore screamed. "We didn't know you were coming here today! This is fantastic! Dad and Jeff are both here, and they'll be thrilled that you're here! What brings you and Mike to California?"

Chris hugged Kelly and reflected back on the times he had babysat for the young man. Time had been good to Kelly, and he was now a handsome man.

"Mike and I need to borrow a car if that's okay," Chris said. "I hear congratulations are in order! A little birdie told us that you're engaged to a beautiful Sigma Tau girl! Is it true?"

"She's a great girl and I hope you and Mike can make it to the wedding!" Kelly replied. "We just serviced three cars and were getting ready to move them back to the warehouse. You know that you can have any car in the entire museum to drive!"

Chris and Mike looked at the three vehicles in the service bays and chose the 1957 Nomad. It was the same car that Chris had driven on the CSU campus in the past.

Chris and Mike left the service area and walked into the Wild Wheels Museum. The people who had paid admission to view the unique collection of muscle cars were thrilled to see CJ Hammer walking around. People who wanted his autograph immediately surrounded Chris. He graciously signed anything that was put in front of him, with Mike trying to control the crowd.

Both Mike and Chris were happy to see Jim Moore and Jeff Gerth in the crowd. Jim Moore had been the mechanic for the car collection ever since Chris had started buying the vintage vehicles, and Jeff Gerth had operated a specialty car parts store before moving his business to the Wild Wheels Museum.

The two men spent a lot of time in the museum before driving the Nomad to the CSU campus. They toured the campus and attracted a lot of attention with the turquoise and white vintage car. They finally arrived at the Tau Tau Tau fraternity parking lot and sat in the car to talk.

"It's been a long time since we've been back here," Mike said to Chris. "The outside looks the same, but things might be different inside. We don't have Alex here to greet us either!"

Chris and Mike walked up to the front door and were greeted by a huge Ukrainian Wolfhound. The big dog recognized them and immediately began jumping around and licking their faces.

"Get down, Zeke!" a voice commanded.

"MR. HAMMER!" Brandon Johnson exclaimed. "We didn't know you were coming here today! Please come inside!"

"You can drop the mister," Mike said. "I don't see a pledge pin on your shirt, so I assume you're a member. You should greet your brothers with the fraternity handshake!"

"I'm really sorry, Dr. Mahley," Brandon said. "I should have called him Dr. Hammer too!"

"We're your brothers, and first names are fine with us!" Chris replied. He exchanged the fraternity handshake with Brandon and looked around the living room. It had been ten years since he had lived in the fraternity house, but things looked the same inside. The only difference was new carpet in the living room and some new pictures.

"I'm surprised that Zeke recognized you," Brandon said.

"Alex is his daddy, and we bonded with all of Alex's puppies before we gave them away," Chris replied.

"I need to ring the bell to let my brothers know that we have special guests!" Brandon said. "A lot of the brothers have headed for the stadium for the football game, and I was getting ready to leave too. Can I offer you a drink from the bar?"

"Mike and I want to take a quick look around before we head for the stadium too," Chris replied. "We can give you a ride if you want."

"That would be great!" Brandon said.

The living room quickly filled with members of the Tau Tau Tau fraternity. The brothers were all excited about Dr. CJ Hammer and Dr. Michael Mahley visiting their home.

Chris and Mike accepted glasses of wine while they visited with their fraternity brothers. They were happy to see that the brothers were all handsome men with perfect manners.

"Remember this?" Marcus Stone asked while pointing to a large picture on the wall of the bar area.

"How could I ever forget that day?" Chris asked. He was looking at the photo of himself, Jarvis, Delano, Kelly and Coach Patrick with the National Championship trophy held high. "That was one of the best days of my life!"

"That picture has been here ever since you played for the Falcons," Marcus said. "Four Tri-Tau members holding the trophy for the National Championship! We've got six players on the team now, and I know they'll want you to be with the team today! It's great to see two famous alumni return to visit us! I hope you can come back here after the game and celebrate with us. You're the most famous alum we have, and we want you to feel welcome!"

"Chris and I came here today to honor David Patrick," Mike admitted. "We also wanted to come here to see our old room and the Japanese Garden. It's weird coming back here after so many years, but it looks like you guys are taking great care of our house."

After socializing with their brothers, Mike drove the Nomad to the stadium with four happy brothers riding along. The stadium security officers recognized CJ Hammer and quickly directed Mike to park in the V.I.P. parking area.

The stadium announcer's voice echoed through the packed stadium. "I direct your attention to the 50-yard line where the President of California State University, Jonathan Crawford is with a special person to Falcon sports," he announced.

"This special pre-game ceremony has been arranged to honor a man who has devoted over 20 years to coaching our football teams," Jonathan Crawford said to the crowd. "David Patrick put the CSU Falcons on the map with five National Championships in the past 14 years! Today will be the last time Coach Patrick will lead his team to victory in this stadium, and we're here to honor him and thank him for 20 years of dedicated coaching."

The crowd cheered and stood to honor their football coach who was retiring after the season would end.

"A special person is here to honor Coach Patrick," Jonathan Crawford announced. "This man has three National Championship rings for football, four National Championship rings for basketball, and one National Championship ring for baseball! His jersey was retired when he graduated, but he wore the same number for 10 years as the starting center for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, where he won six World Championship rings along with numerous other awards before his recent retirement! Here to honor David Patrick is the greatest athlete to ever wear the blue and gold of the CSU Falcons, Number 26,... DR... C.....J...HAMMER!!!!"

The capacity crowd stood and cheered wildly when Chris ran out of the north end zone. He waved to the crowd and joined Jonathan Crawford and David Patrick on the 50-yard line.

David Patrick had tears of joy running down his face when he saw Chris running up to him. He knew that Chris had retired from professional basketball after 10 years with the Lakers, but he never expected Chris to come back to the CSU campus for his last game. He greeted Chris with a hug and thanked him for being there.

Chris took the microphone and addressed the crowd. "I'm really happy to be back on this field where I had the chance to play for the best football coach in the world!"

The crowd cheered wildly and began chanting, C J Hammer, clap...clap...clap, clap, clap. It brought back memories for Chris and Coach Patrick.

"14 years ago, I was a freshman here, and David Patrick taught me the responsibilities of being a student athlete," Chris said to the crowd. "Coach Patrick taught us to work hard and play with intensity. He was more than a coach to his players. He was a friend! I saw a picture today that brought back some memories for me. The photo showed David Patrick accepting the National Championship trophy for a victory over the Texas University Cowboys a long time ago!"

The crowd cheered wildly, knowing that the photo was displayed on the outside of the stadium and in the Athletic Complex.

"We're gonna re-create that moment here on the 50-yard line today!" Chris announced. "Coming out of the north end zone is the defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys, Jarvis Williams!"

The crowd stood and cheered while Chris continued. "Next is the leading rusher in the NFL, the star running back of the Chicago Bears, Delano Genovesi!"

Even the television announcers were shocked that three famous athletes had returned to the CSU campus to honor David Patrick.

"To make the picture complete," Chris began, "we need one more special athlete and a crystal trophy. Here's the quarterback that still holds all passing records for this fine university. The starting quarterback for the New York Jets, Kelly Mason!"

Now everyone watching the pre-game festivities in the stadium and by television across the nation knew for sure that David Patrick was a special coach. Four outstanding athletes had returned to the CSU campus to honor their coach.

The four athletes stood in the same positions that had been captured almost 14 years earlier, with Kelly Mason holding the trophy high in the air along with David Patrick. Photographers captured the moment and copies of the picture would appear in Sports Illustrated and in newspapers across the nation.

David Patrick hugged his former players and thanked them for coming to the campus for his last home football game. He thought the festivities were completed, but he was wrong.

"A special person in my life has a gift for California State University!" Chris announced. "Here is another CSU alum, my fraternity brother, and life partner, Dr. Michael J. Mahley!"

The crowd cheered when Mike walked out to the center of the field carrying a large, covered sign.

"I'm here today on behalf of the Carpenter Foundation, with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts," Mike announced. "I'm sure you recognize the name of that foundation that funded the construction of the Angela Porter Dormitory and the Saul Bernstein Library here on campus, and the Jacobs-Porter Pediatric Center at Mercy General Hospital. On behalf of the Carpenter Foundation, I'm pleased to present a check to Jonathan Crawford, President of California State University for creation of an academic scholarship fund to honor David Patrick for his many years of dedicated service. Dr. Crawford, you can uncover the check and read the amount to this fine crowd."

Jonathan Crawford knew that the Carpenter Foundation was going to announce the scholarship fund to honor David Patrick, but he didn't know the amount of the endowment.

"It's a check for 50 million dollars!" Jonathan Crawford announced excitedly. "On behalf of this fine university, I accept this check and know that the name of David Patrick will continue in the future from this generous donation! Thank you!"

David Patrick couldn't speak. He couldn't believe that a scholarship fund had just been created in his name! He finally regained his composure and hugged everyone standing at the 50-yard line with him. He saw his team coming out of the tunnel at the north end of the field and wondered if he would be able to concentrate on his coaching responsibilities.

The Falcon football players were excited to meet the professional athletes who had started a series of teams that won 14 straight Pac 10 Championships along with five National Championships.

Chris was cornered by an announcer for ESPN, and agreed to an interview.

"This is Karen Williams, and I'm happy to be joined by a man who distinguished himself here on the CSU campus in football, basketball, and baseball," Karen began. "Dr. Hammer, you surprised a lot of people when you announced your retirement from the Los Angeles Lakers. What are your plans for the future, now that you've quit organized sports?"

"Mike and I will live out our dream by moving to our new home on the grounds of the St. Mary's Orphanage in Dallas, Texas," Chris replied. "Mike and I both want to help unfortunate children find some happiness in life, and now that he's completed his internship and residency, he will be the Medical Director at St. Mary's."

"You surprised a lot of people by completing your Doctorate in Mathematics," Karen said. "How does it feel to have people call you Dr. Hammer and what will you do at St. Mary's?"

"I really prefer that people call me CJ," Chris replied. "I plan on teaching Math and Science, and to coach basketball. Several orphanages in Texas closed when state funding ran dry, and St. Mary's now houses over 3,000 boys and girls of all ages. It's the largest orphanage in the United States run by the Catholic Church, and gets donations from hundreds of people in addition to funding from foundations like the Carpenter Foundation. Mike and I have always dreamed of living there and giving something back for our blessings in life."

"You and Dr. Mahley have been strong voices for the rights of gay people in the United States. Will you continue your efforts to advance gay rights?" Karen asked.

"Mike and I formalized our relationship when we were married," Chris replied. "We aren't trying to recruit anyone to a gay lifestyle, but we recognize that at least 10% of the population is either gay or lesbian, and they deserve respect. Several states now allow adoption of children by gay or lesbian couples, but we will have over 3,000 kids to love and nurture. That's how we want to spend the rest of our lives."

The candid interview ended, and Chris and Mike lived their dream in a modest home on the grounds of the St. Mary's Orphanage.

Author's note:

This saga has taken over a year to complete. I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed the story that I have written. I don't plan any sequel; so just accept my thanks for all of the email messages that encouraged me to share my fantasy story with you.

May God bless all of us with health and happiness!!!