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CJ Chapter 7

Chris was exhausted as he finished telling Isaac about his family. He wondered if Isaac would believe him or reject the story as fabrication. His concerns were extinguished when he saw the tears in Isaac's eyes. Isaac grabbed Chris and hugged him, sobbing his appreciation for sharing such a personal part of his life. The two roomies were sharing more than a bottle of run with each other. They were now bonded together.

"I need to take a shower and a nap," Chris said.

Isaac agreed that a shower would refresh both of them, but suggested that they also spend some time in the hot tub together to get rid of tension from their sharing. Chris agreed to Isaac's suggestions, and quickly stripped down, wrapped a towel around his massive body, and headed across the hall to the shower.

Both of them were surprised to see several new guys in the shower room. The new guys immediately recognized CJ Hammer and wanted to shake his hand. Chris was a little embarrassed at shaking hands and meeting guys for the first time when everyone was nude. He looked at the new residents of the dorm and immediately started selecting guys that he thought were prime beef for the Tri-Delt house. Walker James was handsome and well built. He was about six feet tall with brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. He weighed about 170 pounds, and had the body of a swimmer. Everything about Walker screamed sex. He had a smile that would light up the world, and Chris hoped that he would have a personality to match his physical beauty. Walker told Chris that he was on a baseball scholarship as a pitcher, and knew that Chris was a 'lefty' while he was right handed. He hoped that they would be teammates on the baseball team next year. Chris really liked what he saw in Walker, and decided to continue meeting prospective pledges for the Delta Delta Delta fraternity.

Walker was in heaven as he met the star athlete, and had now seen him nude. Walker thought he was straight, but he had always checked out the packages of his teammates when they were in the shower. Now he was not checking out the other guys in the shower; his attention was focussed on the huge meat swinging between CJ Hammer's legs. His dick responded to what his eyes were locked on. Walker popped a full woody of six inches. He tried to turn away so that no one would see his erection, but he was not successful. Both Isaac and Chris had seen the wood, and realized that the handsome guy was boned by looking at the meat of other guys.

Walker was not the only guy showing wood in the shower room. Hunter Greenwood had introduced himself, and told Chris that he knew that Chris was connected to the Tri-Delt house. Hunter wanted to visit the house, and said that he would love to be a member of the most exclusive fraternity on campus. Hunter had light brown hair with deep blue eyes. He was about 5 feet 10 inches tall with a handsome face that was lit up with two deep dimples. He was at CSU on a track scholarship, and had the muscular definition that goes with running. He was also blessed with light brown hair on his chest that trailed down to a full patch of pubes that accented a massive cock and balls. When soft, he had at least five inches of meat.

Chris was taking in the eye candy that was presented in the shower room. He loved looking at other guys as they washed their bodies, and wondered if any or all of them would like to take a trip on the wild side of sex. Chris's mind was in overload, as he looked at Trevor Thomas, a music major, Davin Johnson, a football linebacker, Painter Jacoby, a tall, thin, basketball player, and Nicholas Langan, a Liberal Arts Major. All of these guys were eye candy, and Chris wondered how many of them were going to be available for sex. He had trouble holding down his own desires as he finished his shower and left with Isaac.

"Did you see those awesome guys in the shower room?" Isaac asked as they headed for the hot tub room. "I just about shot my load looking at them! I can't believe that so many hot guys can be in one university! Each one of them has something that makes me want to jump their bones!"

Chris laughed. He knew that they both were looking for prospective pledge buddies among the masses of young men at the university. As they entered the hot tub room, they saw four guys already in the tub. The hot tub would hold at least 8 people, so there was no problem with Chris and Isaac joining the four handsome guys. The rules posted on the wall stated that everyone had to shower before using the hot tub, and no swimsuits were allowed. The same rules applied to the sauna and steam rooms adjacent to the hot tub room. Jacobs Dorm had broken the mold of traditional dormitories on the CSU campus with the special facilities. The dorm had been featured in College Life magazine, showing the beauty of the grounds, lobby, rooms and special facilities. CSU had been flooded with applications for admission ever since the magazine article had been published. The waiting list for living in the Jacobs Dorm had over 5,000 names, and was growing every day.

Isaac was watching the faces of the four guys in the hot tub as Chris dropped his towel to get into the hot, bubbling water. He had to stifle a laugh as all four sets of eyes saw the huge slab of meat swinging below the patch of golden blonde pubic hair. One guy, Delano Genovesi, let out an audible gasp. The others tried to look away, but Isaac had busted them all.

Chris got in the water and watched the guys' faces as Isaac revealed his hot tamale. There was no doubt in Chris's mind that all four of the handsome guys were more than casually interested in the brown beef of his Mexican-American roomie. Isaac had more dick that the average guy, and it was attached to a body and face that anyone would love to have. When Isaac turned around to pick up his towel, his beautiful round ass was exposed to everyone. Even Chris had to admit that Isaac had an awesome ass that just begged to be pinched, squeezed, licked and fucked.

The tub area was quiet, except for the sounds of the bubbling water, until Chris introduced himself to the guys. They all laughed, as Delano said that everyone knew who CJ Hammer was. The tension was broken, as everyone introduced himself. Delano had an Italian name, and all of his features screamed out "Italian Stallion". He had dark hair, dark eyes, and a face that could only be described as "awesome". He was very friendly and joked around with all of the guys in the tub. He was a running back on a scholarship from the football team. He was hoping that he wouldn't be "red shirted" for his freshman year, as he wanted to play.

Helmut Fogle had light brown hair, brown eyes, and a killer body. He was German, and had only been in the U. S. for the past six years. He was a soccer player on scholarship. He had a definite German accent, and that contrasted drastically with Chris's Texan drawl. Something about Helmut attracted Chris to him. The German dude was about 5 foot 10 inches tall and weighed about 160 pounds. When he stood up to get a drink of cold water, his muscular body was fully displayed. His muscle definition was unbelievable, but what caught Chris's eye was a semi-erect penis that was about six inches long and was uncut. Helmut was the first guy at the campus that Chris had seen that was uncut. Chris also noticed that Helmut had several scars on his arms, torso, and legs. He knew that soccer was a rough sport, but wondered how the handsome stud got the scars. Chris hoped that Helmut had a personality that matched his body, as he wanted to grab Helmut and feed "little Chris" to his mouth and ass.

Isaac noticed that Chris was more than interested in the handsome German, and whispered to Chris, "Are you going to replace me as your 'suck buddy'?"

Chris slapped Isaac on the back of the head and told him to mind his own business. The bubbling sounds of the water and air in the hot tub concealed their private conversation.

Harrison introduced himself saying that his full name was Harrison Alexander Grissom III. He said he hoped that guys would call him Harrison. He also said that being called "Harry" bothered him, as he had been teased about his hairy body when he was in high school. He had black hair that contrasted with his deep blue eyes. His well-developed body was covered with black hair on his chest, arms, and legs. Harrison was studying Chemical Engineering, and had played football in high school, but didn't think he was going to try out for the CSU football team. He knew that Chemical Engineering was very demanding, and he had decided to focus on his studies instead of sports.

The last guy to introduce himself was Jarrett Stevens. He had blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and was "drop-dead cute". He was studying architectural engineering, but hoped to focus on designing parks and gardens. He loved the outdoors, rode a motorcycle, and loved to camp and fish. When Jarrett finally got out of the hot tub, Chris almost drooled at the awesome, bubble butt that was displayed. On a scale of 1 to 10, Jarrett's ass was a solid 10. He was about 5 feet 8 inches tall, and it was obvious that he worked out in the gym a lot. He weighed about 145, and all of it was developed muscle. Jarrett had an average sized dick that looked about 3 inches soft. It was nestled below a nice patch of blonde pubes, with a thin "treasure trail" that led up to his navel. Jarrett asked if anyone else was hungry, as he was going to get dressed and head for the supper buffet. The other guys agreed that they were hungry, but decided to spend a few more minutes in the tub. Chris and Isaac both wanted to "feast" on the meat that Jarrett had revealed.

Chris was becoming aroused, as he checked out the "eye candy" in the hot tub room. All four of the guys had awesome faces and bodies to match. He had never seen so many cute guys in his life. He tried to calm down his aroused member, but he wasn't having much luck. Isaac had noticed, and casually brushed against the erection as he left the hot tub to get a cup of cold water from the water cooler by the wall. He walked back to the hot tub, with two big cups of cold water and dumped them on Chris's head. The reaction was immediate, as Chris screamed and dunked his head under the hot water. He came up sputtering and threatening to kill his roomie. Everyone laughed, and Chris finally joined in the fun. The cold water had been such a shock that his erection had subsided. Isaac had actually done him a favor. Jarrett laughed, and said that he was surprised that Isaac was still alive after doing that to Chris.

"CJ is a real pussy," Isaac laughed as he smacked Chris on the back of his head. "I kick his ass every day in our room. Maybe some of you guys would like to join me to see what a wussy he is. Just come to our room and watch me dominate him and make him 'my bitch'."

Everyone knew that a guy as small as Isaac could never dominate a guy who was 6 foot 10 inches tall and over 300 pounds of solid muscle. They knew that Isaac was teasing Chris, but four young minds went into overdrive, thinking about what making Chris "his bitch" could mean. The four guys that had just met Chris and Isaac quickly realized that if anyone was the "bitch" it was Isaac, and that Chris was showing a lot of control in not killing Isaac on the spot. Chris just laughed and told Isaac to "dream on".

The guys all got out of the hot tub and dried off, promising to meet in the cafeteria for the buffet. Both Isaac and Chris took their last look at the attributes of the three studs that they had just met. Jarrett had already left. Chris wanted to lick and fuck Jarrett's awesome bubble butt and then suck that dick dry. He also wanted to kiss those pouty lips that seemed to beg to be kissed. He wondered what those lips would feel like when they were wrapped around his cock that was starting to inflate again after seeing so much male skin. Isaac was tuned in to Chris's emotions, and whispered to him that the new meat was off limits until Chris had "drilled" him.

The buffet was fantastic, and the table was filled with cute guys and hot girls that wanted to be near CJ Hammer. The conversation was loud, and everyone in the cafeteria knew that a celebrity had attracted a bunch of admirers to his table. Chris and Isaac both realized that their new friends were really neat guys, and would make excellent pledge buddies. They also knew that the "new meat" would have to pass the test of meeting the members at the Tri-Delt house. Rush week would not start until September, but with Chris and Isaac, it had already started.

Chris made several trips to the buffet and got a lot of teasing about how much he ate. Jarrett teased that Chris should have to pay triple for his board, as he was going to eat the dorm out of food. Chris blushed, but still went back for another load of food. He devoured the fourth helping of the fantastic food and then took the time to go to the kitchen and compliment the staff on the quality of the food. He met the head chef, Kevin, who knew the connection between the star athlete and the owner of John's Steak House restaurants. Kevin thanked Chris for taking the time to give him and his staff some feedback on their culinary efforts. Kevin also knew that the compliments of the handsome stud would flow back to John Bassingale, the owner of the chain of steak house restaurants. The compliments really pumped up the entire kitchen staff, and they all asked for autographs from the famous basketball star. Chris laughed, and said that he would go back to his room and get some of the pictures of him in his Olympic basketball uniform to sign for his admirers. B proved his intuition again in Chris's mind for packing the box of photos, as he guessed that he would have to ask B to bring another box of the photos to the campus. After Chris had given all of the kitchen staff their autographed photos, he said he had a favor to ask of them.

"Would it be possible for me to help cook in the kitchen?" Chris asked. "I know some recipes that I learned from the chef at an orphanage that I would love to try out here at CSU. I love to cook, but I will help wash pots and pans too." 

Kevin was in heaven, and so was the entire kitchen staff when they heard what Chris was asking permission to do. He knew that the chef that Chris was referring to was his own boss, the owner of John's Steak House. They could not believe that a famous athlete would lower himself to work in the kitchen with them, but they all quickly jumped on the chance to spend more time with the handsome young man. Chris explained that he loved to make special chicken soup that was filled with fresh vegetables and served over homemade noodles. The soup was very hearty, and when served with fresh baked rolls was a special treat at the orphanage. He also loved making a shrimp stir-fry that had to be made with fresh Oriental vegetables and served over white rice or fried rice. The stir-fry was only made for the nuns at the orphanage, but due to Chris's status with the chef at the orphanage, he always got his fill of the special meal. As Chris explained at least ten other recipes that he wanted to help prepare for the dorm residents, the kitchen staff went wild. They immediately wanted to change the posted menus for the week to add the new recipes, but Chris reminded them that he had only Mondays and Fridays open for cooking in the dorm. He wanted to keep the weekends open, as he wanted to return home as often as possible to be with B and Alex. The kitchen staff went wild with the excitement of having CJ Hammer cooking with them. Kevin was thrilled that his staff was so pumped up by the surprise visit of the gold medal winner. Nothing in the world could pump up the kitchen staff as much as the visit that was never expected.

Chris went back to the dining table and joined his new friends. The girls were all trying to get Chris's attention. Isaac knew that the girls were all getting a "wide on" at the thought of having sex with his roomie. It was so obvious that it was hilarious. Each one of the girls was trying her best to get the attention of the big stud, and the competition was intense. At the same time that Chris was watching the actions of the guys at the table, he was also checking out the beautiful girls. The Sigma Epsilon sorority needed pledges too, and Chris wanted to help out the place where he got rid of his MSB. He knew that if he helped convince some hot girls to pledge the Sig Ep sorority, he would be rewarded with a generous supply of juicy pussy. Chris was aware of the actions of the girls, but he was more interested in the attention of the hot guys that he had met that day. All of them had managed to be at the same long table as Chris and Issac, and their conversation had centered on the possibilities of visiting the Tri-Delt house. The guys knew that Chris was connected to the house from watching the television interviews where Chris voiced his fraternity desires. They also quickly learned that Isaac had special status as a "legacy pledge" due to his father's status as an alum of the local chapter.

Chris had already decided to invite the hot guys to the Tri-Delt house, but he would only take one or two at a time. That way the available members could get a better chance to evaluate the prospective pledges. He also noticed a beautiful, red-haired girl sitting at the end of the table. Her name was Shannon O'Brien, and she was tall and built like a swimsuit model. After Chris had taken his dishes to the kitchen conveyor, he walked up to the end of the table and sat down next to Shannon. Her face lit up and Chris's deep green eyes locked on hers. Shannon had green eyes too, and they both smiled when they realized that their eyes were very similar. Kelly Nyquist was sitting next to Shannon, and was listening intently to the Texan drawl from the handsome stud. They talked for a while, and Chris found out that Shannon was a basketball player who was interested in joining a sorority. Kelly was a music major, and she was involved in the symphony orchestra. Chris described the different sororities on campus and made sure that Shannon and Kelly knew about his connection to the Sigma Epsilon house. He gave them a sales pitch for the Sig Ep's, making sure that they knew the close connection to the Tri-Delt fraternity that he wanted to pledge.

Shannon was surprised that a freshman guy would know so much about the sororities on the CSU campus. Chris told her that he had been visiting the campus for the past four years, and knew a lot about Greek Life at CSU. Shannon took a chance and asked if Chris would introduce her to some of the Sig Ep's. Chris was pleased, and said that he would do more than introduce her, he would take her there for a visit. Kelly asked to be included, and Chris quickly agreed. The girls were thrilled, and they decided on a visit the next day. Chris would have to call Amy or Melissa to make sure one of them was available for a "poke in the whiskers" during the visit. He knew that the Sig Ep's would love Shannon and her outgoing personality and Kelly with her awesome face and body. He hoped that he would get a chance to feast on Shannon's red pubic hair and hear her scream when he boned her. The girl was hot, and Chris wanted a taste. Shannon was almost drooling as she looked at the massive body of the super star. She wondered if he had a big dick to go with his huge body. She loved listening to the deep masculine voice that could make any girl drop her panties in a heartbeat. Kelly wanted to grab Chris and suck his dick until it was dry. She had never met a guy that reeked so strong of sexual energy. She wanted his big cock in her mouth and her pussy.

The supper group was breaking up, and Chris grabbed Walker and Jarrett before they left.

"Isaac and I are going to visit the Tri-Delt house for a while," Chris began. "I was wondering if you two guys wanted to go with us and meet some of the members. The house is awesome, and the guys are a lot of fun to be around. The worst that could happen is that you get some free beer. I'll warn you that they love to play pranks on each other or talk trash, so don't be surprised at what you see happen there."

Jarrett and Walker were in heaven. They both wanted to pledge the Tri-Delt house, but thought that they would have to wait for the official rush week in September to visit the house. They also knew that CJ Hammer wanted to pledge the Tri-Delts, and having him, as a pledge buddy, would be a dream come true. They quickly accepted the offer, but asked what they should wear. They both wanted to make a good impression on the members, and wanted to clean up and wear something appropriate.

"You could go nude," Chris teased, "or you could wear a tux. The guys are not assholes, although I call them that a lot. It is one of the things I am gonna have to change if I get a pledge bid from them. I have been visiting the Tri-Delt house for four years, and I love it there. Just wear what you feel comfortable in. Most of them will be wearing shorts and a T-shirt, so wearing a sport coat or suit would look weird. Just relax and have fun. Let them see who you really are, and go with the flow."

Isaac was happy that Chris had invited the two handsome studs to join them in their visit to the house. He hoped that Chris would not hookup with Mike or one of the other members, as he had decided that he wanted to stick his dick up Chris's ass tonight.

"Tonight we start to train Leif," Chris said to Isaac as they headed back to their room. "Leif needs to learn that his supply of Mexican taco is gonna depend on him supplying you some Norwegian ass. I told you that he was using you, but I think that he really likes you and wants to be more than just friends. If you cut him off, he will stew, but he might realize that he has to lay on his back with his legs in the air as often as you do. Mike, Jake, and Joe will help us. We have discussed guy sex a lot, and we all agree that give and take is important."

Isaac loved the fact that Chris was so open in discussing sex with him, especially about his relationship with Leif. Isaac had never told anyone that he loved them, but he was getting strong feelings of love toward his roomie. He also realized that Chris was blowing his load in a lot of different people on the CSU campus, and didn't want to offend his roomie by asking that they become an exclusive couple. He also had strong feelings towards Leif, and wondered if the blonde Norwegian would come around and let him fuck him.

"I don't think I will be able to look at Leif tonight without wanting to have sex with him," Isaac admitted. "When he looks at me with those incredible eyes, I just melt. I am horny, and I know I will go with him to his room if he asks me. I need to whack off before we leave, or I will be bending over for a fuck as soon as I see him."

Chris opened the door to their room and said he had a better idea. He closed and locked the door. He grabbed Isaac and planted a passionate kiss on his roommate's lips. Isaac melted as he felt the hard muscles of the huge stud who was attacking him. Chris was undoing Isaac's jeans as their kiss continued. Their tongues fought for position in each other's mouths. Isaac felt his jeans and boxers being pulled down, freeing his throbbing nine inches of meat.

"I didn't get enough to eat downstairs," Chris said as he dropped to his knees. "I need to eat a tamale before we leave."

Chris inhaled the scent of his roomie's crotch and licked around the patch of black pubic hair. He took both of Isaac's balls in his mouth and bathed them with saliva. Isaac was moaning and his knees buckled. Chris pushed Isaac back on the bed and continued his oral assault. He was devouring both of the "sperm holders" and ran his hands under Isaac's shirt to tweak the two dark nipples on Isaac's firm chest. Isaac was moaning very loudly, so Chris abandoned him long enough to turn on the stereo in the room. The rock music would drown out the moans of passion so that anyone passing by the door would not know what they were doing. He quickly returned to the bed and took the entire nine inches of throbbing meat deep in his mouth and throat. He bobbed his head up and down and rotated his mouth on the hard shaft, driving Isaac insane with pleasure. Chris was making sure that his mouth stayed connected to his roomie's meat, and made loud slurping noises as he devoured the tamale.

Isaac could not hold back, as he felt his balls pull up to begin blasting their precious seeds. He moaned as his body stiffened and began blasting thick wads of cum inside Chris's mouth. He tried to hold back his screams, but he was unsuccessful. The intensity of the blowjob and his orgasm took over every nerve in his body. He pumped at least six shots of pudding inside Chris's mouth before he collapsed on the bed. Chris carefully finished his friend off, gently licking and sucking the deflating cock.

Outside the door to their room, Jarrett was just getting ready to knock when he heard sounds of passion drowning out the rock music blaring from the room. He stopped to listen, wondering if Chris and Isaac had hooked up with some girls instead of going to the Tri-Delt house. He recognized Isaac's voice, and knew that his Mexican-American friend was blowing his load. He wondered if Isaac was fucking a girl or jacking off. Every guy in the world could recognize the sounds of another guy popping his nuts. He listened closely at the door, just as Walker came up the hall.

"What are you doing?" Walker asked.

"Be quiet!" Jarrett whispered. "I just heard Isaac cumming, and I am wondering what got him off. Actually, I want to know WHO got him off. He and Chris might have some girls in there, or they might be like you and me."

"Jesus!" Walker said. "I hope nobody finds out that you and I are doing each other. I don't want anything to keep us out of the Tri-Delt house. Maybe we should just leave and call them on the phone. If CJ finds out we were listening at the door, he might go postal on us. You saw his bod. He could kill us both with one hand in about 10 seconds. My room is closest, so let's go there and call their room."

Isaac finally recovered from his intense orgasm and offered to return the favor to Chris. Chris just laughed and said he would save his sperm for a later deposit in the taco of his roommate. They both laughed and agreed that tonight would be their night of anal pleasure with each other. Isaac pulled up his pants and thanked Chris for the excellent blowjob. They decided to brush their teeth and get ready for the visit to the Tri-Delt house. They were just ready to leave the room for the toilet area when the phone rang. It was Walker, asking when they would be ready to leave.

"Isaac had to 'cuff the carrot' before we could leave," Chris joked into the phone.

Isaac punched him for giving out intimate information. The two guys on the other end of the conversation were now confused. They had hoped that Chris and Isaac were having gay sex when Isaac blew his load, but what Chris had said on the phone gave them confusing information. They were more confused than ever, but decided to let the whole thing drop. They really wanted to visit the fraternity, and that was the most important thing.

The four guys walked across campus to the Tri-Delt house. Chris had been to the house so many times that he took the place for granted. That was not the case for the other three guys, as they were impressed with the huge landscaped front yard and the large Victorian building. The Tri-Delt house had been built over 80 years before, and was one of the most impressive buildings on campus. The huge brick walls were covered with ivy that gave the house a quality that could not be matched by new construction. The circle drive in front of the house had two expensive sports cars parked there, with the owners cleaning their treasures.

Lonny Nichols was only wearing shorts as he washed his new bright red Corvette. He greeted Chris and the visitors and said he would be inside when he finished.

"Too bad you couldn't afford a decent ride," Chris teased. "Chevrolet's are boring!"

Lonny took the opportunity to turn the hose to try and spray Chris, but the big stud was too fast.

"I'll get your ass later!" Lonny promised.

Dave Patterson was waxing his new Porsche as he greeted Chris and asked who the new guys were. Dave was short and thin, but he was very handsome. He was an Art Major, and prided himself on his artwork and care of his car. Walker and Jarrett were both impressed with the two guys they had just met, and the two awesome vehicles they were maintaining. They would love to help clean the cars with the hope of "cleaning the pipes" of the guys who owned them. If this was the type of guy that the fraternity had to offer, they were both in heaven.

Chris knew the security code for the electronic lock on the front door to the fraternity, but decided not to enter it in front of his guests. Instead, he pushed the doorbell, hearing the CSU fight song that had replaced a normal bell or chime. It took a while for the door to open. Standing in the doorway was Ron Gentry, a handsome blonde guy from Indiana. When Ron saw that it was CJ Hammer on the porch, he said, "Oh, it's only you!" and slammed the door in Chris's face. Everyone but Chris was shocked. He knew that Ron was a real tease and would open the door again.

"You still here?" Ron said as he opened the door again. "If you are selling magazines, we have all we want. If you want to mow the lawn, I'll pay you five dollars to do it."

Chris shoved the door open and walked inside, after he called Ron an asshole. When Ron realized that Chris had brought guests, he apologized profusely. "Jeez, guys," Ron said, "I'm really sorry for being rude. Chris is a regular here, and I never expected him to ring the doorbell. I didn't see you standing behind him, but as big as that hunk of shit is, you could hide an elephant behind him. My name is Ron Gentry, and I am a junior. Please come in and let me apologize by offering you guys a tour and a cold beer."

Ron saw that Isaac was the last to enter, and he gave him a warm hug. "Hey Isaac, it's great to see you again. I hope that jerk of a roommate of yours hasn't turned you away from becoming a pledge here."

Isaac laughed and punched Ron on the shoulder as he walked inside the house that he would love to live in. Officially, no alcohol was allowed in the dorms, but everyone knew that college students would always have a generous supply of spirits to help them through the days of classes. It was a campus rule that was only used when someone got totally wasted and made an ass of themselves. The campus security force was tuned into college life, and often cut the offenders a lot of slack, even taking them to their room when they were found drunk in public. The fraternities were different, as alcohol was allowed, and each house had a well-equipped bar to entertain guests. The members always controlled the amount of alcohol that was consumed by visitors, and often had the visitors spend the night to avoid any problems with campus security if the guest was drunk.

Dennis Reichert was the first of the members to meet the two new guests to the house. Denny was short and thin with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was one of the most handsome guys at the fraternity, and loved to tease the other guys.

"When are you gonna get a haircut?" Denny teased as he messed up the long blonde hair on the giant's head. "You look like a girl with that long hair. Maybe you are gonna get a sex change and become the world's biggest whore!"

Chris grabbed Denny and picked him up with ease. He threw Denny over his shoulder and slapped at the cute ass that he had pounded on more than one occasion. He also knew that his blonde hair was now past his shoulders, and that he would have to get it cut after he burned Marcus Knight. Denny grabbed the long thin braid that hung down the left side of Chris's head and pulled on it, making Chris yell out in pain. Chris put Denny down after slapping his cute ass hard.

Denny rubbed his ass to alleviate the pain of the huge hand. He gave Chris a dirty look and then broke out in laughter.

"When you are a pledge here, I will wear out a paddle on your fat ass!" Denny teased. He introduced himself to Walker and Jarrett, and said that they were welcomed to visit the house and have a beer with him. "Next time you visit," Denny teased, "Don't come with this big asshole! You will get a bad reputation around here if you hang out with Doofus Hammer!"

Denny was very impressed with the two visitors that Chris had brought to the house. The members that were staying in the house during the summer wanted to meet as many of the new freshmen as possible, and Chris was bringing some real eye candy to the house. Nathan and Isaac were already on the list of pledge bids from their previous visits, and now Chris had brought two more handsome guys to visit.

Mike came up and gave Chris a warm hug. He had wanted to kiss Chris on the lips, but saw that there were some new visitors in the house. Mike was hoping that he and Chris could hookup for the night and swap sperm.

Jacob and Joe came into the living room and introduced themselves to Walker and Jarrett. Joe seemed really interested in Walker and offered to take him on a tour of the house. Jake seemed to link with Jarrett, and offered him a beer in the lounge area. Mike, Isaac and Chris were standing in the living room when Leif walked in. He immediately went up to Isaac, looked around, and planted a wet kiss on Isaac's mouth. Isaac returned the kiss, but then pushed Leif away, saying that there were guests in the house.

Leif didn't waste any time in asking Isaac to go to his room with him. It was time for Lesson #1 for Leif.

"I really like spending time with you," Isaac admitted, "but I feel like you are using me. All you want to do with me is get me undressed and fuck my brains out. I like to fuck a guy too, and I want you to take a fuck as often as you give one!"

Mike laughed as he listened to the two lovers argue. He realized that Leif was a "top" and didn't like to be fucked in the ass. Mike also knew that Leif was a real "pussy" when he had fucked him. Leif would scream and moan like he was a 12-year-old girl, being busted for the first time. Isaac had spent several nights in the room with Leif, but it was obvious that their relationship was about to change.

"Isaac is my roommate at the Jacobs Dorm," Chris offered. "You have been drilling his taco, but have only let him drill you once. Guy sex means giving and taking, but you are only taking. Tonight, I am gonna pork his brown butt, and you will be "choking the chicken" or boning someone else! You are officially cut off from your supply of Mexican taco!"

Leif was shocked. He was hoping that Isaac would show up at the fraternity and they could go to his room and get naked. He loved sucking Isaac's cock and eating his cum, but getting fucked in the ass was not what he wanted. It hurt, but he could take the pain. He just wanted to fuck Isaac's brains out and dump his cum inside the handsome young stud. Now it appeared that his supply of boy pussy was going to be cut off, unless he agreed to take a fuck up the ass.

"I'll let you fuck me if you will go to my room and spend the night with me," Leif choked out.

"You don't get the message," Mike said. "He doesn't want you to 'let him fuck you'. He wants you to be fair and take a fuck as often as you fuck him. For a smart guy, you are stupid! Look at that face! Have you ever seen a guy so handsome? He wants to hookup with you, but you are gonna have to decide if you will be a sex partner or just a user. If I were Isaac, I would dump your sorry ass and find another brother here who knows how to treat a gorgeous hunk of manhood. In fact, I would love to take Isaac to my room and show him what real guy sex is all about."

"Isaac is mine tonight," Chris said as he planted a passionate kiss on his roommate's mouth. "Leif, until you are gonna treat my buddy right, you won't even get to sniff his boxers or jockstrap!"

Leif was livid. He was hoping for some intense sex with the guy that he was falling in love with, but now his dream was shattered. He knew that he could never compete with the handsome super star, and wondered if he would ever have the chance to make love with Isaac again. Leif had thought he was straight or bi-sexual until he had met Isaac. Now he was in love, and wanted to kiss and lick every inch of Isaac's brown body. It was obvious to him that he had blown his chances, and was going to lose the guy that he felt true love for. Tears flowed down his face as he turned and left the living room to head for his room

"Maybe I was too hard on him," Chris offered. "I think he really loves you, Isaac."

"You did the right thing," Mike said. "Leif is an awesome guy, but he has to learn what loving another guy really means. I will talk to him later and explain things to him. He will have to decide if he wants a guy as a lover or as a fuck. If all he wants is a fuck, he needs to find a true bottom."

Isaac was very upset. His feelings for Leif were very strong, and he hated to see Leif in tears as he left the living room. He also knew that he was being honest with Leif about his own desires to be a top as often as he was a bottom.

"Let's have a beer," Mike offered as he grabbed Chris's hand and led him into the lounge area. They each got a large glass of cold Coors and headed out the back door of the fraternity into the backyard.

"Some day we will fix this yard up," Mike said.

They all looked at the backyard of the fraternity that was at least two acres in size. There were bushes next to the house and tropical trees and shrubs in the fenced in yard that dropped down to the edge of the state forest. The grass next to the house was well maintained, but the rest of the yard was like a jungle, filled with overgrowth and rocks. There was at least a twenty-foot drop in elevation from the house down to the creek that flowed along the edge of the property. Many of the members used the backyard as a place to sunbathe, most of the time in the nude. The high wood fence and shrubs provided total privacy from the neighbors. The shrubs next to the house had grown so tall that the windows to the fraternity were covered. At that part of the fraternity, the house was only one level. It was a walkway between the two main dorm wings and the main part of the house where the living room, lounge, officers' quarters and dining room were attached.

They drank their beers and headed back into the house for a refill. When they got to the lounge, they saw that Walker and Jarrett were having an animated conversation with several members of the fraternity. There was a lot of laughing and joking around, and it was obvious that the two new guys were very relaxed and had hit it off great on their first visit. Mike refilled their glasses and asked Chris and Isaac to talk to him in private.

"Jesus, Chris," Mike said, "where are you finding all these awesome guys? So far you have brought Nathan and Isaac here, and they are both locked in for pledge bids. From what we just saw in the lounge, Walker and Jarrett are perfect candidates. It is the responsibility of the members here to do the recruiting, but you are making us all look bad. Have you emptied your 'stable' or do you have more studs to bring here?"

Chris laughed and said that both he and Isaac had met so many cute guys today that the Tri-Delts might have to put on an addition to make room for more prime beef. Chris had also realized that the new guys he had met all had very unusual first names.

"We met some guys today that appear to be awesome," Chris said to Mike. "It must be something in the water at the Jacobs Dorm, because the guys we have met are soooo handsome that both Isaac and I want to jump their bones. The other thing that is amazing to me is their first names. I expected to meet guys named Dave, Jeff, Joe, Tom, or some common names. Listen to the first names of the guys we met today!"

Chris then told Mike the unusual names of Walker, Hunter, Jarrett, Delano, Helmut, Harrison, Trevor, Davin, Painter and Nicholas. He told Mike that each of the unusual first names was connected to a handsome face and an awesome body. He asked Mike if it was okay for him to bring the guys to the house for a visit. Mike was thrilled that his special friend was helping the house rush some prime candidates for pledging, long before the fall rush period. He agreed that the first names were very unusual, and they joked about finding a "John Smith" to round out the pledge candidates.

"You know that you have a lock on a pledge bid," Mike said to Chris. "Isaac has a lock because of his legacy, but even if his father wasn't an alum member here, he would get a bid for sure. Both of you guys are awesome, and we want you to live with us here in the Tri-Delt house as our brothers. If you keep bringing hot dudes here for visits, we will have a tough time paring the list of bids down to 15. I kinda have one candidate to add to the list myself, but no one at the house has brought in hot candidates like you have."

Chris knew that the candidate Mike was referring to was named Lonny. He had heard Mike and Lonny having sex in Mike's room, and felt a pang of jealousy about Mike hooking up with a new guy. Chris, Mike, and Jacob had been close friends for years, and had a special bond. Their inner circle had been expanded to include Joe McClure after the Phi Tau attack that happened when Chris was 15. Chris had been in bed with all of his special friends. Each one was different in their erogenous zones, but it was a real thrill to experiment and find the special hot spots for each guy. Having sex with several different guys was the thrill of a lifetime for Chris. Each new partner taught him something special about guy sex, and he was a willing learner. He also knew that his large passion pole required him to let the other guy set the tempo for sex. Having over 12 inches of thick manhood could cause permanent damage to any guy or girl that decided to get nude with the strong athlete. Chris had never had sex with anyone younger than himself, and now that he was 19, he would never have sex with anyone under the legal age of 18.

They returned to the lounge where they found Walker and Jarrett playing pool with the members. They were laughing and teasing each other about their pool skills, and it was obvious that the two new guests had made a home run on their first visit to the Tri-Delt house. It was time for Chris to make his move, as he announced that he and Isaac were headed back to the Jacobs Dorm.

"If you guys are okay," Chris said to Walker and Jarrett, "you can either go with us or stay here and be bored to death with the assholes that live here. The choice is yours."

Walker and Jarrett laughed as they accepted a fresh glass of beer from their new friends. Chris saw Joe McClure hand Walker the chilled glass of beer, and then noticed that Joe ran his hand over the tight ass of his new friend. Walker acknowledged the groping with a grab of his own that found Joe's hard cock in the front of his jeans. Jarrett didn't seem to notice the groping that was going on in the lounge, but accepted the cold glass of beer from Mike Mahley. As soon as Mike handed Jarrett the glass of beer, his hand "accidentally" dropped down and slid along the front of Jarrett's jeans. Jarrett moaned as he felt the hand stroking his semi-erect member, and decided that he wanted to stay at the fraternity and see what happened. Jarrett looked at Mike and saw the lust in his eyes. The decision was easy to make, as Jarrett decided to stay and see what developed.

Chris and Isaac laughed as they left the fraternity, knowing that their new friends were going to get their brains fucked out. They also knew that they were heading back to the dorm for a night of intense sex, and they were both ready.

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