The saga continues in the college life of C.J. Hammer. Thanks for taking time to send me email. It gives me incentive to continue the story. So far I have received over 30 emails encouraging me to continue my story. Get some Kleenex ready, as this chapter will describe the first time that Chris and Isaac share anal sex. Pants will drop and dicks will pop!!! Most of the chapters of this story will describe life events mixed with sex. This chapter will be unusual, as the sex will be intense. My story is not going to be constant male to male sex, as I want to develop a strong story line that includes real life situations. In real life, people fall in love and people die. Hang on to your ass. This story will include intense situations.

CJ Chapter 8

Chris and Isaac got back to the dorm and headed for their room. Before they got to the door, Delano and Harrison met them in the hall and asked where they had been.

"We went for a walk," Chris said, knowing that he was telling the truth, but also lying to the two handsome studs.

"We saw you guys leave with Jarrett and Walker," Delano said. "We had hoped to go with you. Where did you guys go?"

Chris decided to tell the truth. "We went to the Tri-Delt house, had a couple beers, and then decided to come back here."

"That's cool," Harrison said. "Maybe the next time you go there, you will invite us to go with you. Delano and I both want to visit the Delta Delta Delta fraternity, and we hope that you will introduce us to the guys there. I wish we had stayed at the table so that we would have been invited to go with you."

"You two seem like cool guys," Chris admitted. He knew that both of them were upset that they were not invited to go to the house with him and Isaac. "Next time we visit the Tri-Delt house, we will haul your sorry asses with us."

Delano and Harrison both laughed, and said that they appreciated the invitation. They were extremely jealous that Jarrett and Walker had gone with Chris and Isaac to visit the fraternity that every guy on campus wanted to pledge, and wondered why Walker and Jarrett had not returned with Chris and Isaac. They had both decided that they would do ANYTHING to get into the inner circle of the Tri-Delt house.

Isaac and Chris got back to their room, and Chris grabbed a plastic bag and left the room. He returned a few minutes later and handed the bag to Isaac. He kissed his roommate on the lips, shoving his big tongue deep inside Isaac's mouth. They exchanged saliva for several minutes before Chris broke away.

"I want to fuck your brains out tonight," Chris said. "Take this bag into the toilet and use what is inside. One plastic bottle has a mixture of soap and water, and the other is pure water. Guys don't always have to take an enema to have anal sex, but with the size of my dick and yours, it makes it easier for us to take what is offered. It also prevents a smelly mess."

Isaac giggled, and agreed that he would get rid of any solid waste, rinse out his hole, and get ready for the poke of his life. Chris said that he would do the same, as the size of the hot tamale would cause some pain and pressure if he didn't clean himself out. During the time Isaac was across the hall in the john, Chris called Amy on the phone. Amy was thrilled that Chris would call her, and offered her pussy for some intense pleasure. Chris laughed and said that he was going to bed soon, but wanted to let her know that he was rushing some awesome girls for the Sig Ep sorority. When Amy heard that Chris was going to bring Shannon O'Brien and Kelly Nyquist to the sorority, she went ballistic.

"Those are two of the hottest pledge candidates on campus!" she exclaimed. "We have been trying to figure out a way to get them here without violating Greek Council rules! If you can bring them here, I can promise you that you and Isaac will be rewarded! You two guys are on our list of the top studs on campus, but we need to reload our supply of pussy to share with the Tri-Delts. You will have to fight off the members of this sorority if you get those two to come here and sign a pledge bid."

Chris laughed and told Amy that she was a slut. He also told her that he wanted to feast on the red pubic hair between Shannon's legs. Amy teased Chris that she could do a better job of eating Shannon's pussy than Chris could. Chris knew that he was an expert pussy eater, but he also knew that a girl was a better pussy eater than any guy, just like a guy could suck a dick better than any girl could. Chris was surprised when Amy told him that Shannon had a twin brother named Brendan who was living in the Thompson dorm. If the brother looked like his sister, Chris wanted him. He hoped that he would meet Brendan soon to find out what the dude looked like. Amy said that she had seen Shannon and Brendan walking in the quad, and that they were both awesome looking. Chris felt like an ass as he realized that Brendan O'Brien was one of the most recruited basketball stars in the nation, and had accepted an athletic scholarship to play for Marcus Knight. They both laughed, and decided on a 4:00 p.m. visit the next day. Chris demanded that he and Isaac would be "entertained" during the time that Shannon and Kelly were visiting the sorority. Amy promised that the two studs would not leave with an MSB. She thanked Chris for his help in recruiting the two hot girls, and said that he would be repaid in the future.

Isaac returned to the room after using both bottles of fluid. He seemed embarrassed, until Chris grabbed the two bottles and headed across the hall to refill them. Chris came back into the room for a second to tell Isaac that he was going to flush himself out, and then they could shower together. Chris and Isaac headed to the shower room after Chris had done his internal washing, and were met with several familiar faces. Tom Borton was there, and seemed very interested in Cameron Joyce, a transfer student from UCLA. Tom introduced Chris and Isaac to Cameron, but secretly wished that the two handsome studs had not come into the shower room when he was trying to seduce Cameron.

Cameron was trying not to stare at the large cocks hanging from the new guys to enter the shower room. He failed in his attempt to hide his arousal, as his dick inflated to a full seven inches of thick meat. He turned toward the wall, but his boner was like a beacon to the two horny studs that had just entered the showers. Tom was worried that Cameron would want to chase after Chris and Isaac instead of hooking up with him.

Things got interesting when Delano and Harrison walked into the shower room. Chris and Isaac had seen them both nude before, but it was great to see their hard bodies again. A new guy came in, and immediately Chris saw that the new guy was huge. Chris guessed that the guy was about 6 feet 8 inches tall, and weighed close to 300 pounds. Jarvis Williams immediately introduced himself to CJ Hammer, knowing that they were both recruited heavily for the CSU football team. Chris was thrilled to meet the huge black guy that was considered the top high school lineman in the country. Chris and Jarvis really hit it off great, and started talking about weight training and endurance conditioning together as they washed their bodies. Chris was also interested in the dark meat that was swinging back and forth between Jarvis's legs. The meat looked to be almost as big as his own, and Chris wondered if the huge stud was into guy sex.

Isaac was worried that Chris would change their plans for a night of hot anal sex. His fears were extinguished when Chris leaned over and whispered that it was time to dry off and get sweaty again. Isaac was in heaven as they left the shower room. Tom was pleased that Cameron was still interested in hooking up with him.

As soon as Chris and Isaac got back to their room, they locked the door and turned on the stereo. Two towels were ripped away as they exchanged saliva and groped each other's body. They embraced and began playing tongue hockey, collapsing on Chris's large bed. Isaac had his own agenda for their night of pleasure, and quickly dropped down on the bed to swallow the head of Chris's cock. Chris moaned as he felt the swirling tongue caress the head of his inflating dick. Isaac grabbed Chris's huge balls and massaged them as he took more and more of the massive dick inside his mouth. Chris moaned as he felt his cockhead slide into Isaac's throat. Isaac gagged.

"When you feel the gag reflex kick in," Chris advised, "just try to relax your throat and swallow."

Isaac was a quick learner, and he soon had at least nine inches of cock in his mouth and throat. The feel of the tight throat was sending Chris into orbit. When Isaac shoved his finger inside Chris's ass, the big stud groaned loudly. When the finger found his prostate, Chris lost control and began blasting huge wads of cum directly down Isaac's throat. Isaac wanted to taste the thick semen and moved his head back on the massive shaft. Isaac's mouth was filled with the huge blasts of thick cum that continued erupting from Chris's cock. He loved the flavor of the thick cum and swallowed as fast as he could, as the huge cock continued blasting. Chris was in heaven as his cock blasted at least 10 huge wads of cum. Isaac pulled off the huge cock and aimed the head at his own face, taking the last three blasts as a facial. His nose was filled with cum as he gasped to catch his breath. The cock had blasted cum in both of Isaac's eyes and coated his hair with the thick gray pudding. Chris collapsed on the bed, as Isaac caught his breath and returned to the huge mushroom head and slurped up the remaining flow of liquid.

The two horny roommates laughed as they realized how Isaac's face and hair were covered in fresh cum. Chris leaned over and began slurping up his own cum off Isaac's face, holding it in his mouth and transferring the fresh cum into Isaac's mouth. They shared the cum and made sure that Isaac was clean before they both collapsed on the bed in laughter.

"I think you found a new brand of hair conditioner," Chris said as he smeared his fresh cum into Isaac's black hair.

Isaac's hair was matted together with the fragrant liquid, and he knew that the entire room smelled of fresh cum. He was leaking precum from his throbbing cock, and wanted to pop a nut really bad. Chris was tuned in to his roomie's desires and laid on his back with his legs in the air.

"Show me what you can do with my boy pussy!" Chris moaned.

Isaac needed no more encouragement. He expected Chris to be the first one to fuck him, but the handsome stud was submitting to his pleasure. Isaac was ready as he dove down to eat the hot ass of his special friend. He pried apart the huge globes of the muscular ass and drove his tongue inside the gaping hole that opened up for him. Chris went into orbit when he felt the tongue invade his intimate passage. Isaac was a pro at eating an ass, and Chris was moaning his appreciation of the probing of his puckered hole. Isaac continued eating Chris's ass and grabbed the huge nuts of his fuck buddy to caress them. Chris was ready to be fucked and grabbed the tube of lubricant from the nightstand and handed it to Isaac.

Isaac coated his throbbing cock and smeared a generous amount on the hole that he had just licked. Chris moaned with pleasure as he felt Isaac position himself on the bed to aim his tamale at Chris's hot hole.

"Go easy, dude," Chris pleaded. "You have a big one, so let me get used to it before you fuck my brains out!"

Isaac laughed and plugged the head of his big cock inside Chris's tight sphincter. They both moaned in pleasure as the thick cock stretched the tight hole open. Chris tried to relax his muscles to allow the invader to enter deep inside his body. Isaac was gentle and understanding as he waited for Chris to adjust to the size of his thick cock. When Chris relaxed, Isaac leaned over and kissed Chris on the lips, shoving his tongue deep inside his mouth. Chris sucked the tongue of his lover and moaned his approval as Isaac slid more of his cock inside the hot hole. They both moaned as the cock penetrated further until Isaac's pubes were mashed against Chris's throbbing ass. Isaac paused, waiting for Chris to let him know when to begin thrusting.

"FUCK ME!" Chris screamed.

Isaac needed no more encouragement, as he started with short, slow strokes. At the insistence of Chris, Isaac increased the length of his strokes and the speed. He could not believe how tight the ass of his roommate felt. It was like a tight glove that was surrounding his entire cock with heat and rippling sensations. Isaac really knew how to fuck, and Chris was in heaven as he felt the invading cock massage his prostate with each thrust. He knew he wouldn't last long if Isaac continued to slam his cockhead against his love button.

Isaac was in heaven as he pounded his thick cock in and out of his handsome roomie's ass. The grip on his cock from the tight ass was incredible. Isaac was ready to blow his load after only a few minutes of fucking the star athlete. He leaned over and covered Chris's mouth with his own, shoving his tongue in and out of Chris's mouth in the same tempo as his dick was probing the puckered hole. They both moaned in pleasure as Chris's cock blasted at least 8 shots of thick cum on his own face and chest. The grip of his orgasm caused Chris's ass to clamp down on Isaac's thrusting cock. Isaac screamed as his cock unloaded deep inside Chris's body. They tried to stifle their screams by jamming their mouths together in an incredible kiss. Isaac was licking up the cum that had covered Chris's face as they both came down from the height of their mutual orgasms. They collapsed on the bed with Isaac's throbbing cock still deep inside Chris's pulsating ass.

"God," Chris exclaimed. "That was the best fuck I have ever had. I hope that you reload fast, because I want your tamale about four more times tonight!"

"I can't believe that the best athlete in the country just let me fuck him!" Isaac moaned. "Your ass is the tightest I have ever fucked. The way you used your ass muscles to squeeze down on my cock made me afraid that you would bite my tamale off! I hope you don't get pissed at me, but I am in love with you and your tight ass!"

Chris laughed and told Isaac that it would be his turn to get fucked real soon. They both moaned as Isaac's shrinking cock slide out of Chris's tight ass. A flood of cum followed the retreating cock and covered the sheets of Chris's bed.

"I am gonna bone your ass until it falls out!" Chris promised.

They laughed, relaxed on the bed, and listened to the loud stereo that they hoped had covered up their moans and screams of ecstasy. They kissed and explored each other's body as they teased each other about the way that neither of them could hold back their orgasm. It was like two young girls giggling as they teased each other about losing control and popping their wads.

Chris finally had enough of Isaac's teasing, and pushed the smaller guy back on the bed. Chris went for Isaac's nipples and began licking, sucking and biting both of them. Chris loved nipples, and indulged his love of the tender nubs by making a meal of the two brown buttons. Isaac loved having his nipples sucked, and gave Chris a lot of encouragement as the oral assault continued. Chris continued licking and sucking until Isaac begged him to stop, as his nipples were becoming raw from the oral attention. Chris laughed and went south on his roommate. He tongued the innie navel of his buddy until Isaac forced his head lower. Chris quickly bypassed the erect shaft and went further south, taking both of Isaac's nuts inside his large mouth. His tongue rolled the large orbs around in his mouth as his finger found the hidden hole of his handsome friend. Isaac moaned as Chris's finger probed inside his boy pussy. His moans became even louder as the finger expertly stroked the love button deep inside his hidden hole.

Isaac was ready, and he handed the tube of edible lubricant to Chris. The big stud knew what to do, and squirted a generous amount of the lube around the pussy that he was going to fuck. Two large fingers were jammed inside the clinging hole, causing Isaac to scream in a combination of pain and pleasure. Two fingers from CJ Hammer were larger than any cock that had ever been inside Isaac's tight ass, and he moaned and begged Chris to be gentle. Chris covered Isaac's mouth with his own as he rammed his large fingers in and out of the tight hole. He found Isaac's prostate and began stroking it to get his buddy in the mood for a hot fuck. The finger wave did more than get Isaac ready for a fuck, as Isaac lost control and pumped a load of cum on his chest and belly. Chris had never expected Isaac to pop a nut from being fingered, but laughed as he watched his buddy's face contort with ecstasy. Chris leaned down and slurped up the tasty juice that coated Isaac's body. He was being selfish, as he ate all of the tangy liquid and only gave Isaac a quick taste in a French kiss.

"It's time for you to meet little Chris," Chris said to Isaac.

He grabbed the lube and coated his throbbing 12 1/2 inches of monster meat. He was ready to fuck the brains out of his future pledge buddy.

"Jesus, Chris," Isaac pleaded, "take it easy or you will rip me apart!"

"I'll make you a deal, buddy," Chris offered. "You can be on top the first time and control how much and how fast you take little Chris. The second fuck is going to be with me on top, and you better be ready to take everything I have, or I will break you in half and then fuck what is left of your body!"

Isaac laughed and knew that Chris was teasing him, but also appreciated the opportunity to be on top and control how much cock was shoved inside his ass. The biggest cock that Isaac had ever taken up the ass was eight inches, and it had felt like a telephone pole going inside him. Now it was time to be a man, and Isaac was ready. He had dreamed about having anal sex with Chris, and his dream had come true. He had fucked the tight ass of the star athlete, and Chris had taken all that he had to offer. Isaac had been sexual with five other guys, and knew that he was endowed when they all screamed when he plugged them. Sex was a mixture of pleasure and pain, and Isaac was ready for both as he straddled Chris's muscular body and aimed the huge head of the telephone pole to his puckered hole.

Isaac moaned as he sat down and felt the massive head stretch his hole open. Chris moaned as he felt the head of his thick cock pop inside the tight ring of Isaac's sphincter. The two lovers both moaned as they realized that they were now joined as fuck buddies. Isaac paused until his body adjusted to the size of the huge cock that had just stretched his asshole to the point of splitting wide open. His body was close to passing out as he felt the intensity of the huge cock that was only at the entry point of his tender passage. He knew that if Chris had been on top and had rammed his cock inside his body, he would have passed out or died with the pain of being split wide open. He knew that he could never take the entire length of the massive cock inside his body. He wondered if any guy could take the massive shaft, as his ass was on fire with the pain of feeling only the head invade his ass.

Chris pulled Isaac's face to his and they exchanged a passionate tongue kiss. Isaac relaxed, and more of the huge cock slid inside his body. He moaned as he realized that he had never experienced so much pressure and pain during anal sex with a guy. His body was covered with sweat as he tried to relax his body to accept the throbbing meat of his roommate. Chris was patient, and tried to control his urges to flip Isaac over and fuck his brains out. His patience was rewarded when Isaac relaxed and allowed more of little Chris to slide inside his body.

Several times, Isaac had stopped and considered pulling off from the dick that felt like a fist invading his ass. He figured that he could pull off the throbbing cock and suck Chris off instead of taking what would be the fuck of his life. Chris was pinching both of Isaac's nipples and whispering words of encouragement, as he felt his huge cock slide deeper inside Isaac's hot hole. The clutching ass was massaging Chris's cock, and he was afraid he would blow his wad before he was all the way inside his buddy. He tried to think about unpleasant things, as his cock continued to slide deeper inside Isaac's fuck hole. When Isaac felt Chris's pubes hit his ass, he knew that he had taken the entire length of the monster cock. He moaned in a combination of pleasure and pain, as he felt like Chris's cock was going to poke out of his mouth. Every nerve in his body was on fire with the intensity of the hard shaft that had impaled his body.

Chris had wished that his dick were thinner and shorter. He loved anal sex with guys and girls, but knew that having a huge cock was good in the locker room, but not always good in the bedroom. He knew that Isaac was in pain, and waited for his roomie to set the depth and speed of their intense male bonding. He could feel the muscle spasms of Isaac's body, as his cock was buried to the hilt in the handsome dude. Chris was afraid he was going to pop a nut without Isaac even moving, but tried to focus his mind on other things to prevent his third orgasm. He was successful, as Isaac collapsed on his chest and moaned loudly. Chris knew that his big cock was hurting his buddy, but he wanted to fuck Isaac until his tight ass was filled with thick cum.

The two lovers remained joined, and tried to relax. They finally started kissing each other as Isaac began moving his body up and down to stimulate the massive cock that was lodged inside his body. Every movement caused them both to moan in ecstasy. Passion took over control of their bodies as they lost control of their bodies and began fucking like two rabbits. Isaac was screaming as Chris thrust upwards, forcing his huge cock deep inside his roommate's tight ass. The sound of the stereo could not drown out the sounds of two guys having intense sex, and Delano and Harrison were both listening at the door to the room. They hoped that Chris and Isaac didn't have girls in the room, as they listened to both of their new friends hit the heights of sexual passion. When other guys entered the hallway, Delano and Harrison had to leave the doorway, but they both wished that they could have stayed at the door to listen, or knock down the door to join their new friends in passion.

Chris wanted to hold back, but the grip of Isaac's tight ass was too intense. He finally gave up and let Isaac bounce up and down on his cock. He pinched Isaac's nipples and grabbed every inch of skin that was available, as he headed for the inevitable orgasm of his life. When the grip of Isaac's insides got the best of him, Chris screamed as he unloaded his wad of cum. Isaac's ass was filled to overflow, as Chris continued to pump his liquid pleasure inside his buddy's ass. Their bodies banged together until Isaac passed out from the intensity of their rutting.

Chris almost passed out himself, as he held the handsome guy that had just given him the most intense orgasm in his life. He knew that his dick was huge and waited for Isaac to regain consciousness. Every nerve in Chris's body had been stimulated by the intense sex that they had just shared, and he hoped that Isaac would come around and not be mad at him for being fucked by his big dick.

His fears were extinguished, when Isaac regained consciousness and hugged his body close to Chris. The massive cock was still imbedded inside his ass, but the copious load of cum was leaking out. Chris made the move to pull his huge member out of Isaac's stretched ass. A flow of man juice followed the retreat of the massive cock, and Isaac moaned loudly. Chris quickly repositioned his body on the bed to offer his semi-erect cock to Isaac's mouth. Isaac took the hint and inhaled the huge shaft that had stretched his hole to the limit. He sucked and licked the huge cock as Chris lifted Isaac's body so that his mouth was at the hole that he had stretched with his huge cock. Chris's mouth covered the distended hole and began sucking and slurping up all of his own cum that was mixed with Isaac's natural lubricants. They both moaned in pleasure as their oral efforts were rewarded with generous amounts of male fluids. After several minutes of sucking, they both collapsed on the bed, totally exhausted from their intense male bonding.

"That was round number 1," Chris said softly. "I hope you are ready for the next 10 rounds, or I will just rip off your head and use your ass for the rest of the night!"

"Jesus Christ!," Isaac screamed. "Round one was more than I can take! If you try to shove that huge cock inside me again, I will scream so loud that the entire campus will know that you are fucking my brains out! I can't take your dick again tonight, but I want you to know that you just gave me the best fuck of my life!"

Chris laughed and admitted that Isaac had the tightest ass he had ever fucked. He told his roomie that they would have to change the sheets and take a shower, but that he wanted to cuddle for the rest of the night. Isaac was thrilled that his new fuck buddy was going to let him off the hook after only one fuck. He had been afraid that Chris would want to fuck him all night, and he knew that his ass was so sore that it would take a long time to heal and be ready for another poke. They relaxed and fell asleep on Chris's bed. When they woke up two hours later, they both moaned as they tried to separate their arms and legs from each other. They both laughed as they realized that they were both satisfied and sore. They got out of the bed and grabbed their towels to head across the hall to the shower room.

No one else was in the shower room as they started washing their bodies. They decided to head for the healing water of the hot tub after they had washed away the evidence of their intense male bonding. They were surprised to see Delano and Harrison come into the shower room. Everyone realized that they had taken a shower only a few hours ago, and there must be a sexual reason for taking another shower so soon. Before Chris and Isaac had finished their showers, Tom and Cameron came in. Both of them had the look of satisfied lust on their faces, and Chris and Isaac whispered their suspicions to each other.

Their conversation was interrupted when Jarvis came into the shower room with another guy. He quickly introduced his buddy as Jerome Wilkins. Chris recognized the name as one of the hottest high school basketball players in the country. He shook Jerome's hand and welcomed him to CSU. He realized that Jerome Wilkins was the best point guard in the nation, and had played on the McDonald's High School team. Chris had been offered the opportunity to play on the super special national team sponsored by the hamburger giant, but he had refused to leave B and the friends he had made in California. He also noticed that Jerome was walking funny, and wondered if taking Jarvis's huge cock inside his ass caused the strange walk. It was a real trip for Chris and Isaac to see the hard bodies of their new friends as they washed off the obvious signs of male sex. They both wondered if they would hook up with the handsome studs that seemed to be flowing out of the Jacobs Dorm.

Chris and Isaac finished their showers and headed for the hot tub room. Chris teased Isaac about the way he was walking, saying that he walked "like a fucked out whore". Isaac smacked Chris on the back of the head, and said that the reason he was walking funny was swinging between Chris's legs. Both of the guys were sore from the intensity of their first time sharing anal sex. When they got into the hot tub room, they caught Cameron and Tom kissing passionately. The kiss was passionate, and the noise of the hot tub drowned out the sounds of the two approaching studs. When Cameron saw that he and Tom were not alone, he froze in fear and broke away from Tom's kiss and embrace.

"You guys are gonna have to learn to be more discrete," Chris teased as he approached the hot tub.

Tom and Cameron had been busted, and they were both terrified that the huge athlete would rip them apart. Isaac laughed at the terrified looks on the two busted faces. He knew that they were afraid of Chris's reaction to seeing them kissing, and decided to break the tension. He grabbed Chris and jammed their faces together. Their tongues probed deeply, as they proved in the best way possible that they were not going to bust Cameron and Tom.

"JESUS CHRIST!" Tom screamed. "Are you guys gay?"

Chris broke away from the kiss long enough to tell him that he and Isaac were bi-sexual, and had just enjoyed a walk on the wild side with each other in their room. To prove that he was not mad, Chris broke the kiss with Isaac and planted a hot French kiss on Cameron's lips. Isaac did the same to Tom, and the four studs knew that they now shared a special secret. They all decided to cool their hormones and relax in the tub together. Tom and Cameron were still shaking from being caught kissing, but started to relax as Chris talked to them.

"We watched you guys in the shower room," Chris said. "My GAYDAR was working great, and I figured that you were either washing up after sex or were getting clean to start. Isaac and I like to go south on girls and guys, so chill out and enjoy life! Maybe some time we can do a four way together.!"

Tom and Cameron both voiced their interest in being intimate with Chris and Isaac, and finally relaxed and enjoyed the small talk and intimacy of the hot tub. Seeing Chris and Isaac nude again was a rush, but knowing that the two studs were bi was fantastic information.

Other guys drifted into the room, and the tub quickly filled to capacity. Many of the faces were new to Chris and Isaac, but Tom seemed to know everyone, and introduced them. Chris and Isaac decided to leave the tub and make room for more guys were coming into the room. They headed back to their room, laughing about how they had busted Tom and Cameron.

"I know that Tom is a sophomore," Chris began, "but I think he would be a great pledge buddy. Remember how friendly he was when he took us on a tour of this dorm? I know he had the chance to pledge when he was a freshman, but I would like to take him to the house to meet the guys. I think that he would be a great pledge buddy. I wouldn't mind introducing him to little Chris real soon. Cameron is awesome. The guy just reeks sex. What do you think?"

Isaac agreed that there were many hot guys at the Jacobs Dorm that he felt like a kid in a candy store. He knew that he had just had the fuck of his life, but he was strangely looking forward to sampling the beef that he was meeting around the campus. He knew that he would never find anyone with the personality of CJ Hammer. The big stud was so open about his emotions and feelings that it made Isaac jealous. He also had watched how all of the members at the fraternity seemed to love Chris and wanted to be around him. He thought about Leif, and wondered what he was doing right now. Isaac was in his dorm room with the hottest stud on campus, and his ass was still sore from the hottest fuck of his life. He decided to enjoy the moment with Chris, but still longed to be with Leif.

"I think my roomie is wishing that he was somewhere else right now," Chris said astutely. "Leif will come around real soon if you don't break down and bend over for him. He is an awesome guy, and I wouldn't mind hooking up with him myself, but if I did, he would be on his back with his legs in the air. I am a top, but I know that I like being a bottom too. Just trust me that I won't try to take Leif away from you, but I am gonna 'brain fuck' him until he realizes how awesome you are. You are sooo handsome, and you are a ton of fun to be around. He needs to realize that before you hook up with him again."

Isaac tried to control his emotions, as he listened to the famous athlete give him a lot of praise. He never expected Chris to be so open in giving him praise and encouragement. He hugged his huge roomie and softly sobbed into the massive shoulder. Maybe Isaac was focusing on the wrong stud, as he held the big stud and pressed his body against Chris.

"Chris," Isaac asked, "have you ever been in love?"

Chris was surprised at the question, but decided to answer honestly. "I know that I love B and Alex," He admitted. "I told Marco at the orphanage that I loved him, but I have never really told anyone but B that I love them since I was 15. Mike, Jacob and Joe are already brothers to me. Randall, Charles and Jennifer are my blood relatives, and I love them, but to be honest, I really don't know what LOVE means. I am looking for real love, but I guess I get horny and find sex instead of love."

Isaac realized that Chris was being honest with him. He wondered if he was the same as Chris. He had often wanted to find real love, but had ended up banging some girl or guy instead of completing his search.

"Let's just chill out and talk for a while," Isaac said. He went to the refrigerator and retrieved two cold Coors for them to drink while they talked.

"My dad just settled a huge lawsuit," Isaac began. "He has been working on it with a bunch of other lawyers, and they won the case. We live in a part of Los Angeles that is getting bad. Dad's best friend is a real estate broker and lives in the same neighborhood as we do. He sold both of our houses and found us new homes in an awesome area. I have really been worried about Danny, my brother, as he is only 15 and very impressionable. Gangs control the neighborhood, and I don't want Danny to join one. This coming weekend I am going home to help pack stuff for the move to our new home."

"Can I go there with you and help with the packing?" Chris asked.

Isaac was shocked that the famous athlete would consider leaving the campus to help his family prepare for moving. He quickly accepted the offer, saying that his brother would go ballistic to meet Chris. He decided to make the visit a surprise for Danny, who was Isaac's brother and best friend.

The two studs changed the sheets on Chris's bed, teasing each other about who made the biggest mess of cum that had soaked the sheets. The room still smelled of fresh cum, but they both loved the aroma. When they had the sheets changed, they cuddled together and continued talking.

"Tell me about your dog," Isaac asked.

"Alex is a very special dog," Chris began. "He is a Ukrainian WolfHound. He is huge, and most people think he is a horse when they first meet him. I call him a mutt, but he is a registered champion. He weighs over 220 pounds, and eats like a horse and drops land mines in the yard like a horse. There is no dog in the world that is more intelligent than Alex, as he understands everything I say to him. B got him for me, and it cost a fortune to buy him. Ever since I met that mutt, I knew that he was special. He has killed a man who was part of the home invasion of our home in Dallas, but he is so gentle that you would never know that he could kill. Whenever I bring anyone new to our home, Alex will freeze and get into an attack mode, looking at the eyes of the visitor. If I introduce Alex to the visitor, he will relax and act like a puppy as he greets the visitor and licks his hand. Once you have been introduced to him, he will recognize you as a friend, and will probably knock you down to lick your face."

Isaac loved hearing about Alex, and admitted that he had never seen a dog who weighed 220 pounds.

"Alex is what I call him," Chris continued, "but his real name is Alexander the Great. I take him for rides on my Harley, and he attracts a lot of attention. I had a guy make Alex a leather hat so he looks like a World War I flying ace. The hat has goggles to protect his eyes, and the mutt loves to ride with me. We have been pulled over by the cops a few times, as they are worried that seeing us on my Harley will cause accidents from people staring at us. If I fire up the Harley, Alex goes wild and wants to ride with me. He is a real chick magnet, as they all want to pet him. I think my mutt wants to bang the chicks himself instead of letting me do the deed with them."

Isaac laughed and asked when he could meet Alex. The dog sounded unbelievable, but he had learned to trust Chris to always tell him the truth.

"Alex had his picture in the paper about a month ago," Chris continued. "We have a fenced yard, and he always stays in our yard unless the neighbors call him. The Thompson family lives next to us, and they have two young kids named Robbie and Katy. Robbie is 8 and Katy is almost 2. Joyce Thompson loves to have Alex in their yard to play with her kids, as they jump on my mutt, pull his ears, and even ride him. Alex loves those kids, and would protect them with his life. The fence is six feet high, but Alex can jump it like you and I can step over a curb. When the kids come out in the yard, Alex goes to the fence and whines. As soon as Joyce or Steve call to him, Alex bounds over the fence into their yard to play with the kids. I was in Japan, and B was taking care of my mutt for me. Alex got his invitation to go next door and jumped the fence to play with the kids. Joyce and Steve had a pool and had watched Alex keep the kids away from the water when the adults were not in the yard. The mutt always knew where both kids were, and made sure that they were safe. Things got freaky one day when Joyce had to go back inside the house to get a diaper for Katy."

Isaac was listening intently as he cuddled against the large body of his roommate. He loved learning more about Chris and his life.

"Alex was watching the kids when Joyce went inside," Chris continued. "The neighbor that lived on the other side of the Thompson's home is an old couple. John and Sue Joseph are retired, and always seem to be watching everything in the neighborhood. John was looking out the window and saw everything that happened. A strange man came up to the gate to the backyard of the Thompson house and saw Robbie walking around. The guy didn't see Alex playing with Katy. The man came into the yard and ran toward Robbie, trying to catch him. Alex went wild and ran across the yard and nailed the guy against the fence. My mutt went into his best impression of 'Cujo' as he barked and growled at the intruder. The man was terrified when he saw Alex snapping at him, and tried to retreat. Joyce heard the barking and snarling, and ran outside to see what was wrong. She saw the man and how Alex was ready to tear the guy apart. John had grabbed his handgun and screamed for his wife to call 911. He ran outside and jumped the fence like he was 12 years old, as the man ran out of the yard. Joyce screamed at Alex to 'GET HIM', and my mutt went postal. They guy didn't get far before Alex had him down on the ground with the guy's throat in his mouth. A police cruiser was in the neighborhood, and quickly responded to the emergency call. When they got there, John had a gun to the intruder's head and was threatening to blow his brains out. Alex had the guy by the throat, but had not bit down to kill the man. My dog can kill anyone in a heartbeat, but he seems to know when to kill and when to immobilize someone. The cops were afraid when they saw the size of Alex, but Joyce told them that she could control the dog and told Alex to let go of the man's throat."

"This is awesome to hear," Isaac admitted, "but I am afraid to ever meet your dog. It sounds like he is a killer."

"Alex will treat you the same as any visitor to our home," Chris said. "If I introduce you as a friend, he will let you tackle him and roll him around. He will tackle you too, and lick your face. He loves to bite the legs of a guy running with jeans on and take the guy down. If someone tries to hurt you, Alex will take them apart."

"What happened to the man who came into the yard?" Isaac asked.

"Things got wild when the police recognized the guy," Chris continued. "He was a convicted sex offender who just got out of prison after 15 years. He had raped a young boy, and was on parole. As part of his parole, he was ordered to be no closer than 500 feet from any school, playground, or young children. It was obvious that he wanted to kidnap Robbie. You and I can only imagine how bad things could have been for my little neighbor if the guy had been successful. The mutt had protected his little friends, and is now the favorite babysitter for many of the families in the neighborhood. All the neighbors want Alex to visit their yard and play with their kids. Even the teenagers love him, as he is very gentle and loves to catch a Frisbee that they throw. Alex had his picture in the paper with Katy riding nude on his back. The caption was 'baby Godiva' and was spread around the country. I think the mutt knows that he is a celebrity. Alex got rewarded for his protection of the kids with two huge porterhouse steaks that Steve cooked for him on the grille. The whole neighborhood was invited for the celebration, and B said that Alex had every kid in the neighborhood on his back before the party was over."

"You and I are off after classes on Thursday," Chris said. "Let's grab the Viper and head for your home and help pack. I like your parents, and would like to meet your brother. When you say that he is your best friend, that means a lot to me. Let's make it a long weekend and have some fun."

Isaac loved learning more about his roommate and his life away from CSU. He knew that Chris was a very open and honest guy and that made their bond even stronger. He wanted to see the look on Danny's face when he met the star athlete for the first time. He knew his little brother would go berserk when he met the guy that they had both talked about as being the best athlete in the world.

The two buddies cuddled close on Chris's bed, and drifted off to sleep. They had shared more than sex, as they were bonding together as true friends.

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