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CJ Chapter 9

Chris and Isaac woke up the next morning with sore asses. Chris decided to take his morning run, but Isaac was too sore to even walk to the bathroom across the hall without groaning. He wondered if his asshole had fallen out after the stretching his roomie had given it. He was glad that he had flushed himself out before the anal sex with Chris, as the thought of having a bowel movement caused him to be nauseated. He hoped that he wouldn't poop for a long time, as he knew it would hurt like hell.

Chris returned to the room after his run and shower to find Isaac asleep in his own bed. He got dressed, headed back out of the room and went to the cafeteria to get a large glass of water and ice. When he returned to the room, he dumped the entire contents of the glass on Isaac's head.

"WHAT THE FUCK!!!" Isaac screamed as he jumped out of the bed. When he realized what had happened, he was livid. "YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!" he screamed at Chris.

Chris was laughing so hard he couldn't talk. Isaac was throwing things at him and continued cussing at Chris. Chris finally regained control of his massive body and ducked or knocked away the pillows, shoes, and assorted items that Isaac was throwing at him. He grabbed Isaac and threw him on his large bed, pinning back both of Isaac's arms. Isaac was still pissed, but was immobilized by the strength and weight of his roommate.

Chris leaned down and kissed Isaac on the lips. At first Isaac resisted the kiss, but relaxed and finally returned the kiss. His anger turned to passion as he felt Chris's boner sliding back and forth against his own. He hoped that Chris didn't want to fuck him again, as his ass was still throbbing with pain.

Chris broke away from the kiss and said, "You are gonna have to cool your jets when someone pulls a prank on you. Getting ice water dumped on you is probably the tamest prank the guys at the house will ever pull. If you can't take a prank, they will throw your ass out on the street. I've had pancake syrup dumped in my hair, had my pants filled with shaving cream, and have been tied naked to a tree in the back yard when the sorority next door had an open house."

Isaac was shocked to hear what the Tri-Delts had done to Chris. He knew that the big athlete could kill anyone in the house with his Karate skills, but Chris had held back on use of his strength to allow the guys to have fun at his expense. Of course he had struggled, but he loved playing pranks and took his turn as the victim.

"Of course," Chris continued, "I always got even with the guys who messed with me. It is part of fraternity life. When you are getting even with someone, the other guys will stand back and watch the fun. They would never interfere to rescue anyone. It is too much fun to watch, and to see what new pranks are being pulled."

Isaac had settled down and realized that Chris had just given him important information about being around the Tri-Delts. If he had acted out in front of the guys at the house the same way he had just done with Chris, he would end up being "black balled". (Fraternities used to vote on pledges using small marbles that were dropped into a wooden box. Each member had a black and a white ball. When the pledge was brought up for a vote, two boxes were circulated among the members. The wooden box that was labeled "VOTE" would get the member's marble that showed his vote for the pledge. The other marble was dropped in the "DISCARD" box. The marbles were small so that no one could really see which color was being dropped into the boxes. When the voting was completed, the "VOTE" box was opened. If there was one black marble in the box, the pledge was denied membership. He had been "black balled".)

Many fraternities still used the ancient ritual of the marbles, but some, like the Delta Delta Delta fraternity had changed to a vote of hands. If a member voted against a pledge, the other members knew it and could challenge his reason for voting that way. They could not overrule the member's vote, but they could try to understand his reason for "black balling the pledge or convince him to change his vote. It was a more fair way of voting.

Isaac had just learned a valuable lesson. They both got off the bed to straighten the room before they headed for class. They both knew that they had an appointment to visit the Sig Ep house with Shannon and Kelly that afternoon. The two guys could invite the hot girls to visit the Sig Ep sorority without violating any Greek rules. It was Thursday afternoon when Chris and Isaac returned to their room to shower and get ready for the visit. They hit the shower room and found Delano and Cameron just finishing their showers.

"Are you guys interested in some hot pussy this afternoon?" Chris asked.

Both Delano and Cameron jumped at the offer, wondering what Chris had in mind. When they heard about the visit to the Sig Ep house, they quickly agreed, especially after Chris promised them a tasty pussy to eat and fuck. The four studs headed down to the lobby where Shannon and Kelly were waiting for them. The girls looked fantastic, and were dressed to impress the Sig Ep's. Chris wanted to rip Shannon's clothes off and eat her on the reception desk in the lobby. He would like to take a trip south on Kelly too, but Shannon had the face and body that he wanted to explore.

"I haven't met your brother yet," Chris said, trying to divert his attention from the two points where Shannon's nipples were poking out the front of her blouse. "I know he is an awesome basketball player and was highly recruited. I guess basketball must run in your family, since you got a scholarship to play women's basketball here too."

Shannon laughed and said she would introduce Chris to her brother, Brendan. Brendan had asked her to introduce him to CJ Hammer, knowing that CJ was committed to playing football, but not basketball. Brendan had told his sister that the basketball coach, Marcus Knight, wanted all of the basketball players to help convince CJ Hammer to play on their team.

The group of handsome guys and two beautiful girls attracted a lot of attention as they walked across the campus toward the Sigma Epsilon sorority. As soon as they got to the front door of the sorority, the door flew open with Amy and Melissa acting as the greeters. Several other sorority members were waiting in the living room to welcome the two hottest pledge candidates on campus to their sorority. Shannon and Kelly were treated like queens as they were offered something to drink by the sorority president, Erin French.

Chris and the guys left the two girls after it was obvious that they were very comfortable with their hostesses. Amy and Melissa were waiting for the four studs in the hallway. Several other girls were waiting to offer their bodies to Delano and Cameron. Chris grabbed Amy. Isaac grabbed Melissa. Delano chose Rachael, while Cameron picked Nicole. The four couples headed upstairs for some heavy body banging.

It was two hours later when the freshly fucked guys came out of the rooms and met in the hallway. They gave each other the "high five" after getting rid of their MSB. Chris had wished that he had been in the room with Delano and Cameron to watch them fuck the hot girls. He really wanted to see their hard cocks and how much cum they could shoot. He hoped that the two hot guys would be his pledge buddies and have a special bond with each other. Chris already knew that pledges were often nude during pledge hours. He also guessed from comments he had heard from Mike Mahley that guy sex at the Tri-Delt house was an accepted form of harassing the pledges. Mike was not supposed to tell any secrets about the fraternity and pledgeship, but it is hard to keep secrets when you have 12 1/2 inches of hard cock shoved up your ass. Mike had begged Chris not to reveal the secrets to other prospective pledges. Some of the members of the fraternity were straight, but they all had taken the trip south on another guy at one time or another.

Erin told the well-fucked guys that Shannon and Kelly were being "entertained" by several of the sorority members. Chris told her that he was jealous, and wanted to "suck Shannon's pussy until her head caved in". Erin laughed and said that she wanted to do the same thing, but would wait her turn. She did confide in the four guys that both Shannon and Kelly were not wearing panties under their skirts when they got to the sorority. It had made it much easier for the sisters to get their faces where they wanted to be.

"I think that qualifies as 'overshare'," Chris laughed. Secretly he had hoped that Shannon would want to have his face between her legs instead of another girl.

The four guys decided to head back to the Jacobs Dorm and have supper together. They all needed showers after fucking their brains out. Amy was on the rag, but she had blown Chris and taken his cock up her ass. Anal sex had always been Chris's favorite. A pussy gets loose and sloppy after a few hours of steady fucking, but an ass always stays tight. He loved the feel of the different parts of the rear door of a guy or girl. Feeling his large cock pop inside the sphincter was always a thrill, but feeling his long cock stretch out the lower intestine and straighten it out, were awesome. The grip of the back door passage was always tighter than even a virgin's pussy. Chris had popped three cherries, but preferred the experienced cunts of girls that knew how to fuck, or the tight ass of a hot guy. The three virgins he had popped had all bled and screamed so bad that he had to pull out and fuck their mouths to pop his load. Amy knew that Chris would want to fuck, so she had flushed out her solid waste to prepare for an anal invasion.

Melissa had been ready for Isaac, and they had eaten and fucked each other for the entire time that the two studs were in their room. The four guys compared notes about the girls that they had just spent some quality time with.

"CJ," Delano began, "That was awesome! You said that we would score, but I never really believed it. Now I know that you don't lie. I'm gonna be honest with you. I want to visit the Tri-Delt house with you, and I will do ANYTHING to get a pledge bid to the most exclusive fraternity on campus. Everyone on campus knows that if you are a pledge or member of Delta Delta Delta fraternity, that you will get your pick of the hottest pussy and ass on campus."

Chris laughed and said that "anything" might be a dangerous word to use around horny guys.

"I'll blow every guy in the fraternity if that is what is necessary," Delano admitted. He was afraid that he had shared too much with his new friends.

"I will too," Cameron offered. "We've both seen the guys who are wearing the Tri-Delt letters, and they are all super studs. There isn't an average face in the entire house! Every member could be a movie star, and if they were, I would go to every film that they made."

"Be careful what you wish for," Chris advised. "You just might get your wish!"

"Well," Delano admitted, "we aren't the only horny guys who would do anything to pledge Delta Delta Delta. Harrison and Jarrett came back this morning, and they were both walking funny. I talked to them both, and they got their brains fucked out last night. There are a bunch of us at the Jacobs Dorm that have hooked up with each other. We all want to pledge the Tri-Delt house, and we know that CJ Hammer is the key to get us in. We have seen the meat that you have, and we all want to see how much of it we can swallow and take up our asses. I hope you will come to a party this weekend where we all will show you how much we want to be pledge buddies."

Isaac was afraid that Chris would dump their plans to go to Los Angeles and help his family move. He knew that he couldn't offer anything as attractive as a bunch of horny guys who wanted to suck and fuck. He had already called his parents and told them that CJ Hammer was going to help them pack. He told them not to tell Danny, as he wanted the visit to be a surprise for his best friend and brother. He wanted to see his brother's face when he met his roommate for the first time, but the chance of seeing that was disappearing quickly.

"Isaac and I have plans for the weekend," Chris said. "We are leaving tomorrow morning, and won't be back until Monday evening. We will also be gone the following weekend to go back to Los Angeles to help Isaac's family move. The next weekend I hope that Isaac will go home with me to meet my Dad and dog. Maybe we can have a little party during the week so Isaac and I can meet your special friends. I will be honest with you. Not every guy that wants to pledge the Delta Delta Delta fraternity will get a pledge bid. The fraternity loves diversity, and doesn't focus on jocks or brain heads. They want guys that will fit into the membership, and round out the fraternity with guys who are different."

Delano and Cameron understood that their new friends had prior commitments. They agreed to throw a party during the week so that Isaac and Chris could meet their intimate buddies.

Isaac was thrilled that Chris would not dump their plans for visiting his family. His opinions of the huge athlete increased when he listened to Chris refuse the offer of a party of horny guys to go home with him to help pack. He knew that if he were given the same choice, he would call his parents and say that he had to stay on campus for some reason instead of going home. He also loved to hear that Chris was going to ask him to go to his own home so he could meet B and Alex. It was awesome, and he knew that Chris was a very special friend.

The four satisfied studs got back to the Jacobs Dorm in time for the supper buffet. The food was fantastic, and Chris headed for the kitchen to congratulate the staff on another fantastic meal. He promised that he would be back on Monday in time to help prepare his special recipe of chicken soup. The staff was thrilled at hearing the compliments of the super star, and promised that they would have all of the ingredients for the special soup. They would also prepare some regular meat and potatoes food, just in case that the residents of the dorm didn't like the secret recipe.

Chris and Isaac finished their meal, enjoying the company of a bunch of hot guys and girls. They both wondered which of the guys at their table were in the exclusive group that Delano and Cameron had mentioned. They would have to wait to find out, as they both needed to shower and finish some last minute assignments for their classes. They listened to the phone messages that were waiting for them.

It was about 10:00 p.m. when Isaac said he was burned out from studying. He loved the intimacy he and Chris had been sharing, but knew that he wanted to get an early start the next morning to head home.

"I saved a load of cum for you," Chris said to Isaac. "I know that your ass is sore, but I hope that your mouth can take care of little Chris tonight."

Isaac giggled and said that he had saved a load of sperm for Chris too. He walked over to Chris and kissed him passionately.

Chris returned the passionate kiss, and said he was ready to unload in Isaac's mouth. They quickly undressed and got on Chris's bed, as it was the only dry one in the room. They got in the 69 position and immediately went to work. Two hard cocks were inhaled, and their moans were stifled with the hard cocks in their mouths. They slurped and sucked until they both shot their loads. Not a drop of cum was wasted, as they both were ready to exchange protein. They cuddled together and fell asleep.

The next morning, Chris woke up first, as his bladder demanded draining. It was a difficult task to untangle his body from Isaac's without waking his roomie. He finally gave up and threatened to dump ice water on Isaac if he didn't get his body off from the top of his.

They both laughed as they separated and grabbed towels to head across the hall to the toilet and shower area. Several other guys were hitting the showers as the two satisfied studs came in to wash off the combination of sweat and cum. They both checked out the eye candy in the shower, and added a few more names to the list of guys that they wanted as pledge buddies. They finished their showers, got dressed, and headed for the breakfast buffet. The food was fantastic, as usual. They finished their meal and headed back to their room to pack for their trip to Los Angeles. They grabbed their duffel bags, knowing that Chris's Viper didn't have a lot of storage area. They took the campus bus to the parking deck, where the attendants asked for autographs from Chris. He was prepared from their previous requests, and had brought several copies of his Olympic basketball picture to sign for the attendants. The Viper was brought down, and Chris and Isaac made a decision to remove the top and drive to Los Angeles without protection from inclement weather. Isaac knew that they could park the Viper inside the garage of his current home, and wanted to feel the air and sunshine from driving with the top off. Chris tossed the keys for the Viper to Isaac, saying that he didn't want to drive.

Isaac knew that Chris was lying, but he wanted to drive the muscle car into his neighborhood, hoping that everyone would see him behind the wheel. They cranked up the stereo and headed toward Isaac's home. It was a fantastic time for Isaac, as he felt the vibrations of the powerful engine cause his cock to throb with excitement. Chris teased him about popping a boner, and told his buddy to concentrate on driving. He told Isaac that they could "drive" each other some other time. Isaac was in heaven as he turned down the street where he lived. Many of the residents were in their yards, and they quickly recognized Isaac as the driver of the bright red muscle car with the loud exhaust system. When Isaac saw his brother, Danny, riding his bike down the street, he blew the horn and yelled at Danny. "Get your ass home!"

They had just pulled into the driveway when Mrs. Mendez opened the door to see what was making so much noise in her driveway. She was thrilled to see her son driving the fancy sports car. She ran outside, just as Danny pulled his mountain bike into the driveway.

Danny had recognized his brother driving the awesome car, and had raced home to hug his brother. When he got off his bike, he saw the guy that was riding shotgun with his brother. Danny froze. He had the autographed photo of CJ Hammer, but never expected to meet him in person. When Chris got out of the car to approach Danny, the young boy stopped breathing. He looked at the feet of the huge athlete and then let his eyes drift upward. When Danny's eyes got to the top of Chris's head, the boy's eyes rolled back and he passed out, falling backward on the grass.

At first, Isaac laughed, but then he realized that his best friend, his brother, had lost it. He ran toward the prone body of his younger brother where Chris was kneeling down. Mrs. Mendez told them to take Danny inside where she would take care of him. Chris picked the young boy up like he was a feather and carried him into the house. Isaac was laughing, saying that he never expected Danny to pass out from meeting his roomie.

"Lay him down on the couch," Mrs. Mendez said. "I will get some smelling salts to wake him up."

"I think we need to take him to the bathroom," Chris said. "I'm sorry, but I think he has wet himself and me."

Isaac roared. Danny had not only passed out from seeing how big his roommate was, but his little brother had pissed his pants and had flooded Chris with urine.

"I think that makes us even," Isaac said. "You poured ice water on me, and my best buddy just pissed all over you!"

"You jerk," Chris said. "Show me the way to the bathroom and get some clean clothes for him and me, or I will kick your butt!"

Mrs. Mendez was embarrassed. She never expected her youngest son to pass out when he met CJ Hammer, or to have him pee all over the famous athlete. She apologized profusely. Chris just laughed, and said that Isaac was right. It made the two roomies even after the prank he had played on Isaac.

Chris carried Danny up to the bathroom. The young boy was regaining consciousness, but was starting to cry. He was so embarrassed about wetting his pants that he wanted to die. Chris told Danny to chill out, as they both needed to take a shower and change their clothes. Chris left the bathroom to let Isaac take care of his little brother. Chris stood outside the bathroom and listened to Danny sobbing and saying that he could never face CJ Hammer after peeing on him.

"That asshole dumped ice water on my head yesterday," Isaac laughed. "You just did me the biggest favor of your life by pissing all over him! I wanted to pay him back for the ice water, and my best buddy just did it for me! You are awesome!"

Mrs. Mendez was standing in the hallway and heard what Isaac was saying to Danny. She apologized to Chris, but he just laughed.

"I deserved that!" Chris said. "I am trying to teach Isaac to take a prank and not get mad, and Danny just pulled a classic one on me. I love it! I'd like to hug you, but I will wait until after I get a chance in the shower and have some dry clothes on."

Mrs. Mendez laughed as she realized that the star athlete was a very special guy. She headed for the kitchen where she was preparing a special lunch for the entire family. Mr. Mendez was at the local moving company, where he was getting a new supply of storage boxes for their move. He pulled into the driveway and saw the powerful Viper sitting there. He went into the house where his wife told him about the unusual circumstances surrounding the arrival of their son and his roommate. Mr. Mendez laughed when he heard about Danny passing out and peeing all over Chris. He said he wished that he had been there to take pictures to tease his youngest son in the future.

Isaac and Danny left the bathroom after they had both showered. Chris headed in and washed off the urine that had soaked his entire body. Isaac had brought clean clothes for Chris into the bathroom, and told Chris that Danny wanted to run away to avoid any contact with Chris. Chris just laughed, and said that he could understand how Danny would be embarrassed, but told Isaac that if he ever teased his brother about what had happened, he would kick Isaac's ass.

Isaac loved his brother, and also didn't want Chris to go postal on him. He agreed to let Danny slide, and said he would try to calm his brother down.

Chris came out of the bathroom and went to the living room, where a bunch of boxes were waiting. He immediately offered to help pack more boxes, and asked where he could start.

"You and Isaac can help Danny pack up all the crap in his room," Mr. Mendez said. "He has had all week to pack, but so far, he had done nothing!"

Chris followed Isaac into the bedroom that he had shared with Danny. Danny was terrified that the huge guy would kick his ass for passing out and peeing on him. His face was filled with tears and fear, as he looked at the awesome athlete.

"I'll help you pack," Chris said softly, "as long as you promise not to pee on me again."

Danny lost it and started sobbing. Chris went up to the young guy and hugged him. Danny lost it, and sobbed his head off. He returned the hug and loved the feel of the massive muscles on CJ Hammer's body. He had heard that his brother was roommates with CJ Hammer, but never dreamed that he would ever meet the super star. Now he was being hugged by the big guy that he had pissed on, and he couldn't believe that CJ Hammer wasn't kicking his ass.

Chris picked Danny up and told him it was time for them to start over. He put Danny down and looked directly into the brown eyes that were filled with tears.

"Hi," Chris said. "My name is CJ Hammer, but you can call me Chris. All my friends call me Chris, and since you are Isaac's brother, I hope we can be friends too. I'd like to call you my little brother."

Danny choked back his tears and reached out his hand to shake the hand of the best athlete in the country. He tried to apologize, but Chris cut him off.

"We are starting over as if we had never met before," Chris said as he shook the hand of the trembling boy.

Isaac was watching how Chris handled his brother, and loved his roomie even more than before. Chris grabbed Danny and threw him on the bed and began tickling him. Danny's sobs turned into screams of laughter, as he loved the special attention. He begged Chris to stop, and Chris did. He hugged the small boy and told him that they were now buds, and he had to call him Chris from now on. Danny held onto Chris like a leech, savoring every moment that he was connected to the huge muscular body.

"Watch it Chris," Isaac teased, "or he will piss all over you again!"

Chris broke away from Danny and threatened Isaac. "If you say anything about what happened in the front yard, I will wait till you are asleep in our room and piss all over your head and face! Danny is now my little brother too, and I will protect him from assholes like you!"

Danny loved hearing that, and teased Isaac that he better shut up or get his ass kicked. They all laughed and began packing the contents of the room. The packing went really fast when three guys were working together. They labeled the boxes so that Danny would know what was from his room when they unpacked in their new home. He was thrilled that his big brother was home, as they had a very special bond. He was overwhelmed with the presence of the big jock that was now his friend. He couldn't wait until he called his buddies to tell them that CJ Hammer was at his house and said that he was now "his brother".

They continued working together, filling boxes and carrying them to the living room. The movers would pick up all of the boxes and large furniture the following Thursday to transport everything to the new home.

"Well," Hector said, "I can see that someone finally got their ass in gear around here!"

Chris and Isaac were both carrying boxes into the living room, and took time to greet Mr. Mendez.

"Hi Poppa," Isaac said as he hugged his father. The hug lasted a long time, as it was obvious that Hector and Isaac missed being together.

"I like hugs too," Chris said as he walked up to Mr. Mendez.

Hector took the hint and gave Chris a big hug. He was amazed how big and muscular the big athlete was. He had talked on the phone to his son and knew that Isaac and Chris were getting along great as roommates, and had visited the Tri-Delt house together. He wanted his son to become a pledge and then a member of the fraternity that had made such a big difference in his own life.

"I hope Isaac has cleaned up his language with you," Hector said.

"I have emptied two bottles of Dawn dishwashing liquid down his throat so far," Chris teased. "He is finally getting the message."

Everyone laughed as they realized that Chris was a real tease. The packing continued, and with the added help of Chris and Isaac, it was obvious that the large project of packing was going to be easily completed before the weekend was over. Mary Mendez announced that it was time for lunch, as she had been working in the kitchen for a long time.

"I know you have a big appetite from watching you eat in the dorm," Mary said to Chris. "I love to cook, and I know that you won't go away hungry."

Chris was embarrassed, but agreed that he was very hungry. Everyone took a break from the packing and ate lunch together. It was a great meal, and Chris had to finally refuse the offers of refills from Mrs. Mendez. The work crew went back to work and finished packing all of the upstairs rooms before they called it quit for the day.

"Do you guys want to see the new house?" Hector asked.

Isaac and Chris both wanted to visit the new home and check out the neighborhood. Hector said he would empty out the van so they could all ride together. Danny was whispering to Isaac, and Chris figured that something was up.

"Go ask him," Isaac whispered to Danny.

"You ask him for me," Danny pleaded.

Chris smiled as he realized what the two brothers were talking about. Any 15-year-old guy in the world would want to take a ride in a Viper. He tossed the keys to the Viper to Isaac and said that he would ride with the "rents" to the new house.

"He wants you to drive him there," Isaac admitted. "Danny is hoping that some of his friends will see him with you and your crappy ride."

Chris laughed and asked Mr. and Mrs. Mendez if Danny could ride with him in the Viper. Danny was afraid his parents would say "no" but was thrilled when they said "yes". He punched the air with his fist and screamed "YES!"

"Do you know how to get to the new house?" Chris asked.

"Of course I do," Danny said. "I'm not a retard like my asshole brother!"

Isaac cuffed the back of his brother's head. Mrs. Mendez said she was going to find the dish soap if she heard any more nasty language. They all helped load some boxes in the van that had things that Mrs. Mendez wanted to take to the new house. The previous owners had moved out during the week and now that the new house was empty, she could do some cleaning.

"We'll be there in a while," Chris said. "I think I want to meet some of Danny's friends if that is okay."

Danny was in heaven. Not only was he going to take a ride in the awesome car, but he could show off to his buddies that he was a friend of CJ Hammer. Danny's friends didn't really believe that Isaac was rooming with CJ Hammer, even after seeing the autographed photo with the special note written to him. Danny had a boner from the excitement of being with Chris. Isaac teased him about it. Mrs. Mendez noticed the bulge in the front of her youngest son's shorts and turned away muttering something about "Boys and their toys".

Danny was thrilled when he heard the Viper come to life. They cruised around the neighborhood and found several of Danny's friends along the way. Each time a friend was located, Chris stopped the car to talk to the boy. Danny was a celebrity for introducing his friends to CJ Hammer. He told each of his friends that only he and Isaac could call CJ, Chris, and that Chris called him, his brother. The other boys were extremely jealous of Danny's status, and wished that they could take a ride in the muscle car.

"Thanks a ton," Danny said to Chris. "That was awesome that you took me to see my buds. They are all so fucking jealous right now!"

Chris and Danny got to the new house about an hour later than the rest of the family. Danny was still excited as he told his parents and brother about all the friends they had seen and how jealous the other guys were.

Hector took Chris on a complete tour of the new house. It was huge and in a great neighborhood. The neighbors were working in their yards when the loud Viper pulled into the long circular driveway, and several recognized the famous athlete. The doorbell rang, and Danny ran to the front door. He opened it to see his new friend, Joey standing there.

"Was that really CJ Hammer driving that sweet ride?" Joey asked Danny.

"Yup," Danny answered. "Do you want to meet him?"

Joey was shy, but finally admitted that he was hoping to meet CJ and maybe ask for an autograph. Danny dragged his friend into the kitchen where Chris was helping Mrs. Mendez clean out the kitchen cabinets. It was easy for Chris to reach to the backs of the top cabinets. Mrs. Mendez would have had to use a step stool or ladder, but when you are 6 foot 10 inches tall, you have some advantages.

Danny introduced Chris to Joey. The boy was silent as he shook the huge hand of the famous athlete. He just stared at Chris's eyes, but couldn't speak.

"He wants your autograph," Danny offered. "Joey is a little shy at first, but when you get to know him, he is a neat guy. He was the first guy in this neighborhood to say 'Hi' to me, and I hope we are gonna be buds."

Joey had a death grip on Chris's hand. He was staring at the handsome face of the super star, and loved listening to the mellow tones of the deep baritone voice with the Texas accent.

"Can I have my hand back now?" Chris asked.

Joey was embarrassed. He let go of the huge hand and just stood in the kitchen, absolutely silent.

"Maybe you should take a break for a while," Mary Mendez said.

"Can I take Danny and Joey down to the 7-11 for a cold drink?" Chris asked.

"Only if his parents say it is okay" Mary responded. "You may have to be the one to ask them, as it seems like Joey has lost his voice."

Chris knew that the Viper was designed for only two people, but he figured that the two boys could sit on the passenger seat together for the short ride to the 7-11. Danny finally got Joey to talk long enough for them to go next door and ask permission from Joey's parents for the short trip. Two smiling faces came back to the Mendez house, indicating that permission had been granted.

Joey finally relaxed enough to comment on how awesome the Viper was, as the huge engine roared to life. Chris made sure that the two dudes were buckled up in the seat belt before he headed out of the circle drive. Chris drove slowly until they were away from the street where the new home was located. He saw that there was no traffic, so he stopped the Viper and told the two teens to hold onto their asses. He revved up the huge engine and let the Viper loose. The tires screamed as hundreds of miles of tread were deposited on the pavement. He threw a perfect power shift into second gear, and the Viper's tires screamed again. Both boys were screaming with pleasure as they felt the muscle car accelerate. Chris threw another perfect power shift into third gear. The tires screamed again. He finally let off the accelerator, allowing the powerful car to slow down with the exhaust system bellowing the deep-throated sounds of thunder.

"I hope you guys don't tell anyone about that," Chris asked. "If you say anything, I won't be able to take you on a ride again."

Both boys yelled out their promises not to tell anyone about the awesome ride. Chris knew that they would brag to their buddies, but hoped that they wouldn't say anything to their parents. They coasted into the parking lot of the 7-11, where a bunch of guys and girls were standing around. The Viper was an immediate magnet, as all of the teenagers came up to see the hot car. Joey knew most of the kids and introduced them to Danny and CJ Hammer. All of the teenaged boys knew who CJ Hammer was from the Olympic games. Some of the girls recognized the name, but all of them wanted to see the handsome guy who was driving the hot car.

It was a flashback for Chris. He remembered his middle school and high school years, and how important it was at that age to "be cool". He played along with the game, as Danny was an obvious celebrity. It would help Danny find new friends, and Chris hoped that they would not be a bad influence on his young friend. When Chris got out of the car, the entire group was shocked. They knew he was a big guy, but they had never been that close to a 6 foot 10 inch athlete that weighed 320 pounds. After their initial shock, the girls wanted to feel Chris's muscles, while the guys just stood back and seemed embarrassed at their own body stature. Chris flexed his arm muscles for the girls to feel, and made a point of shaking all of the guys' hands. The guys seemed to relax. The big athlete was a really neat guy, and he was talking to them like they were his friends. Chris was an instant hit, and he offered to treat the entire group to a cold drink. Everyone quickly accepted the offer and headed inside the 7-11.

The store clerk was from the Middle East, and immediately told the teens that only two of them were allowed in the store at the same time. Chris walked up to the shithead that could hardly speak English, and told him the teens were his friends, and that if the clerk had a problem with having customers, they would spend their money somewhere else. When the clerk saw how intimidating the big man was he calmed down and let the teens pick out their drinks. Chris paid for all of the drinks and warned the clerk not to harass his friends in the future.

It was an awesome experience for Danny and Joey. They were now elevated to celebrity status among the other kids in the neighborhood. They finished their drinks and headed back to the Mendez home, dropping Joey off at his home.

Danny was bubbling over as he told his parents and brother about the trip to the 7-11 and all the new friends he had met. He never said anything about the tire burning of the awesome Viper, but said that he and Joey had loved the ride. Isaac loved seeing his brother so happy. He correctly guessed that the ride was something special, but he decided not to question Danny or Chris until the parents weren't around. He could read his brother's mind, and knew that the young dude was in orbit from the short trip.

"We have accomplished more in one day than I expected during the entire weekend, " Hector said. "I think we deserve a nice meal at a restaurant. Chris, where do you want to eat?"

Chris was embarrassed. His face turned red, and Isaac loved it. Seeing his roomie blushing made Isaac pop a woody. He wanted to eat Chris for supper, but decided that sex would have to wait until they returned to their dorm room.

"Anyplace is fine with me," Chris admitted. "Why don't we let Danny decide."

Danny loved being the center of attention, and quickly picked his favorite restaurant, The Outback. Chris loved the food there. He knew that the portions were very generous, and he was very hungry. They left the new home with Isaac driving the Viper with Danny riding shotgun. Chris rode with Mary and Hector. They had a great meal that was interrupted a few times with people wanting autographs from CJ Hammer. Chris was used to the attention, but Danny was thrilled.

They headed back to the old Mendez home, noticing a lot of people milling around on the streets. It was obvious that drug dealers and prostitutes were beginning their evening activity.

"I'm so glad that we are getting out of this neighborhood," Mary said. "It used to be such a nice area, but now I am afraid to drive around here at night. We are so lucky to have Mike Martin as a friend. He was able to sell our home, and his so we can get out of here. Danny has had trouble with some of the kids in gangs that want him to join them. I want my boy to be in a safe place."

Chris knew that Los Angeles had a lot of gang related problems, but also had areas that were beautiful and safe. He was happy that the Mendez family was moving to a place where they would be safe. Isaac parked the Viper in the garage and closed the door. He knew that leaving the muscle car outside would be an open invitation to car thieves. Everyone was tired, and decided to go to bed. 

Isaac and Daniel had always shared a room. Danny offered to sleep on the sofa in the living room to let Chris and Isaac sleep in his room. Chris refused the offer, saying that he liked to sleep on the floor as long as he had a pillow. The parents tried to intervene, but Isaac told them that Chris was being honest, and that the three boys could all sleep in the same room, as long as Danny didn't fart all night. Everyone but Danny laughed. He then realized that his big brother was pulling his chain again, and said that Isaac was the champion farter in the family.

"I know what you mean," Chris teased. "It's a good thing I don't smoke, as Isaac's gas in our room would blow the entire dorm off the face of the earth!"

"I think I have heard enough about farts," Mary Mendez said. "You guys all stink, so take showers and go to bed."

The three boys headed upstairs and got undressed. Danny saw the scars on Chris's back and asked how he got them.

"Jesus, Danny," Isaac said, "don't ask personal questions like that."

It's okay," Chris replied. "When I was 12, there were some people that didn't like me, and they gave me those scars. Just because you are bigger than other guys doesn't mean that you can't be hurt. Being big draws a lot of guys out who want to prove they are bad asses. I have had guys try to kick my butt just to prove that they are 'the man'. I don't like to fight, but if I have to, I can take care of myself."

Danny apologized, but appreciated that Chris was not mad at him and had answered his question. He marveled at how muscular Chris was, and that the star athlete was not reluctant to undress in front of him. When he saw Chris drop his boxers, he gasped as he saw the huge meat that hung between Chris's legs. Danny knew that his brother had a huge dick, but he had never seen anything as big as the dick that Chris had.


"How big is that dick when it is hard?" Danny asked.

Isaac told him to shut up. Chris laughed and said that guys don't get to pick their dick like an option on a new car. He said he was born with a big one, and had to live with people making comments about how big he was. He wrapped a towel around his waist and went to the bathroom to take his shower. He wished that Isaac could shower with him, but realized that he would have to wait a few days for intimacy with his roomie.

Chris slept on the floor in the carpeted bedroom, but woke up with Danny cuddled next to him. Chris had to pry the young guy away from his body to get up and drain the main vein. When he got to the bathroom, he realized that his fly on his boxers was unbuttoned. He knew that it was buttoned when he laid down, and guessed that Danny had been doing a little sexual research when he was asleep. He returned to the bedroom and found Danny still asleep on the floor. He picked the young guy up and put him in his own bed, and then got dressed for his morning run. He was out of the house at 6:00 a.m. and ran for over an hour. When he returned to the house, he found Isaac waiting for him at the front door.

"I was gonna go running with you this morning," Isaac said, "but I woke up early and saw that Danny was sleeping with you, and I figured that you might not sleep very good with him hugging you. I fell asleep again, knowing that you were being a cool friend with my brother. When I finally woke up, I saw Danny in his own bed, and you were gone. I hope you aren't mad at him for sleeping with you. My brother idolizes you, and wants to be your friend."

"Danny is a cool kid," Chris said. "I wish that I had a younger brother like you do. Maybe I will steal him from you and make him my little brother."

Isaac laughed and said there was no way he would let his little brother go. He loved him and would kill anyone who tried to take him away.

Chris took a shower, as the rest of the family woke up and got ready for breakfast. They ate together and made plans for what needed to be packed.

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