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I had been at college for a full year and only had one bit of action, wasn't even in college. It was going to be in the toilets with this nice guy but we ended up going to the cinema and not watching much of the movie. He was nice enough but we don't talk too much anymore. He was about 5ft 7, medium to thin build, bloppy, mousey brown hair, deep blue eyes and the softest looking lips I'd ever seen. I'm 5ft 6, slim build, slightly toned, chocolaty coloured hair, gelled back, kind of medium length, hazel eyes and some light stubble.

The cinema had been dark having only 4 screens in the whole complex. I nuzzled his shoulder and he returned the favour. I couldn't stop smiling, he smelt great. Gently laving over I kissed his neck as I pressed my leg into his. There was no one over at out side of the seating area so one could see a thing. My hand found his leg and my thumb grazes it, squeezing the denim material, again he returned it.  Fuck, I was so turned on by it all h grazed the head of my semi hard cock halfway up my trouser leg. Oh... I couldn't help but purr a little, I was so turned on. We had shown our capabilities over cam and microphone, but now he was teasing me, making me throb. He opened his legs a bit more as I cupped his balls in my hand and nuzzled his shoulder again. He smiles and reached over and I lifted my shirt, partly to let him in at what he wanted. My zip came down and the catch on my trousers and his hand was on the flesh inside my boxers. The hand stroked it up and down as he gently took my cock and balls out through the opening, pulling my foreskin back and pumping my shaft in his hand.

"Lean back Alex..." he instructed me reassuringly.

As I leant back he came further down and I could have come in his mouth right there and then. My 20 year old 7 thick inches of meat, was being pleasured by the softest 18 year old lips I'll ever have the pleasure to know. I really tried to stay focused, but his lips, his tongue, all this action together and in a public place was doing untold tings to me. My hips began thrusting gently into his open mouth as I scratched at the back of his neck.

            "That was so good Paul!" I whispered too him as the film continued and he leant up from my lap. That was when I got off of my chair and slowly undone his jeans. Paul was also about the same size, but thin and the top and nice and thick at the base. I let it out and made a fist round it. I loved reaching the base, where it was thickest. I kissed his pulsing shaft and flicked my tongue at his head, as he began to stroke himself for me. Ad I tasted his stiffness I tried to take most of it in, it as getting harder in my mouth, the suddenly...he stopped.

"You're going to make me all messy if you continue with this." He blurted out. Somewhere inside I wanted to just suck him more as he took my head off him and he buttoned back up. Shocked and partly let down I continued to watch the film.


            Later on that day when I returned home I did my usual, took my cock out and jacked off to the whole situation and what could have happened. I've heard of people having sex in the cinema, and wished I had been one of those people. I continued with the usual activities then, had dinner, went on the computer so surf the net and went to bed, to get ready for college the next day.

The next morning I woke up a little different than usual...something seemed...possible. Right then and there I had no idea what it was but I just couldn't place my finger on it. Like most I had fantasised about people in college, different classmates and a select couple of younger looking lecturers. One guy just let me fall in love with him though. Jason was me, but almost in a different body, about 5ft 10, spikey, dyed blonde hair with dark rots, very pretty blue eyes, a good chest and a nice ass, especially in a pair of jeans. Jason was the one I wanted, I had been turned down twice but something did seem possible today, but it wasn't that, we were just good friends, it might never happen.

As I got ready, after dressing in my black trousers a thin black long-sleeved jumper and by long black coat and bag I headed out the door. I began to think of all the new guys in my class, only 2 were probably to my liking although 4 wouldn't miss it. Then obviously Jason and one of the lecturers from a previous course at the same college, a guy called Johnny. He was about 5ft 10-11, late 20s messy brown hair, glasses, a hell of a decent chest, nice arms and a great flash of a smile. It was like having a hunk of an older brother. Greg on the other hand was tall and blonde, slightly toned and had spoken to me once, previously. He was about 18-19, blue eyes, short blonde hair about 5ft 10 and a slight tan. Jamie was about 18 too, 5ft 7-8, tanned, dark brown hair, kind of spiked out at the front like spider legs, nice ass again and rather toned. Only other thing was that he had been with his girlfriend for 3 years.

            I walked into college after getting off the bus. Jason had already run on in front to catch up with some others and I looked about. I could blatantly see guys, nice guys, watching me. In my head I willed it to stop and lo and behold, it just happened. I t was as if when I wanted it to, the world would be put in a dream like state where any guy looked at me...well an hot guy. So I wondered as I walked what this would lead to. In the canteen, Jason and I sat down, as I drank my morning hot chocolate. I yawned a little yawn as Jason got up and told me he'd go to the toilet then up to class, I said I'd wait a while.

Turning to watch Jason go I see, right on cue, my target, for this new found feeling. Scott. 19 year old stud, English accent, long, black curly hair. Nice arms, decent body, not that I had seen it get but from the look of him it was. And the most rock hard ass in a pair of jeans I'd ever seen. Today he wore a black Velvet Revolver t-shirt and blue jeans and came over. I smiled,

"Hey Scott." I greeted him.

"Hey Alex, where's Jason?" He asked me.

"Just at the toilet, then going up to class, I want to finish this" and held up my paper cup.

At that moment I saw my chance and willed what I wanted and he began to look at me differently and took my hand as I grabbed my bag and headed out with him. No one watched and it seemed so sudden. He opened the toilet door and took me into a cubicle and smiled at me.

"This is what you want Alex, isn't it?" he breathed out.

I couldn't do anything else, I just let my bag down on the floor and nodded sheepishly. Scott raised his hand and rubbed my cheek.

"It's okay, you're safe now...I'm here" and with that I threw myself into his arms and placed my head on his strong chest my hands placed on his broad upper back, his bag too, now on the floor. He held me tight as I nuzzled a little at his chest and smelled him and he smelt damn good. My long fingers trailed down to his waist and looked at hi, he just smiles and leaned in, pushing his wet lips to mine. I pressed myself against him as we kissed and slipped my warm hand up his shirt to feel his body. My hands ran up his abs and rubbed his chest and he moaned a little and stopped the kiss. His hands took the bottom of his shirt and lifted it over his head and sat it on his bag. I smiled and brought him closer by hooking my finger in the top of his jeans and smirking at him and I shed my jacket and lifted my shirt up too, pressing our chest together, my hands on his forearms.

"Mmmm you're so warm" I complimented him. My slender hands all over his soft masculine skin. I had waited for this for so long and I knew I was going to get it. Scott kissed me again and sat me on the toilet lid, his bulge apparent through his tight jeans. Fingers wandered up to his crotch and cupped him, feeling the warmth of it, teasing the head slightly.

"It's yours, take it" he encouraged me, as both my hands easily undid his jeans and followed the zip down and let them fall off of him. His white boxers clung to him for dear life and his hardon was leaking at the tip. I licked my lips and watched him as he watched me, my fingers edging into his waistband and sliding them down so he was virtually naked before me. My hands ran up his legs and cupped his ac the other one making a fist round his shaft, my hazel eyes watching him as my lips pressed gently onto his covered head his own hands taking his boxers down eager to be unclothed infront of me. I started to shed my own clothes as my own tent began to show. My hardness sprung from my boxers as I looked at myself, standing here with the guy I wanted. His strong arms pulled me tight against him pressing his broad chest against mine. My cock was aching as it gently grazed against his and again we kissed grinding himself against me. My hands slipped down between us to cup him and he breathed oh so gently into my mouth. Slender fingers ran up to the middle of his shaft and made a fist and started to pull back and forth, showing the nice purple head off.

Scott began to gently hump into my hand as I rubbed his broad back. My cock leaked out, his own fingers teased it, leaning his head into the crook of my neck and closed his eyes, his breathing becoming heavier as he leaned against me pressing me against the wall. I knew he was abut to blow, his breathing made me realise that, and he did. 5 bit jets of the stuff on my stomach. I had helped one guy I had wanted for so long, into some release. Our lips smashed together again as he started to stroke mine in the exact same fashion I had just done him. It wasn't long until I came too and over his stomach. We kissed for a few minutes and I petted his soft face and looked into those big brown eyes of his.

We cleaned up and kissed a few more times and left the toilet and I switched my little miracle off. I saw his stagger and then regain his balance and walk again. I followed his to the new college building watching the perfect ass .