This work contains scenes of sex between two males. If you are under the age of 18, or if it is illegal for you to read such material in your state or country, or if you are offended by this type of material, then please do not read any further.

Please remember the following:
This story is a complete work of fiction.
All characters have been renamed from their original names.
This story is based upon the author's fantasy.

College Community Service Conference

It was the Spring semester of Mike's senior year. Ever since his freshman year, he has been apart of a community service group on campus. Mike was even doing his minor with the group since it was an academic learning center as well. For the minor, there are two classes you have to take before doing an internship. One class is offered only in the fall and the other in the spring. After taking both classes, you take two semesters of an internship and then another semester to do a Senior project.

This semester, Mike was doing his senior project. He helped put together and run a committee to plan events for World AIDS Day on December 1st. They were taking the whole were to plan and do smaller events throughout the year. Furthermore, in doing the senior project, Mike has to be at the organization meeting which is always the first hour of each class being offered. This semester there was one student in the class that Mike has his eye on. His name was Brian and he was on the baseball team.

Brian was about Mike's height, 5'9". While mike weighted about 220lbs with a little flab, Brian seamed to weight about the same but with muscle. Brian has dark brown hair while Mike had black hair. The one thing that drove Mike wild was Brian has always worn sweatpants that seamed to draw attention to his groin area. Mike would always take glimpses at Brians groin as often as he could; he always dreamed of how Brian's cock looked like (how big it was, how think it was, how low his balls hung, all the important stuff). If you couldn't tell, Mike is interested in guys, but he's bi. Brian, on the other hand, Mike hopes that he is atleast bi so he could atleast try and do something with him.

During the semester, the Learning Center was invited to go to a conference in Philadelphia. Mike, Brian, and Kerry said they would go to it. Since the conference was on a Thursday into Friday, they knew they wouldn't be missing too many classes. When the day came around, all three met by the office to meet the Residence Hall Director of the building where the Learning Center was along with the the Quad Director. All 5 piled into the van they rented for the trip and made their way to Philly.

Arriving there at around 1 that afternoon, the group didn't have time to stop by their hotel to drop off their things. Instead, they went directly to the hotel in which the conference was being held. During the time they spent there, they attended the two sessions on Thursday afternoon, which seams to drag on forever though Mike, Brian and Kerry liked the second one they has attended. The project that the presentor talked about really struck a connection with them and they were able to relate what they had learned through the Learning Center to the presentation.

For dinner, everyone was invited to Independence Hall, which has recently opened up. It was a very nice building and had exhibits dedicated to the constitution and the bill of rights. Dinner was buffet style followed by a performance one of the staff members about the constitution. Brian and Mike were both a bit bored by it. Once that was over with, they caught the first ride back to the hotel so they could drive to their hotel.

Finally in their rooms, everyone was happy to relax. Brian and Mike were in one room, Kerry by herself in another, and Cathy and Nathalie (the RHD and Quad Director) in a third. Brian flipped on the TV and said:
"You know if there is anything good on right now?"
"Probably. Though, would you mind watching ER at 10?"
Brian casually responded "Nah, I try and catch it once in awhile myself."
"I could really use a beer right now, too bad there isn't a bar near by."
"ha ha, well, then you are going to love me right now. I actually have a small bottle of Barcardi Vanilla in my bag. I brought it with me incase something like this happened."
"Dude, you are my type of man. What are you waiting for, break it open."
"yeah, I should," Brian replied heading over to his book bag. He also grabbed his Chemistry textbook out of it. "Gotta try and do some studying too."
"Booze and books, that's always a winning combination."
"Ha ha, yeah."
As ER started, the two grabbed two cups from the room and drank the small amount of liqour that was available. Mike laid back to watch the episode as Brian tried to study a little.

As ER came to an end, Mike got up and stripped down to his boxers. Right as he was doing this, Brian said, "Oh, do you mind if I sleep in my boxers only? I usually sleep like that or in nothing at all depending on how tired I am."
"Nah, that's fine. Sleep however you want, I usually sleep in my boxers too."
"Then you wouldn't mind if I slept nude?"
"Nope. It's not like I haven't seen someone naked before anyway."
"Yeah, true, everyone is usually running around the locker rooms nude after practice."
"Yeah, it's good as long as it doesn't embarass anyone."
"Yeah, true."
"Aight, I am gonna take a shower. If you feel like heading off to sleep, go right ahead."
"Sure, no prob.," Brian replied from his bed. The two boys were in a room with two beds, this way no one slept together.

While in the shower, Mike heard a knock on the door and told Brian to come in.
"Mind if I take a piss?"
"Nah, knock yourself out. But I'm about to finish in here just so you know."
"Oh, giving me a warning cause you're embarassed?" Brian said jokingly.
"Who me? I'm not embarassed about anything. Just wanted to give you a heads up."
As Mike turned off the water and opened the curtain, he found Brian standing there nude and just finishing up with the toilet. Mike almost gasped for air as he saw Brian's 4.5in soft cock dangling off his body not too far from himself. But Mike just continued to do what he would have done whether Brian was there or not. Grabbing a towel and drying off, Mike grabbed his clean pair of boxers and slide them on covering his 3.5in soft cock.
"Oh, not going to sleep in the nude like me?" Brian asked suggestingly.
"Why, got something planned for tonight?"
"No, not really. Just thought I'd ask, that's all."
"oh, . . . ok."

Back into the main part of the room, the two laid in their beds watching the news before heading off to bed. Mike could tell Brian was a bit restless. After about 20 minutes of justing laying there, Brian broke the silence.
"Hey, umm, Mike. Can I ask you something?"
"Yeah, what's up?"
"Ummm, well, this is awkward for me to ask. . . ."
"Well, would you ever consider giving another guy a blowjob or anything like that?"
"Hmmmmmm . . . . . Yeah, I guess so, but not a complete stranger though. Probably someone I've gotten to know enough."
"Oh, I see."
"Why do you ask?"
"well, would you ever consider giving me one? Cause right now I'm horny as hell, and I usually have my girlfriend or a friend take care of it, ya know?"
"Yeah I know."
"Soooo, . . . . would ya?"
Without needing to respond, Mike got up and walked the two feet to Brian's bed and tore the sheets that were covering him and got in. Brian positioned himself so that he could get easy access to his now already hard cock. Mike quickly found out that the cock he was lusting over was a monster and a beauty. It was 9 inches long, about 5 in circumference and low hanging balls. Mike was in heaven and started licking Brian's balls. Slowly he moved on to the thick rod and sucked him like he's sucked no one before.
"Oh God Mike, that feels sooooooo goooooooooooooood," Brian muttered through the moans he was letting out.

After about 10 minutes, Mike sensed that Brian was gonna shoot soon, so he stopped.
"Brian, I know you are gonna come soon . . ."
"Yes, yes, please continue!"
"I want you in me . . . in my ass."
"What!? . . . ok, sure, whatever, as long as I get to cum tonight," Brian said very quickly.
Mike got on his back, Brian lubed his dick with some lotion he had and slowly entered Mike's waiting hole. As he entered, Brian moaned and shuddered in pleasure; Mike knew he was in ecstacy. Mike has a little bit of pain at first, but not much since he was used to having a dick in his ass.
Moving his dick in and out, Brian was in so much pleasure, he could only muster out a few "Oh GodS."
Within a couple of minutes, Brian tensed up and rammed himself one last time into Mike and exploded, sending spurt after spurt of hot cum into Mike's ass. The two laid there silently for about 5 minutes as Brian pulled himself out and panting form getting exhausted.

Breaking the silence, Mike asked "Would I be able to do you? It would only be fair."
Thinking it over, Brian hesitantly said yes.
"Is it going to hurt any?" Brian asked.
"Well, one thing I could do for you is slowly finger your ass until you are loosened up enough, and then put my dick in your ass so it wouldn't hurt as much."
"I guess so, but please make it as painless as possible."
Mike took the lotion and put some on Brian's hole and some on his fingers. Slowly he started to finger Brian's hole working one finger. Soon, he was on to two and then finally three. By then, Mike was satisfied that Brian was loosened up enough.
"Alright, I'm going to do it now, but you have to keep yourself loose, so as you feel me pushing against you, push out like you're letting out a fart."
As Mike pressed against Brian's hole, he felt Brian push out and his throbbing 7.5 inch dick slide in. Mike knew he was close to cumming, so he didn't take long to cum. It took him about 6 or 7 minutes because the pleasure he got from Brian hitting his prostate was still there.
The two got up and cleaned up and made sure the bed was also clean for Brian to sleep in it.

Mike heard Brian's alarm go off, but Mike just wanted to stay in bed for a bit longer. However, that didn't happen. Mike felt something now in the bed with him but didn't think much of it since he was still groggy from sleep. Suddenly, he felt lips on his cock and quickly saw Brian giving him a blowjob.
"Good morning sunshine," Brian said while taking a pause.
"Well well, this is a good morning."
"Well, you could make mine good too."
"Here, lay in bed with me but in the opposite way. You suck me while I suck you."
"Sure, why not."
The two boys humped each other's face for about ten minutes before Mike blew his load in Brian's mouth. Brian not being used to it still took all of it down without complaint. Mike then got up and turned himself around. Before Brian knew what was happening, Mike was taking his monster cock into his ass again and humping him like crazy. Just as Brian erupted in Mike's ass, Mike shot a second, but smaller load then and there.

Mike gave Brian a passionate kiss on the lips. The two knew things would never be the same between them, but they were fine with it.
Brian got up, and went to take a shower. Mike got cleaned up and dressed, and they went down to meet the others in the lobby. After lunch, the group hit the road back to school.

The entire way home, Brian and Mike gave each other big smiles. Once they were back, Mike gave Brian his number and where he lived.
"Gimme a ring or stop by if you ever want to do that again. I know that you are probably straight and all, but that doesn't mean you can't check out your options, right?"
"Sure, I'll give you a call this weekend."
"Talk to you then."
The two walked their separate ways to their rooms. As soon as he got back to his room, Mike jerked off over the thoughts of what had just happened.

The End. Questions, comments, email me.