College Drunken Lullabies


            Hi my name is Chase. I am the last of three triplets that my mother had about 20 years ago. I am rather short, a little extra baggage, but not overly obese like the rest of America is. I have one brown eye and one blue eye, and jet black hair that is normally spiked except when I wake up late. My other brothers either have either brown or both blue. Both of my parents were full blooded Eskimo and in turn I look like an Asian at times.

            I consider myself a song writer even though I don’t think I have an amazing voice like the three tenors. I write mostly about my life and what I am going through, at times it seems like I am a sadistic child with no hope in my life at all. But that is far from where I am. I lead a happy life; I have a few really close friends, and one in particular that turned out to be really close. Dak is his name. For a while he thought he was straight, but that one night at college changed everything.

            Dak is a little taller than me and is in the National Guard. He is built like a bull and looks amazing with his finally chiseled stomach, pecs and arms. His eyes are beautiful amber and his smile could light up even the darkest room. He has the friendliest attitude and it shows all the time. Even more so when he gets drunk; this pretty much brings us to our story.

Chapter 1

            Last weekend was our last football game of the year and we now have our Saturdays back to ourselves. So he and I decide to go party and live it up. After a good hour of searching around for a party we finally find the Sigma Tau Gamma party over near Maple Street and since I know several of the members they let us in no problem. We hang out and have quite a few drinks and are the life of the party; which is weird for me because generally I stay in the back and am too afraid of what other people think of me. It’s the exact opposite with Dak; he loves the center of attention and can’t stand it when he is not. I guess I was drunk enough to the point where he convinced me to do anything. After a while we both get tired and head back to our dorms.

            As we get back we head downstairs and hear weird noises coming from his room and he decides not to go in fearing what he might find his roommate doing. So we head up to my room and chill. Since we both partied it up over at Sig Tau he asks if he can take a shower and I let him. He starts stripping down and he says for me to go ahead and start the movie as he has seen it several times and knows how it goes. It is a good thing that I have squinty eyes and that I still have a good peripheral vision. We both have similar interests in movies and we finally decide on “The House of Flying Daggers.” As I start the movie he takes off his shirt and reveals his beautiful muscular back and finely toned arms. He then proceeds to remove his pants and for parties for some reason he likes going commando. So I see his amazing looking butt and as he pulls off his left leg pant he stumbles and loses his balance and turns around and I get a brief glimpse of his cock. About 6 inches soft, just the way I like it; good for blowing but not too long where I gag. He looks at me sheepishly but I still have my eyes glued to the TV or so he thinks. By now I have a sapling going on in my pants and I can’t wait for him to come out of the shower and see his body all wet and glistening.

Mind you we were both pretty intoxicated and neither one of us had a good head on us. I have had a crush on Dak ever since he came to school here in this small town of Eolia. I knew he was straight from one of my other friends who have known him from high school but I figured since we were both drunk it could just “happen.” I have had this plan in my mind for quite some time and it works perfect now that both of us are drunk.  As he comes out of the shower he puts his pants back on but leaves his shirt off to allow his deodorant to dry, or rather my deodorant that he borrowed. So I sit down on my couch and he follows suit and we both watch the movie for a while. After a good time has passed up I finally put my plan into action. I fake like I blacked out and fall over onto his broad shoulder at first he cringes but after a while he just lets me sit there. After good two or three minutes I “wake up” and put my hand on his chest to help me get back up. And he asks me if I am ok and I reply yeah, I’m fine…just had too much to drink.

As the movie progresses it comes to the scene where Mei starts singing and I get the chills every time I hear the song. Mind you we are both band geeks and love music and along with me he gets the chills as well. Second stage comes up and I tell him he is a good guy and pat his leg just above the knee and hold it there for a while and again he does not do anything to deter me from continuing. Eventually I start rubbing it and I look over and he has his eyes are closed and he has a smile on his face as if he is enjoying it. So I move a little closer to him and move my hand up a little more and can feel the head of his cock. I look him in the eyes and he stares back very longingly and I move in for the kiss. At first he moves away and then finally indulges me with a very wet, sloppy kiss. I taste the alcohol on his breath and feel even more intoxicated now that we are making out. I slowly start kissing down on his chest and mess with his nipple with one hand and start unbuttoning his pants with the other. He slowly starts moaning and helps me get his pants off. His beautiful head makes its appearance and I move in for the kill. It tastes so wonderful in mouth as I slowly lick it around with my tongue and start moving my head up and down.

He moans with pleasure and puts his hand on the back of my head and moves me faster and faster. I can feel his beautiful man meat starting to grow which only makes me want it even more. As I continue downing his cock I taste his pre-cum which is delicious in mouth, almost better then booze itself.

I love a man with a chest so I start messing with his nipples and it turns out he loves his nipples being messed with and groans even louder. I move from his cock to his nipples as they stand erect from being cold, since he was leaning on the wall which is always cold even when the heat is on. I suck on him for a while and gently stroke his throbbing cock. Eventually I go back down and return blowing him. “I’m going to cum.” As he does he shoots twelve loads into my thirsty mouth. I hear his sigh of relief and I continue sucking till every last drop of bittersweet man juice is milked from him.

Since he and I both partied it up pretty well we fell asleep soon afterward.  When I wake up, I realized I had came on myself and Dak is nowhere in sight. It turns out I was passed out from the booze and everything was a dream.


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