By Tim Mead

Chapter 11

One day not long after Thanksgiving, Dan and Casey got a call from the vet's office reminding them that it was time for Urijah to be "fixed."  

"Since he obviously prefers you," Dan said, "you can take him."


Dan grinned.  "Yeah.  I think you're secretly feeding him treats."

"Maybe I'm just a nicer guy."

"Well, there is that."

"You weren't supposed to agree with me, Cool."  Casey seemed about to say something more, but he paused.  "There's no problem.  Sure, I'll take him."

Since Urijah hadn't yet damaged any of the furniture, they decided with regard to his de-clawing to let sleeping cats lie.

When Casey came home with Urijah the day after the procedure, he let the cat out of his carrier and dropped the bill on the table.

"You owe me for half of that," he said to Dan.

Dan looked at the bill.  "Is that the price they quoted us?"

"Uh huh."

"Ouch!"  Dan looked around for Urijah but didn't see him anywhere.  "Where's he gone?"

"To his feed bowl, or the litter box maybe?"

But the cat wasn't in the kitchen.

Further search revealed that he was curled up on Dan's bed.

"The little fucker must blame me for what happened to him."

Dan chuckled.  "Yeah, you may have to woo him back . . . with more treats."  He would have sworn he heard Casey mutter something about a package deal as he went to his own bedroom.


December seemed to fly by.

Casey came home one day.  "I've got a question for you."

"So ask."

"I was able to get a couple of days off so I can visit you and your folks at Christmas."

"Is that a question?"

"No, smartass.  The question is, would you be willing to help out at a catered event on the Sunday after New Year's?"

"Help out?"

"You'd be paid."

"That's not the point, Case.  What would I have to do?"

"Walk around with a tray of hors d'oeuvres or champagne, take used glasses back to the kitchen."  Casey grinned.  "Get your ass pinched."


"Just funnin'.  This is a get-together of the CQ's.  But I think your ass is safe."

"CQ's?  Oh, that's the group of old gay guys, isn't it?"

"They don't invite undergrads unless they're involved with someone who's older.  I don't think they have written rules or anything like that.  Maybe it's like the British Constitution.  Nothing written down.  Just traditions and precedents."

"You'll be there, too, I hope."

"Oh, yeah.  What I started to say was these guys aren't all old geezers.  There's a bunch of hot guys like Brody and Dave, Joe Hill and Micah, Ray the cop, and his partner Jesse, who used to be a model.  Even some of the older members are pretty studly."

"Then I'll look forward to it.  Sunday after New Year's, you say?"

"Yep.  But you don't need to write it down.  I'll remind you."


Dan had mixed feelings about going home.  He'd come to be comfortable in Colby, but he knew his parents wouldn't understand his wanting to stay around the depopulated campus.

As planned, the day after he got to Loveland his father took him to Nordstrom's at the Kenwood Mall where he bought a navy blazer, gray flannel slacks, a black suit, white and blue dress shirts, a couple of neckties, a pair of black dress shoes, and a raincoat with a removable liner.  Dan thought that was overkill just so he'd have something to wear to church on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  But his mother had insisted that he never knew when he'd have to dress up for something like a wedding or a funeral.  

"You're a college man, now, Danny.  You have to have clothes for any occasion."

Actually, Dan had enjoyed the shopping expedition with his father, who always seemed more relaxed when Diane wasn't around.  They'd had overpriced lattes at the Starbucks in the mall and watched the Christmas shoppers.

"Dan, how are you liking Colby?  Are you sorry we pressured you into going there instead of someplace else?"

Dan licked his upper lip, thinking he should have used a napkin.  But his father didn't say anything.

"It's all kind of strange to me yet, Dad.  I still can't get over how much more work they expect than our high school teachers did."

Charles grinned.  "Everybody who ever went to college has had the same complaint.  How about friends?"

"I know a few people, but not a lot.  It's a big school.  And not living in a dorm, I haven't met as many as I would have.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want to live in a dorm.  But I'm alone more."

"How about your friend, Casey?"

Dan smiled.  "Oh, he's great.  Couldn't ask for a better room mate . . . or friend.  But when he isn't in class, he's at work, so I don't see much of him."

"I'm looking forward to meeting him."

"You'll like him."

"Well, you don't want to let your studies slide, but maybe next term you can make a
point of finding new friends.  That's important in college."

Dan promised he would.  But he wasn't sure just how to go about doing that.


One afternoon, totally at loose ends, Dan had called Cheryl, who insisted he come for lunch the next day.  Her grandchildren were there, four of them, ranging in ages from six to twelve.  She'd told them Dan had been a fighter, and the kids were fascinated.  The oldest, Kyle, wanted Dan to play video games with him.  The younger three just wanted to hang on him or tell him about their friends or what they expected to get for Christmas.  

But Dan loved being with the kids.  Except for the time spent with a game controller in his hands, he was able to visit with Cheryl, who wanted to know all about his new life at school, who his friends were, what courses he'd taken so far, what he was planning to major in.  And, of course, she filled him in on what was going on with his former workmates at Kroger's.

She talked about a stock boy who'd been fired for pilfering, a couple who were dating each other and thought no one knew about it, and an assistant manager who'd been promoted to manager of a store across town.  She also complained about some of the baggers.

"They're retired guys, and all the do is complain about their arthritis and having to go out in the cold to help perfectly healthy young women put their groceries in their cars.  I really miss you, cupcake.  But I'm so glad that you're in school, where you belong."

She leaned toward him.  "Are you getting any?" she whispered when the kids were out of the room.

"Cheryl!" Dan exclaimed, blushing.

"Well," she said, grinning, "are ya?"

Reluctantly, he said, "Yeah, I've got a couple of buddies . . . ."

"How about your roomie, the one that's coming for Christmas?"

"No.  He's not interested."

"His loss.  But at least you're not suffering from blue balls."

Dan knew Cheryl too well to be shocked by her language.


The next day he spent at the Cincinnati MMA academy.  Tom Denken, the owner, called him into his office and asked about his college life.  He was very encouraging when Dan explained that he was planning to choose CSU's Athletic Training/Clinic Management major.

"Keep in touch, Danny.  Universities need guys like you, and you shouldn't have any trouble finding a job at one of them when you graduate.  But if you'd like to come back to the MMA world, call me.  I might know of someone who needs a guy with your training and skills."

Even Frank, his former landlord, trainer, and corner man seemed happy to see him.  Danny couldn't think of Frank without feeling humiliated, however, since he'd come more and more to realize that he'd sold his body for a place to live.  But the reserve appeared to be all on Dan's side.

Following Tom's instructions, Frank offered to let Dan train all day at no cost.

"Do you want just physical training or do you want to mix it up with one of the guys?"

"I'd like to do both, if that's okay."

"Leo's here, and he's about the same weight as you.  I'm sure he'd be happy to grapple with you.  But no sparring, okay?  I don't want either of you to get hurt."

So, Dan spent the day working out and grappling with Leo.  He knew on the way back to Loveland that he'd be stiff the next morning, but he felt great from all the exercise and activity.  

And he felt even better the next day when Casey arrived in time for lunch.  He knew his improved spirits were due more to Casey's presence than to its being Christmas Eve.


Dan's parents loved Casey.  It wasn't as if he did something phony, like dialing up the charm.  He was just who he was.

After Casey had left to go back to Colby, Diane asked, "You did say you and Casey aren't lovers, didn't you?"

"That's right, Mother."

"Daniel, I wouldn't for the world tell your heart what it should feel.  But Casey's a beautiful boy, and a very sweet one.  He's so respectful and considerate."

"You know, people often say how much he and I look alike."

"I suppose that's true, though I hadn't thought of it.  Now, my son, if only the two of you were more alike inside."

"I agree that he's a great guy."

"He likes you, Daniel."

"Yes.  We've been good friends ever since he beat me in the ring."

"That's not what I meant."

"Then what did you mean?"

"I couldn't help noticing the way he looks at you."

Dan shrugged.  He knew his mother was wrong about that, but there was no point in arguing with her.


After Casey left, Dan was bored.  He'd lost touch with his high school friends, who'd all gone on to college as he was beginning his MMA career. Or what he'd hope would be a career.

One day he went to Kroger's and told Cheryl's bagger to take a break.  He chatted with her as they checked out customers, until the assistant manager came over and told him he couldn't do that since he wasn't on the payroll.

"Come on," he said to the officious young woman.  "Customers sometimes bag their own stuff while the bagger for their lane is out helping someone or rounding up carts."

"But you're not a customer."

"Come on, honey," Cheryl said.  "He worked here for two years, he knows what he's doing, and he's not costing you a cent."

"Well," the AM huffed, "so long as you two don't get so busy gossiping you forget why you're here."

"Trust us."

Cheryl flipped the bird at the back of the AM as she went back to her office.


Most days Dan went to the gym and worked out.  It was better than staying home and watching television or playing video games that were hopelessly outdated by that point.  He did manage to have a few good talks with his dad and even occasionally with both parents.  His mother wasn't acting as if he were a constant disappointment, and for that he was profoundly thankful.  Charles had even watched MMA on HDNet with him one afternoon while Diane was out.  When the program ended at 5:30 the two men went to the kitchen and began to prepare supper.  Dan thoroughly enjoyed these moments of companionship with his father.

But he didn't get up the courage to tell either parent of his plans for a major.  That could wait a while.

New Year's Day was on a Friday.  After apologizing for leaving him on his own, his parents went out on New Year's Eve.  Friends were having a party, and they just had to be there.  Dan told them he wasn't used to partying on New Year's Eve and that they should go and have a good time.  

He spent the evening trying to find something to watch on television.  At midnight he drank a glass of white wine from the bottle he'd found in the fridge, said "Whoop de do!" and went to bed.

The next morning, as his mother was sipping her coffee and his father was having his Amber Moon, an après New Year's Eve pick-me-up he swore by, Dan stuck his head in the fridge.

"Uh, I'm gonna head back to Colby."

"Oh, Danny!"

He took the orange juice carton and raised it to his mouth.  His mother raised an eyebrow at him, his impending departure momentarily forgotten.  He took a glass down from the cupboard and poured the juice into it.

"Now, tell me why you're leaving today instead of Sunday."

"I have to get ready for classes.  They begin on Monday, and I want to be on top of things.  Besides, I told you I'm working on Sunday afternoon."

Actually he wanted to see Casey.  And perhaps see who else was around campus.

"I wish you'd reconsider, son," his father said.

"Yes!  All the drunks will be out on the road!  It is New Year's Day, you know."

"I think most of them are sleeping it off by now, Mother."  He wondered if she had been worried about all the drunks who might have been on the road those New Years while he'd been banished from home.

"I'll call as soon as I get back to Colby.  I promise."

"Well, at least finish your breakfast."

He did, then went to his room to shower and pack.  He hugged and thanked them both.

And it was with relief that he tossed his suitcase and two garment bags (the new clothes) in the car and headed north.


As he drove the old Blazer up I-75, Dan felt guilty.  His parents had no special plans for New Year's Day except to have ham and boiled cabbage for dinner, a tradition at their house.  He smiled at the thought.  Ham and boiled cabbage were about all his mother was up to as a cook.  But they had seemed genuinely disappointed that he wasn't staying until Sunday morning.

The guilt feelings intensified when it occurred to him that his folks might well have inferred the truth, that he didn't feel at home in their house any more.  He hadn't been home at all for the two plus years he'd been a fighter.  And though he loved them, he found they didn't have much to say to one another.  

But what was waiting for him in Colby?  Casey would no doubt be at the restaurant helping with the New Year's mid-day crowd.  He doubted that Arnie would be back until the next day or even Sunday.  Besides, Arnie and Bernie had become tight in the weeks leading up to the holiday break.  Ironic, that.  He'd lost two hot sex partners by pushing them toward each other.

Dan knew that Nicole wouldn't be back from Strongsville until Sunday.  And, though he'd met other students in his classes and around the campus, he hadn't made any real friends.  So there wouldn't be anyone to hang with on New Year's night.  Or the next night.  He didn't even know whether Seth would be there.

It was a bright, frosty day, that first day of the new year.  And the cold, clear truth seemed to be that Dan didn't really belong anywhere. Although he had a roof over his head and a comfortable room, he somehow felt homeless.

His mood brightened a little when he thought about the upcoming party of the Colby Queers.  He was looking forward to that.  Just imagine, a whole room full of gay men, guys of all ages, all dressed up and lookin' hawt!


Urijah greeted him when he arrived at the apartment, actually seeming glad to see him.  He kept rubbing against Dan's legs so much Dan had to shoo him out of the way.

"Scat, cat!"  Dan had his bag in one hand, the garment bags containing his new blazer, slacks and suit in the other.  "You'll make me trip."

He used the bathroom and then unpacked, making sure his new clothes were properly put away.  Then he took a basket of laundry to the basement and started a load.  

Back in the kitchen, he checked Urijah's water and litter.  There was plenty of the former, and the latter looked (and smelled) as if it had been freshly changed, so Casey had been there taking care of things.

A check of the fridge and pantry revealed that he'd have to do some grocery shopping soon, but he found a can of soup to heat up for lunch.  He wouldn't have to go out for supper that evening if he didn't want to, for the freezer held some of Albert's "care packages."

Dan was watching a bowl game on television mid-afternoon, Urijah curled up on the sofa next to him, when Casey came in.  Although his friend's complexion was so clear he looked as if he'd never had acne, his cheeks and ears were red from the cold.  

Dan stood up.

Casey smiled and held out his arms.  "Happy New Year, Cool!  I didn't expect you until tomorrow."

The two hugged.  They hadn't done that often.  Dan thought Casey held him a little longer than he'd done in their previous hugs but realized that just might be wishful thinking.

"Yeah, well," he said as they disengaged, "I thought I'd leave before my mother and I got on each other's nerves any more."

"They're nice people, Dan.  And they love you.  Maybe you should cut them some slack."

Realizing that Casey's parents had kicked him out when they had learned he was gay, Dan felt guilty.  Again.

"Yeah, you're probably right.  But what are you doing home?"

"Oh, they gave those of us who are working tonight a two-hour break.  I'm gonna take a shower and change my underwear and socks."

"You want some coffee or anything?"

"Nah, I'm good thanks."  He sat on the sofa, where he picked up the cat and began stroking it.

The two friends indulged in chit-chat, pausing to look at the screen when something exciting happened in the game.

Dan was sorry when Casey stood and said he'd better get his shower.  He had unbuttoned his shirt when he sat next to Dan.  Now he peeled it off. Dan couldn't help admiring the back, tapering as it did from broad shoulders to a narrow waist and a delicious butt.

A few minutes later Casey stepped out of his bedroom wearing only a towel.  Dan's cock plumped at the sight of the wet tousled hair, the happy trail that disappeared below his navel behind the towel, and the bulge in the towel.  

Casey wasn't one to wander around the apartment naked, and Dan realized he'd never actually seen his roommate's cock.

The place seemed empty after Casey went back to the restaurant.  Dan stretched out on the sofa.  Urijah climbed onto his stomach, and soon both were asleep.

When he awoke, the cat was gone, and the game was over.  But the talking heads were discussing the upcoming Rose Bowl.  

Remembering that he'd left a load in the washing machine, Dan found his sneakers, slipped them on, and went downstairs, worried that Seth might have wanted to use the machine.  Come to think of it, he didn't know whether Seth was even in the building, since he hadn't heard a sound from upstairs.

Sure enough, his wash was still in the machine, wrinkled and damp.  He put it all in the dryer with a dryer sheet, hoping that would take out most of the wrinkles.

When he got back upstairs he set the kitchen timer and settled again in front of the television.

There were, he supposed, worse ways to spend an evening than watching the Rose Bowl.  He went down at half time to get his clothes, which he folded during the extended half-time ceremonies.

But the game didn't end happily for Dan.  Being a lifelong Ohioan, he rooted for the Big Ten team.  Which, as was common in recent years, lost to its Pac Ten opponent.

About 10:00, even before the game had ended, Casey walked in.

"Hey, Case!  You're earlier than usual, aren't you?"

"Yeah."  Casey took off his gloves and put them on the table inside the door.  Then he hung up his parka.  Again his face was ruddy from the cold.  "Most of our business today was in the early afternoon.  And the evening crowd didn't stay late.  So Albert closed us down when the last patrons left at 9:00."

"Wanna watch the rest of the Rose Bowl with me?"

"Sure, but let me get out of these clothes first."

He came back a few minutes later wearing sweat pants, a tee shirt, and white socks, parking himself next to Dan on the sofa.

Urijah came out of the kitchen and began rubbing against Casey's legs.

"Whassup cat?  You've forgiven me?" he asked, grinning.  He picked the cat up and began rubbing its belly.  Urijah responded by purring loudly.

Dan heaved a theatrical sigh.  "I knew it wouldn't last.  We should have gotten a dog.  At least they're loyal."

As he sat next to Casey, Dan became aware of how good his friend smelled.  Although it had been six hours since Casey had showered, there was still the faint hint of shampoo or shower gel, mixed with . . . the exciting smell of . . . Casey.  And he was aware of the heat Casey's body radiated. He could never forget he'd been told not to expect anything but friendship from Casey, but there was no harm in just enjoying being next to him.

After the game they watched an episode of Noah's Ark, a show about a group of hot young black men, on LOGO.

"It's kind of like a black Queer as Folk, isn't it?"

"Yeah, but you know what?  I think these dudes are way hotter."

"Uh huh.  Except for Brian and Mikey's boyfriend, what was his name, those QAF guys weren't all that sexy."

"Oh, I think Mikey was cute."

"Yeah, and though I didn't find Emmett attractive, I admired the character.  He was what he was, and sometimes he had a lot of guts."

"Speaking of QAF, have you ever been told you look like the twink, Justin, on that show?"

"I don't think so.  But I thought of him once when I was looking at you."

"And just how were you looking at me?"

"Fuck, man, I live with you.  I can't help seeing you.  What am I supposed to do, walk around with my eyes shut?"

"Just yankin' your chain, roomie."


The next day Dan ran a few errands, scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen floors, and watched more football in the afternoon.  Urijah, who obviously didn't think much of the wet floors, disappeared into Dan's room until Dan sat down on the sofa.  

Casey came in about 3:00.

"Hey, dude!  Do you have to go back?"

"No, I'm off tonight."

Dan brightened.  "You wanna do something together, like see a show or hang at Nellie's?"

Casey's smile looked a bit rueful.  "Sorry, Cool, but I've got plans."

"Oh.  Okay."

"Seriously.  Seth wants to go to an art theater in Toledo and see some French film.  I'd much rather spend the evening with you, but I kind of promised, you know?"

"Yeah, sure, Case.  Some other time."

Later that evening as he was leaving, Casey said, "You haven't forgotten about helping out tomorrow at Adrian's party, have you?"

"Nope.  When do you want to leave?"

"We're supposed to get there at 3:00 to help set up.  The guests begin arriving at 4:00."

"Do we have to haul food from the restaurant?"

Casey shook his head.  "Adrian and Pinkie both have fantastic kitchens, I'm told.  So we'll have to lug some stuff from Pinkie's place, but that's in the same building."


Casey chuckled.  "Yeah, his middle name's Pinkerton, so he gets called "Pinkie," mostly behind his back. Adrian calls him Tom or sometimes Tommie."

"I'd hope so."

Just then Seth knocked on the door.  When Casey opened it, Seth waved at Dan.

"Have a good Christmas, Dan?"

"Okay, I guess.  The best part was that Casey came down and spent part of it with me."

"Uh huh.  It was really quiet around here with both of you gone."  He turned to Casey.  
"You all set?"


As he was going out the door, Seth turned and said, "Dan, let's have dinner some evening."


Dan puzzled about the relationship between Seth and Casey.  He found himself with an unfamiliar emotion.  Something in his stomach tightened and turned very cold when he thought about Casey and Seth having sex.  Were they doing that?

Dan was thinking of going to Nellie's just to see who was back in town, but the phone rang.


"Dude, you're there!"

Dan recognized the voice.  "Hey, Arne, how are you?"

"It's all good, thanks."

"Did you have a good vacation?"

"Maybe we could talk about that."


Arnie chuckled.  "Someone wants to say hello."

Puzzled, Dan said, "Okay."

"Hello, Daniel.  Happy New Year!"

"Oh, hey, Bernie.  Happy New Year to you.  So what's happening?  You and Arnie are together somewhere, obviously.  Unless this is a conference call."

"No, he's here at my place.  And we're calling to invite you to join us if you don't have other plans."

"Uh, no, not really.  I was thinking about dropping by Nellie's later to see who was back in town."

"Why don't you come to my place?  We'll have a drink and just chill."

"You guys sure?  You don't really want me around, do you?"

"Yes, Daniel, we do.  Or we wouldn't have called."

"Yeah, man," Arnie said.  He was obviously on a speakerphone.  "Come on over."

Figuring he could have a drink or two with them and then leave so they could have sex, Dan agreed.

"See you guys in a few."


Things didn't work out exactly as he had expected.

Bernie's apartment was warm.  Both he and Arnie were wearing jeans and white socks.  Bernie had on a white tee while Arnie sported a white wife beater.    Dan was a bit surprised because he seldom saw Bernie in anything but khakis with a sweater or at least a button-up shirt.

Both men hugged him.  Bernie handed him a vodka and tonic as soon as he was seated.  He saw that the other two already had drinks.  But they didn't seem to be showing the effects yet.

They talked for perhaps a half an hour.  Dan was asked about his Christmas, especially the part where Casey had come to the Coles' home.

When there was a lull in the conversation, Arnie looked at Bernie and some sort of signal must have passed between them.  They set their drinks down, stood, and walked over to where Dan was sitting.  

Not sure what was about to happen, Dan set his drink down also.  The other two pulled him into a standing position, into a sort of triangular hug. Arnie put his arm around Dan's shoulders while Bernie wrapped his around Dan's waist.  And then they were all kissing.  It was a novel and rather weird experience for Dan, but it was also exciting to be nuzzling, licking, tongue wrestling, lip-biting with two guys.  At some point during all this Bernie's hand had slipped down Dan's butt, and he felt his buns being squeezed.

He found his own arms were around the waists of the other two men.  He dropped them to his sides and stepped back.

"Uh, guys, what the fuck is goin' on here?"

"We were just talking about what a hot dude you were . . ."

Dan knew from experience that sex with either of these guys was electric.

". . . and we thought maybe we could persuade you to have a three-way with us."

"What?  You want two convenient holes?"

Both guys wore pained expressions.

"Just the contrary, Daniel," Bernie said.

"Yeah, man.  Tonight's gonna be all about you.  We're gonna give you a night to remember."

Stunned at first, Dan remembered the consequences of the three-way Bernie had been involved in that fall.  But this would be different.  These guys were both his friends.  Besides, he'd always wondered what a three-way would be like . . .

And a night to remember it was!  

First Dan's friends undressed him, with lots of feeling and nuzzling in the process.  Then they undressed each other, something they'd obviously done before, because it smacked of a ritual.  Dan watched with mounting excitement as the two studs' disrobing each other became foreplay.

When all were naked, Arnie and Bernie turned to Dan and took him to the bedroom.  All the bedclothing had been removed from the king-size bed except for the bottom sheet.  Dan remembered hot sessions he'd had there with Bernie, and that only aroused him further.  

They took him onto the bed with them.  In the ensuing session, they licked, stroked, nibbled, and sucked just about every way three naked gay guys can.  

True to their word, Arnie and Bernie didn't make Dan feel used.  Instead, they pampered him.

Eventually, however, nature took its course.  After perhaps an hour of being brought repeatedly to the edge, Dan came.  It was then that Dan saw a chance to realize one of his fantasies.

"Guys, come on my face!"

"Oh, yeah!" Arnie grunted.  

So Dan found himself supine on the bed with a man kneeling on either side of his head.  And, as he had asked, they hosed his face down with their cum.  He had heard that the stuff could really sting your eyes, so he closed them as each said they were about to blow.  Then he lay there with hot juice on his face and in his hair, grinning up at them.  

"Daniel, you look absolutely delicious."  Bernie began licking the cum from Dan's face.  He was joined immediately by Arnie.  There followed another three-way kiss in which the fluid was swapped back and forth until it either ran down someone's face or else was swallowed.

After they lay there long enough to get their breathing under control, Bernie got out of bed.

"Don't move, loves.  I'll be right back."  He ran to the kitchen and came back with three bottles of water.

"We need to rehydrate before Act II."

"There's an Act II?" Dan asked, wondering what could possibly top what they had just done.

His recent orgasm had been so explosive Dan didn't think he could do it again for a while, but after they'd finished their water, the other two went to work on him.  Bernie began by sucking Dan's toes, slowly, sensually, one at a time while Arnie concentrated on Dan's ears and neck.  

They worked their way up and down, respectively, as Dan writhed, moaned, and cursed.  His body thrumming with excitement, he forgot what he and his friends had done a brief while before, forgot everything except his current state of arousal, of his need.

When Bernie and Arnie, working from opposite ends, met in the middle, they flipped Dan over onto his stomach and took turns rimming him, to his very great pleasure.  

Beside himself, he asked, plaintively, "Is this where you both do me?"

"Not exactly, sweetheart," Bernie said.  "Get up!"

"Get up?  You've got to be kidding!"

"You heard the man," Arnie said, smirking.

When all three were standing, Bernie took two condoms from a package on the night stand, handing one to Arnie, one to Dan.  Then he lubed up his ass and handed the bottle to Dan.

"Do that beautiful cock.  And put some on that hot ass, too, before you give the lube to the black stud."

Arnie growled.  And then grinned.

What ensued was the first double fuck Dan had ever experienced.  And he loved it.  As the "middle man" he controlled the action, so that when he pulled back from Bernie's ass, he was shoving himself onto Arnie's cock, feeling its drag on his prostate.   As he pushed forward, feeling Arnie's cock slipping back though never out, his own tool shoved into Bernie's tight but slippery chute.  Caught between two hot, hard bodies, he was almost overwhelmed by the feelings as he moved in either direction.

He put his arms around Bernie, rubbing and pinching his nipples.  Arnie's hands rested lightly on Dan's hips.  But it was Dan who provided the movement, who controlled the pace.

Not surprisingly, Dan was the first one to shoot his wad.  After filling the condom, he pulled out and stripped it off.  

Arnie wasted no time in sticking his sheathed black tool into Bernie.  Dan managed to get his head in position to suck on Bernie's rigid red cock. Before too long Arnie's ejaculation triggered Bernie's, which left Dan with a surprising amount of hot, thick fluid in his mouth, considering it hadn't been that long since Bernie had had his first explosion of the evening.

After that the three cuddled on the bed like puppies and all fell asleep.

Dan woke up a little after midnight.  Despite what had happened he was still pretty sure that Arnie and Bernie were a couple.  He thought he should give them some privacy in case they wanted to have Act III when they woke up, so he dressed quietly, and kissed each of them on the cheek as they slept.  He left a note thanking them on the kitchen table, so they wouldn't think he'd panicked and run.  


Dan was hanging up his coat when Casey came down from upstairs.  The timing suggested that he'd heard Dan come in and had left Seth to see him.

"Roomie," he said, smiling.  "Where've you been?"

Dan had always been honest with Casey.  Well, except for the one thing he knew Casey wouldn't want to hear.

"I've been at Bernie's."

Casey raised an eyebrow.  "Oh?  I thought you said he and Compson had become boyfriends."

"Um. . . .  They have.  More or less."

"What does that mean?"

"I was here wondering what to do with myself last night when they called and invited me to come over and hang with them.  I figured it would be better than sitting around here vegging out in front of the TV or going to Nellie's and watching all the people I don't know have fun."


Casey sat on the sofa, kicked off his shoes, and put his feet on the coffee table.

Dan watched mesmerized as he wiggled his toes.

"And was it?"

"Was it what?"

"Was it better than staying here or going to Nellie's?"

Dan could feel himself blushing.

"You know, Case, we're getting into the kind of territory you think is forbidden."

"You had sex with them?"

"Um, yeah."

Casey patted the sofa.  Dan went and sat, his back to the arm, turned so he could face his friend.

Urijah came out of the kitchen and jumped up between them.  Dan stroked his fur.

"You had sex with both of them?" Casey asked.  "A three-way?"

"Look, you always sneered at Bernie for telling about the sex he had with guys.  Won't I be doing the same thing if I tell you about tonight?"

"The difference, Dan, is that Caldwell shot off his mouth to anyone who would listen afterward.  I'm your roomie.  I'd like to think I'm your best friend.  You can tell me and I promise not to tell anybody else.  Okay?"

"Okay.  So, yes, I had sex with both of them."

"Without going into details, how was it?"

"Without going into details, it was hot, hot, hot!"

Casey stared at his feet for a while.  Long enough for Dan to feel uncomfortable.

"Would you do it again?"

"I haven't really had time to think about it.  But now that you ask, probably not."

"Because it made you feel like a slut?"

"No!  Why would you say that?"

"Sorry.  Just askin'."

Dan thought for a moment.  "It would be hard to turn down if they asked me again.   But, awesome as it was, it was just sex.  You know?"

"No, I don't know.  I've never done that."

"I'm getting the feeling you don't approve."

"It's not really any of my business, is it?  I just wondered how you felt about it."

"To be honest, Case, I'm glad I did it.  I know you didn't want details, but they sort of made me the center of their attention, like they focused on making me feel good."  After he said "center of their attention" he had to suppress a shiver at the thought of being in the middle as they fucked.

"You said it was `just sex.'  What did you mean?"

"Well, that's all it was.  Sex.  Great, maybe, but purely physical.  What I'd really like is to find a guy I could love, who'd love me.  Who'd want to be monogamous with me.  And the sex would be an expression of what we felt for each other."

"So you're lookin' for Mr. Right?"  Casey asked.

"Are you making fun of me?"

"No, Dan, not at all.  I hope you find him."  Casey stood up and stretched his arms over his head.  The bulge in his black pants was near Dan's eye level.  After yawning, he said, "I guess I'm ready for some sleep."  As he went toward his bedroom, he turned and said, "Don't forget we've got the gig at Adrian's tomorrow afternoon."

"I won't."



Dan pulled Urijah onto his lap and sat there stroking him.


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