By Tim Mead

Chapter 3

Dan had worked out at the Student Fitness Center and then walked to the apartment.  It took about twenty minutes on foot.  Parking on campus was such a hassle that it was quicker to walk than to hunt for a parking space.  Besides, it was a beautiful afternoon, and he was in no rush to get inside.

He was wondering what he'd do that evening.  His profs handed out a lot more work than his high school teachers had, but he thought he'd wait until Sunday to hit the books.  He sure as hell didn't want to do school work on a Friday night.  But Casey was at the restaurant, and he didn't really know anyone else to hang out with yet.

As he approached his building, a voice behind him said, "Hey, neighbor."  It sounded vaguely familiar.  

He stopped and turned to see the guy from upstairs, Seth.

"Oh, you're Dan, aren't you?  I couldn't tell from behind."

"Yeah.  Like I told you that day in the basement, my hair's lighter than Casey's."

"Easy enough to see the difference when you're together, I suppose."

"Yeah, I suppose.  So how's it goin'?"

"I'm ready for a drink.  It's Friday, after all, and we've made it through the second week of classes.  Would you like to come up for a beer or something?"

"Sure.  Why not?  Let me drop off my books and hit the john, and I'll be up, okay?"

"Don't bother knocking.  Just come on in."

Seth's apartment was laid out differently than Casey and Dan's.  It had only one bedroom, one bath.  The rest was a large, open living area with kitchen and eating space.
The walls were hung with framed color photographs: of flowers, landscapes, and buildings.

"Are you a beer drinker, Dan, or would you rather have something else?"

"What are you having?"

"I'll drink a beer with you if that's what you want, but I usually have wine about this time."

"You know, I don't really like beer much.  But I've been drinking wine with my folks since I was 13.  So I'd like to have some with you."

"White okay?"

"Yeah, thanks."

Dan looked at the pictures while Seth was getting out glasses and pouring the wine.

"So you're on the faculty?  I'm wondering about all these pictures.  Do you teach photography?"

"I'm not actually a faculty member.  I'm a grad student, working on my MFA.  But this fall for the first time I'm teaching a section of the introductory photography course."

"I don't know anything about it, but these look great to me."

Seth handed him his glass.  Then he went back to the kitchen where he poured something into a bowl.  Then he got a plastic tub out of the fridge.

"Here's garlic hummus and pita chips.  You might like them with this pinot grigio."

They sat, and Dan sampled the chips and dip.  He closed his eyes.  "Yeah, this is good.  You get this stuff at a deli or something?"

"No.  It came from the supermarket."

"Guess I never paid much attention.  I bagged at Kroger's for a year and a half.  Don't remember the chips or the . . . what did you say this is?" he asked, scooping up some more.

"Hummus.  And it came from Buehler's, I think."  He took a sip of the wine, held it in his mouth a moment, and then swallowed.  "What year are you in school, Dan?"

"I'm like a totally green freshman.  A college student as of two weeks."

"You're a little older than the typical freshman, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I just turned 21 a while back."

"Do you mind telling me what you've been doing since high school?"

Dan didn't mind.  He felt very comfortable with Seth.  Something made him easy to talk to, and Dan wound up practically telling his host his life story.  At least all about his wrestling, his disappointing his parents by going into MMA and leaving home.  About his recent unsuccessful fights.  He told about how he gotten the scar and the broken nose.

"How'd you meet Casey?  Is he from Cincinnati, too?"

"No, he's from Cleveland.  But he was a fighter.  We were matched up not long after I started.  He gave me my first defeat.  And then invited me for a drink afterward.  We sort of hit it off, and when I found out I was coming here I got in touch with him.  He'd just rented the place downstairs but needed someone to share the costs.  And so we're roomies."

Dan helped himself to another pita chip, scooped it in the hummus, and ate it.

"What about you, Seth?  Where are you from?  Do you have sibs?  Have you always known you wanted to be a photographer?"

"Not much to tell about me.  I grew up in Pittsburgh.  No sibs.  And, yes, I've been into photography since I was ten."

Gesturing at the work hanging on the walls, Dan said, "What about people?  Do you ever do portraits?

"I have done some, sure, but portraits aren't really my thing."  He stood up.  "Come on in the bedroom, and I'll show you how I like to do people."

Dan grinned.  "Is that anything like showing me your etchings?"

Seth raised an eyebrow.  "I promise you'll come out with your virtue intact.  This time."

Dan was still pondering the last two words Seth had uttered as they went into the bedroom.  The first thing he noticed was its size, which was much larger than his or Casey's bedroom.  Then he saw that the walls were crowded with framed black and white pictures, all of them nude studies.  A little more investigation revealed that the subjects were all of men.  Few of them revealed faces, and none of them showed genitalia.  They were studies in light and dark, in lines and curves.  And Dan thought they were more erotic than if they'd been full frontal shots.

"Wow!  Well, just wow!  Like I said, I don't know anything about art, but these are really good!"


"Can I ask a question?"


"Did you know what you were after before you took each picture?"

"Sometimes, yeah.  Other times it was pure serendipity.  And, of course, there are hundreds, thousands maybe, that got thrown out.  These are just some of my favorites."

"You said `thrown out,' not `deleted.'"

"Yeah.  I prefer to work with film for these black and white figure studies."

Dan wanted to ask about the models.  Obviously the pictures weren't all of the same person.  But all of them were of young men, some more muscular than others, all very smooth.  He decided Seth's relationship with his models was none of his business.

They returned to their seats in the living area.  

Dan had been studying his host.  Seth spoke softly.  His face habitually had a calm, pleasant expression, as if he were just about to smile.  Not handsome in the conventional sense, nevertheless he was good to look at, the brown eyes his most appealing feature.

When they were in the bedroom, Dan noticed Seth had fairly broad shoulders that tapered to what was probably no more than a 28-inch waist.  Viewed sideways, he had a flat chest, but his butt was nicely rounded and his package bulged enticingly.



"A penny for your thoughts."

"I, um, I was just enjoying being here, Seth.  I don't really know anybody in Colby yet, except for Casey, of course.  Thanks for inviting me up.  And for the wine and goodies."

"I've been wanting to get to know my new neighbors.  Sorry it took me so long to make contact."  After a moment he continued, "Tell you what, I've got a date to have supper with some friends.  But maybe you and Casey could come up for a nightcap around 9:00?"

"Case's working tonight, so he won't be home until around 11:00."

"Where does he work?"

"He buses tables at Adrian's."

"Nice place."

"I've never been there."

Seth grinned.  "Well, let's just say I can't afford to eat there often, but the food and service are first rate.  And most evenings the owner stops by your table to chat with you."

Dan grinned back.  "The last time I was at Applebee's, the manager on duty asked if everything was satisfactory."

"Uh huh.  But when Adrian asks, he listens to the answer.  And I'd feel sorry for anyone who screwed up."

"Casey's told me a thing or two about Adrian's.  He knows the head chef."

"Interesting."  Seth put down his nearly-empty wine glass and stood.  "Dan, I hate to rush you.  I'd like to ask you to have supper with me, but I can't.  Still, you could come back about 9:00.  I can get to know Casey some other time."

"I don't want to impose, dude."

"It's no imposition.  You're new in town, don't know anybody.  And it's Friday night.  I don't think we'll have any trouble finding things to talk about, do you?"

"We haven't so far.  So, sure, I'd like to come back if you don't mind."

Once downstairs, Dan didn't feel like walking to the University's main cafeteria or one of the fast-food places downtown, so he pulled a protein shake from the fridge and took it to the sofa, where he flopped.

He wondered about Seth.  Was he gay?  He'd thought maybe when Seth had invited him up that he really was interested in initiating something sexual, but there'd been nothing like that.  Of course, there were all those pictures of naked men in the bedroom.  But they were art, not porn.  

What would happen later that evening when Dan returned to Seth's apartment?  He was horny enough to hope that Seth might come on to him.  Even though he wasn't a hunk, Dan found him attractive.  Yeah, that was the word.  He was attracted to Seth, who had an aura of calm assurance.  Sort of as if anything sexual the two of them did would be on Seth's terms.  

Shit, man!  If he tries anything you don't like, you could put him on the ground in a heartbeat!

Yeah, but maybe he'll suggest doing something you will like.

He'd showered after his workout that afternoon, but he showered again and put on fresh clothes before arriving at Seth's door a few minutes after 9:00.  He was a little nervous.  What was he supposed to say?  He wasn't good at small talk, nor with hanging with total strangers.  Still, Seth had put him at his ease that afternoon.

"Hey, Dan.  Sorry I had to run out on you."

"No problem, man.  You don't owe me anything, and you'd already made plans with someone else."

"Well, we've got all night.  Excuse me a minute."

Seth went to the refrigerator.  He put ice in a couple of old-fashioned glasses and then poured in something that looked like latte.

"Have you ever had Bailey's?"

"I don't think so.  What is it?"

"Bailey's Irish Cream.  Try it.  I think you'll like it."

Dan took an experimental sip.  And then another.

"Hey, that's good."

"Well, you're doing the right thing.  Just sip it.  It's got Irish whiskey in it, so if you drink it too fast, I'll wind up putting you to bed."

Dan looked at Seth.  His face was blank.  No smirk.  No hint he'd said anything suggestive.

They sat in chairs facing each other, the coffee table between them.

"So, Dan, there's something I've been wondering about."

"What's that?"

"Why did you become a fighter?  What's the appeal?"

"I got into wrestling when I was in middle school.  A buddy's dad had wrestled in high school.  He, that is my buddy, decided to go out for wrestling, so I did, too."

Seth took a sip of his Bailey's and set the glass on a magazine on the coffee table.  "Okay.  But I asked why, not when."

Dan didn't appreciate the comment.  It was the first time Seth had done anything to irk him.  "I think I answered that.  I got into wrestling because my friend did."

Seth smiled and held up his hands, palms forward, in a surrender gesture.  "Sorry, Dan.  Sometimes when I'm chasing an idea I forget about tact."

"'It's okay."

"What I'm curious about is the appeal.  I assume you liked the sport because you started in middle school and just gave it up recently.  Can you tell me what you liked about it?"

"Well, it gave me a chance to be a jock.  I wasn't very big.  But wrestling is by weight class, so if you're good enough, you can beat other guys who are the same size as you.  When I learned what it was all about and started doing what the coach told me to, I began winning."

"And that went on all through high school?"

"Uh huh."

"Ever get hurt?"

"Not really.  I mean, in school wrestling, you've got ear protectors and knee pads and other shit like that.  The sport of wrestling is nothing like that stupid crap you see on TV."

"But then you got into mixed martial arts.  That's what it's called, isn't it?"


"Was that different?"

"Oh, sure.  I had a lot to learn.  That's not just wrestling.  You have to learn boxing and jiu jitsu and lots of stuff like that."

"Is that anything like the wrestling on TV?"

"No way!  It's not scripted, for one thing.  It's a legitimate sport.  There are strict rules and the referee enforces them."

"But it must be pretty violent.  Look at you, with your scar.  And your nose.  Those must have hurt."

Dan grinned and took a sip of the Bailey's.  He liked it and thought he might buy a bottle of it.

"You don't notice cuts and stuff at the time, when you've got all the adrenalin going. It's the next day when you feel it."

Seth leaned forward and clasped his hands together.  "I'm curious about something else, too.  You don't mind me asking these questions, do you?  I really want to understand you better."

"No, go ahead."

"How did you feel when you won a match?"

"You feel great, on top of the world.!  It's kind of like you proved something.  That you were better at the sport than the other guy.  You're the big dog."

"So it's all very macho, an alpha male thing?"

"Yeah, I suppose.  But it's the greatest feeling when the ref holds your arm up and the announcer declares that you're the winner."  He took another sip of the Bailey's, closed his eyes, and enjoyed the memory of some of his wins.

"Okay, how did you feel when you lost?"

"Terrible.  I mean not physically, necessarily.  I was never knocked out or had bones broken or anything.  That happens, of course, but never to me.  But being submitted or losing by the judges' decision is, well, humiliating.  The other guy's better, and you just didn't measure up.  You have to stand there next to the ref while he holds the other guy's hand up."

"Tell me this.  Did you ever have a win where you knew you were lucky?  Where the other guy was as good as you, but lost his concentration or dropped his guard or something?"

"Yeah, a couple of times.  There was this time when Harris was ahead on points in the third round.  He was just so strong, and he had a great sprawl, and I couldn't take him down.  He was good on his feet, and he'd dinged me a couple of times.  But maybe his cardio wasn't so great or something.  Anyway, he jabbed at me and then dropped his left.  I caught him with an uppercut, and he was out when he hit the canvas."

"I thought it was just heavyweights who knocked each other out."

"Well, in boxing, it's the bigger guys who have the most KO's.  But you gotta understand that in MMA we use these really little gloves, with the fingers sticking out.  They're mostly to protect the fighters' hands, not the guy getting hit.  So even a little dude like me can clock somebody if he doesn't keep his hands up."

"You've finished your Bailey's.  Want some more?"

"Sure, why not?"  Dan realized he had a nice buzz going, but he didn't care.  He enjoyed the warm, cozy feeling.  And Seth's company.

When Seth returned with Dan's refill, he said, "So there's got to be a lot of testosterone involved, right?  You need to feel that you're better than the other guy."

Dan raised his glass to thank Seth and then took a sip.  "Depends on what you mean by `better.'  It doesn't mean that the winner is morally better.  It doesn't mean that the next time he might not beat you.  But when you win, on that night it means you were a better fighter than the other guy.  You get a W and he gets an L."

Seth smiled and returned the gesture.  "Good point, Danny."


The next morning Dan ran five miles, picked up some groceries at Kroger's (where he felt very much at home), and did some laundry.  That afternoon he and Casey went to the football game, sitting in the student section where the seats were cheap and the view of the field wasn't very good.  

Casey introduced him to a couple of guys named Bailey and Justin whom Dan remembered seeing play baseball before school started.  The two weren't clingy, but they were obviously partners.  Dan thought he might like that someday, but for now he just wanted to sample some of the hot unattached guys on campus.

Afterward they split up because Casey had to rush off to work and Justin and Bailey were invited somewhere for supper.  

Dan went back to the apartment where he fixed a salad and cut up some cooked turkey breast into it.  To go with the salad he cut some slices off a baguette and spread them with butter.  He thought about shaking some garlic powder on them, but since he was going cruising later, he skipped that.  He put the bread under the broiler briefly.

After he'd cleaned up the kitchen, he squared his shoulders and said to himself, "Let's just do this."

He was horny.  He was in college.  There was supposedly a sizeable gay community at CSU.  And he knew just where to go.

After showering he put on a pair of faded jeans and a tight polo.  No underwear.  He had intentionally chosen clothes that emphasized his assets.  He had a good body, so why not show it off?  After all, the point was to pick up a guy.  Or get picked up.

It had cooled off since the afternoon, and as he walked his nipples hardened.  He looked down to see them making little points through the knit fabric of his shirt.  The denim rubbing his cock and balls made him chub slightly.

Even though it was still early, it was Saturday night and Nellie's was already crowded.    Dan stood inside the door for a moment to look around.  He didn't see any empty booths or tables, but there was a single stool at the far end of the bar.  As he walked toward it, he felt that every eye was on him.  He might as well have been wearing a sign that said "fresh meat."  More nervous than he'd been before a fight, he found the attention arousing, too.  

He slipped onto the stool and turned so he could look around the room.

"Hi, what can I get you?"

The bartender was a thirty-ish bear in black khakis and a black tee shirt.  Others might have found him hot, but he reminded Dan too much of Frank to be very appealing.

"Miller Lite, please."   He'd have preferred wine, but didn't think that would project the right image.  Besides, he thought, you might as well get used to beer.  This is college.

A voice behind him said, "He doesn't want that swill.  Why don't you bring him a vodka tonic?  And bring me another while you're at it."

Dan turned to see Bernie Caldwell there smiling at him.

"Well, what'll it be?" the barkeep asked.

"Uh, what he said."

"Smooth, Daniel."

"Hi, Bernie.  You just surprised me."

"Pleasantly, I hope."

"Yeah.  It's good to see you again."

"So your roommate hasn't poisoned you against me."

Dan remembered that Casey had said Bernie was great in bed.

"Nope."  Actually Dan thought maybe if he and Bernie had sex he'd enjoy it.  And if Bernie did talk afterward, well, it wouldn't be so bad having other gay guys know about him, would it?"

"I've been thinking about you, Daniel."


Bernie grinned.  "When you were on the floor sliding around with some sweaty guy, did you ever get a stiffie?"

"Happened all the time when I was in school, especially in middle school.  But everybody else did, too, so we just tried to ignore it."

"And at, say, fourteen you're all wrapped up in another guy your age, you're both wearing skimpy outfits, you both have hardons, and you can ignore it?"

"We'd get yelled at if the coach thought we were losing our concentration."  Dan smiled.  "There was this one time, though, when the guy I was paired off with came.  We often didn't wear cups in practice.  It made a huge wet spot on the front of his singlet.  Poor guy began to cry."

"I'll bet he got a lot of grief from his teammates."

"Oh, a couple of the meaner guys made fun of him for a while, but most of us knew it could easily have been one of us, so we were pretty sympathetic."

The bartender had set their drinks in front of them during this conversation.  Dan took a sip of his.

"Mmm.  That's good.  Sure beats beer."

"I knew you'd like a v & t.  So, where were we?"

"Talking about hardons."

"Duh!  How could I forget?  All this talk has given me one."

Throughout this conversation Dan had been sitting on the bar stool as Bernie stood beside him.  Close beside him.  Now he put his hand in Dan's lap and began to feel around.

"Oh, you're dressing left tonight!"

Dan grabbed Bernie's wrist.  "Stop that!  Somebody will see you."

Bernie leaned close and blew in Dan's ear.  "So?  Nobody's gonna care.  There's no problem with PDA's here as long as we don't take our clothes off."

Take a deep breath, Dan.  Remember why you came here.

"Sorry.  I'm just not used to being groped.  Outside the ring, that is."

"Poor baby.  You've led a sheltered life.  Outside the ring, that is."  Bernie grinned at him.  But his hand was still stroking Dan's now rock-hard dick.

"You wanna get out of here?"

"That's the whole idea, ace.  But your reputation may suffer if you're seen leaving here with me."

"I'll risk it."

They left money on the bar for their half-consumed drinks.  Once outside, Bernie said, "Your place or mine?"

"Do you have a roommate?"

"Nope.  Can't be bothered."

"Excellent!  Lead on!"  Thinking that it might be uncomfortable if Casey came home and found Bernie there, Dan was happy they could go to Bernie's place.

It was only a short drive in Bernie's Yukon.

"Nice car, man!"

"Gets me through the snow in the winter."  He chuckled.  "And in nice weather it makes a convenient place for screwing."

They took the elevator to the top of the four-story building.  Bernie's apartment looked as if a decorator had done it.  The style was simple, functional modern, but, Dan thought, it sure didn't come from Ikea.

"My mother would want me to ask if you'd like a drink or something."

Dan chuckled.  "Yeah, so would mine.  But I'm good."  Actually, he was nervous.  He hadn't voluntarily had sex with a guy since tenth grade or something like that.  

Bernie stood in front of him and undid the button in his polo shirt.  "Lift your arms."  When Dan complied, Bernie continued, "I want to undress you.  Your outfit this evening doesn't leave much to the imagination, Daniel.  I think you set out to get laid, didn't you?"

Dan was glad the removal of his shirt covered his blush.

"I take the fifth."  He reached for Bernie's shirt, but his hand was batted away.

"No, stud!  Let me . . . unveil you.  I've been looking forward to it since the first time I saw you, sitting there all wide-eyed with Shaw at Nellie's."

Still nervous, but still excited, too, Dan shivered when Bernie stuck a couple of fingers between the button on his jeans and his bare abs.

"Kick off your shoes."  

Dan did so.

Then Bernie slid down the zipper, pulled the flaps back, and slowly pushed Dan's jeans down until they were puddled on the floor.

He sucked in his breath.  "Oh, Christ!"  He put a hand to his mouth.

"What?  What's wrong?"

"Wrong?  Nothing's wrong.  You're gorgeous!  You have the most beautiful body."

Dan felt himself blushing again.  

"Turn around for me.  Slowly."

Okay, that did it.  Dan was now totally embarrassed and totally hard.

"I'll bet you just loved showing it off in the ring.  Or do you guys use one of those cage things?"

"No, the big shows use a cage, but I've never fought in one.  Too small-time."  He grabbed the bottom of Bernie's shirt and began to lift it.  "It's my turn now.  Let's see what you look like."

It turned out that Bernie, too, was free-balling.  So when the shirt and khakis were gone, he stood there in his socks.  He didn't have the upper-body muscles Dan did, but he obviously worked out.  His pecs were nicely delineated, and he looked as if he had zero body fat.

As Dan let his gaze go further south he realized that Bernie must shave part of his body.  There was no visible hair except for his nicely-trimmed pubes.  He didn't even have a treasure trail.

"I think it's time we take this to the bedroom," he said, gesturing for Dan to follow him.  When they got there, he pushed Dan onto the king-sized bed whose covers were turned back, ready for action.

"Uh, Bernie, I've never had a lot of experience."

Bernie raised an eyebrow.  "I find that hard to believe.  But it will all come naturally, trust me.  Have you sucked dick?"

"It's been a while, but yeah."  And Dan was salivating at the thought of getting Bernie's fat cock in his mouth.

"And you've had blow jobs, right?"

"Uh huh."

"Know what a sixty-nine is?"

"I'm not that innocent."

"Okay, then, let's start with that.

A moment later Dan was on his back exchanging blow jobs with Bernie.  He'd hoped there might be a little foreplay.  He'd never had his nipples sucked, and thought maybe they might start with that.  Or even a kiss.  He'd never kissed a guy.  The guy he'd fooled around with in school thought kissing was too gay, even though he'd had no problem sucking dick.

But he wasn't complaining.  Bernie obviously knew what he was doing, and Dan soon lost himself in their mutual fellatio.  He'd gotten into a nice zone when Bernie took his head off Dan's cock and said, "Stick your middle finger in your mouth and get it real wet, okay?"


"Now, do to me what I'm doing to you."

Dan felt Bernie's finger working its way slowly into his ass.  So he slobbered on his finger and then began stroking Bernie's pucker.  That orifice loosened quickly, and Dan was able to work his finger in to the first knuckle.

By this time Bernie was back to sucking his cock and was massaging his prostate.

Now Dan had been fucked often enough, so he certainly knew what and where his love nut was.  But with Frank getting fucked had been impersonal, almost mechanical.  And Frank, otherwise a nice man, was unconcerned about Dan's pleasure.  So there hadn't been any.

This time, however, the combination of a warm, wet mouth on his dick and the finger stroking his hot spot soon had him moaning around the fat tool in his mouth.

"Oh, yeah.  That's why they call it a hummer.  But finger my ass, man."

Even with his brain nearly shut down, Dan managed to find Bernie's prostate and rub it while he went back to sucking cock.

He didn't know how long they rode those feelings, but long before he wanted them to end, he began getting signals that he was going to fire off.

"Um, Bern, I'm about to "

"Never mind, stud, just get on with it.  I'm close, too."

Dan went back to what he'd been doing, and soon his cock was pulsing inside Bernie's mouth.  He had to remind himself to keep on sucking and stroking, but a couple of minutes later Bernie, without warning, came.  He swallowed most of it, but some ran down his cheek.

After lying there for a moment until his cock began to shrink. Bernie rolled off.  Then he turned around and grinned at Dan.  He pulled a tissue from its box on the night stand and wiped the cum from Dan's face.

"Was it good for you?" he asked, archly.

"Well, yeah, but it was over so quick . . . ."

"Oh, it's not over.  Now that we've both come, we can have a nice, long, slow fuck."

"I think I'll need a few minutes to recharge."

"You hungry?"

"I could eat."

"How about brownies and ice cream"

"You make brownies?"

"Yeah.  From a Duncan Hines mix.  But they're not bad.  They're not like Paula makes, of course, but she's not here."

"Who's Paula?"

"My parents' cook."  Bernie got out of bed and held out his hand to Dan.  "Come on."

They went naked into the kitchen, where Bernie took brownies from the pan in which they'd been baked.  He cut large squares, which he plated and then topped with chocolate ice cream.

"You want some chocolate syrup on this?"

"No, thanks.  I'll never sleep after all this sugar and chocolate."

"That's kind of the idea.  You did say something about recharging, didn't you?"

Back in the bedroom, Bernie asked, "You ever rimmed anybody, Daniel?"


"Well, it's time you learned.  I want you to fuck me, but it would be nice if you used your tongue first."

"Um, okay, I guess."

"Speaking of tongues, come here."  Bernie lay on the bed, arms and legs spread.  Dan, both eager and nervous, crawled on top of him.  Bernie put his hands behind Dan's head, and pulled him into what was the longest, most scorching kiss Dan had ever experienced.  It started off chocolate and ended up electric.  When Bernie finally let go, they were both panting.

"Man, that's just, I mean, who knew kissing could be like that?"

"Didn't you ever have sex with girls?"

"Yeah.  I went out with some and we felt each other up and stuff.  I even got to fuck one once.  But I never had a kiss like that before."

"Poor deprived baby!  Okay, so here's what we're gonna do.  I'll do some things to you.  Pay attention.  There will be a test.  You'll be expected to do those same things to me.  Your reward will be getting to fuck the best ass in Colby."

"I love your modesty.  So what do we do?"

Bernie began to lick Dan's ear, which caused Dan to shiver and twitch.

"Oh, Daniel, you're gonna love this."

And he did.  Bernie sucked up a bruise at the base of Dan's neck.  Then he licked, nibbled, and sucked on Dan's nipples while Dan writhed, moaned, and giggled.

When Dan pushed on his shoulders, Bernie lapped his way down Dan's abs, stopping just before he got to the pubes.

"Roll over and stick that sweet ass in the air."

His sphincter clenching at the suggestion, Dan did as he was commanded.

Bernie smacked Dan's right buttock smartly a couple of times.

"Ow!  What was that for?"

"Sorry.  It's so beautiful I just couldn't resist."

He took several not-too-gentle nips at Dan's ass.  Then using both hands he pulled the cheeks apart and began to make long laps up Dan's crack with his tongue.

"Ohmygod!  Jesus!  That's . . ."  He couldn't think of adequate words.  

The laps shortened and concentrated on Dan's pucker, eliciting more exclamations of shock and pleasure.

"Paying attention, are we, Daniel?"


When he felt Bernie's tongue rapidly going in and out of his hole, Dan shrieked.  He thought fleetingly what a good thing it was that he and Bernie weren't in his bedroom.  He'd have been totally embarrassed if Casey heard him make that kind of girly noise.

But he didn't want Bernie to stop.  He'd never associated the idea of pleasure with his asshole.  Nothing Frank did remotely resembled what Bernie was doing.

He was thinking that being fucked wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing when Bernie stopped tonguing him and said, "Okay.  Your turn."

"Huh, what?"

Bernie resumed his position lying next to Dan.  "Take a deep breath, baby.  Calm down a little.  And then see if you can remember what I just did."

Dan had no trouble at all remembering.  And he was surprised to find that using his mouth gave him almost as much pleasure as it seemed to be giving Bernie.  He was pleasantly surprised when he had finally worked his way to Bernie's ass, which had not a hair on it.  Not in the crack.  Not around the cute pink rosebud.  

He'd been getting hardons from looking at guys' asses since he was twelve.  He'd often wondered what it would be like to rim a guy, an idea he'd found both hot and a little nasty.  But there it was, winking at him.  Bernie had a beautiful little butt.  So Dan dived in, surprised to find the taste was slightly musky, slightly sweaty, slightly soapy.  But not bad.  Better than not bad.  Pretty good.  In fact, great!

Bernie wasn't shrieking, but he clearly approved of what Dan was doing.

"Oh, yeah, baby.  That's good.  You're a quick learner. Mmmm!"

Dan blew his breath on Bernie's pucker, which spasmed as Bernie shivered.

"Okay, Daniel, it's time.  You've earned your reward.  Grab a condom and the lube from the nightstand and do your thing."

Dan, of course, knew what to do.  This was his first time fucking a guy.  But he'd read all about it, and he'd been on the receiving end often enough.  Rolling on the condom was a snap.  Then he squirted lube on Bernie's hole and started to work it in with his finger.  Bernie began to wiggle his butt.

"Let's get on with it.  Put some more lube there and then use two fingers.  Shove it way up.  Yeah, like that!  Now, put some on the rubber and put that weapon in me."

Bernie rolled over and pulled his knees up.  "It'll be easier to coach you this way."

His heart thumping, his cock throbbing and oozing precum into the condom, Dan knelt between Bernie's legs and touched the tip to the now somewhat relaxed-looking hole.

"Don't worry about hurting me, sweetie, just shove it in there and fuck me."

Dan looked down to see that Bernie was grinning at him.

"Breed me, stud!"

Dan slipped in easily and was amazed at the feeling.  Hot and tight.  Tight but slippery.  

Bernie hunched his ass up.  "Come on, don't go to sleep on me!"

"I'm afraid I'll hurt you."  He was still remembering his nights with Frank.

Bernie sighed.  "That's not gonna happen.  But here's what we'll do.  We're gonna roll over.  We'll go to your left, okay?"

Dan wasn't sure just what was going on, but with Bernie's arms around him, they rolled over so that Dan was on his back, his cock still inside Bernie, who was sitting on top of him.

"Now, stud, all you have to do is lie there."

Bernie began bouncing up and down on Dan's cock, his own tool pointing straight out and dripping.  Dan picked up the rhythm and thrust his hips up to meet Bernie on the down-stroke.  Looking up at the hot guy on top of him, he licked his lips and then grinned.  This was the best thing he'd ever done.  He grabbed Bernie's cock and tried to hold it against his own, but Bernie's movements were too vigorous.

"Having fun, Daniel?"

"Oh, God, yes!"

Dan wasn't sure how long they continued like that.  He had closed his eyes, lost in the electric feelings that were flooding his body from his cock, when Bernie said, "Okay.  Time for you to work."

He pulled off, turned over, stuck his ass in the air, and said, "You know what to do.  So carry on."

This time Dan couldn't wait to get his cock back in that hot slippery sheath.  Obviously the experienced guy under him was into what they were doing and wasn't exactly fragile, so they banged.  And banged.

After their not quite simultaneous orgasms, they rested a while and then fucked again, Bernie on his back once more, wearing knees for earrings.

Having come three times that night, Dan was exhausted.

"Do you want me to leave now?"  Dan didn't have his car; besides, he wasn't sure he knew how to get back to his apartment from Casey's.  Other things on his mind, he hadn't been paying attention as they drove there from Nellie's.

"I usually encourage guys to leave, but I don't want to take you home.  Speaking of which, what about Casey?"

Dan suspected that Casey wouldn't approve of his having anything to do with Bernie, so he was willing to put off any discussion of the matter.  "He's probably asleep, so it might piss him off if I call him now.  I'll see him when I see him."

"Good.  Let's go in the bathroom and clean up.  Then we'll change the sheets."

They didn't shower, but they had fun swabbing each other with damp washcloths.  It was around 2:30 when they finally turned off the bedside light.  Dan didn't know the protocol, but he'd thought it might be nice to snuggle.  He was disappointed when Bernie said goodnight, turned over, and promptly went to sleep.

Dan woke up when someone squeezed his toe.

"Wakey wakey.  It's ten o'clock.  There are clean towels in the bathroom if you want a shower.  There's juice and coffee and pecan rolls in the kitchen when you're ready.  Then I'll take you home."

When Dan swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat up, Bernie laughed.


"Little Dan'l is raring to go this morning.  I'd think he'd be worn out after the reamings he gave me last night."

"You complaining?"

Bernie grinned and shook his head.  "Just sayin'."


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