Cory, Bo, and Doc
by Ashley Hardric ©2005

    This is a work of fiction.  That means it is not true.  Didn’t happen.  It’s a figment. No boys were involved or harmed in the writing of this story and no trees were sacrificed.  The author does not condone sex with boys; he just writes fantasies about it.  Further, sex in reality requires caution and protection, but my characters won’t catch any bad bugs unless I write them in.  Be safe and legal in the real world, and enjoy the story only if you are of age and location to do so legally.

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Chapter Twelve

    As I had promised, we went to retrieve Miguel’s truck.  We found it about a half hour away just as he had described, stuck in a submerged hole in the bottom of the wash.  We connected chains from my truck to his, and with four-wheel low engaged, had him out in no time.

    “Will you come meet my friends with me?” Miguel asked.  “They’re our kind of people.”

    Always open to new friends, we agreed.  A two-truck caravan crept along the rocky road.  We found the campsite easily, but found no friends.  “Maybe they followed that trail,” Bo said, pointing.

    “What trail?” Cory and I said in unison.

    “You guys are hopeless,” Bo scolded.  “Just follow me.”  So we trailed along behind him as he led us through juniper and rocks and scrub brush.  We moved steadily uphill until he stopped suddenly.  “There they are.”

    And there on the top of the mesa, across a bit of meadow, two boys lay naked on a blanket, sleeping in each other’s arms under the late morning sun.  One of them was extremely dark, like Miguel, but shorter, and the other looked Hispanic, slender and compact, with very tan skin and straight black hair.  They were beautiful.  As we watched, unnoticed, the black one woke up, and began to stroke his lover.  Both raised fresh erections, and the second awoke, and returned the caresses.  They kissed, as their hands stimulated each other.  Miguel whispered to us that the black one was named Johnny, and the Mexican, Davíd, which he pronounced “dah-VEED”.

    Johnny was working down Davíd’s body to his chest, covering it with kisses and licks.  Davíd’s chest was heaving under Johnny’s ministrations, and he reciprocated, turning his body so that he could go down on Johnny simultaneously.    On their sides, they reached each other’s waiting cocks, and began sucking.  We of course, were equally turned on, all hard and all holding someone else.  Miguel had his arms around Bo, his hard-on pressed against the boy’s back and his hand in this shorts.  Cory and I were holding each other face to face, rubbing against each other like cats in heat, as we watched the show.  On the blanket, the boys’ passion was reaching fever pitch, and they bucked and thrust into each other, clearly out of control, driven only by pure pleasure.  Davíd came first, pulling out of Johnny and blasting streams of creamy white onto the black chest and neck, and immediately Johhny came, Davíd sucking it down as he pumped.  They held each other’s bodies close as they relaxed in post-orgasmic bliss, and we approached them, all of our erections still obvious.

    We four applauded loudly, and Miguel greeted them.  “Hello, my friends,” he said.   “That was a very nice performance that you gave.”

    They opened their eyes and saw us, surprised but too exhausted and satisfied to care.  We joined them around the blanket, but it was too small for more than one pair of lovers to use at a time, and there are far too many unpleasant things on the desert ground to permit unprotected rolling-around.  As some sage observed, “most critters or plants in the desert bite, sting, or prick.”

    So we had a problem:  four rock hard pricks leaking precum and needing release, and room for two.  We had no choice but to take turns, the rest watching from four sides.  I wanted to get my own hands on that gorgeous Caribbean cock, so I suggested that Cory and Bo might have first chance.  They had not been together alone since the day at the lake.  They started with their favorite tease.  Bo grabbed at Cory’s balls, but Cory blocked him and grabbed at the younger boy’s cock.  “Look at you, you little shit.  You’re a disgrace.  I’m going to have punish you again.”

    “Oh yeah?  You and what army, you big jerk?” Bo replied, giggling, as Cory gently tripped him and both boys sank to the blanket.  Cory slipped his sweats down to expose his  firm erection.  “Me and Major Peter’s, as usual,” he said, waving it in Bo’s face.   The latter reached up and grasped Cory’s cheeks with both hands and pulled him down onto him, taking his engorged cock into his mouth as he did so.  Cory began some slow stroking in and out of Bo’s mouth, but Bo had other ideas.  He pushed Cory back up, so that he was kneeling astride Bo, sitting back on his thighs. 

    “We need some lube,” he announced.  “Cory, borrow some of that nice man’s juice.”

    Cory reached to the still-dripping cum that was liquefying on the chest of the black beauty next to him.  He scooped some up and returned to Bo, who had his legs spead to give Cory lots of room. 

    Alarmed, I started to protest, but Miguel laid his hand on my arm.  “Do not worry, my friend,” he said.  “All of us have been tested, and we do not take other partners.  They are safe.”

    Cory heard too, and resumed working the still slick fluid around Bo’s slim, stiff cock,  making the smaller boy squirm with pleasure.  Taking more cum from Johnny, Bo rubbed Cory’s hole with it, and when both pole and socket were well greased, he guided Cory onto him, pushing his hips up to enter the older boy.  Cory settled fully onto him, and then Bo said, “Pull me up.”

    With the lithe contortions only possible in the young and the professional magician, the two boys managed to bring Bo’s mouth onto Cory’s cock.  As Bo thrust upward, Cory’s cock glided into Bo’s waiting mouth, and then slid out again on the return stroke.  Thus linked, they twisted and thrusted, plunged and sucked, moaned and grunted.  Cory erupted with a great cry, and creamy cum leaked from Bo’s lips.  At the same time, his skinny hips gave a shuddering upthrust, and he shot into his brother.  After his spasms subsided, they both settled down onto the blanket, Cory kissing and cleaning Bo.  “There,” he said.  “I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”

    “I sure did,” Bo said.  “What lesson are you talking about, ya big jerk?”  We all laughed, and gave them a round of applause too.

    “Look who’s left,” I said to Miguel, laying a hand on his muscular chest.

    He just gave me a little smile, and pulled me down onto the center of the blanket.  He paused to peel off his tee shirt.  Actually, my tee shirt.  His was in the wash.  His magnificent chest gleamed darkly in the sun.  I traced the outlines of his muscles with my fingertips and found all the little ridges and valleys that covered his torso.  There was no hair.  Then I slipped my hand into his shorts, where I wrapped my hand around the biggest penis I had ever encountered on a real person.  I could barely wrap my hand all the way around it, and both of my fists together still allowed a good inch uncovered.

    I tugged my shorts down his legs, (the wash, remember?) and he tugged my shorts down my legs as well.  “Do you want my ass or my mouth,” he asked.  “I will let you make the choice.”

    “Which do you want,” I replied.

    “I like whatever you like,” he countered.

    “Then suck me,” I said.  He promptly dropped to my crotch and took my erect member in his mouth.  His dark mouth closed around it, and he began immediately sucking with his lips and his tongue, and then pulled off and commenced licking his way down the shaft to the base, and then to my balls.  His excellent tongue started a wet massage, and then returned back up the way he had come, re-taking me into his mouth again.  As my pleasure increased, I lay down on the blanket so that I could address the wonder of his huge black penis.  I found it where I’d left it, sticking up hard and dark from a patch of even darker tight curls.  It extended far past his navel, reaching nearly to his sternum.  With that detached part of the mind that observes such things, I wondered how he ever concealed a hard-on when he needed to.  I did not dwell on that long, however, and turned my attention to stroking its magnificent length, running my fingers down and up, down and up.  I took him into my hand, and with a quantity of precum proportionate to its size oozing out, I used the slick fluid to lubricate my fist as I began to stroke and squeeze the massive rod.  Miguel was fucking my hand now, as he continued to suck on my own, more modest, version.  His head was bobbing up and down, and he made sloppy sucking noises as he coaxed my cum out from deep in my balls.  I pushed my hand against him as he pushed against me, and together we synchonized our movements as our climaxes neared.  Then with almost no warning, I erupted into his mouth, and when the first spurt hit, he likewise came, his oversize tool pumping oversize  streams through my fist and all over me, the blanket, and his belly.  I shot a pretty large load as well, and he could not swallow all of it.  Some leaked out and dribbled from his mouth.  Our spasms subsided, and we just rested against each other.  Then I found his hand and pulled him around to face me.  I wiped the dripping cum from his chin, and he licked it from my finger.  We rested for a a little while, until Cory cleared his throat and I looked up. 

    “Shouldn’t we be moving along, Doc,’ he asked.  “It’s close to lunch time, according to my stomach clock.”  He was pulling his shorts on as he spoke, and Bo followed suit.

    “Well, I guess we should.”  And I got up and pulled my  own on as well.  “Why don’t you guys join us for dinner tonight?” I asked Miguel and his friends.  “That is, unless you’d rather spend another night ‘on the road!’ ”

    They were pleased to exchange the prospect of cold sandwiches for a hot meal, and readily accepted.  We said our goodbyes and left them on their blanket.

    Back in the truck, Bo was full of chatter.  “Man, did you believe the size of that guy’s dick?  I don’t think I’d like to try that up my butt!”  Cory said nothing.  Bo continued to give us a commentary on Miguel’s muscles, his cock-sucking skills, Johnny’s hot points, and Davíd’s attractions.  Glancing at Cory, I noticed him getting a strange look on his face.

    Suddenly he burst out, “Bo, shut up!  I don’t want to hear any more about Miguel’s muscles or Davíd’s sexy hair or Johnny’s cute butt or how big Miguel’s cock is.  I don’t want to hear any more!   So just shut up, OK?!  Just shut up!”

    Bo was shocked into silence, and I was surprised as well.  I stopped the truck, and we sat in the utter silence of the desert for a few moments.  I reached over and touched his shoulder.  He started to sniffle a bit, and tears were forming in his eyes.

    “Are you going to tell us what’s wrong?” I asked him gently.

    “You’ll probably think I’m being selfish and stupid,” he said, starting to sob a bit.  “Maybe I am.  But on the blanket, I realized that I didn’t like seeing you with Miguel, Doc.  And then I realized that I didn’t like seeing Bo with him either.  Even though it was really hot.  And I thought it would be neat when we started, you know, on the blanket.  And it was really sexy, but I didn’t like it.”

    “You mean it made you feel jealous?” I asked.

    “Yeah, I guess that’s right.  I only want you two.  I don’t want to share.  And I don’t want to be shared, either.  I want the three of us to just be the three of us.  Can you understand that?”  he was seriously sobbing now, and tears were rolling down his cheeks.

    In the awkward cramped space of the front seat, I pulled him to me and hugged him tight.  “I can understand,” I said.  “I can understand.”  Bo crawled across and sort of half-hugged, half lay on him, and buried his own teary face in his shirt.

    “Cory, no one ever told me anything like that before,” he said.  “I’m sorry I made you jealous.”

    “And so am I,” I said, managing to hold at least a part of both of them.  “Let’s get out and walk around a little.  This truck seat is not made for this kind of intimacy.”  So we got out and had a proper three-way embrace, and then a proper round of nose-blowing, and then decided to walk down a pretty little wash a ways, all of us holding each other as much as possible while still continuing forward progress.  After a hundred yards or so, we came to the ruin of an old rail line, with ties still visible here and there.  It was probably one of the many mining lines tha ran from the mountains down to the main lines across the desert.   We followed it for a short ways, and suddenly found ourselves among the ruins of a railway station.  As we explored the vestigal building, we could make out other ruined structures, and realized that there had been a town or settlement here years ago.  Only log foundations and low walls remained, but we could get the idea of the place.  Bo ran on ahead, and then called to us.

    We caught up to him in a small grove of trees near the bottom of the wash.  A small spring seeped to the surface there, and trickled down the gentle slope.  On the higher ground nearby was an actual standing building with a cross carved into the front door.  It was a small chapel.  A rather new broom stood on the front porch; apparently someone was taking care of it.

    We pushed open the door and entered the tiny church.  Sun shone through a high window and illuminated the front where the altar would have been.  It was still silent, and with the streak of sun shining in, it was strangely beautiful.  We stood together, just looking.

    Cory broke the silence.  “Let’s get married.”

    He saw our surprised expressions and explained.  “I’m serious.  This is a church, basically.  Let’s declare our love and commitment to each other, right here, right now.”

    “Yes,” I said.  “Let’s.”  Bo nodded his assent.  And so we did.  We faced each other in a triangle, with our arms entwined around each others’ shoulders.  We stood and thought for some minutes, and then I started. 

    “Cory and Bo, I declare to you and to God that I love you now and forever, that I will be here always for you, and that no one will replace you in my heart or my bed, as long as we three live.  Bo, you are my son and my lover forever, and Cory my lover and friend.”

    “Doc and Bo, I declare my love for you before God, and I promise to love you both equally and forever, and to keep my heart and my bed for you two alone, always.”

    “Cory my brother, and Doc my father, I declare that my love for you is for always, and for no one else, from now until forever.”

    With simple words spoken from three hearts, we united ourselves before each other and before God.  And then shared an incredibly intense three-way kiss,  with Cory and I holding Bo up by his skinny butt, and he with his arms and legs wrapped around us.   We broke for air, and let Bo slide to the ground.  Our hands began to explore each other’s bodies as if for the first time, touching, retreating, touching again.  Being the shortest, Bo took the opportunity to relieve us of our shorts, and then we slipped his shirt off him.  The three way caresses continued as we dropped to the smooth, worn surface of the wooden plank floor.  Once down, Cory took Bo’s shorts off, and we both shed our tee shirts.  Cory attacked Bo with his mouth, kissing the slender body all over, playing him like a fine violin.  I joined in the attack from the other side, and we complemented each other as we attended to his needs.  When he was ready, we stopped, and let him begin to return the favors, putting his talented tongue to work as well.  He started on Cory, and he and I worked Cory to a fever pitch too, kissing and caressing and sucking every nerve we could find.  And then the two boys started work on me, one at the top and one at the bottom, and when I thought I would die in pure paradise, Cory at my crotch and Bo at my chest, Bo deftly moved his face to Cory’s cock, and his own cock to my face.  And so, our very special love triangle created again, we brought each other to the edge, sucking and licking and tonguing as we sent our sexual offering soaring to the gods.  The wind outside began to howl and roar around the little church, but not inside.  And the intense light that came from everywhere and nowhere at once suffused the chapel as it had Bo’s bedroom.  We came in unison,  our ecstacy perfect music of our love, our climax filling the room and the spirits and ascending to the very heavens.  The light lingered, and a profound sense of satisfaction settled into our hearts, along with a very clear sense of “Thank you.”  And then the light was gone.  The shaft of sunlight had shifted some, and now shone down on us like a spotlight.  And we simply knew that the Great Spirit or God or Mother Earth or whatever name you used had smiled upon us.  And it was good.

    On our way back to the truck, it was Cory who could not stop beaming. 

    As we returned to the house, he suggested that we make the evening dinner into a wedding reception of sorts, and share what we had done with our new friends.  So we did.