Cory, Bo, and Doc
by Ashley Hardric ©2005

    This is a work of fiction.  That means it is not true.  Didn’t happen.  It’s a figment. No boys were involved or harmed in the writing of this story and no trees were sacrificed.  The author does not condone sex with boys; he just writes fantasies about it.  Further, sex in reality requires caution and protection, but my characters won’t catch any bad bugs unless I write them in.  Be safe and legal in the real world, and enjoy the story only if you are of age and location to do so legally.

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The references to Native American tribes, customs, history, and so on are totally invented, and are not intended to represent any specific tribe, or actual customs.


Chapter 4  

    We spent Friday afternoon in the canyon again, searching for artifacts.  That is, Cory and I searched.  Bo found them.    Cory and I could comb a square yard or so, and declare it devoid of anything interesting, and Bo would come over and pluck out arrowheads, pot shards, beads, all manner of neat stuff from the very soil we had just searched.  I guess our eyes lacked the proper training.

    It was a lovely time, spent in mutual enjoyment and pleasure.  We did not engage in any further orgies; we just reveled in each other’s company.  By the time we were ready to leave, we had amassed an impressive little pile of finds.  Bo thought that some of them might be valuable, and others might be of interest to the local museum.  He assured us that  there was no desecration involved in picking up such items from the ground; it was not as if we were despoiling holy ground.

    So we left, tired and happy.  We planned to drop Bo off, and then regroup the next day.  But when we pulled into his driveway, his mother’s car was gone and a note was visible on the front door.  “Maybe we’ll wait until you get inside,” I said as Bo slid off Cory’s lap.  He went to the front door of the run-down doublewide mobile and found it locked, which was a change from the norm.  We watched him take the note from the door and open it.  He started to read it and then returned to the truck.  Cory opened the door and pulled him back in.  Bo showed us the note and we all read it together.

    “Dear Bo,” it read.  “I’m sorry I can’t tell you this in person, but its just to hard.  I know I haven’t been much of a mother for you, I know that I’ve left you alone too much, while I’ve gone out with my friends  I know that you probably don’t care much about me or what happens to me.  But I’ve finally met the guy I’ve been looking for since I don’t know when.  Once I thought your father was the one but as soon as I got pregnant with you he took off.  But this guy -- Matt -- he’s different  he wants to start a new life with me.  And I want to do that with him.  I want a chance to start over.  With a clean slate.  I want to forget my past. My misteaks and my problems.  I was never ready to be a mother, and I now that was one of my big misteaks.  I’m not cut out to be any kids’ mother, Bo, and I’m sorry for doing such a bad job.  But your growing into a young man now, and I can’t give you what you need.  Your uncle can -- you spend more time with him these days than you do with me.  And I ca’nt teach you about the Indain part of your heritage that you want so much to know.  So I’m leaving, Bo.  I love you but I can’t stay with you anymore.  Your uncle will take good care of you.  Keep up with your studies, and stay away from the drugs.  I’m sorry and I love you and please don’t hate me.  Bye bye.  Mom.

PS I locked the door because I dint know when you would be home.  You know where the spar key is.  Theres a note for your uncle on the kitchen table.  I love you.”

    He finished reading and we all sat silent, stunned.  And just as I was searching for something comforting to say, Bo yelled “YES!  She’s finally gone!  All RIGHT!!” and wrapped his arms around Cory in a bear hug.  Then he crawled across the console to me and repeated the hug, settling into my lap as comfortable as possible behind the steering wheel as if he did not plan to leave. 

    “She’s right, you know,” he said.  “She’s a shitty mother, and she should never have had me.  She loves me, and I guess I love her. But I don’t like her.  And she doesn’t like me either.  If we weren’t blood, we’d have absolutely zero in common.”

    Cory was the first to recover his wits.  “So this means you’re free,” he said, slowly.  “No curfew, no one to report to.  You can do what you want.  Except for your uncle.  What about him?”

    Bo replied, “My uncle is cool.  He’s like a grandfather, and I can go to him whenever I want to, which is like every day,  but he leaves me as much space as I need.  He’ll be OK being my ‘legal guardian.’   Don’t you see? I’m free!”

    “Well,” I said profoundly.  “How about that.”

    “So that means I can come stay with you, right?” Bo went on.  “And Cory too, cuz he’s just in the dorm.  Right?  OK.  Let’s go home.”

    So with his usual abrupt take-charge attitude, Bo settled the issue before we could even figure it out.  What an incredible kid.


   We drove out to my house in the boondocks.  It was a bit of a commute, but it was private.  Bo jumped out to man the gate, and I pulled on into the garage.  We entered the house.  The boys wasted no time in exploring my humble abode.  “You’ve got a loft!” Cory exclaimed, climbing a ladder.  “Cool!”  

    “And a hot tub!” Bo called from the deck.

    “And big screen TV!” Cory responded.  “And a HUGE bed!  Jeez, Doc, this place is great.”

    I was pleased that they were pleased, but I was a bit worried about the technicalities involved in us living here together.  And feeding them, for starters.  I checked the fridge and the freezer, pondering dinner possibilities.  “Who could eat a steak?” I called.

    “I could!”  “Me!” were the immediate responses, as two excited boys came into the kitchen.

    “We can grill steaks, and bake potatoes and make a salad.  How does that sound?” I asked.

    “Cool,” they replied in unison.  So we set about making ourselves dinner.  I dispatched Bo to the deck to start the grill, and I put Cory in charge of salad.  Within a half hour, we had a feast prepared, and we devoured it, eating in near silence as we concentrated on food rather than talk.

    “Damn, that was good,” Cory announced, sitting back and patting his tummy, which was a bit less flat than usual.

    “Yeah, it sure was,” Bo agreed, after an impressive belch.

    We cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher and retired to the living room.  I lit the gas fireplace, which elicited another “Cool!” from the boys, and we all settled on the couch to check out the TV.  We went through “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune,” each trying to call out answers first.  After we watched some corny sitcom reruns,  we found an adult movie and checked it out.  But as usual, it was hetero, and we gave up on it.  By then, Bo was yawning, and Cory was pretty wiped out as well.  We decided it was time for bed.  “I have a guest room that you two could share,” I ventured.  For some reason, here in my house, I was feeling timid about suggesting that they share my bed.  Some vestiges of middle American values, I guess.  But fortunately, neither boy shared those inhibitions.

    “We’re sleeping with you,” Bo announced.  “We’re a team:  we don’t divide at night.  Right, Cory?”

    “Right,” he affirmed.  “All for one bed, one bed for all.  Isn’t that how it goes?  Maybe we could  grab a  shower first?”

    So we headed for the  bathroom.  The previous owner of my house had been disabled, and the shower was over-size with two shower heads, allowing for  additional helpers in the stall.  It was perfect for the three of us.  I announced the rules for tonight’s shower.

    “Here are the rules for tonight:  you can’t touch cock with your hands, and you can’t wash yourself.  Last one in’s a monkey’s uncle!”  I reached in and turned on the water; Cory was stripping Bo, who yanked my shorts down, and as soon as his arms were free I relieved Cory of his shirt and my own as well.  In seconds we were nude, and we entered the delightful hot water.  I reached for my soapless body shampoo and began to lather up Cory.  The exotic aroma of  the fruity-tasting compound filled the air.  I squirted it on Bo and on myself.  I began by lightly spreading the thick lather all over Cory, covering his body in aromatic suds.  Bo had dropped to the floor, and was starting on him from the bottom up, washing every inch from the tip of his toes upward.  He paid special attention to Cory’s balls and butt, and following my rules, avoided his rigid cock, but lathered his modest bush fully.  Cory put a hand on Bo’s head when he got within reach, gently lathering his soft wet hair.   His other hand almost randomly washed my torso and arms, flicking here and there, massaging, rubbing, caressing.  I moved downward on Cory as Bo moved up.  I rubbed the slick goo over every contour of his perfect body, following every muscle ridge and plane and curve as if for the first time.  I reached his hips and found Bo was there already, giving Cory’s dick a preliminary lick. 

    Cory and I both reached down and pulled the smaller boy up between us.  He turned to me and continued the bath that Cory had started, while the two of us covered him with thick suds.  In contrast to Cory’s hard muscles, Bo was soft and tender (except for where he was hard and bony.)  I reached down to lather his narrow band of pubic hair, and continued down to his little balls, while Cory took care of his ass, inside and out.  I sat on the built-in shower seat and pulled Bo‘s head to my lap. He happily took my solid shaft into his mouth again, slapping his own butt as an invitation to Cory.  He needed no urging, and pointed his stiff prick between the skinny cheeks.  As if guided by an invisible hand, it glided unaided into Bo, and the younger boy shuddered in delight. 

    “Hold on, Bo,” I panted, shifting my body down to the floor and then swiveling around so that I could take care of Bo’s own erection as he took care of mine.   So we ended up on our sides on the warm, wet floor, Bo and I sucking each other, and Cory fucking Bo from the other side.  My hands were holding Bo’s legs, between his and Cory’s, so I could feel Cory humping him with my hands as well as my face.  Bo never stopped his talented tongue, and as I felt Cory’s balls tighten and his legs tense, I released my load of hot sperm into Bo’s mouth.  I felt a spastic thrust as Cory shot, his penis pumping against my hand and into Bo.  He came into my mouth then as well, his thin boycum shooting strong and quick.  We all finished, and lay gasping for breath.  I recovered first, and turned back around to face my boys.  The warm water continued to flow over us, washing the last vestiges of suds off.  We would have stayed that way longer, had the hot water not run out.

    Hastily turning off the tap, I slid back the glass door and then stepped out.  I held soft towels out for the boys, and we dried each other thoroughly.  A quick round with the hair dryer, and we were ready for bed.  Bo entered first, a running jump landing him in the center.  Cory got in next to him, and I followed on the other side.  In what would become a favorite position, Bo and Cory again snuggled together spoonwise, and I hugged both of them to me.  And so, our  “Bo sandwich” complete, we slept,  three united souls, previously in search of each other.  We didn’t need more sex to cement our bond, although that might be a pleasant way to start the next day.