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Curiosity Gets The Cat

There is nothing like Spring Break. From the unbroken snows of the upper peninsula of Michigan to the slush of Boston, college kids head south in March to Fort Lauderdale and, even, points deeper into Florida to worship the sun, the coming summer, and sex.

I was one of those northern lemmings four years ago. I was eighteen at the time, a freshman in a small college about as far north in the snowbelt as a guy could get and still stay in the good old U. S. of A. I had been graced with a nice build I wasn't doing anything to keep at the time and a cute face that was boyish enough to keep all the assorted female relatives an Italian boy from Boston could have clucking over him. In short, I was your All-American, good-looking kid with curly black hair and olive skin - instead of the surfboy blond looks that were the rage then.

My roommate and I had gone further south than Fort Lauderdale, looking for the proverbial bargain. We got as far as Vero Beach and found the locals didn't figure the word "Yankee" to be a synonym for wealth. We got decent accommodations and headed for the beach. A very dead beach all that first day.

There wasn't anybody out in all that Florida sunshine. We had it all to ourselves. Only late in the afternoon did any of the natives come out; and that only made us realize how much we'd lost when we went past Lauderdale and Daytona to find a better deal. In short, the local girls we saw were nothing to write home about; and that was putting it mildly.

The second day we were there started out almost as bad as the first - from the point of view of scenery. My roommate was ready to burst into tears or, maybe, into me - if I had ever shown any interest at the time. And that from a guy who claimed his first girl when he was thirteen and claimed semen poisoning if he didn't get relief every twenty-four hours or less. I was about as bad - rather, I sounded about as bad.

My high school years had been too full to ruin them with girls - or any other entanglements of any kind. I guessed I was interested in girls and just hadn't thought about it until my first day of college when my new roommate started going crazy over anybody who was a female of the species. By the time Spring Break rolled around, I had gotten pretty uptight about my virginity.

That second day on the beach at Vero proved to be different than our first. My skin had darkened and I wasn't wiped out like I was after almost thirty hours on the road. My curiosity came back to life and I started looking around for something - anything - to occupy my mind. Or to get into.

Shortly after noon, a couple of the local boys came to the beach and started making themselves as much at home as we had. I nudged my roommate who raised up to have a look. "Guys!" he grunted and settled back down to a long winter's nap. But I kept watching them, justifying my vigil by telling myself that it was something to do.

Finally, I got up and moved nearer to them - pretending that I was interested in the ocean beyond them in case either one of them bothered to notice. I got close enough to pick up the southern accents and envy them their year round tans as well as their blond good looks - one of them especially.

The one who moved with the fluid grace of a cat was tall and lanky; and he wore a white speedo that I was willing to bet would show everything if it got wet - it almost did anyway. I found myself wishing he'd go into the water just so I could see if I would win my bet or not.

I also found myself getting hard at the thought. And that surprised me - as well as bothered me. One thing I was sure of was that I wasn't queer. About the time I was being sure of myself, I realized I was completely stiff and decided I needed to dunk my lower body in the Atlantic to cool it off. The white speedo chose that moment turn over and look directly at me. His eyes caught my bulge and, after a moment, moved up my body to look into my eyes.

Haughtily, I broke eye contact and trotted toward the water. It was almost as warm there as it had been a moment before. I forced myself to forget the incident.

I almost had when the blond came wading through the surf toward me. "Hi!" he greeted me warmly enough in that drawl southerners put on for us Yankees. Nothing natural would have that much magnolia juice in it - not mixed with honeysuckle syrup, anyway.

"Hi," I offered back suspiciously.

"My name's Eddy - but all my friends call me Gato."

"You Latin?" I asked, catching the Spanish word for cat and thinking it was a totally fitting nickname for this man.

"Naw ... Just good old Anglo-Saxon southern. What's your name?"

"Tony," I answered, relaxing in that big grin showing all those teeth of his in spite of myself. "You from around here?"

"Yeah - I live about a mile away." He grinned. "I'm also a senior at the local college. Where're you from?"

I told him and he whistled. "You're a long way from home, aren't you, Tony?"

"Yeah. My roommate and are on Spring Break and-"

Gato laughed. "You're a good hundred miles from Lauderdale - even further from Daytona."

"It's cheaper here - also a lot less problems from the friendly police force."

He laughed again. "Yeah, you're right about that. Things are real low key around here - slow even." I noticed with a start that I'd lost the bet with myself - or won it. Those speedos he was wearing were see-through as all hell. I turned red and forced myself to look away but not before I knew this sun-bronzed Adonis had a well filled basket to go with that lithe body I'd been admiring and not understanding why.

"What's with your buddy?" I asked, changing the subject.

He glanced over his shoulder. "Him?" I nodded. "He's just a friend from school - we hang around together sometimes ... How about yours?"

My roommate back at school ... He's already grousing because there aren't people around of the female persuasion."

Gato scratched himself unconsciously and the movement drew my eyes back to that basket of his. His cock seemed to have grown larger. I thought I was good sized but this guy's cock had mine beat already and he wasn't even hard. I forced my thoughts away from his lower anatomy and concentrated on his wine colored lips and the way they were so damned sensuous as he formed his words.

"You need to see Vero Beach, Tony," he was telling me and I just nodded, wondering if I was on the verge of having a heat stroke or something. I just did not look at other men and get turned on by their equipment. "I know a real quite place that does down home cooking up fine - if you're interested-?" He was watching me inquisitively, those lips of his pouting a little.

I nodded without really realizing what I was agreeing to. "I also have a stash of hash that'll blow your head off ... Come on, it's past lunch time and I can hear my stomach growling - we'll take my car." He started out of the surf and I numbly followed, my eyes glued to his very apparent and cute ass.

We were driving through a residential neighborhood. "What about my roommate?" I asked, suddenly remembering him. "He's going to wonder where I went."

"My friend'll keep an eye on him so he doesn't get lost." He glanced over at me and smiled. I found myself captivated all over again.

We ate at a small restaurant overlooking the Indian River and Gato had been right. They did do southern cooking up fine. "Now for some of my hash stash," he told me, grinning as we got back into his car.

I couldn't see myself saying 'no' - we were already fast friends. At least, he was treating us as such, and I would've had a hard time extraditing myself because he was so friendly and because I had no idea where the hell I was.

So, I was in tow when he got out of the car in front of a sprawling single story brick house. It looked like a guy had to be well-off to even get into this neighborhood and this house was nicer than any of the others around. He was grinning at me as I got out of the car. "The folks are out of town for a week - hope you don't mind." I followed him into the kitchen.

"No problem," I answered and his smile broadened.

"You want something to drink?" I shrugged and he proceeded to pull out a bottle of vodka and a can of cranberry juice. A moment later, he was wedging a lime.

He handed me one of the drinks and took the other one. "Come on, Tony - I'll show you where I live." I followed him further into the house. He led me into what could only be described as a suite if this had been some fancy hotel. The room he'd made into a sitting room had a sliding door facing a secluded pool in the back of the house.

"Christ!" I mumbled under my breath, thinking of the rowhouse in Boston I called home. A nice place - but, still, a rowhouse.

"Dad's a doctor - and I guess he's a little ostentatious at times." He dug under the couch and brought a plastic bag and pipe out. "We'll smoke outside if you don't mind." I shrugged; I didn't mind.

Sitting by a shimmering pool in the middle of the afternoon drinking a Cape Cod and passing a pipe of super hash between us, I allowed myself to relax completely.

This Gato was one of the coolest guys I'd ever met as well as one of the best looking. And that thought wasn't even bothering me by that time. Maybe, I'd just gotten used to my interest in his body. But there was also something about him that eased all my doubts. That and the drinks and the herb. I was floating.

"I'm going to take a swim," he said, his voice coming through a fog of lazy sunlight and good will. I watched him pull off his speedos and gazed at the uncovered basket that had been intriguing me all day. It was nice. Perfectly proportioned. It was just the right equipment to make him all male and the best looking guy I could remember seeing. Hell! It made the whole man almost as delectable in my mind as a home-made cannoli.

He smiled down at me. "You like it?" he asked, his voice silky. I nodded slowly. "You want it before or after I take my dip?"

"I haven't ever done it," I mumbled, feeling suddenly ashamed of my inadequacy.

"You a virgin?"

I nodded and was still unable to take my eyes off his perfect manhood growing even more perfect there in front of me.

"No problem, honey. Tell you what-" He knelt beside me, his cock still elongating as I watched it. His hands went to the waistband of my trunks. "Let's get you naked too." He pulled and I instinctively lifted my ass to help him get them off.

He stood back up, his erection now complete. "My," he mumbled. "But that looks like a succulent mouthful!" I knew he was talking about my cock and sucking it off, but I didn't care. His was what was important. It was gigantic! It was easily three inches wide and ten long - and it was pointing right at me. At my mouth.

Lazily, I raised up on my elbows and watched him squat over me. That monster brushed my lips and I ran my tongue over them. It came back and was stationary this time, resting on my tongue and lower lip. I giggled. This had to be a funny sight - me with a cock ready to go into my mouth. His cock nudged against my teeth and I opened my mouth to let it in.

The next half hour was one of exploring - of sucking and being sucked, of touching and being touched, of licking and being licked. I could not remember a time I'd enjoyed myself more.

I went after him finally, taking him and wanting him. "Don't try to take too much at first," he whispered, but I was a hungry puppy with its first hunk of juicy meat. I gagged and he pulled away.

"Come on, Tony - let's get comfortable and do it right." He took my hand and pulled me up and, then, led me to a chaise lounge. "This is going to be better." His lips touched mine and I came into his arms, surrendering myself to him and feeling totally natural about doing so.

His fingers found my nipples, catching them between the thumb and index finger of each hand. He tugged them gently at first and, then, started to tweak them. I groaned and pulled myself against him even tighter. Fireworks were going off in my head and in my balls and I didn't know which one felt better. He slowly ground himself against my cock caught between our two bodies, and I could feel pre-cum lathering our abdomens.

"I want you, Gato," I groaned again as we came up for air.

"It's going to be fast, Tony - I'm already on the edge."

Sitting down, I ducked down his long, lanky, hairless torso and took his cock in my mouth, rubbing its knob with the rough side of my tongue and kneading his asscheeks, pulling him into me.

My tonsils got the first blast of his hot jizz as it hit the back of my throat. I wanted a taste of him so I pulled away slightly in time to take his next shot. His hands on the back of my head pulled me down on him until I felt his light brown bush tickling my nose. He shivered and tried to pull away.

"You need some attention too, Tony," he told me softly, his hand pushing me backward as his tongue darted over my chest, moving downward with its every movement.

He was swallowing me, tickling my cock, coaxing it as its seven inches slid in between his lips. Back and forth. His hand spread my legs and in some compartment of my mind it was noted his finger was pressing against my asshole.

Before a directive could be formulated, though, he was inside - just inside - but inside and massaging my sphincter as he went up and down my pole. My balls tightened in a growing expectation of release.

Before the directive could get from the compartment to my vocal chords or my hand, his finger was deep inside my ass. Real deep and massaging my prostrate. The directive died unspoken as I exploded jizz into his gullet. No matter how much I moved, he held me with my cock in his throat and his finger halfway up my fuckchute.

As I began to soften, he released me and stood up. I glanced up into the sunniest smile I'd ever seen. "Hi!" he greeted me. "Welcome to Vero Beach!"


"Let's take that dip now. Later, I'll introduce you to something that'll make what we just did feel like a cold dip in the ocean."

Dripping still from the pool, he fixed another bowl and looked at me with the sweetest eyes. "You're beautiful soaking wet, Tony," he told me in a hushed voice.

"You say the craziest things - but I will admit you're no slouch in the looks department, wet or dry." We both laughed, and he lit the pipe. I was soon floating again - only higher. I gazed at him, knowing that I was falling in love - or, at least, lust - with him.

"This is some potent shit, Gato," I mumbled.

"Turn over, honey - let me put some lotion on your back." I grinned at him and turned over - and found myself hoping he'd do more than just put lotion on my back.

His hands kneaded my back, untangling nerves, and moved down to my waist. It felt so damn good - anywhere his hands touched me. Soon, they'd reached my asscheeks and I felt myself hardening. Cool, oily lotion was being spread into them and more was dropped into the crevice between them.

My erection rode between me and the lounge as his fingers began to explore the crevice between my asscheeks. It felt good, better than a massage. His fingers delved deeper, spreading my cheeks, exposing my rosy bud. More lotion came down between the globes that were my asscheeks and was used by his fingers to caress the lips of my lovechute.

"Feel good?" he asked from what seemed far away. I nodded slowly. His finger slid into me and I moaned. "Relax, honey," he told me, his voice inches from my ear this time. Another finger joined the first inside me and I groaned louder and began to hump the fingers. "Remember when I told you the best was yet to be?" He was behind me, and I turned to look over my shoulder in time to watch him straddling my legs. His fingers disappeared from inside me, and I felt suddenly empty. He stroked his cock, coating it with more lotion. "Do it," I mumbled and turned back to stare at the concrete apron beneath me.

"Do what?" he asked playfully.

"What you're about to do - fuck me, damn it, Gato!"

He chuckled. "Lift your ass a little then, Tony." I did as I was told and shut my eyes, beginning to float with the sensations crashing over my body. His fingers found me again, and I felt the chaise lounge creak under our combined weight as he sat down on my thighs.

Then, it was seeking me out. His cock was sliding down my crack toward my balls, but I knew it wouldn't get that far. "Relax, honey - it's going to feel good."

"It already does," I answered just as it found my virgin fuckchute. It began to press against my asslips and I grunted at the sudden discomfort it'd brought. Suddenly, it was inside me, navigating my sphincter, seeking my bowels and the discomfort grew. "Slow down!" I grunted. "Take it easy, Gato - please!"

"Push down while I'm pushing in, honey," he told me encouragingly but slowed his drive into my ass. I couldn't understand how I could stretch as much as I had to be doing without hurting like hell. But I wasn't. I still had my full-blown erection too. I could feel his bush brushing the insides of my cheeks. I felt full. God, did I feel full! Yet, it was beginning to feel good too. Then, it was feeling very, very good!

I wiggled my ass around on the gigantic pole that had me impaled. That felt even better. I smiled. "Okay, do it to me - just take it easy, okay?"

It took him thirty minutes to cum. Thank God! He fucked me silly that very first time. I came twice before his hand came down to stroke me into a third. Gato proved to have a lot more stamina than I imagined having.

"Fuck me good," I moaned over and over, instinct driving my butt up to meet him as he began each plunge. "Shit! It feels so fucking good!" I groaned and moaned and humped and writhed and wiggled the whole 30 minutes he was fucking me.

"I never thought it'd feel like this-" I'd just had my second orgasm. My cock still wasn't losing any of its interest. Suddenly, Gato reached under the lounge and found it sticking through the netting. He speeded up and went deeper into me than before. His hand moved in unison with his movement in my chute. I gasped. My balls tightened for the third time. He seemed to grow even bigger there in my fuckchute. "Oh, shit!" I cried, "I'm going to-"

I felt him explode, coating my insides, and I erupted in his hand.

Much later we drove back to the beach and I hid the shock that had begun to descend over me as we'd dressed and took me completely when we'd gotten on the road. What had I done? Maybe, if I dropped it, hid it even, I could be normal still in front of my roommate - and my family. Especially my family.

"Will you spend the night?" he asked, finally breaking the silence when he turned off into the car park of the motel. I turned and stared at him in disbelief.

He laughed then. "In shock are you? And denying it, I'll bet." My eyes grew larger as I stared at him. "Ah! I hit it right on the head ... Well, Tony - you can't undo what we've done. And you can't lie to your body either."


"Spend the night with me tonight and, if you still want to find your way back to being straight in the morning, I won't do anything stand in your way."

I looked down at my hands. My body remembered how good he'd felt inside me. I shivered in the hot Florida sun. I wanted to take him up on the invitation; that was what really surprised me. I turned and looked at him and was immediately lost in the bottomless wells that were his eyes. "All right," I stammered in answer.

"Pick you up here in front of your motel tonight at nine." His lips brushed mine quickly and I jerked back from him. "At nine," he said firmly and I nodded numbly.

I graduated this June and came to Florida to live. Gato, the cat, helped me find a job here. I guess you could say we're still together after four years and probably will be until I've learned everything there is to know about being gay and being in love with a guy named Gato. That won't take more than a hundred years or so.