The story is fiction by nature and contains descriptions of sexual encounters and contact between consenting adults. If you are not of legal age to read stories of this nature or are offended by the subject matter herein do not read any further.

The Cyber Boyfriend

I carefully closed the lid to my computer after a couple hours of titillating cybersex with my online lover. As my hands carefully caressed the case of my little laptop I put it safely away in its travel case as tears filled my eyes. Kyle, my cyber boyfriend, and I had been cyber dating and having cybersex for over a year. Now, we were taking a hiatus from each other, putting our online romance on hold. We had gotten to know each other fairly well during that past year. We had become very close and been very explicit with each other in our e-mails and immediate messaging about our wants, desires, and sexual fantasies. I found that during the past year I eagerly looked forward to and had grown to enjoy our online trysts. I loved Kyle's body, his personality, and desperately wanted to meet him and make love to him in person; however, that had all been put on hold for now. I had discovered that I was too scared to take that fateful plunge into reality; moreover, I was scared of getting busted. Good thing there is security in online anonymity.

I use a "MSN Hotmail" e-mail address and "MSN Messaging" that are registered under a pseudonym for my online cruising exploits; that's how I first met Kyle, while cyber cruising late one night. Kyle and I would rendezvous via instant messaging, exchanging personal dialogue, and indulging in our long distant online lovemaking sessions. We would secretly seduce each other for hours, two to three times a week via the Internet, dependent upon our schedules. We had exchanged nude photos with each other, and pulled off some pretty intense cybersex sessions. Of course, all the naked photos I had sent to Kyle were headless nude shots of me, and Kyle's photos to me were also headless shots. Neither wanted our identities and nakedness flaunted around the world via the Internet. I guess, in that year, neither of us had come to fully trust the other.

Early in our cybersex sessions my online lover told me he was a freshman in college and he was nineteen; however, the photos he had sent to me appeared to be that of a younger boy. And Kyle didn't write like a college freshman either, but more like a high school student. However, to be on the safe side I did printout his e-mail and instant message to me, stating that he was, in fact, nineteen years old. If this kid was indeed nineteen he had one hella sweet and smooth looking young body.

Over our yearlong cyber relationship I had become totally infatuated with Kyle's body and its physical attributes. A great looking frame I wanted badly in my bed to have my way with for many long hours of lovemaking. Of course, Kyle had given me many compliments in the past year about my own body and he told me that I looked younger than my age, too. I knew that I appeared younger than my twenty-two years. Damn it, I really wanted to meet my young cyber hotty for some one-on-one sex, but still after a year I was unsure of a meeting with him.

In the past year Kyle and I had not indulged in phone sex, so there was no way to verify each other's phone numbers or other personal information. At one point I suggested that we fax our driver's license to each other as proof of age. Then we could talk on the phone before actually meeting face to face. However, Kyle told me that although his computer was private he did not have a private phone at home. He told me that he was still living with his parent's while attending junior college. Of that I had my suspicions. I had to somehow verify Kyle's age. More importantly, I needed to know whether or not this anonymous person was a cyber narc before I would commit to a face-to-face meeting. I was sure that some of Kyle's personal information was exaggerated, including his age. There were two things I had not lied to Kyle about: my age and what I enjoyed as far as sex with another guy.

Kyle appeared so sensuous looking in all those posed photos he had sent to me, and I could tell that they were all of the same person. He used a digital camera with a time and date stamp on the photos. His photos and seductive dialogue made me drool many times over. Yes, he was one desirable dude and I desperately wanted to have real live sex with him. Kyle had tried to entice me to meet him on several occasions with money offers. He offered to pay my way to Los Angles, all expenses at posh hotels in L. A., but I was reluctant. Not knowing for sure who was on the other end of the anonymous e-mails and instant messaging I hadn't taken the bait.

I had heard so many stories about guys meeting other guys online, and then they ended up getting busted because the person was a minor. Nope, I wasn't going to get arrested over some underage cyberslut who wanted a blowjob in the bathroom at the local bus depot. Anyway, life was about to change for me in a couple of days. Soon, I would head out for a summer of fun in the sun. Still, there were tears in my eyes at the thought of possibly never again cybering with or even meeting Kyle, but hopefully I would find him online again when I returned for my graduate studies in the fall.

In a couple of days I would graduate from college, close out the apartment I had shared with my roommate for the last three years, put my things in storage, and head for a summer at my aunt and uncles in Fresno, California. California, maybe my luck would change and I would run into a nice male companion for the summer. I hadn't had much luck with boyfriends for the last four years. Oh, I had met a few guys, but none that I wanted to develop a continuing relationship with. The only one that I wanted to really get to know better and develop a meaningful relationship was my cyber hotty -- Kyle.

Kyle came across cyberspace so temptingly teasing with that profoundly perfect physique of his; what a beautiful male Caucasian specimen he was. He had the tantalizing body of a teenage male model. His well-formed body reminded me a little of Lucas' well-cut build from "Days of Our Lives." I thought that he would be a perfect mate for me, maybe even life partner. In his photos he looked a little young, but photos sometimes lie. Even without a face to put with Kyle's photos I could almost picture an angelic face with seductively smoldering eyes and luscious lips puckered just right for some serious sucking and soulful kissing. The photos Kyle had e-mailed to me showed that he had a perfectly smooth somewhat tanned torso with well-developed arms, legs, and chest.

The two nipples on his well-defined chest were perfect little pink buds centered in two nickel sized light brown areolas. His arms and legs were moderately muscled, appearing to be those of a competitive swimmer's body. Kyle's hands and feet were very nice looking, too; his nails all well manicured. There was one little mark on Kyle's body; what appeared to be a liver colored birthmark on the lower left of his abdomen. Then there was the dark titillating treasure trail that led to a tight little patch of pubie-doo at the base of his beautiful bone. Yes, the most outstanding feature of Kyle's body was his cock! Kyle had the perfect pecker as far as I was concerned.

The X-rated photos we had exchanged showed Kyle's cock to be about three to four inches in length soft, and it appeared to be approximately five to six inches long and maybe four or five inches around when erect. Kyle appeared to be a shower; moreover, his prick was perfectly circumcised with a strikingly sleek looking cockhead. In fact, his cock and cockhead was the most extraordinary looking male appendage that I had ever seen before on a boy. His nuts appeared to be average size nuggets nestled tightly in a dark hairless scrotal sac at the base of that perfect pecker. I knew that if and when I was to ever meet up with Kyle I would give him the blowjob of a lifetime; I would rock his world!

I felt that during my college years, in between my academic studies, I had learned more about cocks, anal and oral sex, and all the other porn stuff than the average guy would ever come to know. I was somewhat envious of the studs in those stories and films that were hung like mules. Personally, I had never seen or handled a huge hammer before. Oh, I had experimented sexually with other boys in junior high and high school. However, I had never seen cocks eight and ten inches long by six and eight inches around. The biggest penis I had seen was on one of our basketball players in high school; a white kid who had almost nine inches. Hell, his cock soft was at least six inches flaccid, and I thought he was extremely well hung.

Most of the guys in my high school were two to three inches flaccid and the few that I was privileged to view erect were about five to six inches long and no more than five inches around. So, all those gay porn stories that are posted on "Nifty" "GWG" "The Glass Onion" and other porn storyboards that depict guys with the huge cocks eight and ten inch ponders, to me they seem a little questionable. Not saying that there aren't guys with big cocks out there; however, in my opinion, and observations, most guys aren't hung like a bull elephant.

I had read tons of porno books and watched far too many porno flicks and somehow found it doubtful that all the gay males in the real world were hung like the gay porn stallions in the stories and films. I knew that I wasn't and Kyle didn't appear to be overly endowed either. None of the other guys that I had been with were hugely hung either. So, I couldn't grasp the reality of how normal men could suck on or take a huge horse hung cock into their mouths, or take a huge one up their ass and enjoy it. In my opinion, sex was definitely for pleasure not pain.

I had fast become somewhat of a disbeliever about the largeness of the male organs portrayed in the stories and how another male was able to accept these monstrous cocks into any normal size body orifice. I had read and listened intently to the all the stories I could absorb about different types of anal sex and fellatio and thereby knew where all the erogenous zones were located on the anus, penis, and other parts of the male body. I had become such a disbeliever about size that I'd gone so far as to buy different sized dildos to test theories and practice the art of anal penetration and giving head.

Many of the dildos that I had purchased came with suction devices at the base of them, so I could attach them to the walls and in my shower. I would stand in the shower stall practicing my oral sex techniques for hours on end while I backed into the other one behind me. I found that the five and six inch long and four to five inches around dildos were my limit both anally and orally. Oh, I could lick the heads of the bigger ones, but that was it. Hell, there was no way I could deep throat an eight inch penis, but that is what makes good fiction.

The biggest cock that I had enjoyed orally was about six and half inches by five inches around. A five-inch girth cock was the limit up my ass, and that was painful. However, I knew, after four years of college, and serious sexual studies in the art of cock sucking and buttfucking, given the chance I knew could now administer an earth shaking blowjob to any averagely endowed man, making him shudder in pure ecstasy. I just knew after all the years of practice that I had perfected my techniques and now considered myself the world's foremost expert blowjobs and buttfucking.

I fantasized so many times over and over about how I would work on Kyle's cock when we met in person. I dreamed of working his lollypop like a cherry Tootsie Pop, rolling the head around inside my mouth, letting my tongue caress the coronal ridge, occasionally teasing its piss slit, and then alternately licking at that super sensitive area just beneath the piss slit. Finally, I would feel the ridged readiness of Kyle's rod as his youthful seed spewed forth filling my mouth with its white honey. Then I would allow his youthful nectar to run down my gullet into my belly. God, the thought of it all makes my mouth water!

The photos of Kyle's backside were ever bit as good looking and enticing as the front. His buns were unblemished and pliably plump looking mounds that gave strong character to his derriere. Damn, I wanted to squeeze Kyle's buns as Mr. Whipple had done to the rolls of Charmin bathroom tissues on the television advertising commercials. One of the photos I enlarged of him with his ass cheeks spread apart was priceless. His ass was hairless and so deliciously hot looking.

Kyle had a cute little pink anus that in my mind's eye I pictured winking at me ever so seductively. I wanted desperately to let my tongue tantalize his little pink pucker like the frog after the fly, readying it for my phallic plunge into the depths of his bowels. I was sure that my young lover would moan out sounds of pure ecstasy as my pud slowly penetrated his tight pink virgin asshole then slide smoothly and deeply into him. Yes, I just knew Kyle would make the perfect sex partner for me, at least according to his photos and all the discussions we previously had.

All Kyle's photos looked so hot, but none came with headshots. He told me in his e-mails that he lived in the Los Angles area and was nineteen years old. The photos he had sent me would indicate that his body looked to be that of a sixteen maybe seventeen-year-old boy. There was something that I couldn't put my finger on; therefore, I had said no to his repeated requests to meet, and we had put our cyber relationship on hold for a while. I could have taken the chance, but decided not. Besides, I was going to be spending an entire summer in California at my aunt and uncles farm in Fresno.

I really wasn't sure what to expect when I got to my aunt and uncle's farm in Fresno. I knew that I wasn't going to work for the three months while I was there. This was truly going to be a much-needed vacation before heading back to graduate school in the fall. I had busted my ass getting a double major in four years with a 3.95 GPA. I hadn't devoted much time during those four years to indulging myself in the sensual pleasures of another boy's hot body. However, I had done much self pleasuring and fantasizing about sex with boys during those four years, but had no lovers and experienced nothing of any substance. High school was the last of my meaningful relationships with another boy.

I had met half dozen guys while in college and had some random overnight sex with them, but no meaningful relationships. Many of my friends had live-in boyfriends or girlfriends, but I just hadn't made a connection with anyone except Kyle. Me, all I had was a large collection of dildos. A satisfying and significant relationship was what I was really looking for. My life had been somewhat void and meaningless since an automobile accident claimed the lives of my parent's years earlier.

My aunt and uncle had been appointed my guardians after the untimely death of my parents due to the accident that summer between high school graduation and my first year of college. However, with the money that was left to me I had no financial worries; therefore, I breezed through my studies carrying a full load each semester and doing summer and winter sessions, too. Because of financial security I hadn't needed to work while in school, so I devoted all my time and energy to my academic and sexual education. I hadn't visited with my aunt and uncle since I left for college four year ago. I had however called and written to them regularly, and now I would be spending the summer with them and their two boys for the first time in four years.

My aunt and uncle owned a small farm on the outskirts of Fresno and had two, now, teenage boys. One was sixteen and the other was fourteen. Both had been little guys when I left for college four years earlier. The older one was twelve and very cute looking when I went off to college. My aunt had sent family photos over the past four years and both boys appeared to have grown into good-looking adolescent boys. In fact, I had secretly fantasized about having sex with the older boy many times after closing my books for the night. However, I knew that having sex with him would be wrong because we were related, but I could still dream.

My mind kept wandering back to my cyber boyfriend, Kyle. The tears welled up again and again as I packed the last of my things for storage. I couldn't get Kyle's great looking body and gorgeous cock off my mind. I was almost temped to contact him and say that I would meet him in L. A. when I got to Fresno. God, he was so hot, and I wanted him badly!

Okay, by now you might imagine that I am somewhat of a devotee of delicious looking dicks. I guess that during my college years I have developed into somewhat of a snob when it comes to a guy's cock. Damn, I do enjoy viewing and sucking a sumptuous slong; however, I do not care for the uncircumcised cock, and have never taken one into my mouth or ass. I don't like the way they look in the flaccid or erect state. The three uncut guys that I have seen and been around in my younger life could not fully retract their foreskins to expose their cockheads. And I do enjoy a great looking cockhead. So, I guess that makes me somewhat of an uppity cocksucker.

I guess that have known since I was a teenager that I like cut boys. I just think a trimmed cock is so much more desirable and sensual looking than one with its head covered. Furthermore, the uncut boys that I experimented with during my youth didn't keep themselves clean and there was this terrible odor associated with their uncircumcised cocks. So, all we did was engage in some mutual masturbation, no oral or anal sex. So, in my twenty-two years I had only taken part in oral sex with circumcised males and had no desire to experience oral or anal sex with uncut guys. As I continued to pack things from the apartment I couldn't get my cute cyberpunk off my mind.

Graduation Day

I had sold my motorcycle, closed my apartment out, bid farewell to my roommate, and waited in the hotel lobby after graduation ceremonies for the shuttle to take me to the airport and the flight to Fresno. Once I arrived at the airport there was bad news, my flight had been delayed for at least four hours. So, after a quick phone call to my aunt and uncle telling them about my misfortune I found myself wandering aimlessly around the airport. I finally settled down in one of the airport lounges and ordered a drink. There I sat nursing a rum and Coke when a good looking guy in an Army uniform about my age came up with a beer in his hand; he asked if he could join me. I motioned for him to have a seat.

The young man stuck his hand out introducing himself to me saying, "Hi, I'm Specialist Forth Class James Little, but all my friends call me Jimmy."

"Hi, I'm Jacob Andrews, but everyone calls me Jake," I replied to the handsome Army specialist as I shook his hand.

Jimmy seated himself on a stool next to me at one of those tall tables in the center of the airport lounge saying, "I'm on my way home to Merced, California. I have four weeks leave before head out to Iraq for year."

"Sorry to hear that my friend," I said.

"To top that all off after I get my orders for Iraq the love of my life, Brandy, sends me the old "Dear John" letter," he says to me a little misty eyed.

Again, I sympathized with him and his plight as we sat there talking. I found out during our conversation that we were both booked on the same delayed flight out to California. Jimmy was a tall good-looking young man dressed in his Army uniform. I sensed that although Jimmy's last name was "Little" there was probably nothing little about him.

When we shook hands with each other earlier there was that electricity that passes between two gay guys. I could sense that there was something strange about Jimmy, my gaydar was telling me that maybe he was gay or at least bisexual. I continued to admire him as we made small talk. I thought to myself, how pleasing he was to the eye. I found myself fast becoming sexual attracted to him and there was also that arousal in the crotch of my Dockers. I looked at him smiling and he smiled back at me. We ordered another set of drinks and continued our conversation.

After a couple of swigs on the new drinks Jimmy began telling me about all the things that he wanted to accomplish in the next four weeks, as if he was on a mission urgency. He told me he was getting hungry. I smiled back at him and asked him if that was a proposition. He assured me that he indeed needed some type of nourishment; plus, we needed to find out updated information on our flight.

When Jimmy told me that he was headed for Merced it hadn't registered right away but Merced is a smaller town just north of Fresno on highway 99. He confided to me that he and his family had lived in Chowchilla when he was a child and moved up to Merced when he started high school. I found out that he played football and wrestled while he was in high school; therefore, he was a very physical person. I learned that Jimmy was almost twenty-one years old and had been in the Army as a medical technician for a little over year now. He had been stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky until he received orders to go to Iraq. And now his next assignment was sending him to work as an X-ray technician at a hospital somewhere around Baghdad.

He told me that he had basically joined the Army after a year at junior college to further his education, and hopefully he would be finishing college after his enlistment was up. I complimented him on his ideals. I asked him how tough it was going to be on him not to have sex for a year while he was in Iraq. He said that he would have to rely on old lady palm and her five daughters. We laughed as we found ourselves standing in front of the airline counter.

We both moved forward to ask about the delayed flight. We were horrified to find that the flight had now been cancelled on the ground due to mechanical problems. The airline was trying to line up a new aircraft to take us onto California. The person behind the counter told us to make ourselves comfortable and listen for any announcements regarding the new flight. Then a lady behind the counter gave us both tickets to go get complimentary meals at the airport restaurant.

Jimmy and I headed off to the restaurant for our food. As we devoured the bowls of ice cream we talked more and more about what the four weeks leave meant to Jimmy and what the summer vacation was going to be like for me. I told him a little more about my life, about my parent's death, and how my aunt and uncle had been appointed as my guardians until I was twenty-one or graduated from college. We both knew we had to call home and tell those waiting for us that our flights had now been delayed indefinitely. Jimmy had not notified his parent's in advance that he was on his way home for leave.

Jimmy was planning to surprise his parent's and take the bus from the airport in San Francisco to Merced. My uncle would start driving to SFO to pick me up as soon as I notified him that my flight was loading. My uncle had told me earlier to call him back as soon as I began to board the aircraft for the flight to SFO, so he could leave and not have a long wait or have to pay for parking at SFO. I was thankful for my cell phone.

Jimmy got off the pay phone and told me he couldn't get an answer at his parent's home. I was still on the cell phone talking to my uncle, so I further explained the dilemma and asked if Jimmy could hitch a ride back to Merced with us. My uncle told me that Merced would be right on the way and it would be no problem. He told me that he would be picking me up at SFO in his Suburban and there was plenty of room for another rider. My uncle reminded me before we disconnected to call as soon as the new flight firmed up.

I told Jimmy of the good fortune and he was grateful that he wouldn't have to find a bus and worry about making connections to get home. We continued to bum around together. I told him about my cyber boyfriend and other details of my almost nonexistent gay sex life for the past four years. My disclosure to Jimmy that I was gay didn't seem to bother him. Suddenly, there was an announcement over the airport's PA system regarding our flight and all passengers were told to report back to the airline reservation center.

All passengers on the cancelled flight were instructed to come to the airline's ticket counter. We reported to the airline ticket area and stood in line. The people behind the counters appeared to be handing out what looked like new tickets. When we got up to the counter we were told that the flight would go at five the next morning, and we would be compensated for the inconvenience with meals and lodging. We were given chits for rooms and meals at the hotel, and were told to be back at the counter no later than 04:30 the next morning for boarding. The lady told us to make sure we caught the special shuttle waiting outside that would take us to the hotel and another one would be available to board the next morning in front of the hotel. Jimmy and I headed towards the shuttle pickup point and boarded the bus for the trip to the hotel.

Once at the hotel we found that the airline had miscalculated and there was a shortage of rooms. Because Jimmy was flying standby the airline didn't feel obligated to comp him on a first-class or coach passenger basis, so he was told to get back on the shuttle and head back to the airport. The hotel desk clerk told Jimmy that he would redeem his room chit for cash value, which was $50.00, and he could try another hotel if he wanted. I told Jimmy that was bullshit; I informed him he could stay with me for the night. With that the clerk complimented me for being such a caring stand-up person and nodded an affirmative to us. Jimmy cashed his chit in, smiled at the desk clerk, and we headed up to my room. When we got there we found that the room was setup for a single occupancy and had only one bed.

Jimmy says to me, "I'll sleep on the floor, if you'll let me use a blanket."

"Nothing doing Dude. You can sleep on the bed with me if you want," I replied.

Jimmy smiled at me with a shit-eating grin and said, "Your not going to try to rape me or anything are you"?

I said to him with a wry smile, "Only if you want me to; besides, your bigger than me."

We stowed our carry-on baggage in the room and headed out towards the hotel restaurant for an evening meal. After the meal we decided to go walk around a bit to work off our meals. We stopped at a local drug store where I bought some toiletries items, a box of condoms, some lube, and a couple of Fleets enemas in case I got lucky. While I was making my purchases Jimmy was browsing the magazines. We headed back towards the hotel for an early turn in.

We arrived at the hotel about eight-thirty in the evening. I managed to score some extra towels from housekeeping on the way up to the room. We entered the room and I flipped on the television. I called the desk for a 04:00 AM wake-up call. Then we sat and talked for a while. By then Jimmy knew I was gay, so I shared some of my stories with him about my cyber boyfriend. I showed him some of my X-rated photos of Kyle. Jimmy couldn't take his eyes off the nude photos of Kyle.

He looked at me and said excitedly, "Man oh man, no wonder you are so hot for this guy Kyle!"

I noticed that Jimmy was becoming aroused looking at the photos, as his trousers had started to tent. I suggested that we take our showers before turning in for the night. I suggested that Jimmy hit the shower first. We showered, dried off, and got onto bed. Once on the bed we were watching a show on television when I got a full view of Jimmy's very well developed physique and package, a package that was partially visible through his white briefs. Not too bad, a little smaller than I had imagined, but a nice little bulge. I continued to secretly eyeball his briefs and noticed that there might be little growth taking place, or maybe that was my imagination.


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