The story is fiction by nature and contains descriptions of sexual encounters and contact between consenting adults. If you are not of legal age to read stories of this nature or are offended by the subject matter herein do not read any further.

The Cyber Boyfriend

Chapter 2

I had grown fond of my newfound friend since our chance meeting in the lounge at Midway Airport earlier in the day. James Adams was most certainly not one of my cyber illusions; instead he was a real red-blooded boy, a very vital and virile young man, and one smart and seductive looking soldier. A soldier who had caught my eye in the airport the way he wore his Army uniform, as if it had been molded to his body, and who appeared to be so self-confident. A young man who would make his parent's proud; a solider that would be a credit to the uniform, serving our country proudly during peacetime or war.

The young Army specialist was tall, well tanned, and definitely a very handsome hunk. In my opinion, James Adams was one sexually stimulating stud; however, the question uppermost in my mind, what was his sexuality identity? I found myself secretly admiring Jimmy's well-developed physique while lying next to him on that hotel room bed. All the while I was wondering what it would be like to engage in some serious sexual high jinks with this handsome hunk.

Jimmy appeared to be about six foot two or three inches tall, and he'd definitely spent a goodly amount of time in the gym toning all the muscles in his body. However, I was more interested in the love muscle hidden from my view. I'm sure having spent over a year in the Army contributed much to Jimmy's firm athletic physique. I was unsure how well developed the physical attributes were, that he had hidden by those white briefs. Yes, Specialist Fourth Class, James Adams, United States Army was a powerfully built handsome hunk compared to me.

I'm no wimp by any means, but my lean average appearing five foot eleven inch frame is no comparison to Jimmy's better-muscled body. Whereas my new friend appeared to have spent many hours in the gym working-out to develop his body I played golf, tennis, and swam to build my body and stay in shape. I wasn't really jealous of Jimmy's prolific physique, maybe somewhat envious. His body was hot looking enough to turn heads on any beach: male or female. We seemed at ease with each other and became good friends during the past few hours due to circumstances beyond our control. I thought to myself, now, it's time to test the water to see which direction the relationship would go.

By now my sexual identity was no secret to Jimmy; moreover, he seemed to have no problems accepting it and sharing a bed and sleeping arrangements together. I secretly wondered if there was a remote possibility of something more developing between us? I decided that I had to explore the possibility that Jimmy might be bisexual or homosexual by sharing some X-rated photos of my cyber boyfriend with Jimmy. Maybe, that would elicit some type of sensual response that might more clearly identify his sexuality.

We continued watching television; meanwhile, I produced the X-rated photos of Kyle. As we viewed the naked images together I sensed some sexual arousal in Jimmy while he viewed the photos and we discussed them. I began describing and pointing out all the pleasing physical attributes of my cyber boyfriend's beautiful body. I described them in great specificity as I pointed out certain characteristics of Kyle's physical features and what I'd like to do with those attributes. During the odyssey I couldn't help but notice a bulge in Jimmy's briefs growing larger. Was this sightseeing tour of my cyber boyfriend's nakedness triggering some type of sexual response within Jimmy?

Our eyes are among our most important sexual organs, and most males love to scrutinize a good-looking slong. Of course, a perfect smile, perfectly cut arms, legs, chest, and buns can rev up the lust within us, as well. The man lying next to me was beautiful in all aspects and I was lustful of his body. I was totally aware that in odd and intricate ways one's eyesight gives rise to one's sensual desires. I also knew that I was developing this insatiable appetite to bone the boy next to me before bedtime. However, at this point, I was still questioned Jimmy's true sexual identity.

I looked at my watch and saw we didn't have much time, it was almost 9 PM, and therefore, I needed to know soon if and when I was possibly going to score a sexual victory. I need to know if Jimmy was just an inquisitive straight guy that was somehow turned on by Kyle's beautiful naked body, or was he bisexual or gay? I had to fast resolve the dilemma, if I was going to score. From my high school and college days I was aware that both straight and gay guys many times became aroused watching other guys parade around naked in the locker rooms and showers. Hell, I'm one of the biggest voyeurs on earth; now, I needed an answer to that one big question, was Jimmy just a watcher, or could he be a player?

I needed to find an answer to the question of Jimmy's sexual identity quickly, if the night was going to be fruitful for me. Jimmy finished viewing the pictures and let out a low flirtatious whistle. Something told me that whistle was a thrill of satisfaction as he set the X-rated photos aside on the nightstand; stretched out, lay back on the bed with his hands clasp behind his head, staring straight up at the ceiling. Jimmy appeared to be somewhat disconcerted lying there in quite repose.

I got up from the bed to turn the light switch off for the night, rejoining Jimmy on the bed I positioned myself with my head propped up by my left arm and my hand supporting my head facing towards Jimmy. Now, the only thing that lit the room was the dim flickering illumination from the television screen eerily washing across our nearly naked bodies. Jimmy continued staring at the ceiling ignoring the television. As I engaged Jimmy in some light conversation I noticed that his nipples were hard and standing out on his chest. I also thought that I could detect the outline of a boner hidden beneath his briefs.

I thought his hidden manhood appeared to be somewhat smaller than an erect penis for a guy his size. I guess, like so many, I was under a misconception that guys who were favored with a physically larger frame would be endowed with sexual equipment equivalent to the size of stature. I was somewhat relieved because it appeared that Jimmy was not hugely hung. I continued secretly eyeballing Jimmy's body and briefs admiring the hidden boner. I could almost detect the outline of a head and shaft of a slong hidden beneath his skivvies in our dimly lit surroundings.

The outline of his hidden penis suggested that we both were possibly about the same size in the sexual equipment department. I desperately wanted to get a better view of that dick hidden by his tighty whitey. I found myself desires enough that I was fantasizing about ripping Jimmy's standard issue skivvies off, then giving the boy the best blowjob of his life. One that he would take with him and remember for the entire lonely year he was going to have to spend in Iraq. However, I somehow needed to change the subject of the conversation, heading it in a direction that would answers the question I had about his sexuality. My mind was made-up; it was time to strike!

"So, I don't want to appear too nosy, but what caused the break between you and your girl friend, Brandy?" I asked.

Jimmy looked over at me with a distantly strange, maybe even hurt look on his face and said, "Well, now that you bring the subject up and we're being painfully honest with each other, Brandy wasn't my girl friend. Brandy is short for Brandon, and he was my boyfriend. So, now you know the rest of my story." Jimmy said with a disarming smile on his face.

"Wow!" I exclaimed excitedly with a feigned look of surprise on my face.

Before I could close my mouth from my pseudo high-pitched response to Jimmy's forthright but expected confession, he smothered my mouth with his in the most passionate kiss and tight embrace I'd experienced in a long time. We continued making out passionately, exploring the insides of each other's mouths with our tongues, while intimately touching each other. He reached for and began caressing me with one hand while the other was behind my head holding me in wanton embrace. We held each other tightly our body's closing and grinding against each other, so we could feel the hardness and hotness of each other's body.

We finally broke apart from our wild hold and I again exclaimed, "Wow!"

"You know, I wanted to do that to you since I first spotted you in the lounge at the airport earlier today," Jimmy said to me with that big infectious smile of his.

"Wow!" I exclaimed for the third time in a row. "Good thing you didn't or we both might be in deep shit right now," I said.

"Yeah, a guy in an Army uniform kissing a civilian in the middle of Midway Airport wouldn't go over to well," Jimmy said with some more light jocularity.

"So, what's next for us; where do we go from here Jimmy?" I asked as I looked longingly into Jimmy's beautiful hazel eyes.

I knew that I sure wanted to expand this relationship to a higher level, but what about Jimmy? Although we had been acquainted only a few hours I had grown quite found of my new friend, but more importantly I was definitely sexually attracted to him. There was one catch; I knew this would probably be a short-term relationship.

"Jake, If you don't mind, I think that I would like to spend some of my leave time with you, but I think that we should do something sexual before we fly in the morning," Jimmy said to me, again with a big smile and a little laugh.

"Oh God yes! I think I'd like that, too; in fact, I've thought about nothing else since we first met," I responded somewhat excitedly. Part of the big question had been answered, and it was the answer that I had hoped for all along.

"That's so cool. I've got a feeling the sex with you is going to be great," Jimmy responded.

"I don't know about you but you've got me so fucking hot and horny that I gotta get rid of the constrictions of my underwear right now," I said. Sliding out of my Joe Boxer's the head of my bone slapped back against my stomach muscle. I tossed them across the room where they landed on the chair.

"Sounds like a good idea to me, `cause I'm hot and horny as hell for you, too," Jimmy said as he removed his skivvies, folded them neatly, and put them on the nightstand next to him.

Now, the two of us lay there on the bed totally naked, defenseless, and motionless. Both of us were stripped to the bone, like unwrapped Christmas gifts on Christmas morning. I found myself staring in awe at Jimmy's unwrapped cherry top lollipop, and for the fourth time I exclaimed, "Wow!"

"What's wrong Jake?" Jimmy asked with a look of pain on his face and a perplexed tone to his voice.

"Nothing, I just..."

Before I could finish my statement Jimmy looked at me with those sad puppy dog eyes and said to me in a trembling voice of rejection, "It's my dick isn't it? My dick is too small and you don't want to have sex with me, huh? "I'm sorry if you think it's too small, I mean you know if the size of my dick disappoints you Jake..." Jimmy kept stammering on apologetically, his eyes welling with tears.

"No, no, don't apologize to me for anything. I think you're wonderful, your body is beautiful, and your cock is fucking fantastic, Dude. I mean it's just the right size for me. Hell, look at mine, that's not a giant sequoia down in that forest." I said to Jimmy nodding and pointing towards my groin.

Jimmy smiled and utter a little laugh saying, "You sure you're not just saying that to make me feel better?" I like you and I don't want to lose you," Jimmy said to me in such a sweet tone with tears still clouding his beautiful hazel eyes.

"Yes Jimmy, with all my heart I mean what I say, I really do. Ironically, I was a little scared that I might be too small and you might be too big for me. You know, because of your physical stature and all I felt that you might reject me because of the size of my slong," I said to Jimmy to bolster his deflated ego.

"Thank you Jake."

"Dude, you're just the right size and you're circumcised; that's what's important to me," I confided to my newfound love as I brushed a tear from his cheek.

"Oh Jake, thank you so much, that makes me feel so good to know that my dick is big enough to satisfy you. The being cut thing. Well, I didn't have much say about that; it was done at birth, or so I was told," Jimmy said in a more relaxed tone.

"Me too, trimmed as a baby, and I don't regret it. How bout you?" I asked.

"No, never regretted the circumcision. I mean it's cool. I just don't know what it would be like the other way. So, I'm glad it's cool with you," Jimmy said with a pleased look.

"So, are we going to lay here and talk all night, or are we going to get down to some serious business?" I asked my new lover as I moved to kiss him again.

As we kissed I reached for Jimmy's now fully engorged cock and began to fondle and stroke it, playing with it so gently using my right hand and fingers to tantalize the head. He made a reciprocal move manipulating mine. We continued the mutual masturbation as part of our foreplay. This was the first time we had touched each other's genitals in an erotic manner. Jimmy's cock and scrotum felt so good to the touch, and his touching in my groin area was definitely stimulating me.

We pulled together more tightly for another embrace and I whispered in Jimmy's ear, "God I want you so badly babe."

"Same here Jake," Jimmy utter back to me.

Although, Jimmy was not super well endowed it didn't matter to me; moreover, I was sure that he had more than enough cock to satisfy me. He appeared to be over five inches in length and maybe four to four and half inches around, using nothing more than my hand as a measuring tool to judge size. The most important point for me was that he was circumcised!

As I continued caressing Jimmy's cock I explained to him that for me circumcision was a prerequisite for any of my boyfriend's; they had to be cut. Continuing to stimulate his burgeoning cock I explained that there is something so much more aesthetically pleasing to me about a guy with a circumcised cock as I traced my fingertip and thumb around the coronal ridge and over the head. Sure, I had played with a couple of guys earlier in my life that were uncircumcised, but only one of them ever appealed to me sexually. The uncut guys that I had prior sexual experience with could not retract their foreskins to fully expose their cockheads.

I continued on with my dissertation on the subject of circumcision and how, in my opinion, a guy's cockhead is what defines a fantastic looking cock, continuing to work Jimmy's well-defined knob. I told Jimmy that I didn't care about the size of the slong as long as it had a good-looking knob on it. I also let him know that I didn't care for cocks with a bent shaft; that were deformed, disfigured, or just plain fugly. I let Jimmy know that I would never judge him or any other guy solely on the basis of size.

I suggested to Jimmy that I'd come to consider myself somewhat of a cock connoisseur during the last four years in college; furthermore, I felt that I had earned a Master's Degree in Sexology with emphasis in the areas of fellatio and buggery. He laughed out loud. I told Jimmy that I had never considered myself a size queen, except maybe when it came to guys with larger endowments. I simply would not let hugely hung guys hang around my rear entrance. I let Jimmy know that I was not into pain while engaging in sex, but into all the pleasures of giving and getting great sexual gratification, as I continued to digitally stimulate my lover's dick.

"You know we may not get any sleep tonight," Jimmy said to me after my sexology discourse.

"Oh God, I hope not babe," I said to Jimmy with a huge smile on my face.

"So, how much experience? I mean have you done much real stuff before? You know, blowjobs, corn holing, stuff like that?" Jimmy quizzed.

"Well, I've read a lot of porn, watched a lot of porn, and I have practiced a lot with my collection of dildos in the past four years," I said to Jimmy sarcastically.

"I mean, you know, how much actual stuff have you done with other guys?" Jimmy asked again.

"Why don't I show you big boy," I said pushing my newfound lover back in an authoritative tone.

"I just want you to know that I enjoy a lot of foreplay before we actually have sex," Jimmy said with sense of anticipation, excitement, and humor in his voice.

"Me too," I said. Moving my hand from his cock up towards his nipples I asked, "How sensitive are these babies?" I asked as I tweaked one.

"Very! Jimmy responded in a high-pitched tone. "In fact, you could probably bring me off with nothing more than some very intense nipple play," Jimmy stated with excitement in his voice.

"I'll have to remember that fact, but now let's get to the meat of things," I said smiling at my lover.

With that I moved in and began tweaking his nipples that was already hard as little rocks while I nibbled on his earlobe and neck. Jimmy was moaning with pure pleasure as I moved from one nipple to the other. I began nibbling on the left nipple flicking it with my tongue, and kissing around his chiseled chest. Jimmy was in another world enjoying the work I was doing to his nipples. He was stroking my head while writhing and moaning. Those long hours of practice back in college was about to pay-off.

In my head I was replaying all that I had learned in the last four years while administering my sexual skills upon Jimmy. I was remembering the sexual experiences during the old days of high school, and all my sexual dialogue with Kyle as I moved forward with much fondling foreplay. I knew from what I had read, heard, and observed where most of the erogenous zones on a man's body were located. I knew that the head of the penis was the most sensitive area of a man's meat. One of the first things I had been taught by an older boy during my high school years was not to drag my teeth while sucking a guy's cock -- big no no. Another thing I had learned: one doesn't have to deep throat a cock to satisfy a partner. If I put all my learned talents together I was sure I would give Jimmy the best head he had ever experienced thus far in his life.

I moved up alongside my lover's powerful body again, kissing him tenderly and whispering into his ear, "I'm going to give you the best blowjob you've ever had baby. Just lay back and let me do this for you," I said pushing Jimmy back on the bed.

"Oh God," Jimmy moaned loudly.

"By the way, do you by chance have a hair trigger?" I asked Jimmy.

"That depends I guess," Jimmy replied.

"Depends on what?" I asked.

"Depends on how good you are and whether you know how to make it last," Jimmy said to me seriously.

"Oh baby, I'm gonna make this last. I'm gonna suck your cock and rock your world," I said to Jimmy.

With that I began slowly stroking Jimmy's cock while I kissed him on his chest and nipples, neck and shoulder area. I played with his balls and let my fingers travel around beneath his scrotal sac, tantalizing the sensitive area between his anus and scrotum. The night was going to be pretty much vanilla sex to start our relationship off, but I was bound and determined to give Jimmy the very best blowjob ever. I sensed from the earlier dialogue that maybe Jimmy had been the subject of humiliation at some point because of his smaller sexual size. So, I had made a special effort to bolster his ego by whispering to him how great he was and how big and great his cock felt to me.

Personally, I thought Jimmy's cock was good size compared to others I had observed, what I'd read about as far as issues of size, and considering that I wasn't that much bigger than Jimmy size wise. Beside, just how much meat does it take to measure up and satisfy one's partner? From what I had read eighty to eighty-five percent of erect cocks measured between five and seven inches with most being somewhere around six inches erect. Anyway, just how much meat can one guy stuff into his mouth or up his butt? I had discovered, using my silicon friends and practicing on other guys that I had been with, that about six inches by five inches was my limit. However, a smaller slong was much more enjoyable.

Speaking of enjoyable, Jimmy was definitely enjoying the focus of my fingertips walking across his body, discovering all those erogenous zones. I sensed that my fingertip titillations were sending twinges of electricity through his body. I wasn't sure enough of the relationship yet to try finger fucking my man, so I didn't make that move.

As I lay there tracing circles around Jimmy's chest and stomach I was getting some very strong scents of sex coming from his body, especially from the area of his armpits. So, I thought that I would concentrate my energies in that area for a while. I moved in and began kissing around his armpits, licking and kissing, and noticing that this was a definite turn-on for my man, producing savage sexual scents. Male pheromones are for many men much as catnip is to a cat.

I slowly began moving south, taking the treasure trail towards the pot of gold. I knelt between Jimmy's powerful legs and began to smell his bush, taking in all of his male scents from that area. I could sense the exhilaration building in Jimmy's body as I kissed all around his penis, working around his balls, down the insides of his thighs, behind his knees, down to his feet, and finally working the inside of his arch and then nibbling at his toes. Jimmy was writhing wildly on the bed in a high state of euphoria, pulling on the sheets as I titillated each and every erogenous zone on Jimmy's huge body.

I continued to work my way back up Jimmy's powerful legs towards his torso, giving him some great warm-up for the very best blowjob the boy would ever experience in his young life. He was moaning and writhing around on the bed his hands holding onto my head or pulling at the sheets out of the bed. I kissed the inside of the other foot, behind the other knee, his thigh and anywhere I thought my young love might be sensitive. I knew that those long hours spent honing my lovemaking techniques was about to reap the reward.

When I got to Jimmy's torso I licked and sucked at his ball sac, taking each testicle into my mouth giving him hummers. He covered his face with the pillow to subdue the loud moans of pleasure. I kissed and licked up his cock-shaft. I teased at his pink cockhead with my tongue, circling the purple coronal ridge of his pink knob, and then lightly flicking at and licking off a pearl drop of white honey from the piss slit. His pre-cum tasted so very good. By now I sensed that Jimmy was about ready to blow a load, so I eased up a little.

I stopped working Jimmy's groin area and slowly moved up his body kissing and licking spots of sensitivity along the road up to his nipples. They were still as hard as two pencil erasers. I flicked at them with my tongue, lightly biting, and then sucking on them. Jimmy was bucking and moaning into me with much pleasure.

I moved up his body, whispering in his ear that I was going to bring him off shortly. I needed to know if I should use a condom or was he free of any diseases. I needed to be aware because if I was going to let him cum in my mouth I needed to know. If he wasn't sure I needed to roll on a rubber now. He murmured back to me that he was totally clean. So, I told him not to jerk away when he started to cum, and to let me drain his main vein. He moaned a barely audible okay as I moved slowly back down towards his rock hard cock.

Again, I began kissing and licking up and down his cock shaft before returning to the more sensitive area -- the cockhead. After much light licking on Jimmy's cock I finally engulfed the head and about three inches of his cock-shaft; or at least as much as my mouth would take without gagging. I thereby proceeded to piston his penis in my mouth like a high horse power motor revving. Jimmy was bucking and moaning fucking my face with ferocity.

I decided to ratchet down the action a notch or two, but I knew it was only a matter of seconds and he was going to blow a load. I licked lightly and kissed the head before I again took most of Jimmy's member into my mouth. Once I had his manhood back in my mouth I felt it engorge and then with great force the first spurt of spooge hit the back of my throat, and then a second and a third volley of semen was fired. I continued to orally stimulate him swallowing as much of his sweet seed as possible letting it run down into my belly.

Finally, Jimmy became too sensitive to let me continue sucking on his slong. I released the softening slong, moving up along side Jimmy's hard body to kissing his stomach, chest, and then lightly flicking each nipple with my tongue. At that point I thought he would just shit all over the bed when I did that. The bed sheets were all wadded up and wet with perspiration. Jimmy was breathing hard and sweating profusely. I asked my new lover the sixty-four thousand dollars question, "Was that good baby?"

"God! Man that was the greatest thing I've ever experienced," Jimmy said in a totally spent voice.

"That was a blowjob baby, not a thing," I said to Jimmy with some jocularity.

"Man, there is just one thing, you just don't know when to quit after giving head. You know, like I'm super sensitive after an orgasm," Jimmy said again in a somewhat exhausted tone.

"I think I do. I think all of us are sensitive to the touch after cumming. I just wanted this to be the best blowjob you ever had babe," I said with a big smile to my very spent young lover. With that I leaned in and kissed Jimmy passionately to seal our tryst.

"Jake, that was the best blowjob I have ever had," Jimmy said with gleam in his eyes and total exhaustion in his voice.

"Wow!" I exclaimed as glanced at Jimmy's watch on the nightstand, "It's almost three in the morning, Dude!"

"Let me do you and it'll be time to get dressed and head out to the airport," Jimmy stated.

I moved up on the bed next to Jimmy kissing him and knowing that I had accomplished my goal: I'd given him the best blowjob possible. An experience that I wanted my young lover to take with him and remember for the next twelve months while he was alone facing the hostilities in Iraq. My young love worked on me for about a minute and I sent three whitish ropes of jizz into the air. No, this was not one of my cyber fantasies; it was the real deal!

The story is fiction by nature and contains descriptions of sexual encounters and contact between consenting adults. If you are not of legal age to read stories of this nature or are offended by the subject matter herein do not read any further.

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