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Dan, The Man, Part VIII
"The End"
By Joey E

I awoke to a strange, but pleasureful sensation. I opened my eyes, and felt something near my waist. Dan's mouth was on my cock, giving me the most wonderful head! I moaned out loud. Dan looked up at me.

"So, you finally woke up?" He said, smiling.

"Who wouldn't wake up with that wonderful sensation?" I asked, smiling. He looked up at me, smiling.

"Well, don't stop, man," I said, laughing.

Dan went back to work on my hard cock, sucking every inch of it, deep throating it at some points. His hands were stroking my balls, making it feel even better. Then, suddenly the idea came out of no where. I had to have him in my ass, and I had to have it this morning. He must've heard me say that in my head, because he moved lower and lower licking my balls, and then finally licking my ass. His tongue probed every inch of my ass, and even tried to enter it. I was moaning in pleasure.

"I take it, you liked that?" He said, taking a break, smiling up at me.

"Oh, yeah, man," I said. It was now or never. "Dude, you got any lube?" I asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"I really want to feel you inside me, again," I said, softly, looking into his deep blue eyes.

"Yeah?" he asked, surprised, but happy.

"Yes," I sighed. "Please."

Dan said nothing, reached over the side of the bed, and grabbed something from underneath it. He went back down where he was earlier, and soon enough, I felt this cool slippery stuff on my ass, and his finger gently penetrated my ass. He took it slowly, and gently. I gasped as he shoved it in more. It felt so good. I had to have his cock in it now!

"Dan, who cares if it hurts. I can take it, man. Please, just fuck me," I begged.

Dan looked at me and said, "you sure?"

I answered, "Yes."

He grabbed a hold of his cock and lubed it up as well. He aimed his cock for my hole and gently guided it in. It hurt, I won't deny that, but it felt good too. He stayed in for a good minute before moving any further. Thank god!

"How's it feel?" I asked him.

"You have the tightest ass, man. It feels so good," Dan said, in pleasure.

"Oh, yeah? Well, give me more your hard cock, inside of me," I said, grunting as he slid more of in me. He started thrusting in and out, slowly, going in more and more each thrust. I started moaning. Damn it felt good.

"Oh, yeah, Dan. Come on, give it to me, now, babe," I said.

Dan was leaning over me, and his face was close to mine. We kissed, passionately, our tongues fighting with one another, trying to suck one out of the others mouths. It was pure heat.

Dan's rhythm increased and so did his power. I moaned louder, as it felt so good. Dan reached down and started stroking my hard cock. I knew I wasn't going to hold it much longer.

"Aw, come on, Dan, make me cum," I said.

"Yeah, I'll make you shoot your fuckin' load, dude," He said, deeply as he concentrated on fucking me.

"You like that in your ass, don't you?" he asked.

"Oh yeah, man. I love it. I love you, man," I said, looking into his eyes, then closing mine in complete pleasure. He gave me a few more strokes, and suddenly it just happened.

"Man, I'm gonna shoot," I yelled. It was so intense, that I actually yelled when I shot my load. "DAN! Aw, babe!" I said and continued moaning.

Dan pulled out of me, soon after that and started stroking his cock and shot his load on my chest as well. We were both tired after that.

"Dude, it's like 1PM," Dan said, looking up at the clock.

"So, we slept for about 6 hours?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said.

We got up, cleaned up, took showers We then went out to eat breakfast/lunch.

While we were eating our eggs at Denny's a thought came into my head. "I wonder what happened with Ro and Amanda last night?"

"Probably nothing, knowing you roommate, man," Dan said, smiling.

I smiled back. "You can never tell with Amanda though."

"Well, you gotta remember, though. She isn't a loose slut."

"True. Well, why don't we stop by my place after we're done with this and find out?" I asked.


With breakfast/lunch done, we headed back to my on-campus apartment. As soon as we closed the front door, we were against each other, kissing. A face appeared at the doorway.

"You just can't wait, can you?"

I laughed. "Shut up, Kev."

Dan and I went up the steps. "So...." I said.

"So, what?"

"So...what happened with Ro and Amanda?"

"Oh, dude!" Kev said, his eyes wide open. "Come on, let's smoke. I got the story for you!"

Dan and I both looked at each other in amusement and followed Kev out to the balcony.

"Dude, they were really going at it on the couch last night. I came out of my room, and they were still making out! I never thought that Ro..."

"Did they have sex?" I asked, not caring about the other stuff.

"No," Kev answered. But according to Ro, they did everything but!"

Dan and I laughed.

"Mission accomplished?" Dan asked.

"I'd say so," I said, shaking his hand.

"You guys set this up?" Kev asked.

"Oh yeah. We were talking to Amanda and she said she thought Ro was cute. And I told her that he was a 22 year old virgin. She liked the idea of breaking him in. Where is Ro now anyway?" I asked.

"Out with Amanda," Kev said, smiling.

"Good for him," Dan said.

We all went back inside. Kev left for his exam. We had no exams that day, so it was good. We lounged around, hanging out, listening to music, talking, having fun, just the two of us. It was wonderful being with my boyfriend. We knew the summer was coming, and we'd be separated for a while, so we were trying to make up for the time that we'd lose in the summer. Dan, unfortunately had to leave in the late evening. Ro still wasn't home yet.

Finally, my roommate of three years came home. He came up with a big smile on his face. I knew it was good, whatever happened. I smiled up at him from the couch.

"Well?" I asked, smiling.

"Man, she's one hot fuckin' chick!" Ro said, letting himself fall down next to me.

"You get laid?" I asked.

"Nah, but I got head!"

"Fuckin' aye man!" I said, holding my hand up and we high fived.

"Not only that, but I think I actually like her. I just feel so good when I'm with her. I'm not even nervous anymore with her. I was at first, but man, she just put me at ease for some reason. I can't explain it!"

I was genuinely happy for Roland. And it helped knowing the chick that he was involved with too. I smiled at my roommate and put my arms around him. He laughed and just hugged me back.

"I'm happy for you, Ro," I said. Secretly in my mind, I don't think Ro was in love with her. I think he found her attractive, but I don't think either of them were too serious yet. It was just fun to see them together, having fun.

"Think you'll fuck her soon?" I asked, with an evil grin on my face.

"Oh yeah...No problem," Ro said. "In fact she's coming over tonight. Do you mind?"

"No, man! I owe you many times. The room is yours!"

"Cool, she's coming over in about an hour or so."

"She just dropped you off!" I laughed.

"I know, but she only had to go home for a little."

"You got any exams tomorrow?" I asked him.

"Yeah, just my one night class..."

"Cool. I got one at 11AM. Then I've got one more on Friday and I'm done!'

"Congrats man!"

"No I think I should be saying that to you. Good luck tonight...."

"Thanks," he said as I got up and went into my room. I went into my room, grabbed my books, and was out of my room and out of the apartment. I went to the library to study for my US History exam. I knew if I stayed in the apartment and if Amanda and Ro were together, I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the Bay of Pigs and Nixon.

Finally, after two hours of studying, I thought it would be safe to go back to my place. At least Kevin was there when I got back. I looked at him, he looked at me, and the next thing I knew, we were out on the balcony smoking again. He gave me the update.

"What did I miss?"

"Oh, you missed some loud moaning," Kev said, laughing. I don't know who was louder, Amanda or Roland!"

"Fuck, no way!" I exclaimed, laughing. "That's awesome!"

"Is she gone?" I asked.

"Yeah, she left about 15 minutes ago. Ro's in his room, just laying on his bed, smiling like a dumb fuck!"

"Cool, I'll go talk to him," I said quickly putting my butt out and walking back in my room.

"Ro, you fuckin' stud!" I yelled, smiling at him looking up at him on his top bunk.

He grinned at me.


"I tried to fuck her, but I s hot my load before I even got it in her..."

I laughed. "Let me guess. You were too stimulated while you put the condom on..."

"How could I not? She gave me head, I went down on her, it was amazing that I kept it from shooting THAT long!"

I laughed again. "Oh, dude, I'm so happy for you..."

"Thanks. She told me that it was you and Dan that told her I liked her. At first I was pissed off, but then I realized you did it only to help me. So, thanks."

"No problem dude. Glad we could help. So, is this going to be a repeated thing?"

"I hope so. I mean, we aren't boyfriend/girlfriend or anything like that, but I think it's what I need. And who knows? It might end up that way!"

"We went at it twice, though, Joe..."

"Twice?" I said, again chuckling.

"Yeah, the first time, I couldn't hold it. But the second time, and that is what Kev heard, we had it going on!"

I just went over to the bed and said, "You the fuckin' man!"

He held out his hand and we high-fived. "I know," he said. "And do you think she's better looking than any of the chicks that Kev fucked?"

"Oh, hell yeah!" I said.


Well, we saw two more repeats of that night. And all too soon, the school year was over. Dan and I were in the apartment, going through my stuff, packing.

"Daniel Michael Gallagher"

"What, Joseph Michael E.?"

"Just saying your whole name for the hell of it," I laughed.

We were sitting in my apartment, enjoying one last time before I moved out of there. I don't know what was going through his head, but I was remembering the first time we kissed in my bedroom. The time flew by, it seemed.

"Boy, time passed by quickly, didn't it?" He asked.

"I was just thinking the same thing," I said, looking at his cute face.

He smiled and held out his hand before he got up. I gladly took it. "Well, at least I'll still have my place," he said.

"Yeah, and I'll be stuck at home living with the family again."

Dan laughed. "You know you're always welcome in my apartment, dude," he said, turning serious.

"Yes, you've said about a thousand times," I said, kissing him quickly on the cheek.

He laughed. We got up, and made a final round in my apartment. Normally, I like to move in and move out by myself. However, with Dan, it was a new experience. I was happy he was there.

Kevin came up the steps as we walked back into the living room. "Wanna go catch one last smoke?"

We both smiled at one another and smiled back at Kev. We headed out the back door as we had done a million time it seemed.

"Well, Joe, we're gonna miss you here next year," Kev said.

"I'll miss you too, man," I said, taking a drag. "But those are the breaks. It figures. I started college commuting, and I'm ending it commuting."

"At least you don't live far away, man," Dan said.

"Yeah, true."

We made small talk. Kev had just returned from turning in his key and was ready to leave after his smoke.

"Well, this is it, man," said Kev, as he stood in the doorway. "I'm out of here. It was interesting living with you for two years, practically."

I laughed. Kev stuck out his hand to shake hands, I grabbed his hand and pulled him into a hug, even though I knew he probably wouldn't like it too much. I gave him a strong hug, and he returned the strength, which made me smile. I held him for about three seconds and let go. Just then there was a knock at the door, which was open.

"Yeah, come up!" Kev yelled down the steps.

We heard footsteps coming up. It was Andrew our RA for our apartment.

"Hey, guys, I'm here to inspect the apartment, since Kev is moving out first," he said looking around.

Andrew was a cool RA. I had heard rumors about him, but never really believed them. Dan and I exchanged looks when he came up.

He took a tour through our nearly empty apartment. In fact, the stuff there was mostly mine. We passed the inspection (barely).

"Well, Kev, you're free to go," he said, signing the form that said the apartment was okay.

Kev said his goodbyes and went out the door. Ro went back into his room to finish his packing. Dan and I were left standing in the living room with Andrew.

"So, Joe, I see you and Dan survived this semester. Congratulations. I admire you two," he said, smiling.

Dan and I exchanged looks again. I looked back at him and smiled. "How did you know?"

"Well, I saw you kissing out in the parking lot one night. You guys are awfully lucky to have each other."

"Yeah, we know," Dan said, smiling and putting his arm around me.

"As another person part of the family, I'm glad to see that you worked out," Andrew said, smiling.

Dan and I both chuckled.

"You gotta boyfriend?" I asked.

"Yeah, his name's Jason."

"Isn't Jason the other RA that lives with you?" I asked.

"Of course," Andrew said with a smile. "Wouldn't have it any other way, man."

"Awesome," Dan said

"Well, you guys, good luck. And I'm sure I'll see you around sometime," he said, turning to leave the apartment.

We said goodbye. Just then, Ro appeared.

"Hey Joe, are you ready to drop this stuff off at your house?" he asked.

Ro, Kev, and I agreed that we would keep some stuff in my basement over the summer, so they could pick it up next fall for the apartment again. It would save them space in their cars, and my basement had the room (though my mom would disagree).

"Yeah, I guess so, man. Are you ready to go now?" I asked.

"Sure man," he said.

I grabbed my keys out of my pocket, and turned to Dan.

"Oh, shit, Dan," I said. "There's not enough room in my car to fit you in," I said, remembering I had filled the car to the max, not thinking ahead.

Dan smiled, and said,"That's okay. Ro do you have room in your front seat?"

"Yeah, man," he said, taking out his keys. We headed out the door, and went out to our respective cars. I wanted Dan to ride with me, but it was only a 15 minute ride.

"You wanna follow me?" I asked, opening my car door.

"Yeah," yelled Ro, across the parking lot.

"Cool, see ya at home," I said, getting into my Camry.

That was the last time I ever saw them alive. On our way to my house, some drunk driver (in the middle of the day, can you believe that?) sideswiped Ro's Blazer, blowing through a stop sign. I saw the whole scene in my rear-view mirror. I was shocked, horrified, and devastated. It was all a blur to me except one thing. The last thing I ever saw of Dan was his face pressed up against his passenger's door window, blood dripping down his poor face, his eyes wide open. It was very painful. Very painful.

I screamed as I just knew that my best friend from college and my boyfriend were dead, right before my eyes. I heard the sirens coming closer. I just waited.

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