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Dan, The Man Part 7

"The Trip/Ro's First Kiss"

By Joey E

"Remember, you're mine after TV class," Dan said as we went into the TV class room. We had discussed this before, that this weekend, Dan was going to do something special for me. The semester was winding down, and we had been busy with our respective classes, leaving little time to do much more than have sex, basically. :) Dan wanted us to be alone this weekend, and he had an idea but wouldn't tell me one thing about. It was freakin' killing me. But I decided to let him have his fun.

We both walked into the TV classroom, and we sat down near our mutual friend, Amanda.

"Hey Dan," she said, happily. "Hey Joe!"

"Hey, it's Joe, The Man!" Dan corrected her.

"No, Dan, that's your name for him," she said, smiling. Dan and I both looked at each other and turned five shades redder. We both smiled and looked back at her.

"So, what's happening today?" I asked Amanda.

"Well, I think we're just working out the rough edges to the final project. But, as I recall, Dan and you already did that with your segments So, I doubt you'll have to stay," she said.

Sure enough, the teacher let us go early. Dan drove me back to the apartment, and told me to pack for two days worth of clothes. He also said to pack my suit and tie. I was wondering what was up with him. I looked at him strangely.

"Don't ask questions, Joe. Just do it," he said smiling, broadly.

God that face. I looked him over head to foot. His brown curly short hair, his blue eyes, his 5'9" frame. I walked up to him, giving him a passionate kiss, tongues and everything. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. I did the same. We were interrupted by Roland (my roommate) at the time.

"Oops," he said, smiling. "Sorry. I just need to get some shit," he said looking around on his desk.

"No problem, I said, walking over to the bed where I was packing.

"You going away this weekend?" Ro asked, noticing I was packing.


"Cool, where?"

"Well, I would tell you, but Dan hasn't even told me yet where he's taking me."

Ro looked at Dan, who was smiling. "I told you about this, Ro, didn't I?" Dan asked.

"Oh!" Ro said as his face lightened up. "Yeah! Well, you two have fun. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

I laughed at that comment. "Well, Dan, it looks like we're not supposed to have any sex. All we'll do is sit inside and masturbate all day."

"Shut the hell up," Ro said, laughing. He left the room.

I was soon all packed up and ready to go. We then drove over to his place where he got together his shit. I didn't like the fact that he was driving, but oh, well, it was his surprise. I figure I'd let him. Soon, we were off, heading north on a major highway. Several thoughts popped in my mind. We were going to visit his family who lived up in central Jersey. We could be going to visit one of my old friends that I told him about up in central Jersey. Never in my right mind would I have imagined that he was taking me all the way up to New York City.

"Dan!! Where are you taking me?" I asked, as we got into the outskirts of the city.

"You'll soon find out," he said, smiling.

I sighed and just looked out the window.

We were somewhere in a fancy part of New York City, I couldn't tell you where we were though. We pulled up to a hotel, a fancy one at that. It was absolutely wonderful. I couldn't being to describe what it looked like. I don't remember much of the details because I was in awe that Dan had thought about doing this. I just looked at him and smiled, as someone drove his car away to park it. We didn't even freakin' carry our luggage. We went to the front desk. I looked around. There were all these people walking around in suits and ties and dresses. I felt severely underdressed. Now I know why Dan wanted me to pack a suit and tie. We were still in our college ensembles (that word, in reference to clothing, cracks me up). We were escorted to our room by a good-looking young guy, about our age. Dan punched me jokingly in the shoulder when he saw me checking him out. I just smiled back at him.

We soon got to our rooms, after going up about 6 floors on the elevator. Dan gave the guy a tip and we were finally alone.

"Damn," I said to Dan, sitting down on the bed. "Dan, what possessed you to do this?"

Dan came over to me, putting his arms around my waist, and kissed me softly on the lips. "Because I love you, Joe."

I felt tears come to my eyes as I smiled.

"Joe, you mean so much to me. I think about you every day when you're not with me. I love the way you act, the way you talk, the way I feel when I'm around you, and the way you make me feel. You are Joe, the Man."

I hugged him again, and kissed him more passionately, this time involving tongue movement between our mouths. Dan broke the kiss after a few seconds, just as my hand started roaming his body.

"We can save that for later. But now, it's time for us to get dressed and go to dinner and then I have another surprise."

I couldn't even start to think about what this one might be. "Okay, I'll get dressed. What time is it?"

"It's about 5 now," he responded. "We're gonna eat dinner in one of their restaurants here at the hotel." He started pulling his suit and stuff out of his luggage. I did the same.

"Oh, Joe, could I ask you a favor?" he asked.

"Anything," I said looking at him, while he took off his t-shirt.

"I still don't know how to tie a tie, man. Could you tie mine when the time comes?"

"Sure," I answered, undressing myself. "Have you ever seen me in a suit before?"

"Nope, have you seen me in one?"

"This is the first time, man," I answered. We kept getting ready. We had our white shirts and pants on. I tied my tie, and then tied his.

"Here you go," I said, handing him the tie. He slid it on and it was a perfect match.

"Perfect," Dan said, looking into my eyes and smiling. He kissed me on the cheek as I fixed mine as we stood in the bathroom looking at ourselves in the mirror. He put his arm around me.

"We do make a good couple, don't we?" he asked, smiling, looking at himself and me in the mirror.

I had to admit, we looked good. Two guys, one with curly brown hair, one with straight blonde hair, blue eyes, and one about 5 inches taller. But we looked good.

I kissed him on the cheek. We both went back into the bedroom. I followed him. "Damn, Dan, you look so cute in that," I said, staring at him.

He blushed. "Well, that's because I'm the man!"

"Of course," I answered.

"Are you ready Joe?" he asked, looking back at me, checking me out.

"I think so," I said, putting on my jacket. I noticed his tie was crooked. I went over to him, and adjusted it for him. I I pulled him into a hug, and hugged him in a tight grip. We both kissed. I was in heaven.

We went down to find the hotel's famous restaurant. I finally got the nerve to ask him where he had the money to do this as we were sitting down to our table. The people around us were all formally dressed. I couldn't believe it.

"Dan, uh, how can you afford all of this?" I asked, taking a sip from the screwdriver I had just ordered.

"Well, uh, it's easy. My uncle owns this place, or at least runs it," he said smiling.

I just sat there with my mouth open.

"What?" he asked, laughing. "He lets me stay here for free whenever I'm up here."

"Your uncle owns this?"

"Yep. So, don't worry, it's not setting me back too much," he said with a chuckle. "However, the thing I have planned tonight is, so you better enjoy it!"

The suspense was still killing me. But I chose to ignore it. "So, do you get your meals free here too?"

Our waiter came up at that moment. "Dan! How good to see you!" he said, shaking Dan's hand.

"Hey Mike, this is my friend from school, Joe," Dan said.

We all made our introductions and ordered. I ordered the NY Strip Steak, since Dan told me to order anything I wanted. He got the same thing.

"You and your steak man," he said, after Mike had left.

"What are you talking about? You just ordered some yourself," I replied.

We talked about how he came up here frequently during the summer, just to visit the city and have some fun. His uncle never minded. All too soon, the romantic dinner was over.

"Well, shall we go?" he asked, getting up from the table.

I shook my head yes. We went out to the main lobby and out the front door to be greeted by a limousine. I didn't think anything of it until Dan started waking towards it, and finally in it. I just stood there in shock.

"Well, are you coming?" he asked, smiling.

I walked over and got in the limo, and the door was shut by limo driver. We were off.

"Dan, where are you taking me? Are you kidnaping me?" I asked, as I looked out the tinted windows.

"Joe, relax. Let me handle it," he said.

We were in front of a Broadway theater before I knew what was happening.

"Damn!" was all I could say, softly.

"I hope you wanted to go see Les Miserables," he said, getting ready to get out. "Because, that's what we're going to see tonight."

The driver opened the door up for us. "Thanks, Patrick," Dan said, getting out.

"You're welcome, sir."

This was just too much for me to take in. I was here in New York City, being chauffeured in a limo, with my boyfriend, and seeing a Broadway Musical. I've only seen three others in my life.

"The limo comes with the hotel, and so do these tickets. But I had to pay for them," He said holding up the two tickets he took out from his pocket.

I looked at him for a few moments. He looked back at me. I stuck out my hand, he grabbed it and shook it. I didn't have the nerve to do much more, but if I could, I would've kissed him.

We watched the show, which was awesome. Dan, who wasn't particularly impressed with Broadway music, seemed to enjoy it as well, though. I just so shocked from the surprise.

When the show was over, we got back into the limo and headed back to the hotel. We went into our room, exhausted. I undressed, slowly, as did Dan. I noticed him looking at me a couple of times, since I was watching him. It became an act of seduction. By the end, every time we would remove an article of clothing, we would look at each other straight in the eyes. I was ultimately turned on, and judging from his tent in his briefs, he was too.

I slowly walked over to my man, just in my boxers with my cock sticking out of the fly, stiff as a board. He watched me and soon I was right in front of him. We both had grins on our faces.

"So, uh, what would you like to do?" he asked, in his low pitched, sexy voice.

I smiled. "I'll take whatever you got, man."
"Oh, really?" He asked.

"Uh huh," I said, lifting my hands up and placing them on his smooth chest. I began moving them slowly around his chest, paying attention to his hardening nipples. I felt his hands tracing lines on my back. I looked up at his face, and he looked down. We both leaned into each other and we kissed passionate. We both came down on the bed that was aside of us in one motion. He actually landed on top of me. We both went wild, kissing, grinding, hugging. I heard him moan low a couple of times as I licked his earlobe and neck.

"Can I have you, tonight?" he asked, looking at me very seriously.

"It would be an honour," I answered. "You want me?" I asked, in a whisper.

"Oh, yeah, Joe. I want to make love to you," he said, hugging me very tightly.

I reached down behind him and pulled down his briefs. He worked them off the rest of the way, and then he pulled mine down. And as soon as they were off, he was on. My cock that is. He took it in his mouth as he had done many times before, and it was just as fine as the first time. If not better. I had noticed his technique had been improving little by little as he learned my sensitive areas. He slowly took the head and started licking it with his tongue, making it wet, and then finally he took the whole shaft and sucked it in his mouth.

"Oh…..damn…" was all I could muster.

He continued sucking and sucking and sucking like a vacuum cleaner. He took time to wet my balls with his tongue as well as he kept on stimulating my cock by stroking it with his hands. It was incredible. He then liked down to my ass, and I knew what he wanted to do.

"Aw…Dan," I said, as I felt his tongue on my hole. "Damn, man, that feels good…"

I felt him wetting it, licking around it, as it sent shivers through my body. I was squirming around on top of the bed as my man gave me pleasures that only he could give me.

Suddenly he stopped, got up, got something from his bag, and I knew what it was. I closed my eyes and suddenly felt this cool sensation on my ass, as he gently rubbed his lube finger around my hole. Suddenly, he put it in.

"Aw, fuck," I moaned. Damn, it felt good. I felt my cock jump up as the rest of my body did when he gently stuck it in.

"You like that, babe?" he asked me.

"Aw, yeah!" I said, as his finger reached my prostate. "Aw, don't stop man…"

He slid it in and out slowly.

"Aw, come on, give me two," I said, opening my eyes, and looking up at him.

"Yeah?" he asked, surprised.

"Yeah," was all I could say.

And apparently that was all he needed to hear. I felt the new thickness enter my ass. I moaned in slight pain, but mostly pleasure. He smiled down at me.

"You are something else, babe. You turn me on so much," he said, as he slowly worked the two into my ass. I nodded. The pain subsided after a few seconds, and it felt really good. He used his other hand and began stroking his cock, lubing it up.

"Aw yeah, man, make it hard for me," I said. I loved to watch him stroke his cock. His cock, 6 1/2", was just the right size for me. Not too thick, not too long, and it was perfect for my mouth (and ass).

He left his fingers in my ass as he looked into my eyes. "Can I fuck you tonight without…" he asked, not sure of what I'd say.

I had been wondering what it would be like to not use a condom. I trusted him implicitly, as he did me. I knew that he was safe, and I knew I was safe. I looked at him and said, "Go ahead."

He took his two fingers out, grabbed his cock, got on the bed with me, and lifted my legs up over his shoulders. He then inserted his hard cock into my tight ass.

"Aww!!" I yelled out in pain. But, he patiently just waited for me to adjust to the size of his cock, and in a few moments, I had.

I nodded to him and closed my eyes. He started pumping me, slowly, and it felt so fuckin' good. I moaned quietly each time he pushed into me. All this time, we were looking at each other. His blue eyes showed nothing but love. After a while, I had the urge to have more.

"Yeah, Dan, come on….fuck me harder…" I said softly.

His eyes brightened up as he fucked me harder. It felt good. It felt great. I looked up at him and saw the sweat devloping on his forehead and chest. He looked hot. Though he wasn't built or toned, he did have some definition and that was good enough for me. He looked hot above me as he used more force with every push.

I could feel his balls pounding against my ass as he fucked me.

"Oh, yeah, Joe….fuck your ass feels good…"

"Yeah, Dan, fuck me…"

"Oh yeah! Mm…." He moaned. "Damn, I love your ass."

"Come on, babe."

He reached down and began stroking my cock, which by now was dripping precum like there was no tomorrow. He used the precum to lube the cock up and started stroking it really fast. There was no other feeling in the world as far as I was concerned.

His face turned red, as it usually did, as he got closer and closer. I knew it would be long, and strangely, I want to feel him shoot his load in my ass. I never experienced it before, and wasn't sure that I wanted to, but I had to have it!

"Dan, I want your load in my ass man. Come on, I want to feel your fuckin cum inside of me."

"Yeah?" he asked, as he was slamming my ass.

"Ooo….man…uh….come on yeah, I want it…" I moaned. His grunts started getting louder and louder.

"Oh, yeah….god your ass is so tight. Yeah, Joe…I'm gonna cum….I'm gonna shoot…"

With his trademark moan and facial expression, I felt him explode deep with in me as he trusted once more. He just held it up there as I felt his cock expand in my ass and felt the force of his cum inside of me. My arms wrapped around his body, as his stomach brushed against my cock, which was amazingly enough to set me shooting my load at the same time. We just held each other as we both came, shaking, moaning, and sweating.

Finally, he slipped his now softening cock out, my cum rubbing between us, and we kissed. I felt his sweat and my sweat mixing in between us, and he collapsed on top of me.

He finally rolled over on to his back next to me. He looked at me and smiled.

"Damn!" he yelled.

"That was good!" I said, smiling. "Aw, man, that was incredible!"

"Joe, you're fuckin' ass is so sweet!" he said, laughing.

"I know," I answered. "I love you, Dan. You're the man."

"No, babe, you're Joe, The Man," he said getting up. "Come on, let's get cleaned off."

I got up off the bed, exhausted, but feeling a little dirty, so I followed him into the bathroom. He turned around from adjusting the water temp and smiled at me.

"Thanks," I said, again, amazed at how this night turned out.

"Anything for you babe," He said, smiling. We embraced again and kissed. Then we jumped into the shower, washing each other, and rinsing each other, and even playing around like little kids. We got out together, dried off, and went to bed, wearing nothing.

I got in bed first. He got in, and cuddled up next to me. I turned around to face him and smiled. We kissed once more, and then he turned around. I cuddled up next to him, and held him until we both fell asleep.

We spent some time in New York City the next day, of course, after having a splendid morning of sex in our hotel room again. Only it was the exact opposite with me entering him. (But I figure you can only have so much sex in one part of a story). We went shopping, buying a few CDs and shit. Nothing big. We had a late lunch back at the hotel, and then we were off and back to the university campus.

"Thanks, again, Dan," I said, as we got on to the NJ Turnpike.

He took my hand, and smiled. "It's the least I can do," he said.

"I think I owe you more," I said.

"How's that?"

"Well, you took care of me while I was recovering. You were always there for me. I hope that I'm there for you…"

"You always are. You do more for me than you know, Joe. You are stronger than you think you are," he said, softly.

I smiled and said nothing, thinking over what he just said.

We finally made it back home to my apartment. "You got time to come in for a little?" I asked him.

"Sure," he said, getting out of the car. I took my bags and clothes and we walked to my apartment.

I opened the door with my key and we both walked up the steps. From what I could hear, there was nothing going on in the apartment. I was wondering in my mind where every one was.

"Damn, it's quiet," he said, as I got ready to open the door to the living room.

"I waas just thinking the same thing," I said, turning the knob. The living room was dark and it was clear that no one was in the apartment.

I just shrugged the thought of where was everyone off. I turned on the light switch and went into my bedroom while Dan stayed in the living room. I came back out and took out a cig and asked, "Smoke?"

He said nothing but smiled and headed out the back door to the balcony. Just as we were heading out, the living room door opened and there appeared, Ro, Kev, and our friend Paul.

"Hey guy!" Ro said, coming towards the back door. Kev followed behind, as did Paul.

"Were you surprised?" he asked me.

I grinned. "Totally!"

He chuckled. "I thought you would be. Dan told me all about it and told me to make sure you didn't schedule anything for this weekend."

I turned to Dan and he just grinned back at me.

"You guys," I said, laughing. I was extremely happy. "You're the best," I said, smiling at both of them. I did something I don't normally do. I reached out and pulled Roland into a hug as a way of saying thanks. Thanks for being the best roommate a guy could want. Thanks for being a friend like no other. And thanks for just being Roland. Ro put his arms around me and gave me a hug too.

"Aww…" Kev said, being sarcastic. "Now break it up!" he said pushing us apart as he walked through us so he could smoke as well.

"So you had a good time?" Paul asked me.

"Yeah, it was awesome!"

We talked about the show, the dinner, the hotel, leaving out the details about the sex, and pretty soon, it was time for Dan to leave, being that it was 11PM and he really need to get back to his apartment. I walked him out, thanked him again, and he left.

I walked back into the apartment and Paul and Kev were putting on their lightweight jackets to go somewhere.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"Oh, my frat is having a late nite party. Wanna come?"

"Nah, I think I'll pass on this one," I said, not really wanting to party with a bunch of drunken breeders.

They left, and Ro and I were in the living room, watching Saturday Night Live.

"Hey, Joe, I was thinking, are you hungry?" he asked.

"Come to think of it, yeah, I am," I said, looking at him.

"Well, would you up for a ride to Geno's?

For those of you who don't know what Geno's is…Geno's Steaks is a place in South Philadelphia, PA to get some of the best cheesesteaks you can get. The term Philly Cheesesteak means that they're trying to duplicate Geno's or Pat's steaks (another place right across the street from Geno's). Ro, Kev, and I had been known to go there at odd hours of the night like 1, 2, or even 4AM in the morning.

I sat up and said, "Hell yeah!"

We both got up, went into our rooms, and got our coats. I grabbed my keys, since I knew I was driving…I always seemed to on these Geno's runs. And we were off!

On the way there, we turned on the radio, sang along, and just had a good time. We ordered our steaks and sat down at the table.

"So, this weekend really was a blast eh?" he asked.

I finished chewing before I answered. "Yeah, man, it was unbelievable."

"He told me all about it. I thought you'd enjoy it."

"Yep, I did! Tremendously."

"That's great, man. I'm happy to see you so happy," he said, smiling.

"Thanks, Ro."

"So, I take it you guys did have you know…"

"Oh yeah," I said, grinning.

"How was it?"

My grin got bigger.

"That good huh?"

"Yeah….he…uh…fucked me…without a condom…" I said, still smiling.

"Woah!" he said, then taking a bite from his cheesesteak.

"Yeah, it was incredible," I said, meaning every word I said.

"I'm really surprised at you Joe. You really like him don't you?" He asked.

"I love him," I said. "I have never gone out with someone more special, more fun, more exciting, and more loving than Dan."

"Cool," he said. "I'm really happy for you, man. "

"You know, Ro. Dan calls me Joe, The Man…"

"Yeah, I heard him call you that a hundred times," he said laughing.

"Well, I think it's the other way. I think it should be Dan, The Man."

"You're stupid," he said, laughing. There was a point where Ro couldn't take much more of the sentimental, romantic shit as he called it. And I think we were at it.

"But seriously," he said, after he was done laughing. "Don't let him go, man. He's the best there is, that I've seen, for you. I mean, look at you. This is the happiest I've seen you since you moved on-campus three years ago."

I smiled as tears came to my eyes. "I know, Ro. I know. It's incredible, ain't it?"

"Yeah, now if I could only find a chick…" Ro said, grinning.

"Yeah, we'll have to work on that, though I've been working on that for the last three years," I said, jokingly .

"Well you know me, I'm a smoothie!"

"Yeah, you're as smooth as broken glass," I quipped.

He laughed. "Man, I'm hopeless with them. I think my problem is that I'm terrified of them…"
"You know, I've thought of that before, actually," I said.

"You have?" He asked, loudly. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I just assumed you knew," I said still grinning.

"Well, I guess I'll just be beating off 3 times a day until the day I die," He said, not depressed or anything.

I laughed. He laughed. I was done with my cheesesteak so I lit up a cigarette. He was done too.

"I'm really gonna miss all of you next year," I said, exhaling smoke.

"Why can't you live on campus next year?"
"Because I'd only be full-time one semester, and even then, I'd have to move out during the middle of the semester. Besides, it's cheaper. And I do only live 15 minutes away."
"True. Well, I'm beat, man. Wanna head home now?"

"Yeah," I responded, standing up and walking over to the trash can with my trash. We walked back to the car, which was only a few feet away, parked on the street. My good old Camry.

We got back to the apartment at around 2AM. I was dead tired. I crawled into bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

The next morning, I had to be at the TV studio to work on editing the final cut of our TV Magazine show that we had been working on all semester in TV II. Dan was not there, because he was working on his Film II production. I felt a little overwhelmed by it all, but we made it through. After a long grueling 5 hours in the studio, it was finally put together. As we were leaving, Dan's group was leaving too.

"Joe, the Man!" He exclaimed with a big grin on his face.

I grinned back. "How's your project going?"

He rolled his eyes and smiled.

"That bad eh?"

"Well, it's not that bad…but it could be better. What about you?"

"We're done, babe. We edited the final version today."

"Yeah, Joe was the man as usual at the video switcher today," Amanda said, as she walked up behind us.

"Hey Mandy!" my man said. "Wanna go do dinner?"

"Hey, that's my line," she said, slapping him on the shoulder.

"I know," he said grinning.

"Actually, I was just going to ask that," she said.

Dan and I looked at each other, smiled, and said, "Yes."
We all headed over to the cafeteria. During the walk, Dan and I told Amanda about how well our weekend was. She was thoroughly impressed.

"I wish my boyfriend would've done that," she said.

"I thought you broke up with him," Dan said.

"I did. I said I wish he would've done that. I couldn't take the drama anymore," she said.

"Yeah, drama is bad," I said, remembering my drama filled relationship with my ex.

"So, do you know of any cute straight guys who are single?" she asked, jokingly.

"Actually," Dan said. "I do," he said, grinning at me.

Oh god, I thought, I hate it when he has that grin on his face.

"Joe knows him too," he said.

"I do?" I asked him.

"Sure, he's your roommate!"

"Roland?" she asked, shocked.

"Sure!" Dan answered.

I was just too shocked to say anything.

By now we were in line in the cafeteria. We got our food and sat down at our own table.

"Well," she said, now having thought over the matter. "He is cute in his own way," she said.

Dan nodded to me as if to say come on, Joe. Get Ro laid.

Joe thought it over as the two of them talked. Ro needed a girl like Amanda to push him along, to be patient and yet aggressive. The more he thought of it, the more he liked the idea.

"So, do you like him?" I asked.

"Of what I know of him, I think he's cute."
"He's really a nice guy, but he's terrified of women," I said.

"What's he worried about? He's cute," Amanda said, puzzled.

"Well, he's never had a girlfriend before," I explained.

Amanda laughed. "Really? How old is he?"


"Hmm…well, if you guys can work it out, I think I'd be willing to try, anyone is better than Andy."

Dan and I looked at each other and smiled. And as if it was timed just perfectly, Ro and Kevin walked into the cafeteria as well. Dan saw them first and waved them over.

"Oh great," I said, to myself. Ro and Kev both were surprised to see Amanda there. Ro, being his usual shy self, said nothing to her. But she was persistent. Finally, he began to talk back to her. Kev and Dan were engrossed in our own conversation while this was going on. I was trying to keep it going between the two, and it finally worked.

"So, Ro, would you like to go out sometime?" she asked, genuine interested in him.

"Uh, yeah, I guess," he answered.

I gave him a look that said go for it!

Dan came back to the apartment for a little before he came home. We were heading into the final week of the semester before finals started. We knew we would be busy, but we also planned time to be together when the studying started to bother us.

Tuesday night was the premiere of the TV/Film productions that were done during the semester. I went over to Dan's to pick him up. I was way early, and we sat down on his couch just watching TV, cuddling in each others arms, and enjoying each other's company.

For some reason, I felt it was right to bring a subject up I had thought about from time to time.

"Dan, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, man," he said.

"Would you miss me if I was gone?"

"Sure, I would. I would be devastated, dude. You mean the world to me, Joe," he said, with a serious look on his face. "What made you ask a thing like that?"

"I don't know. I guess I was just thinking about how my life would be if you were not in it anymore, and I was wondering how you'd feel if I were no longer in your life?"

"Joe, stop. We are going to be together for as long as I can help it."

I grabbed him and pulled him into a hug. We laid down flat on his couch with him behind me and hold me tightly.

"I love you Dan. I don't know what I'd do without you."

"I think you would live on, Joe. You're that kind of guy, man. You take hits, but you get right back up and come back stronger than before. I don't know what I'd do without you, Joe. Like I said before, you're my strength, whether you know it or not."

"I am?"

"Yes, Joe you are," he said, kissing me on the cheek. I smiled at that thought.

"Don't ever think that I am going to leave you," he said.

"I won't. I know you're here, whether I want you to be or not," I said, not able to stay on the serious subject for long or else I'd lose it.

"Hey!" he said, grabbing the pillow that was under my head and hitting me with it.

I immediately sat up and grabbed the other pillow that was underneath him. I hit him back.

He got up and I got up, following him. A mini-pillow fight broke out, and then when it looked like I had him backed into a corner, he reached out and started tickling me.

"Hey!" I shouted, starting to laugh. "That ain't fair!"

He really tickled me in the stomach and I fell to the ground laughing. He jumped on top of me holding me down but still tickling me. He was laughing now too because I had freed my arms and hands and started tickling him back. Soon, we were right on top of each other, the laughter died, and we just stared at each other.

"Don't ever leave me, Joe," He said, as he leaned down to kiss me on the lips.

"I won't," I said just before his lips were on mine. We kissed on his living room floor. I think I was ready to do more, but then we heard the front door open.

We got up off the floor just as his roommate came through the stairway door.

"Yo! What were you doing in here?" his roommate asked.

"Why?" Dan asked, smiling

"It looks like a hurricane was here!"

"Uh, yeah, well, we were sort of having a pillow fight," Dan said, sheepishly.

"Oh, cool," his roommate said. "Hey Joe," He said, waving to me.

"Hi," I said, smiling.

I looked at my watch and realized we only had an hour before the premiere and we both needed to get dinner.

"Shit, we gotta go, Dan," I said. He looked at the time, and agreed.

"You coming to see my film?" he asked his roommate.

"Sure am," he said.

"Cool, we'll see you there," Dan said, as we went out the door.

The audience loved Dan's film. It was a success, and Dan was relieved. He knew he had done a good job. I was there with Ro, Amanda, and Kev. We all agreed it was done very well.

"Hey, Joe," he said to me after the presentation was over. "You're coming over tonight, right?"
"Yeah, I'll be there," I responded. There was going to be a small party for the cast and crew of Dan's mini-film.
"You coming?" he asked my two roomies.

"Yeah, I'm going with Amanda though," Ro said. Dan and Kev all looked him in shock.

"Well, she invited me!"

"When were you going to break this nude to us, buddy?" Kev asked, amazed.

"Oh, she asked me last week. I just wanted to surprise all of you," Ro said.

"Well, we'll definitely be there," Kev answered, not wanting to miss this for the world.

Kev, Ro, and I went back to the apartment, Kev grilling Ro about Amanda and what happened. I already knew, because he told me. But he didn't want other people to know yet. He was nervous as hell. I gave him some advice, and the inside scoop on Amanda. And told him, there is nothing to worry about.

Soon, Amanda was at our door. Ro said, "Well, she's here. I'll see you there." He walked down the steps and disappeared.

Anyway, Kev and I were just left standing there wondering what the hell just happened. I unfroze, grabbed my jacket, and said, "Let's go!"

He broke his stare and grabbed his jacket and said, "Right behind you!"

We talked about Roland's position and how we were happy for him. Kev had gotten laid plenty of times while on campus, so he wasn't jealous or anything. And I knew Mandy was just what Ro needed. I was also aware though that Mandy could be in it for fun, and Ro, not knowing anything about falling in love and lust, could seriously be hurt if it didn't work out.

We got to Dan's apartment. I was greeted at Dan's by himself at the front door. He brought me in and kissed me right in front of everyone.

"Someone's had a little too much to drink," I said, looking into his eyes and smiling.

"Well, then, you'd better catch up to me!" he yelled, laughing.

"Oh god, the homos!" Kev yelled. Some people laughed. There were some people there from TV, some people there from his film class, it was a good sized party. I even saw some people from the radio station. Well, if they didn't know about us before, they certainly knew about us now, I thought to myself.

Dan went over to the kitchen. He made two drinks (screwdrivers) and handed one to me. He raise the glass and said, "This is to us, man. I love you."

We clinked glasses and drank. I was in the mood to get trashed in celebration of everything that I down the whole thing in less than 15 seconds.

"Woah, dude….slow down," he said.

"Why? I want to get smashed!" I yelled, smiling.

"Well, then, be my guest," he said, motioning with his hands in the direction fo the kitchen. I walked over and made myself a drink. It was from the kitchen that I first saw Ro and Amanda together. They were laughing and talking. It was purely amazing. I decided to let them be, and let it happen naturally.

"Yo, Joe," Kev said, coming into the kitchen to get a beer. "Did you see Ro and Mandy?"

I grinned. "Yeah, don't screw it up for them," I said knowing Kev had the habit of opening his mouth at the wrong time.

"I wont, man, I won't. I'm happy for him," He said, opening the beer can.

As the night went on, I got hazier and hazier. I still socialized with many people that I knew, and it was fun. There was this guy from the radio station that I had been after before I was with Dan and he was there tonight, looking cute and fine. I had the chance to talk to him for a while, because Dan was busy entertaining all his guests.

"Hey Morg," I said, sitting next to him on the couch.

"Well if it isn't Dancin' Joey E!" he said, smiling at me. That was my on-air name, and it's a long story so I'm not going to explain it.

"What are you doin' here?"

"I was on Dan's crew, bud," He answered. He was a blonde boy, blue eyed, had a complete baby face, smooth skin, 20, and about 5' 8".

"Oh, that's right. Hey great film," I said, trying to sound not drunk.

"Thanks. So, you and Dan are really together…" he said.

I nodded and smiled. "Yes, Morg, we are."

"It's all good….I, uh, am too…" He then smiled and blushed. "I can't believe I just said that," he said. "I'm way too gone, man."

I wanted to jump up and say, "I KNEW IT!" But I didn't. I just smiled.


I just kept on smiling, thinking how I could've had this damn twink 9 months ago.

"You know, uh, Joe," he said, softly in my ear. I felt his hand on my leg. "I think you're hot."

I grinned at him again. "I know you're with Dan, but, damn, I'd…"

I gently took his hand off my leg. "Please, Morg. Don't tempt me. You're cute, man. You could have anyone you wanted. Don't hit on me, tonight. Don't screw up what I have going."

He looked let down, but seemed to understand. "Besides, I might have a friend who you might want to meet sometime," I said.

"Really who?" he asked, brightening up.

I was just about to say who when I looked up and saw Roland and Amanda kissing. I jumped up off the couch and said, "YES!"

I went over to Kev who was also looking at them. They weren't in the middle of all the action. They were sitting on a couch off to the side. Not many people noticed it. But, Dan, Kev, and I certainly did. When they broke the kiss, they were aware that we were watching them. Ro turned five shades of red, while Amanda whispered something in his ear. He smiled at her and turned to us and waved.

All three of us cracked up in laughter. I was so happy for my roommate. And I was happy for myself. And I was drunk. It was a wild night . Kev went home with Ro and Amanda. I stayed behind and just spent the night with my Man, Dan. Both of us too drunk to do much except kiss, we just fell asleep on top of his bed, with our clothes still on.

Well, that wraps up part 7 of Dan, The Man. I must explain that I do not recommend or encourage anal sex without the use of condoms. But, I just wanted to put that in the story. I hope you enjoyed this section. Stay tuned for the conclusion of the first part of this series! In the meantime, if you have any comments, please send them to SNJBoy76@aol.com Thanks!