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Joe, The Man, Part XI
"At The Club Continued"
By Joey E

So the two couples left the dance floor, all walking over to the side.

"So, where are you guys from?" asked Ryan, getting back next to Brett.

They got specific about what towns we were from, but I'm not putting that into the story.

"Really? You're right next door practically," said Matt. "Isn't that crazy bro?" he asked Joe.

"Small world. But, how old are you guys?" Joe asked.

"Eighteen," Brett answered.

"Are you in college?" asked Joe.

"No, high school," Ryan answered. "You guys in college?"

Matt nodded. "He's 23, and I'm 22."

"Really? Joe, you look about 12..." Ry replied.

"Well, look at you!" exclaimed Joe with a smile. "You look 10!"

Both Matt and Brett laughed. Both Joe and Ryan were on the end while Brett and Matt were in the middle.

"Well, little bud, how about another drink?" Matt asked.

Joe laughed. "Dude, I'm drunk already. I can't drink anymore, especially if I'm driving us home."

"Well, I feel like getting another drink. You coming?"

"Nah, I don't feel like working my way through that crowd again," Joe said, smiling.

Matt leaned over and kissed Joe on the lips. "I won't be too long." And to Brett he said, "Make sure he behaves!"

Joe smacked Matt on the ass playfully and kept his eye on him as he walked away. Damn, Joe thought, looking at Matt's ass.

"HEY GUYS!" Eric yelled, bouncing over. His 6'4" 230lbs frame seemed to be very agile for his weight and size.

"Hey, Eric. Find any lucky stud yet?" Ry asked.

Eric just grinned.

Joe giggled. "He better not be Jay."

Eric got this gleam in his eye. "He's an adult, he can make his own decisions."

"Oh god," Ryan said, smiling at Brett.

"Does Jay know anything about this yet?" Joe asked.

"He will," Eric said, and started walking out to the dance floor where Jay was still dancing.

"I hate to admit this, but Eric does have a point," Ryan said.

"What's that?" asked Brett.

"Jay is pretty damn hot!" Ry exclaimed, grinning.

Brett punched Ryan lightly in the arm. "Watch it, buddy."

Joe kept an eye out for his friend, Jay. Eric was making his way toward him. He started dancing right next to him. The chick look a little surprised, but probably was used to seeing this, since she was at a gay bar. Jay saw Eric on the side of him, and smiled at him. Eric took that as a hint.

He whispered into Jay's ear..."God, you don't know how cute you are."

Jay moved away from Eric. "Dude, don't, please? All right? Just stop."

"What?" Eric asked, looking more innocent than he should have.

"I'm straight," Jay said, getting a little annoyed. "My best friend's gay. I know I'm not!"

Eric looked at him with a blank face.

"Dude, what do you want me to say?" Jay asked. "We fooled around all right? It turned me completely off, man!"

Eric just wrapped his arms around Jay. "Okay, little man. I'm sorry. I just like you, man."

"That's cool. But you ain't ever gettin' my little ass. Understand?" Jay said, smiling.

Eric nodded and smiled.

"Wanna dance with us?" Jay asked.


"Well, I'm glad to have seen that go by rather smoothly," Joe said to Brett and Ryan.

"Eric can be a little strong," explained Brett. "But deep inside, he's a mouse."

"Yo, Ryan, I'll be back...I gotta take a piss..." Brett said, leaving just Ry and Joe alone.

"Okay," Ry said.

Joe and Ry just looked at each other for a while and smiled at each other. Joe took his pack of smokes out and lit a Marlboro Menthol light.

Ry sort of inched his way over closer to Joe. "I enjoyed dancing with you out there tonight," Ry said.

Joe smiled, "Yeah, so did I."

It was clear that both Ry and Joe liked each other. It was weird for both of them, being that their boyfriends were both big guys.

"Joe, how tall are you?" Ry asked.

"Five foot four."

"Two inches taller than me."

"Yep. You know you're a cutie," Joe said, not thinking.

Ry blushed. "No, you're a cutie."

Joe put his arm around Ryan. "Thanks," Joe replied. He kissed Ry on the cheek.

"Joe, what the fuck are you doing to this poor kid?" asked Matt, just coming back. Obviously, Joe was startled by his boyfriend coming back.


Now it was Matt's turn to look a little tipsy. "Damn, they make the drinks strong here!"

"Yes they certainly do," said Joe, looking back at Ry.

"Dude, I can see it in your eyes," Matt slurred. "Kiss him."

Joe spun around to face Matt. "WHAT?" he blurted.

"Go ahead, I wanna see you kiss him. I've never seen you kiss anyone before."

Joe laughed. "Dude, you're fucked up!"

Ryan spoke up. "But I don't think HE wants to see that," he said, pointing back towards Brett.

"Oh," Matt said, disappointed. "True."

"Matt, can I talk to you for a second?" Joe asked, pulling Matt away. Matt followed Joe as they went to the other side of the room.

"What the hell was that all about?"

"I don't know dude, I can't remember the last time I was this fucked up."

"Shit," Joe said. "How many have you had?"

"Four," Matt answered.

"Shit, that's like the equivalent of eight, the way they make them here," Joe said.

"Yeah, tell me about it," Matt said, still smiling. "So, you want him, Joe?"

"I refuse to answer that," Joe said, motioning to keep walking.

Matt followed Joe. "Joe, can I be honest with you?"

"Yeah, but first, let's go outside where we can actually hear and see each other."

The two college heads went back to the threesome, and told them they would be back afterwards. On the trip downstairs, Joe observed Matt's behavior. He never saw him act this way before. It was completely unlike Matt to want Joe to hook up with someone else. It was completely unlike Matt to seem to like someone else. Joe knew it probably had something to do with Brett.

"So, you like him? Joe asked, not letting Matt start the conversation finally.

"Who?" Matt asked, leaning against the outside wall to the bar.

"Brett..." Joe asked.

Matt just smiled. "Not anymore than you like Ryan."

"Matt, what the hell is wrong with you?" Joe asked, not out of anger, but more amusement.

"I don't know," Matt said, laughing. "I'm horny tonight, buddy. I don't know...You know I love you. You know you mean more than anything else in my life now, right?"

"Yeah," Joe said, smiling at him. A warm fuzzy feeling came of Joe.


"Oh, there's always a but," Joe said, rolling his eyes.

"But..." Matt continued, "When I was dancing with Brett, I just felt something come alive."

Joe looked at Matt. For the first time ever, Joe felt insecure about Matt. Even in his drunken stupor, Matt noticed Joe's reaction.

"Joe, babe, come here," He said, putting his arms around Joe's waist.

Joe reluctantly allowed himself to be pulled into Matt's strong embrace.

"As much as I think Brett is a hot guy, which he is, I'd never do anything with him as long as I was with you."

Joe nodded.

"However, with you...."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know about me," interrupted Joe. "Did you have to bring that up?"

"Every day of your life, bro," Matt said, smiling.

Joe realized then and there that Matt was being honest. Joe felt a little guilty for having feelings that he shouldn't have. But said nothing.

"Matt, do you want to go?" Joe asked, seriously.

Matt nodded his head yes.

"Good. I really don't think we needed to do this tonight," Joe said, softly.

"Shit," Matt said suddenly. "Where's Jay?"

"Oh, shit! We left him all alone up there!"

"Do you want to go back up and get him?" Joe asked Matt.

"No, I think you should. I don't think I could make it up those steps if I tried."

"Okay, babe," Joe said, and kissed him on the cheek. And for a guy who is 5'4" trying to kiss a 6'2" guy on the cheek, that can be a challenge.

Joe, now practically sober, went back into the club and up the steps to the dance floor. He searched the very crowded dance area, and weaved his way around. He saw Brett and Ryan.

"Have you seen my friend Jay?" he asked them.

"No. Why? Are you leaving?" Ry asked, sounding disappointed.

"Yeah. But, hey, I hope to see you again soon. I gotta find Jay though."

"I think he's dancing, Joe," Brett said, pointing to a guy with his shirt off on the dance floor.

Sure enough, Jay was out there with his shirt off, dancing....with Eric! Joe just laughed at the sight. Eric had his shirt off too, and was just moving around the floor like nobody's business. Joe watched for a while from a distance as the two danced around each other, dancing towards and then away from each other. They looked like two kids just having fun, playing around. Joe hated to break it up, but he knew he wanted to leave. He started slowly towards them, and walked on to the floor. He lightly tapped Jay on the shoulder, and Jay turned around.

"Hey, Joe!" he shouted, still moving to the beat.

"Jay, we gotta go..."

"Aww!" whined Jay. "But, I was having fun!"

"Sorry, man," Joe said. Then he smiled. "Nice body though."

Jay turned red, and grinned. "Thanks, man." He turned around to Eric.

"You gotta go?" Eric asked.

"Yep, because the old farts want to leave," he said.

'Well, it was fun meeting and dancing with you. Want my phone number?"

"Uh, sure, I guess," Jay said, not knowing what else to say. They walked off the dance floor and went over to the bar to get a pad and pen. Eric scribbled his name and number on the paper and gave it to Jay.

"Please, dude, call me," Eric said. "It's nothing, don't worry. I'm not going to rape you or anything. But you seem like a cool guy."

"I had fun tonight too, man. I think I trust you. I'll give you a call sometime," Jay said smiling.

Eric put his arms around Jay and gave him a hug, pushing his bare, muscular chest against Jay's slightly less muscular but still defined chest.

Jay looked a little uncomfortable but managed to give a squeeze back.

"Call me," Eric said, as Jay left with Joe.

So the foursome made it back to the car without drama. In fact they made it back home without drama. Joe and Matt were amused with Jason's reaction to Eric's advances. Finally, they made it back to the apartment. Unfortunately, Matt couldn't stay with Joe that night. (It was Kev's turn to get some that night and Joe didn't want to interfere). Joe and Matt and Jay walked up Joe's apartment stairway and went inside, only to be unnerved by loud voices.

"I can't stand it anymore, Paul!"

"What? Just because you like to live like a slob doesn't mean I have to!"

"Paul, look at this shit! Half of this shit is yours! Yeah, it does look messy, but don't complain like it's only my fault. There are two other people in the apartment besides us."

"Oh god," Joe said, not wanting to open the door.

"Better open it before Paul kicks Kev in the balls again," Matt said.

Joe cracked up and opened the door to the apartment. Both Kev and Paul were standing in the living room. Both turned their heads to look at who came in.

"Hey guys, Paul was just telling me what a mess this apartment was. Joe's responsible for 3/4 of the mess," Kev said.

"What?" Joe exclaimed.

"Nothin, Joe," Kev replied, waving him off.

"Ah, find yourself a third for a threesome tonight?" asked Paul.

"No, man," Matt answered before I even had a chance. Paul and I were on weaker ground than ever before. It was not a great living arrangement with him there. Kev also agreed there was more tension since Paul nailed him in the balls on purpose for little or no reason. Justin pleaded no comment.

"Oh, I just thought..."

"Oh, keep quiet," I said to Paul. I walked to the back door and opened it up to go out for a smoke. Matt followed me, as well as Kevin. We closed the door, as it was cold out.

"GOD! That kid is impossible to live with anymore," Kev said, pulling out his pack of smokes.

"I know, man, I know," I said. I took my lighter out and lit my cig. Matt just stared ahead.

"I can't take much more of it. And what's more, I think he may be planning to move out. I overheard him talking to one of his friends, and he might move out before the end of this semester."

"Well, that's great. Who are we gonna be stuck with then?" I asked.

"Anyone would be better than him," Kev answered.

I chuckled and I head Matt chuckle too.

"Well, we'd better look for a new roommate, if that is true."

"Have anyone in mind?"

Actually, I did. Someone who was in our apartment now.

"What about Jay?" I asked.

"JAY?" Matt asked, rather loudly.

"Yeah, Jay!" Is aid. "You know, my student worker!"

"Oh no, Joe. I don't trust you around him. You'll be liable to rape him in his sleep."

I gave Matt a look. "He's having some roommate trouble now, and I'm sure he'd love to be in an apartment, being he's a freshman and all."

"Hmm, you might have something there, Joe," Kev said.

"Yeah, a perfect scenario for fucking some virgin's ass," Matt said, rather coldly.

"WHAT?" Joe exclaimed. "I told you he's straight!"

"Yeah, well the look in your eyes says, I can turn him into anything I want him to be, bud," Matt said, smiling.

Jay appeared after the door opened.

"Come on out and join us," Joe said, exhaling smoke.

"Cool, I think I will," Jay answered, closing the door behind him.

"Jay, how would you like moving in with us?" Kev asked.

"Really?" Jay asked, surprised.

"Yeah, really," Joe replied.

"I don't know man....who'd I room with?"

"Me, of course," Joe answered, smiling.

"Hey!! That gets me stuck with Justin!" Kev answered.

"So? I want my room back," Joe said, smiling.

"No, I think you just want Jay," Kev said with a smirk on his face.

Joe gave Kev the finger. "So how about it?" he asked, turning his attention back to Jason.

"Let me think about it," he answered.

"Cool, man. Let us know," Kev said, putting out his cigarette.

Joe put his out, and they all walked back into the apartment. Paul was in the living room, talking to someone on the phone.

"So, Joe, I gotta take off man," Matt said, quietly.

Joe turned his head towards Matt. "Aww...and we didn't even get to fuck tonight."

Kev screamed, appropriately as if right on cue. Jay laughed.

"God you guys can't get enough can you?" Jay giggled.

"Apparently not," Paul answered, hanging up the phone. "Joe even has to go elsewhere on top of that."

Joe had had enough of this.

"Paul.......shut...the....fuck...up!" he said very slowly.

"Well it is sort of true," Matt said, smiling at Joe.

"Yeah, well, he had other meanings behind that statement," Joe responded.

"Well, before it gets out of hand," Matt said, "I'm gonna leave now." Matt took Joe in his arms and hugged him goodnight. Joe raised himself up on his tip toes and kissed Matt on the lips good night.

And soon after that, Joe, Kev, Paul, and Jay were left. "You gonna sleep on the couch tonight?"

"Yeah, man, for the first few hours at least," Joe said to Kev. "When she coming over?"

"Ah, in about 15 minutes. I'll let you know when we're done."


You see, Joe and Kev had the respect thing going. As long as one another warned the other about needing the bedroom, every thing was cool. That's how Joe was with Ro (his old roommate), and that's how he wanted it to be with Kevin.

"Well, Joe, I need to get going as well," Jay said, getting up to leave.

"Okay man. Think about what we asked you tonight," Joe said, getting up to walk Jay to the front door.

"Sure will."

Paul was waiting for Joe to come back up the steps. Joe was in no mood to deal with Paul. But Paul convinced Joe to go out for a smoke with him.

"So, Joe, I think I'm moving out after this semester."

Joe acted surprised. "Really? Why?"

"Because I don't think I'm getting along with anyone, and I'd think it'd be better if I just left."

"Paul, I believe that is the smartest and most insightful thing you've ever said."

Paul smiled. "Yeah, I kinda screwed things up. And I'm hoping I can salvage whatever is left of all our friendships."

Joe smiled at Paul. "Even though you annoy me kid, you're still cute."

"But, I still believe I didn't do anything wrong with Kevin."

Joe's smiled disappeared. "Dude, don't kill the moment now. I have no comments about that."

Joe and Paul talked like friends for the first time in awhile the rest of the night.

Matt got back to his apartment, where he lived with two of his frat brothers and another friend. He wanted to just curl up in his bed and go to sleep, but unfortunately, he realized that wasn't gonna happen with the mini-party that was going on.

"Andy," he asked his roommate, "What the hell is this?"

Andy, one of Matt's fraternity brothers (they were in the same pledge class), was obviously drunk, sitting on the couch next to his what would be assumed trick for the night.

"Nothin," he slurred.

"It's like 3 in the morning, dude. I gotta get up at 10 tomorrow morning."

"Come on, bud, it's only 3AM. Have a beer with us," said his other roommate.

"Guys, it would take me about five drinks to get to the point where you are."

"So?" Andy asked. "Is that a bad thing?"

Matt just shook his head and smiled. Though the guys were a pain sometimes, he loved hanging out with them. He just sat down in the chair.

"So, where's Joe tonight?" Andy asked.

"Home, sleeping, like I should be!"

Andy laughed.

"Speaking of Joe," his other roommate, Jim, said. "What's up with you and him?"

Matt suddenly felt uncomfortable. He knew his friends were smashed, and basically were free to anything that was on their minds.

"Yeah, what is up with you and him?" Andy asked, leaning forward, interested in where this was going.

Matt, on the other hand, was not at all interested in where this was going. He looked at Andy and then Jim. He was quickly thinking in his mind. He knew that it would have to come out sooner or later. But, he knew that when it did, it would not be a pretty sight. Where was Joe when he needed him?

"You aren't like.....doing him are you?" Andy asked, slurring his speech more than ever.

Matt shot Andy a look. "No!" he answered flatly.

Oo that was bad, he thought. Why do I have to freakin' lie to everyone? Why am I tolerating this? He didn't have the answers. He slowly became pissed off. Pissed off because he was sick of hiding like a coward. Being a coward was never something Matt was. The more he thought of this, the more angry he became. It wasn't fair. He loved and cared for Joe with all his heart. His other friends and fraternity brothers were able to brag about who they had or did. And here he was, big and strong, and yet weaker than all of them. What the fuck was that all about?

"Go to hell, both of you..." he finally said to both Jim and Andy.

They looked at him like he was crazy.

Something just snapped then inside Matt. His face was red, and his blood pressure was high.

"Dude, calm down...we were only kidding," Andy said, when he saw the look of terror in Matt's eye. "What's wrong with you? You never get upset, man!"

Matt noticed he was sweating and his heart was beating hard. This feeling had been harder and harder to deal with. He hated living a lie.

"There's nothing the matter with me," Matt said softly. He could feel the pressure really building up. Jim and Andy were wide-eyed and completely taken by surprise.

Matt got up slowly off the chair, still looking like he could explode at any moment. He turned to go to his room, but stopped. He turned back around to face them, but then turned around again. He started walking to his room.

I can't do it now, he thought to himself. But damn it, I gotta, I just gotta, he thought.

He turned back around again to face them. "You wanna know the truth?"

"About what?" Jim asked.

"About me," Matt said, slowly walking towards the chair again.

"What about you, man?" Andy asked.

"I'll tell you. I've been waiting to tell you for a long time, guys. You're drunk and you probably won't even remember me telling you this tomorrow. Which may not be a bad thing," he added.

"Okay, what?" Andy asked.

"You guys have no clue do you?" he said. "No fuckin' clue at all."

"What? About you and Joe?" Jim blurted.

Matt shifted his eyes towards Jim. "Yeah." He took a deep breath. "Guys, I'm gay..."

They both just stared at him. Andy's chick, who hadn't said a word yet, just laughed.

"What? You think this is funny?" Matt asked, not amused at all.

She stopped laughing immediately. "Oh, sorry, Matt. I thought you were joking."

"What? You're actually serious?" Andy asked.

Matt sat back down on the chair. "Yes, yes I am."

"Woah..." was all Jim could manage.

"But, what about all those women you were with, man?" Andy asked.

"Oh, yeah, sure, I did them. I didn't have any fun with them, but I did them. But, I just had to keep that front up."

"But....but..."Jim stuttered. "Why?"

"Why what?" Matt asked.

"Jim was never the brightest one. "Why are you gay?"

Matt had to laugh at that question.

"Jim, fuckin' moron, what kind of a question is that?" Andy asked, punching him in the shoulder.

"What? I mean, you're not like one of those freakin' cocksucking faggots..."

Matt glared at Jim. "I am one of those freakin' cocksucking faggots! So watch it, man. I'm gay because I'm gay."

"Damn," Jim said.

"So, wait, you're telling me that you just were fakin' it with all those women you had over the years?"

"Andy, when was I with all those women? Have you seen me with one since the semester started?"

They both pondered the question. "No shit," Andy finally said. "No you haven't!"

"And do you know why?"

"Oh shit, you're right. Joe is your fuckin' boyfriend!" Andy said, smiling.

"Yes he is," Matt confirmed.

"No fuckin' way," Jim said, shaking his head. "No fuckin' way!"

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