This is the thirteenth installment of Joe, The Man, a sequel to Dan, The Man. I hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of the series. This is the re-release of the series previously titled Starting Over Again. Thanks to all who have responded. Special thanks goes out to Sean, Neuman, and Matt.

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And now...

Joe, The Man Part XIII

"Broken Arm"

By Joey E

Joe woke up the next morning. Matt was still in his arms, sleeping peacefully. He looked down at Matt's face. He gently ran his fingers through Matt's short brown hair. He leaned down and kissed Matt very gently on the forehead. He viewed Matt in a totally different way. He felt that Matt needed him for support as well as he needed Matt, and that made him feel even better than before.

Matt suddenly stirred. He opened his eyes and looked up at Joe.

"Hi," He softly said.

"Hey, stud," Joe said, smiling. "How you feeling?"

"Better," Matt said, sitting up in the bed. "Thanks, man. You'll never know how much I needed you last night."

"Hey, Matt," Joe replied. "You're my boyfriend, I want to be there for you, as I should be."

Matt smiled and nodded. "You know, I'm more than just a jock."

Joe put his arms around Matt. "Yes, I knew that from the start, babe."

"Most people look at me and they think I am just a jock with no emotions or brains, bud. It ain't fun."

"I look at you and I see a wonderful guy. I see so much more," Joe said, staring into Matt's eyes.

"Thanks, bud," Matt said, and he kissed Joe on the lips. Just then, Matt realized where they were. He pulled back fast.

"Dude!" Matt whispered.

"What?" Joe asked, a little surprised.

"I forget we were alone in my apartment, man. My roommate, is he over there in his bed?" Matt said, looking a little panicked.

Joe turned his head to look. He just laughed when he saw a body in the bed.

"Well, is he there?" Matt asked. "I really don't want to look."

"Yep, he is. And he's sound asleep. Did you tell them yet?"

"Actually, yeah I did. I came out the other night. I guess he saw us when he came in..."

"Well, he didn't beat us up. That's a start," Joe said, still giggling.

Matt hit Joe in the head with the pillow and got up.

"Aww....where are you going?"

"To the bathroom to take a piss, man," Matt replied, grabbing his cock in his sweat shorts. That turned on Joe. Just the sight of Matt, topless in his sweat shorts was enough. Yep, Joe thought to himself, he's still got that magic I need.

Joe himself got out of Matt's bed, and put his shirt and jeans back on. Matt came in and put a sad look on his face.

"What?" Joe said, softly. "I've got class man in..." he paused to look at his watch " an hour."

Matt laughed. "You'd better get back to your apartment man."

He walked out the door with Joe in front of him. But before Joe walked out of the front door, Matt grabbed him and hugged him with all his might.

"Joe, thanks. I love you..."

"I love you, too," Joe replied, forgetting for a second he had to be at class in half an hour. He held Matt for a while before letting go. He kissed Matt on the lips.

"I gotta go, " Joe said. "You sure you're gonna be okay?"

"Sure," Matt said smiling.

Joe left Matt in a good state, he thought. He walked back to his apartment, thinking about how lucky he was. He was going to graduate, he lived with some of his closest friends, he had the love of his life, and was genuinely happy. He walked into his apartment, going up the steps, and opened the door. He was a little startled to see Justin sleeping on the couch in the living room. He went into the kitchen, grabbed a bowl of Cinnamon Life cereal. He then went into his bedroom being careful not to wake up Kevin and got dressed. He grabbed his books, and left the apartment. He practically ran to his classroom, making record time in less than 5 minutes from his apartment. There was a note on the door.

"Aw, fuck!" Joe said out loud. "What the hell?" The note on the door said the class was cancelled.

"Yeah, I know," another guy said who was in the same class that Joe was in.

"I could've slept later!" Joe exclaimed.

"Yeah me too," the other guy said. "Oh, well, I guess I'll see you around, Joe."

A little surprised at the fact that the kid knew his name, Joe replied, "Okay, man. Talk to you later."

Joe slowly walked back to the apartment. He was debating whether to just go back over to Matt's but then realized that Matt had a 10AM class so, it wouldn't be worth it. He headed back up his stairs and by this time, Justin was awake and watching TV.

"What's up, man?" Justin asked.

"Class was cancelled."

"Well, you don't look very happy!"

"Of course not! I could've slept in!" Joe said, putting down his books, sitting on the other couch.

"True, man," Justin replied. "God that must suck!"

"That's the second time she's done that too!"

Joe and Justin watched the show for a little while.

"Justin, I gotta know something. What the hell are you doing sleeping out here on the couch?"

"Oh. Nothing. Paul and I had a few words last night, and I didn't really feel safe in the room sleeping there with him," he replied.

Joe laughed. "Wow, sounds like you guys are married. Husband gets kicked out and has to sleep on the couch."

Justin said, "Aw, man, cut it out. He pissed me off. I couldn't deal with his tossing and turning either."

They had bunk beds and Joe understood where he was coming from. Fortunately, Joe was always on the bottom bunk with relatively sound sleepers. Paul was a different story.

"What did you argue about? I usually hear Kev and Paul arguing, but not you."

"Yeah, well, last night was the first time I think that I had a verbal exchange with him. He's an asshole, really!" Justin said.

"You know, man," Joe said, thinking to himself. "I don't even want to hear about it."

"He better be moving out," Justin said, now visibly upset.

"I think he is. But if he is, you're moving in with Kevin, if that's cool with you."

"Hey, I got no problem with Kevin, man."

"Cool. I'm glad to hear it. Because Jay probably will be moving in with me."

"Oh," Justin said, smirking. "I see how it is..."

"Shut up," Joe said, laughing. I got up and opened the back door to the balcony.

"Good idea," Justin said, grabbing his jacket.

They both went out to the balcony and lit up.

"Man, it's getting chilly," Justin said, zipping up his jacket.

"Yeah it is," Joe said, zipping up mine as well.

We smoked and went back inside. Justin went to his bedroom.

"Fuck," Joe heard him say.

"What's up?" Joe asked him as he passed by to go this room.

"It's locked."

"I hope you have your key."

He felt around in cargo pants pockets. "Aw, shit, man. No I don't."

"Boy are you screwed!" Joe said, laughing quietly.

"Aw, that's not funny. What should I do?"

"Knock. He'll get the door."

"But, what if he's sleeping?"

"Hey, according to you, he's the reason you slept out there anyway. So, who cares?" Joe said, smiling. He wanted to see Paul get woken up.

"Okay," Justin said, unsure.

Justin knocked on the door real loud.

"Yo, come on man. I left my keys in the room."

They both could hear Paul get up and move to the door. He let Justin in. Joe was relieved. He looked at his watch. Time for his 11AM class. He walked to class alone, just feeling good about everything. He sat through his film class which was actually pretty exciting. After that, he knew he'd run into Matt because he had a class in the same building. And sure enough, when class was over, Matt was waiting outside the class for him in the hallway.

"Little bud!" Matt said, putting his arm around his shoulder.

"Hey Matt," Joe said, a little surprised at the openness Matt was displaying in public.

"You made it to class on time, I assume?"

"No," Joe answered. "The fuckin' thing was cancelled!"

Matt laughed and started walking toward his classroom.

"Hey, babe, I was wondering. We need two actors who are going to be in our final film project. Would you be willing to act?" Joe asked.

"That would be fun, man," Matt said, smiling.

"It's not all that fun, it's a long involved process. But, I think you could handle it. You're the perfect size for one of the guys," Joe said.

"When are you shooting it?"

"This weekend, both Saturday and Sunday."

"Okay, I'm free. I'll do it!"

"Great! Uh, by the way, remind me to tell you who else is in my film group when I see you tonight."

"Anyone I know?"

"No," said Joe. "But I know something about him that he knows about me. Should be interesting working with him this weekend. Oh, and, I'm writing two scores too!"

"Cool, bud!" Matt said, excited for Joe. "I'm proud of you."

Matt and Joe arrived at the Matt's classroom. They just looked at each other. They both wanted so much to kiss each other. You could see it in their eyes. Finally, Matt leaned down and kissed Joe on the lips, softly and quickly. Joe was shocked. He pulled back a little.

Matt laughed. "Surprised you, didn't I?"

"Yeah," Joe said, still shocked that Matt would do something like that on campus in front of about 10 other students.

"I'll see you tonight," Matt said, as he went into his room.

"Shit," Joe said, shaking his head. He looked around him to see who was there to see it. Surprisingly, Kris was there...and he was smiling. He was there with two other people from the radio station, that Joe was still a member of.

"You slut," Kris said, smiling as Joe walked by.

"You know it," Joe said, smiling back.

"Have fun, Joe," Kris said. Joe looked back and smiled at him. And waved goodbye.

He was in a daze as he made his way over to work in Telecommunications. He couldn't believe Matt would have the balls to kiss him in public, let alone on-campus and in a campus building. But he soon had a big grin on his face and it stayed there for a long long time.

"Joe, what the hell happened to you?" Jay asked, as he came in to the office and saw Joe smiling.

"Uh oh," Dave, Joe's boss, said noticing the smile. "That usually means he got some."

"Actually, I didn't," Joe said. "I got something better than sex."

Jay laughed. Joe then noticed Jay's arm wrapped up in a cast in a sling.

"Jay, what the fuck happened to you?"

"Oh this? I'd rather not say right now."

"Okay, but how the hell are you going to work?"

"I can still use my left arm and hand. I won't be useless," Jay said, defensively.

"Man that sucks, at least you are left-handed," Joe said.

"In some cases," Jay said, softly, and then grinned widely at Joe.

You fuckin' pervert!" Joe said, laughing.

"No man, we'll have to talk about this later, really."

Joe knew where this was going and he didn't like the sound of it at all.

"No matter what you say, I'm not helping you, okay?" Joe said.

Quite frankly, Joe didn't want to even go there because if he ever did, he might not be able to resist. Jay was a really handsome, hot guy. Joe had to shake his head to get the thoughts out of his mind.

They worked the rest of the morning on getting two faculty phones installed and configured. And Jay was right. He was still useful, though he couldn't punch down wires or wire up a jack either.

"So, Jay, when are you moving in with us?" Joe asked out of the blue, as they were riding back to Memorial Hall in the little gasoline powered golf cart, known as the Mule.

"You really think I can do that?" Jay asked.

"Sure, man. I can pull some strings over in residence life. I have connections, but I very rarely use them," Joe admitted. He didn't like having to use his connections if he didn't need to. But it was always nice to know that they were there if he needed to.

"I'd love to man."

"Of course, you know, in our apartments, you have to pay for electricity."

"Yeah, that's no problem."

"Okay, then I'll get working on getting you moved in next semester."

We pulled back into the parking lot, and unloaded all our tools. By the time we were done, it was 4:30PM. Quitting time!

As soon as they walked out of the office, they spotted Kevin.

"KEV!" yelled out Joe.

Kev nodded and walked over to where Joe and Jay were.

"Yo, what's up?" He asked. "Where are you headed?"

"I was going back to the apartment."

"I'm on my way back to my dorm room," Jay answered.

"Cool, I'll walk with you," Kev said.

We talked a little more about Jay moving in with us next semester. Kev was all for it, though he didn't know how he felt about sharing a room with Justin. But he said he probably could tolerate it. Jay went off on his own path to his dorm after a while and we continued walking together back to good old Mansion Park.

"Guess what Matt did today:?" Joe asked as they both lit up cigarettes.

"He kissed you in the communications building," Kev said.

"How the hell did you know that?"

"I was there Joe. I had to leave before I started cracking up," Kev said, laughing. "Well, he did man. It was great, though."

"Think about how you handled this six months ago, Joe. You've changed a lot, you know," Kev said, smiling. "I'm proud of you, man."

"Thanks," Joe said. Joe unlocked the front door, and they both went up the steps and into the living room. Joe went straight back to his room, and turned on his computer and keyboards. He needed sometime to sort out the musical ideas in his brain he had for the two scores. He had been thinking of them all day, and needed to see how they sounded. Before he knew it, it was 6:30PM. Kev tapped Joe on the shoulder. Joe took his headphones off.

"Yo, you wanna get something to eat?"

"Yeah, man," Joe answered, realizing his stomach was aching for some food.

"Cool. Paul and Justin are coming along too," Kev said.

"Is it safe to do that?" I asked, laughing.

"I don't know, but we'll find out," Kev said. "I plan to keep calm and not react to anything that Paul says."

"Oh wait," Joe said, grabbing his jacket from his bed. "Let me call up Matt and see if he want's to come to."

Joe called, there was no answer. He wasn't worried though. Matt had his own life too. He knew he would be over later on. So the four roommates took off to the Student Center cafeteria. Usual sloppy food, but they ate it once in a while. Joe saw some friends of his, and friends of Matt's as well, and they said Hi to each other. The foursome all sat down at a table relatively in the middle of the cafeteria.

Surprisingly, not much was said on the way to the cafeteria and in the cafeteria until Kev broke the silence.

"So, what's up guys? Why aren't you talking? You're making me a little nervous," he said. Joe laughed and just looked the other way.

Just then Joe noticed Justin looking up at something behind him. Then suddenly, he felt arms wrapping around him. He knew it was him. He had this certain scent to him, not a bad scent, just smelled like Matt sort of scent. And Joe smiled, as he grabbed on to his arms that were around me.

"Hello, bud," Matt said.

"Hi, babe," Joe answered.

"Mind if I sit here?" He asked the foursome. No one disagreed, so Joe pulled up a chair from one of the other tables and he sat down next to me. He took his backpack off his back and set it down.

"So, Matt, maybe you can help get this group to be more talkative."

"Knowing the people in this group, maybe it's better to have it be silent," Matt said, laughing.

Everyone smiled except Paul. Joe felt bad for the guy. He really did. He knew that Paul didn't understand why everyone was pissed off at him. He also knew that Paul didn't understand really what happened between him and Sean. But then, Paul had seemed to develop other friends this years in his major. And he knew that Paul wasn't alone.

"Well, I have to say, Matt, that was some kiss you gave Joe in the comm building today," Kev said rather loudly.

Joe knew some of Matt's frat brothers were around in the cafeteria. And he wasn't sure if Matt wanted them to know about this or not. Apparently, though, Matt didn't look like he cared one bit. He looked so relaxed, so happy.

"Yep," Matt said smiling. "Would you like to see another one?"

Now, Joe was beginning to feel uncomfortable. He was out okay, yes. But he wasn't that out. A kiss in his own building is one thing. A kiss in the school cafeteria is another. But then again, he looked at Matt.

"I don't know if Joe wants to," Kev said.

Joe looked at Matt and smiled. "Hey, if he wants to do it, let him. I'm not going to stop him. I'd love to show the world that he's mine, but I don't have the balls."

"You want me to?" Matt asked, smiling.

Kev screamed as he saw Matt's head coming towards Joe's face. The looks on Justin and Paul's face were equally as shocked. All of sudden, Matt stopped and smiled at Joe.

"Are you crazy, bud?" Matt asked, laughing.

All four of us sighed a breath of relief. "I'm willing to be open about this up to a certain point. But not in the cafeteria!"

They all laughed. Kevin said, "Fuckin' homos."

"Well, you'll be happy to know that I will be outnumbered come next semester in the apartment," Joe said.

"Oh, yeah, that is true," Justin said.

Paul just smiled.

"Let's start gay bashing in our apartment next semester," Kev said.

"WHAT?" Matt exclaimed.

"He's kidding," Joe responded. "Don't ever take anything he says seriously."

"Oh," Matt said.

Well, Matt broke the silence, and we all had a fairly decent time, laughing and carrying on like five normal college students would do. In that time, Joe wondered why it didn't work out in the apartment. Paul had made some off-beat comments, but everyone ignored them. And it went fairly well.

Matt walked back to the apartment with the other four guys.

"Hey, did you catch the Eagles game man?" Kev asked Matt.

"Oh, don't ask fat ass here about football," Joe quipped. "He's only interested in baseball."

"What?" Kev asked, knowing all too well that Matt was into football.

"Yeah, he wants to be just like Mike Piazza," Joe said. "A catcher!"

And at that moment, Joe flew away from the group, since Matt has lurched forward to grab a hold of Joe.

"Geez!" Matt exclaimed. "Let it go, guy! I did catch the Eagles, for you information, shortie!"

They finally made it back to their apartment. They all went upstairs, and Joe checked his messages first on the voicemail system. He had one from Jay, asking him to call him.

"Hey, Jay?" Joe said, when he heard Jay pick up the phone.

"Yeah, Joe. Hey, I was wondering what you were doing tonight?"

"Nothin' much why? Matt's over here, but you're welcome to come over and hang out."

"Oh, okay," Jay said, sounding a little disappointed.

"Why? What's up?"

"Nothin, joe. I"ll be over in a few minutes then."

"Are you sure? I'll be over to pick you up. We'll talk then," Joe said.

"You sure it's no problem, man?"

"Nah, I'll be over in three," Joe said.

"Okay, see ya!"

Joe looked at Matt. "Jay sounds a little down right now. I told him I'd go pick him up."

"You want me to go with you?" Matt asked getting up.

"Nah, I think he wants to tell me something, but I'll be right back anyway."

"You sure?" Matt asked, smiling.

"Yeah, I'll be okay."

"Cool. See you when you get back."

Jay was waiting out in front of his dorm with his arm in the cast. He looked someone disheveled. But, still looking cute as ever. He got into the passenger'

seat and Joe took off.

"What's up?" Joe asked.

"Well, I'm kinda bummed out on my arm. My roommates are pain in the asses. And I can't do some things with this broken arm without a little help, since I can't even move my elbow because of this damn cast.. And Joe, get your mind out of the gutter!"

Joe cracked up in laughter. "You sick bastard," Jay said, smiling.

"No, I mean like even the most simple tasks like getting dressed is kinda hard. And I don't want to ask those bastards for help."

Joe felt bad for the little guy. "Aw, don't worry little man. If you need any help, I'll be there."

They pulled up to the apartment. "Although, It's has been one and a half days man! I'm about to explode," Jay said getting out of the car.

Joe glared at Jay. "You fuckin' tease!" Joe said.

"You know the more I think about it, the more I don't care who does it," Jay said, still smiling.

"Fuck you, okay?" Joe said, smiling, shutting the door.

"Look man, it's stiff right now," Jay said lifting up his shirt, pointing down to a tent in his pants.

Joe looked at it. He closed his eyes. "You did not just show me that,"Joe said, smiling.

"I can't help it Joe. I can't beat off with my left hand. I try and I tried....but it just didn't get me anywhere."

"Don't you have a broad who can take care of that?" I asked.

"Well, there's always an option," Jay said, smiling. But you can't go up to a broad with a freakin' woody and ask them to you know..."

"Do you think Paul would take care of me?" Jay asked, as they walked to the front door.

"WHAT?" Joe exclaimed.

"Do you?"

"Shut up and get inside," Joe said, pushing the door open.

"What about Matt?" he asked, giggling by now.

"Matt? You and Matt?" Joe said, smiling. In his mind he was imagining it. It looked pretty good.

"Forget it, Joe," Jay said, opening the door to the living room. Justin, Kevin, and Paul, and Matt were still there.

"Hey, Jay," they all said in their own words.

"So, Matt, Joe and I were just talking," Jay said, sitting down on the couch next to Joe's boyfriend.

"Okay..." Matt said, not sure of what to make of this.

"And I was thinking, since I broke my arm, you could sort of take care of me...if you know what I mean," Jay said, smiling.

"What?" Matt asked, laughing. "You can't be serious, bud!"

"Oh, I am," Jay said, with a straight face. The look on Matt's face though made Jay break out into laughter in seconds.

"God, you're horrible little man," Matt said, grabbing Jay around the shoulders.

"Ain't he?" Joe said, smiling.

"Well, if not one of you," Jay asked, very seriously. "How about both of you?"

Kev raised his hands and said, "I'm leaving." He walked toward his bedroom.

Justin said, "I'm out of here," and walked to his bedroom.

Matt and Joe simultaneously snapped their heads towards Jay when he asked that question. Matt looked completely surprised, Joe just shook his head. They then looked at each other. Matt and Joe smiled at each other and started laughing.

"What?" Jay asked, still looking as innocent as ever, brushing his blonde hair to one side.

"Jay, what do you think I am?" Joe asked, still laughing. "As flattering as that is that you asked us to help you out, I don't think that either one of us would want to see what would happen if we did. You're a friend of mine, a straight friend. Let's keep it that way."

"I agree with Joe. If Joe has the strength to say no to a cute blonde stud like you, then I'm behind him also," Matt said, getting up to sit next to Joe.

"Shit," Jay answered, softly. "Well, then what am I going to do, Joe?"

Joe thought of solutions for Jay. He felt bad for him. He could see the kid was really horny, really tense, and really needed to get off. His eyes lit up.

"Hey! Remember that guy who was hitting on you at Woody's that night?"

Jay's eyes lit up also when Joe had mentioned the guy. "Yeah!" Jay said, standing up, walking over to the phone. "I have his phone number still in my wallet. Can I use your phone?"

"Sure, man," Joe said, leaning back against his boyfriend. Matt appropriately put his arms around Joe.

Jay took out his wallet, reached in and pulled out a small piece of paper.

"Jay, have you talked to him since you saw him there?" Joe asked.

"Yeah, once or twice, actually. He called me both times. Now, I guess it's my turn to call him," Jay said, dialing the phone number. There was a pause. The whole apartment was quiet and you could hear the phone ringing in the receive.

"Com' on, Eric, be home," Jay said. They all heard someone pick up the phone.

"Hey, is Eric there?" Jay asked. Pause.

"Eric, this is Jason. What's up man?"

"Hey listen, I gotta little bit of a problem that I know you're probably dying to fix," Jay said, almost cracking up. Joe and Matt were shocked at the way Jay was handling this. They could hear Eric laughing.

"Would you like to come over, and, uh, hang out for a little?"

Joe was wondering where they would accomplish this deed. He started to protest when he heard Jay giving directions to Eric that sounded like they would lead him right to Joe's apartment. Jason managed to finish however, and hung up the phone real quick.

"What?" Jason asked, smiling.

"Why did you direct him over here?" Joe asked, a little concerned.

"Joe, where else is he going to go for this?" Matt asked.

"Yeah, man, I can't go back to my room. My roommate is there," Jay said, sitting back down on the couch. "So, Joe, can I use your bedroom for a half an hour? That's all I'll need. If I'm in there anymore, you have to come rescue me!"

Matt laughed. "I'm sure Joe won't mind you using his room for a short while."

Joe gave Matt a cold stare.

"What do you say Joe?" Jay asked, with his pleading eyes.

Joe looked at Matt, then at Jay, and then back to Matt. Matt nodded to Joe. "Let him Joe."

Feeling defeated, Joe responded, "Okay....okay...fine, you can use my room. But if you get fuckin' cum anywhere, I'll make you lick it up!"

Matt looked amused. Jay got up from the couch. "I feel like I'm gonna explode!" He exclaimed, lifting up his shirt, exposing his boner that was really pointing out of his cargo pants.

Matt looked intrigued by that point. Joe punched Matt lightly on the shoulder. "Close your mouth Matt," Joe said.

"You're not intrigued by that?" Matt asked, smiling and point toward Jay's dick.

"He already showed me it tonight when we got out of the car," Joe said.

"Listen, guys, I'm gonna go get cleaned up a little at my place. I'll be back soon," Jay said getting up and walking towards the door.

"Okay, man. When's he coming over?" Joe asked.

"In about 20 minutes. I'll only be about ten. I just gotta get out of this smelly old shirt that I took a nap in today," Jay said. He disappeared down the steps.

Joe shook his head. Matt laughed. "What's wrong bud?"

"This is fucked up," Joe said. "Never in my life..."

"Look, man, you're helping a friend out. I mean, if you had no place to go, how would you feel? He needs to get off. We're not going to help him, so he needs to find someone else. He did, and now he needs a place. And you're just the great bud to give it to him."

"Matt, that fuckin' didn't make any sense whatsoever," Joe said, smiling.

"And I'm proud of you tonight, Joe," Matt said, looking very seriously, taking Joe's hand in his.


"Because he gave you the bait, but you didn't bite."

Joe understood what he meant. "I told you Matt, that one day, you'd trust me again. I'm not saying that it'll be for a while, but I'm gonna do everything I can to get your trust back."

Just then, Kev came out of his bedroom.

"Is it safe," he asked before he actually looked up into the living room.

"Of course, man," Joe answered, a little annoyed.

"Well, you can never tell with you in the apartment..."

"Hey, I wasn't the one who fucked my best friend's girlfriend and then her best friend in the same night on the couch!" Joe said, laughing.

Matt laughed and asked, "What?"

"Oh, remind me to tell you the story. Ro could tell it much better, but since he's not around, I guess I'll have to try," Joe answered.

"Wanna go smoke Joe?" Kev asked, walking to the back door and opening it.

Joe sighed. "Go ahead," Matt said, rolling his eyes. Joe got up off the couch and went outside to talk to his roommate about the upcoming events in the apartment.

"Kev, are you going to be out tonight?" Joe asked.

"Unfortunately, yes. The damn fraternity is having a stupid meeting that I have to be at. So, yes, Joe, you and Matt can go fuck in the room while I'm not there."

"It's actually not for me," Joe answered. "It's for Jay."

"Aw, man, you mean you're actually gonna do it? You and Matt?"

"Fuck no, man. Jay is inviting one of his friends he met when he went out with us to Woody's. And he can't fuck around in his room with his roommate there. So, Matt took the liberty of telling him he could use my bed."

"Okay, just make sure that cum doesn't fly on to my sheets, please?"

Joe laughed. "I won't even be there man, but I'll be sure to tell them that before they get started."

"Cool." They finished up their smoke, and went back inside. Kev soon left after that. Justin finally left for his study group. And then there were two.

Matt looked at Joe, Joe looked at Matt...ALONE! For fifteen minutes. Joe jumped on top of Matt's lap, facing him, and kissed him passionately on the lips. They started making out really heavy, the breathing was heavy, and pretty soon, Matt's hands were up Joe's shirt. Joe pulled away from Matt very quickly. Matt looked up at Joe.

"Wanna get me off in five minutes?" Joe asked, pulling down his jeans, exposing his rising cock in his boxers.

Matt licked his lips and grabbed Joe's cock. He worked it out of the fly of his boxers and started stroking it slowly. Joe lowered himself down on the couch to the side of Matt. Matt immediately bent down and went to work. He started slowly licking the head of it, making it nice and wet. Joe sighed loudly, and moved a little to get more comfortable. Matt, meanwhile, was working his hand behind Joe and slipped Joe's boxers down. Joe lifted his ass up into the air so Matt could pulled them down.

"Aw fuck, bud," Matt said deeply. "You're one hot stud, Joe." He then lifted Joe's ass up in the air and forced Joe's dick all the way into his mouth. Joe knew he wasn't going to last long after that. Matt sucked him with all his might, lifting him up higher, jamming his cock Deep into his throat.

"Shit, Matt, yeah, suck me," Joe said. His eyes were closed as he was faced to the ceiling.

"Come on, Joe," Matt said. "Feed me your fuckin' load, bud."

"Shit, yeah," Joe said, as he felt his cock go down Matt's throat once more. Joe knew it was time. He grabbed the back of Matt's head and forced it down on his cock.

"Oo, Matt, oh yeah,'m gonna.....fuck, I'm gonna blow, dude," Joe moaned. "Awwwww....yeah!"

Matt felt a load shoot out of Joe cock. He felt it hit the back of his throat. He kept sucking the juice from Joe's cock, until Joe was cringing and shaking.

"Aw, man, stop!" Joe said, taking his cock out of Matt's mouth. He collapsed back down on the sofa. Matt looked at Joe, spent, and started stroking his cock.


Then there was a knock at the door. Aw fuck, Matt thought.
"Oh, shit that must be Jason, I'll go let him in," Joe said getting up off the couch. He pulled his boxers and jeans back up. He then walked down the steps.

Joe opened the door expecting to see the little cute blonde boy that he worked with every day. Instead, he was greeted with a big boy, about 6'3", 200lbs.

"What? Do I look that bad man?" Eric asked, smiling at Joe.

Joe recovered himself and answered, "Sorry, I thought you were Jay. Come on up!"

"Wait a second, Jay doesn't live here?" Eric asked, stepping inside the door way.

"Not yet at least. Come on up and I'll explain it to you," Joe said, motioning for Eric to follow him up the steps.

Matt got up and stood at the top of the steps. "Hey," He said to Eric.

"Hey, man, I remember you from the club," He said, shaking Matt's hand.

"Yep, that's right," Matt said. "You're Eric right, bud?"
"Yeah. And this is Joe right?" Eric asked, putting his hand on Joe's shoulder.

"Yeah," Joe answered. There was another knock at the door. "I'll be right back," Joe said. He ran down the steps. He opened the door this time to the familiar site of Jay.

"He's here man, come up," he said, as he started walking up the steps.

"No shit," Jay said. For some reason, he was a little nervous. After all, in his mind, he was straight. But as a friend told him in high school, a hand is a hand and a mouth is a mouth. Jay just hoped that Eric wouldn't try anything else.

He took a deep breath as he stepped inside the living room. He first saw Matt and then he saw Eric.

"Hey, Eric," Jay said softly, smiling.

Eric walked over to Jay. "Hey, Jason," Eric said, smiling. For some reason, Joe could sense that Eric really did like Jay for some reason. And he also could tell that the feeling was not mutual with Jason. This could cause some problems in the future, Joe thought.

"Well, let me show you two kiddies to the bedroom," Joe said, as he started walking down the hallway to his bedroom. "Come on guys."
The two young men followed Joe into his bedroom. "Okay, here are the rules," Joe said.

"You are only allowed to use my bed, which by the way, I intend on changing the sheets when you're finished. No shooting loads on the walls, ceiling, rug, or roommate's bed. If you do make a mess, clean it up."
By this time, Matt had come into the bedroom as well. He listened intently as his boyfriend gave the orders.

"Also, try to be quiet. You have one hour to do what you want to do," Joe said smiling.

"What? Why do they have to be quiet?" Matt asked, grinning widely. Joe gave him a dirty look.

"Come on man, I thought you'd be enjoying this," Matt said. "A free sex show?"
Joe laughed. "Well, I never thought about it as that...All right, so, this room is yours," he said to the guys who were looking hornier than ever. He grabbed Matt who didn't look like he wanted to leave and closed the door behind him. Matt grabbed his hand and silently opened the door just a crack. Joe gave him a terrified look as to say, close it! But, Matt just smirked and walked away with Joe in front of him.

"Why did you do that?" Joe asked, when they got back out to the living room.

"I have my reasons," Matt said, still grinning.

"YOU SICK FUCK!" Joe exclaimed, smiling.

"Shhh..." Matt said. "I know," he said softly.

The next few minutes, they heard voices coming from Joe's room. And once again, they were alone as well in the living room. Joe turned on the TV and they absently watched something, not really caring what it was.

"God, this is weird, man," Eric said to Jay when Joe and Matt left.

Jay couldn't face Eric. He was too afraid. "Yeah," he said, looking at the floor. "This is the only place we could fool around though, unless you wanted to mess around in your car."
Eric smiled. "Nah, I don't think my mom would appreciate it."
Eric moved across the room and sat on the bed. Jay was still standing next to the front window. Jay still couldn't look at Eric. Eric, however, was watching Jay. He could see the bulge in front of his pants, and he knew what he wanted. It was time to apply some of that Eric Magic that always seemed to work.
Eric softly got up off the bed and walked over to where Jay was standing. He then softly reached down and around Jay's waist. He slowly drew Jay over to the bed. Jay's blood pressure was rising. He could hear Eric breathing. Eric reached the bed finally and gently pushed Jay down with him.

Eric then got up, and positioned Jay on the bed. Jay met Eric's eyes. He was frightened but it was too late to turn back. Eric knelt beside the bed, and began to slip his hands over Jay's hard cock.

Jay immediately flinched but sighed also. He let Eric play with it through his loose cargo pants. It felt so good. Jay just closed his eyes, and imagined in his mind it was a girl. A girl he was after in his class. A cute brunette that was about his height, petite, but nicely built in all the right places. Cute tight ass, which she loved to show off in her outfits some days. She had an equally intriguing chest, and the prettiest face.

Yes, Jay had a smile on his face. He suddenly became aware, though, that his pants were pulled down now. He immediately opened his eyes.

"Dude, relax," Eric said, softly. "Think about who ever you want. This is your fantasy, man. Don't even think I'm here." Inside, Eric knew that Jay wouldn't be thinking of him while he blew him off. But it was the price he paid to have this gorgeous boy in bed with him. He was willing to accept that.

"Are they doing it yet?" Joe asked, as Matt passed by the door to his bedroom. Matt paused, and looked inside. He tried to push the door open a little wider. Luckily, the hinges didn't squeak. He immediately motioned to Joe to come there. Joe quietly walked to the doorway. He knelt down beside Matt looking in. There was Jay lying on the bed, with Eric to the side of him stroking his hard cock through his boxers.

Jay returned to his fantasy. In his fantasy, he saw his chick, Christie was her name. He imagined her feeling his whole body over. Taking off his shirt, his pants, his underwear. Licking his body from head to toe. She smelled so good. She stripped her clothes off too. He wanted to lick her tits and the rest of her body.

Eric knew he couldn't go too far. But he also saw Jay licking his lips, which must have meant he was doing something right. He continued on. By this time, he had slipped Jay out of his shirt and his pants. He touched Jay's chest, moving his large, strong hand down his chest down to his six-pack stomach. Jay sighed.

"Oh my god," Joe said, not believing what he saw. "He's actually letting him do that?"

"Surprise," Matt whispered. "I can't believe that either."

"Dude, that's hot, I'm sorry," Joe said, his cock rising again.

"I know, bud, look at me..."matt said, pointing down to his cock.

Joe immediately put his hand there, and started feeling its firmness. "Man, I wish we had my bed!"

Jay was still in fantasy land, his chick was now going down on him, stroking his balls so ever slowly. Finally, he felt the wet tongue on the tip of his cock. "Ooo..."Jay said softly. "Come on, Christie," he said in his head. "Make my dick hard. I want to feel your tits, rub my face between yeah." He made sure not verbalize that, but he sure did moan.

Eric was enjoying this too much. When Jay let out the moan, he went down on his cock immediately. He took his whole 6" cock in his mouth. Jay let out a loud moan. Eric smiled, pleased with himself that he could please this straight boy.

Joe and Matt almost died laughing when they heard Jay moan. They both covered there mouths. But they couldn't leave the scene. It was just too hot by now. Joe was stroking Matt's cock through Matt's jeans. Matt softly reached for his button and unzipped his jeans. His 6 ½" cock hung out from his briefs. Joe immediately reached out and grabbed his hardening cock. Joe knelt before him and started sucking it, slowly. Matt let out quick gasp.

Eric couldn't believe that he was here with Jay sucking him off. It was incredible. He slowly stroked his own cock through his sweat pants. He reached underneath the waist band and started stroking his cock. There was a wet spot forming on material that was in front of the tip. Eric sighed softly.

By this time, Jay and his imaginary girlfriend were hot and heavy. He started thrusting his cock into Eric's mouth. He imagined that he was fucking the shit out of this cute chick. He envisioned himself leaning down over her, kissing her as he slammed her. "Aww...yeah..." he let slip out of his mouth.

Damn, Eric thought to himself, this is one fuckin' hot stud. He rather enjoyed the energy Jay had, fucking his mouth. He let his hands wander underneath Jay's t-shirt. Jay didn't seem to mind. He didn't protest at all. Eric felt his smooth stomach and chest as he let his hands wander.

Meanwhile, Joe and Matt were getting a little wild. Matt was fully enjoying this blow job from his boyfriend, as they listened to Jay and Eric go at it. Matt put his hand on the back of Joe's head very lightly and started pushing harder on Joe's head. Joe responded by taking Matt's cock down all the way. Matt moaned very softly. Joe knew it wouldn't be long.

Shit, that feels good, Christie, Jay thought as he felt hands on his chest and stomach.

"Aww...come on. Take my dick...I'm gonna shoot soon. Oh, yeah..."

Eric was willing and ready for the load. He sucked even harder.

"I'm gonna cum," Jay shouted, as he pulled back and pushed in all the way Eric's mouth. Eric felt his warm load shoot down his throat. He swallowed it eagerly. He felt at least three more hard hits down his throat.

"I'm gonna cum," Matt whispered. That was Matt's last warning to let Joe take his cock out of his mouth before he shot his load. Joe didn't . He let a load of cum fly into Joe's mouth. And another, and another. Joe kept it in his mouth though. He didn't like to really swallow, but where else was Matt gonna shoot it. He waited for Matt to finish shooting his load, and then he ran to the bathroom to spit the load out.

Eric was silently masturbating as he brought off Jay. Jay was now perfectly relaxed. Eric let his soft cock fall out of his mouth. But now he had a problem. Where was he supposed to shoot his load. Jay opened his eyes after a few seconds to find Eric still there with a big big lump in his sweat pants.

"Aw, shit man. You aren't gonna shoot that one me," Jay said, weakly.

"No, Jay. But do you have a suggestion of where I can do it?"

"Well,, not really. But i hate to see you not get off. I mean it's only fair," Jay said getting up off the bed. Eric laid flat down on the bed and started stroking his cock fast. He pulled down his sweat pants. He really knew how to beat off, thought Jay. With his hand on his cock, and the other hand stroking his balls, he looked very content. Jay found his boxers, and handed them to Eric.

"Use this, man."

"Your boxers?" Eric said, breathing heavily.

"Yeah, it's the least I can do."

Matt kept a look out on what was going on in Joe's room as Joe came back from the bathroom.

"Dude, Jay just gave him his boxers so he could shoot a load in them!" Matt said, rather loudly.

Joe immediately tried to see what going on in the room. Since the bed faced the doorway, he could see rather well. There was Jay handing him his boxers, naked and looking as hot as ever. The guy stroking his cock on HIS bed was rather hot too.

"Damn, bud," Matt said. "Can you believe this is actually happening?"

"No," Joe answered, practically in a whisper.

Eric took the boxers from Jay and put them over his cock. He moaned very weakly and shot his load into the pair of Haines boxers. Jay by this time had put on his cargo pants with out his boxers.

"Shit, we better get back," Matt said getting back up. "I don't want them to think that we were spying on them."

"Good idea," Joe said, getting up as well. They both quietly walked back to the living room and sat back down on the couch.

Eric cleaned himself up and pulled his boxers and sweats back up. He looked at Jay who was standing near the window, looking out.

"Jay, I don't care what we just did. And I know you were thinking of someone else, man. But it's cool. I'm glad I helped you out."

Jay continued looking out the window. "Thanks, Eric. You really helped a friend out man. But I sort of am shocked that I let you do it." Jay turned his head toward Eric.

Eric walked over to where Jay was standing. "You'll get over it," He said, as he hugged him and kissed him on the forehead. Eric then walked towards the door and opened it up.

"Where are you going?" Jay asked.

"Home," Eric replied.

"You don't have to leave right away, you know," Jay said, following Eric out the door.

"Nah, I need to get home. I've got school tomorrow morning," Eric said, walking down the short hallway to the living room. Joe and Matt were on the couch. They had big smiles on their faces.

"I know you guys were watching," Eric said, smiling at them. "That's cool. At least you can see I can suck a good cock." Eric giggled.

Joe and Matt turned red. "Well...I..."

"You were watching us?" Jay asked, a little surprised.

"Well, not...exactly..."Joe answered.

"I heard your voices out there," Eric said, smiling at Joe and Matt. And you both have big grins on your faces."

"So you were watching us?" Jay asked.

"Well,....I..." Matt said.

"Well, it's my room and apartment!" Joe said, smiling. "I'm entitled to monitor everything that happens!"

"Ah, shut up," Jay said, sitting down on the chair next the couch.

"Are you leaving already, bud?" Matt asked Eric.

"Well, I sort of have school in the morning," Eric answered. "It's 10:30 now. I gotta get home."

Joe got up from the couch. He walked over to where Eric was and shook his hand. "Well, it was nice to see you again, man. I'll show you out." And he walked with Eric down the steps and out the door.

"Did you really watch us?" Jay asked Matt when Joe and Eric left.

"Uh, well, yeah," Matt answered.

"God I am so embarrassed," Jay said, blushing. "I've never been watched before having sex. God..."

"Don't worry, buddy. That was some hot scene just played out in my boyfriend's bedroom. I'm glad I could be a part of it," Matt said, smirking.

"Oh, shut up!" Jay said, hitting Matt with a pillow that was on the couch.

"So, did you like getting sucked off by one of us?"

"Actually, you do know, Matt, that that wasn't the first time a gay guy sucked me off. My best friend in high school turned out to be gay. We fooled around a few times before he came out to me. To this day, he feels bad about the whole thing."

"Really? I didn't know that. Is this how you know that you're certainly not gay?"

"Yeah. But I'm cool with it. Besides, that Eric, man, he can suck a dick!!"

"Hey, Eric, where's your car parked?"Joe asked when they both were out the front door.

"Over there," Eric replied, pointing.

"Cool. How's Ryan and Brett doing?" Joe asked, remembering the couple Eric was with at the club.

"They're down' fine. Have you been out since we saw you?"

"Nah, that was enough to last a long time..."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Eric said smiling.

"Hey, man," Joe said out of the blue. "Even if you are not coming over to blow a certain straight boy, you're welcome to drop by anytime. I know how it feels to be with other people and yet feel alone because you're, well, different. You know what I mean?"

Eric shook his head yes. "I know exactly what you mean. And thanks for the invitation. I may just take you up on that one of these days. And despite what Brett, Ry, and now Jay may tell you, I am really a nice guy," Eric said, smiling and holding out his hand. Joe took and shook it.

"See ya around, man," Joe said. With that, Eric walked to his car and Joe waited until he got in it to go back into the apartment.

"He really seems like a cool guy," Joe said, when he walked back into the living room. He sat down next to Matt. Jay was on the other side of Matt. Jay looked very relaxed. Come to think of it, all three of them looked relaxed. Just then, Kevin came up the steps. He looked at the three guys on the couch and just chuckled quietly.

"What?" Joe asked, amused.

"Are you all done in the room?" Kev asked.

"Of course," Jay said smiling.

Kev looked at Jay. "Did they help you?"

"Nope," Matt replied, smiling at Jay. "He had his own resources."

Jay nodded and grinned.

"Oh well," Kev said, opening up the back door to go for a smoke. "You wanna come Joe?"

"Nah, I think I'll pass on this one," Joe said. Matt put his arm around Joe.

"I'm proud of you," Matt whispered.

Matt looked to his left and saw Jay just sitting there, staring into space. For some reason, Matt felt so comfortable, that he put his arm around Jay as well. To the surprise of Joe and Matt, Jay leaned up against Matt's strong body and allowed himself to be pulled closer to Matt. Joe was in the same position on the other side of Matt.

"Damn," Kev said, looking in while he was smoking his cig.

"You wanna join?" Matt asked, with a big smile on his face.

"No, that's okay. Three's a crowd."

Matt and Joe laughed. Jay on the other hand was falling asleep.

"Jay," Matt said, softly. He gently nudged him. Joe sat up and looked over at Jay.

"Hmmm?" Jay said, not opening his eyes.

"Jay, bud, are you going stay like that all night?" Matt asked, amused.

"MMMmummphhh," Jay mumbled, shifting and was now facing Joe, but still resting up against the big jock, Matt.

Joe chuckled. He then remarked, "Matt, you know that does look sort of cute. Sort of like a big bro/little bro kind of thing."

To be honest, Matt could see that. Jay sort of looked like a younger, smaller scale version of Matt. Matt leaned down and kissed Jay on the forehead. He looked so innocent, so tired, and so cute.

"I think we'd better walk Jay back to his dorm room," Matt said to Joe.

"Yeah, we may have to carry him back."

Matt laughed and took his arm out from under Jay. Jay woke up again.

"Jay, we're gonna walk you home, man," Joe said, getting up. Matt got up as well. Joe went into his bedroom to get their jackets and his. They all put on their jackets. Jay looked very sleepy, and he stumbled down the steps.

"We'll be back, Kev," Joe said, as he closed the door to the hallway.

Not much was said on the way back to Jason's dorm room. Joe and Matt walked Jay and made sure he got back to his building okay.

Jay turned to them before he went inside. "Thanks guys."

"No problem," Matt replied.

"And thanks Joe for the use of your room, man. I really appreciate it," Jay said, smiling.

"Hey, no problem, bud," Joe said smiling. Jay yawned.

"Well, I gotta go to bed. Thanks again."

Joe and Matt walked back to Joe's apartment.

"Hey Matt, I have a question. And I want you to answer it truthfully. It doesn't matter either way."

"Okay, shoot," Matt said.

"Don't take this the wrong way. But, are you attracted to Jay?"

Matt took a deep breath. "Nah, not really. I mean he's cute and all, but honestly? I think of him as a younger brother more than a hot stud."

Joe laughed.

"What about you?" Matt asked.

"Initially, I was very attracted to him. It was before I met you, of course. But after we've been hanging out so much, I think of him as a younger friend. A friend who I'll look after, you know what I mean?"

"Yep," matt said, putting his arm around Joe. It was late at night by this point and no one was around them. Joe just relaxed and enjoyed their night walk past the pond and the water tower. The air was chilly, but it wasn't uncomfortable. They enjoyed a slow walk back to the apartment, laughing and talking like they usually did.

Once back inside the apartment, Joe wanted Matt to spend the night. He wasn't really in the mood for sex, but he just wanted Matt to be there with him.

"Matt, would you spend the night with me?" Joe asked.

"Sure, bro," Matt replied smiling. "I love to fall asleep with you."

Kev was in the living room, watching TV.

Joe turned to him. "Kev, is it okay if Matt spends the night with me?"

"Sure, man, I don't care. Just don't have sex while I'm in the room, okay?"

"Have we ever done that?" Joe asked.

"No, I'm just saying..."

"Kev, I'm too tired to even get it up," Joe answered. "I don't know about Matt. But if he tries anything funny, he'll get tossed out of bed."

"Oh, I think I'll just lie there. I'm beat too," Matt answered.

"Cool. We're going to bed."

Joe went to the bathroom first, brushed his teeth, and then went into his room where Matt was. Since Matt had spent plenty of night in Joe's room, he had a spare toothbrush and even a change of clothes . Matt took his turn in the bathroom, and Joe had already stripped to his boxers when Matt came back into the bedroom.

They both crawled under the cold sheets and kissed each other.

"I love you, babe," Joe said to Matt.

"I love you too, bud. I think you're the best thing that ever happened to me."

Joe smiled and kissed him again. "Good night, bud," Joe said.

Matt smiled at Joe. "Ah, so you're catching on?"

"Catching on what?" Joe asked.

"You called me 'bud'!" Matt said, grinning.

"What can I say?" Joe asked. "It's contagious!"

Matt laughed. They kissed once more and then got comfortable. Joe was in front of Matt as usual, with Matt holding him in his arms.

Yes, Joe thought. This is a good life.

That wraps up this section of Joe, the Man.  I hope you found it enjoyable.  Next chapter, Matt and Joe fly to Florida.  Stay tuned.  Please send any comments to Thanks.