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Joe, The Man Part 15

"Resisting Jay"

By Joey E

Joe was eating his bowl of Cinnamon Life cereal, watching something on TVLand when he saw Paul come out of his bedroom. His medium length brown hair was all sticking up and discombobulated.

"Yo, is Justin in there?" Joe asked softly.

"Nah, he went home last night remember?"

"Oh yeah," Joe replied. "Well, I hope he comes back in time for the shoot today."

"Yeah, he will. He told me to tell you that he'd be back in time."

"Cool," Joe replied. He then let out a big sigh and said, "I really don't want to shoot his damn film today and tomorrow."

"I thought you'd be excited," Paul said, sitting in the chair. Joe was on the couch.

"Oh, I am, but I am not anxious to work with a certain member in the group and I won't be doing much."

"Well, at least Matt and Justin will be there to make it more interesting," Paul said, getting up to go to the kitchen. "What time do you have to be there?"

"Ten," Joe answered.

He looked at the clock on the VCR and realized it was 9:15AM. "Well, I guess I should get up off my ass and take my shower."
"Can I convince you for an early morning smoke first?" Paul asked.

"Sure, man," Joe said, getting up. He went in his room to put on jeans and his jacket. He came back out, and Paul was ready to go out the back door.

They lit our smokes and Paul started talking (as he usually does).

"Well, I'm moving out this weekend, man," Paul said.

"But the semester doesn't end for another three weeks!"

"Yeah, I know. I just feel it's better this way. I don't enjoy living here anymore," he said.

Joe thought to himself, the feeling is mutual. "Well, it's too bad it didn't work out, bud," he said, softly, looking at him.

"Well, I've always been a firm believer of not rooming with friends. And the one time I decide to, it turns out ugly."

It wasn't a complaining tone of voice he was using. It was more of a lament.

"I know, man. We always knew we couldn't live together in the same room. But then again, I guess all of us needed to be together in the beginning of this year with all the changes that happened."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. But now, I think I'm ready to move on," Paul said. "And apparently, all of you are too."
They chatted some more, and then Joe went back inside to take his shower and get ready for the day. He looked at myself in the mirror as he shaved his face. He smiled at himself and thought, I'm a lucky fuck!

"Yo, Joseph," yelled a guy named Wes in my film group. We were getting ready for our shoot, picking up the equipment in the film room in the communications building.

"What the hell do you want now?" Joe asked, already getting annoyed at this kid. He had been assigned to different groups all semester. Why did he have to get stuck with this closet case in his group for the final project? Actually, despite what Joe thought, Joe was relatively still in the closet in school. In fact, there was only one person in Joe's final film group, other than Wes, who knew Joe was gay.

"If anything goes wrong, it's all your fault," Wes said. The group laughed. Joe grinned, secretly wanting to say, Shut the fuck up faggot. But he thought better of it. There were a total of five people in the film group. The writer/director, the project coordinator, the cinematographer, the editor, and the production assistant. Joe was the editor, a guy named Larry was the director, a chick named Kristie was the coordinator, Wes was the cameraman, and Lisa was the PA. Joe knew all of them from another class or the radio station. So, he had no problem getting along with any of them except for Wes.

Joe looked at his watch which read 9:50AM. Good, he thought, in ten minutes, Matt, Justin, and Jill would be here. For those who don't remember, Jill is Joe's best female friend. They all agreed to do the film, though Joe warned them that it could be tedious and very slow-paced.

Just to give you the total film synopsis, it was only a 3-5 minute film in black and white in a first level film production course. The story went like this. Two best friends are going off to war together. The one guy, who is engaged to the girl played by Jill, takes a picture of them together, tears it in half, and each one keeps the other one's picture. Unfortunately, he dies in action, and gives the best bud the other half of the picture to take back to his girl. And he does.

A little corny, but it was quite good for a student film, so the instructor said. Joe had wrote a preliminary score, but after the major rewrites, he decided to wait until the shooting was all done to make the final touches. As described before, Matt would be the guy to die, and Justin would be his best friend. Jill was the chick.

Joe couldn't wait for this to be over. His job was editing, and editing didn't take place until the film was developed. So he basically did nothing but take light readings and measurements. He knew it wasn't going to be too exciting. And it wasn't going to be fun with Wes there.

"Yo, Joseph, if you forget anything," Wes said, "We're blaming you."
"yeah, yeah," Joe said, smiling. He didn't actually care. He knew it would be wearing on him by the end of the day. But he tried to have a positive outlook.

Soon, Matt, Justin, and Jill had arrived. Joe introduced them to the crew, and then directed his attention to Justin.

"What the hell did you do to your hair?"

"I cut it, I thought it would look more military-like."

"Well, that's good, but I told you didn't have to do it, man," Joe said, smiling.

"That's okay. I wanted to," Justin said. Matt and Jill laughed.

Joe looked at Matt and smiled. Matt sort of nodded to Joe. He looked good today as he always did. But something inside of Joe wanted to introduce Matt as his boyfriend. But he thought better of it.

"Is this dress okay?" Jill asked.

The director answered, "Yeah, that's exactly what I had in mind! How did you know that?"

"I told her," Kristie, the production coordinator said.

They had to put on their costumes, which included army clothes (camouflage), boots, the works. Joe watched his boyfriend as he changed. Watched him take off his shoes, then his shirt to put on the army shirt, and then finally his pants, exposing him in his boxers. They were out back, so this was okay. But Joe then noticed Wes looking at Matt changing too. He smiled to himself. That was enough for him. Joe tried hard not to stare at Matt, standing in the cold in his boxers and a tight fitting undershirt. He turned his attention to the other guy. Justin had already put on his uniform and was looking like a true army brat. With his young looks and his crew cut, he actually looked like he could pass off as being in the army.

"Damn," Joe said. "Man, you look good!"

"Yeah," Wes said, laughing. "You'd think so, wouldn't you?"

Joe, not at all amused at Wes's comment, muttered, "I didn't think you would notice Justin. I thought you were too into the other guy changing." Wes stopped laughing. Joe didn't continue.

Shooting was relatively a slow moving process. Joe had to deal with Wes making fun and criticizing everything that he did, even thought Joe knew he was write. Matt was looking more unimpressed with Wes as the morning progressed. Luckily, the sun was even, there were no clouds in the sky, which made it even easier to shoot. Soon, after 2PM, the crew broke for lunch.

Matt immediately walked over to Joe, who was putting the camera way after Wes directed him to, even thought it was his job.

"How can you put up with that shit?" Matt asked, softly. "That asshole is gonna get punched in a few minutes. Does he know who I am?"

"Obviously not, or else I don't think he'd be picking on me like that," Joe replied, getting up off the ground.

"Bud, he's gonna regret everything he said today when I get done with him."
"Matt, please don't do anything okay? I don't think we really want the director to find this shit out. He's one of the most homophobic people I know. Larry is only a sophomore, he doesn't know about me, and I'd prefer to keep it that way. I do appreciate you caring about me, and I love you for that, but please, I can deal with it," Joe said, softly.

Matt sighed. "Okay, bud. But you let me know when you want me to step in."
"Believe me, I will. But I think I could handle him myself. I mean look at him! He's what? 5'8", a skinny ass runt. I can handle him," Joe said, looking at Wes as they were following the crew to the student center to get a bite to eat.

Matt laughed. "You know, I wouldn't doubt you. You're a strong little fuck, Joe. I like that about you," He said, putting his arm around Joe's shoulder. Joe was happy to have at least some physical contact with his boyfriend.

"Will you two knock it off?" Justin said softly, coming up from behind them. "Yeah, get a room," Jill said, laughing.

Matt and Joe both turned around and started giggling. "You guys were excellent today," Joe said to Jason and Jill. "Just hang in there. I'm surprised at how well you acted. All three of you!"

"Well, you know, I'm a queen, I'm supposed to have that drama in me," Matt said.

Joe just looked at him in shock, and then broke up laughing. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Nothin, I just said that to crack you up. And it worked!"

They caught up with the crew and everyone was talking about how well the shoot was going.

"Except for that one mistake that *Joe's last name * made," Wes said, looking at me.

I took a deep breath. "Shut up, Wes, or else I'll screw your wonderful camera work with shitty editing!"
"I don't know if I even want you to edit my work," Wes said. "It's too important!"

Joe was a good editor. He's been told that before in TV class and another film project in which he edited on. And Wes telling him basically he didn't think he was good enough to edit his piece of shit film, pissed Joe off. Fuckin' queen, Joe thought, taking a bite of his sandwich. Just then, he felt a hand on his thigh. He looked over to his left, to see Matt looking at Joe, smiling. Joe smiled back and forgot the anger towards Wes.

"So, Joe, when are we going to hear the score?" the director asked him.

"I got it with me on tape. Wanna hear it after lunch?" Joe said. "But remember it goes with your old story line, and not the revised one."
"Sure, man. I'm anxious to hear it. I've heard from other friends that you really can write!" Larry said.

"Yes he can," Matt said. "I heard it the other day, and it sounds like it's for a Hollywood picture!"

"Oh come on, Matt," Joe said, smiling, turning red.

"No, it really does," Justin chimed in.

"All right, you guys," Joe said, really turning red.

"What? It does! Now all you need to find is a real orchestra to play it!"

"I'm afraid we can't afford that in our budget," Kristie said.

The whole cast and crew laughed. "After lunch, we'll stop by the radio station, and I'll play it for you," Joe said. Truth be known, Joe really wanted to show it off to the crew. His music major friends knew what quality his compositions were, but he wanted his radio/tv/film friends to know. It was his turn to shine. Matt, especially, knew this and was trying to support him.

They finished their quick lunch and headed back over to the communications building where the college radio station was. Joe had a key, since he had a morning show, and let everyone in. They immediately went into the production studio. Joe, the last one in, closed the door behind him. He took a deep breath, walked over to main board, and inserted the tape into the tape deck. He knew he had cued it up before he left that morning. He pressed play and held his breath. Matt was right behind him, with his hand on his shoulder.

As the music began to play, Joe closed his eyes. Damn, he thought to himself, this really is good! He smiled. He opened his eyes and looked around at the crew's faces. Larry, the director, was enjoying it. Kristie kept going, "wow!" Wes said nothing.

Joe explained as the score progressed what scenes would go with which theme. All too soon, it was over (it was only a 3:30 minute score). To say the least, the crew was impressed.

"Matt, you are right. It does need a full orchestra!" Larry said, after it was done playing. "But I think the keyboards will do for this production. Excellent, Joe!"

Joe smiled. "Yeah, Joe, great job!" Kristie said.

"Now keep in mind guys, that I still have to make a few changes. It's only a rough draft of the score."
"Yeah, I noticed some weird spots in it," Wes said.

Joe was willing to take criticism. "Okay, where?"

As Joe played it again, they all talked about what maybe needed to be changed. But overall, it was little things, and Joe knew half of them already. When they left the studio, Joe and Matt were the last ones in there.

"I'm proud of you, bud," Matt said.

Joe shook his head no. "I'm proud of you, babe! You're the actor, you're the star. You've been great."

Matt smiled. "Thanks."
Joe pulled Matt over to the corner of the studio where no one could see them, and kissed him on the lips. They kissed for a few seconds, but knew they needed to go with group. So, they made a quick exit and join the rest of the group, heading back to where they were shooting.

At another break, Jill came over to Joe.

"Is Wes always an asshole?"

"I think so, I've only worked with him this one time. So, your guess is as good as mine. By the way, you've been doing great," Joe said.

"Thanks," Jill said. "Your man, Matt, is doin' well too. So is Justin. I didn't know they could act!"

"Well, when you think about it, there's not much acting involved," Joe said, laughing.

"True. How much longer do you think we're going to be today?"

"About an hour. We're basically done with your shots, so you could really leave if you wanted to."
"Nah, I want to see what else you do," Jill said.

"Hey *Joe's last name *! Get over here and take the light readin!"

Joe rolled his eyes. "Hang in there Joe," Jill said.

Joe glanced at Matt when he came back to take the reading. He was giving Wes a pretty mean glare. Joe smiled when he saw that. Justin didn't look too happy with the way his roommate was being treated either.

"And make sure you give me the right reading!" Wes ordered.

"I'm sure Joe will give you the right one," Justin said, with an irritated tone in his voice. "I've been watching him all day!"

"Well you never can be sure with this guy," Wes said.

What the fuck is his problem? Joe thought to himself. He looked at Matt again. Matt looked at Joe with worried eyes. Joe gave him a forget about it look and went on and took the light meter reading.

When the shoot was over, and all the gear was packed, Joe, Matt, Justin, and Jill all walked back to Joe's apartment for dinner. It was now 6PM. On the way, they talked about the shoot.

"In my five years of college, I have never had problems working in a group! Never! My last group project ever, and this is what I get?" Joe said, venting the frustration of the day. He took out a smoke and lit it. Matt said nothing.

"He was a real fuckin' queen too," Matt interjected. "He thinks no one knows?"

"Yeah, ain't that funny?" Joe asked. "Well, one more day of working with that asshole, and then we're done. I can't wait to edit and put the score together with the film."

"I cannot say thanks enough for you three appearing in the film. I know it's tedious work and you've been great!"

"No problem, bud, it was fun being in front of the camera."

"I have to agree," Jill said.

"Me too," Justin agreed.

"Cool," Joe said. They all walked up the steps to the living room of Joe's apartment.

"You wanna go out to dinner?" asked Joe as he walked up the steps.

"Well, I'd love to bud, but I gotta go to the gym this evening," Matt answered.

"You and that gym, man. I'm gonna go with you one day," Joe said, smiling. He wasn't annoyed at Matt. He was accustomed to it by now.

"You should, bro!" Matt said, excitedly. "I'd love to work out with you."

"But don't you work out with some of the guys from the baseball team?"

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't mind having someone else there, too."

"I should be going to the Rec Center," Justin injected. "I used to work out."
"I should be too," Jill said. By now, they were all upstairs in the living room.

"Should too what?" Kev asked. He was sitting on the couch watching MTV.

"Go to the Rec Center," Jill explained.

"Oh, yeah, I should too," Kev said. They all laughed.

"Well, I guess we all should go there as a group then someday," Matt said.

"One day," Joe said. He sat down on the couch next to Kev. "I'm beat, guys."

"I'm not surprised with the way that dickhead ran you around today," Justin said.

Joe chuckled. "Yeah, he is an ass."

"Well, I better be going if I ever want to drag my ass to the rec," Matt said,

walking over to Joe.

"Aww..." Joe whined, getting up. "So soon?"

"Yeah, and we're having a party tonight too, so stop over."

Joe looked at Kevin. "We're having one too, man," he said.

"Well, looks like Jay and I are going party hopping tonight," Joe replied, smiling.

He walked over to Matt and hugged him. "Thanks, babe for everything," Joe said. They kissed on the lips and let go.

"I better be going too," Jill replied, following Matt and Joe to the door.

"Aww...everybody's leaving?" Joe asked.

"I'm not," said Justin.

"Neither am I" replied Kevin.

"Well no shit!" Joe retorted.

Matt laughed, gave Joe another strong hug, and walked down the steps. Jill followed him down.

"Remember guys, if I don't see you tonight, cast call is at 11AM!"

"Okay," Jill replied.
"Remind me again when you see me tonight," Matt said. And they were out the door.

Joe closed the door at the top of the steps and sat back down next to Kevin.

"Were there any messages?" Joe asked.

"Oh yeah, " he replied. "Uh, Jay called for you this afternoon."

"Cool," Joe answered. He walked over to pick the phone up off the floor and dialed Jay's extension. They talked and agreed to meet at Joe's apartment around ten to go out partying.

"You ready?" Jay asked when Joe opened the door.

"Sure am. Just let me finish up washing the dishes," he said, running up the steps. Jay followed him. The music was pumping, because Joe liked to have music when he cleaned.

"Hey, cool song!" Jay yelled to Joe over the music.

"Yeah, I like club/dance music when I clean. Keeps me moving," Joe shouted. He finished up in the kitchen and the walked into his bedroom. Jay followed.

"Man, how long are you going to have that on for?" Joe asked, pointing to Jay's cast.

"Not sure. About four weeks at least," Jay answered.

"Dude, that sucks."

Joe put on a squirt of Drakkar, his favorite cologne, actually one of the few colognes he could wear.

"Do you always wear that shit?" Jay asked.

"Yeah. I'm allergic to the others."
"Oh, I see."

Joe grabbed his jacket and his hat and they were out of the apartment in no time.

"Where do you want to go first?" Jay asked.

"I don't care. You pick," Joe responded.

"We'll go to Matt's first, then," Jay said. And they walked over to Matt's frat house which was about maybe ¼ mile away.

"How was the shoot today?" Jay asked on their way.

"Went very well, man. Wish you were in it bud," Joe said.

"I know, but I had to break my arm. Sorry about that."

"That's okay. You really would've looked good as an army guy though," Joe said, smiling.

"Oh, and I suppose you have a fetish for a guy in uniform?"
"Don't we all?" Joe asked, innocently.

They made it to their destination and went inside. There was a guy at the bottom of the steps collecting money.

"Hey, Joe. How's it going?" the frat boy asked.

"Great. Is Matt here?"

"Yeah, go right in," he answered, pointing to the other room where the bar was.

Joe worked his way through the crowded basement with Jay right on his tail. He tried to scan the room for Matt, but couldn't see him. Then he felt a distinctive pinch on his ass. He turned around, assuming it was Jay getting fresh, and was greeted with a spectacular sight.

"Hey, bud," Matt said, smiling.

"Hi, babe," Joe responded. They gave each other a hug. Jay was still behind Joe.

"Hey, bro!" Matt said, noticing Jay.

"Hey, Matt," Jay said, smiling. Matt worked his way to Jay and also gave him a big hug.

"Glad you boys could make it," Matt said. "Want a drink?"

"Of course," Jay shouted. Matt put his arms around Jay and Joe and walked them over the bar.

"Hey, Hopper," Matt shouted. The guy behind the bar turned immediately to Matt.

"Yeah, chief?"
"Get me three screwdrivers."

Normally, they didn't serve mixed drinks, but Matt knew there was some alcohol behind the bar and he was a brother so he could ask for anything he wanted.

"Thanks, bud," Matt said, after getting the three screwdrivers.

"Well, drink up!" Matt shouted, smiling and lifting his solo plastic cup in the air. Jay and Joe both raised their cups and toasted each other and Matt. They all drowned the whole drink.

"Mmm...that was good," Joe said, smiling at Matt.

"Uh huh!" Jay replied, enthusiastically.

"Hey, Jay, are you ready to move in with Joe on Monday?"

"Hell yeah," Jay said, smiling.

"And Joe, are you ready to lose Paul as a roommate?"

"Hell yeah," Joe repeated.

"Well, I think that calls for another drink," Matt shouted. "Yo, Hopper. Give us three shots of vodka!"

"Straight?" Jay yelled.

"Sure!" Joe shouted, smiling.

"Okay..."Jay said, unsure.

"Oh come on, Jay. Drink!"

They all saluted each other with their shot cups and downed the whole shot in one sip. And so, Joe and Jay were now officially buzzed.

"Matt, just out of curiosity, how many have you had?" Joe asked, amused.

Matt put an evil grin on his face. "Five," he replied.

Joe just laughed. "Cool, you deserve it, bud. Thanks again for acting. But don't forget, you gotta be at the shoot by 11 tomorrow morning."
Matt nodded. "I'll be there."

Matt put his arms around Joe's waist. Joe leaned up against him. He felt so safe near Matt. He liked just the feeling of Matt around him. He smiled and closed his eyes. He didn't care where he was. Apparently, Matt didn't either.

Suddenly, Joe heard his last night called. He opened his eyes and looked around for the voice that was calling him. He spotted Wes from his film project group. He rolled his eyes and then smiled and called out Wes' name.

"Yeah, what the fuck do you want?" Joe asked.

Wes came around, making his way through the crowd, and finally noticed that Matt's arm was around Joe's waist. He looked a little shocked at first, but then acted like he saw nothing. Joe was happy that he finally knew that Matt was taken.

"Yeah, Wes. He's taken. You can't have him," Joe said, smiling. He could feel Matt's arm gripping tighter. He looked up at Matt and smiled.

"You mean he's...?"
"Yep!" Matt answered.

"Oh..." Wes said. He felt a little awkward.

"And you are too, bud, aren't you?" Matt asked.

Wes looked very uncomfortable.

"It's cool man," Matt said. "I ain't gonna say anything about, bro."
Jay made his presence known by accidentally losing his balance and falling on Matt. Matt turned to his other side and looked to see what hit him. Jay was laughing.

"Bud, I think you're flagged."

"Hee hee," was all Jay could reply.

"Are you watching him tonight?" Matt asked Joe.

"Yep, as I usually do."
"Oh shut up both of you. I'm gonna meet a chick tonight and she's gonna take my cock!" he yelled.

Joe and Matt cracked up laughing. Wes looked the other way. Although Joe could tell, Wes was interesting Jay.

"Yo, Wes, Jay here was supposed to play the other soldier, but due to his broken arm, he had to step aside."

"Oh really?" Wes asked, checking out Jay once again.

Jay looked at Wes, looked at him up and down as he was doing to him. "Gotta problem?" he asked.

"No, no," Wes said, like nothing was bothering him. "Do you?"

"No, so stop staring at me," Jay said laughing.

Wes made his exit then and there to avoid any other awkwardness.

Joe was laughing as soon as Wes turned around.

"Good job, little buddy," Matt said, putting his arm around Jay's shoulder.

"He was checkin me out like there was no tomorrow!" Jay said, amazed.

So the trio hung out for about an hour longer at the part. Jay was pointing out all the cute chicks at the party, wishing they would notice him. They did, but for some reason, they didn't approach him. And he was too drunk besides.

"Well, it looks like my fuckin' luck is out at this party," Jay said, putting his beer can down. "Let's go Joe."

"Hold it Jay, I was sort of enjoying this," Joe said, looking up at Matt who still had his arm around his waist.

"Well, we did promise Kevin we'd stop by at his part too," Jay reminded Joe.

Joe sighed and looked up at Matt. "Hey, babe, do you mind if we leave now?"

"No, man, not at all. In fact, I think it's better if you do, since I may not be able to control myself soon," Matt said, with a look of lust and desire in his eyes.

"True, true," Joe said, realizing that he too wanted Matt right now and here.

"So can we go?" Jay asked.

"All right, fine, we'll go, we'll go!" Joe replied.

Matt put his arms around Joe, giving him a good strong hug. Joe kissed Matt on the lips. Matt didn't seem to back away from it, and they opened their mouths to let each other's tongues play with each other. It was a flat out hot kiss that last until Matt felt someone tap him on his shoulder.

"Uh, Matt..."

Matt released Joe from the hug and turned around.


"I don't mind if you are, but please, you're freaking out the other dudes at the party," Andy said. Andy was Matt's roommate who already knew about Matt.

"Oops," Matt said, laughing. "Sorry."

"Well, we better be going," Joe said. Quite honestly, Joe did want to go check out Kev's frat party, being that he had lots of friends there and good memories of past parties.

"Okay man. See you tomorrow at 11AM."

The twosome left Matt at his party to go over to Kev's frat house. It was now 12AM and Joe was feeling still pretty drunk. Jay was looking out for chicks more than ever and was sounding somewhat pathetic.

"Bud, why is it so important to you?" Joe asked on the way to the frat house.

"Because, I don't want to resort to Eric again," Jay replied.

Joe shook his head in understanding. They reached their destiny and went inside the house. Shouts of "Hey Joe!" greeted the duo. Joe said hi and waved to many of the brothers and friends he knew. Kev though was no where in sight.

"Where's Kev?" he asked one of the frat bros.

"Oh, he left with some chick a while ago!"

Jay laughed. "He did what?"

"Yeah...him and this broad...we don't even know her name...but Kevin got her!"

"That's the old Kevin I know and love!" I said, smiling.

"How come he got one and I didn't?" Jay asked. "I think it's you, Joe."
"Me? Why me?"
"Well the chicks know that you're gay, so they probably just assume that I am too."
Joe glared at Jay. "What the fuck?"
"I'm teasin' man, I'm just kiddin."

Joe immediately smiled at Jay. "Sorry, bro, didn't mean to look at you that way."

"It's cool. But, what am I going to now?"

"I don't know, man. But I tell you what? I think I've had it for tonight. I'm gonna go home and sleep on the couch," Joe replied.

"Aww...we just got here!" Jay complained.

"Sorry, little man. You can stay here if you want, but I gotta get up at a semi-decent time tomorrow morning."

"Okay, fine. I guess I'll walk back with you," he said, disappointed.

"Don't worry, little man, we'll find you a chick. But not tonight."

They left the house and started walking back to Jay's dorm room.

"This'll be one of the last times that I have to walk back to this joint," Jay remarked.

"Jay, I have to ask you a serious question. Why DON'T you have a girl friend? I mean, look at you, you're adorable, man."
"Secretly," Jay said, smiling. "I'm terrified of women. I don't know how to act around them. I'm deeply attracted to them, but I just don't know what to do," Jay answered.

"WHAT? With your good looks and your personality?"

"I don't know man, I just don't know what's wrong with me."
"Have you ever gotten laid?"

"No," Jay said, softly.

Joe chuckled. "Have you at least gotten head?"
"Oh yeah, hell yeah!" Jay shouted. "But she really was wild. She taught me a lot."

"Fuck man," Jay said. "I really could use one tonight. It's been two days again, man. I can't stand it! Look at this shit!" He pointed down to his crotch area.

"Fuckin' tease," Joe said, looking anywhere but there.

"Well, I gotta learn how to beat off with my left hand....or else I'm gonna be in trouble!"

"God, you remind me of my old roommate, Ro! He was good looking, but he never got chicks either. He was just like you, terrified of women!"

"Yeah well...."

They walked up to Jay's dorm, and Jay said good night and went inside. Joe walked back to his apartment, alone, but content. He was very happy.

Just then, he heard footsteps running up to him. He turned around and was surprised to see Jay running toward him.

"What now?" Joe asked, smiling at Jay.

"Nothin' except my roommate just sex-iled me from my room. I've got no place to go man! My suitemates are out for the weekend, and I can't hang out in their room. I don't want to sleep in the lounge. Can I sleep at your place tonight?"

"Sure, man. You know we always have a ......aww fuck. Well it looks like you and I are sharing a sofa tonight, man. Kevin's back fucking in my bedroom!"

"Aw, shit, well, I'd rather sleep in your apartment, man."

So the twosome made their way back to Joe's apartment. True to their word, Kevin was really making some noise, bangin' his chick. It turned on Jay even more to hear sex.

"Aww man, and I have to listen to that?" he complained, while stroking his dick absentmindedly through his cargo pants.

"Shit, do you have to do that?" Joe asked, watching Jay stroke his cock through his pants.

"What? Oh this?" he asked, as he stroked faster.

"Yeah, cut that out man!" Joe shouted. "That's not fair."

"Maybe my whole point is to get you so turned on that you can't resist."

"Shut the fuck up, asshole," I said, going to the bathroom to take a leak and brush my teeth. Jay followed Joe unfortunately.

"Come on Joe, I won't tell anyone," Jay said softly. He was now right behind Joe. Joe was standing at the toilet with his dick hanging out, but unfortunately nothing was coming out. Jay leaned over and whispered into Joe's ear. "Come on Joe..."

Joe closed his eyes, and then put his dick back in his pants. He turned around, pushed Jay out of the way and said, "Get away from me!"

He turned back around to face Jay when he was in the hallway.

"What the fuck is your problem, Jay?"

Jay looked at him shocked and dumbfounded.

"You're still drunk, aren't you? " he asked. "Fuck!"

Jay said nothing and just hung his head lower.

"You can't do this to me man," Joe said. "You can't be teasing me like this. It ain't fair. In fact, it puts you in the category of Paul if you do that."
Joe walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. Jay reluctantly followed him and sat next to him.

"Go to bed, Jay. You can sleep on the couch and I'll sleep on the floor where nothing will happen between us. Got it?"

Jay said nothing. He looked incredibly hurt and sad. Joe got up, got him blankets and a pillow that they stored in the closet for guests. Joe then knocked on his own bedroom door.


"What the fuck do you want?"

"I need to get my pillow out. Is it safe?"

"Yeah, come on in."

Sure enough, Kev was there with his chick in bed, under the covers with the lights out.

"Sorry," Joe said, grabbing his pillow, blanket, and his alarm clock. "See you later," he said before he closed the door behind him.

Just then, Justin came out of his room.

"Hey Joe," he said. "What's going on out here?"

"Nothing, Just. It's nothing. We're gonna go to sleep out here," Joe said, moving towards the living room again.

"Oh, Jay's sleeping over tonight?"

"Yeah, he is in the same position that I am with his roommate. But he doesn't have a living room to sleep in...or for that matter, a gay bud he can fuckin' tease with," he said, glaring at Jay.

"Okay guys," Justin said. "Good night."
Joe tried to get comfortable in the sleeping bag he laid out. Jay took his wallet and keys out of his pockets and laid down on the couch, covering himself with the blankets. Joe turned out the lights and crawled into his sleeping bag.

"Good night, Jay."

"Hey Joe," Jay finally said. "I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry."
"I know you are, man. I'm sorry I went off on you like that. But seriously, you can't do that to me. I'm still treading on thin water with Matt, though it's getting better. And I don't even want to be tempted to screw things up again. I like you bro, a lot. Don't piss me off like that again though."

"I know, I know, Joe. I'm sorry. I just get so horny sometimes. You know, you don't have to sleep on the floor. There's plenty of room for the two of us."

"Oh that'd be great," Joe said, sitting up. Although, there was. Two short guys don't take up a lot of room on a big long sofa. And Joe wasn't looking forward with waking up with a back ache. So he got up and said," Move over."

Joe got on the other side of the couch, so that his feet would be in Jay's face and vice versa. Not literally, they tucked their feet under and so it wouldn't be that bad. They shared the blanket. It wasn't bad at all.

"Joe," Jay whispered when they were finally all settled. "Get your foot out of my ass!"

Joe laughed out loud and moved his foot. "Sorry man." There was silence for a few minutes. Joe was almost out.

"Joe?" Jay whispered again.

"Hmm?" Joe responded.

"Come up here with me, man?"
Joe, not completely knowing what he was doing asked, "why?"

"Because I'm lonely, man." Jay got up off the couch. He laid himself the other way so now that both Joe and Jay's head would be on the same side. He laid down in front of Joe. Joe instinctively, and sleepily, put his arm around Jay's body. Jay smiled to himself and fell asleep minutes after that.

Joe woke up the next morning, thinking where the hell am I? He sat up, looked around and realized he had slept on the couch all night in the living room. He laughed to himself when he remembered the reason why. However, he realized there was someone missing. Someone who had want him to cuddle with him last night. And that someone just walked out of the bathroom and came back over to where Joe was sitting.

"Hey," he said, smiling, though his short hair was sticking straight up. He still had his shirt on and his arm in the sling.

He sat down next to Joe and took a deep breath. "I sort of guess I owe you an explanation about last night," Jay said running his hand through his hair.

"Okay," Joe said, leaning back. "I'm game."

"I never told you how I broke my arm. It was quite frightening actually. It was all by accident, but it was still frightening."
Joe gave Jay his undivided his attention, wondering where Jay was going with this. "Okay," he simply replied.

"Well, I came in late one night into my room, and my roommate was in bed asleep I guess. The lights were off and I tried to come very softly. Well, apparently, my roommate got scared because of a dream he was having before I woke him up and he through the nearest thing he could find to his bed at me, which happened to be his baseball bat. He took a swing at me, and hit me right in the arm. Of course, afterwards, he apologized, and was deeply sorry. But, it still freaks me out when I think about it. Residence Life took the baseball bat away from him, and gave him some kind of reprimand. But, I got scared last night. I couldn't get those thoughts out of my head. But I didn't want to look like an ass and a freakin' wimp, man. And plus, I was horny, but that was besides the point. I'm sorry, my mind is crazy sometimes. At first, I was thinking about just getting off. But then as were laying there, I was thinkin' about how I broke my arm, and I got scared."

Joe shook his head in understanding. He sat up and put his hand on Jay's shoulder.

"Jay, bud, don't worry. If you won't think another thought of what happened, I won't either. Okay, bro? You're a cool dude, and it's okay to be afraid of your imagination. I've always been. You know it's funny. When I was younger, I had (and still have) a photographic memory. And I couldn't watch scary movies. It wasn't that I was afraid of what was going on, it was that I was afraid of what I remembered and saw in my mind afterwards. And plus, remember, you're talking to someone who dealt with nightmares for the past year with the beating and Dan and Ro. So, I understand you pain, man. Now that I know what you were after, I am very glad to say that I was there for you."

Joe wasn't sure what Jay's story was yet. He leaned into me after Joe said that, and Joe pulled him in for a good cuddle hug. He leaned on his shoulder as they talked more about the day, and just general shit. Finally, Joe looked at the VCR clock and realized it was 9:45AM.

He jumped up off the couch, knocking Jay's head off his shoulder and said, "Shit! I gotta be at the film shoot at 10:15AM!"

Joe offered a bowl of cereal to Jay, which he willingly ate with Joe.

"Well, Jay, you're welcome to stay here, until you want to leave," Joe said. "But I gotta get ready for the day."

"Aren't you forgetting something, Joe?" Jay asked, smiling. Joe turned around and looked at Jay with a puzzled expression.

"I move in here officially today!" Jay said with a big grin on his face.

Joe's face broke into a huge grin. "OH YEAH!!" Well, I'll be back around 3PM and then I can help you move and move my shit out of Kev's room as well."

Joe took his shower and ran off to the film shoot. He made sure Justin was up before he left. And he made it to the crew call on time. Wes looked at Joe in a funny way, and Joe just returned the glare.

"Are you ready to wrap this thing up today?" the director asked us.

"Yeah, bro," Joe said, smiling.

"You're three friends are coming at 11AM?"

"That's what time I told them to," Kristie, the Production Coordinator, responded.

They got the gear together in a fast manner. Soon, the cast was there, all uniformed up and ready to run through the woods to simulate the war scene. For that is all that we had to do.

Matt and Justin were doing superb jobs at running through the forest and the shoots were relatively painless. Only once was there any kind of tension, and that was between, believe it or not, Wes and Justin.

"Can't you just run?" Wes asked, exasperated at Justin because eh couldn't get the scene right.

"That's what I've been trying to do, man. It's kinda hard though with all this gear on your back and these branches in the way."

The problem was that Justin wasn't running fast enough. Matt was the one who died, and Justin need to run back to him. Joe could see why Justin couldn't run too fast, and tried to defend him. Which only made matters worse. The director then stepped in and agreed finally with Joe.

"*My Last Name* doesn't know what he's talking about..." Wes started to say.

Something in Joe snapped. He couldn't believe that he put up with this shit for a day and a half. It was enough to make anyone go crazy. Matt saw the look in Joe's eyes and ran over to where they were all standing. He put his hand on Joe's shoulder and said, "Let it rest, bud. Let it rest."

Joe looked back up at Matt, standing behind him. Damn he looked good in his army costume. It brought a smile back to Joe's face.

"Okay, Wes. Here's the deal. Let's try it my way, okay?" Joe asked Wes and director.

"Sure, Joe. Come on Wes, try it," Larry said.

Wes grumbled something but cooperated. They rearranged the action in the scene and got it in one take. Joe smiled, relieved that it worked. Wes was not amused. To him, he was the one who knew everything. No one knew anything more than Wes.

"Good Job, bud," Matt said, finally able to stand up again after the scene was shot. Joe smiled and blushed.

So, it looked like the film was shot and done, with relative ease and everyone was told they could go home. Matt and Joe walked back to Joe's apartment with Justin.

"Are you ready to move in with Kevin?"

"I am. I am ready for Paul to move out, especially," Justin responded. "Did you know how many times that kid gets up to go the bathroom in the middle of the night?"
Joe laughed. He turned to Matt. "You're gonna help us right?"

"Sure, bud."

They all went upstairs to the living room of the apartment. Justin walked into his bedroom, surprised.

"Damn, he moved out already!"

"Yeah," Kev said, coming out of his bedroom. "I helped him. He just left an hour ago" Kev was celebrating with a living room cigarette.

Kev was usually good at not smoking in the apartment, but on special occasions he felt it was right to smoke in the apartment. This time, Joe had to agree. Justin agreed also. The only one in protest was Matt, who didn't smoke.

They all lit up, except Matt. "WOO HOO!" Kev screamed. "I never thought that loser would leave!"

Joe and Justin laughed. They talked about the shoot and everything and then Jay came up the steps.
"Uh, the door was open, so I thought I'd just come up," Jay said, when everyone turned around to look at who was coming up the steps.

"Cool!! Come on up!" Kev said. "I want to be the first to welcome you to Mansion 35. And I also want to be the first to say that I'm glad that you are straight! Finally, some balance in this apartment!"

"Balance?" You already had balance before," Joe said. "2 and 2!"

"Ah, fuck you, you little homo," Kev said, smiling.

"Ah, shut the fuck up," Joe said, grinning.

It was all a group project. First, Justin moved his stuff out into the living room. Joe and Matt moved his stuff out of Kev's room to Joe's new room (actually his old room, the one he shared with Ro). However, the furniture had been rearranged and Joe wanted it to be the old way. Matt grumbled about having to move the bunk beds.

"What the hell are you complaining about?" Joe asked, feeling Matt's muscles. "You've got the power," Joe said. "Oh, that's right, I forgot. You're Mike Piazza, and according to you, baseball players are pussies."

"GEEZ!" Matt yelled. "You're a little fuckin' runt, you know that?"

"Rather be a runt than a fat ass!" Joe said, running out of the way, knocking over a floor lamp.

"Oh, great, you see what you did homo?" Kev said, smiling.

"Who you calling a homo?" I asked in my most butch tone.

Kev broke out laughing immediately. "That was good."

All four of them helped rearranged the room back the way it was. Joe couldn't help feeling a little sentimental (after all, he is a sentimental idiot). He thought of Ro, and smiled to himself.

"Yes, Joe," Matt said, looking at Joe's expression. "I think Ro would like it." Matt then ruffled Joe's hair and smiled at him. Joe looked back at Matt and wrapped his arms around his strong, muscular body. Matt was surprised, but hugged him back and kissed him on the lips.

"HOMOS!! Get out of the way," Kev yelled, as he brought in some of my shit from the other room. They were sort of blocking the doorway.

Joe and Matt giggled. "Ah, you know you love us!" Matt said, releasing me.

"What a bunch of faggots!" Justin said, entering the room as well.

"Hey," Kev responded. "Welcome to my world!" He stuck out his hand for Justin to shake it.

"Oh great," Joe said. "Justin's been taking lessons from Kevin on how to be an ass."
Joe, Matt, Jay, Kev, and Justin were done moving things from room to room in a matter of a half an hour. They all went out the door, taking Joe's and Kevin's car to Jay's place. His roommate was not there, which probably was better anyway. Jay had things laid out ready to be taken in boxes and shit like that. It was relatively easy, and Jay was very excited. Joe was excited too. You see, even though Kevin and Joe were great roommates, it just wasn't the same relationship as Joe and Ro had. Or for that matter, Joe and Jay. Kev was one of Joe's closest friends at school, but there was something lacking. Kev understood this, and he had no problem with rooming with Justin, since they seemed to get along okay.

"Well, Jay, tell your room goodbye!" Joe said, smiling, as he grabbed the last thing to take, which was, of all things, the stereo.

Jay smiled and said, "Bye!" And they left. Jay handed over the key to his old RA, and said he was leaving. And they were all off to bring Jay to his new home for the next semester and a quarter. They all had a great time, bringing the shit over to the apartment, laughing, carrying on, and being somewhat immature, as normal college guys do. It was like they were actually functioning normally with no worries, no cares, just having fun.

Finally, they were done moving everything upstairs.
"Whew!" Kev yelled. "Where's the beer?"

"In the fridge. Courtesy of Jay," Joe answered, putting his arm around Jay's shoulder. Jay was one of the few people Joe could put his arms around their shoulders as Jay was almost as short as Joe.

"Cool! Thanks," Kev said, smiling.

"Yo, bud, grab me one too?" Matt said.

"Sure thing!"

Jay and I went into the kitchen, following Matt. As Matt leaned over to get a beer out of the fridge, Joe snuck behind him and wrapped his arms around him. Matt, having grabbed two beers, stood back up straight, and pressed his back against Joe. He sighed softly and closed his eyes.

"I love you babe," Joe said softly.

"I love you too," Matt said. They broke the hug, and Joe went to fridge next and grabbed a beer for Jay and himself. It wasn't his favorite, but since everyone else was having a beer, Joe didn't want to be too different.

"Well, what should we do for dinner?" Justin asked, when they were all back in the living room, just hangin out.

Joe immediately looked at Kevin. Kevin immediately look at Joe. They both grinned at each other and simultaneously said, "GENO'S!!"

"Oh god," Matt said, shaking his head and smiling. "I guess we're goin' to Geno's guys."
"Cool," Jay said. "Cool," said Justin.

"Should we go now?" Joe asked, getting up.

"Yeah, man, I'm starved. "Justin answered.

"Me too," Jay replied.

"I'm driving!" Joe yelled out, as he went into his new/old bedroom for his jacket.

"Well, guys, if he's drivin', I'm not going," Kevin said.

"What the fuck are you saying?" Joe asked, smiling coming out of his room.

"Nothin you haven't heard before," Matt answered.

"Ah, fuck both of you," Joe said, opening the front stairway door. "You coming?"

They all got up, got their jackets, and headed out the door. Jay was having trouble putting on his jacket, and hadn't gotten it on yet, though they were now outside. Matt noticed. He took the jacket, and said, "Here, bud, let me help."
"Cool, thanks," Jay said, smiling weakly. "It's so embarrassing you know."

"Nah, it's not. It's cool."
"SHOTGUN!" Kev shouted.

"Aww...no fair," whined Matt. "He's my boyfriend!"

Joe just stopped before he unlocked the doors to the car so they could sort this out.

"I called it first."

"Kev, unless you want to hold hands with me, let Matt sit in the front," Joe said.

Kev held up his hands in the air and said, "Fine. I'll sit back here with two normal people!"

Joe laughed and said, "Get the fuck in the car."
They were off to Philadelphia, a half an hour drive, blasting the music, singing a long, and just having a good time. Halfway through the ride, Joe had remembered who was sitting next to him, and slipped his hand in his. Matt glanced at Joe and smiled. They kept holding hands until they got there, or when Joe had to turn the wheel.

They found a good parking spot on the streets of South Philly, right in front of Geno's Steaks. And Joe parallel parked his Camry.

"You know, guys, I'm gonna have a party for this car when it goes over 200,000 miles."

"WHAT? COOL!" Kev exclaimed. "What's it got on it now?"

"199,900..." Joe said as he opened his door to exit the automobile.

Joe and Kev walked together with Justin. Jay and Matt for some reason were behind them. Joe looked back at the two and thought they looked cute. They honestly did look like little bro and big bro together.

So after all that hoopla, it was back to the apartment. But, first, Kevin insisted on a smoke before the left. Justin, Joe and Kev lit up, while Jay and Matt stood away.

"Well, there they go again, lighting up," Matt said to Jay.

"I wouldn't mind smoking something else, actually," Jay said, with an evil grin.

Matt looked down at him and said, "Dude!! You got some?"

"Yeah," Jay answered. "Hidden of course, but I've got some."

"Don't tell Joe that, man," Matt said. "Remember the last time you smoked that shit with him?"
Jay laughed. "Yeah, that was fucked up."

They all made it safely back to the university campus. By that time, Matt had to go to the damn rec center again, leaving Joe alone with his three roommates. But not without a promise that he'd be back later that night to uh, make up for some lost times...

Joe and Jay went to their room and started unpacking and straightening things up. It was weird for Joe to be back in his old room, especially without Roland. He wondered what Ro was up to as he unpacked. Memories came flooding back about the best roommate he'd probably ever have in his life, and it

saddened him a little. A memory in particular came into Joe's head. The day (or night rather) that Joe came out to his roommate:

It was late April, the spring semester almost done. They were lying in bed, but Joe had something very serious to talk about. The lights were out, and they were talking as they usually do. Finally, Joe came right out with it.

"Ro, I think I know how you're gonna handle it, and that's a good thing. But I gotta tell you something about me," Joe said, seriously.

"Oh shit," Ro said, jokingly. "What now?"

"No seriously, dude, I have to tell you something."
"Okay, what?"

After a few moments pause, Joe responded, "I'm gay."

"You're what?" Ro asked.

Joe closed his eyes and repeated himself. "I'm gay."
Ro chuckled.

"What?" Joe asked.

"You're kidding right?" he asked.

"No, I'm gay!" I said.

I heard him sit up and saw him flip on his light next to his bed. He said, "Wait, look at me."

I sighed and rolled over, sat up and looked at him. My facial expression said it all.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes," I said.

"Joe, it's cool," he said. "I don't care what you are!" He reached up and turned out the light. We talked about me being gay until we fell asleep. It was the start of our very close friendship through college until a thoughtless act caused me to lose my best friend and the love of my life, Dan.

"Joe..." Jay said, noticing Joe was just staring off into space. He didn't respond.

Jay walked over to Joe, and said his name again.

"Huh?" Joe said, looking up at Jay, who was standing in front of him.

"You look lost man," Jay said. Joe quickly wiped the tear that was beginning to fall.

"Bro, you all right?" Jay asked, seriously.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Joe said, smiling. "Sorry, I just got lost in the past a little."
"You sure?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Joe said. Truth be known, he was okay. He actually felt good.

"Cool. Can you help me with this box, man?" Jay asked, pointing to a big box.

"Sure," Joe said, getting up and coming over to where the box was. They proceeded to lift it up in the closet. It was decided from the beginning that Jay had the top bunk and Joe had the bottom.

After about two hours of work, they were for the most part done.

"Whew! I need a smoke," Joe said, walking out the door. Jay followed him. "Yo Kev," Joe yelled.

"What do you want homo?"

"Wanna smoke?"

"Sure, man!" he said, getting up from his desk.

"Bud, did I just see what I think I saw you doing? Homework?" Joe asked, smiling.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't tell anyone though," Kev said, as they walked through the living room.

They both went out and lit up.

The phone rang. Joe came inside to pick it up. "Yeah?"

"Joe, bud, it's me."

"Hey Matt, what's up?"

Joe knew this wasn't good. The only reason Matt called on days they had plans was to cancel out.

"I'm gonna have to cancel out on you tonight, bud. I'm sorry. The guys in the frat are having a meeting...the frat is sort of a having a crisis right now, and it's very important."

"That's okay Matt," Joe said, not exactly sure why he wasn't upset. "I'll just talk to you tomorrow, okay? We're meeting for lunch aren't we?"

"Yep, little buddy. Sorry about this again. I wanted it just as much as you did, but unfortunately...."

"Hey, babe, it's okay. See you tomorrow," Joe said. They said goodbye and hung up. Joe went back out to the balcony where his cigarette was being held by Kevin.

"Bad news?"

"Yeah, Kev. Matt can't come over tonight, something with his frat," Joe said.

"Aw, that's too bad, man."

"It's cool though, I'm not bothered by it," Joe said, smiling. For some strange reason, he wasn't bothered honestly. "I trust him. And I know he'll be around me for an awful long time."

"Not if he has the same luck as Dan did..."

I looked at Kev. I knew he didn't mean anything mean by it. I smiled at Kev. "Yeah. I know..."

By now it was 10PM. Jay had an early morning class, so he decided to get ready for bed. Joe was in his room when Jay attempted to take his shirt off, which was sweaty and dirty from moving all day. He watched Jay try to slip it off with the cast on his arm, and waited for about a minute until he intervened.

"Here Jay," he said, putting down his pencil and walking over to Jay. "Let me help."

He reached up and pulled his shirt off effortlessly. Jay turned around, sheepishly, and said, "Thanks." Then he added, being the smart ass that he is, "you better keep that shirt. You can smell it while your fantasizing about me."
Joe threw the shirt back at Jay. "You little bastard!" They both were laughing. There was a knock on the front door.

Joe looked out his front window of the bedroom to see who it was. He opened it up and stuck his head out of the window. He got a glance and ducked his head back inside. "Uh oh," Joe said. "Here comes trouble."

"Who is it?" Jay asked, rubbing his pecs casually.

"Just come out here and you'll see," Joe said bounding down the steps. He opened the door to a guy in a police uniform.

"Dave!" Joe said, extending his hand. "How's it going?"

"Great man," Dave said. "I just had some extra time and wanted to see how you were doing."

"Cool, wanna come up?" Joe asked, smiling at the sight of this hunk of Russian cop.

"Sure, thanks," Dave said, smiling. Joe motioned for him to go up the steps. He closed the door behind Dave and went back upstairs, admiring the cop's fine ass through those dark uniform pants.

"Stop staring Joe," Dave said, not even looking back.

Joe said nothing except "What?"
"I can feel your eyes on my ass," Dave said, opening the door to the apartment.

Dave stopped in mid-stride when he opened the door and saw who was standing there behind it. Jay was there, his blonde short hair, his blue eyes sparkling, shirtless, smooth chest and stomach, and smiling.

Joe ran into Dave, since he didn't think he would stop walking at the top of the steps.
"Who is this?" Dave asked as Joe walked past Dave through the door.

"Oh, you met him before," Joe said, smiling. "He's the pot smoker...my fellow pot smoker."

"That's right. You look different than before," Dave said, scanning him all over the place. Jay looked at Joe with pleading eyes.

"Okay, Dave, come in or out. Don't just stand there, trying to undress him with your eyes, because it won't work. I've already tried," Joe said.

"Sorry, man for staring," Dave said, suddenly continuing on his way into the apartment.

Jay a little embarrassed went back to his room. Joe stayed out in the living room with Dave. "So, what brings you here?"

"Just stopping by to see how you were. I haven't pulled you over or seen you smoking lately, so I decided to see how you were."

"We've been doing great here. How are things with you?"

They basically caught each other up on their lives. Then the subject of Jay came up.

"Is he gay?" Dave asked.

"NO!" Joe answered quickly. "He is most certainly not!"

"I don't know, man, he seemed to be digging me in my uniform. He was checking me out as much as I was checking him out!"

Joe laughed. "No, bud, he's definitely straight..."

"Damn, I was horny tonight," Dave said, shifting his position on the couch.

Joe laughed again. "Don't be telling this shit Dave. I don't want any more trouble with my boyfriend."

"Nah, Joe, I don't want you! I had you already! I'm after your yummy friend."

"He's my roommate, Dave. Don't try anything."

"Joe," I heard my name being called from our bedroom.

"Yeah?" I yelled.

"Can you come here for a sec?"
"Sure," Joe said, getting up off the couch. "I'll be right back, Dave."
Joe came into the bedroom to find Jay up on the top bunk.

"What's up, bro?"

"Is he gay?"

"Yeah, that's the one that I fucked!"

"Oh! Him??" Jay asked, smiling. "You think he'd like me to fuck him?"
"NO!" Joe said, not wanting to believe what he just heard. "Dude, no!"

"Why not? It's up to him isn't it? Come on, I'm fuckin' horny!"

Joe had had it with Jay's homosexual antics and not admitting to anyone of them.

"Jay, there comes a time when you can't possibly straight anymore, and I think you just crossed the line."

"So, who the fuck cares? I'm fuckin' horny tonight!" He climbed off the bed, and walked out to the living room, just in his boxers.

Joe was left alone in his room, wondering what the fuck was going on. He couldn't believe this was happening. If anyone was going to fuck the cop, it was going to be him, and him alone! But then, he smiled and thought to himself, let him have him. I'll just go over to Matt's frat, he thought, picking up his jacket.

He walked out of his bedroom to see Dave sitting on the couch, talking to Jay just in his boxers. It was very obvious that Jay had something growing in his shorts. Joe just smiled and shook his head.

"Joe, where' you going?"

"Dave, I leave him in you care. And I don't want to be around to find out what happens either," Joe said, opening the door to the steps.

"Really?" Dave asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Just remember, he's straight," Joe said. And with that, Joe was out the door.

"Fuckin' closet case," Joe said out loud as he walked down the pathway out of the apartment complex. He was greeted to an unexpected surprise of his man coming up the path he walking on.

"JOE!" Matt yelled, increasing his pace.

"Hey, babe," Joe said, smiling, increasing his pace as well.

They met in between and hugged. "Where are you off to?" Matt asked.

"I might ask you the same question, bro," Joe said.

Matt laughed. "I was coming to see you."
"Ditto," Joe remarked.

"Cool, wanna go back to your place, bud?"

Joe laughed. "What?" asked a confused Matt.

"Unless you want a repeat of what happened a few nights ago, I suggest we go somewhere else."
"What? Eric again?" Matt asked.

"No, worse. Dave."
"The cop?" Matt exclaimed.

Joe shook his head yes.
"No shit, this I gotta see," Matt said, directing Joe toward his apartment again.

"You gotta be kidding me," Joe grumbled.

"I never did get to see you two in action," Matt said with visible and audible excitement.

"Come on, man. Jay doesn't know what the fuck he is doing. I think we should just let him come to his own...he doesn't need us there."

They continued to walk towards Joe's apartment. "Joe, do you really think Jay is gay?"

"No. Do you?"
"I think he could be."
"I think he's just horny, man. He can't beat off with his right hand."

"Joe, stop making excuses for him. He's a grown adult."

Joe sighed. "I was just hoping that he'd be straight. I need that balance in my life."

"I'll explain it later." By this time, they were both at the door. "Well, are you sure?"

"Yeah, open it up, bud," Matt ordered.

Against Joe's better judgement, Joe unlocked the front door and headed up the steps slowly. They were silent, trying to hear any noise coming from inside the apartment.


"Maybe they're in your room," Matt said softly.

They opened the front door and Joe peeped his head into the room.

"All clear?" Matt whispered.

Joe opened the door all the way. The light to the living room was still on, but there was no sight of them. They both crept in and sat down on the couch.

"They're probably in there, man," Matt said, pointing to Joe's room.
"Fuck them," Joe said, grabbing Matt by the back of his head and kissed him with all the passion in the world.

Matt a bit surprised responded with just as much passion and before they knew it, Matt was on top of Joe, grinding his cock into Joe's. There was heavy breathing...blood pressure rising, among other things rising. Joe's hands were feeling there way around Matt's back and ass.

"Matt, I want that ass again," Joe whispered into Matt's ears. Matt looked down at Joe and smiled.

"I had thought you would never ask, bud," Matt said smiling. They both kissed again, and soon, Joe had worked Matt's shirt off his upper body. Matt broke lose, to tear the rest of it off, and continued on making out with Joe.

Joe was in heaven, having this big guy on top of him, topless with a smooth, cut chest. Joe let his tongue lick his way from Matt's ear down to his tit, and bit it lightly. This drove Matt wild, who had very sensitive nipples. Joe had his man now and he knew it. Matt let out a moan. Joe took control, and flipped the two of them over, with Matt now on the bottom. Joe threw off his shirt in one motion and got right back down on Matt, bare chests now touching each other.

"oh, yeah, Joe. Fuck bud, you're hot. I want you to fuck me, bud..."

"Yeah?" Joe asked, with a gleam in his eye and a smile on his face.

"Oh yeah," Matt said, soft and husky.

Joe immediately went down and unfastened Matt's pants. He pulled them down with the boxers. There was no time for foreplay. Joe wanted it, and he wanted it now. Matt took his shoes off and pulled his pants down the rest of the way, while Joe quickly stripped his boxers and Levis. Both boys were hard, with their dicks pointing up. Matt reached out and grabbed Joe's cock and began stroking it as Joe climb up on top of Matt. He kept inching his way up the jocks hard body, and soon, his dick was right in front of Matt's mouth.

Matt instinctively opened his mouth and took it in. Joe leaned up over Matt's head and placed his hands on the armrest of the couch. He started thrusting his hard member into Matt's eager hot mouth. He took all of it. Joe let out short, soft moans. Joe was so horny that he almost lost it right there, but quickly withdrew it and got up off of Matt. Matt looked at Joe wondering where he was going. But was quickly relieved when Joe put his face between his legs and started licking his sack. Matt's body shook with pleasure. That turned Joe on even more. He licked his way up to the head of Matt's cock, and started sucking on his 7" cock. Both boys were in pure heaven. Joe used his free hand to start working on Matt's balls. He stroked them softly and lightly until Matt said, "Come on, Joe, squeeze them harder, bud."

Joe not missing a beat sqeezed them harder, not too hard, but harder, and Matt responded with an "oh yeah!"

Joe then licked his way down to Matt's balls again, gave them a bath with his tongue and then continued licking his way down. Matt instinctively lifted up his legs as Joe's tongue moved closer and closer to his hole.

Joe never liked rimming guys unless he knew they were clean. However, in a fit of passion, Joe didn't quite care right now. He was with the man he loved, and wanted to furfill his pleasures. So, he licked his way around the whole, making Matt wince and groan in pleasure.

"Yeah, bud, aww...that feels good..."

Joe knew that what he was doing must've been working, so he licked it some more and even stuck his tongue in the hole once. TO his amazement, there wasn't anything distasteful about it. In fact, it tasted more like Irish Spring soap.

"Yeah, dude, make me all wet..."

"Aww...yeah, you like that," Joe said, looking up at Matt's face which was staring intently down at Joe.

"Shit, bud, yeah..."
Joe was ready. He assumed Matt was ready. But asked him just to be sure.

"You ready?"

"Aw, fuck...yeah, Joe. Come on..."

Suddenly an idea went off in Joe's head. "SHIT!" he yelled. "We ain't got no lube!"

Matt looked at Joe. "You ain't fuckin' me without no lube..."

"I know, I know, babe...." Joe immediately thought of where some was. His eyes lit up and he got up and said, "Hold on."

Joe dashed into Kev's room and came out five seconds later, with a small packet of lube.

Matt smiled and positioned himself again with his legs spread and raised.

"Dude, you don't know how hot you look like that," Joe said, coming back over to the couch.

"No, you don't know how good you look like that," Matt said, as Joe prepared and lubed up his own cock. He proceeded to lube up his finger.

"You ready, bro?"

"Anything you got, I'm ready for," Matt said. Joe pushed his finger inside Matt's ass.

"Awww..." Matt said, softly. "Fuck.."
Joe worked him up to two, all the while stroking Matt's cock, now covered in lube.

After a few minutes of two fingers, Joe knew they were both ready. He grabbed his cock, and positioned himself over Matt, and gently stuck the head of it inside Matt.

Matt gasped and his eyes shot open. "Just relax," Joe said. "relax, babe."

"Aww...go slow, little bud."
"Don't worry, babe..."
Joe slowly slid his 6" in all the way, giving time for Matt to adjust to the size. Joe wasn't all that thick, but then again, Matt wasn't a very broken in bottom yet.

"You ready?" Joe asked, softly. For the first time, Joe wasn't wearing a condom. He had to make sure that Matt was ready for this.

Matt looked right into Joe's eyes and said, "Yeah....go ahead..."

Joe had only fucked one other guy without a condom before. He let out a moan because it felt so good.

After a few pumps, Matt was wanting more and voiced it.

"Come on, Joe, fuck me harder..."

Joe opened his eyes and said, "yeah?"


Joe increased his rhythm and intensity as Matt and him locked eyes. Joe's hand was resting on Matt's hard chest.

"Wait, Joe. Fuck me on all fours," Matt said, moving off of Joe's cock. He got up and got on his hands and knees on the couch for Joe. Joe slowly moved towards Matt. He was quite surprised, but was willing to try. He slowly pushed his hard cock into Matt's tight hole again. He put his hands on Matt's shoulders and started shoving it in harder.

"yeah...ow...aawwwww.." were the only sounds coming from Matt's mouth at this time.

"Yeah? You want it harder?"

"Yeah, come on Joe, fuck me harder," Matt said. His voice was getting higher pitched and louder which turned on Joe to no end. That was the signal. Without another thought, Joe grabbed Matt and fucked his ass hard. Matt moaned in pleasure.

"Yeah, bud..."

Finally, they seemed to get a rhythm going that increased in tempo and intensity. Pretty soon, Joe could hear his hot sweaty balls banging against Matt's tight, muscular butt. Joe by now was so into it that he was just making grunting noises with every thrust.

"Yeah, bud, come on...fuck me....fuckin' bang me.." Matt moaned.

Joe looked down at Matt. He could see him stroking his cock. Joe looked at all the muscles working together on Matt's back and couldn't take it anymore.

"You gonna shoot?" Matt asked before Joe opened his mouth.

"Come on, shoot it in my ass, man. I wanna feel your load man..."

"Yeah?" Joe asked. "Shit your ass is so tight man...you're gonna make me cum, Matt!"

With that, Joe let go a huge load of cum into Matt's ass, and continued to thrust into it.

"Aw, shit, bud," Joe whined.
"yeah, buddy, shoot it," Matt said.

It felt so good that by the end, Joe's whole body was shaking, which never happened before to Joe. Joe slipped his cock out of Matt's ass, which was wet from the lube and the load.

Matt sat up and leaned against Joe's chest. Joe took Matt in his arms and started moving his hands all over his chest and stomach. He whispered into Matt's ear, "Come on, bud...shoot a big load for me. All over your smooth chest, man."

"Aw, shit, here it comes!" Matt yelled. And with every shot, Matt let out a moan. First landing on his shoulder (and Joe's shoulder)....and declining every shot after. Finally, it was over. Matt just leaned against Joe as his breathing came down back to normal. Finally, he opened his eyes.

"Fuck, Joe...that was incredible."
"Yes it was, bro," Joe said, still holding on to Matt's big frame.

"Shit, man, I made a mess," Matt said, looking down at his chest and stomach where cum was dripping down.

Joe kissed Matt on the neck. He got up slowly and grabbed the roll of paper towels that was on the coffee table.

Matt grinned at him. "Beating off to porn again recently?"

Joe just grinned as he tore off a few towels and reached over to clean off his boyfriend. Matt leaned back on the couch, butt naked, thoroughly spent. He assisted Joe in cleaning the mess up.

Just then the bedroom door opened. Matt and Joe quickly sprinted to find something to cover up with. Joe got a hold of Matt's pants, Matt got a hold of Joe's shirt.

Out appeared Dave the Cop. He didn't look the least surprised. "Hey," he said, waving.

"Uh, hey," Matt said.

"It's cool. We heard all of it," he said smiling.

"That's, uh, cool. Do you, uh, mind if we get dressed first, bud?" Matt asked.

"Oh, sure!" Dave said. I needed to use the bathroom anyway." He walked towards it while Joe and Matt swapped t-shirt for pants and found the rest of their articles of clothing. They quickly got dressed just as Dave opened the bathroom door.

"So, uh, you guys, sounded, uh pretty hot..." Dave said, smiling at both of them.

"Thanks," Joe finally said, not knowing what else to say. "What was going on in there?"

"Oh nothing much. We were just talking. By the way, Jay is not gay. He found that out tonight for sure. But I'll let him explain that to you later, Joe. Good night, guys," He said, opening the front door. "He needs support you two."

"Thanks, Dave. Will we see you again soon?" Joe asked, getting up.

"Probably, since we didn't get to talk much..."

"Cool. You want me to come let you out?" Joe asked.

Z"No, no, I know the deal," Dave responded. He really did look good in his uniform.

"Remember man, you're welcome here anytime."

"Thanks," Dave said. And with that, he was down the steps and out the door.

"Hmm..I wonder what transpired among those two?" Matt asked as Joe came back over to the couch.

"Aw shit," Joe said, when he sat back down on the couch.

"What?" Matt asked, jumping.

"I don't think we got all the cum," Joe said, lifting up his arm which he had placed down in a pool of cum.

Matt laughed and handed Joe a paper towel.

"You wanna spend the night?" Joe asked.

"Nah. I'd love to, but I got an early class in the morning and since this is your first night with Jay in your new room, I figure you need your space," Matt replied.

Joe pondered the thought. "You know, you're probably right."

"Of course I'm right," Matt said, with a big grin on his face. His dimples displayed.

"Aw, shut up, Mr. Army man."

Matt laughed and got up. "Well, I gotta be heading back.."

The two young men embraced one more time and kissed. Then without a word, Matt turned and walked down the steps. As Joe heard the door open to the outside, he turned and yelled, "Hey Matt?"

Matt turned around and looked up at Joe on the top of the steps.

"I love you, babe."

Matt smiled and responded, "I love you too, little bud. You're all that I need. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

Joe smiled and waved goodbye. As soon as Matt closed the door, he closed the top door and headed into his bedroom, tired and satisfied.

Well, that concludes the original release of the series formally known as "Starting Over Again". There will be two brand new parts posted before this series finally comes to its long overdue close. I hope you enjoyed the series so far. Please send any comments to SNJBoy76@aol.com Thanks!