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And now I present...

Joe, The Man, Part 17

"Meeting The Parents"

By Joey E

"Joe, the Man!" Matt yelled, as he bounded up the stairs to the living room.

"What?" I asked, smiling, but wondering why he was calling me that.

"I said, 'Joe the Man'!" he said, appearing in the doorway.

"Yeah, that's what I thought you said."

"What? I can't call you Joe, the Man?" he asked me, looking disappointed.

"Well, no, but I wasn't expecting to hear that from you," I said, getting up to give him a hug.

"What were you expecting? Little bud?" he asked grinning as he wrapped his arms around me.

"Actually, yes," I said, looking up at him.

"Ah, I thought I'd be different."
"But, that name is sort of reserved, just like Little Bud is reserved for you," I said softly.

"Aw, bro, okay. I didn't know I needed to reserve a name for you."

"It's okay, Matt. I'm just used to someone else calling me that, if you know what I mean."

Matt chuckled. "Yes, I know. So, what are we doing tonight?"

"I'd thought we go to my house and have dinner with my family," I said. This was a spontaneous thought, inspired my mom who had told me that my younger sister was home from college tonight.

"Okay..." Matt said, looking a little confused.

"My sister's home, and they all have been wanting to meet you for quite some time now," I said, sitting back down on the couch.

"Cool, I've been wanting to meet them too," he said, sitting down next to me.

"You have?" I asked, smiling.

"Sure. I want to meet my little bud's parents. Oh, yeah, and I hear your brother is a cutie too."
"Oh great. Who have you been talking to?"
"Oh, a little bird told me."

"Yeah, well, he's 16, so put that perverted thought away!" I said.

"Yeah, but I hear he looks older than you."
It was true, my bro was about 5'11", blonde/blue, typical high school boy, twink, jock, and brain all in one. There was no doubt in my mind that my bro Steve and Matt would get along. If nothing else, they could talk about sports endlessly.

Matt slapped me softly on the leg. "All right, bro, let's go!"

"Okay," I said, getting up to go to my room to get my jacket. I was a little nervous taking my boyfriend home for the first time. My parents were cool with me. They were totally awesome about the whole thing and had met my previous boyfriends in the past. It took them a while to get to this comfort level, but I'm glad that they did.

We got in my Camry, which by the way now had 199,500 miles on it, and took off to go to my house which was 15 minutes away from college. He didn't say it, but I could tell he was a little nervous meeting my family.

"Don't worry, babe, you'll be fine!" I said. "Look, you make me happy right?"

"I would hope so," he said, laughing.

"Then, that's all you have to worry about. If my parents see that I'm very happy with you, then they'll love you!"

"Okay, okay," he said.

Soon enough, we were pulling up to my house at the top of the court. We got out of the car and walked to the front door.

"You'll be fine, babe," I said, as I opened the front door. Matt followed me in.

"Hello!" I yelled out.

"Hi Joe! We're in here!" my Mom said from what seemed like the family room. We walked down the main hallway and I heard Matt sigh behind me. I saw my mom, dad, and my sister all sitting in the family room. They all looked up at me, but then turned their attention to the tall figure standing behind me.

"Hi," I said again. "Mom, Dad, Beth...this is Matt..." I said, moving Matt in front of me.

My dad got up off the lazy-boy. Matt walked over to him and shook his hand. I smiled as I watched my Man meet my family.

"Hello, Mr. E. Nice to meet you," Matt said to my dad. "Hi, Mrs. E," he said to my Mom.

I saw my sister's reaction to Matt. She grinned at me. "And you must be the sister that all of Joe's roommates want."

I gasped in shock when Matt said that. I looked immediately at my parents for their reaction. All they did was laugh. My sister just sat there looking a bit surprised.

"Sorry," Matt said. "I thought you knew."

"I did, but I didn't expect that!" Beth said, laughing.

Pretty soon, we were all talking about different things. The conversation flowed very easily.

"So, Matt," my dad asked. "What are you studying?"

Matt answered with all the right answers and seemed genuinely interested. My bro walked in about a half an hour later.

Matt got up off of the couch and walked over to my brother, Chuck. He had seen pictures of him but never got to meet him in real life. He was obviously impressed, and I knew I was going to kid him about this later.

"Chuck, this is Matt. Matt, Chuck," I said, introducing them.

"And you must be the guy that all of Joe's gay friends want," Matt said grinning.

Chuck rolled his eyes, having heard this before from me. "Nice to meet you, man," he said.

We all sat back down, but my mom went in the kitchen to start dinner.

"Matt," my brother said. "You were on the football team weren't you?"

"Yeah, I was," Matt said, beaming proudly.

"I remember your name being said a lot on the radio broadcasts of the games," he said.

My parents, both working at the college, tuned into the Rowan Sports quite often. I on the other hand had no interest at all, or at least had no reason to be at the time.

"Cool, bud!" Matt said. "I can't play anymore though. I'm in my fifth year."

"Aw, that sucks, dude."

"But, Matt's thinking about playing another sport this spring," I said, grinning.

Matt glared at me, knowing exactly what I was going to say.

"Really? What's that?" Chuck asked.

"Baseball," I answered, grinning.

"What position do you play?" my Mom asked from the kitchen.

"He plays catcher," I answered before Matt had a chance to answer.

"Cool!" Chuck exclaimed.

"Uh, Joe...." Matt said, slowly.

Seeing the look on Matt's face was enough to push me over the edge and break out in laughter.

"I'm only kiddin," I told Chuck. "He doesn't even like baseball."
"Aw," my brother said.

Matt quickly changed the subject after that. Finally, it was time to eat dinner. It wasn't a fancy dinner, we weren't fancy eaters in my family, but it was a home cooked meal and that was good enough!

Dinner was over all too soon and Matt, the gentleman he is, even helped with clearing the table afterwards. We got around to joking around about my eating and my messiness.

"Joe, he's a keeper," My mom said, after he offered to help clean up.

I just smiled, proud of my boyfriend. "Well, someone has to be the cleaner upper. I'm sure you know by now the trail of crumbs and sticky handles Joe leaves in the kitchen," Matt said, grinning at me.

"Yes, believe me, we know," my Dad said laughing. I glared at both of them.

"And it seems to me that Kev and Jay know it too," Matt said, referring to my college roommates. "They've told me some stories about what Joe leaves lying around in the apartment."

"I'd believe it," my Mom said.

"All right, that's enough!" I said, not wanting the conversation to go any further.

"Why?" my Mom said, laughing.

"Well, then, I'm going upstairs!" I said, in mock anger.

"Okay, don't fall up the steps," Matt said, chuckling.

"Oh you know him too well!" my mom exclaimed, smiling.

"Yep, that's my Joe," Matt said.

I walked up the steps to get some things that I wanted to grab from my room before we headed back to the apartment on campus. I came back down a few minutes later.

"Well, you ready?" I asked, coming into the family room.

"Aw, already?" Matt asked, sounding disappointed.

"Yeah, I've got some homework to do tonight."
"Homework?" my brother asked. "When do you do homework?"

"That's enough out of you," I said, smiling. "Actually, I want to show you the rest of my keyboard setup before we leave. Come on."

I led Matt down the basement steps where my two older keyboards were.

"Actually," I whispered in his ear. I put my arms around him. "This is what I wanted to do down here."
We kissed in the middle of the dimly lit basement. It felt so right, kissing him in my house. The night had been a success.

"I love you," I whispered.

"I love you, too," he whispered back.

We walked back upstairs with grins on our faces.

My brother walked past us as we stood at the top of the steps and mummered to me, "You slut!"

It was now 8PM and I had to get back to do some shit for school. Matt had to go back and do his thing at the Rec Center.

"Well, thanks, Mr. And Mrs. E for everything. It was great meeting you," Matt said, extending his hand to my Dad. My sister was not far behind, wanting to get a hug from this stud that I brought home.

We walked towards the door. My mom and dad seemed very pleased with my boyfriend. "Thanks," I said, as Matt opened the front door.

After we got back to school, I went to my apartment to write a paper for literature and Matt went to the rec center as usual. I'm handing the story over to the neutral narrator now.

Hi! It's good to be back. As Joe said, Matt went to the Rec Center for his usual four times a week workout. He said hi to the usual crowd that was there in the free weights room. He began to work on his biceps. As he was lifting, he noticed a pair of eyes on him that he had never noticed before. He was used to be glanced at every now and then in admiration of his body, and that was cool with him. But he wasn't used to being stared at, and this person was staring. Staring to the point of being uncomfortable.

If anything, Matt thought to himself, he could stare back. As he paid more attention to this person as he continued through his workout, he began to check the person out. Of course it was a guy, a guy with the build of Matt, but about 6" shorter. Needless to say, after a while, Matt was intrigued. After the other guy noticed Matt was staring at him back, the other guy seemed to have disappeared. Matt shrugged his shoulders and continued working out.

"Hey, bud, could you spot me?" a voice asked Matt from behind.

Matt turned around and saw the guy who was checking him out earlier.

"Uh, sure," Matt said, surprised that a young sounding voice could come out of such a body.

The guy smiled at Matt, showing him his perfectly straight teeth. He had strawberry-blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smooth body. He had a wife-beater on with blue mesh Nike shorts.

"Name's Matt," Matt said, extending his hand.

"Peter, Peter North," the guy said.

Matt couldn't control his laughter. "Peter North? As in the porn actor?" (for those of you who don't watch straight porn, Peter North is a well-known porn actor My roommate Ro showed me a porn with him in it. He's good...if only he was gay).

"Yeah, I knew you'd get a kick out of it," Peter said. "That's why I said it."
"You mean your last name isn't North, bud?"

"Nah, but I like the reaction it gets," Peter answered. He got on the bench and Matt gently lowered the barbell down for him to do the chest press. All the while, Peter's eyes were locked in on Matt's eyes. Matt didn't know where this was going, but he sure wasn't going to fight it now.

With more weight than Matt figured he could press, Peter got through 12 reps. During the whole time, Matt was observing Pete's pecs and triceps work. He could see the sweat beading off Pete's shoulders and arms and forehead. Pete's grunting wasn't doing anything to help Matt get his mind off the sexual features.

"Dude, I'm done," Pete said bring Matt down a notch.

Matt grabbed the weights and set them in their rest. Peter sat up on the bench and smiled at Matt.

"Whew!" Pete said. "Thanks! You wanna get in too?"

"Sure," Matt answered, smiling. Pete got up off the bench. Matt tried to clear the space between Pete and the bench, but somehow, he felt Pete brush up against him. He could Peter's bulge brushing up against him. Matt grinned at Pete as he sat down on the bench. Pete put on 40 more pounds, at Matt's request, and lowered the weight down to Matt. Matt looked at Pete's face through the whole set. When he was done, Pete pulled the weights off of Matt and set them down.

Not much more was said between them as they went through their three sets. Matt was done his workout for the night, being that he had been there for two hours.

"Well, Pete, I guess I'll see you around," Matt said, grabbing his towel and flinging it over his shoulder.

Pete grinned at Matt. Could it be his imagination or had the bulge in his shorts grown more? "See you around, Matt."

Matt went over to stretch his muscles out. Not surprisingly, Pete was over there in 10 minutes.

"You done too, bro?" Matt asked.

"Yeah," Pete answered.

"I've never seen you here before," Matt said, getting up.

"I don't usually come at night."

"Oh, I see," Matt said. Again, Matt could feel Pete's eyes on him. And to tell you the truth for some reason, it turned him on.

"Man, how did you get to be so big?" Pete finally asked.

"Lots of work, bro, lots of work. But hey, what are you talking about? You're looking pretty fine too!" Matt said, smiling.

Pete got up and put his hand on Matt's shoulder. "Cool, thanks, bud."

"I don't think you'll have any trouble picking up who ever you try to pick up," Matt said, with a slight hint of a come on.

"You're right," Pete answered. He continued stretching. Matt slowly walked towards the door to go down the steps and out of the facility. He turned around once to find Pete staring at probably what was his ass. Their eyes met, and they both grinned. Matt turned around once again and left.

Not surprisingly, Pete followed Matt after 10 seconds. Matt went down to change in the locker room. He had a locker because he sometimes swam and kept his running sneakers in them as well. He didn't feel like walking back to his apartment in shorts and sleeveless tee. Pretty soon, he felt someone was following him down the hall to the locker room. He looked behind him.

"What?" He asked, smiling at Pete. "You stalkin' me or something bro?"

"What if I was?" Pete asked, smiling as well.

"I'd say you were stalkin' the wrong guy!"

Pete laughed.

They both walked into the locker room together. Matt went to where his locker was. Pete went to where his was. Which was in the same row of lockers.

Fuck me, thought Matt to himself.

Pete took his shirt off, and revealed his supremely cut abs. Matt couldn't help but stare. Pete acted like Matt was not watching and just went on about his business. He took off his sneakers and stripped down to his jock. He grabbed his cock through the material and rubbed it slowly. Matt's eyes were fixated on it. Suddenly, Pete looked up at Matt while he was rubbing his cock.

"See something you like perhaps?" Pete asked, softly. His voice resonated through the locker room.

"No comment," Matt said, licking his lips, taking his eyes off Pete's body for a split second. If he wants to play this game, then I can too, he thought. He began to take off his shirt. Apparently, Pete liked what he saw, since he could keep his eyes off Matt's cut, smooth, sweat covered body. He took off his shorts, revealing his boxers. Unfortunately, Matt didn't know his cock was peaking through the fly and it hung out there for Pete to see. Embarrassed, Matt quickly moved to shove his cock back in the fly.

"Aw," Pete said softly. "Don't put it back in...."

By this time, Pete had moved over closer to Matt and ran his finger up and down Matt's chest and stomach. Matt sighed a heavy sigh as he felt the touch of another muscle stud.

"You gonna take a shower, bud?" Pete asked, in a raspy voice.


"Come on, no one's here right now. Just you and me," Pete said, as he grabbed Matt's cock.

"Aw...." Matt groaned as he threw his head back and closed his eyes.

Pete moved closer and pressed his chest against Matt's. Different, Matt thought. Matt always went for the less muscular guys, and this was Matt's first muscle stud. But then something popped up in his head. The light came on.

"No, dude, I can't," Matt said, moving away suddenly. "I'm sorry, bud."

"Aw...why? I can tell you like me," Pete said, seductively.

"Yeah, I do, but that ain't enough. I just can't."
Pete looked confused.

"Listen, I've got someone," Matt said, moving over to his locker. He started to put his shirt on again.

Pete didn't say anything except sit down on the bench again. Matt put on his jeans and sat down on the bench.

"It's not even safe here, even if I was single," explained Matt.

"Yeah, but that's the thrill of it," Pete said.

Matt said nothing as he tied his sneakers on. He looked at Pete almost naked sitting next to him and grinned.

"Bud, you're a hot mother fucker. Don't get me wrong, okay? But I'm with someone. I gotta get out of here," he said getting up. He gathered up his stuff, closed his locker, put on his jacket, and turned again to Pete.

"I'll see you around?"

"Yeah, Matt. I'm sure you will," he said with a grin on his face. "Thanks for spotting me."

"No problem, bud. Just don't try anything more and we'll be cool okay?"

"Yeah, but it'll be hard to resist."
Matt laughed. "See you around, Pete."

Matt left the rec center, tired, horny, but happy. What a night not to be able to go over to Joe's. The fraternity was wrapping up their pledge period and it was a function that he needed to be at. But that was an hour away. He came to an empty apartment. A smile came over his face when he came up with an idea he knew Joe would enjoy.

(Joe returns as the narrator).


"Little bud!" Matt's voice said.

"Matt! You're just what I needed. An excuse to stop writing my paper."

"And you're just what I needed. Only what I need would take more time than I have."

I laughed.

"Actually, as you know, I've got a function going on in less than an hour. I was wondering, though, what are you wearing?"


"What are you wearing?" he asked again.

I smiled into the phone as I liked the way this was going. I was writing my paper, stroking my dick absentmindedly and getting horny.

"Why don't you come over and find out?"

"Wish I had time to, bud."
"Well, t-shirts, jeans, the usual," I answered, reaching into my pants and position my stiff hard on to a more comfortable position.

"No I mean, what do you have underneath it?"

Matt whistled into the phone. "Just how I like my little bud."

"You know it, man," I said, stroking slowly on my cock. "So, what are you wearing?"

"Uh, t-shirt and jeans."

"Yeah? Take the t-shirt off, man. Expose your hot chest man."


"Do it!" I hissed.

I heard him set the phone down. A few second later he came back and said, "Okay, bud, it's off."

"Do the same to your pants," I said, stroking my balls.

I heard him grunt as he took off his pants.

"Now what?"

"Dude, you've never done this before?"

"Not really, bud. But the thought just popped into my mind and I had to beat off or else I'd never make it through the night," Matt answered.

"Hmm...what underwear do you have on?"

"Just my jock," he said.

I moaned when he said that. "Damn, I wish I was there now."

"I wish you were too, bud. I'm as hard as a rock, talking to you like this."

"Man, if I were there, I'd fuckin' have you fuck my tight ass."

"Damn, Joe. Stop!"

"That's the whole point Matt. Take the jock off now."

"Fuck, all right," he answered.

"You strokin' it?"

"Yeah," he answered.

"Now imagine my mouth on it."

He moaned softly as I assume he began to stroke it. I was turned on by the mental picture I had in my head of him stroking his cock.

"Yeah, I can just see your big body with you jerking off. Rea hot," I said.

"Yeah, are you beating off too?" He asked, softly.

"Oh yeah, bud," I answered.

"Damn, that's hot," he said. "I'd love to just watch you beat off, Joe."
"Oh yeah?" I moaned.

"Aw.....fuck...yeah." He said.

"Do me a favor, Matt....I wanna hear you moan. Play with your ass as you stroke your cock."

I could hear the phone move as I assume he placed the phone between his hsoulder and face.

"Aw, yeah, bud," he said. "Fuck, that feels good," He said.

"Yeah....man....come on work that ass for me..."

"Yeah...just a sec, bud. I've got lube somewhere."

"Aw...man....you want me to fuck that ass of yours?"
"Yeah, bud....I'm lubin' up my finger now....ooo...."

"Yeah, finger your tight ass man. Loosen it up," I said, getting louder.

"Fuck, man....aww...."

"Is it in there?"

"Aw, fuck yeah," he growled into the phone. "Aw, it feels so fuckin' good, bro."

By now, I was stroking faster, turned on by his moaning. "Fuck, Matt. You're making me hot," I said. "Come on, let me hear you moan..."

"Fuck, Joe, I want....uh...aw....that cock of yours up my fuckin' ass..."

"Yeah? I wanna feel your tight ass around my cock, too, man," I said.

"Come on, Joe, fuck me....aww...."
"Yeah, I'm fuckin' your tight ass, looking into your eyes, feeling your fuckin' hot body...damn..."

"Bang those fuckin' balls against my ass...aw, man......oh....yeah..."

I could tell by the moans he was getting close, as was I.

"I'm gonna shoot it in your ass now, babe," I said, getting very close. The pitch in my moaning was getting higher and louder.

"Aw, yeah, babe, shoot it up my ass..." he said, between his gasps.

"Yeah, you want it, fuckin' stud....aww....yeah...here it comes, babe!" I yelled out, as I felt my first spurt shoot out on to my face.

"Aw, Joe...aw...I'm gonna cum...fuck..."

We both moaned as we shot our loads. All too soon it was over.

"Whew!" I sighed. "Aw, fuck, that was good!"

"Fuck, man. That was hot," he said. "I shot it up to my face!"

"Damn, I wish I could've been there to see that!"

"I wish you were too, bud. I wish you were too."

"Now I gotta find something to clean it up with," I said, looking at my cum soaked chest.

"Me too, bud. I gotta go though."

"I know, babe. Behave tonight. Don't put the postulants through too much trouble."

"I'll try not to," Matt said, laughing. "You have to edit the film tomorrow right?"

"Yep. Well, hell night is tomorrow night, so I doubt I'll be free then either."

"Man, that sucks. Well, there's always next week right?"

"Yep and after next week, we have finals!"

"Shit, man. This year is going by so fast," I said.

"Yeah, since I met you, the time has been flying by, bud," he said, softly.

"Aw, man. Don't make me get all emotional," I said, chuckling. "I love you. Have fun tonight."

"I love you too, babe. Good night," he said.

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