Joe, The Man XX

"Joe: Top Man or Bottom Man?"

By Joey E

In the launch of TWO new series, one posted and one in the works, I also found the time to go back to this one, my all-time favorite. I left Joe and Matt unmarried, but about to be married. So here is the twentieth installment of Joe, The Man. I hope you enjoy it and that it lives up to the rest of the series.

Thanks again to my readers for their support, above all Matt, the inspiration for Matt in this story. Now the legal stuff. If you are under 21 (or 18 in some areas), you are not permitted to read this. If you are not able to stomach two gay guys in love, having sex, etc., don't read this. This series is a work of fiction. All rights of this series belongs to Joey E, the author. No unauthorized reproduction is permitted without the written consent of the author.

Believe it or not, I was up before my man was. I got out of bed and went into the kitchen to get myself a bowl of Cinnamon Life cereal. I went into the living room and turned on the TV. As I was eating, my mind flashed back to the previous night. Wow, I thought to myself. Wow. I danced with a porn star. I hooked up with a porn star! I smiled to myself.

"Hung over, Little Bud?" a deep, soft voice said.

I looked up and saw my man, standing in the hallway. I smiled at him. "No, man, I feel fine," I said.

He frowned and said, "You fuckin' bastard. You never get a hangover!"

I laughed. He then smiled and walked over to me. He was wearing nothing but his boxer shorts. And, as usual when he first woke up, there was a tent in them. He sat down next to me and I looked over at him. He smiled at me. He adjusted himself and I looked down at what he had. His dick popped out of his fly and I smiled.

"Somethin' come up dude?" I asked.

He looked down at his cock hangin' or rather pointing out of his fly. He smiled back at me and said, "I'm afraid so, bro. Wanna do something about it?"

I looked at him with a deadpan expression on my face. "Nah, I had my share last night."

He put his strong arm around my neck and said, "You little runt! Now you're gonna pay." He was laughing by this point.

"Sure, Piazza. How's the groin injury doin'?"

"Oh, now you're gonna pay!"

He lowered me so that my face was right in front of his cock.

"Now suck it," he said, in a low, commanding voice.

I opened my mouth to take it in and he let go of my neck. I took it in and started sucking slowly. God, it tasted so good. Don't know why, but it just did. I inhaled and took in the scent of pure man. I went back down on him, playing with his balls as I sucked him.

He gently moved me so he could lie down on the couch. He motioned for me to turn so that my cock would be in front of his face. But as it turns out, it wasn't my cock he was after. He spread my legs immediately and just dove right in between my ass cheeks. His tongue brushed against my hole and I moaned in pleasure. I went right back to his cock, taking it down my throat. I felt his tongue lick around my ass, getting it nice and wet. He ate my ass out, which drove me absolutely crazy.

I turned around to look in back of me and I could see his eyes focused on me. He just dove in harder and heavier than before. When he did this, it usually only meant one thing. He was going to fuck me. And there was nothing I could do to change his mind.

"You want to fuck me, don't you, babe?" I asked, in a low, whisper.

"Oh yeah!" he exclaimed before he stuck his tongue in my ass again. I shivered as chills went up my spine.

"Ahhh!" I moaned. It was incredible. Next thing I knew, he had worked his index finger up my hole.

I moaned, quite loudly, and smiled. "Fuck, that feels great."

He started moving his finger gently in and out, giving me a chance to get used to it. He suddenly pulled out and got up.

"Come on," he said, lifting me up in his arms. "Let's go to bed."

"But we were just there," I said, in an innocent voice.

"No use trying to stop me, bud. I get what I want, and," he started to say, holding me tighter, and looking directly into my eyes," I want that ass of!"

He carried me in his arms like a baby to the bed room, which isn't hard, given the size difference between us. He laid me down on the bed on my back. He got a bottle of Wet and smeared it on his hard seven incher. He then gently rubbed around my ass hole, lubing me up. He then pushed a finger inside again and I moaned.

He leaned up and kissed me on the lips, his hand on the back of my head, pulling me closer to him. I felt so good right now it didn't matter to me that my ass was about to be torn apart. I looked up at him and melted away. His fuckin' hot chest with those incredible pecs of his. He still kept it smooth, mostly for me. I reached up with my hand and felt his muscular chest and then pinched his nipple. He moaned and stuck two fingers in my ass.

I screamed out in pain. He stopped pushing, but didn't take his fingers out. After a few seconds, I nodded to him and he continued loosening me up. God, it hurt like a bitch. But I knew my man wanted it, and I wanted to give it to him. He pushed up harder with his two fingers, and brushed up against my prostate once again. I reached down to stroke my cock to find precum dripping down. I was ready. And what's more, I actually wanted it.

"Go ahead, dude, I'm ready," I said, softly, looking into his eyes.

His eyes lit up and he smiled. He took his two fingers out, leaving me with an empty feeling. He then lubed up his cock again, stroked it a few time, and then rubbed it against my ass.

"You fuckin' tease..." I said.

"What? What do you want?" he said, playfully.

"Fuck, man, you know what I want..."

"Yeah, but I want to hear you say it, bud..."

"Ah, man...I want you inside me, man," I said, almost begging.

"Do you? Do you want to feel my hard cock inside your ass?"

"Fuck yeah, come on, babe...I want it..."

He positioned his hard meat against my hole. I braced myself for the pain. He started pushing slowly and eventually, it went in.

I shot up as soon as he went inside me. "Fuck!" I yelled. I literally saw stars as he inched his way inside. It was so big and thick. I looked up at his face, his eyes focused on my face as he pushed further. Finally, I felt his balls against my ass. I let out a sigh. The pain was still there, but it was less than it was before.

"I love your ass, Joe. God, it's so tight," he whispered. He leaned over and kissed me, his body touching mine. We deeply kissed and he started moving ever so slowly in and out of my ass. It was a mix of pleasure and pain, but he was so tender and gentle. He wrapped his arms around me and I felt safe and secure. I moaned softly.

He started moving in faster and stronger. I was fuckin' ready for it too.

"Yeah, come on, dude, fuck me harder," I said. His tempo increased as well as the force behind every thrust.

"Aw, fuck, I love your fuckin' ass," he moaned. "I fuckin' love you, bud!"

I moaned as he shoved it in me as far as it would go. "Yeah, come on, man, fuck me hard."

This dialogue went on for a good fifteen minutes. Matt never could last long inside my ass in the few times that we did it. And I was amazed he was holding up this long. He just kept ridin' my ass and by now, I had a puddle of precum on my stomach.

He pulled out of me and said, "Get on all fours, dude. I wanna try it this way," he said.

I did it without even thinking and he was soon back inside my ass. Only this time, he had his hands on my shoulders, pulling me into him as he thrusted into me. By this time, I was practically screaming from the pain and the pleasure of it all.

Suddenly, I felt a strange feeling building up and I wasn't even touching my cock.

"Fuck, Matt, I think I'm gonna cum from you pounding my ass," I moaned.

"Oh fuck, yeah, little bud, shoot your load," he said, fucking me even harder. I felt his balls slapping against my ass. He let out a high pitched moan which sent me over the edge.

"I'm gonna cum, babe," I yelled out.

"Me too, bud," he said. He lifted me up, wrapping his arm around my chest. I grabbed my cock and began shooting right as I grabbed it. Cum went everywhere. On me, on him, on the bed. I then felt something explode inside my ass as he let out a loud "Aww...fuck!"

I felt his body tremble against mine as he shot his load deep inside me. Though it only probably lasted fifteen seconds, it seemed like eternity. He kissed me on the cheek. I slowly got up off of his softening dick and turned around to kiss him. We wrapped our arms around each other, and fell to the bed in exhaustion.

"Little bud," he said, stroking my hair.


"Thanks," he said.

"For what?"

"For letting me take your ass. I know it's not something you really like, but I just have to have it sometimes."

"I know, man. Although it hurts, I know that it's something you want, and well, it gives you so much pleasure. And I'd be a fool not to let you have it every now and then."

He laughed. "Was it good?"

I sighed. "Oh yeah....fuck it was awesome!"

He smiled and we kissed again.

Since it was the weekend, we usually took a shower together, which is what we did. We got dressed, got ready for the day, and sat down in the living room.

"Shit, don't we have to do something this afternoon?" I said, suddenly remembering that we DID have to do something.

"Uh, no," Matt said, smiling.

"Weren't we going to get together with Jay or something?"

"Well, did I have something to do then?"

"Yeah, me," he said.

"Shut up," I said, laughing. "No, I seem to remember having plans with someone..."

"Bud, remind me to not fuck you as hard next time. Every time I do that, you become stupid for the next day and a half..."

I laughed again. It always seemed to be that way, actually. My mind just wasn't the same after he made love to me.

"We get married in two weeks, can you believe it?" he asked.

"Actually, yes, I can," I said, kissing him lightly on the lips.

"Well, we need to talk more about the wedding, bud. Who are we getting to perform the ceremony?"

"A friend of mine. He's a gay priest."

"A gay priest?"

"Yeah," I answered.

"Which one?"

"Good point," I said, laughing at the stereotype of priests. "He's a guy I knew in college. He went into the priesthood shortly after he graduated."

"When did you talk to him?"

"Oh, last night before I went out. I'm sorry, I forgot to mention it what with all the celebration and shit."

"Yeah, that's understandable. It sucks that it won't be legal or anything."

"Hey, it's all we need to know, right?"

"True, bud. I'm a little bit nervous about the whole thing. Aren't you?"

"Yes, I am. I'm terrified mostly about having it in my fuckin' back yard."

"HeY! I just remembered what we had to do today. My parents are coming down to take us out to dinner!" he exclaimed.

"See!! I knew we had to do something! What time are they getting here?"

"They said around four," he replied.

I always felt uncomfortable around Matt's parents for some reason. We had only met twice before. But since I was marrying their son, I knew I'd have to get used to them.

"Don't worry, Little Bud, you'll be fine. I told you, Mom thinks your great. Dad is, well, Dad."

"He's as big as you are...and slightly more intimidating!"

He laughed. Don't let him fool you about that. Mom's always been in charge. And, after all, I was a bit nervous around your parents at first."

"Yeah, that's true. Oh well, it's like three now. I guess we should pick up the mess around here before they get here."

We spent the next half hour cleaning our apartment. There wasn't much to clean up, but we got rid of all signs of sex and vacuumed as well. We changed into some nicer clothes for dinner and as soon as we were ready, there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it, bud," he said, walking out of the bedroom.

"Hey Matt!" I heard a booming voice say, as soon as he opened the door.

"Hi, honey," I heard his mom say.

"Come in."

I took a deep breath and stepped out of the bed room and walked down the short hallway to greet his parents.

"Hey, Joe," his Dad said, sticking his hand. I shook it firmly and smiled.

His mom came towards me and hugged me. I smiled at Matt.

"Well, we're ready," Matt said.

"Great, well, then, let's go," his Dad said, smiling.

They were very pleasant people. I could see where Matt got his looks from. His overall size and masculinity came from his father. His dad was about 6'3", probably 200lbs, and looked good for being over 50. Matt's face though came more from his Mom's side. She had the green eyes and those dimples. She also looked good for her age. She was also decidedly shorter than her husband at only around 5'2". Apparently it was like father like son.

We went to the local Mall area and decided on Italian. We went inside the Olive Garden and were seated immediately, amazingly.

"So, two weeks huh?" Matt's Dad said.

"Yep," Matt said, smiling over at me.

"Yes sir, Mr. ..."

"Joe, what did I tell you to call me?" his Dad asked me in mock annoyance.

"Sorry, Mr...uh....Jim..." I said, turning red.

"Oh, Dad, knock it off," Matt said, smiling. "You can call him asshole for all I care," he said to me.

"Hey," Matt's Dad, Jim said. "That's enough from you too!"

"Here we go again," his Mom said, rolling her eyes.

I couldn't help but laugh.

"So, you are coming right?" I asked them both.

"Sure, we want to meet your parents too," his Mom said.

"Cool and they really want to meet you too, Mrs...uh...I mean...Nancy.."

"That's more like it!" Matt's Dad exclaimed.

The waitress came by and we ordered. It was a very relaxing time after that. It was a little unnerving to notice Matt and I had a similar relationship that his parents did. They were always kidding each other around, but always supporting each other at the same time.

"So, how does your parents feel about having this ceremony in their own backyard?"

"Uh, well, they're not entirely crazy about it, but they clearly want to do it," I replied.

"Well, I can understand that," Matt's Mom said.

"Oh, I talked to Scott and Jimmy," Matt's Dad said. "They're both coming?"

"Yeah, I talked to them the other week. They said they wouldn't miss it for the world..."

"Good," Matt said, smiling at me. "

By that time, our food came by and we ate. I must admit, I did feel more comfortable around his parents as the evening went on. By the end of the meal, we were all laughing. At one point, I thought to myself, this really could work. And it is going to work.

"So, how do you like living with Matt?" his Dad asked me at one point.

"Uh, I guess it's all right."

"Well can you cook?" Nancy asked.

"Well, uh....I can cook scrambled eggs," I said, smiling.

"Oh god, Nancy, no wonder why they look so good. They've been starving themselves. Well, Joe, at least you have one up on Matt. I don't think he can even make scrambled eggs."

"Well there was this one time," I said, smiling at Matt.

"Don't you even..." Matt started to say.

"He tried to make me breakfast in bed. He wanted to make me eggs and bacon. I'll never forget the mess he left in the kitchen. He finally made the eggs. He started out with a dozen. When he was done, he had about two left. I only wanted three!"

His parents laughed.

"Hey, bud, you're no chef yourself..."

"True, true. It was the thought We eat out a lot," I explained, laughing.

The entire evening was a success. We all went back to our place after dinner and Matt's parents soon took off. It was just the two of us again.

"See, Little Bud? A piece of cake."

"Yep, as usual, you were right, bud. I love you," I said as I kissed him. He threw his arms around me and lifted me up.

I got to thinking about when Matt told his parents about us. It was about a year ago, right after we graduated from college. I remember him telling me the story like it was yesterday....

(This is a flashback sequence, told by Matt)

"Mom, Dad, I'm home!" I yelled, as I walked through the door.

"We're in here, Matt," my Dad's voice said. I walked into the family room and sat down on the Lazy-Boy. They were both sitting on the couch.

"How's it going?" Dad asked.

"All right, bud. Can I talk to you about something?"

My Mom put down her magazine, and my dad turned off the TV with the remote.

"Sure, honey," Mom said. "What is it?"

"Well, uh, I don't know how to say this, but..." I was sweating and shaking. I had never been so scared in my life. My parents were cool people. I knew that they probably wouldn't freak out or anything. But, still, I was nervous.


"What is it, son," Dad asked.

"Well..." I said, taking a deep breath. I looked at both my parents and then turned to the floor.

"...I am dating someone." I looked back up at them.

My Dad took a deep breath and sighed. "We knew that..."

"But you don't know who, do you?"

"Our sources say it's a guy named Joe..." Dad said.

"WHAT?" I screamed. "How the hell did you know that?"

Mom smiled at me. "Scott told us about two months ago."

I immediately wanted to kill my older brother. I was angry. He swore he wouldn't tell anyone.

"That little basta..."

"Now, don't get upset, bud. He told us because we basically asked him. We suspected it for a while."

I slumped back in the chair. "" I asked.

"Well, it began when Dirk died, and how you reacted to his death. There was just something about the way you two interacted that made me suspicious. As usual, though, your Dad was clueless."

My Dad laughed. "I had no clue, son. But when your mother brought it up, it made me think..."

"And you're cool with it?"

"Well, at first I wasn't. But then, your Mom put some sense into was quite a shock, but at the same time, wasn't."

"Fuck," I muttered under my breath. I looked up at them again. "Thanks."

"It doesn't make us love you any less," Mom said.

"Well, the idea of my son sucking cock isn't the most appealing thing in the..."

"James!" my Mom said with that tone in her voice.

"What hun?" Dad asked, surprised.

"Sucking cock?" Mom asked, slowly.

I just had to laugh at them. They were perfectly matched in the weirdest way. It was weird but it worked for them completely. They were one of the happiest married couples I ever knew. And the best parents in the world.

That completes this chapter of the Joe and Matt saga. I'm not sure when I will write another part to this, but in the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, send them to Thanks.