Welcome to the third installment of Joe, The Man. This is the sequel series to Dan, The Man. It was posted originally with the title of Starting Over Again. This is the re-edited, re-formatted version. I'd like to thank everyone who has responded. I really appreciate it. 

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Joe, The Man, Part III
"Jason and Matt"
By Joey E

"Man, no, I don't think we should do this," I said, surprised at my reaction myself.

"What do you mean?" asked Sean, frustrated, stopping in his tracks.

"I don't feel right, man, I just don't. I like you a lot, don't get me wrong."

"Well, then why not?"

"Because you're my boyfriend's brother!" I shouted.

"You just said yourself you were having feelings for me, man. I mean, it's not like we're complete strangers dude. We are friends!"

"Yeah, and I'd like us to stay as friends. Adding sex to a friendship can fuck it up for good," I said, from experience.

"Oh, come on, Joe. We just admitted that we liked each other and all," he said.

"I know, but it's wrong!" I said, not exactly knowing where these lines were coming from.


"I told you man, because you are my boyfriend's brother!"

"Yeah well, your boyfriend, my brother, is dead! And there's nothing that you and I can do to bring him back!" he yelled.

That hurt me. That really fuckin' hurt me to the bone. I had to regain control after that one. I just glared at him, right in the eyes. I didn't know what I was going to do next, either cry or lose my temper. I tried to stay calm and even. He looked at me, in fear now because he could see the look in my eye. 

I think Sean had just realized what he said. He gave me this look of hurt and rejection that I'll never forget. He said, quietly," I think I better leave, Joe."

I didn't say anything to him. I was still getting over what he had said to me earlier about Dan being dead. I heated up again and glared at him.

"Sean, get the hell out of hear!" I said, evenly.

Sean looked at me for a moment, and then turned quickly away and walked out the bedroom door. I heard him say bye to Kev and I just laid down on my bed and stared at the top bunk above me. 

"FUCK!" I yelled into my pillow. 

I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I removed the pillow and saw Kev in the doorway. 

"Hey man, are you okay?" he asked.

"No, but what's new?" I asked, smiling.

"Well, there's someone here to see you," he said.

"Oh fuck, that's right!!" I said, jumping up out of bed, remember Louis was coming by at 8 tonight. I went out to the living room, and saw the blonde stud himself sitting on my couch. 

"Hey, man what's going on?" I asked, cooly.

"Not much, man. How are you doing?"

I laughed at the question and said, "Not so good, man."

"Dude, seriously, you look like you could use a major drink," he said, looking me over.

"Yeah, I probably could," I said. "What did we say we were doing tonight?"

"Nothin, we were going to agree on something when I got here."

"Oh, okay, well, then, we're goin' to Philly!" I said.

Lou jumped up and said, "I'm all for that, man!"

"Cool, let's roll," I said, grabbing my hat off the TV. We were off in no time.

Meanwhile, Sean had left Joe's apartment in confusion, feeling rejected and hurt and embarrassed. The second time he had felt that way this weekend, actually. He walked around the complex and took the long way back to his dorm. He saw Joe and this blonde kid get into the car, and drive off. That only made him feel worse. He wanted someone to turn to. Joe was mad at him and Dan was gone, His roommates didn't know, and Paul didn't want anything to do with him. He was alone. He turned back around and headed to Joe's apartment again, hoping Kevin was still there. 

Kev was walking out the door, when he saw Sean walking towards him. He sort of felt bad for the kid, being rejected by two people in two days for reasons beyond him. He called out his name.


Sean looked up and saw Kevin in the doorway of the apartment. He walked a little faster towards him.

"Yo Man, what's up?" Kev asked when Sean finally approached him.

"Can you take me to Paul's?" Sean asked him.

"Why, man? You know he doesn't want to see you."

"Because I want to see him, and it'll be good for him to see me," Sean said, frustrated. 

"Man, I can't do that to him. And I need to get some shit done"

"Come on, Kevin, please. I'm begging you," Sean pleaded. 

Kev understood what Sean was saying. "You really like the kid, don't you?" 

"Yeah, I do," Sean said.

"More than Joe?" Kev asked.

Sean raised an eyebrow on that question. "Yeah, more than Joe, if you must know."

"Okay, man, come on, get in the car," He said, opening the car door for him.

Sean smiled. "Thanks, man," he said.

They rode over to Paul's house. Paul's brother answered the door. 

"Yo, is Paul in?" Kev asked. 

"Yeah, he's in the living room," he said, opening the door. 

"Cool," Paul said, walking through with Sean following.

Paul was sitting on the couch in the living room, watching TV. 

"Hey Paul," Kev said. Paul looked up at the two faces in the door way. 

"What the hell are you doing here?" he scowled at Sean.

That was too much for Sean to take. He finally cracked in anger, not in sadness.

"You fuckin' piece of shit. What the hell is your problem?" he asked in a raised voice. "You think you're better than me? Is that what this all about? You think that you're normal and I'm different? Is that why you can't talk to me?" 

Sean moved in and walked right in front of Paul. Paul looked up at him in shock.

"You're no more normal than I am, you fuckin' liar. That's what your life is, a fuckin' lie! Go ahead, Paul. Run away from it. Run as far as you can. It'll come back to you, stronger than the last time, man. Trust me, I know!"

Kev was thoroughly shocked at this reaction. "Guys, I think we better take this some place else, like the apartment. Or at least outside," he said, hoping to God that Paul's parents weren't home or listening.

"No, man. I'm sick of being put on by this fucker. I'm sick of being put on by everyone," Sean yelled with tears in his eyes. 

"Hold it Sean!" Paul said, jumping up in Sean's face. "Kev's right, I'll go back to the apartment with you."

They were all in Kev's car in no time and back in the apartment. Nothing was said on the car ride back. Kev was sort of glad about that. Unfortunately, Kevin had to leave, feeling a little nervous leaving the two alone.

Sean and Paul sat on the two couches that was adjacent to each other. Both of them would catch the other person looking at them, but no one dared to talk. Finally, Paul started the conversation.


Sean looked up into Paul's eyes. "Yes?" he asked, very low.

"Fuck man, I don't know what's wrong with me."

"Dude, there is nothing wrong with you, when will you learn that?" Sean interrupted.

"Yeah, well, that's what you think, man," Paul responded.

"You are perfect," Sean started and then lowered his voice, "At least to me."

Paul looked in to Sean's eyes and saw nothing but honesty and truth. "Really?"

"Yes, Paul. I couldn't understand why you did what you did last night, man. You're good looking, you're young, you've got a great personality, and you're just a great person in general."

"Gee, when you put it that way, you make it sound so good," Paul said, smiling in spite of himself.

"That's because you are! Can't you see that?" Sean asked.

Paul paused for a moment. "Sean, do you want to know what I see when I see myself? I see someone who's not sure he's been loved ever, someone who doesn't know he can love someone else. I see someone who's not sure of what he wants. God I'm so confused."

Sean's heart went out to Paul. Like Paul, Sean had doubts when he came to terms with himself. Sean had come out to one of his closer friends in high school, which made it a little easier, but still frustrating. He had come to terms with it better because he knew what he wanted and that was that. 

Paul on the other hand, had a very low self-esteem at times, and was very careful in protecting himself. He didn't take criticism very well, but handed it out to anyone else, including Joe (which annoyed the hell out of him). Sean was the only one that was never subject to it. Paul never felt he needed to protect himself around Sean.

Sean moved over to where Paul was sitting. He took him in his arms. Paul thought of escaping the hold, but was very surprised to find that he liked being held by Sean. He stayed there, content and happy for the time being. 

Sean was surprised that Paul had remained in his arms. He leaned down and kissed Paul on his forehead lightly. Paul smiled as he felt Sean's soft lips on his forehead. He looked up into Sean's eyes. Damn he was cute, thought Paul.



"Do you want to kiss me now?" Paul asked.

Sean looked at him, and nodded his head yes. 

"Go ahead, man," Paul said, almost in whisper. "Please, kiss me."

Sean needed no further encouragement and leaned down and kissed Paul on the lips. Paul sat up straight, and went in for another kiss with Sean, this time, longer and open mouthed. Finally, Sean initiated the third one, pulling Paul's head closer with his hand behind Paul's head, and tongues were involved in this one. Paul eagerly fed Sean with his tongue, and Sean eagerly accepted it. They kissed passionately for about five minutes straight. 

Paul was thinking in his mind throughout this ordeal. He concluded that it was what he wanted. It felt right for once be with Sean in the way he had fantasized before, but never told anyone. He broke the kiss.

"I've been a fool, man. I'm sorry," he said, taking Sean in his arms and hugging him.

Sean smiled. "I know," he said. 

Paul laughed at that comment, and looked back into Sean's eyes, breaking the hug. "Man, where did you come from?" he asked, grinning.

"I was just gonna ask you the same thing?" Sean answered, laughing.

Paul became suddenly the dominant one, pushing Sean down on the couch on his back, and climb on top of him, and kissed him some more with passion and heat. They started thrusting their crotches together as Sean's hands moved from Paul's back to his butt, kneading the mounds of muscle. Sean moaned out in pleasure. They could each feel each other's cocks hardening by the seconds.

Sean broke their kissing and asked, Are you sure you want to do this?" 

Paul smiled down at Sean. "Sean, I've been waiting ever since I met you to do this, man. God I've been a fool!"

Sean smiled and said, "Good." Paul got up off of him, by now exposing a nice bulge in his cargo shorts. He looked down at Sean's mesh shorts and saw a very nice tent growing in them. He grabbed the tent with curiosity and smiled. 

"I've never felt another guy's dick before, man," He said.

Sean grinned. "Well, then you're just going to have to."

Paul gave Sean a few strokes up and down. Finally curiosity got to the best of him, and he pulled the waist band and pulled the mesh shorts down. All that was left was the boxer shorts with Sean's dick poking through the fly. Paul helped Sean out of his t-shirt and laid him back down on the couch. Paul was just taken back by Sean's body. 

"Damn," Paul said. "You're all smooth!"

"Naturally," Sean said, smiling. "I noticed you are too."

Paul blushed at that comment. "Hey man," Sean said. "I think it's awesome. It's a real turn on to me."

Paul grinned, and ran his hands over Sean's pecs. "Good."

Paul turned his attention back over to the dick poking out Sean's shorts. He yanked the boxer shorts off as well and just looked at Sean's 6 ½ incher. "Fuck Sean, that's hot," Paul said, feeling his balls and cock. 

"Yeah? Come on, Paul. Play with it, man," Sean said, softly.

Paul went to play, and started stroking Sean's cock, trying to do what he did with his own. It was working, obviously, because Sean looked very relaxed and pleasured. 

Sean opened his eyes to see Paul's beautiful face looking at his cock. Sean grabbed Paul and pulled him up for a kiss. Sean then pushed Paul on the couch, and similarly disrobed Paul, revealing Paul's six incher. 

"God, it's beautiful," Sean whispered, stroking it slowly. 

Paul closed his eyes in pleasure. Sean looked up at Paul's face, enjoying the look. 

"God, you're beautiful," Sean whispered.

Paul opened his eyes and smiled. "You really think so?"

"Dude, of all the guys that I've met, you're the one that I really want."

Paul grabbed Sean, and forced him into another hot kiss. They were soon on top of one another, bare skinned and all, grinding into one another. Paul was more sensitive that Sean was, and was about to cum after about a minute of grinding. 

"Sean, man, keep on doin' that, man, I'm gonna cum," he said.

"Oh yeah?" Sean asked, in a whisper, thrusting away.

"Yeah, shit, man, I'm gonna shoot it!" Paul yelled.

Paul could feel that familiar feeling deep inside of him building up. He gasped and the cried out as he shot a load between the two hot bodies, adding lubricant between them. Sean had never felt anything like that in his life, and became even more turned on. Paul kept shooting, adding more to the collection. 

Finally, Sean felt himself climaxing, announcing, "Paul, man, I'm gonna cum, dude!" He let loose, getting off on Paul's load between them, and added his load to the puddle now between them. It was hot to them, at least.

At last, the two relaxed, with Sean collapsing on Paul. They kissed a long, slow kiss. 

"Excellent," Sean said.

"Really?" Paul asked. 


They laid like that until Sean's weight got to be too much for Paul.

"Sean, uh, I hate to do this, but can you get up now?" 

Sean laughed, knowing why, and said, "Sure, man. You wuss!"

"What?" Paul yelled in defense, laughing. "You're like, uh, 200 pounds?"

Sean got up and yelled back, "No, I'm only 150!"

Paul, still laughing, said, "Well, it certainly felt like 200." Paul got up, and made a face looking down at his stomach covered in cum. "I gotta get something to clean this up, man."

"Yeah, me too," Sean said, wiping his stomach, standing up. 

Paul grabbed some paper towels on the coffee table and gently cleaned off Sean's stomach, chest, and dick. Sean did the same. They stood up and faced each other, hugging and kissing.

"So, now are you confused?" Sean asked, smiling.

"Yes I am, but you've cleared up one confusion," Paul said.

"What's that?"

"I certainly like you, man," he said, smiling.

"Good," Sean said, thinking he could deal with that.

"What's the matter man?" Lou asked, as I pulled out of the parking lot on to the road. 

"Oh, not much," I said, sarcastically. "My late boyfriend's brother just hit on me, my roommate tried to commit suicide last night, and to top it off, I'm starting to have feelings for my boyfriend's brother!"

"Woah," Lou said, in amazement. "That's too deep for me to even start thinking about."

"Yeah, tell me about it. I just want to forget about it for a while though, and have fun tonight," I said, honestly.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Lou said. "I think my roommate just figured out that I am gay."

I looked at Lou for a sec. "Is it good or bad?"

"Well, it's hard to say right now. I didn't mean for him to figure it out right now, but I think he has an idea. He used my computer last night, and I think he got into some things he shouldn't have."

"Oh, I know that feeling," I said. "I remember hiding things from my roommate Roland."

"Who's Roland?" he asked.

"Oh, Roland's my first roommate. We lived together for three years, man. We had a great three years together," I said, reminiscing. 

"Why isn't he your roommate anymore?" 

"Well, you know how I said I lost Dan?" I asked as I was pulling on to the major highway.


"Ro and Dan were in the same car. They both died," I said, keeping my eyes on the road.

"Oh, dude, I'm sorry to hear that," Lou said, placing his hand on my arm.

I patted his hand with my hand, and said, "Yeah, it's okay, taking some time to get used to, but it's okay." 

We chatted the rest of the way, and made it to Philly in about a half hour. It was a Saturday night, so we agreed to head down to Woody's (again for me). In the back of my mind I was a little worried about John being there, but that's where it remained. I was determined to have a good time with this blonde hunk of mine. We kissed in the car before we left it. 

"Dude, promise me something, being that this is the first time we've gone out," Lou said, looking into my eyes. 


"Don't leave without me," He said seriously.

"Dude, I'd never do that to you, just make sure you leave with me and no one else," I said.

"Believe me, it'll be hard not to. I like you a lot Joe," he said. 

We actually took our time in getting to Woody's, being that it was only 9PM. We stopped in at X and O's, a coffee shop (with alcohol) which was right down the street, ordered drinks and sat down and chatted.

"So, I take it you've been here before?" he asked me.

"Yeah, many times,"I answered. "I come in to the city at least I'd say once a week."

"Cool. I'd like to get here more often, but now that I don't have a car, it's a little hard," he said.

"Yeah, I can see that. I mean, I commuted my first two years to school, and then I totaled my car. Rather than buying a new one, I just moved on campus instead!"

Lou laughed a little. "Yeah, that's sort of what happened to me, actually. I had been working full-time and going part-time to the local community college, planning on transferring to the University when I was done. I was planning to commute too, but I had lost my car over the summer, because of my own stupidity, and opted to move on campus."

We talked some more. The conversation drifted away to another subject, one that I wanted to avoid, actually. Our pasts.

"So, Joe, how long did you and Dan actually go out?" he asked.

"We went out for about four months, which seems like a little, but to me, it was eternity. It was the best four months of my life, all because of him."

"I hope I meet someone that makes me feel that way," Lou said, taking out a cigarette.

"Yeah, I hope I do too," I said, lighting mine.

"So, how many boyfriends have you had?"

"Five. And you?"

"Well, I had three in the past," answered Lou.

"Cool," I said.

"Yeah, I only talk to one of them now, though. My ex from high school," he said.

"You dated someone in high school?" I asked.

"Yeah, it as at the very end of the school year, and then for the summer. Then he went off to college. That was the end of that," he said, with no expression.

"Aw, that sucks man," I said.

"No, it wasn't the best anyway. We were better off friends, it turns out."

"Well that's cool. Hey, we might run into one of my ex's tonight," I said. 

They chatted more about their pasts and all that. They soon went to Woody's and went upstairs to the dance floor. IT was about 11PM by the time they got there, and it was packed already.

"Wow," I yelled over the noise. "I've never seen it so busy this early before!"

"Yeah, neither have I," Lou responded. They made their way to the dance floor and found a space. 

I was very impressed at Louis's dancing, if not a little jealous. Whatever I couldn't do, Louis could. For example, I am not a very fluid dancer, not the most smooth, where as Louis had all those moves down. I also couldn't help being turned on by Lou's suggestive dancing. For some reason (maybe it was the alcohol), I grabbed Lou and starting grinding with him. I wrapped his arms around Louis's body and started dancing down on him.

Louis was surprised to say the least, but seemed to be very happy. He had been trying to resist Joe all night, and finally I had made the move. He smiled as he danced to the music feeling me touching his body. I then danced back up on him, and kissed him passionately on the face. 

I don't know why I did that. It was just so hard to resist. My hormones were in full swing and here was this gorgeous 5'7" blonde boy dancing in front of me. WHO WOULDN'T?

I smiled after letting the kiss go, and Lou smiled back at me. We decided to take a break after a while, and sat down in the other room at the bar, just looking at each other. 

"You know, Lou, you are so damn cute," I said, taking a swig of my screwdriver.

Louis smiled, and said, "You are hotter." I blushed at that comment. 

"Man, I needed this tonight," I said, lighting up a cig.

"So did I, dude, so did I." 

We talked about little things. I found out that he had two other siblings, an older brother, and a younger sister, who also went to our university. I told him about my older sister, and younger sister and younger brother. He seemed to be awfully interested in my brother as most gay men are, being that he's 15, 150lbs, 5'11", total high school jock (with brains though) blonde, blue eyes....he's got it all made. Dan liked him too.

We went back to the dance floor and danced some more. The music was all dance music, nothing much you could sing along to, but at least you could dance to it. He approached me this time, dancing up to me from behind. I followed his lead and shook my hips in sync with his. He started licking my neck, and that turned me on to no end. I turned around and kissed him, deeply. I didn't close my eyes and looked right into his this time. It was pure lust. I was very attracted to him. He kept my full attention throughout the night. The only other person that ever had that effect on me was Dan. It was amazing to me.

Just then, Sean and Paul heard someone opening up the front door and coming up the steps. They looked at each other, realizing they were naked as the day they were born. The scurried about, and Paul pushed Sean into his bedroom. 

Justin came in to the apartment after hanging out with some new friends he made from class. He knew he smelled that familiar scent. "All right, who was screwing on the couch?" he yelled.

Sean and Paul didn't say one word. They knew it was Justin, and quite possibly knew that he could come in to the room any second. They silently tried to get dressed.

Justin came to his bedroom door to find it closed. He knocked once.

"Yeah," Paul said.

"It's me, can I come in?" Justin asked.

"No, don't," Paul blurted out.

"Okay. Let me know when I can," Justin said, as if it were no big deal. "You beating off in there?" He yelled.

"No!" yelled Paul. Sean giggled.

"Shut up," Paul whispered. 

Once they were dressed, they both stepped out of the room. Justin was sitting on the couch watching TV, ESPN. Sports Center to be exact. 

"Ah, I see," he said, smiling at both of them.

"You see what?" asked Paul, defensively.

"Oh, come off of it, Paul," Sean said, laughing. "It's clearly okay, Justin's not gonna beat you up or anything. Just admit it!"

Paul looked at Sean as if he were in sane, but then looked at Justin, and back at Sean, and finally smiled and started laughing. Sean sighed in relief, maybe everything will work out after all.

"So, Lou," I asked, taking a sip from my coke (I only drink two drinks when I go out and then I can drive home in two hours, plus two drinks is enough for me!) as we stood at the bar, in the other room on the same floor as the dance floor.

"Yeah?" he said, loudly.

"What kind of guy do you like looking at?" I asked.

He smiled at me, and looked me up and down.

"Well, I like short, young looking, blonde haired guys. And brown haired guys...like you!"

I blushed and grinned. "Aw..." I said, looking away, and returning my gaze to him. I looked down at my watch, just out of curiosity and was amazed that it was 1:30AM.

"Damn! It's 1:30!" I exclaimed.

"Really? Wow."

"Yeah, man. I'm surprised too. Well, I guess I'm not going to Kev's frat party tonight then," I said.

"Oh yeah, that's right," Lou said.

"Well, I'm not too upset about it. After all I had an awfully good time tonight with you," I said, gently touching his shoulder with my hand, looking up into his eyes.

He leaned in and kissed me, softly on the lips. I closed my eyes, and wrapped my arms around him, and gave him a strong, long hug. He returned my strength and then some with his arms around me. It felt so good.

"Well, Joe," he asked, when we released our hug. "You wanna get out

of here soon?"

I nodded and took a last sip of my coke and we were off, hand in hand all the way to the parking garage that was about a block away. We said almost nothing, but we both seemed to be content just in each other's company. At least I know I was.

We made it back to the apartment, tired, but very happy. Paul and Sean were sitting on the couch watching TV, snuggling, with Sean laying in back of Paul with his arms around him. I was surprised to say the least. 

They both looked up at us and smiled. Paul waved.

"Hey, guys," Paul said. "What's up?"

I smiled at both of them, happy for both of them. "Well, I see you two kissed and made up."

"Yeah," Sean replied. "You could say that." He kiss Paul on the


I was surprised to say the least but very happy at the same time. "Good for you, two. I'm very happy for you," I said.

Lou said hi and we both went into my room. Lou slumped down on the bed and sighed. "Joe, I'm so beat, man," He said.

He was sprawled out on my bed, looking more seducing than ever, with his cute body on the bed with his legs hanging off the edge. His legs were muscular with a thin coat of blonde hair covering them. He had on cargo shorts, and I could see the bulge in it. I was developing quite a bulge myself at that point.

I made my way over to bed, and kissed him lightly on the cheek. His face seemed to light up and he kissed me back, lifting his head up off the bed to reach mine. I slowly moved on top of him, and grounded my cock into him, slowly as we kissed more heavily. I felt his hard cock coming to life and I knew he felt mine. It was the beginning of a wonderful night of sex in my bed.

We woke up together the next morning, with Kevin above us. There was a note on the bedroom door that said simply "You Homos!" I laughed to myself. We both put on some clothes, and I grabbed my pack of smokes and headed out to the living room. Justin was up already and was sitting in front of the tube, doing some homework watching TV.

"Doing homework on a Sunday morning? Damn!" I said.

"Yeah, man. I have to do this stupid shit for PreCalc already," he said. "How was your night?"

"Pretty good, man, pretty good. And yours?"

"Oh, I went to Kev's frat house and partied with them, picked up myself a hot chick and got laid!"

"And you're up at 11AM in the morning?" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, I woke up with that damn sun in my eyes."

"Oh, forget to pull down your blinds?"

"Yeah, Paul, didn't do that either. And by the way, there's a strange man in the bed with him. Did he finally come out?" Justin asked, laughing.

"Yeah, I think he did."

"Good for him!"

I opened the door for Lou and he graciously walked out with me behind him. He looked into my eyes.

"Joe," he said, suddenly turning away. "I'm not sure how to say this..."

Oh, shit, I thought. Here it comes. He likes me. That's okay, I like him. 

"Yeah, what is it?" I asked, concerned.

"Well, I think you're a great guy and all. But, I'm just not ready to commit, man. I'm sorry."

I sighed out in relief. I took a deep drag and exhaled. I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder as I faced him. He looked up at me.

"Lou, man. It's okay. I feel the same way. I just don't feel that connection with you for some reason. I mean you're hot and all and you are a nice guy...

He smiled. "Cool. Enough said on that one!"

Lou soon left after that and I went and ate my breakfast. 

Damn, Paul couldn't believe that Sean was still sleeping next to him the next morning. Sean looked so peaceful, just sleeping there quietly, with a faint smile on his face. Paul kissed his face gently, trying not to wake him. It didn't work.

Sean's eyes opened up immediately and smiled when he saw who was with


"Hey, cutie," Sean said to Paul looking up at him.

"Hey, stud," replied Paul.

"How'd you sleep?" Sean asked.

"Very well, thanks, and you?"

"Very well, except for one thing," Sean said. "You snore!"

"I do not!" said Paul, in defense.

"Oh, my god, yes you do!" Sean said, laughing. When he saw the look on Paul's face though, he stopped laughing and said very seriously, "Babe, who cares? I like you for who you are, man."

Paul smiled and sunk back down into bed with Sean, and they both cuddled under the covers some more. They were soon making out, only to be interrupted by Justin.

"Oops," Justin said, when he walked into the room and saw the movement

under the covers. "Sorry. Just need to get a few things."

Paul understood how it feels to be a roommate with someone who has sex a lot and sympathized with Justin. He stopped making out with Sean and said, "No, dude, it's cool. We were just getting up."

Truth of the matter was that neither of them were getting up out from under the covers until each of their cocks were down, or until at least Justin left the room.

Justin turned to them and smiled. "No man, that's cool. I got what I

needed, and I'm outta here!"

Sean initiated the kiss again and soon they were at it again. Soon, the covers were knocked off the bed and they didn't care who walked in on them at this point. Paul had grabbed Sean's cock and started stroking it, slowly, but firmly. Sean stopped what he was doing and just laid back and enjoyed the hand job. As Paul stroked Sean's cock, he also liked his way down from the neck to the stomach, and finally placing his mouth on Sean's hot 6" cock. Sean moaned in pleasure.

Paul continued his way down his cock, and started to lick Sean's balls, and then went even further down and licked his ass. Surprisingly to Paul, Sean had a very smooth ass. No hair what so ever. And surprising to Paul, he enjoyed licking Sean's ass. Sean was wondering what Paul was doing, but soon didn't care. Paul was really getting into this rim job, and continued stroking Sean's cock.

"Ah, man, if you don't stop soon, uh, yeah, I'm gonna blow my fuckin'

load," Sean said, in between breaths.

Paul just put his mouth back on Sean's cock and started sucking


"Oh, yeah........" was all Sean could manage.

"Paul man, I'm gonna shoot, man," Sean said, feeling that familiar point of no return feeling. But Paul kept on sucking. Finally, Sean bucked his hips once into Paul's mouth, and grabbed on to the back of Paul's head and forced his mouth down on his cock. Sean yelled out as he shot his load down Paul's throat.

Joe heard the cry from Sean, which sounded very much like Dan's and smiled. He then frowned and got very depressed for some reason. He missed Dan a great deal still and every once in a while, it would get him down. They always came unexpected and always triggered by little things.

Meanwhile, Paul was enjoying the taste of Sean's semen. He licked his

lips, when he finally took his mouth off of Sean's dick.

"Damn, buddy," Sean said. "That was good!"

"Yeah," Paul agreed. "It was!" They both laughed at Paul's comment.

Sean, getting his energy back, turned his attention over to Paul. He began gently licking Paul's nipples, making them erect and sensitive. Paul moaned softly. He then went down on Paul very swiftly, being that he couldn't wait to have his cock in his mouth. Paul was pumped up as it already was, and it wasn't too long until Paul cried out, "I"m gonna cum!"

Sean didn't want to taste semen for some reason, so he quickly got up off Paul's cock and started stroking it fast, and watching the load spurt out onto Paul's body. Paul wasn't much of a shooter, but he sure did cum a lot.

School was really picking up by now, and every one was putting an effort into get good grades, which probably wouldn't last long anyway. Paul, Kev, Justin, and I would hang out constantly, and Sean and Lou would come over every now and then too. Surprisingly, I didn't go to Philly nor to a frat party all week. 

On Thursday however, I went to work. I was concentrating on trying to find the phone wire in a phone wire box in the hallway of the building. I have been know to have a one track mind at times, and this was one of those times.

"Hey, man."

I heard it, but I really didn't comprehend it.

"Hey," I heard the voice say again, this time closer, and this time it registered. I looked up from what I was doing.

"Yeah?" I responded. I looked up and saw one of the most beautiful faces I've ever seen in my life. My mouth didn't close after I stopped talking. I'm sure I looked stupid, but I couldn't help it. He had the most intense blue eyes I had ever seen.

"Can you help me? I'm looking for the Telecommunications office," he said.

I tried to recover quickly, but failed and stuttered out an answer. "Yeah...uh, it's right...uh, out those doors to your right, uh through that other set of doors." I said, pointing out the window.

"Cool, thanks," he said, with a smile that made me melt away. He had dimples, so cute, and so innocent.

"No problem," I answered, watching him walk out the door, following his every move. He looked like he was about 18, obviously a freshman. He had short, brown hair, about 5' 6", thin but toned (judging by his legs and arms), and had a nice tan to his whole body. I don't know what is it, but I like short guys. Maybe it's because I'm only 5'4" myself.

Just then, my boss, Dave, came by. "Have you found the pair yet?" he asked, referring to the pair of phone wires I was trying to locate in the phone box.

"No," I said, returning to the box, and resuming my work.

"Well, stop looking for now," he said. "I'll take over. That new student worker is starting today, and I need you two to go do some dorm phone problems. Just take him around like I did with you, do one, and then explain what you're doing at the next one."

"Aww, man, I don't want to train any new student workers," I said, but I started walking away. "You know, I had enough of that last year."

"Yeah, I know you had, but you'd better get ready for this year. You're the best trainer/worker we've had for a long time, and that's why I send you to do that, man," Dave said.

Yeah, he told me that plenty of times. I appreciate that they think of me so highly, but I hate training new workers. Oh, well, like I have a choice?

I made it back to the office and saw my other boss John (who was the boss boss of the Telecommunications office).

"Hey John, Dave sent me back here to pick up the new student worker and work on some student dorm phones."

"Yeah, the work orders are right over there on the counter, Joe. The new worker is in my office. I'll introduce you to him," he said, turning the corner and going to the back of the office where his office is.

Here goes nothing. I hope he's not just a stupid idiot with no technical mind whatsoever. I had one of those last year, and didn't want it again. I followed John, with the four work orders in my hand. I saw the new kid, who looked vaguely familiar with his back turned to me, sitting in a chair.

"Here he is," I heard John say, pointing my way. Well, I just froze right in my tracks as the kid got up and turned around toward me. It was the kid I saw in the hallway.

Oh, shit, I thought to myself. This should be interesting. I resumed my walk, cautiously and praying to god that I would survive this meeting. (I'm a shy person when it comes to meeting a cute guy. I really feel stupid).

"Joe, meet Jason, our new student worker," John said.

I stepped into the office and shook the Jason's hand. Hmm...he had a very firm hand shake, one that equaled mine in strength. 

"How are you?" He asked and then turned to John. "I've already met him, briefly in the hallway. He directed me to the office," he explained, smiling in my direction.

"Cool, so you've already met?" John asked. "Well, Jason, go with Joe. He'll show you the ropes about fixing student phones. It shouldn't be too difficult."

"Okay," he said and walked out, expecting me to follow, which I did.

So, as I gathered up my tools and phone parts, I explained to him very briefly what we were about to do and the procedure to follow. Luckily, I didn't have to look at him directly or else I would've found it very hard to talk to him. We were ready and walking to our first work order building, which was the dorm I lived in for two years before moving into my apartment.

"So, how long have you been working here?" he asked.

"This'll be my sixth year," I answered, looking at him, trying not to get snagged checking him out.

"Cool," he answered.

"What year are you?"

"I'm a sophomore, but I'm living for the first time on campus this year."

"Really? That's cool. I used to commute, but I've been living on campus for three years now."

We finally made it to the student's room, which ended up being right across the hall from my old room. Gina, one of the chicks that lived there, answered the door. We went inside. Gina lived across the hall from us last year, so we chatted a little before I started to go to work. It took no time at all to diagnose the problem (which was a bad phone jack at the wall, which it usually is) and fixed it in about ten minutes. Jason

was watching my every move and sort of made me feel uncomfortable and nervous. But, I got through it.

So, I explained to him what I was doing at the next stop we had to make which was the next dorm over. I didn't feel nervous then, because I had done this before, and felt very confident in what I was doing. Of course, if I looked up at his face, I would've lost it, but I tried very hard not to. He was a quick learner and I was pleased. The third dorm room we attacked, he tried. He seemed to be good with taking things apart

and using tools (no pun intended) and I thought that he might turn out to be a smart one (for once). And every step of the way, he would look up at me, and smile to ask if he was doing it right. And each smile he made, I swore looked more seductive than the one before. 

"You see? I'm a quick learner," he said, getting up and smiling at me. I noticed he didn't plug the phone cord back into the wall jack, but decided to wait and let him figure it out. He went over to the phone to test it. It was dead. He had the cutest confused expression on his face, with his deep blue eyes in deep thought. He brushed his brown hair off his forehead and sighed.

"Okay, Joe, what did I do wrong?" he asked, finally giving up.

"Well, I'm gonna let you figure that one out. I know what you did wrong, but it's up to you to learn." 

"What? Aw, man!" He whined. He went back over to the jack and immediately picked up on it.

"Oh," he laughed. He looked over at me, smiled, winked, and said, "I forgot to put it in the hole."

"New student worker," I explained to her. 

"I could tell," the student replied.

"Well, I thought I did have hope for this one, until that," I said, looking back at the jack, laughing.

"Shut up," said Jason as he picked up the tools and walked towards the door.

I nodded to Justin, and said to the student, "If you have any more problems, don't hesitate to call us back. Especially since he did it," I said just before I closed the door behind me. Jason was already at the end of the hall.

"Are you coming, Joe?" Jason said, with an impatient tone in his voice and the stance of it too. He looked so cute, holding the tool bag in his hand. I wanted to go right up to him and kiss him on the lips, but I didn't dare too.

"Oh, man, look at that!" he said, softly, looking straight ahead as we exited the dorm. I assume he was looking at this gorgeous blonde female. "Man, too many good looking women on this campus!"

"Yeah, there are too many good looking people on this campus, man. Too many," I said, loading the spare phone parts in the Mule. The Mule was a little red Kawasaki-engined golf cart that we used to get around campus. It was a fun little thing to drive and very convenient. I was one of the only student workers ever allowed to drive it, and I cherished that privilege very much. I never abused the rules, and I always tried to follow them...well at least when driving the Mule.

"Man, I can't wait to be able to drive this thing," he said, as he climbed into the passengers's seat. There we no doors on the Mule. So, it made the ride even better.

"Well, to tell you the truth man, I don't mean to sound this way, but don't count on driving this thing," I said. "Student Workers as a rule can't drive this thing," as I started the Mule.

"Well, you're driving it," he yelled over the rumble of the engine. "You're a student."

"Yeah, and your point?" I asked, smiling as I took off. We set sail to our next destination which was across campus in an apartment complex. It wasn't the best looking place however. We made it up to the apartment and knocked on the door. I had let Jason do the whole thing this time, I would just stand in the background and watch. 

The guy who answered the door was one of the hottest guys on-campus. I remember seeing him in the Rec Center (that was when I used to work out). I could watch him for days, lifting his weights, running around the track, stretching. It didn't matter. He was just a piece of work to look at. He pretty well built, strong, solid, broad shouldered, brown short hair, green eyes. What made him different was the fact that he was one of the guys who actually had a smooth body. Today was no exception. It was very hot outside and he was there, dressed in loose shorts and a tank top, bulging and shining. I nearly fainted. I looked at Jason's reaction. His eyes seemed to have bulged out as well in shock. I thought I also detected lust in his eyes, but I wasn't making that kind of judgement, after all, I only met the boy today. We went into the apartment. He showed us where the phone was. I told Jason to do his thing! And he did while the muscle guy and I chatted. 

"So, is he new?" He asked, as we both sat down on his couch.

"Yeah, it's his first day on the job," I said, sweating and shaking, being in the presence of this god-like guy.

"Well, he better do it right. I've called three times in the last three weeks to have this done," he said, rather angrily. 

"Really? Usually they get it right on the first call," I said, looking back at the work order which I was holding.

"Well, the first time, they told me it was the phone. The second time no one showed up. I hope the third time will be better," he said, grinning.

I could take this two ways. Either take it as an insult to my department, or take it jokingly. I didn't feel I had a choice to take it as an insult though with this cute guy next to me. I looked him up and down, I thought, subtlety. We made eye contact though right when I got to his face. I cursed at myself.

Jason luckily had great timing and appeared right then. "Joe, I think I got it. Will you come check it for me?"

I jumped up and said, "Sure." I went into the bedroom and tested the phone, and it worked fine.

"Man, I am impressed Jay. You really caught on quickly!" I said. Jay beamed with pride. I packed up our tools, and we both headed back into the living room.

"The phone is fine, man," I said to him, as he still was on the couch. "I'll talk to you later," I said.

"Yeah, I'll see you," said Jay as we both walked out the door.

"Thanks, bud," the jock said.

I was really bursting with hormones by that point because of all the events that happened. And I was really tempted to hit on Jason. But I knew I shouldn't. But then again, there was that look on his face when he saw Matt. So I decided to bring him up on the ride back to the office. 

"Man, he certainly was built, wasn't he?" I asked, getting into the Mule.

"Yeah, how the hell did he do that?"

"Don't ask me, you should've asked him!" I answered, smiling.

We went into the office, only to be greeted by Dave.

"Hey, Dave," Jason said.

"Hey, man, how did your first day on the job go?" Dave asked.

"Went well, Joe's a good teacher," he said, smiling at me.

I was caught off-guard with that smile, for some reason. It wasn't wrong, but it just caught me off-guard. "Yeah, I showed him twice what to do, and he caught on very quickly! Of course, there was that one mistake he made. He was pissed off because the phone wouldn't work. And then, he discovered that the phone wasn't plugged back into the jack," I said laughing.

Jay effectively punched me in the arm on that comment. Enough to make me wince in pain a little.

"Just remember something, little guy," I said, looking at him. "I'm your boss."

"Yeah, and just remember something, little guy," Dave said, turning to me. I'm your boss." I smiled, and knew I was cooked. Jay started laughing. He looked so cute when he laughed, and his voice....uh, I had to get out of there.

Dave informed us two more student work orders came in, and told us to go do them. I went again with Jay, but he did it all. He was a great worker, with a brain. He was very good at hands-on part too. I tried not to look at him too much, but sometimes, I'd be watching him work and my eyes would travel from his face to his toned, smooth arms, and his muscular legs, with a faint coat of blonde hair. He'd snag me too and just grinned.

After we left the last room, I complemented him on his good work (I believe in positive reinforcement). "Great work, Jay, man." 

"Thanks, Joe! I learned from the best!" he said, jumping in the front seat of the Mule.

I smiled at his comment. I started it up and head back to our hole of an office. We went back inside, still having about 15 minutes to kill. Both Dave and John were not there.

"So now what do we do? " he asked, putting the tools back on the shelf.

"Well, we only have 15 more minutes. Not enough time to start anything, really. So I guess we can just sit down and fuck off," I said, taking a seat at the table. He sat down beside me.

"So, you like this job so far?" I asked him.

"Yeah, it seems pretty cool," he answered. "But, I'm sure this is just the beginning."

Hmm, an insightful kind of guy, I thought to myself. Smart too.

"Yeah, you're right. There's so much more to do than to replace phone jacks," I said.

"Well, that's cool, I'm always eager to learn more, man. Always willing to try new shit," he said, smiling at me.

I felt suddenly uncomfortable again at that comment. I shifted in my chair and looked down. "Yeah? Me too." 

"So, what do you do for fun here at college?" he asked. 

"Get drunk and have sex," I said, laughing, looking back up at him.

He laughed along with me and said,"Yeah, so I've heard." 

Just then, Dave came in. "Hey guys," he said, setting down his tool bag on the table. 

"How did things go today, Joe?" he asked.

"Fine, no more forgetting to plug the phone in problem from Jay. He's a great worker, man. He picks up things fast," I said, seriously praising him.

"That's great," said Dave. "The less you'll have to teach him then, right?"

I smiled at Dave and nodded. We made small talk and soon it was time to leave (4:30).

"Joe, where are you off to now?" Jay asked.

"Well, I'm off to my dorm room and then to dinner."

"Okay, well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow," he said, picking up his bags.

"What time are you in?"

"Uh, I think 12:30."

"Cool, the same time I'm in," I replied, picking up my school bag as well, and heading out behind him.

"See ya later, Dave!"

Kev, Paul, Sean, Lou, and I went to dinner that evening at the cafeteria, the first time we had been together there. We ran into Neil (who's brother is gay and is very gay-friendly) from my old TV class and we invited him to sit with us at our table. After getting all the food, we all sat down.

I saw that Rec Center stud walking towards me, I tried not to make eye contact with him, bu couldn't help myself. He looked at me, and started walking faster towards me. I frantically tried to finish chewing what I had in my mouth. I tried to swallow it fast, however, I nearly choked. Luckily I didn't look too much like a fool.

"Hey, there, buddy," he said, patting me on the shoulder as he stood in back of me. I turned around to face him. I could really get hard if I stared long enough at him.

"What's up?" I asked, trying to remain calm and cool. "Does your phone work?" 

"Well, actually," he said, pausing for a second. "No."

"What?" I said, louder.

"It's dead again, bro. I don't know what's wrong with it."

I quickly thought about what I was doing that evening. I had some homework, but I had the chance to come visit this hunk after work hours. The homework could wait I decided.

"Well, well what are you doing after dinner?" I asked.

"Going back to my room, why?" he answered..

"I just thought I'd might be able to make a stop at your room before I head back to mine," I said.

"Really?" he asked, with a smile on his face. He really looked boyish when he smiled. Try to imagine a defined, cut, masculine man with dimples. It really looked cute. I felt myself sweating and turning red.

"Yeah, I can drop by there, say, 6:30?" I asked.

He looked at his watch. "Sounds good, I'll be at my apartment. Just knock. You remember the number right?'

"Yeah. I'll see you then, Man," I said.

"See you later, Joe." he said, before he turned around and walked away. I was shocked that he knew my name. That was some bit of a sign. I smile and melted away.

"So, who was that, Joe?" Lou asked, laughing. 

"Yeah," Sean said. "He was fuckin' unbelievable!"

"Oh, god, what a bunch of homos!" Kev exclaimed to Neil.

"I do have to admit, that guy was built! He was bigger than me," Neil said, who was quite a stud himself.

"Well, you see, that's the kind of guy I wouldn't mind having a one-night fling," I said.

"Yeah, I can see your point, man," Lou said. "He's fuckin' hot!"

"I thought all the men you saw were one night flings," Paul shot out.

I just laughed along with everyone else, secretly wanting to Kill Paul.

"Yeah, well, then what about Dan?" Sean asked.

That made the table quiet. "Dan was the love of my life, dude," I said, smiling.

We talked about the stud a little more and then it was time for us to leave.

Surprisingly, he sitting on the steps of his apartment when I came by. There he was, sitting on the bench, scratching his balls and cock through his mesh shorts. I got hard at that instant, hoping that no one would notice. He was about 6'2", 200lbs, all solid muscle, smooth arms, legs, and chest, and had a smile that could kill. He had short brown hair, and a nice package in his shorts, I might add.

"Hey, Joe," he said.

"Hey, Kev," I said.

"Follow me," he said, opening the door and heading up the steps. I followed him to his apartment. His roommate was there, another hunk, watching TV.

"Joe, this is my roommate, Mark. Mark , this is the Phone Guy!" he said, as he slapped me on the back.

I shook hands with Mark, very firmly and said Hi.

I went into his bedroom. That was where the phone jack was. I went over to the phone, checked the jack on the phone, pushed the line button, and it was surely dead. I sighed. Followed the wire around the room tow here the jack supposedly was. I pull the cable and the plug came flying out with the wire.

"Well, this might be your problem. It fell out of the jack," I said.

"Where?" Matt asked, coming over to his bed where the jack was behind.

"Here," I said, leaning over the bed, point to the jack on the wall. 

Matt leaned over me to the point where I hear him breathing and feel his body heat. He did everything but touch me, looking at the jack. I knew something was going on here by this time. I looked up at his face, who was already focused on mine. I winked and smiled at him, only to be greeted back with the same.

"Yo, Matt, I've gotta get going man. I'll be back later," his roommate said, walking out the door.

"Okay, man, later."

With his roommate gone, I suddenly felt very uncomfortable alone with him for some reason. Just as I was thinking about that, I felt him wrap his arm around my waist and pull me toward him. 

"Did anyone tell you how beautiful you are?" he whispered in my ear.

HA HA!! I just had to end it there. This concludes part III of Joe, The Man (formerly known as Starting Over Again. And I'd like to thank again a real Matt for giving the Matt in the story a personality. I hope you enjoyed it. Again, please send any comments to SNJBoy76@aol.com Thanks!