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Derek and Scott - Part 4

Not long after school began Derek and Erik had started going to the gym to work out together.  The three of us would go to dinner around 5, and they would head off to the gym around 6 so as to complete their routines before starting their homework.

They asked me to go with them several times in the beginning.  I  declined  stating that I liked to go to the gym later in the evening because  I didn't  like to exercise just after eating.  Of course this was a lie.   Mainly, I was too insecure to go and work out with them.  They were far more advanced than I was, and would constantly have to lower the weights each time my set came up.  I also knew that there was no way I'd be able to shower with them afterwards without losing what tentative control I did have over my dick.

I would usually go about 8 PM so that I could finish before the gym closed  at 9.  The gym would be less crowded, and I could usually shower alone.   Don't get me wrong, I was happy with my build.  I just had different  goals than my two friends. 

Life had developed into a pretty nice routine for the three of us in the first few months.  Erik and I had an 8 AM Literature class three days a week.  We always groaned about having to get up at 7AM to make breakfast and get to class in time.  I was definitely not a morning person, but Erik insisted that if I was going to be working out that I needed to eat a good breakfast.

He was really turning into a great friend.  He even offered to work out with me a few times and give me pointers on my routine.  I still didn't work out with them, but I followed his advice and it was really starting to pay off.  I was really feeling good about the changes that were occurring in my body.  Even Derek noticed.

"Yo Scott!  You're getting pretty big dude." He said one day when he came into our room after I had just taken my shirt off.  I was embarrassed, and blushed I'm sure.

"Thanks, D.  I've got a long way to go before I look like either of you guys."

"Nonsense!"  Erik said.  "Don't compare yourself to either of us.  We've both been at the weights for years.  Besides, it is all about what you want out of it and the fact that you feel good about yourself.  It's not a competition."

"Oh, I know.  I guess I still have a little bit of that beginner's shyness."

"Scott, you just do what you feel is right and not worry about others."  Derek added.  "You know, there is always going to be someone out there who has a criticism.  Hell, I started working out when I was 12 because my Dad made me as part of my gymnastics training.  People thought I was a freak then.  Kids don't lift weights...  Then, years later, the same people who made fun of me were envious of the muscles I had.  Going forward, I used to hear people snicker at me because I worked out after my accident.  'What does a cripple in a wheelchair need muscles for?' ."  

Derek shrugged his shoulders as if to say 'to hell with what they think'.  He walked over to me and punched me lightly on the shoulder and said, "For what it's worth, I'm proud of you Scott."

The only class I had with Derek was Chemistry.  I was really struggling with the class and was afraid I was going to get a C.  My scholarship was not really in jeopardy, but I was worried about doing poorly in class.  I was getting extra help from the professor, and Derek was helping me with the labs.  We were lab partners, but Derek usually did much of the work so that we could finish in time and get a good grade. 

Often times we'd go back after hours and run through the lab when nobody was there.  Derek would go really slow and make me do all the work so that I could get the hang of it.  I enjoyed our time together too because it was one of the few occasions we spent together alone.  Between our different class schedules during the day, and Erik and D working out after dinner, we didn't have much time alone as friends.

It was during one of our labs that I questioned D about Margie.  She had been hanging around his room quite a bit in between classes.  I had heard a few rumors that they were an item - a thought that depressed me considerably.

"So D, what's up with Margie?  You guys sure seem to be spending a lot of time together."

"She's just a friend.  Margie is in all of my classes except Chemistry so we hang out and study together.  She's really smart, and has helped me with many of my homework assignments."

"Oh, just wondering.  I thought there might be something more.  I was wondering if she was your girlfriend."

"What?  No, she's just a friend.  Actually, umm I have my eyes on someone else..."

"Oh, who?"  I asked

"It's not important... Watch it! You're stirring that solution to fast."  He said, quickly changing the subject.  "What makes you think that Margie wants me anyway?"

"Just a rumor I heard."

The next several weeks proved my suspicions correct.  Margie indeed had lustful feelings for Derek.  Can't say as I blame her though.  He was a hunk.  She seemed to be monopolizing Derek's time.  She would sit with him at dinner and arrange study sessions with him after class.  Erik and I hardly saw him much anymore.  After a few weeks Derek would only have time to work out with Erik after dinner, and then is was right back to Margie.

I really did not understand this either.  Margie was really not that attractive, and Derek could do much better.  Maybe he figured that because he was so short he'd have to settle. Besides, I think he was a bit shy about the entire thing.  He never had time to date while he was competing in gymnastics.  After his accident, none of the girls even talked to him. 

He began to get really depressed and reserved.  Erik and I were eating in the cafeteria one night and I noticed Derek several tables away eating with Margie.  I couldn't hear their conversation, but I could tell that she was doing all of the talking.  Derek looked miserable, and he glanced over as if looking to be rescued.  After dinner, Margie left and Derek came over to our table, as we were just finishing up.  He sat down and lumped his elbows on the table.

"What's up little buddy?"  Erik said.  "You about ready to head over to the gym?"

"Sorry Erik, I can't tonight.  Margie wants me to go to her room after dinner so we can finish a project that's due next week."

"Sounds like she wants to get you alone and jump your bones." Erik grinned.

"Well yeah, that too.  She's been after me for weeks."

"So, are you two like an item?"  I said.

"Kind of, yeah I guess."  Derek said.  "I don't know, I mean, I enjoy spending time with her and all.  She's just really not my type.  She just told me over dinner how she's already in love with me and wants me to go home with her at Thanksgiving to meet her folks. I'm just not ready for that yet.  She's already told her parents that we'd be there and I don't know how to get out of it."

"Well," Erik said, "Just tell her no. There are plenty of hot chicks at this school that'd jump you.  Just dump her."

"I guess."  Derek said.  He really looked depressed.

"Anyway, sorry about canceling our workout.  I'll catch you tomorrow.  So Scott, are we still on for our lab session tonight at 9?  We need to start right at 9 so we can finish when they lock up at 10."

"I thought you were going over to Margie's to work on your project."  I asked.

"I am, but it shouldn't take that long, and I promised you the other day that we'd finish up our lab tonight.  I don't want us to get behind." 

"OK, Derek.  I'll head over right from the gym and see you at 9."

"OK, see ya guys."  With that we all went our separate ways.  Derek went to Margie's, Erik to the gym, and me to my room.

Back at my room I sat stupidly at my desk.  I was playing with my pencil and staring at my Calculus homework as if it were an un-deciphered language.  Well, it was Calculus after all.  I guess that's a pretty valid description. 

So, Derek was dating Margie.  I was crushed.  I'm not sure why, I mean I've always known Derek was straight.  I guess it was actually seeing her touch him, and Derek telling us how she wanted more that really got to me.  Even though Derek wanted someone else besides Margie, she had still gotten closer to him than I ever would.  Hmm, I'd have to ask him tonight who he had his eye on.  I realized that he never told me the last time we talked about it.  Maybe I could convince him to ask her out.  As much as I hated the idea, Derek at least deserved a girlfriend that would make him happy.  Margie was doing nothing but bringing him down.

I was in no mood to sit and stare at Calculus problems so I grabbed my gym clothes and shoved them in my backpack.  I grabbed my jacket, helmet and keys.  I figured I'd go for a ride on the bike before I went to the gym.  It was cold out, but I figured a short ride might make me feel better.  It was almost November and I'd have to ride the bike home soon or arrange for winter storage at school.  There would not be too many more opportunities for riding.

It was a nice ride.  Most of the leaves were off of the trees and it was getting dark.  It was just before Halloween and many of the neighborhoods had pumpkins lit in the windows and other festive decorations.  People still decorated for the holidays in the country I thought.  It reminded me of the times Derek and I would go out trick or treating when we were kids.  The best years were when our parents thought we were old enough and let us go out on our own.  We had a great time getting into all sorts of harmless childhood mischief.  Those were better days.

I let out a heavy sigh and fogged up my helmet visor.  It was almost 8 PM and I turned around and drove back to the gym.  I wanted to get to the lab on time to meet Derek.  A good workout at the gym would also help me get rid of some of my frustrations.

I got to the gym just after 8 o'clock and decided to skip the weights and beat my legs on the Stairmaster instead.  The gym was all but empty tonight.  Just me, and this guy Mason who was working out on the free weights.

Mason was quite something to behold.  He was one of my old roommate Mike's buddies from the hockey team.  He had been in my room many times talking to Mike.  Of course he always ignored me.  Mason was about 5'11" and about 205 pounds.  He had short spiky brown hair and blue eyes giving him that All American Guy next-door look.  I had never seen him at the gym before.  He probably worked out with the team after practice.

Tonight he had on a pair of blue satiny Umbro soccer shorts, a white t-shirt, and Nike cross-trainers.  He was sweating heavily, and grunting loudly every time he completed a rep.  Several times he'd pose in front of the mirror after his set and a look of satisfaction would cross his face.  Can't say as I blame him, he really did look hot.

I finished my 40 minutes on the Stairmaster and jumped off.  I stumbled a bit. Wow, I think I overdid it a little.  My legs cramped up right away.  I went over to stretch out for a few minutes before heading to the shower.  It was 8:45 and I had to get cleaned up and across campus to get to the lab.

Mason was still out on the gym floor so I had the shower to myself.  I turned on the water as hot as I could stand it.  I figured the heat would sooth my aching calf muscles.  The stretching had alleviated some of the cramping, but they were still sore.

As I soaped myself clean, my mind wandered and I started fantasizing about Mason.  I began to imagine working out together with him.  We were working on the bench press and he was wearing those shiny Umbro shorts with no underwear.  He was spotting me as I did my set and I could see the head of his dick hovering near the bottom of his shorts.

By the third set he had gotten hard and I could see his erection tenting in his shorts.  Near exhaustion from my final set, he squatted lower to grab the bar and help me guide it back to its resting place.  His crotch was close enough to my face that I could smell his musky scent.  It was rich and powerful; yet clean at the same time.  Mason saw the look of approval on my face.

"You like that?"  Mason asked.


"Then you'll probably like this even more."  Mason said. 

He then lifted the leg on his shorts and exposed his cock.  It was standing proudly upwards towards his belly.  He forced it down toward my mouth and placed the tip near my lips.  The head of his cock was dripping with pre-cum and he touched it briefly to my lips.  I licked it off and it tasted sweet if a little bit salty.  If was wonderful.

He then came around and straddled me on the bench, sat on my chest and forced his dick in my face.  I immediately opened my mouth and he shoved the length of it down my throat.  I was in heaven.  He took off his shirt to reveal his finely sculpted pecs and abs.  His chest had a little bit of hair that thickened into a line that formed a nice treasure trail that led to his crotch.  I could tell he kept himself trimmed.

Mason was pumping his dick in and out of my mouth faster and faster.    He was pinching his nipples and moaning with pleasure.  Without warning Mason pulled his cock out of my hungry mouth and sprayed his load all over my face.  It was intense.  After he finished shuddering he grabbed his shirt off the floor and walked away.  Over his shoulder he said  "tomorrow night we increase the weight."        *****

OK guys, that's it for Part 4.  Hate to leave you hanging in Scott's fantasy like that.  Mason was obviously not a good judgement call on Scott's part.  As a result, things will take a turn in Part 5.  Hope you hang in there for the next installment.  Special thanks to all of you who have written and offered your words of encouragement.  It means a great deal to know that I'm not just throwing my words out there into the void.  I'm inspired to keep going and am currently working on Chapter 8.  I really hope to keep up the pace.