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Derek and Scott - Part 7

Beep...  Beep...  Beep...

`What was that noise?' I thought.

Beep...  Beep...  Beep...

`Oh God, my head is pounding.  Would someone turn off that damned noise?'  The beeping continued.  I guess I'd have to turn it off myself.  I opened my eyes and blinked them shut quickly.  It was so bright!  Maybe I could live with the beeping for a while longer.

After a few moments I noticed that it felt like someone was holding my hand.  I tried to open my eyes again to see who it was.  I blinked a few times and my eyes gradually began to focus.  I looked down and saw Erik.  He was in a chair next to my bed and his head was resting on his forearm.  He appeared to be asleep.  What was I doing in bed?  Where was I?  What the hell was that stupid beeping noise and why wouldn't someone turn it off?  I tried to sit up and a gut wrenching pain in my side made me collapse back onto the bed.

"Scott, you're awake!" He shouted.  My feeble efforts to sit up had woken Erik.

"Oh, please don't yell Erik, my head is pounding."  My voice was crackled and weak sounding.

Erik dropped my hand and ran over to the door.  He hollered down the hall to someone named Leslie saying that I was awake. Who the hell is Leslie?  Moments later Erik was again back at my side.

"Erik, where am I?  What's happening?

"Scott, you're in the hospital. You've been unconscious for 2 days.  You just woke up."

Just then a woman who I did not recognize appeared on the other side of the bed.  "Hey there sleeping beauty, seems as if you're finally awake.  You're going to make some people very happy you're back.  My name is Leslie.  I'm your nurse."

"Hey Scott, don't run off..." Erik giggled.  "I'm going to run down to the cafeteria and get Derek and your parents.  We've all been here since your accident and they just left a few minutes ago to get some coffee.  You gave us quite a scare."  With that he was gone.


"Yes Scott."

"Can you please turn off whatever is making that beeping noise? My head is killing me."

Leslie chuckled quietly and leaned over and turned down the volume on the monitor.  It was then that I noticed the tubes and wires on my body.

"What's wrong with me?" I asked.

"You were in a motorcycle accident a few days ago Scott.  Do you remember anything?"


"That's OK Scott.  Most patients don't remember the details right away after they first wake up.  Don't worry though; you are going to be fine.  I'll have the doctor give you something for the pain."

The doctor arrived in my room just as my parents walked in with Derek.  It was good to see everyone – especially Derek.  He looked like shit though.  How much time had they been here looking after me?

After a few moments of visiting with everyone, the doctor shooed them all out of the room and began examining me.  He tried to tell me the extent of my injuries, but I was in such pain that I'm not sure if I really understood what he was telling me.  The last thing I remember was the doctor giving me a shot.  It made me really sleepy.  When the doctor left everyone came back in the room.  I tried to stay awake, but it was useless.  I slipped back into the blackness and the pain disappeared again.

I was in the hospital for 7 days before I was released.  The doctor told me I was unconscious for a little more than two days mainly due to the concussion I sustained when I fell.  My mother seemed to never leave my side and smothered me with all sorts of attention.  Dad had to go back to work so he left the day after I regained consciousness and knew I was going to be fine.  Every now and then Derek and Erik would stop by between classes and after school.  It was great to see them.

The doctors had placed my left leg in a cast after they were sure the wound had started to heal and had stopped oozing.  They apparently used some sort of stitches that dissolve over time and could be covered by the cast.  My doctor lectured me about not putting any weight on the leg even though it was in a cast for at least three weeks because the fractures could break further.  It hurt like hell so I figured staying off it would be easy.

Amid many protests from my parents it was decided that I could go back to school to recuperate.  Erik and Derek assured them that they would bring me my meals and coursework so I wouldn't get any more behind than I already was.  They said that I could stay downstairs in Derek's room, and he would sleep upstairs in mine until I could walk again.  I had to stay in a wheelchair for a few weeks because it hurt too much to try and hop around on crutches with two broken ribs.

At noon on the seventh day, the doctor signed my release and my mom drove me back to school.  Several of the guys from the dorm came out to greet us and wish me well.  The exertion made me very tired and I just wanted to lie down.  After getting me settled, my mom told me they would call me every day and that I should let them know if I needed anything.

"You're sure you don't want to come home for a few weeks Scott?"  My mother was again nervous about leaving me alone at school.

"I'm sure Mom, I want to stay here and get caught up in my classes.  I'll be OK."

"He sure will Mrs. Miller.  Derek and I will take great care of him."

After a few more minutes of fretting over me, my mom finally left.  I was really very tired so I just wanted to sleep for a bit.  Erik and Derek said that they would be upstairs in my room doing some homework and they would check in on me in a bit.  In case I needed anything, I should just call them.  Derek placed his cordless phone on the bed next to my hand.  I was asleep before they left the room.

Meanwhile upstairs...

"I'm so glad he's home Erik.  I was so worried about him."  Derek said.

"I know you were Derek, but you were really strong.  You were there for him as a friend and you stayed in the background when his parents were around.  That must have been really hard – especially knowing now that Scott loves you."

"I want so much to tell him Erik, I just can't stand it.  I need to tell him I love him and see if he truly loves me."

"I know you do D but I think you should wait a few days until Scott gets better.  He's in a great deal of pain and the painkillers are making him really out of it.  I think it would be best if you waited a bit."

"You're right dude.  It's just so hard to wait.  I've wanted him for so long and I never thought he could love me too."

"In time little buddy.  Everything will work out.  I just feel it."


I woke up a little later only to find Derek sitting at his desk working quietly.

"I thought you were going to be upstairs studying with Erik?"

"Hey there sleepyhead.  I was, but I figured I could work quietly at my desk and be here if you needed anything.  Those painkillers let you sleep through anything."

"I know.  They really make me groggy.  My leg doesn't really hurt as bad as my ribs do."

"Yeah, the doctor said that you'd be pretty miserable for a few weeks while they heal.  Is there anything I can get you?"

"Well, actually yeah.  Hell, it's so embarrassing though."

"Scott, this is not the time to be self conscious.  I was paralyzed remember.  I had to let people help me do all sorts of things.  It is hard to admit I know, but you are not capable of doing everything for yourself right now.  Just let those of us who care about you help and don't be embarrassed OK?"

"OK...  Well, I need you to help me get up and go to the bathroom."

"Sure think big guy."  Derek laughed a bit.  "I'll get you down the hall, you just lean on me."

Derek helped me get out of bed and got me into the wheelchair.  I insisted on wheeling myself down the hall though.  He helped me stand up once in the bathroom and I leaned on the wall with one hand to steady myself while I held my dick and pissed into the urinal with the other.  Derek was polite enough to turn around and give me a bit of privacy.

We then repeated the process in reverse and wheeled back to his room.  I wheeled over to the mirror and looked at my reflection in the mirror.  My face looked really tired and drawn.  My hair was just starting to grow in a little bit around where they had shaved it to stitch the gash shut.  There would be a scar, but my hair would cover most of it so I guess it wouldn't be too noticeable.  I washed my hands in the sink and started to laugh.

"What's so funny over there Mr. Man?"

"Oh, I guess I just thought it was a little ironic that I'd be the one actually taking advantage of the handicap suite here in Evan's Hall.  The special facilities in your room really help."

"Never thought about it Scott, but I guess you're right.  At least you can take advantage of it while you heal."

"I'd love to take a shower and wash off all of this hospital gunk.  A week of nothing but sponge baths and I feel pretty gross."

"Well Scott, you know there is a huge shower right behind you.  There's no reason why you need to use the communal one down the hall.  Why don't we get you cleaned up?"

"Oh Derek, that's OK.  I think that's pushing the asking for help envelope a little too far."

"Do I need to smack you with my cane big boy?"

"I'm not going to win this argument am I?"

Derek didn't answer me but I could tell from the look on his face tell that it would be best to just do as I was told.  I couldn't believe this was happening to me.  Derek was going to help me take a shower.  I really was not sure about this.  I knew there was no way I could keep my dick soft during this process.  I'd be naked and he'd be touching me.

"Maybe you should get Erik to do this. You've been helping me all day.  Don't you want to take a break?"  I hoped that I could somehow prevent this entire showering thing from happening.

"It's 5 o'clock.  Erik should be heading to the chow hall about now for dinner.  He said that he was going to eat there and then bring some food back for the two of us.  We should have just enough time to get you cleaned up before he gets back."

"Well...  OK."  I was really nervous.  "Can you get me another pain pill first?  I'm getting sore again, and I'm sure that the movement in the shower as I wash will make it hurt more."

Derek tossed me the bottle and I slipped two of them under my tongue so they would go to work faster.  The painkillers acted pretty quickly and they made me pretty sleepy.  I hoped that they'd relax me and keep my dick from getting hard.

Derek busied himself with getting things ready for my shower.  First he ran up to my room to get some clean clothes out of my dresser.  Then he wrapped my cast in a towel to help keep it dry and moved the desk chair over to the edge of the shower.  The shower was designed for handicap people and had a fold down plastic bench already built into it.  Derek used the bench to hold his shampoo, soap and other shower accessories.  He cleared that all aside so I could sit while I showered.  He then started to get undressed – stripping down to his boxers.

"Why are you getting undressed?"

"Well, I'm going to have to help you a little and I didn't want to get my clothes wet silly."

Oh man, he was so beautiful.  I'd not seen Derek undressed like this in a long time.  He had lost some of the bulging muscles that he had when he competed, but somehow he looked even better than before.  He was still well muscled, but not quite as chiseled as he had been.

His pecs were still large, as well as his upper arms.  The curves in his musculature had softened a bit in the past year.  His stomach was tight and rippled as ever though.  The effect gave him less the appearance of a bodybuilder, and more of a man who took pride in his appearance and stayed in shape through activity.  I wanted to touch him so bad.

Thankfully the painkillers were fast acting and I started to feel a bit relaxed.  Derek was done with his preparations and came over to help me get out of the chair.  Leaning on him for support, I was able to get totally undressed.  Derek helped me hobble over to the shower and I sat on the bench.  He propped my leg up on the chair so that the water would stay away from my cast.  Once he was satisfied it would stay dry, he turned on the water and adjusted the temperature.  Luckily the shower nozzle was on a hose so he could direct the spray where he wanted it.  Then he got in the shower with me.

"I can do this myself D."

"Yeah right, Scott.  You can't even lift your right arm over your head without pain. How are you going to wash your hair let alone lean over and wash your legs?"

"OK, you win.  This is just really embarrassing D."

"I know Scott.  I've been where you are.  I'm your best friend, and it's OK.  You have nothing I haven't already seen, and I'm honored that it's me who's helping you. Just relax."

Derek was so gentle.  He took his time and slowly washed and rinsed my hair.  Then he soaped up a washcloth and washed my back and neck.  Then he gave me the washcloth so I could wash my belly and crotch.  After rinsing my upper body he took the washcloth and washed my legs, making sure to keep the cast on my lower left leg dry.  My dick started to stir as he washed my upper leg and inner thigh.  It was mostly hard by the time he finished and started to rinse.  He was so polite about it.  He just blushed a bit and looked away and then rinsed me off without a word.  By the time I was rinsed my dick had softened.

Derek shut off the water, grabbed a towel and proceeded to dry me off.  He helped me put on a fresh pair of shorts and a sweatshirt and sat me on the bed when there was a knock on the door.  Derek went to answer it.

"Hey Derek."  He stopped and spun around to face me.

"Thanks for helping me.  I feel much better being clean.  You didn't have to help me like that."

Derek just walked over to where I was sitting and mussed up my hair and flashed me that killer smile.  He then turned and walked over to the door to let Erik in.  It was then that I noticed that Derek had not been using his cane all day.  I made a mental note to ask about it later.

"Hey there Scott buddy.  Looks like you had a shower.  You ready for some dinner?"

"Yeah, Derek helped me freshen up and I feel more human than I have in days.  Whatever you got there smells good.  I haven't eaten anything but hospital food in days."

Erik laughed and said "Well buddy, don't get your hopes up.  It's only cafeteria food.  Meatloaf surprise tonight for you."

I was so hungry that I could eat a horse.  I was also sleepy too.  The painkillers were starting to really take hold and I was having difficulty staying coherent.  Derek cleaned away our dinner paper plates and helped me lift my leg into bed so I could sleep.

"Scott, you're obviously exhausted and you need your sleep.  I think that Erik and I are going to go upstairs and study for a bit and let you get some rest."

"OK, I'm too tired to argue.  Can you guys stop by later though.  I don't want to be alone all night."

"Sure thing roomie."  Erik said.

I woke up a few hours later.  The guys were studying quietly.  They must have been lost in their books because neither of them saw me wake up.  I watched them for a few minutes.  Both men looked really tired.  I could tell that the last several days had been hard on them both.  Between visiting me in the hospital, going to class, and doing homework, they had little time for much else.

"Thanks for being such good friends guys.  I'm really happy to be home where I belong and out of the hospital.  If it weren't for you both offering to take care of me I'd have had to go back to my parents house."  I realized that for the first time I referred to school as my `home'.  It felt right.

"Sure thing Scott.  I'm sure you'd have done the same for either of us."  Erik said.

Derek laughed a bit and said; "Let's see if he still says the same thing tomorrow after we finish giving him all of his missed assignments to work on."

"I never thought about that." I said.  "What have my professors given you?"

"Don't worry about it.  We'll go through all that tomorrow.  The Dean said that we should tell him when you were back and capable of resuming your studies. They are going to assign you an academic advisor to coordinate a schedule for you to get back up to speed."  Derek said.

"That's pretty cool."  I said.

"Well guys I'm beat.  I'm going to head up to bed."  Erik said.  With that he gathered his books and left the room leaving the door slightly open behind him.

"I'm pretty tired too Scott.  Do you need anything before I head off to bed?"

"No, I think I'm good till the morning."

"OK then, the phone is just there on the desk next to you if you need anything."

"Thanks D."

"Nite buddy."  Derek said.  He then grabbed a change of clothes from his dresser and turned out the light.  Closing the door quietly behind him he was gone and I was again alone.