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This story is mostly 100% true to real life. I have changed character names and locations to better suit the story. I have also taken some fictional liberty in order to move the story along. Most of that is very minor and this is how I experienced what actually has happened to me.

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I recently have experienced the events of this story and thought it was a kind of a fun and good story to share with people so I decided to share it. Let it be known now I did not go about the actions in the story looking for inspiration to write, they simply happened this way. This is my first story submitted to Nifty and I'm not the world's greatest writer but I do have a story to tell so I hope you enjoy! Feedback would be appreciated!

Destined to be on a Fun Ship.

Chapter 1

"Jay, your mom and I have been doing some talking lately. I know you had said you wanted to go on a cruise again." my dad said to me as I sat there at dinner with my sister and mom.

Truth was I couldn't wait to go on a cruise again. I had just went on my first cruise this past May with a bunch of friends from school and we were talking about making it a yearly thing. We had already decided on the cruise a few weeks ago and I told them just this past week. I'm about to graduate so I told them this was going to be a graduation gift to myself. Yeah it's only September and graduation wasn't until May but at least we would have time to save up and pay for the cruise.

"Yeah... I can't wait to go back this May dad." I was wondering where he was going with this.

"Jim, just tell him already!" my mom said to my dad excitedly. I was kind of starting to piece together what they were going to tell me but I didn't want to get excited yet.

"Renee calm down." He said with a half smile to my mom. "Look Jay, we're really proud of you graduating from college this year. I know you put in a lot of work and hard time and we want to pay you back for all that hard work. So.." I was dying at the edge of my seat. "So your mom and me have decided to pay for the cruise and your flight ticket!"

"Shut up!" I half screamed at the table.

"Well you earned it bud!" My dad said to me.

"Yeah, someone had to graduate from college and with a little convincing from me I got them to come around to the idea." My sister Dee said across the table.

"You guys don't have to though... I've got it." I was just putting on a grateful show for them. If they wanted to pay for my cruise more power to them! "I mean I appreciate it so much you guys!"

"Don't worry about it son." My mom leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

So it was all set. My parents were going to pay for my cruise, graduation in May and then cruise the following day! I was so excited I couldn't wait to tell Jake! I know he was going to be pumped because we were just talking about this a few days ago at the bar. I had to text him and my other friends who were going to go with.

I pulled out my phone and started to text him right away:

Jay: Dude! My parents just told me they're going to pay for my cruise!


Jay: I know!!! They started talking about it at dinner right now. I thought they were going to be like we'll help pay for it or give me some spending money. Not pay for the whole thing!

Jake: Well congrats! It's going to suck not having my parents pay for it this year. I can't wait though. Did you tell everyone else yet?

Jay: No... I think I'll send out a mass text. We're going to MIAMI bitch!

Jake: Ha-ha hell yeah!!

Jay: Alright I'm going to let you go. We're at dinner. Drinks later around 11 at Prowlers.

Jake: Sounds good! I'll call Natalie.

Jay: Later.

Jake is one of my best friends here at home. We were in the same program at school and had a few classes together. We really became close last spring semester when we were both in a class that required us to be on campus longer than any class should ever. We're both Hospitality majors and one of our classes had to do with restaurants. So we'd be in class from 1 in the afternoon till 10 at night some weeks. He graduated last year and hasn't found a job yet that he really has been interested in. He works right now at a seafood restaurant that pays pretty well either way so he's just buying time till I graduate he says. Let me try to describe him for you... he's about 5'11" pretty slender. Short hair that he spikes up. Just we call him a pretty boy cause he dresses so well. Sometimes better than me! He was a wrestler in high school but he's not overly bulky like some wrestlers. Funny thing is we went to opposite high schools and were just one weight class above each other in wrestling when I wrestled.

We've stayed pretty close even though I leave during the summer to do internships out of state. He's my straight counterpart. The ying to my yang. Growing up I've never had any really close guy friends. I had a few but they all bailed on me when I was going through the whole coming out portion of high school. Jake knows I'm gay and accepted it. He's treated me like a brother since day one.

I should probably introduce myself. I'm James, I've gone by Jay for as long as I know of. I think my mom Renee just started calling me that one day so that way she wouldn't confuse me with my father James who goes by Jim. My mom is a real estate developer for residential properties and my dad is a contractor. We've been lucky enough not to be hit too hard by the recession and are pretty well off. My sister Diana we call her Dee or Sweet Dee is 2 years older than me. She works for my mom and dad. I've never wanted to do that so they're hoping she'll take after mom. I went to a local school that was an extension to a major state campus here at home. It just had a better program for what it was I wanted to do.

As far as looks I'm half Hispanic half German. Odd combo I know. If you look at me though I look more Hispanic than German. That's one thing I love I'm tan year round. I'm 5'11 and 23. I have brown hair that I keep mostly buzzed and brown eyes and a pretty average build I think. I'm not overly built like some beefcake you'd see at the gym but I take care of myself. I've got some cuts here and there. I always get, "I couldn't tell you were gay." when people find out. I don't know why though, I don't dress bad... but I don't dress up all the time either. Meh, I don't care.

We headed back to the house after dinner was done. I sent out my mass text and got ready to head over to Prowlers. A favorite bar of ours only a few minutes away from my house. I've walked home many nights from there! As I walked up I saw Bryan the door man. I walked right up to him and in.

"Remember what I said about your pants! I don't want to see no boxers tonight! I got rope out back!" I laughed and shook his hand.

"You tell me that every time Bryan!" He always does yell at me about that. It's not like I have them halfway down my ass, but they're not hugging my waist either.

"And you never listen to me! Now take your ass back there, Jake and everyone is back there already!"

"Sounds awesome Bryan. I'll get you a drink later." I walked away and up to them.

"I'm on a BOAT motherfucker!!" Natalie yelled as I walked up.

"Wooooooooo!!" I said as I walked up!

"Come here Jay Jay!" Ashley came and gave me a hug. We're a very close group of friends and don't normally hug when seeing either other so I know she was drunk.

"Babe we're going to the Bahamas!" She slurred to me. I wondered how long she's been drinking for already. I was only a half hour late.

"Ash babe, we were going regardless of my parents paying for it or not." I laughed trying to hold her up. The bartender sent my beer over without having to say anything.

"I know but still!! This is big news and we need to celebrate!" She gave me a hug and her friend Leigha came up and took Ash from me.

"Sorry, she's been drinking for awhile now."

"It's cool." I said and walked toward Jake.

"Booze Cruise 2010!! Here we come!!" Jake tapped the top of my bottle.

"I can't wait and it's only freaking September!! We still got a long way to go!!" Jake and me were talking. He was dressed a little nicer than me. I hated it when he did that. He was wearing a Express track jacket and some khaki shorts and flip flops. I was only rocking a t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops.

"Dude, all of us. More importantly you and some hot guy, me and some hot chic! We're gonna get laid." I laughed and took a swig of my beer. I wouldn't mind that considering last cruise I got none and Jake was with his girlfriend at the time.

We continued to drink the night away. Talk about the last cruise and this one coming up. We were really excited for it. I know they're all going to go get wasted, have fun, and hook up. Me... I'm for all that and then some! If I could meet someone that'd be awesome. Don't get me wrong; I love my friends and I love going out; but sometimes it gets a little lonely. I haven't been in an actual relationship in over a year, and before that 5 months before that. One ex cheated on me, the other was just coming out and lied the whole time we were together. Said he broke up with his girlfriend and had come up. Yep... lies lies lies. My friend Heather likes to say I need to stop liking the fixer uppers and go for someone on my level. If I could meet someone and have a blast with my friends that would be amazing.

"Okay guys one more shot and we're calling it a night. Last call is in 5 minutes." I told them at the table.

We had danced the night away and Prowlers and Jake was talking to this girl Katie from work and school. Usually a bunch of us from the Hospitality Program always go on the cruises together so I think he is trying to convince her to come with.

"Ready! 1.... 2...." Ash took the shot before the rest of us were ready. "3!!!" She slammed her shot glass back down!

"ASHLEY!!" Leigha said laughing.

We danced for a little longer until the lights came up. I was tempted to tell them to head out with me across the street to Rodney's for some pizza. But I was feeling kind of tired since I worked this morning.

"Okay guys I'm heading out." I was definitely too drunk to drive home so I was going to call my sister but she had went out too so I figured I walk.

"Jake I'm heading out." I walked up to Katie and him telling him. Katie looked at me sort of crazy like who am I. We had a few classes together but she's underclassman and I'm about to graduate.

"Hey, can I crash at your place. I'm too gone to drive home." He gave Katie and her friend Jessica goodbye.

"Jay! Come over here and give me a hug NOW!" I went to give Jessica a hug goodbye. She's a year younger than me. I went to high school with her sister Anna.

"We'll see you girls later!" We headed out and I gave Bryan a nod as we walked out.

Jake and me started the 15 minute walk from the bar to my house. It wasn't too bad. Just turn down a block and then walk down and a block over. But my town is littered with cops and I have gotten in trouble when I was younger so I don't risk anything anymore. If I can walk or take a cab. I do that. Jake and me walked down the street. I couldn't tell who was more drunk him or me. I'll say he was. We're walking down the street to the entrance of my subdivision and I bump into Jake by accident and he stumbles off down the hill that leads to my street. I see him roll and fall in the grass. I start laughing my ass off and head down the hill towards him.

"You drunk ass! Be quiet you know how they are around here!" I got right up to him and put my hand out to help him up. Instead he tugged me down to the ground.


"Shut up and lets' just lay here for a second."

"Do we have to? Why can't we go lay in my backyard and look up at the stars if that's what you want to do."

"Jay we'll be fine. You worry too much." I do tend to.

"And you don't worry enough sometimes!" I poked back at him and laid down on the hill.

"Oh yeah? Who do you think has taken care of you all those times you've passed out after the Registry? Or what about when we're at Zodiac and you went missing? Who came looking for you!" He was right he takes good care of me.

"Those were only a few times. What about when you threw up in my hands at Prowlers?!"

"Okay, okay we could go on for days. Lets' just lay here for awhile."

"Alright but don't be loud. " I can see my house from here. All the lights were off so everyone must've been sleeping.

"Jay, do you know how excited I am for this cruise now? Like I thought we were just talking about it and we've already decided everything about it."

"Well yeah. And to be fair we didn't decide, it's already decided by the Hospitality Club members."

"Don't be so technical." Jake snapped back.

"But seriously, I'm pumped. Maybe I won't strike out this time!" I met one guy on the last cruise but he ended up being "straight" or so he said. My friend Ryan's girlfriend was hitting on him all night and e wasn't responding. And let it be known Sarah is hot!

"We'll find you someone. You know I'm a pro at that." He was lying.

"A pro?" I half laughed to myself.

"When have you ever successfully hooked me up with anyone? And don't even say Dan was all your doing." I looked over at him.

"I wouldn't dare claim Dan as my doing. I knew he was trouble the first time you introduced me to him." He was right Dan was a bad guy.

"But seriously I feel bad sometimes."

"Don't pity me." Not getting annoyed as I usually would if this was a stranger but this was Jake.

"It's not pity Jay. You're not ugly by any stretch of the word. I know it's hard for you to find someone though. I just, I don't know." He was making me think.

"I know what you mean. For some reason or another my luck with guys is shit. I mean I could do the hook up route but I don't want to do that."

"I don't want you to either. But like when we're all out and I see the girls talking to guys and me talking to a girl you sometimes are just by yourself." I thought I was the only who noticed that.

"I mean we don't do it on purpose." I know they didn't.

"I just want you to be happy." Jake cares too much sometimes.

I rolled over and propped myself up and looked at him.

"Jake. Don't worry about me. I'm fine. Yeah it does suck when I see you guys all find someone at the bar and then I get stuck by myself. But I'm not by myself and I'm not sad. I'm good alright. You guys are some of the best friends I could have." I looked over and Jake and he was staring at me.

"Just making sure Jay. It's in my nature." He really was a big teddy bear. He flashed me a smile that I know he knows can't help but make guys and girls a like trust him. While he is a teddy bear to me, Jake can be a big dick head if he doesn't like you. But I know him as a teddy bear.

"I know. Like I said I'm good and I will find someone. I'm not going to stress it. And if I meet someone before or on the cruise all the better. Until then let's just have fun and not worry about it too much. We've got a long way to go still." I got up and extended my hand to him.

"You're right. And no matter what it's always Team J.J. going out making all the guys and girls want us!" I laughed and he dusted himself off.

"Yep. Team J.J. Now lets' get to my house. I need something to eat and there might be some left-over's from dinner. You can eat Dee's since she never finishes." I put my arm around his shoulder and we started walking.

He laughed and we joked about the time Dee freaked out on him when he ate her left-over's from a dinner her and her boyfriend went to for their anniversary. It was an honest mistake but that was the first time he ever met my sister. They're good now but lets' just say she hated Jake that night. As we got to the door I let Jake in first and turned around one last time and looked up at the stars. I closed my eyes for a second and just took it all in. I let out a smile and headed in.

To Be Continued....

So what did you think?? I figured I should set up the story with situations that happened throughout the year at school leading up to the cruise. I hope you enjoyed!

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