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Destined to be on a Fun Ship

Chapter 2


A few months had passed since my parents told me they would be paying for my cruise. Nothing major had happened within that time really. Besides just going out with friends, working, and school just the normal day to day grind. However it's now November and my birthday is today. I was just finishing getting ready when I got a phone call from Jake.

"Okay, I'll be there in a few Jay. Be ready because Manny is already calling me asking when we were going to get there." Jake was rushing me to get ready for my birthday party at a local club that had just open up here at home. It was my 23rd birthday and Jake and Natalie had set it up bottle service at the bar. I didn't even want to think how much it was costing them.

"Alright I'm almost ready. Just ironing my clothes. You guys really didn't have to do this tonight. It's too much." I was worried they spent too much.

"Shut up. I'm pulling onto your street now. Natalie is almost there with Ash and Leigha. Let me in." Dammit! I thought he said he was going to give me longer than that.

"It's open. Dee is down there." I hung up the phone with Jake who was pulling into my drive way. I could hear the music in the background. I told him about driving in here with the music loud. The neighbors used to freak about it. Sometimes I hated living in this snobbish neighborhood. I swear you could close your eyes and open and think you're on Wisteria Lane if you weren't careful.

I had just finished ironing my shirt and was standing in my room shirtless with just my pants on. It was my birthday and I had just went shopping for this shirt that I saw online and needed to get. I checked myself out in the mirror as I ironed. I was looking at my abs. I thought they were looking pretty good considering it was just Thanksgiving a few days ago. I started to stare off into space until I heard the iron hiss and steam shot onto my stomach! Fuck that burnt. I heard a knock on the door.

"What the hell are you doing in there?" Jake said as he opened the door.

"Jesus Jake! Sorry I started to drift off for a hot second. Been kind of distracted." Something was bothering me but I preferred not to talk about it with Jake.

My ex Dan had called me late last night while I was sleeping and left me a message on my phone. Normally that wouldn't have bothered me but what he said bothered me. Dan and me had pretty much been through for awhile now. We weren't good for each other really. Not only that but at two completely different points of life. He was a year younger than me and pretty much had nothing going on for him other than the job we both had the past 2 summers. He was full of potential but just didn't see it in himself. Last time we talked was a few weeks ago when he went crazy on me because his best friend told him I wanted nothing to do with him anymore and telling me I was scum and all those fun things. We hadn't talked since then. I am sure he was drunk when he called but he didn't sound it...

"Hey Jay...." there was a slight pause "It's me.." another slight pause. "I just wanted to tell you I missed you and of course 'Happy Birthday!' I know it probably doesn't mean much coming from me but I do mean it. I hope you have a great day and I miss you a lot. We have to talk sometime next week. I've been thinking about us and I want to talk to you about it. Alright I'm going to let you go..." I heard him take a deep breath in. "take care of yourself Jay-bird".

That was a name he had for me since the first day he met me. I had my hair done up horribly and we were both drunk as can be. So I was sitting at the bar waiting on my drink and this guy who I had seen before but didn't know his name comes up to me and says, "Hi, I'm Dan... You're kind of cute... is that a birds nest on your head". Yep if ever there was a Prince Charming there he was not. However, I had to agree with him on that. Thank god I buzzed it all off. Best. Idea. Ever.

"Dan called you didn't he?" How the hell did he know?

"Yeah he called me too this morning asking if you had said anything to me." Dan and Jake aren't what I would call friends so he must've been drunk or wondering what I thought.

"Hah... he called you? He must've been pretty hammered." I finished getting dressed and was checking myself out in the mirror.

"I don't know. He was asking me like what did I think you were going to say if anything. I told him to chill out and relax. I said if you wanted to talk to him you'd obviously talk to him. Then he turned all Dan about it and got defensive and I hung up on him." That sounded about right. Jake doesn't take crap from anyone.

"Hmm.. whatever. Let's go do a few birthday shots downstairs and then head out." we headed downstairs to the bar in my basement to take a few shots. My sister and her boyfriend came down with us. They weren't coming out tonight because he had to be out early tomorrow.

"To the birthday boy! May your hang-over be heavy, and the boys be all over you! Happy Birthday buddy!" Jake said the toast and with that the 4 of us downed the double shots of vodka to get the night started.

We drove the 20 minutes to Leg Room. I kept getting texted from Natalie asking me where I was. She kept saying Tyler and Manny were looking for us. Jake and her had taken care of the birthday arrangements, all I had to do was show up. But she didn't want to head in without us. She had Ashley and Leigha with her. A few of my other friends said they were coming too but Natalie wanted to get there before they got there. I was feeling pretty decent from those shots we did. Two double shots had me feeling pretty good already. I'm no light-weight but I barely at today. I work at a Italian restaurant as one of the cooks, bartender, or server wherever they needed me. However when it gets busy I don't sit around while everyone else works I'll jump on the line with every or I'll get on the grill. Today was no exception and I found myself working the grill for most of my shift. I should've taken the day off I told myself but oh well. I'm a work-a-holic.

Jake finally pulled up to the parking lot. I went to get out and he grabbed my arm really quick. I stopped getting out and turned around wondering what he wanted. I saw him digging around in the backseat throwing his paperwork aside. He pulled out a box from the back.

"Here. I got you a little something, something." I laughed at the crappy wrapping job he did. By wrapping I meant there was a box with some tape a bow and a card that had my name on it. The box was already from the store he had bought the gift from.

"Dude you didn't have to." I started to open the box up.

"Shut up and open it. It's your birthday and you're my best friend. So open the damn box already." I opened it up and it was a pair of bright yellow pair of board shorts with some lines going through them. I really liked them. Damn that straight boy and his good taste. "You like the color? I sat there with the chic half flirting with her trying to get her number and half trying to figure out which one you'd like more." Well Jake had definitely picked the right pair. But it's November and a little cold board shorts. We had a hot tub at home so I guess I'll get some use out of them now.

"Well it's a little cold for these right now. We hot tubing later?" I put the shorts back in the bag.

"You d-bag they're not for right now. They're for the cruise! Consider them the first of a few pairs I bet you'll probably bring on the cruise with us." He was right. Last year for our 5 night cruise I bought 4 different pairs. I don't like putting on wet clothes.

"Haha... you're right! Thanks buddy. Now lets' get inside and get my birthday started!" I put the box in the back seat and got out the car.

"Will you bitches hurry up and quit making out already!" I laughed at Ashley yelling that to us. Jake was just starting to get out of the car so I don't know if he heard it or not.

"Ashley shut up. The alcohol will still be in there in a minute. Remember we got a bottle of it waiting just for us." Jake yelled back at her.

We walked into the bar and it was pretty crowded. Manny the owner saw us and pushed his way through the crowd. He showed us to the section that he had placed right by the dance floor for us. It had a reserved sign on the table in front of the couches for us. I was loving this birthday already. Felt like such the VIP. Before I could even get my jacket off Tyler was brining over a try of who knows what kind of shots. Manny, Tyler, and a few of the cocktail servers came up and sang "Happy Birthday" to me. Once they were finished we all took shots and then I posed for pictures with Manny and Tyler. After finally getting situated a few of my friends from work showed up and a few more from school too. I was worried a bottle wasn't going to be enough for us. But sure enough before I knew it 2 more bottles of vodka came out. I was starting to worry about the price. But we all do pretty good for ourselves job wise so I figured we'll worry about it later. I just decided to let go and enjoy the night. Around an hour after we got there the DJ started playing and before I knew it we were all dancing in our VIP area that overlooked the dance floor. Manny and Tyler kept stopping by to see how it was going and make sure we were having a blast. I know I was! Zodiac wasn't that big of a place but it could pack in the crowd on a good night. I had just sat down for a second on one of the couches in our sections and Tyler (the head bartender and my friend) was coming over with someone.

"Jay, I've got to introduce you to someone. This is Mike" I extended my hand out to him to shake it. "He's new here. Just started last week and wanted me to introduce him to you all." I smiled back at the both of them. I was wondering why Tyler had bought some random guy up to us but I wasn't going to be rude.

"Hey Mike nice to meet you." I pulled him close so we could heard each other talking.

"You too, Jay is it? I saw you guys had a little section reserved for tonight and I wanted to come wish the birthday boy a Happy Birthday!" Mike was a cutie. A little shorter than me and definitely not as built as me. He was probably about 5'8" or so. Not a big difference but I noticed it sort of. He was dressed in a pair of black pants and a black button up with a silver skinny tie. I loved the way those looked. His hair was dark brown and spiked up.

"Thanks buddy! It's nice to meet you too. Are you bartending tonight or just here meeting everyone?" Tyler had walked over to Natalie at this point and I saw him giving me a smirk.

"Yeah I'm bartending but Manny let Tyler and me sneak away for a second. Jonny and Maddie have got it under control for now." I was wondering if there was something more than a birthday wish bought upon this and that smirk said quite a bit.

Mike and me had moved over to the couch now and started to talk more. He was telling me how he just moved back from New York. He said he wanted to take a break from school out there and come back home. I thought there might be something more to it but I didn't want to come off as nosey the first time I met the guy. Mike seemed like a really nice guy. He was certainly my type but I couldn't tell for sure if he was gay or not. I had assumed it before but my whole gay-dar is horrible. Mike had ordered him and me a shot before he had to head back to the bar.

"Hey, I got to get back behind the bar. Not all of us have free reign to walk around like Tyler. You should call me some time though. We should hang out. Let me give you my number." I handed my phone over to him to put his number into my phone.

"Woah... someone has a stalker." I looked at him puzzled. "Your phone.. you have 6 missed calls from someone named Dan." What the hell did he want? And six missed calls? Someone better be dying I thought.

"Sorry... that's a long story..." I was hoping that didn't give off the wrong impression to Mike.

"It's cool. Here I added it in and sent myself a text so I've got yours. I'll try to stop by again in a few but we're starting to get pretty slammed up there again." I looked up and saw Manny staring at us.

"Yeah get up there. Manny's going to kill you."

"Haha, yeah I know. Alright birthday boy. I'll talk to you in a few. Have fun!" He reached over and gave me a half hug and got up to leave. I smiled and poured myself another glass out of the bottle on the table. Before I finished pouring it Tyler and Natalie were right by me.

"So what'd you think of Mikey? Cute? Nice? Funny?" Tyler shot at me.

"He was all that. Are you trying to do a set up Tyler?" I was wondering.

"Buddy I don't need to try. You did that all yourself. He was asking whose birthday it was over here cause he wanted to say Happy Birthday. He seems like a good guy otherwise I wouldn't have bought him over here." Tyler was smiling back and forth at the bar where Jay was and me. I just laughed.

"Get it Jay Jay! We're going to get you laid tonight!" Natalie screamed over at me.

I could only hope we were going to get me laid tonight. Tyler got up and headed back over to the bar. The rest of us continued to party and dance the night away. Before I knew it the time was 2:45am and last call was about to happen. Manny told us not to worry about it and we could stay however long we wanted to he just had to clear out the rest of the people first though. I was really feeling pretty drunk at this point and I'm sure everyone else was so a chance to chill was in order. I was sitting back on the couch talking with Jake when I my phone started to ring. It was Dan. I had no idea why he kept calling me tonight. I already texted him earlier saying, 'Thank you for the birthday wishes'. I thought he would've gotten the hint when I didn't talk about the message he left that I didn't want to talk about it. I got up and headed outside for a second because the music was still pretty loud in the bar. As I walked to the door I looked over and saw Mike looking at me mouthing 'Where was I going' I pointed outside and held my phone up. I mouthed 'Be Right Back' and headed out.

"Hello?" Trying to sound as annoyed as possible.

"Hey babe." Shit... he's wasted.

"I'm not your babe. But what's up?" I was having a good night and do not want this to mess it up.

"Don't act like that Jay-Bird. I just wanted to talk to you on your birthday. I had a surprise for you. Where are you?" There was no way I was going to tell him where I was.

"I'm out for my birthday. Surprise is going to have to wait till tomorrow. I don't think I'll be home till late." I'm hoping his surprise wasn't that he was somewhere by where I was.

"Fine..." He paused and didn't say anything. "You know what. Go fuck yourself. I was going to come over tonight. But clearly you'd rather be hanging on Jakes nuts or chasing the straights as usual." Yep... he's drunk.

"Dan shut up. This is where I hang up. Bye." I hung up on him and turned off my phone. I didn't want to deal with that anymore.

I walked back in to the bar and most people had cleared out besides my party. I went and sat down between Jake and Ashley. Both of them were probably as drunk as me which didn't bode well for the drive home. Everyone was just sitting around talking and laughing and having a good time. Slowly one by one other members of the party had left till all that was left were the 5 of us and a few other people in the bar. Manny was in the corner talking with a few other employees and people in the bar. Tyler and Mike were finishing up over there at the bar. I looked over to see what they were doing and Mike put up a '1 minute' finger. It was about 3:45 right now and I was still good to go but since it was last call already and we had finished up the bottles I didn't bother asking. I also was trying to figure out how we were going to get home. Lucky for us my house is pretty big so everyone was going to stay there but getting us back was the problem now.

Mike walked over and sat down with Natalie. We sat down and talked for about a half hour while the rest of them were just pretty much entertaining themselves. It was 4a.m. at this point and Jake had asked if we were ready to leave. I told him it didn't matter to me but how were we going to get home. None of us were in any condition to drive.

"I'll drive you guys..." Mike spoke up. Jake looked up at him with a weird look cause I assume he thought Mike and Natalie were talking. "I mean..." Mike started to blush a little. "I mean, if you guys needed a ride I can drive you guys." I didn't think he was drinking that much tonight. But I don't know how I felt about a random driving us home. Before I could say anything though Ashley and Leigha said yes.

"So long as we can get some street meat!" Leigha yelled out.

"Street meat! I love it! I wonder if the hot dog lady is still outside right now!" Street meat was so yummy. When you're drunk and need a quick bite there's nothing like the hot dog stand outside the bars! "Let's go and we can jump in the hot tub after." We all got up. Natalie and Jake went to go pay for the night but Manny told her it was on the house she told me. I saw them put down $150 on the table still for a tip and we left. Unfortunately for us there was no street meat to be found so we headed back to Mikes care and decided to grab something along the way.

The ride home in Mikes car was pretty loud and rowdy. Mike had commented that he thought the girls and Jake got more drunk as we drove home. Luckily for us he drove an SUV so they weren't all squished in the backseat. We stopped by a late night fast food drive through and grabbed some food. Once we got back to my house I told them to shut up so they wouldn't wake up anyone. My parents were both gone for the weekend up at our lake house up north, so it was just Dee and me. But I didn't want them to wake her up. I grabbed Mike a beer out of the fridge so he could catch up with us. Thought at 4 in the morning there was only so much catching up to be done. We all sat around the kitchen joking and laughing about the night. I asked who wanted to go into the hot tub but the girls and Jake said they were ready for bed. So it was just Mike and me in my kitchen.

"So it was pretty crazy tonight huh?" He took a swig from his beer and moved closer to me.

"Yeah you could say that." I was pretty drunk at this point and still kind of wanted to go into the hot tub. "I've got great friends what can I say? Did you have fun?"

"Yeah it was alright. It's crazy how busy the bar can get. I mean it's not like it's that big of a place but you get swamped up there." I nodded my head knowingly because it's just like at the restaurant. We'll be dead one minute then like 20 minutes later we'll be slammed back there.

"I know. Hey..." I figured I would give up on the hot tub idea for the night. Maybe another night I thought. "Did you want to head up to my room. I'm pretty beat right now and just need to get out of these clothes." Shit... why did I say it like that. Now I sound like some whore. "I mean..." Fuck even in my drunken mess I didn't know how to get myself out of this. "I meant. I'm going to head up and change for bed. Did you want to wait down here or were you going to head out?" I was hoping he was going to stay the night. Not even to get some. It's my birthday and I shouldn't be sleeping in my bed myself!

"Haha... geeze... already wanting to head up to the bedroom already? You're a quick one." Mike looked cute sitting there in his work clothes drinking from the beer. He seemed at ease which is more than I would be in some strangers house.

"I thought you wanted to head out to the hot tub?" Hmm.. maybe the hot tub was still on after all?

"I did but it's almost 4:30 now. I mean we can if you want to?"

"Nah, it's cool. We can head up to your room." He finished off the beer and grabbed two more out of my fridge. "I'm warning you, I'm not as easy as I look mister." He said with a smug smile on his face.

"Hey, no one said you were going to get any tonight. All I was saying was I needed to change. Take that as you want." I led him up the stairs to my room.

"Jesus your house is big. What do your parents do?" I didn't think my house was big. There certainly were bigger houses in the subdivision than mine.

"Construction and real estate. And my house isn't that big." We walked into my room and I turned on the light.

"Well it's bigger than mine." Mike said back at me.

"That's what she said." We both stopped walking for a second. "I'm sorry... so wasted." I laughed and grabbed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I didn't know if I should go into the bathroom to change or change in front of him. I decided to head into the bathroom and change.

"Hey, what about me? I reek of cigs and beer." Well that meant he was going to be staying the night I thought to myself.

"Oh..." I grabbed him a pair of my favorite Ohio State shorts and gave them him. "Here you go. Now you're a Buckeye."

"Gross." Was all he said as I walked out to change. I had purposely forgot to give him a t-shirt.

While I was changing I turned my phone on to see if Dan had stopped calling yet or not. Sure enough I had a few hateful text messages in my inbox and a few more missed calls from a few other people. I went to go check on the Jake and the girls to make sure they didn't need anything before I headed back to my room. Walking down the hall I heard some music coming from my sound dock. I opened the door to see Mike folding his clothes on my futon.

I looked him over. His skin was nice and tanned. Just the slightest bit of hair running from his belly button down to below the waist band of my shorts. He wasn't ripped either but had a nice build on him. I didn't notice this earlier since he was wearing a longer sleeved shirt but he had a tattoo on his left arm. Looked to be a tribal tattoo or something. I thought it was pretty hot. I had tattoos myself on my leg and one on my back right shoulder blade. I moved my eyes down and checked out his legs. They had some hair on the but not ape like. He wasn't wearing any socks. I love the look he was wearing right now. Totally turns me on, a shirtless guy, boxers just showing above the waist band of some basketball shorts and that's it. I think he saw me gazing at him when he looked up.

"Seeing something you like?" I snapped out of my daze quickly.

"Huh?" I tried to play stupid. "No I was wondering something." I was caught.

"So tell me how it is, you get a t-shirt and I'm the one sitting here without a shirt on? Mike moved closer to me and I realized he had some of the bluest eyes I had ever seen.

"I get cold." I closed the door and lowered the lights down some.

"This big house, all those covers on your bed and you get cold? Huh..." Mike walked away towards my bed. He was being pretty bold and I was liking that. He sat down at the edge of my bed facing me. The music was playing in the background and I walked towards my bed.

"Well what can I say. When you're by yourself you need the company." I was standing in front of him. I was standing in-between his legs with him looking up at me. I took of my shirt and threw it on the ground. I got a chill up my back and shivered.

"See, I wasn't lying."

"Shut up and come here." Mike grabbed me by the waist and pulled me onto the bed. He rolled over on top of me.

"I'll be keeping you warm tonight." He then leaned down and put his face right up to mine. It had been so long since I kissed someone and actually meant it. There was one time a few months back where Jake had dragged me to some party and these girls didn't believe I was gay so I planted a kiss on Jake. The look on his face after that was priceless. But this was the first time in a long time I was going to kiss another guy and the guy was actually gay. I could feel his breathe on mine. The smell was good with a hint of the beer he had been drinking.

"I'd like that." Was all I could say back.

Mike then leaned down and planted a kiss on me. Though I was the bigger of the two of us he was still pretty strong. The force at which he planted his face on mine was like he hadn't kissed another person in so long. At first we were just kissing and feeling around each other's bodies. Mike skin felt so soft to the touch. I couldn't help but feel all over. He was doing the same. Soon we were breathing heavy and I rolled him over so I was on top. I took a second to catch my breath and then I went back to making out with him. My hand running along his spiked hair which had gone soft at this point.

"God Jay..." He said between making out and feeling all over me. "You're so fucking hot...." I felt his hands going lower towards my back. "I had to meet you when I saw you. I made Tyler take me over to you." His hands were running all over my lower back and it felt amazing. I slowly moved my leg so it was now on top of his. I could feel his hard on pressing against my leg. He had to be at least7 inches or bigger. He felt rock hard and thick against my leg. I slowly grinded myself on top of him. My own 7 1/2' hard on rubbing against his. I started to move my hand down slowly and grab his dick. It felt so hard and hot in my hand. I felt Mike moan in my mouth.

"You like how that feels?" I asked and gave him another squeeze. I felt his dick throb in my hand.

"So good Jay." He then rolled me back under him. I looked down and could see his hard own pointing up from my shorts I laughed.

"What?" He asked me quietly.

"Nothing... I'm sorry." He gave me a kiss and rolled over onto my side.

"What's so funny Jay? Is it this?"He grabbed my hard on and gave it a squeeze.

"Oh...." I let out a sign and fell back onto my bed.

"Let's just lay here for awhile." Mike laid down behind me and put his arms around my waist. He pulled me back into him and I felt his dick right against my ass. I moved myself to adjust for him.

"You're such a tease you know." He laughed and gave my nipple a pinch.

'I'm not the one working me all up and then stopping." He put his finger in front of my mouth to quiet me up so we can just enjoy each other's company. We laid there and I looked over at my nightstand. It was 5:45 at that point. My windows were open and the sun started to peek up from the horizon. We sat there talking to each other just discussing random things. I was starting to go in and out of sleep. I felt Mike give me a piss on the back of my head and whisper, 'Good Night' to me. With that I had passed out with a huge smile on my face. It was a good 23rd birthday I thought to myself.

To Be Continued....

So that was Jays 23rd birthday. Yeah the main part of the story is about the cruise in May but I figured I would fill in some major events of what happened along the way up until the cruise. A way to see why the events of the cruise helped Jay out.

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