Discovering Mark Part IV: The Rest of the Story

After that first weekend together, Mark's and my relationship settled into a relaxed and comfortable state. We kept our own pretty much separate circles of friends and kept our private life together a close secret. It hurt that I couldn't dance with him at school functions or take him out openly on a date and I know he felt the same. Our love making quickly evolved into two diverse forms. "Tough love" occurred when time was short or the risk of discovery was high. These acts tended to occur in empty storerooms and out of the way places, or in one of our houses when parents were present. "Tough Love" often was fairly athletic. A sudden mutual (and contrived) love of fishing, provided a suitable, and publicly acceptable excuse to sneak off together. Until the lakes and our buns froze over. My personal favorite was screwing Mark as he leaned against the shelves of the Chemistry store room after home swim meets. Mark particularly loved when it was his turn to deliver in one of these encounters. His personality became more dominant and his concept of foreplay in these situations degenerated into a whispered, "Brace yourself, baby!!"

"Sweet love" was what we both preferred and occurred when we could spend the night together at my house or anyplace where we would not be disturbed for long periods. Between his folks and their medical practice and my Dad and his military duties we managed it at least twice a month. During those nights we could dance slowly together, or cuddle in each others arms to watch TV before retiring. Lovemaking was much slower and more sensuous as we concentrated on pleasing each other rather than satisfying a mating urge.

Despite the fact I passed my swimming test, we still met at his home after my Saturday run for a swim, a personal grooming session and some recreational sex. When Dad ran with me, he'd peel off as we passed Mark's house. If he ever suspected we did more than swim, he never hinted at it.

It was a routine we never tired of as the year progressed and we entered our senior year of high school. I was on top of the world as the starting quarterback on the team and Mark trained like a maniac to earn his third state title as the fastest swimmer in the state.

My world started it's collapse in the middle of the football season. I was hit from both sides -- feet moving one way, my torso another. The pain was incredible. I refused to look at my leg. The trainer came out with Coach and carefully straightened the leg. I yelled and passed out. My football days were over officially the next morning when I woke up in the hospital. The Doctors decided to wait for Christmas vacation to do the surgery on the knee and fix a hernia I'd developed tossing feed bags around the mill during the summer, so two days later I was hobbling around the school in a knee brace, using a cane for support. My knee hurt like hell. Fortunately I only gave half my supply of pain pills to the school nurse. I kept a pocket full to help me get up and down the stairs. My opportunities to be with Mark actually increased as he wound up driving me to school and helping with my physical therapy. Instead of swimming with him each Saturday, I took "therapy" in the warm waters of the hot tub. Love making became more challenging as we searched for ways to keep from putting any pressure or twist on my knee. If nothing else, Mark outdid himself in creativity, but being bent over the kitchen table as Mark pronged me will never be a favorite of mine.

Two weeks before my scheduled surgery, I woke up screaming in pain. My Dad rushed in to see me doubled over in bed and called the ambulance. Morning of the next day found me in an Air Force Hospital without an appendix. My doctor informed me that while they were removing the appendix, he'd fixed my hernia and moved my knee surgery up to that evening.

"Now that we've got you here, we might as well run the utilization rate on the operating room up a little," he chuckled. I didn't.

Mark stopped by with my Dad after school and we talked a little. My Dad had a night flight and left soon after. As soon as he was gone Mark peeked down the hall and returned to give me a quick kiss. He slipped his hand under the covers, but I begged him to stop.

"That's where I hurt the most! It feels like they cut me in half down there. If you bring me off, I'll spill my guts all over the bed."

"Let's take a quick peek," he said as he stripped off the sheet and lifted the bottom of the hospital gown. He took a quick look and collapsed in gales of laughter. Tears streamed from his eyes as he limped over to a chair and sat down in a vain effort to collect himself..

I raised up a little to see what was so funny and gasped. I was pretty furry in the body hair department. In this case, "was" is the operative word. From just above my naval to the tops of my knees, someone had shaved me. A thick forest of chest hair turned abruptly into a plain of pale skin. The plain was marred by two series of surgical stitches and then continued until the forest began again at my knees. I was horrified. My naked dick and balls looked for all the world like an ugly purplish growth popping up out of my crotch. What looked so appealing on Mark was down right ugly on me. Mark's nearly hysterical laughter didn't help. When he finally got control of himself he got up and tenderly covered me up, doing a pretty good job of feeling me up as well. Despite the pain and embarrassment, I felt myself growing hard. It hurt!

"You always get to suck a smooth dick and pump a hairless ass. At last, I get a chance to try it out," he whispered. "Think if it...No getting hair stuck between my teeth. You'd better be a fast healer!"

About that time, the surgeon came in, showed me the x-rays and told me how he was going to fix my knee.

"We'll keep you here for two more days. One to see how badly the knee swells, and so we have time to build a special brace. And one to make sure there are no problems from the hernia and appendix operations. You'll be out of here Friday, and back in school Monday. By Christmas, you'll have less pain in the knee than before the surgery, and by the end of January it should be fairly pain free. You get to wear the brace for the next eight months"

"What about Therapy," Mark asked (coyly, I thought). "I've got a heated lap pool, would swimming help?"

"I'll give him the plan I want him to follow. But after two weeks he can add any exercise he wants. The knee will let him know when to quit."

The doctor left and an orderly came in. He stripped off the sheets, and shaved the rest of the leg they were going to operate on. If he thought my half shaved body looked funny, he kept his comments to himself.

The surgery went better than I expected. Compared to the previous month or so, the pain was hardly noticeable. The day after Christmas, they called my Dad and had him take a flight of fighters to Korea for an exercise and bring them back in a month. Mark came over the next morning on the excuse of doing some food shopping for me, and banged on the back door with a load of fast food sausage sandwiches. As we sat at the table, he noticed I was constantly reaching down to scratch my crotch.

"Now, you know why I keep myself shaved," he laughed. "It'll get worse for another week or so. If you get some ingrown hairs though, it really becomes a pain."

"If it keep itching like this, it would almost be worth having you shave me," I told him. I don't know what I was thinking.

"Almost!" I yelled. But it was too late. Mark had disappeared up the stairs and was back down in a flash. Razor and towels in hand and an evil grin on his face. I couldn't run. With my knee even Mark could catch me. He half carried me into the couch and had my sweat pants off in a flash. He stripped off my briefs and took a good hard look at me.

"Poor baby, " he cooed. He ran a hand over my crotch and I could feel and hear the rasping as he rubbed against the grain. He quickly filled his hand with shaving cream and massaged it onto my dick and balls. It felt great and I spread my legs as my dick sprang to attention. I hadn't touched my dick in three weeks other than to shake piss from it. For the first week that area of my body was too tender and Mark and I had had no opportunity to be alone together for the last two. I was so ready for release I probably could have done it if I pulled my zipper up too quickly. Mark tormented me as he shaved my crotch, dick and balls clean as a whistle. Every time I thought I'd cum, he'd stop and wait till I went limp. Again and again he'd let my excitement peak and then fail. When he shaved the area between my balls and my anus I thought for sure I'd finally get my rocks off. Mark sensed it and squeezed my dick hard until the feeling passed.

"Please Mark, you're killing me. Either bring me off, or I'm gonna haul off and deck you. I swear it."

He just chuckled and shaved the inside of my thighs. Then he slowly lathered me up and shaved me again.

"Just to catch any misses," he mused to himself.

When he finished he just wiped me off and put the stuff away. I watched in amazement as the took the stuff back upstairs. When he came back down and sat next to me I was limp again. I gave up.

"You are an unmitigated asshole," I snarled and reached for my flaccid cock.

Mark grabbed my hand and forced it down. He grabbed his braid and held the end up so I could see the bottom two inches of loose hair below the rubber band.

He fingered the braid and looked slyly at me.

"I thought of this the other night. I tried it on myself. It takes awhile, but man is it worth it.

Without saying another word he put the end of the braid between my legs and brushed it against my thigh. My dick lurched and my legs spread themselves. Without hair, my skin was incredibly sensitive. His braid was so long it was always dangling around between my legs when he blew me. Just as my hair brushed against him when I did him. It was always a turn on for us, but this was much more erotic. He lightly touched the end of the braid to the underside of my dick and brushed his way to the top. My dick tingled from the touch. He waited until my pole started to go flaccid and then brushed the line between my ass and my balls. My cock sprang erect so fast it hurt. For the next few minutes Mark would brush me with the braid then pause for the reaction to subside. My hairless dick was so sensitive, the touch of one or two hairs brought me to the edge of a climax only to have Mark pause and wait for the inevitable collapse.

Finally, he looked me in the eye and said, "Ready?"

I growled, "I've been ready for 20 minutes, you bastard"

Mark sniffed haughtily, brushed my dick with the braid and waited for my dong to spring fully erect. To me, the poor naked thing looked swollen and frustrated. Mark smiled evilly and leaned forward.

"Marcus the great will now demonstrate how to make a man cum on his own couch. Look, Ma, no hands!!" he intoned grandly.

Then he pursed his lips and blew gently on my dick. I was dumbfounded. What was this shit! I'd finally had it and as soon as I jacked myself off, I was going to fuck his lights out.

He pursed his lips and blew again, even more softly. My thighs abruptly clinched and my legs went rigid. A lance of pain went through my bad knee and then disappeared as the muscles in my ass contracted and my balls slammed into my dick as they sent sperm pumping toward my dickhead. My spine arched as every muscle in my back tried to throw my hips up through the roof.

Mark and I were quiet love makers. Other than muffled gasps and occasional expletives, we'd learned to contain ourselves. In the situation we were in, it wouldn't do to scream

"Oh my God, I'm cumming!!!! Agggggg!!! Ungggg!!!", while my Dad was downstairs playing poker with his buddies and Mark and I were upstairs supposedly playing computer games.

I clinched my teeth as the my whole body dedicated itself to throwing a couple million sperm cells to their death in the open air.

"Oh my God, I'm cumming!!!! Agggggg!!! Ungggg!!!", I yelled.

Spurt after spurt of pent up cum arched upwards. Three weeks of sexual frustration fueled my hips as they thrust my pelvis into the air again and again. I watched my dick turn bright red from the effort and watched glob after glob of cum splatter down on my naked crotch or spill onto my stomach and chest. The spasms continued, even after I spewed out all my cum. Finally, my tortured dick gave up. It wilted before my eyes to collapse on my slick cum covered pelvis. My back ached and my thighs relaxed so quickly, I thought they'd cramp. I laid in a heap on the couch, too exhausted to move. Every part of my body was hyper sensitive and even my teeth ached.

I watched as Mark slowly stood up and put a hand behind his back. With the other hand holding the end of the braid like a little puppet, he and the puppet did a deep bow to an imaginary audience.

"Thank you, Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen. Next show at eleven."

It took me 15 minutes to get off the couch. When I could I had him tie a braid in my hair. His hands trembled in anticipation as he carefully worked his hands through my hair. He knew what was coming and could hardly wait for me to finish shaving his crotch. My vengeance came when I finished the shave and was wiping him down. He couldn't contain himself any longer and came when I touched him with the towel. He was furious with himself. He was madder at me, because I waited a whole week before I performed the "Magic Braid Trick" on him.

Spring started well. I managed to get a hardship scholarship (meaning I had a C average and a parent who made less than half a million bucks a year) to the same Ivy League school Mark had been accepted at. I even, at Mark's insistence, told them my major was Pre-Med so we could take classes together. By this time I think Dad had a good idea of what was going on because Mark and I saw my Dad and his parents having dinner together at a fancy restaurant. We beat a hasty retreat before they saw us, and ate at the Burger Stop instead. I heard him come into my room that night and sit on my bed. I was so afraid of what he was going to say I pretended to be asleep. He put his hand on my head and murmured softly.

"I love you son. I hope you find the happiness your mother and I had together for 15 years. It's tough for me to believe that happiness will come from a man, but maybe I'm just starting to get old, and too tied to the prejudices of the past. Please remember, no matter what I do or say, I love you."

Then he quietly left the room. I waited an hour before I went down stairs to his room and sneaked to his bed.

"I love you, Dad," I said and went back to my room.

Two months later Dad was killed trying land a crippled fighter. They should have bailed out, but the ejection seat of the guy in the back seat malfunctioned and Dad decided to attempt a landing. I was in physics class, when the principle entered the room and motioned the teacher over. I didn't think anything about it till she looked at me with tears in her eyes. I just got out of my seat and walked with the principle down to his office where a Colonel, a Chaplain and the school nurse were waiting.

I wouldn't have survived the next few month without Mark, but I didn't appreciate it at the time. He, rather than I, worked with the executor of Dad's estate. I just stared at the wall of my room. Mark tried to explain about insurance paying off the house, and the trust fund that was held my Dad's investments and most of his life insurance and that I now had the resources to pay my way through medical school. I went to school every day, because there was nothing else to do, and each day Mark would walk with me, hobbling in pain that I never even noticed. He sat each evening with me on the couch of my home until I finally got up and left him there to go to bed. In other words, I was a complete asshole and treated him like dirt.

Mark and I hadn't touched each other sexually during that time. Graduation came and went and Marks parents sold their medical practice and moved to Florida to set up a new one, taking on faith that when Mark and I finished Medical School in several years, we would join them in practice. Mark stayed behind with me and never complained.

Finally, one evening in late June Mark slid against me on the couch, slid up to kiss me lightly and whispered

"Kurtis, please come back to me." There was a little sob in his voice.

"I'm not ready to come back to anyone! Not you! Not anyone! Why don't you just leave me alone." I snarled.

Mark looked hurt and said some heat.

"I remember when WE and US were more important to us when we talked. I wish you'd look around and think of someone other than yourself. You haven't touched me in months"

Something in me snapped.

"You want to be touched!!" I screamed "I'll touch you!!"

I leaped to my feet and flung Mark to the floor. I ripped his shorts from him and bent over and took his cock in my mouth.

"How's this for touching you," I yelled as I squeezed his cock and ground his balls in my hand. I felt my dick engorging for the first time since Dad died. When Mark didn't harden under my hands, I ripped my shorts off and roughly stroked my dick to fully erect. I picked Mark up by the thighs and positioned my dick next to his ass.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard, you'll never want to be with a man again."

I was about to slam my cock into him when I looked up at Mark's face. Tears were streaming from his eyes, but tears wouldn't have stopped me in the state I was in. What stopped me was the abject terror in his eyes. Eyes that had never shown any thing but love for me, now showed nothing but fear. Hatred, would not have stopped me from hurting him. Nor would anger. What I suddenly couldn't stand seeing in him was fear. My mind screamed at me that the only person in the world I had left to love was now terrified of me. I burst into tears, and buried my face in my hands. I crouched on the floor sobbing.

A light touch on my shoulder made me look up. Mark was kneeling next to me. I looked at his face -- the fear was still there, but I saw love there too. I grabbed him and pulled him to me in a tremendous bear hug. He grunted as I crushed him to me and whispered.

"God, I'm so sorry" over and over as I hugged him and cried on his shoulder. I kissed him lightly and released him. I looked at him and said

"I think I've forgotten how to love you Mark. I love you so much but I just feel I've forgotten how to please you. For the last few months, I loved having you near me, but I couldn't tell you how much and I couldn't remember what I needed from myself to give you the love you need. I know I'm babbling, but I do love you and--"

I stopped talking because Mark was kissing me and crying. That started me crying and we wound up wrapped up in each other's arms and crying.

"Welcome home, my love!" he sobbed.

When the crying slowed, he wiped my eyes as I wiped his. I leaned forward to kiss him when he whispered.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes." It was all I could manage.

"Then let me show you, what I want you to do for me the rest of your life."

He pulled me to my feet, and led me up to my room.

For the next two hours, Mark dedicated himself to loving -- me. Starting slowly, he thoroughly worked me over. There wasn't a thing on my body that wasn't kissed, stroked or poked. He massaged my legs, back and sides. He entered me from the front, side, and back. He sucked my cock, masturbated me with his hair, his hands, and rubbed me to climax with his stomach as we caressed. All was done as slowly and delicately as I'd ever had it from him. When I thought it was done, I kissed him and began to return the favors. He stopped me and whispered "Tough Love!!"

He sucked me with a vengeance, and when I'd cum, he hauled me half off the bed so my knees dropped to the floor. He was about to enter and then figured he couldn't get enough leverage, so the bent me over the desk and fucked me hard. So hard, I thought his dick was going to come up my throat and break my teeth. Then he made me stand against the wall spread eagled while he fucked me again. Finally, the tossed me on the bed and sucked me off with so much enthusiasm I thought my balls would be sucked into my dick.

We laid together for a few minutes catching our breaths. I was almost asleep when he kissed me and started licking his way toward my groin.

"Stop, Stop!! I give up!" I told him.

Mark looked up at me in relief.

"Thank God! You've been insatiable. I was gonna do you till you quit, but I didn't think you'd go on this long. I'm fucking pooped."

"Good way to put it!" I told him as he nestled down into my arms. He never heard it, he was already asleep.

I had the first good nights sleep I'd had since Dad died. I was utterly content again.

I awoke just before dawn and went to the bathroom. I wasn't quite as sore and tender as I thought although my knee was fairly sore from the rough housing. Mark was spread eagled on his back with his "I'm about to wake up" hard on showing. I sat next to him and stroked it softly. It was covered in fur! I felt his arms and legs, they were furry as well! Even his chest had reddish fuzz on it. He hadn't shaved himself in months. Since that first weekend, I'd shaved him once a week and it was obvious now he hadn't shaved himself since ... the day.

I went back into the bathroom and carefully put a braid in my hair. It wasn't as long as Mark's but it would work for what I intended to do.

"First things first," I mused as looked at his fur covered dick and crotch. I'd never blown a guy with crotch hair before and Mark woke with a start as I slurped his dick with my tongue. He begged me to wait till he'd taken a piss and threatened to piss down my throat if it put my mouth on him again. I lifted him gently from the bed. He was still exhausted and pretty groggy as I led him to the bathroom. When he'd finished, I laid him on the floor and proceeded to slowly lick his balls and dick until his hard on returned. Mark was large enough that I couldn't get all of him into my mouth, so most of the time I used a hand to help bring him off "in-a-timely-fashion." This time I just slurped and sucked my way up and down his shaft as Mark squirmed on the carpet. When his moaning got a little louder and I could feel the muscles of his legs and back start to tense up, I slipped a finger up his butt to finish the deed. He grabbed my head to hold it still as his hips bucked and he fucked my face. I swallowed his cum as fast as it emerged from his dick. Mark watched carefully as he pumped cum into my mouth. The first time I swallowed his sperm, I tossed it (and a good lunch to boot) back on his stomach. He still didn't trust me and always watched to see if he needed to get out of my way in a hurry. I kept it down, although it still took a lot of control, and carefully cleaned him up with my tongue.

After a quick kiss, I started the next step of my plan for him that morning. I got the razor and gave him a massage and shave him at the same time. He groaned in pleasure and dropped in and out of sleep as I shaved him and massaged his tired muscles. He came fully awake as I started his crotch. I carefully did is scrotum and the barely visible line of red hair from his ass to his balls. When I finished his dick, he was ready for anything and began to rub his thighs in anticipation.

I held up the end of my braid and showed it to him. He guessed what was coming. He got hard almost instantly. It'd been so long since he'd shaved, he'd forgotten how sensitive his body would be. I hadn't. I started at his neck and drew the braid slowly down his chest, across his nipples and toward his arm pits. It took me about half an hour to tickle/stroke my way to his belly button and he groaned and squirmed the entire time. It took so much time because I stopped along the way to wait for his hardness to fail. I switched to his feet and worked my way up his body. I finally let him cum when I picked up his balls and stroked the braid lightly on the path to his ass. I never even touched his dick. Convulsions racked him, but he was so spent from the night before, there was almost no cum. I waited a bit, then dragged the end of the braid up his flaccid dick. He hardened again, and I spent another half hour slowly touching him with the braid until he came again, even more violently than the first time.

I led him to the bed and fucked him as slowly as I could manage. I kept his hands away from his meat. When I felt my own orgasm was imminent I wrapped my hand in my braid and began to stroke him off. We came at the same time, and our shuddering spasms reinforced each other until we dropped to the bed drained. I kissed and caressed him until I could feel him hardening again. I led him back to the bathroom, laid him on the floor, picked up a new razor and did it all over again.

That evening we cuddled together on the couch watching an old movie. When it ended I pulled Mark up and kissed him tenderly on the lips and told him to shut his eyes. When he did, I reached into my pocket for my mother's wedding ring and slipped it on his left pinkie. His eyes opened wide and filled with tears. I handed him my Dad's wedding ring. Mark was visibly shaking and his hands trembled so badly, he could hardly slip the ring on my finger. I held him till the tears and trembling stopped and then whispered that after medical school, I'd buy him a diamond, if I could find one worthy of him. Mark bit his lip and the tears started again. Then he dashed off to the guest room where he'd slept during my funk.

He returned a minute later with an old jewelry box.

"These were my grandmother's. Mom gave them to me when I told her about us."

Inside the box was a beautiful set of antique emerald ear studs. Mark reached up and removed the worn stainless stud from my ear and replaced it with the emerald. He removed an ornate gold hoop from his ear and placed it in my other ear. In place of the hoop in his own ear, he placed the emerald stud.

"At last," he sighed. "We're a perfect pair."

He looked deep in my eyes and through his tears said, "I love you!"

I kissed him tenderly and responded, " I love you. I'm yours forever."

Then we went upstairs.

A hand on my chin brought me out of my daydream. I looked down at Mark's face as I completed one slow thrust and started another.

"Where were you? You seemed a million miles away," he asked with a twinge of jealously.

"Remembering our years in High School and the night we married." I told him as I lovingly stroked his dick, trying to judge how close he was to climax. Close enough, I thought. I grabbed the long braid I wore solely for this purpose and wrapped it around his dick as he had years before wrapped his around mine.

"You're forgiven then," he responded. "But let's get back to the matter at hand."

He grunted as I shoved hard to prove my mind was back where it should be.

I continued to thrust, now going deeper and picking up the tempo as I felt myself getting close to my own release. In pleasing Mark, I felt timing was everything, and I worked hard to make our orgasms simultaneous. My thrusting turned into pumping as I felt the pressure in my groin building. I held off as long as I could and just as the pressure became unbearable, I grabbed the braid and pulled. The long hair wrapped around his dick slid smoothly around the two turns I'd looped over his cock, tightening as I increased the tension. I thrust one last time as deeply as I could as I whipped the braid away from his dick. It was starting a lawn mower. We growled through clinched teeth as we came. I thought my dick would burst inside him as convulsion after convulsion of pleasure pumped my sperm up his ass. His own orgasm shot cum sky ward to fall on his chest and face as his back arched and he flailed his hips in the air.

I rubbed the cum into his hairless chest and played with his ultra sensitive cock as I softened inside him. He squirmed and swatted at my hand. I pulled out of him and laid down beside him and we snuggled together.

Tomorrow our lives would enter a new phase when we left to drive to Florida to join his parents medical practice. Mark looked up and smiled.

"That was so long ago. Two years of high school, college, medical school, internships, residencies...."

I could see him adding up the years in his head and stopped him with a kiss.

"I live only for the future," I told him grandly.

"Bullshit. You live only for sex."

He kissed me softly, and then settled down for the night. I waited patiently for him to wiggle around, arranging my arms and legs until he was suitably enwrapped and comfortable. When at last he was still, and his slowed breathing told me he was asleep, I kissed his forehead and told him, as I had every night for more than eight years:

"I love you. I'm yours. Forever."