Tim and the Guys


Chapter 11

The following fictional narrative involves sexually-explicit erotic events between men.  If you shouldn't be reading this, please move on.

In the world of this story, the characters don't always use condoms.  In the real world, you should care enough about yourself and others to always practice safe sex.

The author retains all rights.  No reproductions or links to other sites are allowed without the author's consent.  

Thanks to Tom for doing the editing chores, and to my Nifty Six colleagues.


Rob and I realized we had taken a major step.  I was so grateful for his support that I wanted to keep hugging him all the time.  He told me that we were brothers, that he loved me, that we had to stick together, and that Jack and Lacey were not going to get their free ride any more.  I was so proud of him.  He was incredibly mature for a rising sophomore.  He was smart.  And he had balls, too.  

Chaz gave me what I needed that night, a long, slow, loving fuck.  The next morning we got up early and the three of us put our heads together.  Chaz asked if we had any idea  who could take over Jack's responsibilities.  I knew just the person.

"What about Cousin Beau?"

"Great idea," Rob said.  "Do you think he'd be willing to help us?"

"We'll never know unless we ask.  I'll call him as soon as Chaz and I get back to campus."

"Trey, let me call him.  I'll do it when I get home from the airport.  Then I can call you after you get back to Ohio and tell you how he reacted."

"Sounds good to me, Rob."

Beau was actually a second cousin, but you know how it is in the South.  Kinfolk are all "cousins."  Beau had his MBA from the Wharton School of Economics at Harvard, and he was working for some firm in Richmond.  He'd only been out of school for a few years, though, and I'd be willing to bet he'd jump at the chance to take over Jack's job.  He was married, had a beautiful wife, Brittany, and a kid on the way.  I'd always liked and respected him as we were growing up, and Rob felt the same way.

Sure enough, when Chaz and I got back to Cleveland, there was a message on our voice mail from Rob.  He'd called Beau, who seemed definitely interested.  

A few days later we settled things with a conference call.  Beau agreed to join us.  Rob and I had no doubts as to his loyalty.  

Jack didn't go easily, though.  He raised the issue that Rob was a minor and he had Rob's proxy.  Rob went to see the lawyer who had handled everything for our parents, Ben MacPherson.  Ben told him not to worry.  He drew up another proxy agreement, so that until Rob was 21, I was the one who could vote his shares.  We had to call an emergency meeting of the Board, and I had to fly back to Richmond.  But Jack was out.  Beau was in.

While I was there, Rob and I talked with Beau and explained some of our ideas and plans to him.  We wanted him to mind the store for us.  He melded into the job smoothly, and he called me weekly to report on what was going on.  He also called Rob, who was staying at the house with Belle to keep Jack and Lacey from pulling anything shady there.

Robbie told me apologetically that he thought maybe he should stay at UVA so he could get home often and check on things.  I reluctantly agreed, wishing him a better dating life than he'd had so far.

*          *          *


Paul and I managed to have sex a couple of times a week that summer.  We always used the barn.  He did as he had said he would and asked me to fuck him once.  I have to admit I enjoyed it a lot.  But I knew that basically I was a bottom.  Not because I was submissive or anything like that.  It was because I had this almost constant need to have somebody's dick up my chute.

Paul drove me crazy.  He'd grope my balls or my ass every chance he got, sometimes when there were customers around. When he couldn't do that, he'd just stare pointedly at my crotch as we worked.  He kept me on the bone most of the time.  I started wearing a jock to work to help control my cock, but then it would stick up out of the jock and even sometimes above the top of my shorts, so I had to pull my tee out and let it hang down over it.  My dad always yelled at me when he saw that.  He said it looked sloppy.  If he only knew what the alternative was, he might have cut me some slack.

One day toward the end of July, I was eating my lunch in the barn, expecting Paul to come in, have a quick lunch, and maybe prong me.  I was surprised when Maury Wolfe came in and got his lunch out of the fridge.  

"What's up, Wolfe?  Where's Steiner?"

"He's covering the front for a while."

"How come the change?"

He was chomping down his sandwich pretty quickly, I thought, but that was his business.

"Paul's gonna stay up front so you and I can have some time alone."

Maury was about my height, but skinny.  He had dark hair in tight curls around his head, kind of like those afros guys used to wear back in the seventies or whenever.  He had big ears, big hands and feet.  I thought when I first saw him that he was probably a computer geek or something, but he told Paul and me he wanted to be a botanist.  He wanted to have a business like my family's some day.

I laughed.  "And what do you want us to be alone for?  Need some dating advice?"

He grinned back at me.  "I don't need dating advice from a fag.  I know what you two queers have been doing in here.  I told Steiner if he didn't cover for me, I'd tell your dad what you guys have been up to."

Shit!  We'd been busted!  I cleared my throat.  "So, Maury, just what do you think Paul and I have been doing?"

"I don't think, I know, dumbass.  Just because you're in college and I'm going to be a high school senior this fall doesn't mean I'm stupid.  I've peeked in the door.  I've heard the sounds.  I've heard you two talking.  I know exactly what kind of sick shit you've been doing."

"You mean you've been spying on us."

"At first I didn't intend to.  I came back to get some lawn fertilizer to replenish what we had up front.  And I heard you groaning.  I was afraid you were sick or something, so I slid the door open a little way.  And there you were, on your back on that bale of straw, with your legs draped over Steiner's shoulders, moaning like a cheap whore, which, I guess, is what you are."

"So, what do you want from me?"

He smirked at me.  "I've heard that gay guys give better head than women because they know what feels good.  I want to test that out.  You're gonna give me a blow job.  Or else I'll go to your father and tell him how you and Steiner have been spending your breaks."

I heaved a big sigh.  "Okay, come on over here."  I was sitting on one of the bales of straw.  He came and stood in front of me.  I looked up at him.

"Well, go on, take it out, bitch."

`Here we go again,' I thought.  I unfastened the button on his shorts and let them fall down around his ankles.  He was wearing Hanes briefs, which I pulled down.  He had a big, cut cock, but it wasn't hard.  A little plump, maybe, but not hard.  I put it in my mouth and began to work on it.  

It didn't take long to get him hard.  He was surprisingly quiet, but he didn't last long.  When he began to quiver, I knew he was about to come and pulled back.  He didn't insist that I swallow his cum.  Instead, he simply sprayed it all over my face and hair.

"Thanks, cocksucker.  You and your fag friend will be doing that a lot from now until school starts."  He put himself back together and left.

Just as I was wiping the cum off, Paul came in.

He said, "Sorry about that, but he had us by the balls.  At least for the moment.  He says tomorrow he wants me to give him head.  But I've fixed it with one of the other guys to cover the front, so here's what we're going to do."  He explained.

I loved the idea.  I wasn't sure it would work, but what the hell.  We'd give it a try.

The next day, Paul was waiting in the barn.  I was hiding behind the building.  I waited a while and then came in the back way.  There was Maury facing away from me, his head back, as Paul sucked on him.  I crept up behind Maury.  Paul knew I was there but kept on sucking.  I slipped a rope around Maury and fastened his arms to his sides.

"What the fuck?  You guys are so gonna be sorry about this!"

"Yeah, maybe," I said.  Paul kept on sucking.  Maury's dick had started to deflate, but it began to get full hard again, Paul told me later.  I took a pair of shears and cut Maury's company shirt off.  (I had brought a new one for afterward.  As the boss's son, getting another one of those wasn't a problem.)  Maury was swearing, but Paul had a hand on each of his butt cheeks, and I was standing behind him with one hand around his waist as I cut off the shirt.  Then I began to pinch and twist his nipples.  

"Oh, shit!  Eeethan, you'd better, oh god, quit that!"  

I chuckled.  "Well, let's wait a while.  Maybe you'll change your mind."  I began to kiss the back and sides of his neck, sticking my tongue in his ear, still pinching and pulling his nips.  Of course they got like little rocks right away, and he obviously enjoyed it.  He kept on moaning between threats of what he was going to do.  I picked him up, and Paul pulled his briefs and shorts out of the way.  Then I set him back down.  Paul went back to sucking while I licked a finger real good and then shoved it gently up his ass.

"Hey, what are you doing?  You can't do that!"

I grabbed his briefs and shoved them in his mouth.  Then I licked a second finger and worked that into his hole.  I found his love button and began to stroke it.  He went rigid for a moment, Paul said his eyes got real wide, and then he shoved his ass back onto my fingers.  

"Hey, straight boy," I said, "you seem to like that."

Maury said something into his underwear, but I couldn't tell what it was, so I went back to finger fucking him.  It didn't take much longer.  When Paul began to hum as he sucked and I worked the guy's nut, he went rigid a second time and then began to pump.  Paul swallowed most of it.  There must have been a lot of it, though, because when Maury went limp, there was some cum running down his chin.

I reached over and wiped the splooge off Paul's face and licked it off my finger.

Both Paul and I were still fully dressed.  I untied Maury and handed him the new tee shirt.  As he got dressed, Paul said, "Now, kid, here's the way it's going to be.  If you tell anybody about this, anybody at all, Ethan and I will just say you are lying.  It's our word against yours, and Eth's the boss's son.  We'll say you tried to come on to us and got mad when we wouldn't do what you wanted."

"Bastards!" Maury said, through clenched teeth.

"On the other hand," I said, "you seemed to enjoy what we just did.  If you want to join our little luncheon club, Paul and I can guarantee some fun.  Maybe you're not as straight as you think you are.  After all, you seemed to like getting the prostate massage.  As a matter of fact, you didn't really put up much of a struggle when I wrapped that rope around you.  Think about it.  Keep your mouth shut about what happened, or you'll probably be fired as a troublemaker.  But if you wanna play, we may let you join in.  There's lots we could teach you."

Paul looked at his watch.  "It's time for us to get back to work."  He looked very seriously at Maury.  "We cool?"

Maury just nodded yes.

"Cool!" Paul said, grinning.  He and I bumped knuckles and went back to work.

For the rest of the summer there were three of us in the "luncheon club," and Maury became more and more enthusiastic as he learned from his two experienced teachers.

*         *          *


He was working at his desk.  I went up behind him and put a hand on the desk on either side of him.  I said softly into his ear, "Dude, you ARE gay, aren't you?"

"Christ, Ced!  You scared the shit out of me!"

I laughed.  "Sorry, man, but I've been bustin' to ask that question all summer."

"Well, it's not something we can talk about here," he said.  He was grinning, so I figured I'd gotten my answer.

Judd Graham was an intern in Dad's office, as I was.  But we made quite a contrast.  He was a couple of inches taller than me, say six feet even, with pale, wavy blond hair and gray eyes.  He was a little on the thin side, but he had a great butt and a tempting package.  I'd been attracted to him ever since I started back to work at the office following my release from the hospital.  He had started there just before my "accident," but, of course, I couldn't remember that.

He was a rising senior pre-law major at Case Western Reserve, just at the foot of the hill from Dad's office, and his home was in Chagrin Falls, a half hour east of where we were.  

Now, I should tell you that Francis was great about getting me to go out and do things with him that summer.  I don't mean doing sexual things.  But we'd get a beer, go to a film, or just hang out.  It was comforting, I suppose, for me to have a buddy from my past.  He provided some emotional security, and he knew it.  As I said, though, despite our having been pretty hot fuck buddies in high school, neither of us wanted to get into that again.

So Sneaky the Snake had only my hand to provide him release from his problems.  I'd been fascinated with Judd.  Not only was he great looking, he was fun.  He was smart, he worked hard, and he had a fine sense of humor.  We teased each other from time to time, and he always had a crinkle around the eyes that looked as if he were amused.  He gave no signs of being gay.  None.  And though he and I got along well together, he never gave any indication that he wanted to become buddies.  Yet something about him was keeping me hot and bothered.

One day I was complaining to Trey and Chaz about my horniness and my growing lust for the new guy.  

Chaz gave me that lopsided grin that turns Trey on so much and said, "Hey, what's the worst that could happen, dude?  Ya think he's gonna deck the boss's son?"

Trey laughed.  "No, but he might file charges of sexual harassment.  It IS a law office, you know."

Afterward, the more I thought about it, the more I was tempted to follow my instincts.  I was so sure he was gay, despite the lack of any external evidence.  Wishful thinking?  Well, I realized that was a possibility.  Finally, though, I was decided Chaz was right.  If he slugged me, I'd deserve it.  And I was willing to risk it.  

"Then let's take a break," I said.  "Let's walk over to Starbuck's and have a latte or something."

He was agreeable.  As we walked the short distance, he asked if I read Les Roberts' crime novels about Cleveland.  I told him I'd read them all and that I especially liked Milan Jakovich, Roberts' detective.

He pointed to an old brick apartment building across the street.  "Best I can figure, Milan must live right there."

"Ya think?  I knew it was along here somewhere, but I hadn't tried to pin it down."

We went into Starbuck's and got our coffees.  Judd chose a table in the corner, away from the other patrons.

"Now, Ced, how did you know I'm gay?  I thought I hid it pretty well."

"You do, man, you do.  I was afraid you'd go ballistic or something when I asked you."

He grinned, and my cock began to swell.  "I wish you'd asked a lot sooner.  I mean, I knew you were gay.  You never tried to hide it.  But I didn't want to say anything to you because, well, after all, you're the boss's son.  Didn't want you to think I was sucking up."

"Oh, man," I said.  "That's quite an opening you've left me there."

"Opening?"  What did you have in mind?"  He and I were by then leering at each other.

"Just about anything you want, dude."  The tables at Starbuck's are very small, and though I was tempted to grope his crotch, I didn't.  Didn't want to scare him away.  "Seriously, Judd, I'm not trying to get into your pants."  I was lying.  "I was hoping maybe we could be friends and not just co-gophers for Dad and his staff.  And it's nice to have other gay guys around to talk to sometimes, don't you think?"

"Yeah."  He took a sip of his latte.  "You don't remember me, do you?"

"Oh, shit, were we friends before my accident?"

"No, Ced, I don't mean that.  Back in high school I was a pitcher."

"At Chagrin?"

"Uh huh."

"Then we played against each other, didn't we?"

He grinned and nodded his head.  But I still wasn't making the connection.  

"Imagine me about six inches shorter and real skinny."

And I did.  "Oh!  Yes, I remember you.  You've grown up a lot and filled out some since then.  You were pretty good, as I remember."

"Well, I had my innings.  But Ced Jones from Shaker got a hit off of me in every game in which I faced him.  That's how I remember you.  My ERA suffered every time I had to pitch against you.  I got so I dreaded seeing you come to bat."

I laughed.  "Well, at least you had the guts to put the ball in the strike zone.  A lot of guys used to walk me intentionally.  And maybe with you I was just lucky."

He grinned.  "Thanks for that.  Now, I think I'd better say something else."


"A minute ago, when we were talking about getting into each others pants?"

"Uh huh."

"Well, I still don't want you to think I'm interested in you because you are Jacob Jones's son.  So why don't we just take things slow?  I mean, we have baseball and our law careers in common.  Why don't we see if there's more than that?  And we'll deal with what happens when it happens."

As horny as I was and as hot as he was, I had to admit to myself that he was being more sensible and mature than I was.

"Okay, stud.  How'd you like to see the Indians play this Saturday afternoon?"

"That would be great.  Think we can get tickets?"

"Oh, the firm has tickets.  Dad told me at breakfast no one was using them this weekend."

"Cool!  Why don't you tell me where you live, and I'll pick you up?"

We high fived, finished our coffees and went back to work.  

The weather for the game on Saturday was wonderful.  The seats were, as usual, ten rows up behind home plate.  The game wasn't so good, since the Tribe lost to the Red Sox 8-3.

Judd said since I had furnished the tickets, he wanted to take me to dinner.  When I agreed, he pulled out his flip phone and called a number.  I heard him making reservations.  

"Well," he said, "that's set.  I'm glad I called, though."

"Where we going?"

"Nighttown.  I suppose you eat there a lot, but it's still a great restaurant.  Besides, all the places downtown and in the flats will be crowded after the game."

"Hey, Judd, that's fine with me."

We had a great meal, as always at Nighttown.  I had wine before and with our meal, Judd had beer.  Since I had gotten home from the hospital I seemed to have developed a taste for wines, both red and white.  I seemed to know about labels and types, but I couldn't remember how I'd learned that.  It occurred to me as Judd and I were eating that perhaps I had learned it all from Tim Mead.  Did that mean that eventually I'd remember other stuff, too?  I wondered.

My "date" and I talked about lots of things.  We compared the kind of pre-law programs he was in with what I had done.  He told me that his dad was a gynecologist in Chagrin and that his folks were devotees of the Cleveland Orchestra.  He wasn't surprised when I told him that mine were, too.

On the way out, he spotted a good-looking older guy sitting alone in the restaurant.  "That's Les Roberts.  Imagine him being alone!  Want to say hello?"

"Hey, I don't know, Judd.  Maybe he'd just as soon people left him alone."

"We won't take much of his time.  Let's do it!"

"Okay, lead the way."

Roberts was a nice guy.  He seemed really pleased when we both said we read and enjoyed his books.  We shook hands and left.

When we got back to Judd's car, I said, "Now, how about some dessert?  You don't have to rush home do you?"

"No, but if we were going to have dessert, shouldn't we have had it in the restaurant?"

"How does peach shortcake sound?"

"Sounds great."

"Good.  I have everything ready back at my place."

"Let's go!"

When we got there, he exclaimed, "Ced, when you told me you had an apartment over the garage, I expected it would be pretty small.  This is huge."

"Well, maybe I should have said it was a three-car garage.  Anyway, it is nice and roomy."

"It's a great-looking space, too.  Who did your decorating?"

"I did."

"Really?  This is fantastic.  Maybe you're heading for the wrong career!"

I chuckled.  "Judd, my folks have been wonderful about my being gay.  I don't think I'm ready to tell them their gay son wants to be an interior designer."

"Well, I can see what you mean.  But you need to do what you want to do.  You have real talent.  Think about it, okay?"

"Sure.  And thanks."

I had sliced up the peaches and started them marinating in cream sherry before Judd picked me up that afternoon.  I took some frozen biscuits out of a bag in the freezer and popped them into the oven.  Twenty minutes or so later, I spit them open, ladled the wine-soaked peaches over them, and topped that off with real whipped cream.  I poured us each a cup of coffee, and we sat.

Judd loved it.  "Ced, this is fantastic, man.  But if you eat all the time like we've eaten this evening, I'm surprised you don't weight fifty pounds more than you do."

"I don't eat like this often.  Now that my collar bone has finally healed, I have gone back to full workouts and not just running and leg exercises.  Besides, tonight is a special occasion."

"Aha!  I see your wicked scheme.  You lured me here, plied me with delicious food, and now you plan to have your evil way with me."

"Sounds good to me!" I said.

He stood, put down his napkin, carried his dishes to the sink, and said, "Which way's the bedroom?"

"So much for going slow," I said, taking him by the hand.

He stopped.  "Hey, look, Ced. I'm sorry.  I know I'm the one who said we should go slow.  But we've had such a great time together.  Or, at least, I've had such a fabulous time, I would really like to go to the next level with you.  But if I've moved too fast, I apologize.  Maybe I should just leave.  

"No, Judd.  I was just jerkin' your chain a little.  I feel the same way.  Honestly.  Now, will you come into my `boudoir'?"  I held out my hand.  He looked sheepishly at me and took it.

When I got him to the bedroom, I pushed him down on the bed.  I lay down beside him and began to fondle his crotch, which seemed to be full of hard cock.  Soon he was doing the same to me.  

He looked at me with his beautiful gray eyes and said, "That feels like a nice club there, Mr. Jones."

"That club feels awfully nice, Mr. Graham, thanks to you.  But, man, it's been so long.  I'm going to come in my pants if you keep that up.  Let's get out of our clothes, huh?"

I got up, and so did he.  I pulled his tee over his head and unfastened his cargoes.  He did the same to me.  Then we dropped our shorts and stepped out of them.  He was wearing pale blue mini-briefs, and his hard, shiny cock was sticking up out of them almost to his navel.  Sneaky was sticking out of the fly of my boxers, and he was as wet and shiny as Judd's tool.

I stepped out of my boxers, knelt down and lowered Judd's briefs.  His cock dropped so that it was pointing right at my face.

"Man, you got a big one!"  And he did.  Not as big as Francis's, but easily as big as mine.  Maybe a tad longer and a tad thinner, but very similar.

I was licking precum off the tip of it when he said, "Looks to me as if it's no bigger than yours.  That's a beautiful cock, Ced.  I want to get at it.  Let's 69."

We turned back the covers on the bed and lay down head to toe.  "Judd, it's been so long, man.  I am gonna come before I want to, I'm afraid."

"So come when you're ready.  We can find something to do while we're recharging, I'll bet!"

"You got it, dude!  Now, let's suck!"

His cock, slimy with very sweet precum by that point, slid into my mouth and down my throat with no problem.  He moaned when I took him all the way, and since my cock was in his mouth at the time, it felt fantastic.  It seemed forever since someone had my cock in his mouth.  Then it occurred to me that it probably hadn't been as long as I thought, if Tim Mead and I had been lovers.  But I couldn't remember that.  

As I expected, I didn't last long.  I pulled off his cock long enough to warn him that I was coming, but he didn't let up.  And then it happened.  I felt that sensation in my balls and soon exploded into Judd's throat.  He pulled back enough after the first or second spasm to catch the rest of it in his mouth.  I knew he wanted to taste my cum, or he wouldn't have done that.  I tried to recover quickly so I could keep on sucking him, but I really wanted to just lie there and pant.  He kept my cock in his mouth, and it didn't soften much.

I reached between his legs, put the tip of my middle finger against his pucker, and began to stroke it.  He clamped his butt cheeks down tight on my finger and began to fire volley after volley into my mouth.  His cum was as sweet as his precum, just a much thicker consistency.  It was so good to taste another guy's cum.

We lay there in the bed, enjoying the warm post-orgasmic feeling.  And then I looked at Judd.  He was naked, but he still had on his Birks.  So did I!  In our rush to get at each other, we hadn't thought to take them off.

I got up, sat on the side of the bed, and took his sandals off.  Then I began to massage his feet.  He had long, thin feet, with beautifully formed toes.  And there were little tufts of almost white hair on each one.  

"Man, you are one prize specimen, Judd, you know that?"

He blushed all over.  Somehow that seemed familiar, but I couldn't think why.  I guess blonds do that easily, but I couldn't remember why that would seem like something I had seen before.

"Nah, Ced.  I'm skinny and pale.  You are the hunk.  I love your big shoulders and those gorgeous pects.  I can't wait to get your nips in my mouth."

"You think you could stand another go-round?  You don't have to call home or anything?"

Judd looked embarrassed.  "Well, I told the folks that I might not be home tonight."

"And they were cool with that?"

"Yeah, they're great.  They trust me.  So.  I'm not trying to invite myself for the night, but I don't have to rush, either.  And I think you and I have some unfinished business."

I licked my lips as I looked at him.  He really was a feast for the eyes!  "Oh, yeah, stud, we surely do."

I was still sitting there, holding one of his feet in my hand.  "Judd hey, that' rhymes with stud, doesn't it? would you like a nightcap?"

"Well, after all we've had to eat, I don't think I want beer."

"How about a brandy?"

"That sounds perfect.  Do we have to get dressed again?"

"No way!"  I took his hand and we went to the living room.  Gesturing for him to sit on the sofa, I went to the kitchen, poured some Remy Martin into smallish snifters and returned.

I sat down beside him and put my feet on the coffee table.  

"Cedric, I like your style, dude."

I lifted my snifter to him and said, "It's good to have you here, man."  Then I gently grasped his cock while I took a sip of the cognac.  It was a good thing we were using snifters because he sort of jumped when I touched him.  The amber liquid sloshed around but didn't spill.  He looked at me and grinned.

I leaned my head against his shoulder and sighed.

"Hey, man, you've been through so much this summer," he said.  "It's good to see you relaxed.  And it's wonderful to be here like this with you."

Tears came to my eyes.  I felt like a terrible wuss, but I'd tried to be strong, putting on a good face for the world.  In truth, I'd been scared shitless.  I didn't know whether I was ready for law school or not, especially since I couldn't remember my senior year at the university.  I was beginning to wonder who I was.  Right then, however, I felt like I had somebody to talk to.  I mean, Trey and Chaz had been wonderful, but they were wrapped up in each other, they were still friends with Mead, and they'd picked up other friends I didn't know, like the new English prof and the priest.  And they talked about some guy named Steve.  It was all so confusing.  But here was Judd, and he was not only beautiful but really easy to be with.  

"Hey," he said.  "What did I say?  I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to make you cry."

I ruffled his pale hair.  "Relax, Judd.  It's happy tears.  I feel so good with you.  I hope you don't mind my saying that."

He leaned forward, set his snifter on the coffee table, and hugged me with both arms.  "I've been hoping all summer that you and I could be friends, Ced."

"Well, look, let's be realistic.  It just may be that we're both needy.  It may be the magic of the moment.  We'll have to wait and see about that, I suppose.  But meanwhile, this has been one of the best days I can ever remember, and, bro, it ain't over yet!"

Maybe I had the AC thermostat set too low.  I noticed that both Judd's and my cocks had shrunk a good bit, and, despite the cognac warming my stomach, the rest of me was getting goosebumps.

"Judd-stud, let's go back in the bedroom, okay?"

He finished a drop left in his snifter and set it down.  "Fine by me, sexy."

We both stood up.  I grabbed Judd by his limp cock and led him back to the bedroom.  By the time we got there, his cock wasn't limp anymore, nor was mine.

He excused himself to use the bathroom.  When he got back, I was sitting on the edge of the bed.  Sneaky was standing tall in anticipation.  Judd sat next to me, his cock equally proud and ready.  

"Ced, do you look at a lot of those gay pix on the web?"

"Well, yeah."

"Let me ask you something."


"Have you noticed that the cocksucker or the bottom when two guys are fucking is usually younger, smaller, or blonder than the top or the guy getting sucked?"

"No, actually, I guess I'd never paid any attention to that."

"Well, next time, check it out."

I grinned.  "Okay.  But what does that have to do with anything?"

He grinned back.  "I just want you to know that I would like you to fuck me tonight, but even though I'm blond, I don't always want to be the bottom.  I don't think I'm just a stereotype."

"You know, Judd, now that I think about it, in interracial pix on the web, it's usually the Black guy who's in the dominant position.  I always thought I was pretty sensitive to stereotypes, but I hadn't realized how that was being done at all those web sites."

"Well, we'll make sure that we aren't guilty of that, won't we?"  Before I could answer, he continued, "But right now, you gorgeous hunk, I need that big chocolate cock of yours up my ass."  He lay back on the bed and grabbed his ankles, lifting them up and out.  What a sight!  Lying there, legs splayed, cock, balls, and pucker so invitingly presented, I could hardly grab the lube and a rubber quick enough.

After we had long, slow sex during which I had filled the condom and Judd covered his chest and abs with his cum, I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up.  Then I brought a damp, warm washcloth back and cleaned him up.  I climbed back into bed.

"Thanks, Judd.  You're amazing.  Now, can I ask a favor?"

"You're the amazing one, Cedric.  After that, you could ask me just about anything."

"Will you just hold me?"

He held up his arm so I could back into him.  When we were spooned, with his limp cock in my butt crease, he put his arm around my chest.  We went to sleep that way.  

When I woke up the next morning, my first thought was how great I felt, the best I could remember, despite my worries about the amnesia.  Then I thought of the little professor out at the university and felt guilty.  I couldn't be what he needed me to be.  I hoped he'd quit waiting for my memory to come back and find himself a lover.

And then I remembered what Francis said:  that I should be careful what I wished for.

To be continued.