Tim and the Guys


Chapter 15

The following fictional narrative involves sexually-explicit erotic events between men.  If you shouldn't be reading this, please move on.

In the world of this story, the characters don't always use condoms.  In the real world, you should care enough about yourself and others to always practice safe sex.

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When Ced called with the news that Mark was going to be in town for the weekend and that they were having a party for the Brotherhood at his place, my first reaction was delight.  It had been much too long since Chaz and I had seen Mark, and I was eager to get a look at our long-absent brother.  Chaz, who was on the cordless, chimed in to say that he, too, was eager to see Mark.  Then Cedric mentioned the problem.

"Uh, guys, Angel says Dr. Mead and Father Hewitt should be there."

"Shit, Ced, I hadn't thought of that," Chaz said.

"Your Mom's right, Cedric.  Mark will want to see them.  He loves them, you know.  Do you think you can handle that?"

"I guess I'll have to.  But could you guys issue the invitations?"

"Look, Cedric," I said.  "I know it will be awkward for you, but if you want Tim there, you'd better ask him yourself.  It will be as difficult for him as it will be for you, and he might just refuse if Chaz or I relayed the invitation.  If you call, he won't say no."

"Oh.  Okay.  I guess you're right.  What about Father Max?"

"So call him, too.  He loves you, Ced, even if you can't remember him.  He'll come, I'm sure, and if all the rest of us are there, it will be impossible for Tim to decline.  Besides, I know Tim will want to see Markie."


"Look, Ced, you have to remember how much Tim loves you.  He was thinking about spending his life with you.  It will be awkward for both of you, but keep in mind that the only reason he'd stay away would be to spare you embarrassment.  Or maybe he'd find it difficult being near you when he wants to grab and kiss you and you will be cool and distant."

"Jeez, Tiger, did you have to put it like that?"

"Sorry, Ced, but that's the way it is."

"Listen to the man, Brother Cedric," Chaz chimed in on the other phone.

*          *          *



"Uh, Tim?"


"Yeah.  You recognized my voice."

I'll know that voice for the rest of my life.  "Yes, Cedric, I did.  How are you?"  I couldn't imagine why he was calling, unless it was to tell me he'd gotten his memory back.  He wasn't.

"Mark's going to be in town this weekend, and my folks and I are having a party for the Brotherhood.  Since that includes you, I was hoping you could come."

As happy as I was at the thought of seeing Mark, Ced's words were still like a punch in the gut.

"Are you sure you want me there?  I know it will be awkward for you."

"Yes, I'm sure.  Mark wants to see you and Father Max.  Besides, we all love Mark and Trey and Chaz, don't we?  You and I can't go on pussyfooting around each other as long as we share those guys in our lives.  So, yes, I'm sure.  Please come."

What could I say?  "Cedric, thanks for being so understanding.  I'd love to come.  What time would you like us to show up?"

"Let me check with Mother and get back to you.  Or, I'll let Trey know, if that's no problem.  Now, do you happen to know whether Father Max is home this evening?  I see I have his number in my palm pilot."

"Yes, he's home.  Would you like me to call him?"

"No, I think I should do that myself, thanks."

"Okay, Cedric.  Thanks for the invitation.  And, Ced, please give Angel and Jake my love."

"Oh, sure, I'll do that."

I could have kicked myself for saying that.  It would seem to him like a reminder of our shared life, and that isn't what I meant to do at all.

*          *          *


"Max Hewitt here."

"Father Max, this is Cedric."

"Ced, it's such a pleasure to hear your voice.  How are you?"

"I'm in great shape physically, Father.  But this is very awkward.  You know me, but I remember you only from that night at the Phoenix."

"I'm sorry, Cedric.  Of course it's awkward.  How can I help you?"

He chuckled, and that was a beautiful, welcome sound.  Ced had always had a wonderful laugh and a happy spirit.  I had missed him almost as much as Tim had.

"Actually, I'm calling to invite you to a pool party and picnic at my folks' house this Saturday.  Mark will be in town, and he's said he wants to see all the members of the Brotherhood.  That includes you, of course."

"It will be great to see Mark.  I'll be there, and I'm grateful to be included.  But tell me, have you talked with Tim?"

"Yes.  He said he'd come."

"And I assume you've talked with Chaz and Trey."

"Yes, Father."

"Cedric, I know you don't remember me.  But we've been friends for a year now, and I'd be really happy if you could call me Max."

"Okay.  I'll try."

"Tiger and the tall one are coming, too, I presume?"

He chuckled.  "You DO know them, don't you?  Yes, they wouldn't miss seeing Markie."

"Well, we'll probably all drive up together.  When do you want us?"

"It may depend on the weather forecast.  I'll see what Angel says and then let Tiger and Chaz know.  Is that okay with you?"

"Super!  Thanks for the invitation.  And, Ced?"

"Yeah, uh Max?"

"How's it feel to be loved by a guy you don't even think you know?"

"Weird, Max.  But nice.  I'll take all the love I can get."

"Good answer, good answer.  I'll look forward to seeing you Saturday.  And thanks again for asking me."

"I'm looking forward to seeing you, too."

*          *          *


It was the weekend before Labor Day weekend.  The weather forecast was for great weather, so Angel said to come about 3:30 or 4:00 and we could all get in a swim before dinner.  I drove the Tahoe like I usually did when the four of us were going somewhere together.  I couldn't help wondering if Tim had heard anything I'd said about him and Max on the way back from Cincinnati the other day.  I was excited to be seeing Mark and Ced, but I watched Tim and Max very carefully as they came out of Tim's place to get into my car.

Maybe there was some change, but if so, I didn't see it until they opened the back door.  Then Max got in first and Tim, instead of going around to get in on the other side, just patted Max's butt and said, "Move over, babe."  Very interesting, as Arte Johnson used to say.  

After we were on the way, I asked, "So, Tim, are you ready for this?"

"I'm really looking forward to seeing Mark, if that's what you mean."

"You know that's not what I mean, big brother."

"Big brother," Max said.  "What's that all about?"

"Oh, I told Tim the other day I felt like he was the big brother I never had.  So I can call him that if I want to."

"Okay, Chaz," Max chuckled.  "Sorry I interrupted."

"To answer your question properly, Chaz," Tim said, slapping Max on the thigh, "I am a little nervous.  And Max is, too.  After all, Ced's only experience with Max was that night we bumped into one another at the Phoenix, and I think he's just embarrassed when he's around me.  He's been told we were lovers, but he doesn't remember it, doesn't feel anything for me, and that makes him uncomfortable.  I feel so sorry for him.  I want to hug him and tell him it's okay, but of course I can't."

"I know what Tim means," Max added.  "It was awkward for Ced when he called to invite me.  He said he knew we were supposed to be friends, but he couldn't bring back any of that.  I've been praying so much for him.  He must be really unhappy about his memory loss."

"Well, guys," Trey said, "until his amnesia goes away, we just need to give him some happy new memories."

Through the rear-view mirror I saw Tim put his head against Max's shoulder.  I suppose he knew he wouldn't be giving Ced the kind of memories he'd like to.  But I was pleased  that Tim seemed to acknowledge Max as a prop.  My impression had been that he was pretty much taking all of Max's concern and support for granted, but, of course, I don't know what they said to each other when they were alone.

When we pulled into the parking area between the Jones' house and the garage, Ced and Mark were there waiting for us, already in their bathing trunks and flip-flops.  There were hugs all around.  Ced gave Trey and me kisses, for, as he said, we were now "officially gay."  I made a point of watching what happened when Ced greeted Tim.  Tim put out his hand, but Cedric gave him a polite hug. Tim whispered something in his ear.  Ced, who had looked a little tense, broke into a big smile and squeezed Tim into a real hug.  Whatever he'd said, Timmy broke the ice, and Brother Jones visibly relaxed after that.

Ced also hugged Max.  I heard him say, "Max, I know you are my friend, even if I don't remember.  Thank you for being at the hospital for Tim and my folks and for me.  I'm sure your prayers helped, and I know your presence did.  We have to begin to renew our friendship now that we've met."

Max had tears in his eyes at that, and he was, for once, at a loss for words.  He just hugged Ced again and said, "Yes, my brother!"  Tim, by the way, stood there beaming while that was going on.

When Mark and Tim hugged, though I didn't hear what they said, Mark obviously teased Tim about the beard and longer hair.  Whatever Tim said back, it made Mark laugh.

Ced told us we could use his place or the cabana next to the pool to change into our trunks.  Trey steered me toward Ced's apartment so Tim and Max could use the cabana.  I figured he thought it might be hard for Tim to be in Ced's apartment.  He told me later I was right.

Now.  I was the last member of the brotherhood to admit his gay side (except for Markie, of course, and he's straight for sure).  But I want to tell you, the meat around that pool was pretty awesome.  When I came down the steps and saw those four guys there, I had to sit at an umbrella table to hide my boner.  Even baggy trunks don't do much to hide my big old thing when it's hard.  

Ced had obviously gotten back to working out, so he looked as good as he had during baseball season.  There were no visible scars from his accident, and the clavicle had obviously healed long enough ago that he was doing upper body workouts again.  The color of his skin was always great.  Trey probably shouldn't have told me, but once he said that Tim loved to see big splats of cum on Ced's skin.  I couldn't help thinking about that, especially after Ced had come out of the pool and was standing there glistening.

Markie looked great.  He'd been in Florida for a week visiting Pops and Doug, and he'd worked on his tan while he was there.  He'd obviously found gyms in Germany.  Like Cedric, he was in as good shape as he had been during baseball season.  With his black, curly hair, intense blue eyes, and dimples, he was drop-dead handsome.  I thought to myself that if Lori let him get away, she was being pretty stupid.  What a combination of looks, brains, and just plain sweetness!

Tim and Max had been running all summer without their shirts, so both had good tans.  Tim didn't have that pale look that he sported in the winter.  And the little guy, that is the littlest guy, had a cute bod.  He worked out enough to have some definition, even though he was clearly on the skinny side.  His closely-trimmed beard and somewhat longer hair made him look very different from the Tim of the previous winter.  I thought he looked really sexy.  At one point when Trey was talking to Mark, Tim looked at me and winked.  I think I knew then for sure, if I'd ever had doubts before, that he and I were cool, and that he had really forgiven me for all that shit in the past.

Max wasn't any taller than Timmy, but he had a stronger, more muscular build.  Bigger in the butt and shoulders, with nice guns, he looked more like a gymnast than a runner.  I'm not surprised that Tim used to beat him all the time.  But Max had a great ass and a substantial package.  I'd wondered often enough what it would be like to do him.

And my Tiger.  God, he was beautiful.  We both had darkened our tans a bit that afternoon when we fucked in the field.  His honey-colored hair had lighter streaks in it, and with his green eyes, he looked good enough to eat.  But then he was good enough to eat, as I knew.  And you talk about your great packages and asses!  Lordy!

So, like I said, I sat at a table for a while because that bunch of hunks kept me on the bone.  Eventually, though, we all wound up in the water.  And there was a lot of grabass going on, let me tell you!

*          *          *


I should mention two things at this point.

First of all, being around Tim Mead was much easier than I had expected.  He didn't act as if he had any claim on me.  Rather, he was just a part of the group.  The others all obviously loved him and Max and treated them they way we had all treated one another.  You'd never have known that one of them was a prof and the other a minister.  They were just two more of the gang.  They got teased and dunked in the pool along with everybody else.  

I sensed that Trey and Tim had some sort of special communication going on, and I didn't understand what that was, but I also understood that Trey was totally in love with big old Chaz.  And Chaz, well, that guy, who, much as I loved him, I might have described as a big insensitive jock a couple of years ago, was more relaxed than I'd ever seen him.  He was also much more articulate.  He didn't put on the stupid act that he used to like to hide behind.  And, most of all, he was crazy in love with Tiger.  No question about that.  Those two were a couple, for sure.  You could tell from the way they talked and from the way they didn't have to talk.  The body language said it all.

The biggest unknown quantity for me, of course, was Max Hewitt.  I had only seen him that night at the Phoenix, and then only briefly.  He was about Tim's height, but he had a sturdier body.  He had thick, wavy, chestnut-colored hair and brown eyes.  His skin was tanned, but there was a ruddy quality about it which made him sort of glow.  Even though he was wearing baggy swim trunks, I could tell that he had a fine package, and the way his wet trunks clung to the melons of his ass made Sneaky stand up and pay attention.

Max and I hugged when they arrived.  He was so sweet in what he said, I just knew you had to love him.  Yeah, I know I was supposed to remember him.  I know he and I had supposedly been friends for a year.  He was a hot little stud.  I wondered briefly what it would be like to be in bed with the little preacher man.  

*          *          *


It all went well.  I had worried, of course, about how awkward it might be for Tim, Ced, and even Max.  But I needn't have.  When we arrived, both Tim and Max managed to say things to put Cedric at ease.  Then we all had fun just horsing around together in the pool, and the two older guys joined right in.  Poor Chaz had a boner even before we got in the water.  Then I kept grabbing it, and that kept him so hard he wouldn't come out of the water.  I think there was a lot of good-natured grabbing and groping.  Even Mark participated.  He had always had to be pretty loose to be around the Brotherhood, and to his credit, he gave as well as he got.

Once I was sitting on the edge of the pool with my feet in the water next to Mark.  We were talking about his dad and Doug and what was going on in Lake Polk.  I looked across the pool to see Max climbing up the ladder.  Tim, who was behind him, put a hand on his ass and gave a shove.  I noticed that one of Tim's fingers was extended so that it dug into Max's crack a way.

Chaz had told me about his talk with Tim in the car on the way home from Cincinnati.  Tim and Max had been friends for years, and I supposed a certain physical intimacy between them would be expected.   But that gesture was pretty intimate, even for old friends.  I wondered if Chaz's advice had brought about some results.

About 6:00, Angel and Jake came out.  They told us they were going to dinner at friends' and wouldn't be back until late.  They told us to have a good time.  We thanked them for the food and hospitality, and they left.

Then Cedric lighted the big gas grille.  When the coals were hot enough, he brought out a huge trey of lamb chops.  Then he and I began setting up tables and carrying stuff out.  Tim came over and helped.  He said he knew where everything was.  Ced looked a little surprised at first, but then he just accepted Tim's help as if it was the most natural thing in the world.  I noticed that Max, who was chatting with Mark and Chaz, was watching Tim carefully.

Angel, with help from Jake and Ced, had fixed potato salad and tabouleh, a huge tossed salad with baby shrimp and water chestnuts in it, and a platter of sliced tomatoes drizzled with balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with fresh basil.  To drink they had iced tea, beer, and cabernet sauvignon.  When the chops were ready and Ced called us to eat, we descended on everything like, as my mother used to say, a plague of locusts.  There wasn't much left.

We all helped clear away the mess from dinner.  Then Chaz helped Ced light torchiers around the pool and patio when it began to get dark.  We all sat and mellowed out for a while, but the conversation never really flagged.  This group knew one another too well to run out of things to say.  

About 8:30, Ced went into the kitchen.  He put on a big pot of coffee and he and I dished up six dishes of peach ice cream which Chaz and I had brought in a cooler from Fein's.  After the ice cream, it was beginning to get cool outside, so we all changed back into our street clothes and moved the party into the Jones's huge family room.  The Indians, who didn't have a chance at a playoff spot, were playing one of their last home games of the season.  Ced turned on the big flatscreen tv on the wall, but he turned off the sound.  That way, though we could talk without being interrupted, we could still keep track of the game.

*          *          *


Trey and Chaz were in the kitchen talking with Ced about something.  Tim was sitting on a hassock facing Mark, who was in the matching chair.  They were talking about Yale Law and New Haven and people Tim knew there he thought Mark might enjoy looking up.

I was wondering why I had eaten so much.

It had all gone well.  I had asked Tim what it was he said to Cedric when we first got there that seemed to put him at ease.  He told me he'd said, "We can't control the past.  Let's just try to build a new friendship and see where it goes.  No pressures, no expectations."  

Tim and Cedric had both been more relaxed than I had expected, and, frankly, I think everyone had a great evening.  As we were getting ready to come to the affair and in Chaz's car on the way, Tim had seemed uncharacteristically clingy.  I just chalked it up to his nervousness.  But he hadn't seemed nervous once he got there.  He was great --  relaxed, charming, putting forth the extra effort to make the party good for everyone.  

There was one strange thing, however.  He stuck his finger up my ass as I was climbing out of the pool.  It wouldn't have been unusual for him to give me a push with the flat of his hand, but his middle finger definitely pushed as far into my crack as my trunks would allow.  I supposed his attention could have been distracted and it was a slip.  I decided not to mention it to him.  

*          *          *


Since I was the host, I was busy some of the time, especially when I was putting out the food and during the cleanup afterward.   But I also got to visit with all the guys, and, though I tried to be discreet about it, I couldn't help watching the two I didn't remember, Tim and Max.  

First of all, they were obviously part of the group.  During the fifteen months that were missing from my memory, those two had become part of the Brotherhood, obviously.  You could tell from the way they all interacted that they loved one another and that they had developed a history together.  The fact that Mead and Hewitt were five or six years older than the rest of us didn't seem to make any difference, nor did the professor/priest thing.  They got teased, splashed, dunked, and hugged just like everybody else.  

I have to say Mark was splendid as always.  For two and a half years, the Brotherhood consisted of, so we all thought, three straight guys and me, the queer.  They had always accepted and loved me, and my being gay seemed no more relevant than my being Black.  We were just four guys who had a tight bond, who loved one another like brothers.  Now, however, Mark was the only straight guy in the group, the only straight guy at the party.  But nothing else seemed to have changed.  Everyone loved Mark, and they were all especially happy to see him because he'd been away since Commencement.  Moreover, everyone knew Markie's Pops, and I was the only one who didn't remember Doug.

It was weird, but I couldn't help thinking how lucky I was.  The original group was still intact, even if Mark was going to New Haven.  And the two newbies seemed to be great additions.  Obviously the other guys loved them, and they both seemed like men I wanted to get to know  better.  If only Tim and I could work around our past.

Tim looked different than I remembered him as a prof.  He had quit wearing his glasses, so I assumed he had contacts.  But he had also grown a beard.  Not a mustache and goatee, but a beard all over his face.  He kept it trimmed close, though, sort of like what they're calling "designer stubble."  He was wearing his hair a little longer, too.  Close enough on the sides and back, but full enough to part on top.  It was a little wavy, and the auburn color looked great.  His beard was a little redder than his hair.  But he looked older, somehow, and it wasn't just the beard.  I think there were lines at the corners of his eyes that didn't used to be there.  

As I said before, I finally got a chance to take a long look at Max.  He was a hot little stud, about Tim's height, but more substantial, bigger shoulders and butt, more muscles.  He had a ruddier complexion than Tim, who was pretty pale in the winter time, even though he had a nice tan at the party.  Tim's hair was auburn, whereas Max's was chestnut.  Both are darker than your typical redhead, but Max's had more brown in it.  His wavy hair was also thicker.  And he had beautiful eyes.  

I watched Max as he was talking one-on-one with some of the others.  He seemed to have this ability to make the person he's talking with feel he's totally got Max's attention.  He listened carefully, and he looked you in the eye while you're talking.  I supposed that went with his calling, but it was a very appealing trait.  

But I noticed something else about him.  I thought he was in love with Tim Mead.  He watched Tim a lot, and he seemed -- protective, as if he were looking after him.  Max's face was animated, and he smiled a lot.  As I said, when he's talking with you, you have his attention.  But when he wasn't in conversation with anyone, he was always looking at Tim.  And Tim seemed to be very comfortable with Max.  I did see him put his hand on Max's ass once as they were getting out of the pool.  I'm not sure what their relationship is.  Old friends, sure.  More than that?  I'd bet on it.  

*          *          *


It was a great party, but very poignant.  To see Tim and Cedric there being cordial but distant with each other was heartbreaking.  Max and Ced seemed more comfortable, but then they didn't have the THING between them.  

It was tough saying goodbye to Mark, too.  The next day he was flying on to New Haven, and we hadn't made any definite plans to see each other during the holidays, not because we didn't want to, but because he wasn't sure about what was going to happen with Lori.  

So, as we drove home I had mixed emotions.  "Okay, babe," I asked my partner, "what did you think?"

"Great party!  It went better than I thought it might."

"You mean about Tim and Ced?"



"But it was sad, too."

"Yeah, I know."  

We drove in silence for a few minutes.  Then I asked Chaz, "Did you see or sense any difference in Tim's behavior toward Max tonight?"

"You're wondering if he took my advice?"


"I was watching them both pretty closely, Tiger.  I don't think Tim's said anything to Max yet."

"You know what I noticed?"


"The Iceman was a lot more touchy-feely with Max than usual."

"I hate that term, the Iceman."

"Okay, sorry.  Tim really isn't like that, I know.  But have you noticed that Tim, who was always very physically demonstrative with Ced, and with the rest of us to a lesser degree for that matter, has never been that way with Max?

"Yeah, but I thought I figured that out a long time ago."

"Oh?  Explain please, oh tall guru."

"Ya remember the snit Ced got into last summer over Max, how jealous he was?"

"Who could forget?  I've never seen him act like that before or since."

"Well, babe, I just thought that Tim has always made a point of keeping his hands off Maxie to keep Ced from getting jealous."

"Damn, Chaz.  That's probably it.  But if so, what does that tell us about Tim's behavior this evening?"

He was quiet for a while, but I knew he was working on my question.  "That Tim's decided not to worry about Ced being jealous?  That he's not going to hide his affection for his old buddy?"

I chuckled.  "You know, it just could be."

Another pause.  "Trey, why don't you just read Tim's mind, see what's going on inside his brain?"

"Chaz, I'm not a mind reader.  I don't have a crystal ball or a turban, you know."

It was his turn to chuckle.  "Well, from what Timmy tells me, you sure can read him."

"Yeah, sometimes I do know what's on his mind.  But right now, I've got no more clue than you have.  I really don't know what Tim's thinking or how he's feeling about Max these days."

The big guy sighed.  "Guess we'll just have to keep our eyes open, won't we?  Maybe he'll grope Max again."

"Oh, you noticed that, too?"


It was after midnight when we got home, but we both wanted a shower to get the chlorine off of us.  I let Chaz go first while I checked my email.  There was the usual stuff, and a note from Rob.  He didn't have any news.  He just told me he wished I was around so he could whup my ass at tennis, and he said to give his love to Chaz.

I wrote him an account of that evening's party at Ced's, and by the time I was finished, there was a beautiful and naked man with a stiffie grinning down at me.  

"Rob sends love."

"Back at him."

"Now, can you manage to keep that big ole thang up while I grab a shower?"

"Yeah, I'll just keep thinking about all the hunks in the pool this afternoon." (Big Chaz grin.)

"Bastard!  You'd better be thinking about me."

"Okay, but I won't promise I'll be hard if I can't think about all those sexy guys."

I threw my boxers at him as I went into the bathroom.  "Here, perv.  Smell these.  And don't go anywhere.  I'll be right back."

By the time I showered, toweled off, used the hair dryer, and got back to the bedroom, I was as stiff, but not as large, of course, as Chaz.  He had turned back the covers and put the lube on the nightstand.  He was naked and still hard, sitting at his computer.

"Come look at this message I've written to Tim."  I peered over his shoulder as I humped my cock against his back.  

The message said, "Timmy, little brother is watching you.  Saw you grope Maxie's ass this afternoon.  Hope that's a sign you're taking my advice.  Love ya, Chaz."

I laughed.  "You're really going to send that?"

"Yeah, do you think I shouldn't?"

"We really are pushing a bit, but I don't think he'll mind, especially if he is thinking about having a heart-to-heart with Max."

Chaz hit the "Send" button, then logged off, turned off the pc, and stood up.  He grabbed me, rubbing his dick against my abs.  

"So, what'll it be this evening, Tiger?"

"Dealer's choice?"

"I'm so hot after watching all those hunks for hours, is it okay if I do you tonight?"

"Anytime, babe.  Anytime."

Man, did he "do" me!  

We just lay there and kissed a while, our legs entangled, our cocks leaking all over both of us.  Then Chaz turned me on my stomach, pulled my butt in the air, and began to rim me -- my favorite way of getting loosened up for the onslaught of his whopper.

No matter how turned on he was, though, the big guy was always careful.  It was usually a little painful at first, so he didn't rush things, letting me get used to his size.  When I pushed back against him, he knew I was ready, and he began to move in and out very slowly.  Soon I was pleading with him to do it harder and faster.

After a while, he pulled out, flipped me over onto my back, and was inside me once again.

"I love it when you're masterful!" I said, grinning up at him.

"Aw, shucks, Tiger.  I think you just love havin' me fuck ya," he said in his best Huck Finn manner.

"You got that right, Greeley!  Now, my man, fuck on!"

The next morning we slept late, got up to do the bathroom chores, and fell back into bed.  We had gotten into the habit of going to St. Peter's, and we planned to go that morning.

Handing me the lube, Chaz, the morning person, asked, "We have time, don't we babe?"

"Of course, lover."

To be continued.