Chapter 4
Massage Time
Copyright 2005 Julien Gregg
Edited by Bruce

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I sighed in nervous anticipation as I waited in the truck for Phillip to come out of the store. We'd been on our way back to Tommy's when he asked me to pull off at a small corner store that was open all night. When I'd asked him what he wanted in the store, he'd told me to stay in the truck. He said that he needed to pick up a few things, and he'd be right back. When I'd asked what he was going to buy, he'd chuckled and impishly told me to mind my own business. 

"What did you buy?" I asked, starting the truck as he got in sporting a rather large paper sack. 
"I told you to mind your own business as I recall," he chuckled. "You'll see. Now, drive." 

We peeked at each other the whole way back to Tommy's, and we'd both burst out laughing each time one of us caught the other looking. It seemed we were going to continue to drive each other to frustration, and he seemed completely content with it. I, on the other hand, had taken all of the sexual tension that I could stand for the moment. As I pulled into the driveway behind Steve's car at Tommy's, I decided that I was going to tip the scales a bit once we were safely downstairs and away from prying eyes. 

"Did you two have a good time?" asked Tommy as we came into the house. He and Steve were seated at the dinning room table, playing cards. 

"The movie was pretty good," said Phillip. "Dustin was a little preoccupied, though. Keith was in the theater." 

"I thought Keith had left town," said Steve, looking at me. 

"Apparently, he's back," I said with a shrug. 

"Did he say anything to you guys?" Asked Tommy, his card game momentarily forgotten. 

"He didn't see us," I said. 

"And Dustin didn't point him out to me so I could break his face, either," Phillip pouted, punching me in the arm playfully with his free hand. 

"What's in the bag?" asked Steve, nodding at the paper sack that'd had me wondering since we'd pulled out of the parking lot of the corner store. 

"Just some things I needed to pick up," said Phillip, being as vague with him as he had been with me. "Dustin was kind enough to wait in the truck for me while I shopped. I didn't want him to see what a horrible homosexual I am. I can't shop." 

"Whatever," I laughed. "You're just hiding something from me." 

"Well," he said, taking my hand and making Steve raise his eyebrows as he stared at us. "Come downstairs with me, and I'll show you what you so obviously want to see." 

"Pervert," I laughed at the double meaning of his statement. 

"Yeah, yeah," he said, tugging at my hand and leading me off to the basement. 

"What was that all about?" I asked him when we were safely downstairs. 

"You wanted to know what was in the bag," he said as he trailed off toward my room. He stopped to get a tube of some kind of lotion out of the nightstand beside his bed and a towel from the shelf above it. 

"Where are you going?" I asked, following him. 

"Where do you think?" He chuckled. "Come on." 

We stood next to my bed in my room, laughing at each other under our breath. He still clung to the bag, though, and I was becoming more and more interested in what was inside of it. When he sat it on the bed, I reached for it, but he surprised me by grabbing my hand and covering my mouth with his own before I could protest. 

I let go of the bag, and he wrapped his arms around me without taking his lips away from mine. I leaned into him as his tongue snaked across my bottom lip, coaxing me to open my lips to allow him access. I did so, and we both moaned when our tongues touched each other. The first move had been made, and I wasn't the one who had to do it.  His kiss was soft but persistent, and it made my knees weak. I held on tight as he massaged my tongue with his own. He held me tenderly, and I couldn't stop myself from comparing his kiss and touch to Keith's. Phillip was so gentle compared to Keith's lust filled enthusiasm. I welcomed the change and finally put my arms around him, too. 

"I've been dying to do that," I said as he broke the kiss and moved away from me to rummage in the sack. 

"Then why didn't you?" he asked as he brought out two large pillar candles from the sack. 

"Candles?" I asked, thinking that it was strange that he'd wanted to keep me in suspense for a couple of candles. He wasn't done however. 

"Just trust me on this, Dustin," he said as more candles in various shapes and scents came out of the bag. "These should all be the same scent, but there wasn't that much of any one thing in that store. I was surprised that they even sold candles like these to begin with." 

"What are you going to do with so many candles?" I asked, but he ignored my question. 

He placed the candles all over the room. My dresser, headboard and desk were virtually covered with them, and I was about to ask again as he was striking a match to light the first candle, but he smiled at me so sexily that I just couldn't say anything. When the last candle was lit, he turned off the overhead light and spread the towel over my bed. Then he stepped in front of me. When he started to pull my shirt over my head, I froze. 

"I'm not Keith, Dustin," he said, leaning in to give me a quick relaxing kiss. 

"I know," I said, letting him take my shirt off. 

"We're not going to do anything that you don't want to do," he said. "I promise. I just want to make you feel good, Dustin." 

He ran the backs of his fingers down my chest, pausing for an excruciatingly infinitesimal amount of time at my nipples. His eye never left mine as his hands lightly trailed down my stomach to the waistband of my jeans. He paused as his fingers closed over the top button and waited to see if I would protest. When I didn't, he unbuttoned the fly of my jeans and slowly pulled my zipper down exposing my boxers. 

He kissed me again, but the kiss didn't last nearly as long as I would have liked. I was really enjoying the kissing. He ran his hands down my arms until he took my hands in his. His eyes were filled with a question that I understood completely. I nodded my head to let him know that I was ready for whatever he had in mind, and I tried not to show any of the nervousness that I was feeling. He kissed my chin, tilting my head back with his hand at my neck. His lips on my neck were absolutely electric. He was giving me sensations I hadn't felt with Keith, and I cursed myself for continually comparing him to someone that had tried so hard to destroy my life. I don't know why I couldn't just put Keith out of my mind. I was about to have sex with Phillip! Why couldn't I only think of him? 

All of those thoughts were shoved aside when his hands gripped the waistband of my jeans. He smiled at me as he sank to his knees, pushing his hands inside my jeans and gently shoving them down my thighs in the process. I chuckled when he noticed that I was still wearing my shoes, but I let him untie them, and I lifted each foot so he could take them off. 

I stepped out of my jeans after my shoes were out of the way, and Phillip ran his hands lightly up my legs to the bottom of my boxers and back down to the tops of my socks. He looked up at me and smiled softly. His eyes sparkled in the candlelight, and his blond hair shined. I suddenly felt a little under dressed compared to him, so I took his hands from my thighs and pulled him back to a standing position. 

"I feel kind of exposed compared to you," I said softly as I lifted his shirt up his stomach, making sure that the backs of my fingers lightly grazed his skin along the way. 

I took my time unbuttoning his jeans, and I silently cursed the man who thought up the button fly as I tried to hide my struggle over them. I kissed his sexy navel to hide my troubles, and success came just after the sigh escaped him. I slowly pushed his pants down his thighs to his calves, and I hadn't learned from being in his position as I noticed that he, too still had his shoes on. 

Once I had him out of his shoes and his pants, I took in the sight before me. I'd seen him in his boxer briefs on many occasions, because he slept in them.
This time it was different, though, and I couldn't take my eyes off of him as I stood back up. My mind told me that I had missed my chance to try and duplicate his kisses up my body by the time I was standing face to face with him again, but he was smiling at me. 

He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me as close as he could get me. I expected him to kiss me again, but his face rested against my neck as he laid his head on my shoulder. I could feel him inhaling my scent as he rocked me slightly back and forth. My mind was absolutely confused as to what to do next. 

"You're amazing, Dustin," he mumbled into my neck.
"I can't believe I finally have you in my arms." 

"You should have just grabbed me," I said stupidly. "I wanted this just as much as you did." 

"Its not over yet," he said as his hands traveled over my back down to the cheeks of my cotton covered ass and back up again. 

He pulled away from me to run his index fingers just under the waistband of my boxers and giving me the most alluring look at the same time. He leaned forward and kissed me so softly that I barely felt his lips on mine. The effect was excruciating. It sent chills down my spine, made my knees weak and made my dick leak precum into my boxers. 

His fingers slipped further under the waistband of my boxers, and he tugged them down so slowly. My hard dick got caught as he attempted to slide them down my hips, and for the first time, he took my dick in his hand to untangle it from my boxers. I let out an involuntary sigh as his hand came into contact with my dick, and he smiled sheepishly at me. 

He knelt to push my boxers down my calves, and as I stepped out of them, his face was level with my erection. I wanted so badly for him to put it in his mouth, but it was clear that he had plans. I decided to just be compliant and let him do what he wanted. I'd trusted Keith, and he'd ultimately hurt me in the end. I couldn't judge Phillip based on what Keith had done to me, though. I had to trust him. Besides, it wasn't like he could storm off to his house when this was over. 

He peeled my socks down my calves, and I lifted each foot to allow him to take them off of me. When that was done, I was completely naked in front of him, and I once again felt over exposed. I wanted my turn to strip his boxer briefs and socks off of him, and when he stood up, I thought I'd get my chance. 

"Lie down on the towel for me," he said as he turned from me to the desk where he'd left the tube of lotion. 

Disappointed that he seemed to want to keep his underwear on, I crawled into my bed and lay on my back atop the towel. He smiled at me before he crawled onto the bed, straddling my thighs. I watched as he uncapped the tube of lotion and squirted a small dollop of it into the palm of his hand. The scent of peaches and coconuts filled my nostrils as he rubbed the lotion between his hands, warming it. 

He put his hands on my chest, and I was surprised to feel that the lotion had warmed up much more than his rubbing it between his hands would have warmed it. He smiled at the surprised expression on my face. My expression had to changed when he started working the lotion into my skin, soothing my tired and sore muscles. 

He went from working the lotion into my pecs to massaging my right shoulder. The effect was amazing as the soreness virtually disappeared from the muscles under his expert touch. He kneaded and massaged my shoulder with firm but expert precision, making me sigh from the effect. He slowly inched his way down until he was rubbing the lotion into my forearm, and like the muscles in my shoulder, my upper arm virtually melted under his touch. The pain of pushing the mower and opening and closing the hedge sheers evaporated as he worked that lotion into my arm. 

As he moved further down my arm, I was amazed that my erection remained with no stimulation to that particular area of my body. The effect of the massage he was giving me was both relaxing and erotic. I closed my eyes and just let him work his magic on me as he repeated the massage on my left arm. I was moaning softly by the time he went back to my pecs and worked down to my abdominal muscles, obliterating the tension and soreness in them as well. And by this time my erection seemed to be harder than it had ever been in my life. 

He ignored it as he applied more lotion to my thighs and duplicated the effect from my arms and abs. He worked slowly and methodically, making me whimper as his hands moved to the insides of my thighs, spreading my legs slightly. I marveled at his self control as he completely ignored my dick which was right in front of his face. 

Instead of paying attention to my dick, he meticulously worked my calf muscles until they were completely relaxed. When he moved down to my foot, I was amazed that I could stand it. I'm very ticklish when it comes to my feet, but he worked my foot with exquisite care. He worked the top of my foot and moved on to the heal and ankle, and I had no idea how sore they really were until they relaxed under his touch. His fingers applied just the right amount of pressure on the bottom of my foot to keep from tickling me as he rubbed and kneaded his way from my heal to my toes. 

He moved on to duplicate his actions on my other leg. The entire front of my body was nearly asleep by the time he got to my foot. I sighed contentedly as he worked his magic on my foot. Whoever said that feet can't be an erogenous zone was sexually retarded! Even though the front of my body was virtually asleep, my dick was pulsing and throbbing. A pool of precum was gathering inside my navel, and I was almost angry when he asked me to turn over. I complied, though, and he poured more lotion into his hand and rubbed his hands together as I got settled. 

He worked his hands over my back, taking extra care as he kneaded the muscles there. He mumbled something about how tense I was and applied more lotion. His touch sent a river of pleasure through my body, and I had to really concentrate on being docile. I wanted to flip over, throwing him off of me and molest him right then and there. Then he started kneading the backs of my shoulders, and I was filled with a whole different wave of pleasure. The tense muscles throbbed happily and relaxed under his manipulations. 

He moved down from my shoulders to the middle of my back and worked out all of the tension there, making my spine almost sing from the attention. He worked my muscles like he'd been giving massages forever. When he moved down to the bottom of my back just above my ass, I was putty in his hands from the magical effect his hands had on me. Every muscle in that region of my back went from tight and sore to loose and relaxed.

I sucked in a huge breath as his lotion slicked hands rubbed over the cheeks of my ass, kneading them and sending erotic pulses through my pelvis. He chuckled at the effect he was having on me. I let loose a low continuous moan as he kneaded my ass cheeks, letting his thumbs travel along the cleft of my ass as he worked. 

"Oh God," I moaned as his thumbs lightly grazed my hole. I wanted him to touch it so badly that I could barely see straight. 

"Feel good?" He asked, leaning over my back to put his head next to mine. 

"God, yes," I gasped. "Where did you learn to do this?" 

"Well, I learned by having it done to me," he said. "Then I practiced for a while on Mike until we got

His voice cracked when he said the last part, and I instantly felt bad for making him think of that. I could tell from the way his eyes looked, when he talked about Mike, that he really loved the guy. It made me wonder just what he was doing with me. I mean, I'm not stupid. I know that he found me attractive, and he knew that I thought he was the sexiest thing on two legs, but if he was in love with Mike, why was he doing this with me? 

He went back to kneading my ass again, and I decided to just let him do what he was doing. Knowing that he was in love made him untouchable in a way, and I hoped that this would stop me from falling for him. If this was what it was like to have him touch me, though, I was going to seriously fail in the love department. I'd fall head over heals for him if he did this to me again. 

He moved off of my ass and down the backs of my thighs, and my sexual excitement leveled off. He really was good at what he was doing, and the effect on me was strange but positive. I loved the way he touched me, and I could feel the respect he had for me by the way he carefully applied just enough pressure to my muscle to massage them without making it painful. 

When he got to my feet again, he duplicated what he had done the first time, using one hand on each foot this time. When he was finished with my massage, he put his hands on my hips and tugged at them slightly asked me to raise my ass a bit. I instantly stiffened up, remembering how it felt to be fucked the last time I'd allowed it to happen. 

"I don't want to get fucked, Phillip," I said. I hated the sound of fear that I head in my voice.
"Relax, Dustin," he said, releasing my hips and rubbing the small of my back. "I still have my shorts on, remember? I'm not going to do anything that you don't want me to do. If I do something you don't like just tell me, and I'll stop. We can even stop right here if you want. This whole thing is about making you feel good." 

Instead of answering him, I raised my ass off the bed slightly. He surprised me by stuffing a pillow under me, lifting my ass a bit more. He was careful to make sure that my dick and balls were accessible instead of trapped by the pillow, and he went back to kneading my ass cheeks. His thumbs began to trail the cleft of my ass again, but they never did touch my hole.

I sighed from the pleasure he was giving me, and he made his touch even lighter. I felt the bed shift underneath me as he slid further down in it. I about died when I felt his breath in the crack of my ass. It was even more Earth shattering for me when his tongue began to lightly drag along the cleft of my ass instead of his thumbs. He danced his tongue along my crack, and he purposefully missed my hole before going back up to my tail bone. 

His hand wrapped around my dick, pulling it further between my legs. It was still slick from the lotion, and he knew exactly what he was doing as he stroked the shaft of it in his slick hand as his tongue continued to explore the crack of my ass. As if completely on accident, his tongue grazed over my hole. I lifted my ass higher, trying to get him to stay on my hole, but he went back to licking around it. 

Then he bypassed my hole completely as he moved his face further down to get his tongue on my ball sack. He licked them all over, getting them nice and wet with his saliva. He let go of my dick as he tongue bathed the back of my ball sack, and I knew that he was trying to calm me down. I hadn't even noticed until his hand was gone, but I was getting dangerously close to climax. 

He continued to lick around my ball sack as I floated down and backed off from my orgasm. The feeling of his tongue on my balls was amazing, but it would pose no danger of sending me over the edge. He must have known that, though. He definitely had much more experience with sex than I did, so I just let him do what he was doing. By the time he wrapped his hand around my dick again, I was surprised that it had started to go soft from the lack of attention. He had it rock hard again in no time, though, and I about came when his tongue left my balls and began to flick over the head of my dick instead. 

He sucked just the head of my dick into his mouth and gave me the most intense pleasure as he teased it with his tongue. He had me moaning and rocking my hips as he did things to me that I'd never dreamed. It was the most awesome feeling in the world, and I rode it as long as I could. He let my dick-head fall from his lips and went back to licking the crack of my ass. He used his hands to pry my cheeks further apart this time, and I about passed out from the pleasure as his tongue began to lick around my hole over and over. 

I'd thought the pleasure couldn't get any better until he dragged his tongue directly over my hole. He lapped at it for a few minutes before he I actually felt it start to relax and open slightly. Then he did the last thing I'd expected. He hardened his tongue and pushed it into my hole, sending white hot bolts of erotic electricity through my asshole to the head of my dick. He slid his tongue in further and slowly pulled it back. He did this over and over again until he had me whimpering for more. 

I was disappointed when he disengaged his tongue from my ass and ran his hand through my crack, dragging it across my open hole. He sat up in the bed and tugged at my hips until I raised up more. He took the pillow out from under me and asked me to turn over. He must have noticed that I didn't like the idea, because he said, "If I keep that up, I'm going to want to fuck you." 

"At this point, I don't care," I said, turning over in the bed. 

"Dustin, you said you don't like it," he said. "I'm not doing anything to you that you don't like. I want this to be good for you." 

He kissed me then, and I couldn't stop myself from sucking his tongue as soon as it was in my mouth. He laid his body on top of mine, and I could feel his erection through his boxer briefs, straining for release. I put my hands on his ass and pulled him tighter to me, so that our dicks could grind together, and he moaned. 

"Why am I the only one naked?" I asked him as soon as our lips separated. 

"Because this isn't about me," he said. "This is about you." 

"OK," I said. "This is about me, and I want you naked." 

"Your wish," he chuckled, raising up and tugging his underwear down his hips and thighs. 

There was a little awkwardness as he shifted in the bed to get out of those underwear, and when I insisted that the socks had to come off, he laughed out loud. He sat beside me in the bed to take off his socks, and I got my first look at his dick. He lay beside me, and I put my arm under him just before he was completely against the bed. 

"Much better," I said when he was still. 

"I really want this night to be about you, though, Dustin," he said, tracing his fingers lightly down my chest and stomach. "I want to show you that sex isn't about being hateful." 

"I know that sex isn't just about being hateful," I told him. "You don't have to show me anything." 

"But I want to," he said. "So shut up and enjoy yourself." 

He turned in the bed, and his mouth connected with my left nipple at almost the same time. I gasped when his tongue lapped at my nipple. I had no idea how hot it would feel to have someone licking at my nipple like that. When he lightly grazed it with his teeth, I thought my balls were going to explode. I could feel myself leaking precum again. It was like my nipples were directly wired to my dick, and I couldn't believe it. For a minute there, I thought I heard sirens it felt so good. 

He worked my other nipple with the exact same attention he'd paid the left. My balls churned out more precum, and he had me moaning. My hand was on the back of his head, and I had to actually stop myself from pushing his face into my chest. He let go of my nipple and kissed me again. This time, I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back, forcing my tongue inside his mouth and making him moan. 

He left a trail of kisses down my chin to my neck. He kissed down my sternum and gave each nipple one more lash with his tongue, making me arch my back each time. When he resumed kissing me down my stomach, I sighed from the loss of stimuli to my nipples. He got to my navel, and I about came unglued as he stuck his tongue in it, lapping up the precum that had collected there. 

"Mmm," he moaned as he pushed his tongue into my navel. His hand was around my dick, holding it straight up from my body so that no more precum would leak onto his chin. 

He started to lightly stroke my dick with his hand as his kisses resumed. He kissed my precum soaked pubic hair and then moved around the base of my dick and back to my balls. He continued to stroke my dick in a way that would never bring me to an orgasm as he lapped at my balls with his tongue. He took one of my walnut sized nuts into his mouth and let it roll around on his tongue. Letting go of my dick, he repeated the action on the other ball. 

When he wrapped his lips around the head of my dick, I thought I would blast off. He was sucking at it lightly, sucking up the precum that my balls were continuously producing. Then he was lifting my legs over his shoulders, and I moaned when I felt his closed lips on my hole again. I felt him shoving his tongue back into my hole, and then he was pushing my precum into my ass with his tongue. 

He let my ass fall back to the bed as he removed my legs from his shoulders. When I felt his finger pushing at my asshole, his mouth covered my erection. He inched down my shaft, bathing the underside of my dick with his tongue as he pushed his finger into my ass. The sensation was strange, but it wasn't unpleasant. I didn't feel nearly as full as I had when Keith fucked me, and the sensation started to feel a lot better after a few minutes. 

He moved his finger around in my ass as he slowly sucked my dick. When he bumped my prostate, my body jerked, and I could feel precum literally shoot from my dick into his mouth. He moaned around my dick and continually ran his finger over my prostate. I thought I would cum right then and there, but somehow, I held on. 

My arms and legs started to tingle, and my balls felt heavier than they ever had. I moaned louder as he deep throated my dick. His finger rubbed my prostate the whole time. He had me moaning and whimpering alternately as he worked my dick and prostate. I had never felt anything like it. This was Heaven! 

I found myself humping my ass on his finger and driving my dick in and out of his mouth at the same time. I could feel my balls boiling a load of cum, but I didn't want to cum so fast. I wanted to ride this feeling for as long as I could. Phillip had other ideas, though. He started to match my thrusts, plunging down on my dick as I pushed up into his mouth and backing off as I pulled out. His finger started to poke at my prostate harder, too. 

I groaned and gasped as my balls churned a load of cum up through my shaft. It blasted from the head of my dick and shot down Phillip's eager throat. He moaned when he tasted the first volley of cum and took his finger completely out of my ass, clamping his lips around just the head of my dick and actually sucking the cum out of my dick. 
My body jerked and shivered, and my head reeled from the most explosive orgasm of my life. I swear I could see glitter floating in the candlelit room, and it was like every nerve in my body was on fire with pleasure. I literally wept from the power of it. Wave after wave of pleasure spread from my pelvis throughout my body in all directions. 

When I'd shot my last blast of cum over Phillip's tongue and down his eager throat, he held me as I rode the waves of my orgasm. I finally started to calm down, and I noticed that my body was covered with sweat. I was panting by the time he laid down beside me. I couldn't form words to let him now how powerful it had been, and I felt more tired than I'd ever felt in my entire life. I was so preoccupied with what I was feeling that I barely noticed the bed shaking as Phillip stroked his dick. 

"What are you doing?" I asked. 

"What are you talking about?" he gasped. "That was the most awesome thing I've ever seen. I've got to get off now." 

"Well give me a chance to get you off," I said, pulling his hand off of his dick. 

"You don't have to do this, Dustin," he said.
"How did you say it?" I chuckled. "Oh, yes, shut up and enjoy yourself." 

Now, I didn't know the first thing about sucking a dick. I'd never sucked a dick in my life. Years of fantasizing about it really couldn't teach me what to do. I wasn't stupid, though. I knew to keep my teeth away from his dick and close my mouth around it. I'd read quite a few erotic stories on the Internet, and they had given me detailed descriptions on how to suck a dick. I was about to find out if I could actually do what I'd only read and fantasized about. 

I crawled over him and got between his legs. He spread his legs, but there was no way I was even going to try to stick my finger in his ass. I had a general idea where to find his prostate, but I was a little too shaky for that part of the ball game. I licked at his dick like a lollipop, making him groan and try to shove it into my mouth. I didn't blame him for that, though. I knew how excited he was.

I took a deep breath and let his unbelievably hard dick slide between my lips. I was careful to keep my teeth away from his dick, and I knew that I was doing something right when he moaned and fell back off of his elbows. I took too much of him into my mouth, though, because I involuntarily gagged when the head of his dick touched the back of my throat.
"Dustin, I can just jack off," he said when I gagged. 

"Shut up," I countered when I took my mouth off of his dick. 

I wrapped my lips around the head of his dick, applying gentle suction as I wrapped my hand around his shaft. I stroked his shaft while I swirled my tongue around and around the head of his dick. He moaned again, and his body relaxed, so I knew that he was enjoying what I was doing to him. His dick was leaking precum, and I tasted him with every swirl of my tongue. 

It tasted salty and sweet at the same time. It was a taste I could get used to, and as his balls produced more of it, he moaned again. I was too busy concentrating on what I was doing to worry much about what he was doing. Strange, isn't it? I was trying to give him pleasure, but I couldn't concentrate on how he was reacting to what I was doing. 

It was completely different than any of my fantasies, but I'd read about something like what I was doing on the Internet. I wanted to take all of him into my mouth and suck his dick the right way, but I knew that I'd just gag again. He'd probably stop me if it happened a second time, so I just went on stroking his shaft while I sucked on the head of his dick. 

Apparently I was doing something right, because without warning, cum shot from the head of his dick into my mouth. I nearly choked on the first shot, but by the second, I remembered to swallow. His cum tasted a bit saltier than his precum, but it wasn't an awful taste. I gripped his shaft tighter in my hand and worked more of his cum out of his dick and onto my tongue. 

When he pulled my face away from his dick, I realized that he'd stopped cumming. Evidently, he was sensitive after orgasm. I laid down next to him and held him while he recovered from the effects of his own orgasm. I was quite proud of myself for making him feel good, and I was looking forward to the next time I would have the chance to get him off. 

"Where are you going?" I asked when he crawled out of the bed. 

"Do you want to sleep on a towel and burn down the house?" he asked me as he started to tug the towel out from under me.  I raised my body enough for him to take the towel. Then he walked around the room, blowing out candles as he went. I took the time to get under the blanket and leave it pulled back so that he could get in the bed with me when he was done with the candles. He slid in beside me, kissed me and snuggled up next to me. I fell asleep lying on my side with my body pressed against his and my arm draped over his side.
"Dustin," I heard someone whisper as I realized I was being shaken. "Wake up, Dustin." 

"What's going on?" I asked as I looked up at Tommy standing beside the bed. Phillip was still asleep next to me. 

"Charlie's on the telephone, and he sounds upset," he said. 

My mind started to race. What could he possibly be upset about? The clock told me that it was only four in the morning, so I knew that something was going on. I slid on a pair of sweat pants and went upstairs to answer the phone. 

"Hey, Bro," I said when I picked up the phone. 

"Dusty, you'd better get over here to the hospital," he said. "Dad had a heart attack."