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Chapter 11 – Barely Legal Fuck-a-thon

want to follow me home?

I resist looking over at Cory, but I still catch him out the corner of my eye.  He discreetly checks his phone and sends back a message.


The team decided to get burgers after the game, dragging Cory and me along.  I get the feeling I’m not the only one that can’t wait to leave.

“Oh fuck me, look at the time,” I say, not caring about how unconvincing I sound.  Our teammates start laying into me about trying to leave early.  “Sorry guys, I have things to do at home.”  Not a total lie.  I just omit that the thing I really need to do is fuck the living hell out of the guy sitting a few seats down from me.

I head for the door.  Cory gets up to follow me out.  When the guys start harassing him, he just shrugs and says “hot date.”  No one can argue with leaving to get laid.

I pause on the edge of the sidewalk and look out at the parking lot with my hands in my pockets.  A few moments later, he’s standing next to me.  I glance at him.  Cory’s been wearing this leather necklace the past couple days.  He’s wearing his glasses, too.  Both items are making me crazy.  “Hot date, eh?”

“Yeah, I have someone I want to keep up all night.”  This admission causes a flood of warmth in the pit of my stomach.

I put my hands up.  “Don’t let me stop you.”  He grins at me, and I can’t help grinning back.  He jumps down and walks over to his truck.  I force myself to not run to my car.  I get a message on my cellphone before I can get my key in the ignition.

im hard af

A simple statement, but it makes me hot.  I’ve been hungering for him since he left my house Thursday morning.  I managed to keep it together at the game and in the restaurant, but now that he’s coming home with me, my dick is starting to throb painfully.  I grip my cock through my jeans and give it a light squeeze.

im going to throw you down and fuck you in the parking lot if you dont move

His engine roars to life.  My dick is hard enough to shift gears with.  I end up stroking myself the whole drive home.

After what seems like forever, we make it to my place.  He’s playing it cool when he gets out of his truck, but the bulge in his jeans tells another story.  Cory and I manage to get my bedroom door shut and locked behind us before we start ripping off our clothes.

His mouth is hot on mine.  “I need you to fuck my ass.”

“I will,” I laugh.

“No, now,” he insists, and he hands me a condom from my stash in the nightstand.  “I need you to take my ass now.”  He doesn’t wait for me to put it on.  Instead, he grabs the bottle of lube and crawls onto my bed.

I watch as he rolls on to his side and props himself up on his elbow.  He reaches behind to begin rubbing lube on his ass before he starts fingering himself.

I stare at him, transfixed.  “You weren’t kidding.”  I stroke myself.

“No,” he pants.  Cory bends his knee and lifts up his leg so I can watch him work his fingers in and out of his ass.  “Efrain…”

The way my name falls from his lips, the panting breaths accenting the syllables, makes my dick pulse against my fingers.


“The condom.”

“God, yes,” I say and immediately start unwrapping it.  I approach the bed and he moves to roll over onto his back.  “No, stay just like that.”  I straddle one leg and slide my arm under the other.  He slips his fingers out and lubes up my cock for me; his hand stays there to help guide me in.  I press my head against his hole.

And I wait.

Cory pants harder as I press into him without penetrating him.  He closes his eyes and moans.  The barest tip eases into him and he starts shaking.  I give him more of the tip and he trembles harder.  When I have my head inside of him, his ass clenches around me as if trying to force me back out.  I press into this tightening, sliding half of my cock into him.  A moan vibrates deep in his throat.

I slide my dick back and forth in shallow thrusts, slowly working myself deep inside of him.  His eyes open and lock with mine.  Cory grabs his leg behind the knee and draws it up toward his chest.  With his legs spread this wide, I have an uninterrupted view of where our bodies are connected.  He watches me watching my dick thrust into his hole.

I look up at him.  He does this thing when he’s trying not to scream or moan where he bites his lip and ends up whimpering.   He’s trying so hard right now that his whole body quivers.

“I’m not going to last much longer,” I admit.

“Me either,” he says, and closes his eyes and finally lets out a loud moan.

That’s all the encouragement I need.

I slip his leg over my shoulder and press his thigh to my stomach.  With my other hand I grab his dick.  I jerk him as I increase speed.

He clenches down on me hard and I blow.  His voice rises as my thrusts go wild.  Soon, I feel him spasm around me and he cums in my hand.  My dick gets too incredibly sensitive to move, so I grind against his ass and he starts doing that cute whimpering thing again.


Efrain grinds against my ass before he pulls out.  While he grabs his t-shirt and cleans up, I flop on my back, feeling that euphoric and giddy high I get when I’m drunk.  My whole body is still shivering when he joins me under the covers and pulls me close.

I knew I was going to end up in bed with him tonight, so every look we exchanged today cranked me a little tighter.  The ride to his place was almost unbearable.  I couldn’t wait for the foreplay, I needed him right then.  So, I got a little bold.

God, the look on his face when I started touching myself.  I know I was acting a little out of character, but I didn’t realize how it would throw him.

“Are you always this intense?” he asks me.

“You’re one to talk.”  I rest my head on his shoulder and sprawl out on his chest.  He runs his fingers through my hair.  If I were a cat, I’d probably start purring.  “Just a few days ago, you were spanking me and telling me that I’m a good boy.”

“But, you wanted me to.”

“You started it.”  I reach up and scratch the side of his neck.  He growls appreciatively.  “I was just along for the ride.”

“And you liked it.”

“Only because you liked it.”

He rolls over and pins my body under his.  “Don’t think I can’t notice how hard your ass cums when I’m rough with you.”  He slides his hand up the inside of my thigh.  “And don’t think I can’t notice how hard all this talk is getting you now.”  His fingers brush against my thickening cock and I inhale sharply.

“And then there’s the territory marking.”


I point to the bite marks and hickeys he’s left on me.

“So,” he says.

“It’s like you’re laying claim on me so I can’t hook up with anyone else,” I say.  “You’re cock-blocking me.”

He pauses to think on this.  A smile slowly creeps across his face and I’m suddenly a little apprehensive.  “I am.”

“You are?”


“You do realize what you’re saying.”

“Uh huh.”  He lowers his head and nibbles my earlobe.

“If I can’t fuck anyone else, neither can you.”

“Works for me,” he says.  Then his hands and mouth are all over me and I can’t think anymore.  He slips on a condom and rolls me on to my side with my back toward him.  I bend my knee and shift my leg forward.  His cock eases into me and he begins rolling his hips against my body.

Moments later, I feel his lips on the back of my shoulder.  A lick.  A bite.  Then sucking.

“Wait…are you…aw, man…”

He laughs.



There’s this huge black truck sitting in my driveway behind Efrain’s Civic when I get home.  He’s inside slightly freaking out and rummaging through the kitchen drawers in nothing but his boxer briefs.

“What are you doing?”

“First aid kit.”


“First aid kit, do we have one?”

“Yeah, why do you need a first aid kit?”

He gets this sort of giddy look on his face.  “I just fucked a guy so hard he passed out.”  That explains the truck at least.

“And that’s why you need a first aid kit?”

“No.  I bit him,” he mumbles it, so I almost don’t understand him.

“Because he passed out?”

“That happened after I bit him.”

This is more information than I want and I really do not need to hear anymore.  I point him to the hall closet and shut myself up in my room.  The truck is gone when I leave for my morning run.

Later that evening, I hear it pull up to the house.  I’m meeting up with Mike and Laurel for drinks, so I’m not really concerned.  However, the sight that greets me as I try to leave is surprising to say the least.  VT is big enough that I’ve been able to mostly avoid the subject of my failed drunken hook-up from a few weeks ago.  However, Cory Card is here in my foyer furiously making out with my roommate.

I can’t help making a few digs at them before I leave.  At least, that explains the truck, which is still there when I get home and when I leave for my run in the morning.

I get two nights without Cory in my house, but his truck is back Saturday evening.  They’re going at it when I walk in.  That night, their barely legal fuck-a-thon wakes me up at least twice.  For fuck’s sake, Efrain’s room is on the opposite side of the house from mine, but I still hear Cory.  

And Efrain.  

Apparently, he growls when he cums.  

I even hear the bed, and I bolted the fucking thing to the wall when I furnished the damn place.

At 6 AM, I give up on trying to sleep and put on my running shorts and shoes.  Those assholes are still at it when I come home.

Thankfully, they’ve stopped by the time I get out of the shower and I’m able to get a couple hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Life with Efrain had been mostly peaceful, strangely peaceful given that he’s only 19.  He started out in the freshman dorms over the summer, but moved in with me before the start of the fall term.  He was pretty serious for a freshman.  He only partied every so often, and never brought his hook-ups home.

His only quirk was cheat day.  Unless he was at an away game, he got up every Sunday, made a huge fucking stack of pancakes, and camped out on the couch to watch ESPN all day.  It seems Cory will be joining in on the festivities.

I get back up around noon and decide to make some coffee.  The two of them are in the kitchen laughing and having this flirty argument over who’s going to eat the quasi-burnt pancakes.

When I walk in, Cory is playing keep-away with the plate while Efrain tries to reach around him.  They’re making out, pausing only long enough to advance the argument before going back to shoving their tongues down the other guy’s throat.

“I made them.”

“But, you made them for me.”

“You’re the reason I burned them.”

“Aren’t you trying to impress me?”

They’re so engrossed in each other that they don’t notice me, or the fact that Cory is about to spill the unburnt cakes on the floor.

I turn off the stove burner.  Those two are vigorously dry humping each other enough, I don’t need another potential fire hazard threatening my home.  I grab the precariously balanced plate before it topples out of his hands.

They look at me.

I look at them.

They look at the plate.

I look at the plate.

I set the plate down on the counter.

I go to start some coffee, but stop.  I go back to the plate and pick the best pancake off the top.  I take the biggest bite I can.

“Ugh.  I hate blueberry,” I say around a huge mouthful and toss the rest of the pancake into the trash can while they look on in mild horror.