Author’s Note -- This was the second scene I wrote for Efrain and Cory -- back when I was just writing short narratives because I couldn’t get anything done because a certain shower scene kept playing in my head.  Cory’s character has remained mostly the same, but Efrain and Indie’s characters have changed so much since I wrote this back in September that I couldn’t keep it in the main story.  Originally, ‘Rain and Indie were supposed to fool around prior to Cory’s introduction, and it was supposed to be Indie that initiated with Cory that first time.

Anyway, this scene takes place in January, five months after Cory and Efrain’s first hookup.  

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While Indie’s Away (Efrain and Cory ALTERNATE Chapter)

I love a lot of things about my boyfriend, but the only one that comes to mind at the moment is his pale twink ass – taut, muscular, no hair to speak of, and prettily displayed before me.  Cory can get a decent tan going, even if he couldn’t match my olive skin, but his ass stays pale.  One cheek is still a little pink from the slap I’d given it earlier.  As I spread apart the florid cheeks, I admire how they contrast with the hands exposing the trembling pink hole.  

Hell, even the way my cock looks as I slowly press into him is overstimulating enough to make me cum.

Of course, everything about fucking the guy is overstimulating.  The way he fists his hands in the blankets we’d laid out on the floor, the panted pleas for me to take him completely, the spasms I feel around my dick trying to pull me deeper.  Still, I know how hot it gets my boyfriend when I tease him.  I take my time – pressing forward, pulling back completely, then pressing forward again – filling Cory in agonizing increments.  I grip his ass tighter, more to keep myself from giving into the pleading man it belongs to, but it does leave some rather delicious handprints.

Cory arches his back, trying to take my cock in one hard thrust when begging failed, and receives another slap instead.  “Fucking hell, ‘Rain,” he curses between ragged, whimpering moans.

I chuckle wryly, the little spasms around my dick showing me just how much he enjoys being demeaned.  “There’s plenty of time, Babe,” I say while finally bottoming out, enjoying the surprised gasps as I grind the base against his hips.  My roommate has plans for the weekend, and I have been holding back all football season so Cory wouldn’t be too injured to play.  I have behaved and as a reward I am going to take my time nailing Cory’s white ass in as many rooms as possible before that loud-mouthed bastard comes home.


I have come to realize two things – 1. I really need to remember to contact my roommate when my plans suddenly change, and 2. Efrain has to be some kind of freak wizard to have consumed nearly half of my alcohol stash and talk Cory into fucking in our living room in the hour it took for me to drive back after my weekend trip got canceled at the last minute.

I stand at the threshold, stunned by the barely legal fuckfest going down three yards away.  Most of my beer and my last bottle of Jack, or what remains of it, sit forgotten on the coffee table while Efrain kneels on the floor, taking the sandy blonde from behind.

The dude is a sadistic fuck, calling him a “good boy” and slapping his ass hard enough to leave red welts.  For his part, this seems to be getting Cory off.  His hips shake as he whines for Efrain to please fuck him harder.

While I should be outraged (a whole fucking case of beer and a liter of Jack, for fuck’s sake), I instead find myself watching more than I intend to.  I had briefly pursued both of them, but nothing came of it.  Efrain and I are exclusive tops, so we never got past more than exchanging blow jobs when we were drunk and bored.  And I have a stupid hang-up about bi men, and ended up cutting and running in the middle of my only hook-up with Cory.  Efrain likes to remind me that that last part cost me a crack at a seriously talented power bottom.  I’ve overheard enough of their fucking in the last five months for the reminders to be unnecessary.

It isn’t too late to sneak back to my room and pretend not to see anything, but I am hard and Efrain already noticed me standing there.

“Welcome back,” he intones dryly.  Cory lifts his head in confusion, and turns red when he notices me.  He had to be really embarrassed; the guy has no shame when he’s wasted.  “Want to join us?”

Before I could apologize and retreat, Efrain narrows his eyes thoughtfully.  He holds up his finger as if asking for a moment and grips the blushing man under him.  He pulls back his hips before slamming back into Cory’s ass.  Cory writhes beneath him, panting out a litany of bilingual curses and whimpering cries.  “He wants you to join.”  Efrain lacked shame even when he was dead sober.

Laughing, he pulls the other guy, still cursing and panting, up and against his chest, a hand around Cory’s throat tilting his head back.  “His ass just started spasming like crazy.”  Then, murmuring against Cory’s ear, “Want him to cum in your mouth while I cum in your ass?”

Two pairs of eyes meet mine – hazel eyes amused and sardonic, blue eyes glazed over with arousal and alcohol.  Both inviting.  Cory pants while Efrain continues to grind his ass on the base of his cock.  Since I couldn’t really think of anything better to do in the situation, I pull my shirt over my head, grab the Jack, and stand before them.  

I drink a mouthful, then a second.  Figure I might as well be drunk for this, too.

While, Efrain fucks him with increasing intensity, Cory begins pulling frantically at my fly.  Too soon he gives up and wraps his fingers over my waistband as if trying to hold himself up.  Pretty likely, with how hard he’s getting fucked.  I deftly unbutton my fly with one hand, still sipping from the bottle, and Cory unzips me and slides my jeans and boxers over my hips.

I step out of the fabric pooling at my feet as Cory catches my dick in his mouth.  He sucks at it greedily, the head hitting the back of his throat as Efrain’s thrusts push him forward.  His moans vibrate on my cock and get cut off completely when my head digs down his throat.  Cory brings up his hands to grip the base.  He pops the head out of his mouth and dives for my balls.  My breath hisses between my teeth as he sucks them into his mouth, swirling them around with his tongue.  Cory works the shaft with his hands, his hands and mouth tightening as Efrain fucks his ass.

The Jack works through my empty stomach.  My head buzzes, seemingly in time with Cory’s muffled moans.  The sounds of all three of us fill the room.  

Efrain, getting closer to cumming, works Cory’s ass harder.  Cory wraps an arm around my hips to steady himself, screaming around a mouthful of my nuts.  “Suck my dick,” I order, and the younger man obediently stuffs it back in his mouth, sucking voraciously while his hands still work the shaft.  

I push my hair back from my face with my free hand when I suddenly get the idea.  I dig my fingers into his hair, grab the back of his head, and thrust my hips forward just as Efrain slams into him again.  His hand smacks into his mouth, and I still hit the back of his throat.  Cory’s eyes go wide and he moans loudly, so I keep fucking his face.

Efrain is a sadistic freak wizard.  Cory is an insatiable masochistic cumslut.  They both suck dick like champs.  I’m apparently not drunk enough.  So, I finish off the bottle in my hand and toss it onto the couch then return to watching the two men fucking on their knees in front of me.  

Efrain buries his face against Cory’s shoulder.  His long, hard thrusts give way to deep grinding, his moans come out as growls, as he starts to cum.  Cory’s eyes widen as hot cum shoots into his ass.  I fist my hand in his hair, shoving my cock in further as I cum myself, my jizz leaking out the sides of his mouth and down his chin.

Once spent, I drop to my knees in front of them.  Cory licks his lips, as if to get every drop of cum and swallow it.  I catch his mouth, kissing him deeply, savoring my own spunk before Cory can swallow it completely.  He lets out a satisfied moan as Efrain pulls out his dick.  When I pull back, Efrain grabs the back of my neck and pull me in for a kiss, as if to take his share of the taste.

Cory, pressed between our bodies, nibbles on my neck, his still hard cock rubbing against me.  “He still hasn’t cum yet?” I ask Efrain, who’s wiping his dick off on what I hope is not my t-shirt.

“Seems so.  Looks like he needs to be fucked again,” he reaches between us, gripping our dicks in one hand and strokes them together.  “Want to get fucked again?” he purrs in Cory’s ear.


“Which one?”

Cory meets my eyes.  “Both.”

Efrain bites his earlobe.  “Good boy.”  I watch the shiver play across Cory’s skin.  I reach up and roll a hardened nipple between my fingers.  He bites his lip and hums with pleasure.

Efrain looks back to me, now fully aroused from the hand rubbing my saliva slicked cock against Cory’s.  “Want to start him off?”

I stand up, pulling Cory with me to a low couch.  I sit on the very edge and motion for Cory to straddle me.  He does so, immediately lining my cock up with his ass and taking it with one fluid thrust.  I let him ride my cock in slow, deep strokes, feeling his ass, still wet from lube and Efrain’s cum, wrap around me.

Once his ass had enough time to accommodate me, I lean back against the cushions.  Then, shifting my weight to my feet and shoulders, I lift my hips off the couch and begin thrusting.  I start slow to match Cory’s earlier pace.  But, without warning I move my hands to his thighs to hold him in place before hitting him hard and fast.  Cory’s breath escapes in halting gasps, timed to the sound of thighs slapping against ass.

Efrain steps in, grabbing the back of Cory’s head and thrusting it toward his dick.  As he had taken mine earlier, Cory shoves it deep in his mouth.  I slow down to catch my breath, then I start slamming into his ass again.  Even with a mouthful of Efrain’s cock to muffle him, his screams are fucking loud.  Efrain fists his hand in Cory’s hair to tilt his head back.  “Ready for mine?”

He nods.

I switch back to slow strokes as Efrain kneels behind and eases Cory forward.  He spreads open Cory’s ass and leans forward to lick his hole where it’s stretched around my shaft.  Cory and I gasp as Efrain’s tongue works us both.  I lift my head to draw one of Cory’s nipples into my mouth and suck on it, while I continue to slowly fuck his ass.

As if sensing how close I was getting to cumming, Efrain presses into the point behind my balls with his knuckle and edges me back down.  He stops licking and I feel a cold trickling running down Cory’s ass and onto my cock.  Efrain uses his hands to spread the lube evenly, before rubbing some on himself.  He positions himself behind Cory and I feel his cock press against where I am already buried.  Cory braces his hands against the back of the couch and I stop thrusting.

Cory whimpers as Efrain presses into him.  I stroke my fingers along his cock while Efrain encourages him.  “Relax, we’ve done this before.”

“That was just with toys,” he pants.  Efrain is halfway in and I can hear Cory’s short nails dig into the upholstery.  I drunkenly worry that he might rip open my couch.  Odd that I’m not worried about ripping open his ass.  “Oh fuck, hurry,” Cory pants harder.

Between the increasing tightness in Cory’s ass and the feel of Efrain cock rubbing against mine, I feel like I will come undone at any moment.  Efrain’s in completely; his thighs brush against mine.  I sit up a little, and we explore each other with hands and tongue while Cory adjusts the girth of two cocks at once.  He shivers, one hand digging into my shoulder, the other reaching behind to grip Efrain.

We both start moving, slow strokes to begin.  Sometimes moving together, at other times pumping into him in tandem.  I lose myself in the feel of the shared hole.  Over me, Cory fights to speak between shuddering gasps.  The words “please,” “fuck,” “God,” “oh,” and “me” tumble out of him in increasingly incoherent combinations, but we catch his meaning.

I shift my weight back, sliding forward so my ass hangs off the edge of the couch, and brace my hands against the tops of Cory’s thighs, as Efrain slips his hands under his arms to grip his shoulders from the front.  I thrust up into his ass as Efrain thrusts forward, our balls slapping against each other.  We hold his body suspended between us as we give him what he wants.  We plow into Cory harder and faster, our moans rising together.

Cory urges us on, begs us not to stop, demands that we fuck him harder.  He grabs his dick and pulls on it.  Efrain reaches up and shoves his fingers in Cory’s mouth when he starts screaming too loud.  Tears rolls down his cheeks and his body stiffens.  Cum shoots out between his fingers, spilling across my chest.  My orgasm takes me next, and I have to clench my teeth to keep from screaming myself.  Efrain follows then, moaning loudly against Cory’s back.

Efrain and I ease out of Cory and the three of us collapse on the floor, panting and sweating on a pile of blankets and discarded clothing.  I watch Cory, who lies between Efrain and me, turn over on his side, his back to me.  A bite mark stands out on his shoulder.  Cum has already begun to leak out of him and down his thigh, collecting in a little puddle on the floor.  I am too out of it to even bother wiping his semen off my chest.

Cory reaches back for my hand and pulls me against his back.  Efrain had already snuggled up to his front.  Our arms cross over him and I notice the teeth marks scored across Efrain’s fingers.

“Well, my ass is thoroughly wrecked,” Cory giggles despite his raw voice, still fairly drunk.  “You know what that means.”

“Atonement,” Efrain replies, kissing him deeply.

Mea culpa, mother-fucker,” he slurs against his mouth.  Cory was one of those giddy drunks when his ass isn’t getting reamed.  He turns around to share a kiss with me. “Both of you.”

I raise my eyebrow.

“You contributed to the wrecking,” Efrain points out helpfully.

“Whatever,” I mutter and accept my fate.  “How much alcohol did you give him?”

“5 beers and most of the Jack.”

“Fuck, seriously?”  He could get drunk off 4 beers on a full stomach.

“I want a shower,” Cory demands.  “One of you assholes is going to have to carry me.”  Now that the sex was over, he probably figures it is his turn to order us around.

“Not it.”

“Fine,” I prop myself up and kiss Efrain over Cory’s shoulder.  “I’ll carry your boyfriend off to play in the shower and you can scrub our jizz out of the carpet.”

“Water play?  Fuck yeah!”

“Consider it payment for the drinks.”

“You got to fuck my boyfriend.”

“You got to watch me fuck your boyfriend.”

“I think that’s a fair trade,” adds said fucked boyfriend.

We eye each other over the drunk bottom giggling between us and I grin.  

Mea culpa, mother-fucker.”