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Escaping My Roommate, Part 1
by Greg Scott


All the usual stuff about you must be old enough in your jurisdiction, etc.  In other words, if you are underage, don't read this unless you have a really cool teacher who assigned it.  Otherwise, come back in a few years, when nobody will yell at you.

This is the thirteenth story in the series, The Lavender Line.


I sat in my dorm room on a practically deserted campus staring at my Facebook wall while I listened to the repetitive sounds of porn coming from my summer roommate's computer.  All Glenn did every evening was surf porn and jack off like a madman every night after he thought I was asleep.  He was worthless, but at least I didn't have to room with him once the regular school year started.

I could only blame myself for my current circumstance.  The university had an orientation weekend in May for all of us who would be coming in as freshmen in the Fall semester.  

On Saturday morning, before the campus tour and the open houses held by every group on campus who wanted to recruit new members, there was a writing evaluation test that we all had to take.  That all sounded fine when I read the schedule for the weekend that the school sent out in advance.  

When I got to the room for the exam, my eyes refused to focus, my head throbbed, I felt like I was going to puke on my paper and my brain completely shut down.  Instead of going to the scheduled Friday night mixer with the other soon-to-be freshmen, I went out with a couple junior girls to celebrate the end of their exams.

When we got back that night to their dorm room, I could have laid them both, except I was too drunk to do anything except lay on one bed while they were on the other making out with each other.  I had completely passed out before they got to the good stuff.

Two weeks later I got a letter explaining that I could either find a different college or I could spend the last six weeks of my summer vacation taking a writing intensive remedial English course.  I had to pay full tuition for the course, but I would not even receive college credit.

The sound coming from the other side of the tiny room and Glenn's running commentary on the visual action that I was missing, just reminded me how fucking horny I was.  I hadn't gotten laid all summer and turning over my summer lawn mowing job at the Gomez home to my younger brother meant that I hadn't enjoyed one of Mr. Gomez's fantastic blow jobs, which we always referred to as my "tip," in over two weeks.  My hand just wasn't cutting it.  I was used to more than that.

I remembered something that the girls were talking about at orientation weekend, while I was still sober enough to actually remember it.  The university had two recreational facilities, sort of like health clubs.  The main one was was huge, but there was a scaled down version on the less populated side of campus.  That small one, called the Rec Annex was open twenty-four hours a day.

According to what the girls had heard from a few of their guy friends, some guys would go to the Rec Annex in the middle of the night to get a blow job in the sauna.  Now I actually have no interest in guys, but I had to admit that Gomez gave me the best head I ever received from anyone, and I had a few girlfriends in high school who practiced on me a lot.

"Fuck it," I thought as I grabbed an extra pair of shorts and headed to the door.

"See you later," I called to Glenn.

"How long you going to be gone?" Glenn asked without even asking where I was headed.  

"I don't know maybe an hour," I replied.  I knew the only reason he asked was so he would know how long he could spend whacking his meat before I came back.

I got in to the Rec Annex just by flashing my new student ID.  Since this was my first visit, I walked around for a while, getting a feel for the layout.  I didn't see any sauna, so I started to question the credibility of those girls who told the stories about it.

I went into the men's locker area to change shorts and remove my outer shirt so that it wouldn't get sweaty.  Then I returned to the sparsely populated area with the various machines.  I tried each of the options, in order, spending just a few minutes on each.  First I walked on the treadmill, then moved to the stairmaster, next a stationary bike and finished with the weight apparatus, which made me feel the most manly, I guess.

I hadn't really gone there at that hour in order to work out, so once I had broken a gentle sweat I decided to head back to the locker room for a quick shower and head back to my room.  I whipped off my t-shirt, stepped out of my shorts and just left them on the bench near the locker I had selected.

The showers were at the far end of the locker room in a long room with a row of shower heads down each side.  There was a wide opening at each end.  There were no privacy barriers of any kind, so this was not a place for the shy man.  However, I was the only one in the whole locker room, so I didn't have to worry about privacy, not that I would have been concerned anyway.

I used the available body wash on my body and hair and rinsed quickly.  At the far end of the showers I noticed what certainly appeared to be the infamous sauna.  I figured I might as well check it out, although the likelihood of anyone being inside didn't seem very great given the very few number of people that I had seen in the whole place.

Just in case, I grabbed one of the towels from the stack on the shelf just outside the shower room and wrapped it tightly around my waist.  I could only see a narrow view of the sauna through the small glass window as I pulled open the heavy door.

I stepped into the dimly lit, stifling hot room.  I could actually see the air shimmering from the heat.  There were two men in there, which surprised me.  Both had towels wrapped around their waists in the same way that I had.  I was glad that I hadn't followed my original impulse, which was to walk into what I presumed would be an empty room completely exposed and without a towel for protection.

Typical for a sauna in this sort of establishment, there were rows of broad benches, three high, arranged in a horseshoe or "U" pattern.  At the far end was a man about the same age as my grandfather.  To my right was a guy who was certainly younger than my dad but a fair amount older than my eighteen years.  He was sort of at the age where I couldn't guess if he was an old student or a very young looking faculty member.

I chose the middle level bench directly across from the younger guy, so that the three of us made a sort of triangle.  Both of the other men had glanced at me when I entered but had immediately leaned back against the wall with their eyes closed.

I had a good vantage point from which to examine the student or teacher, whatever he was, across from me, and I took advantage of his closed eyes to do so.  I don't know why I did that, because I really don't spend much time looking at guys in any sort of detailed way.  I guess it's because of the real reason that I had come to this place, although it looked as if there were no way that I was going to get blown tonight.

As I looked at the guy's completely hairless chest and very hairy legs that seemed to get even hairier as they slipped under his towel, the older guy rose, stepped down the benches to the floor and nodded to each of us as he exited.  I figured that I would give that man enough time for a quick shower and then make my own way out.

As soon as I had thought that, the man across from me stood.  I assumed that he was leaving too.

Instead, he turned around facing the wall opposite me and removed his towel.  I hate to admit that I noticed that he had an ass that would put any girl that I had ever been with to shame.  It was round, looked quite firm and toned and was as hair free as his chest.  

As I began to chastise myself for even noticing those details, he bent over to carefully arrange his towel on the top bench.  When he did that, I caught a rather prolonged view of his asshole.  I had never really looked at an asshole before.  If you had asked me at any prior time, I would have told you that such a view would disgust me.  I would have been wrong, because instead of recoiling from the view in disgust I stared at it.  I became aware that my cock was at the very earliest stages of growing stiff.

He turned around and sat upon the towel.  I stared at his cock, which appeared to be considerably bigger than mine or either of my brothers.  On the other hand, I couldn't tell for certain if it happened to be completely flaccid or is the start of an erection might account for its size.

As I thought through those possibilities, I realized with a start that he was now facing me, which meant that he could see me staring at his cock.  I saw it twitch slightly as I quickly averted my eyes.

I discovered that the problem with a sauna is that there is really nothing to look at except whoever else happens to be in there with you.  Somebody needs to hang some paintings or posters or something.  I mean you can't really pretend to be interested in a plain wooden wall for very long.

"Are you a student or a faculty son?" he asked, breaking the awkward silence.

"I'm a student," I said.  It had not occurred to me that kids of faculty members could use this place, too.

"I've only been here a week," I added.

"Are you eighteen yet?" he asked, although it was considerably later that I understood why that particular detail might interest him.

"Yeah, I turned eighteen about five months ago," I replied.

I felt as if it must be my turn to carry the conversation.

"Are you a student or a teacher?" I asked the question that had been on my mind since entering the sauna.

"Both," he said.  "I'm a graduate student, but I also teach two courses each semester and one in the summer."

Of course, that explains why he was at that in between age.  I forgot all about graduate students.  There was one piece of information left that I was very anxious to know.

"What do you teach?" I asked.

"Engineering," he replied.  "What's your major?"

"I haven't decided, yet, but I'm sure it won't be engineering."

He laughed as if he had heard that a few times before.

"I guess I won't be in any of your classes," I said, wanting to drive home that point.

I stood up, turned around and removed my towel.  I mimicked every detail of his movements from a few moments before.  I wasn't sure, even while I was doing it that it was a very good idea showing him my ass and maybe my asshole, too, because I really did not want him to get any ideas about that part of me.

I was getting to the puffy stage in the cock area by the time I turned around to face him.  That was okay with me.  I'd probably never see this guy again.

As soon as I sat, he looked me directly in the eyes and reached down to scratch his balls.  I wondered if that action meant that I was having the desired effect on him.

After a short while, he scratched them again.  I got the idea that this might be some sort of signal, since he had still not broken eye contact with me.

I took a guess and reached down to scratch mine.

He grinned as he lowered his hand and gave his growing cock a quick tug.  I had my hand on my dick before he had even released his.  I was getting the hang of this game.

"I'm Ed," he stated.

"I'm Keith," I offered and then added, "Am I supposed to call you by your first name?"

"Well you're never going to be in one of my classes, are you?"  He still wore that appealing grin as he said that.  "Actually, all of my own students call me Ed.  That's customary with graduate students."

"Oh, I didn't know that," I admitted.

"For purely informational purposes, though, my last name is Hudzinsky."

"Mine is Wilson," I said, although I had no idea why we were bothering to exchange all that information.

"Hey, you want to cool off in the shower?"

"God, yes.  It's really hot in here," I said relieved by his suggestion.

"In more ways than one," he said.

This time I was the one who laughed.  This guy really had a way of making me feel relaxed about something that should have been making me pretty nervous.

I turned on the shower nearest the sauna end of the room.  I wondered whether Ed would choose a shower nozzle next to me or directly across.  He took neither, instead crowding under mine.  

He reached for the nearest body wash dispenser, pumped a generous amount into his hand and began rubbing the slick liquid across my chest.

"What if somebody comes in?" I asked.

"They won't."

I wasn't as confident as he was, but the amazing feeling spreading across my torso soon made me forget about my concerns.  I guess that I didn't really forget about my worries as much as I decided, "what the fuck!"  I didn't care, and my cock didn't seem to care either. It filled out to full proportions as I lost myself in these new sensations.

Ed's touch was tender but firm, very masculine.  I had showered one time with one of my girlfriends, but when she soaped me it was like she was afraid that I might break.  Ed rubbed in a way that made me aware of my muscles just below the skin; he massaged as if he were memorizing the contours of my body.

I looked into his glistening brown eyes and momentarily forgot that I was gazing at a man.  It's not that I thought of him as female, it was just like he had no gender at all.

I reached out to imitate the movements on his chest, but I did so without the lubricant of the body wash.  I noticed the feeling of his skin, firmer than a girl's, and I could have counted the ropes of muscles had I been in a mood to count.  When he moved lower onto my abdomen, I followed along on his body.

He moved his face close to my ear and whispered, "What do you like to do?"

I behaved as if I had to translate the question from some unfamiliar foreign language, until I finally understood that he meant for the question to be sexual.  Being so inexperienced in this sort of thing, with a man I mean, I struggled to think of a response.

"I like to receive head," I finally said.

He laughed loudly and said, "Doesn't everybody?"

I was fairly sure that he didn't really mean it as a question, so I just smiled. 

"And do you like to give as well as receive?" 

"No, I'm straight," I said.  "Well, I mean, I never have, but I know that I wouldn't like it.  I mean, I never even thought about it, I guess."  I just couldn't seem to shut up.

"Doesn't that seem a little out of balance to you?" This was certainly said more as a statement than a question.

"I never thought about it that way," I answered, even though I knew he wasn't looking for an answer.

He looked me in the eyes, looked down at my cock and then looked as his own.

I was so accustomed to following his lead by this point that I did the same thing.  I looked at his eyes, then down to my cock and finally over to his, the first time I had actually looked at it since it had become fully hard.

When we were in the sauna I had glanced at it and calculated that he was a lot bigger than I am.  Now that I studied it more closely and completely erect, I saw that we were in fact much closer to the same size.  His was maybe half an inch longer than mine--at most.

I had never seen another cock that was hard before.  To tell you the truth, it really didn't look that bad.  I mean, you know, it wasn't disgusting looking or anything.  In fact, it was kind of interesting.

I reached out and circled my hand around it.  I didn't even think about doing it, I just did.  In one instant I suddenly realized that I was actually touching a cock that wasn't mine.

I watched my hand explore it before I even was aware of what I was feeling, that is before I even noticed the sensations in my hand.  I don't remember thinking about what I was doing, but I became aware that my knees flexed and I was at eye level with it.  Then I simply leaned forward, licking the crown briefly before taking it all into my mouth.

I might have heard Ed make some sound, but I'm not at all certain about that.  All of my attention was diverted to my mouth.  It was as if my mouth had never actually touched anything before.  I was aware of Ed's shape, his firmness, the mass of the entire tube and even just a touch of flavor, although I couldn't describe that flavor for anything.  I guess it was the taste of sweat, but it was more than that, too.

I acted on instinct and memory as I began to do to Ed what Mr. Gomez had done to me so many times on our secret Saturdays.  I don't know if I actually enjoyed what I was doing, but I clearly didn't hate it, because I kept doing it more forcefully and faster than before.

Now I was certain that I could hear Ed making noises, but I can't be sure what those sound were.  I just knew that they were happy sounds and they served to encourage me.

I had never had so much of anything in my mouth before, but there was room for it all.  I'm sure that I somehow made the back of my mouth bigger in some way to accommodate everything.  I wanted it.

Ed put his hands gently on the back of my head and his cock began to pulsate deep within my mouth.  That excited me in a way completely different from any way that I had ever been previously excited.

I felt a thick liquid rushing across the furthermost part of my tongue, and then it seemed to flow toward my lips.  I realized that my mouth was becoming full.  I swallowed before I even noticed the taste, which was salty and bitter but not offensive in any way.  In fact, I liked the flavor, and I carefully pushed some to the side of my mouth so that I wouldn't accidentally swallow all of it before I could thoroughly register its taste.

I felt Ed reach under my shoulders and lift me up to his level.  He leaned into me, circling me with his arms and placed his lips on mine so softly that I wasn't even sure that the kiss had begun.  Then his kiss became more urgent removing any question from my mind.  I had never kissed a man in this way, before, of course.  It was very different from kissing a girl, but it still felt amazing.

Ed pushed his tongue into my mouth and swirled it a couple times.  I took my turn to do the same to him.  I can remember thinking that he was now certainly tasting his own delicious cum, and that excited me even more for some reason.

In one fluid movement, he backed away from the kiss, dropped to his knees and took all of my own cock into his mouth.  Oh, my god, it felt absolutely unbelievable.

I was already so close to my climax that I didn't even try to fight it, although in a way I wanted all of this to last longer.  When the moment came, I had no remaining energy with which to make any sounds.  All my efforts went into my cum that jetted into his throat.  I thought that I might pass out, but I actually became even more conscious of the ecstasy.  More and more I throbbed and wriggled and delivered my seed.

When my cock head became sensitive, I pulled back out of his mouth, dropped down to my knees and kissed him with a passion that surprised me.

Once we had recovered and were dressing, Ed said, "Keith, my office and mobile phone numbers are in the campus directory and online.  You can call me at either place."

I was sure that I would never call him or any other guy, but for some reason I replied, "How do you spell 'Hudzinsky?'"

Ed just smiled that great smile again as he answered my question.

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