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Escaping My Roommate, Part 2
by Greg Scott


All the usual stuff about you must be old enough in your jurisdiction, etc.  In other words, if you are underage, don't read this unless you have a really cool teacher who assigned it.  Otherwise, come back in a few years, when nobody will yell at you.

This is the fourteenth story in the series, The Lavender Line.


During the night following my encounter with Ed at the Rec Annex, I awakened several times aroused and confused.  I remembered snippets of a dream that kept repeating through the night with only slight variations each time.

In the dreams I would be just about to have sex with some girl.  Once it was a former girlfriend.  Once it was this very unattractive girl who was in my remedial class at the college.  The last time the girl was completely unrecognizable, but she had the best body of them all.  

So far nothing unusual you're thinking, right?  That's where it would get strange, though.  I would be ready to enter my female partner and glance down to make sure everything was lined up for penetration, but, instead of finding what I expected, I would see an erect penis pointing at my own.  Of course the cock looked just as Ed's had looked to me at the Rec Annex.

I was confused to find that the girl had somehow grown a dick, but I would become even more aroused than I had been previously.  I would try to decide what I supposed to do with that thing when I would awaken with a rigid hard on of my own.

I was grateful when it was finally light enough outside that I could justify getting out of bed.  I had felt the night would never end.

After a breakfast in the dining hall, I returned to the room to find my worthless roommate still sleeping.  I walked to my desk and turned on my laptop.  I knew that I would never call Ed, but for some reason I needed to see that his number really was in the campus directory.

I found the listing easily.  Next to his name was the indication that he was an instructor in electrical engineering and a student in the graduate college.  For some reason I felt relieved that the information that he had given me was legitimate.  I guess that I shouldn't have doubted him, but I had been very tempted to give him a fake name, although I had ended up being truthful as well.  I memorized his mobile number without even thinking about the reason.

Being Saturday I had no idea what I was going to do to keep myself busy.  I did have a paper due in English on Monday, so I decided I might as well crank that out in order to be done with it.

A couple hours later, the paper was finished.  My roommate was still snoring in his bed.  I hated the sounds of his snores, but it was better than the sounds I heard in the room whenever he was awake.  The soundtrack of my life had become the moans and groans and inane dialogue of internet porn that always seemed to be playing on the asshole's computer.

At least I would have next weekend to regain my sanity.  The doofus was going home for a long weekend to celebrate his girlfriend's eighteenth birthday.  It was a little hard to picture a human female who would be willing to be seen the guy, but apparently he had found one.  I was grateful to her for getting him out of my life from Thursday through Sunday of the coming week.

I decided to take a walk around campus before it got too hot to be outside.  The heat wave was supposed to last for a while, so I determined it would be good to take advantage of the relatively cool morning.

Eventually I found myself walking past the Rec Annex, and I began a mental replay of the previous night's rather surprising drama.  I had just started to bone up as a result of my mental images, when my mobile phone started vibrating in my shorts pocket.

If you had asked me who would be calling me on a Saturday morning, I would have never come up with this guy.  It was Alex Custer, a friend of my brother Karl.  Although we were friendly enough with each other, we didn't really hang out, so at first I was confused when he told me who was calling.

Alex is sort of a golden boy at my former high school.  He was in the class between Karl and me.  That means that he'll be a senior.  Starting in his sophomore year, he became the first string quarterback with great mobility and an amazing arm.  That same year, he entered the starting pitcher rotation on the school's baseball team.  In my senior year, when he was a junior, he was editor of the school newspaper, a job that had always gone to seniors before.  

Alex was also a notorious ladies man.  He worked his way through almost every popular girl in my class, even though he was younger, then started on his own class.  He must be a smooth talker, too, because every one of his former girlfriends still liked him even after he had broken up with them.  That was an art that I never mastered, and there are about half a dozen girls at my own high school who would love to cut off my balls because I dumped them.  Actually the number is probably higher, because all of the friends of my exes decided to show solidarity by hating me too, although a couple of them had been willing to blow me despite their professed dislike of me as a person.

Alex and Karl made kind of an odd couple.  Karl is gay, totally out even though I don't think he ever told anyone directly.  It's just that my brother never hid it.  He would be hanging around with a group of his buddies, and the guys would do the usual guy thing of commenting about girls who walked by--maybe how big the tits were or what a great ass she had.  Instead of playing along, Karl would evaluate the passing guys--how he bet that guy had a huge cock or that one had great lips or whatever.

When Karl was in junior high, some of the guys tried to give him a hard time.  They would call him queer after hearing his comments, but Karl would just shrug his shoulders.  They eventually gave up.  It's no fun teasing somebody once you know that the teasing has no impact.  By the time Karl reached high school, he was just considered one of the guys.  Sometimes some of the most macho guys in school would ask Karl if he was dating a nice guy, yet.  Karl would just give his usual shrug.

Anyway, Alex called me that Saturday morning to see if he could stay with me over the coming weekend.  He said that he was exploring various college options and wanted to take a look at my university.  He had an appointment with an admissions counselor on Friday but wanted to just hang around with me until Sunday.

I told him that his timing was great, since my roommate would be away.  Alex told me that Karl had already told him that.  I wasn't as happy about the visit as I pretended, because I had been looking forward to total privacy while the slob went home for his girlfriend's birthday.  Now I realized that I'd still have to be sneaky to jack off or whatever.  There was no easy way to get out of it, so I figured I might as well pretend that I was looking forward to his company.  Plus, he wasn't such a bad guy.

After the phone call, I decided that I might as well get in a bit of a workout.  Even though I hadn't brought any extra clothes to change into, I entered the Rec Annex, flashed my student I.D. and went directly to the strength machines.  I went through a much more serious routine than I had done the previous night.  I felt those pleasant aches when I was finished.

I found a locker, stripped and walked to the shower room.  I ignored the several other guys who were in there, turned on my shower and began to rub myself with the body wash.  As I was cleaning my cock and balls, I happened to glance to the other end and glimpsed the sauna.  The memories that the door with its little window inspired were enough to make me start to grow.  I quickly rinsed, headed back to my locker and put on my sweaty clothes without really drying off.

Despite the panic about almost getting a public hard on, I continued to grow even once I was outside again.  I realized that I should have jacked off back at the dorm given the odd, repeated arousals during my restless sleep.

I pulled the phone out of my pocket again, and punched in the numbers.

"Hi Ed, this is Keith," I said.  "Keith Wilson from last night?  You know, at the Rec Annex?"

I heard the little laugh that had become familiar last night.

"Don't worry.  I haven't developed dementia yet; I remember you.  What's up?"

"Uh, I was just wondering if, uh, you wanted to get together for something today, uh, you know, hang out," I managed to get out despite having apparently lost all of my usual fluency.

"Well, I'm having some friends over tonight.  How would you like to help me get ready?" he asked, obviously not as flustered as I was.

"Uh, sure, that would be cool," I replied.

"I'm not sure how cool it will be, but I could use some help," he said.  "Let's meet at Rudy's for lunch about 11:30.  Okay?"

"Sounds good.  I'll see you then," I said, having regained some small measure of my usual confidence.

I'm not too sure that helping him get ready for a party was what I had in mind, but at least I had something to do.  Besides, I'm not too sure what I actually did have in mind when I called.

When I got back to the dorm, I took another shower and changed into clothes that I thought struck a good balance between being casual and making me look good.  My roommate was up, so--you guessed it--I dressed to the sounds of fake sex.

I arrived at the campus restaurant about ten minutes early.  I didn't want to seem overly anxious, so I walked around the corner and pretended to be looking through the window at stuff in a shop.  I allowed enough time to pass, and walked into the restaurant to see that Ed was there and already seated.

I sauntered over to the table where he was studying the menu and noticed that he was a very good looking guy, although I didn't have a lot of experience judging the way men looked.  I thought to myself that any girl who walked in here would immediately be drawn to him, thinking he was quite hot.  I took my seat, proud to be seen with him, as he looked up from the menu and flashed that smile.

Through lunch we got to know each other better than we had the night before.  Of course, it's difficult to carry on much of a conversation when you have a cock in your mouth.  He put me instantly at ease, and he must have enjoyed my company, too, because we didn't leave the restaurant for almost two hours.

We walked about half a block to a small supermarket where I thought Ed might empty the shelves of mostly junk food, soda, beer and wine.  A guy from the store seemed to be flirting with Ed as he helped us carry everything to Ed's car that was parked near Rudy's.  The supermarket guy grinned and winked at me as I got into the Honda.  I know that I turned red.

"Have fun," I heard him say to Ed as Ed tipped him.

Ed rented an old two story house about two miles from campus.  After we carried in the party supplies, he assigned me to vacuuming the living room and dining room while he cleaned the downstairs bathroom, although it looked clean enough to me already.  Of course, my mother tells me that I'm just like my father; I can't even see dirt.

While I was working on the living room carpeting, I noticed a photo on the mantle above the fireplace.  It was a shot of a very handsome guy, probably around twenty-one or so, standing next to the famous sculpture called David.  The guy was posed just like the statue, except of course, the guy was dressed.

After that first round of cleaning, we took a break, sharing a cola, drinking from the same can.  I asked Ed who the guy in the picture was.

"He's my boyfriend--well, former boyfriend, I guess."

"So you guys broke up?" I asked.

"Sort of," he replied mysteriously.

"What does that mean?" I probed, unwilling to let him off the hook, I guess.

"We were together for over two years in undergraduate school.  He was in R.O.T.C. so when he graduated he went on active duty.  I couldn't go with him, obviously, so we agreed that we would just lead our lives separately and see what happened once he was a civilian again.  That's still almost three years away," Ed said, the last sentence sort of trailing off.

I was surprised to discover that I felt suddenly jealous of that stranger in the photo.  I didn't want to think about them together, and I also didn't want to think about what it might mean that I was jealous.  I said nothing.

Once we had finished all the cleaning, I helped Ed put the various dips and other cold foods into appropriate serving bowls, cover them with wrap and replace them into the refrigerator.  It was still a couple hours before the first guests would be arriving.  I told Ed that I should get going to let him get ready.

"Aren't you staying?" he asked.

"Thanks, but I won't know anybody," I said.

"You'll know me," he smiled.

"But won't people think it's weird that I'm here?" I asked.

"You worry too much about what people think.  All that matters is that I want you to be here, and I think you want to stay," he grinned and stepped toward me.

He leaned in to give me a quick kiss on the cheek.  I, of course, turned red again.  As I had already come to expect from him, he laughed at my reaction.  I realized that despite my embarrassment, what I really wanted to do was grab him and kiss him passionately.  I didn't, though.

I wasn't as nervous at the party as I expected to be.  It was kind of a mixed group, so I didn't feel like much of an outcast.  Most of the people were other graduate students, but there were also three or four actual faculty members and half a dozen undergraduates from Ed's summer class.

Some of the people were clearly paired up.  Guys with girls, girls with girls and guys with guys.  I had never been to a party like it, but nobody seemed to notice anything that they considered surprising.  I saw two of the undergraduate males kiss briefly, and one of the undergrad girls told them to get a room, but she said it playfully as if she had told them that often before.

I was talking to a faculty member from the engineering department about the upcoming football season, and Ed came up beside me and slipped his hand into mine.  I fought the urge to jerk my hand away.  Once I had gotten over the surprise, his hand felt really good to me.  The professor was either oblivious to everything or he didn't care what was going on.

Most people drank very little alcohol.  When I noticed that Ed was drinking only soda, I stuck to the non-alcoholic drinks, too.  Only the two guys that I had seen kissing appeared to have more alcohol than they could handle.  They were the last to leave.  Ed offered them the guest room, but they said they needed to get back to their apartment.  Ed made them leave their car keys and called a cab for them.

"Keith and I will get your car to you in the morning," he told them as they were staggering toward the taxi.

"I guess that means I staying here, tonight," I happily thought to myself.

We decided to let the mess remain until morning.  Within moments, we had undressed each other in Ed's bedroom, breaking our kiss only when absolutely necessary to pull another piece of clothing off our respective partner.

I was glad that I had not had anything stronger than soda, because I wanted to remember every sensation, and I didn't want to be able to use alcohol as an excuse for what I was doing.  It turned out that the sensations were well worth remembering.

We must have kissed on the bed for at least half an hour.  I thought of nothing during that time, except the kiss and, of course, the man who was kissing back.  There was one brief moment where my mind drifted back to the morning, remembering that I had been so determined not to call Ed.  How foolish that seemed now.

Ed began a leisurely journey along my body, once I had reluctantly released my grip on him sufficiently for him to leave my lips.  I had forgotten last night's discovery of my sensitive nipples until he began to alternate between them with rapid vibrations of his talented tongue.  He then switched to sort of pinching them between his lips followed by the gentlest of bites.  I provided heightened vocal encouragement with each new move.

I felt the bed shift as he positioned himself above my leaking shaft.  He licked from bottom to top as if it were the world's most wonderful ice cream.  He followed that tender treatment with a maneuver that placed my cock head at his throat entrance but freed his tongue to lap at my balls.

I broke free from my trance long enough so execute a flip on the bed so that I could reach him with my mouth.  When he was comfortably inside my mouth, thrusting slightly, I realized how much I had missed the sensation for the past twenty four hours and how I had been so very much looking forward to this moment during this entire wonderful day.

The rest of the world did not exist for me.  All my attention was directed toward sorting out and processing all of the sensory information my body received--the taste of his dick, the aroma that I was just beginning to recognize was as much a part of this man as his handsome face, the sounds made by his mouth as he performed the indescribable feats on my own cock, the feel of him inside my mouth mixed with the feel of his mouth devouring my own.  All of these sensations combined in a mind blowing symphony of passion.

With the expertise of a conductor, he orchestrated a fluid movement so that I found my mouth was empty, my cock was enjoying a soft breeze, my feet were pointed toward the ceiling and my ass was aimed directly at his face.  I tried to protest, but the dizziness of the recent pleasure had rendered me incapable of human speech.

Suddenly I felt his tongue swipe purposefully across my hole.  My first thought was trying to remember if I had been thorough in my morning shower, but that concern was quickly lost in an ecstatic scream.  It actually took a moment to realize that the scream was coming from me.

Ed treated me to pleasures that I had never experienced and never imagined that I would experience.  It speaks volumes about my lack of imagination, but I didn't even realize that something like this every actually happened in real life.

However, I am not a complete idiot.  I knew where this incredible action would lead.  I had a momentary panic, not about the pain that I knew would come but whether I could perform in a way that would give pleasure to this extraordinary man who had so recently entered my life.

However long Ed worked his tongue magic on me, it was simultaneously too long and not long enough.  I was in a state of such ecstasy that I would have never told him to stop.  Yet, I had mentally committed to the ultimate act, and I also wanted to move on to that.

I knew just enough about male fucking to know that I was ignorant.  I had no idea that Ed would now move to an intermediate step rather than directly to the main event.  I was surprised when he pushed his finger into me with a practiced caution.

This exploration with his fingers, first one and then two, did not give me any pain, but it also didn't really yeild any pleasure either.  Then Ed brushed a part of me that he apparently had not previously reached.  My whole body jerked in response and I instantly felt even more precum pour out of me.

"Are you okay?" he asked in response to my sudden movement.

"Oh, yeah," I cooed.  "Oh, yeah."

Ed reached behind the alarm clock to retrieve a condom.

"No," I said.  "I want to feel only you."

"Don't ever let anyone bareback you," he said with a note of seriousness that I hadn't heard in his voice previously.

"I trust you," I insisted.

"It's not a matter of trust," he said with a force that signaled that I should stop my protest.

He pulled a tube of lubricant from under a pillow.  He applied a generous amount onto the condom that covered his beautiful and delicious cock.  Then he coated two fingers with the obvious intention of inserting them into me.

"I'm wet enough," I said.

"No you're not," he told me matter-of-factly.

Once my insides were coated to his satisfaction, he started to enter me.  He whispered into my ear that I should tell him if I needed him to go slower or even stop.

As Ed began his descent into me, I was glad that he had insisted on the extra lube inside me.  I don't think I could have handled the first inch without it.  After he was past my stubborn sphincter, the rest of the pathway presented no real obstacle.  I developed this very full feeling inside of me that was neither pleasant nor unpleasant until I consciously remembered what it was that was filling me.  I became warm all over with that realization.

Once he was fully within me, he must have read the request in my eyes, because he connected with me in one of his amazing kisses.  Our tongues explored the other's mouth as if we wanted to become just one fully connected being.  I know that sound hyper-romantic, but that is really what I felt at that moment.

As he began a slow pumping motion, I felt him rub against me on the way up and down, massaging me to an ecstasy that is unimaginable.  My cock spewed the precum as it never had up to that point, a feat that I wouldn't have believed possible until that moment.

I could sense the moment that he lost control of his patience.  He started to pound me without any regard for my desires.  I gratefully accepted this change in temperament, and I urged him toward even more animalistic unrestrained passion.  I found myself bouncing on the bed as his body slammed into me with ever greater force.  I felt my head explode with incredible pleasure as I began to shoot my cum onto us both.

My climax pushed him toward even greater power as he slammed against me like a jackhammer before screaming like a wounded tiger and collapsing onto me.  We lay there panting in unison, each in our own world but also in the world of the other.

Minutes passed without notice.  Finally Ed raised his torso off of mine and simply smiled at me.  I returned the smile and added tears of utter joy and exhaustion.

He rolled off me, pulled off his condom and tossed it onto the floor.  Reaching across me, he flicked off the light and covered my chest with his arm.  I felt the hairs tickling my nipple.  We quickly fell asleep in that position with me still on my back, more comfortable than I had ever been.

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