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X. Making Enemies   

"Wow, what are you doing here?" asked Harsh, surprised to see Ali on the steps of his college building.

"Waiting for you," Ali grinned.

"Where's Mayank?" he asked looking around.

"Why, does he need to be here?" asked Ali, head titlted to a side, eyebrows raised.

"Um, no, but... like..." Harsh mumbled, slightly embarrassed.

"Saw him leave after the final round of meeting," Ali informed as they walked down, "around noon..."

"And so you thought he was here and came to check, huh?"

"Hah," exclaimed Ali with a wink, "I know when he leaves to meet you - he has a silly, dazed look on his face... that lost-puppy look; and today he had none of that!"

Harsh let out a groan of disapproval, shaking his head as he gave Ali a dour, unhappy look.

"Well, I'm a rebel of sorts, of course, without a cause, and since I sense a deep reluctance on Mayank's part at letting me meet you, alone, I've decided that we must go out sometime, you know, have coffee together, or maybe a pizza... take a few walks in the woods!"

Harsh stopped, staring at Ali, "You really are crazy," he exclaimed, laughing, and then added, "Since you feel that Mayank doesn't approve of you meeting me alone, you want to take me out for coffee and pizza?"


"And I'm supposed to be an accomplice in your sneaky little cat-and-mouse game, eh?"

"Absolutely right," Ali replied, taking Harsh's arm and guiding him across the busy street to the pizza joint.

"You are weird and totally insane!" Harsh laughed as they entered the place.

"Well, I absolutely resent Mayank's insinuations," he said flatly, "about me corrupting you, besides, he is overtly protective, and I resent that too!"

Harsh laughed, shaking his head as they walked up to the counter and placed their order, before going and taking an empty table.

"I'm not here to wheedle out your intimate secrets; nor try and entice you..."

"Please, Ali..." Harsh exclaimed, clearly embarrassed.

"Exactly," Ali answered, "and that's why I resent his attitude towards me..."

"Why trouble him, huh?"

"That's exactly the point..." Ali replied, "I'm his friend and he distrusts me!"

"He does nothing like that," Harsh answered hotly.

"Well, so let us enjoy our pizza," Ali grinned in reply, as the waiter placed their order before them, "and then take a little walk, have some ice cream, before I escort you to his place."

Harsh shrugged, smiling back at Ali.

"Well, well, and who do we have here..." they heard Lluis exclaim, walking up to their table, "Now, have you broken up with that queen and started dating this one," he asked Harsh, "or is this some weird trinogamous relationship that you three have going, huh?"

"Lluis, you wouldn't even begin to comprehend," Harsh answered, the voice icy, surprising himself.

Taken aback by Harsh's sharp retort, Lluis stared back, his face a mask of contempt, "Pray, enlighten me," he sneered, "how do you three satisfy each other, hmm?"

"You know, guys like you are so utterly confuckulated, you should actually be pitied, not censured!"

Lluis goved, totally clueless, trying to comprehend, and as the import of the remark slowly sank in, his face turned a bright red, his mouth opening and shutting like a fish out of water. "You two bit piece of worthless shit," he hissed, but Ali quickly intervened, cutting him short.

"Er, what's biting you pal, is it simply desperation, or is it a total lack of sexual gratification, huh? Well, if it's one of those colourful silicone devices you are looking for, you know, for indulging in those painful games with your nether region, which would hopefully keep you constructively occupied, I could actually send over a few of my old dildos that I've stopped using since I left high school..." Ali said, looking up, the face very straight. "Or maybe, if it happifies you, I could actually gift you a natiformed cushion, you know, to rub yourself against..." he added, watching the red face turn a shade deeper.

Thoroughly embrangled, Lluis stared on, his mouth snapping shut with the realisation that he had, once more been beaten, totally outmanoeuvred. "You'll pay for this..." he hissed maliciously at Harsh.

"Isn't he just f'awesome?" chimed Ali in his most condescending tone, addressing Harsh, "don't you bother with his oral flatus, his vacuous borborygmi will ultimately find its way out of, you know where..."

And as Harsh broke into an uncontrollable giggle; giving a snort, and with a 'who-cares' look, Lluis retreated, storming out of the pizzeria.

"You are dreadful, Ali," Harsh giggled, licking the cheese off his finger tips, "poor Lluis..."

"Harsh, you do surprise me!" Ali exclaimed with a laugh, "Don't tell me you are feeling sorry for that dumb asshole, huh? And as for me being dreadful, well, everyone know it, but you, you were awful today!"

"And I'm sure Mayank won't approve of it..." the younger boy replied, looking decidedly uncomfortable.

"Don't worry, I won't breathe a word about who we met," grinned Ali wickedly.


"Still working, didn't all those meetings get over in the morning?" Ali asked as he and Harsh entered Mayank's office, having spent the better part of the afternoon walking around the beach and downing a half dozen ice cream each, "And where did you rush off, huh?"

"Where were you?" Mayank asked in turn, looking up at Ali.

"I took the afternoon off," he answered, sitting down.

"And where did you catch up with him?" Mayank asked Harsh.

"Well, I picked him up after college," Ali replied.

"What?!" Mayank exclaimed, giving them a curious look.

"And took care to treat him to a pizza and ice cream..." Ali smiled as Mayank kept staring. "We had a nice time and now I return him to you, safe and intact!"

"You don't mind, huh?" Harsh asked in a small voice, unsure of Mayank's response.

"Of course not," Mayank replied, smiling at him, "besides, if he has decided to sneak off and take you around, can I help?" And then casting a dirty look at Ali added, "Hope the charming raconteur kept that gross witticism of his in check?!"

"I did," Ali nodded in an innocent voice, "not a single joke, and not even any of those numerous anecdotes concerning you," he added making Mayank raise his eyebrows high, "but you still haven't answered my question, where did you rush off in such a tearing hurry?"

"Ajay had called..."

"And you went?"

Mayank nodded.

"Still guilty about the past, huh, want to make up for those long forgotten acts of commission and omission?"

"Shut up, Ali," Mayank snapped and then after a brief pause added, "He said he needed help, wanted to discuss it over lunch..."

"Ah, that old, time-tested ploy, eh?" Ali sniggered, "Still works perfectly - ask Mayank for help, and he rushes..."

Mayank flashed him an angry look, but remained silent.

"Don't seem to have enjoyed it, huh?"

Snapping the laptop, Mayank stood up, "Let's go."

"Something's bothering you, buddy," Ali persisted as they trooped out of the office, "and it must have something to do with Ajay!"

"Well, yes," Mayank snarled, and then after a pause added, "he... he wasn't looking for help or advice..." but didn't finish the sentence.

"Okay, I get the drift," Ali replied, rolling his eyes, "that tenacious bastard! Why the hell did you agree to go out with him, huh?"

"How the hell was I to know?"

"Did it get ugly?"

"Nah, I left," Mayank replied, "but it does leave a bad taste in the mouth..."

"Well, let's hope he stays clear from now on," Ali commented as they walked out of the administrative building, and then added, "Guess I need to run along, my cousin is supposed to drop in today. Catch you guys later..."


Starved after the forced separation, they tore away at each other's clothes, stumbling their way to the bedroom, both groaning with lust as they climbed in... ravenous, as they made unbridled, passionate love, repeatedly... as if trying to make up for the lost time... insatiable in their eagerness to gratify and consume... Transporting each other to staggering new heights of ecstasy, till finally, sated, they fell apart... exhausted and drained... but equally happy to be together again, languorous in the aftermath. And as had become their standard weekend practice, Harsh stayed back... remaining there the next morning to await Mayank's return from work...

"Let's go," Mayank announced getting out of the bathroom after a quick shower.

"Where to?" asked Harsh, looking up as he lay on the couch, reading a book.

"That secret cove of yours," Mayank replied, pulling on his jeans. "We haven't been there after that night, nearly two weeks ago!"

Harsh felt his heart skip a beat, remembering that evening at the cove, that magical moment when the shackles of hesitancy had fallen apart and they had united in love... their first time. It was still engrained in his mind, that first contact of lips... that first touch of Mayank's hand on his naked flesh... the final breaching of his innocence. And how times had changed... both their world having taken a drastic turn... And though it had been just about three short weeks since they had met, three weeks of rapturous celebration...yet it seemed like an eon!

Almost incredible that they had gone through life without each other for so long... unthinkable, that they could ever live apart...

"Well, let me change first," he said getting up and watching Mayank pull on a light tee.

"Don't bother, you look amazing in that!" Mayank responded picking up the car keys and looking the boy over, appreciatively eyeing the white calf-length, light cotton, stringed cargo and the electric-blue oversized tank, and then giving a wicked grin, added, "Don't delay, or I might just change my mind about going out... it's already hard to resist the temptation to peel off those damned clothing and get you in bed!"

Harsh gave a bashful giggle and slipping on the sandals ran after him.

The place was the same, but looked more serene in the subdued light of the dusk... the water placid in the twilight. Throwing off their sandals they went up to the water's edge, allowing the rippling surf to wash over their naked feet as they walked, hand in hand... pausing every few steps to turn and kiss each other... moaning in approval as hands caressed the face and the body... both giddy with joy... content in the peace of the moment... the muted rumble of the distant ocean a soothing euphony complimenting the silence of the moment... adding to the magical atmosphere... unaware of the watching pair of eyes...


"Well, I need a shower," announced Harsh once they returned.

"I too need one," Mayank grinned, throwing the car keys on the table.

With a giggle and a sly glance Harsh went into the bedroom, already shedding his clothes, Mayank close behind, unbuttoning his jeans as he tossed the mobile and wallet on the bed... feeling the growing stiffness between his legs as he tugged them off... And as he pulled off his tee, the phone in the living room rang... making him return, reluctant, yet feeling compelled to answer the call, "Hello?"

"Ajay," was the brief response.

"Oh..." Mayank responded, surprised.

"What did you tell Sandeep?" he asked; his voice edgy.

"Sandeep?" Mayank asked in turn, uncomprehending.

"Yes, what did you tell him, huh? He's been after me since morning, snapping continuously, suddenly finding fault in everything I do or say!"

"And why should I be telling him anything?" Mayank asked, cold.

"Just spite..." Ajay replied, "Get back at me..."

"For what?"

"Yesterday..." Ajay said in a suggestive tone, "and the past..."

"Well, if not the others, at least we know who did what," replied Mayank, impatient with the meaningless conversation.

"Mayank, if you try to make it difficult for me," threatened Ajay, "I too can screw your life!"

"Spare me!"

"You never told me you knew Sandeep, even after I mentioned that I'd joined his company?"

"I didn't see the need..." Mayank replied, curt.

"And yesterday you once more walked out on me..."

"Ajay, I never 'walked-out' on you, ever," Mayank answered, "I had accepted your offer of friendship with a very clear understanding that we were not going to discuss sex. I think we were very clear about..."

"No, Mayank," Ajay interrupted, "nothing has changed for me, I still want you..." he blurted out.

"Ajay," Mayank exclaimed in an incredulous voice, wondering if Ajay was drunk... trying to make sense of the inconsistency of his conversation.

"It's that kid I saw the other day, right?"

"What kid?"

"Harsh, you're sleeping with him..."

"Ajay, please, it doesn't matter who you saw," Mayank responded, suddenly feeling exhausted, "or, what I do."

"Well, Sandeep would surely love to know... "

"Sandeep, how does he come into this?"

"Because you're two-timing him!" shot back Ajay. "You just can't fool me Mayank, I know you too well. A rich, dumb kid, a surf freak, equals an easy prey - and you lure him with your oh-so-nice, good guy image, and then bait him with your silly surf stunts..."


"A partner at the resort, eh?" Ajay snorted, "It's so obvious that he's totally besotted by you, Mayank, and I understand your game plan - not only are you trying to ingratiate yourself, but you're also trying to ensnare him, sexually, while you have that kid stashed away at your place! It's the money, isn't it... the lure of wealth; fool him, and bludge off him, right?

"You've gone raving mad..." Mayank exclaimed, stunned by the accusation, the voice trembling with fury, "if that's all your rabid intelligence can come up with, you'll have to excuse me, I have better things to do..."

"Like what," Ajay gave a hollow laugh, "go and fuck that kid, eh?" But Mayank didn't bother to respond as he slammed the phone down, his hands shaking with rage.

"What's the matter?" Harsh asked coming out of the bedroom, still naked from the shower... glowing... the wet hair, brushed back with the fingers, enhancing that innocent cuteness... ravishing.

"Nah, nothing," Mayank replied, still fuming, but the sight somewhat soothing the raging anger.

"You didn't join me?" Harsh enquired, sitting down by his side on the couch, his hand on Mayank's, the voice concerned, "Who called?"

Mayank sighed, "Ajay..."


Mayank shook his head, "He's gone totally crazy..."

Harsh waited, his right hand caressing Mayank's face, brushing back the hair. He didn't know the details, or the complexities of the past, but he could understand... understand that Ajay, whatever he must have said or done, had clearly upset Mayank, and he wanted Mayank to forget it, smile again.

"Well, he accused me of turning Sandeep against him," Mayank finally said, his voice incredulous, "and... and I'm supposed to be..." he paused, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Relax, Mayank..." Harsh said softly, leaning forward and kissing him on the cheek, "he's not worth the bother," he added pulling back. "Besides, we have each other, and that's what counts."

"You're right," Mayank gave a wan smile, and taking Harsh in his arms kissed the teen, "let's forget him..."


Writhing under Mayank's expert oral stimulation, Harsh buried his face deeper in the pillow moaning continuously... his thumping heart wanting more... wanting Mayank to cover him.

The flicking tongue had begun its journey at the nape of his neck... travelling down all the way to the back of his knees... and now it was slithering up the inside of his right thigh... up... Mayank's strong fingers kneading his firm, smooth globes, pushing them high as the soothing caress of the wet tongue slid along the super sensitive gluteal crease... licking the folds... dragging over the tingling mounds, tiny flicks and gentle nibbles... and then down along the deep cleft... under... the hands forcing the thighs further apart as the tongue took quick licks at the peeking scrotum... sweeping up the perineum... and then back at the juncture of the buttock and thigh, licking the folds once more... driving the boy wild with lust.

Mayank was in love with those awesome teen buns, those perfect, firm buttocks... never tiring of adoring those callipygous mounds, literally worshipping them - caressing, kneading, kissing, nibbling and licking... till they glistened with the saliva, turning a bright pink, flexing frantically as the boy ground against the bed, a quacking mass of jelly, crying out to be taken...

"Umm..." Harsh moaned, lifting up his ass, desperate to feel Mayank.

Flipping him over Mayank buried his face in the steaming groin... thrilling in the scent of youth as he lapped along the flexing length... Grabbing the rigid shaft he lifted it up, and then pulling back the foreskin, ran his tongue around the glistening glans... the moist tongue tip fluttering under the flared rim... tickling the underside... and with his tongue still flicking, he rolled up the foreskin... over his tongue... swirling it round and round... making the teen pelvis sway in desperation, Harsh babbling incoherently... on the verge...

Slipping his tongue out Mayank dived in, quickly engulfing the tumid tower with his warm mouth, taking Harsh in... creating a moist suction that was agonisingly unbearable. And in desperation Harsh gripped the pillow tighter, digging in his heels as he arched high, shoving in deeper... shuddering as the powerful orgasm took over... blinding him as it flashed forth, the pelvis swaying uncontrollably in mid air... the stomach muscles flexing maniacally as they propelled the seminal fluid through the narrow passage... flooding the gulping throat with his stripling passion.

Gurgling happily, Mayank drank the copious offering, as if partaking of a philtre that would seal their love for eternity, make him Harsh's forever... till with a final spasm and a grunt Harsh fell back, drained... the mouth open, and nostrils flared, sucking in air... the young heart slamming away in rapture.

"Yum," he heard Mayank's voice float in, as if from a distance... "That sure beats all the flavour in the market!"

Blinking his eyes open, he looked down... seeing the handsome face between his spread thighs grinning up at him... the mouth and chin still glistening with a coat of saliva and his cum. He smiled, reaching down to grab Mayank's dishevelled hair and pulling him up. The kiss was wet and sloppy... Mayank's lips and mouth giving him a taste of his own semen... smothering him with the powerful scent of his own youth...

Grinding their hip together, they gnawed away... the mouth ravenous, as they licked and nibbled at each other, biting the lips in unabashed lust, probing with their tongue... the hands fondling whatever part came within reach, both whimpering with desire.

Reaching lower he gripped Mayank, guiding him... spreading his thighs wider as Mayank rocked his hips... both groaning at the unfolding sensation... savouring the gradual penetration... the stifled moans of joy soon joining the rhythmic squeak of the bed springs... filling the room with the music of love as they pulled on the strings of passion...

The night was a riot of exploration and they hardly slept a wink as each took turn spelunking the unexplored depths, repeatedly... both crying out in unbridled pleasure... till ultimately, exhausted, they fell back... the massive, recurring orgasms leaving them both hors de combat, totally numb... enshrouded in that languorous, post-coital haze of utter bliss... Mayank quite forgetting both the day, and the planned rendezvous... slowly drifting away on the soothing wings of slumber...

To be continued...      

a story by outlaw

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