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XI. Mystery Call   

With a screeching protest, and the scrunch of gravel, the silver Porsche Boxster juddered to a halt in front of the silent cottage as Sandeep gave a single blast of the horn to announce his arrival. He hopped out and briskly running up the steps rang the bell, slightly astonished at not finding Mayank outside, knowing how he always stood ready with his board whenever he came to pick him up on Sunday mornings.

He rapped on the closed door, wondering.

The roar of the engine, nor the blast of the horn had penetrated the torpidity, the mind and soul remaining deep in the embrace of blissful slumber after the nightlong orgy of passion... and as the bell jangled urgently, the brain slowly stirred... shaking off the mental fug, gradually coming out of the numbing stupor.

Mayank lay still for a moment, his eyes still shut, and heard it again through the haze, the shrill jingle... slowly becoming conscious of the ringing door bell... He wondered for a while, rolling over on his side... but the constant knocking and ringing didn't allow him to relax, flit back to dreamland... and finally with a reluctant sigh he got off the bed, mad at whoever it was who had dared to pull him out of bed!

"What the hell," Sandeep exclaimed with horror as a very startled Mayank finally opened the door, still bleary eyed, wrapped up in a robe that he had just grabbed and pulled on, "you're not ready yet?!"

"Ah... um, it's..." Mayank mumbled, his mind whirling as he rubbed the sleep away from his heavy lids, suddenly remembering the planned surfing trip.

"Don't tell me you forgot all about today, huh?" Sandeep asked, incredulous.

"Um, nah, not that..." Mayank mumbled, wondering what he could say...

"Won't you ask me in, huh?"

"Oops, sorry," Mayank replied, finally managing a weak smile, stepping aside, "please, do come in..."

"Sleeping late, huh?"

"Yup, was up late," Mayank mumbled as Sandeep sat down.

"OK, I'm giving you a half hour, wash up and stuff, get ready."


"What's wrong with you," Sandeep asked, looking curiously at Mayank, "you okay, not feeling ill, huh?" And then added with an exaggerated shudder, "Don't tell me you've stopped enjoying surfi..." and suddenly stopped, listening, as Harsh's sleepy voice came floating through the bedroom door, "Mayank... is that you?"

Mayank froze with horror, wondering how he'd explain the naked boy in his bed... praying desperately that Sandeep wasn't really homophobic... despite all the things he had stated about Ali.

"Is there someone?" asked Sandeep, hearing the sounds coming from the bedroom... and then suddenly stood up... eyes wide with astonishment.

"Mayank, is there a problem, you need to leave?" Harsh asked in a sleepy voice peeking in from the bedroom door, boxers hurriedly pulled on, bare chest, the hair still dishevelled...

"Oh, I seem to have dropped in at a most inopportune moment!" Sandeep said, watching the boy, his eyes cold, the mouth set.

"Oh, Harsh, this is Sandeep..." Mayank stuttered in his flurried attempt at introducing them, "and Sandy, this is Harsh, I'd told you about him."

"But you never mentioned him..." Sandeep said in a distant voice, eyes fixed on the youth, studying.

"Of course I told you, we saw him in Gokarna, and I did mention I met him here..."

"Escapes me..." Sandeep said, off hand, suddenly smiling at the startled teen.

"Well, we had been to a late night movie," Mayank lied blatantly, trying to explain, "and I asked him to stay over..."

"That's OK, Mayank," Sandeep smiled, finally tearing his eyes away from Harsh and looking back at his surf buddy, hands raised dismissively, "I didn't ask for an explanation," he added softly.

Harsh stood, confused, looking from one to the other.

"So, you have a spare bedroom?" Sandeep suddenly asked, "You had mentioned that these are bachelor accommodation."

"Um, ah... no, I mean, yes, these are for single staff members, no spare room..." said Mayank, slightly taken aback by the question.

"Ah..." Sandeep responded with a nod and then mumbled under his breath, "not single any more..."

"Huh?" Mayank asked, not catching the words.

"Nothing," he smiled, that strange look back in his eyes again, "Well, I better rush, no point dragging you out of bed and keep you from catching up on your sleep..." he said, his eyes moving between the two faces, and before Mayank could put in another word he was out of the room and soon they heard the roar of the engine, the car speeding away... leaving two very confused, and sleepy young men behind.

"Well, since we are awake," said Mayank after a moment of silence, "let's get ready, and go..."

"Where?" asked Harsh, still confused, not fully aware of what had just happened.

"Tiracol," answered Mayank, heading for the bedroom.

"Oh, cool... but I need to go back home and get my board..." Harsh said, following him.

"Forget your board, use my spare one like last time," Mayank called as he walked into the bathroom.


The sea was splendid with a steady offshore wind... and as they looked out they saw the corduroys - a whole series of swells marching in from the horizon... clean, with glassy surface... and with excited hoots they dived in, paddling out... Sandeep, and his abrupt departure, forgotten!

It was hours later, as the sun crossed over the meridian, that Mayank finally swam ashore, "I'm starved, buddy," he called out to Harsh as the younger man followed him out of the water, "let's eat something."

They had the most fascinating sea-food lunch in a quaint little eatery at the foot of the cliff and then it was back in the waters... once more riding the waves, climbing and dropping... turning up and down the face of the wave, gaining speed with each turn... carving along and hitting the lip with larger waves, doing smart aerials... till the sun dipped low over the western horizon, a brilliant orb, sinking slowly into the rolling waves.

"Well, that's it for today," hollered Mayank, waving his hands at his partner, "this session's about dunzo!"

Together they flipped over and swam back, hauling the board and carrying them back to the car.

"Now what?" asked Harsh, breathless, yet ecstatic... wishing that the day would never end!

"Surprise!" replied Mayank with an enigmatic smile as they dried off and pulled on their clothes.


"HAH, some surprise!" exclaimed Harsh as Mayank drove down the familiar, bumpy dirt road, going over the promontory.

"Well, you'll see," grinned Mayank parking the car where the road ended in the casuarina forest, "we just need to walk, about fifteen minutes!"

Harsh threw himself at Mayank, both grappling playfully as they ran down the trail, laughing, headed for that magical, secret cove... both suddenly aware what the evening held in store... both in a tearing hurry to reach the spot...

The gentle murmur of the rippling seiches were soothing in the silence of the evening, and as the panting lovers reached the water's edge, they saw the last flickering light of the dying sun fade away... the water's surface shimmering with ephemeral silvery streaks, reflecting the lights of heaven.

Simultaneously, both turned... facing each other, the face tilting as the lips parted, seeking... each holding his breath... gasping at the first contact. Hands reached out in the darkness, to touch and fondle... tugging at the clothes, before pulling them off and flinging them away... dropping down on the soft, wet sand... rolling as the body writhed in the agony of passion... the water lapping around them, caressing the burning flesh with its soothing buss... probably desirous of sharing in the act of love... The breath getting ragged, as the moans got louder... a sudden, ravenous hunger consuming both... delirious, as they got into position... the stillness of the twilight soon pierced by the joyous wail as Harsh drove in... Mayank's low, rumbling growl filling the silence of the cove, wrenched as if from the unfathomable depth of his insatiable, churning belly...

Both unaware... totally oblivious of the hidden pair of eyes keenly watching their act...


Back at Mayank's cottage, they stood naked in front of the large mirror in the bedroom, fresh from the shower... Harsh in front and Mayank behind, chin resting on the boy's shoulder, left hand on the other shoulder... the right hand flat on Harsh's lower abdomen, pressing the boy into him. Both pair of eyes fixed on the mirror, unashamedly admiring the reflection.

"You are cute..." Mayank said in a hushed voice, making Harsh blush as his luscious lips parted in a self-conscious smile. "Stay back..." he whispered, kissing the shoulder.

Harsh nodded in reply, reaching back with both hands to grab Mayank's firm cheeks, fingers gently digging in as he pushed the older boy's aroused crotch against his buttocks... shamelessly rotating his ass against the pubes.

"Mmmn..." Mayank moaned, his lips seeking the soft flesh of the neck, kissing the smooth, unblemished surface... the hand leaving the belly to moving up, fingers spreading out as they caressed the firm pecs, playing with the boy tits... seeking out the erect nipples to gently rake them with his finger nails, tweaking the pointed tips... making the younger boy grunt, rubbing his butt harder against the rigid phallus.

The hand on the shoulder moved down the arm... across the hips... dipping lower to gather up the aroused genital, stroking the thick shaft... feeling it flex in response...

Throwing back his head Harsh moaned, turning his face, seeking Mayank's mouth... delirious as they kissed, both eager at replaying the game they had just enacted a short hour earlier on the water's edge... hurriedly tripping their way to the nearby bed and tumbling down... and as Mayank climbed over, they heard the phone ring in the living room.

Though deciding on ignoring it, the persistent jangle soon became distracting... ultimately forcing Mayank out of the bed, away from the quivering boy...

An eerie silence greeted his 'hello', making him curse mentally. "Hello?" he repeated once more, his voice sharp with irritation.

"Leave that boy, Mayank..." said a strange, oddly metallic voice.

"Hello?" Mayank questioned, uncomprehending.

"Leave that boy," the voice repeated hoarsely.

Mayank looked around, bewildered, wondering who it was, or what he meant...

"There's still time, leave him," the voice repeated, "or else you'll regret your decision..." and the line went dead.

To be continued...      

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