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XIII. Back on the Waves   

It was an epic day... an amazing session!

Was it simply luck, or was it the particular conditions that were more than exceptional, as if the gods in high heaven had decided to reward the three friends... The swells had been precise, and the wind just right... producing an incredible number of double up waves... thrilling the three surfers as it offered steeper and more powerful waves... and of course, more barrels!

With excited hoots the three had plunged in... paddling and duck diving... going out further and catching the waves as it rolled in, rising with the swell... speeding across the glassy face, pitching up... doing breathtaking slashes and then accelerating once more after sweeping bottom turns... shooting off the top surface as each essayed masterful aerials!

The three seemed in perfect sync with the waves, in complete harmony with the sea... way beyond the ordinary, or the usual. Surprisingly, it was Mayank who was the first to flip off his board and swim back, hauling himself out of the water and trudging up the sand bank, his board under his arm. He flopped down and looked out, watching his friends still speeding on.

He was feeling awfully happy - Sandeep's call the previous day had already taken a huge load off his mind, and his invitation to both of them had been extremely gratifying. The way he had accepted Harsh... and the instant rapport between them, Sandeep's generous appreciation, and his genuine admiration of Harsh's skill... it was all so overwhelming!

And as he sat watching the two, lost in his happy thoughts, he sensed a subtle shift in the wind... and almost on cue the waves changed... suddenly becoming gnarly, surging in, higher and more powerful... Mayank sat up, keenly observing the duo... Both saw the approaching swell and Harsh did a quick bail out... hollering something at Sandeep before swimming closer to the shore, but the words were drowned in the roar of the ocean... and as he kept his eyes fixed on Sandeep, the huge wall sped in...

Sandy caught the wave, rising swiftly up the glassy face... turning up and down, speeding on... the shimmering wall of water seeming to hover for a while, the crest poised in mid air... and then, it feathered... the lip curling in.

It was a turbo barrel... and as Mayank stood up, hypnotised... watching Sandeep on his board, he saw the shoulder close in... the wave shutting down! Mayank ran to the edge... catching Harsh through the corner of his eyes as the boy too moved towards where Sandy has been, both concerned... and then Sandy broke surface... totally shacked spat out of the keg, but still mustering a grin as he waved back at the two!

"God, you got caught in that burning house!" exclaimed Mayank running in.

"Nah, nothing to worry," Sandeep panted, out of breath, coughing, "I've been drilled, bombed and rag dolled by mackers before! But yup, this was..." he added letting out a shrill whistle.

And as the three walked back on dry land, Sandeep asked, "And what with you, huh, you got out early this time?!"

"I'm cashed, buddy!" Mayank let out a laugh, "Ziploaded!" making Sandeep eye him curiously, unbelieving.


"And how did you catch the surf bug," Sandy asked Harsh as they sat eating their packed lunch, "learn all that cool stuff, huh?"

"I belong to a small place called Gokarna, you probably haven't even heard of it..." Harsh began and then clicked his tongue, "oh, you have been there, isn't it, I mean, that's where I first saw you and Mayank! Well, the ocean always fascinated me and as kids, we, my friends and I, we'd visit the beaches everyday. And there was always this whole lot of foreigners hanging out at the beaches, and a few of them would surf.

"I stood for hours watching them, totally spellbound... wondering how the guys did it... you know, rush out with a plank of wood, that's what it seemed to me then," he added with a sheepish grin, "and dive under the waves, standing up and speeding across the face - no sail, no motor... It was like WOW!"

"And when I was fourteen, there was this couple of guys, from Germany, they stayed there for nearly a month and they used to watch me watch them... and one day they called me, asked me if I could surf. I was like, 'oh, God,' and shook my head. They asked if I'd like to try. I nodded and that's it... They took me, taught me and I was hooked!" he narrated, his eyes twinkling reminiscing his first encounter with the waves. "When they left, they gave me one of their boards, my very first board, and I still have it, still clean it and wax it, though it's no good for surfing. Later, my dad got me the Fish, which I use when visiting home."

"Wow, that sound fascinating..." smiled Sandeep, "And did you ever encounter something like today, you know, real, powerful waves?"

"Once, yes," replied Harsh, "back at Gokarna, it was right after the monsoon, and the waves were huge, real bombs. I was still new to surfing and had bailed out, back on shore watching the few guys still in the water... anyways, this real huge one rolled in, and there was this guy, a kook, he went and dropped in..." Harsh recounted, his eye shining with mirth. "The swell went square; the lip chucking right out, a full suck turbo barrel... and the gremmie got axed! He was butt breached, nearly blowing out his squeaker as they dragged him back on shore, probably even got a nose dredging!"

Sandeep laughed out loud, "Don't tell me you too got butt breached, eh?"

Harsh shook his head, "Nah, never," he replied with a slight hint of blush, and then looking at Sandy asked, "and you?"

Well, I nearly got, once..." Sandy confided, and then seeing Harsh's astonished look, added with a smile, "that was long back, in Barbados. Have you heard of the Soup Bowl?" And as Harsh nodded, staring back in awe, Sandeep added, "It is pure magic, and it's said that on a good day it can be sweet and perfect, the most beautiful wave in the world, and on other days, it can just chew you up!"

Stretched out on the warm sand, eyes closed, Mayank smiled, enjoying the chatter, amused by their talk... content and at peace. Happy to be there with the two people he so valued, and terribly delighted that Sandeep and Harsh had got along well... The threatening calls, the terror of the break-in long forgotten... And also forgotten was the fact that his two week period was already up, the Wednesday had already come and gone, and he hadn't given a reply... nor had Sandeep asked him for one!

"By the way," Harsh asked suddenly, "do you trek?"


"Then why don't you join us tomorrow?!"

"Tomorrow, where are you off to?" asked Sandeep, his brows knit.

"Dudhsagar!" announced Harsh, "I've been after Mayank for a long time, but as usual, he keeps stalling..."

"I know," interjected Sandy with a knowing grin, both giving Mayank a sly look.

"Well, we'll drive down to Collem, and then trek to the falls..."

"The two of you?" asked Sandeep.

"No, Ali, Kajol and Milind will also be there," replied Harsh, all excited, "and please, you too must join us..."

"Well, sounds interesting," replied Sandeep, "and in fact, I've never been to the falls yet!"

"Ah, then you don't know what you're missing," said Harsh, "I've been there twice, and it's simply amazing!"

"So, what's the plan?" asked Sandeep, keen.

"Well, I had proposed that we bike down to the falls, but Kajol overruled it," Harsh replied, disappointment writ large on his face, "so we decided to drive down to Collem station and then hoof it along the track. But Ali suggested that we take a different route, you know, as both the railway track and the jeep trail will be crowded with tourist since the season has already started..."

Sandeep nodded, looking at Mayank as he lay, eyes still closed. "So, Ali seems to know a lot about the jungle routes and stuff, eh?" he asked Harsh.

"Yes," exclaimed Harsh, "he's been there over a dozen times, and since he belongs to Goa, he really knows all the easy and shorter routes to most of the places! So, will you?" he asked, expectant.

"Okay," Sandeep finally smiled, "I'll join you, unless Mayank or the other guys have any objection..."

"Why should anyone have any problem with you joining in?" asked Mayank, his eyes flitting open briefly to look up at Sandy, "besides, you have already met Ali and Kajol, and Milind, her fiancÚ, is a decent guy, you'll get along well."

"So, that's final then," exclaimed Harsh, smiling widely at Sandeep.

"Sure," nodded Sandy.

"Then you need to get over at Mayank's resort by six in the morning..." Harsh suggested.

"Actually I'll be going back to the farm this evening," Sandeep informed, "and so it won't be possible for me to reach you by six, I'll meet you at Collem instead, that will be easier and save time."

"Well, that sound cool to me," Harsh replied.

"Okay, then that's decided," Sandeep smiled at the boy, standing up, "and now, who's ready to catch some waves?"

"Yup, let's go..." Harsh exclaimed, tugging at Mayank as he stood up.

"Let the old man sleep," remarked Sandeep picking up his board, "he's cashed, if you remember!"

"And who was that who called me old, huh?" Mayank asked, opening his eyes and sitting up.

"Well, the last one in..." called Harsh, already running towards the water...


Harsh had stayed back, innocently believing Mayank's suggestion that that would save them time, and trouble, since they had to start early for Collem... unaware of Mayank's real reason for keeping him back... totally ignorant of the threatening calls, and the real meaning of the break-in... simply glad that they'd be together, enjoy and indulge... make love again!

And he wasn't disappointed... though tired after the long session on the waves, once home and refreshed, it was impossible to keep their hands off each other, and soon the bedroom reverberated with the lusty groans... and squeals of joy as Mayank pleasured the boy.

And as Harsh thrashed under his oral ministration, Mayank heard the phone ring over the loud whimpers... almost instantly knowing who it was... petrified, yet somehow feeling compelled to answer the call, drawn irresistibly to the phone...

Leaving the gasping boy he got off the bed and headed for the living room, "Hello?"

"Think you can save the boy by keeping him with you?" asked the now familiar voice, chuckling.

"Who are you?" Mayank asked, the ferocity, the self assured confidence of the earlier `fuck-off' suddenly lacking in his voice, "what do you want?!"

"You know what I want..." the voice said, barely above a whisper, "and right now, as you answer this call, the boy is alone in the bedroom. Alone..." the voice paused, before adding, "and the same thing could happen to your room too..." chilling Mayank's heart.

"Please, don't hurt him, please..." Mayank gasped, frantic as he looked towards the bedroom door.

"That depends on you," the voice answered, "give him up and come to me... or else, maybe the next time you won't even have a chance to plead!" The line went dead.

To be continued...      

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