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VI. Surf & Swell   

"My, my..." Ali remarked, watching the deep blush creeping up Harsh's cheek, "isn't the boy bashful..."

"Let him be..." Mayank implored, as the three sat having their dinner at the little restaurant close to the airport. "Don't corrupt him with your sickening wisecracks..."

"Oh, corrupt him, eh?" Ali exclaimed, rolling his eyes in feigned horror, "A few intelligent and harmless jokes, my honest and truthful observation of your, almost adolescent, emotional state of affair over the past week... that sloppy, drippy, lovelorn look that you constantly sport when you're not with him, will corrupt him, huh? Pray, and what have you been doing to the lad?"

"Shut up..." Mayank snapped, his face flushed with sudden embarrassment.

Dropping his voice to a whisper Ali leaned forward and with a glint in his eyes curled his lips, "You pop his cherry and make the innocent child do unimaginably gross acts of sexual depravity, and then ask me to control my amazing sense of light hearted humour?"

"Ali, what you need is a good scrubbing out with muriatic acid and a stiff brush," Mayank snarled, his eyes blazing. "Maybe then, only then, decent words will come out of that cavity!"

"My, such language, and that too in front of a kid..." Ali quipped, grinning back.

"You'll cut yourself one of these days with that sharp tongue of yours," Mayank hissed, "Never again will you come out with us, or meet Harsh!"

"I'm being ostracised?" Ali gasped, devastated.

"Yes, whatever, but as long as you can't stop being obnoxious, I'll not allow you anywhere near Harsh."

"Ownership rights?" Ali chuckled with eyebrows knotted, the lips curled in a sneer, "Oh, the undoing of mankind!"

"Shut up!" Mayank snapped, making Harsh giggle, his eye twinkling with pleasure, enjoying the continuous verbal sparring between the two.

"I play the cupid, and now you bar me, huh?"

"Shut up," he repeated, and then suddenly remembering decided to change the topic. "By the way, guess who I met this afternoon, for lunch?"

Ali stared back... his eyebrows slowly going up... "Something's cooking, that much I can smell," he finally said before straightening his face and adding, "Hey, buddy, I'm not good at guesswork, and obviously a date with Sandeep wouldn't be news!"


"Oh, well, who did you meet?"

Mayank gave an enigmatic smile, "Well, the world is indeed small, and you won't even begin to guess - Ajay!"


Mayank nodded.

"Ajay?" Ali kept staring, his head tilted to one side and then suddenly brightened up, "Oh, of course..." he said with a wide grin, eyes twinkling, "You mean your Ajay?!" he exclaimed.

"What do you mean by my Ajay, huh?"

"Well, you know!" Ali replied, his face breaking out in a smile, and then turning to Harsh lowered his voice, a sly, conspiratorial look on his face, "Mayank's old flame," he whispered.

"Oh, shut up..." Mayank glowered at him.

"Why should I, besides, Harsh has a right to know!"

"Oh, God," Mayank exclaimed in exasperation, rueing his idea of changing the subject and mentioning Ajay... ending up handing Ali something even more scandalously dangerous!

"So, tell me, where did he pop up from?"

After a brief pause and a dirty look aimed at Ali, Mayank replied, "He's in Goa. Remember I mentioned about Sandeep's old stud farm, the one he's planning to convert into a theme park?" Ali nodded, "Well, Ajay has joined Sandeep's company for that project."

"Oh, well, God bless them both!"

Harsh, who had been sitting silent, trying to make sense of who Ajay was, now asked, "But who is Ajay?"

"Hmm...." Ali quipped, sniffing the air, "do I smell something burning, huh?" and then with a wide grin launched, "Ajay was with us at the institute. And Mayank, incidentally, was very popular in college, with quiet a few guys, and girls, having the hots for him; Ajay being one of them. And as usual, your Mayank was always that distant dream, unattainable - oh, so out-of-reach!"

Mayank let out a groan, but that didn't seem to have any effect on Ali. "And then, they became buddies, or at least that's what most guys thought, and Ajay even got himself assigned as Mayank's roommate in the second semester... and for a while I too thought they really had it going..."

"Shut up," Mayank snapped.

Ignoring him Ali continued, "And then something happened... about a month later, on a stormy night, Mayank stormed out of his room. He got his room changed the next day, leaving people to wonder, and setting a few tongues wagging... There were all sorts of gossip amongst the gay crowd, but unfortunately, Mayank never shared the details with me," he said, casting a brief, hurt look at Mayank. "And as for Ajay, well, he was very subdued and downcast for about a week and then started..."

"Please..." Mayank pleaded once more.

"Oh, well, okay," responded Ali, "but this bit I must tell him," he said looking at Mayank before turning back to Harsh, "Near the end of the year, Mayank and Ajay had a nasty confrontation, which threatened to take on a very ugly turn before we, the other guys, managed to calm things down," recounted Ali, "and then with college closing, Ajay vanished, we later found out that he had taken a transfer, gone to Australia!"

Engrossed in their discussions they hadn't noticed the new entrant, but Lluis spotted Mayank almost immediately, and headed directly for their table, "Well, so the rumours were right, Mr. High-n-Mighty has finally succumbed to the call of the flesh, eh?" he smirked.

"Oh, God, not you again..." exclaimed Ali with startled horror.

"You shut up; I'm not talking to you..." Lluis snapped, turning back to Mayank. "So, didn't have balls enough to pick up a man, huh, snaring kids instead. Never knew you were the cradle snatcher types..."

"Ah, Lluis, the space between your ears seem to be getting lighter by the day..." retorted Ali before he could finish, his face straight. It took Lluis a moment to grasp, but Harsh, unable to control himself, burst out in a fit of laughter, doubling up.

"Manners, Ali, manners, you don't interfere in other people's conversation!" Lluis fleered with a disdainful look.

"Whoa, you call your inane banter 'conversation', huh?" quipped Ali, as Mayank sniggered and Harsh continuing to laugh. "Even my two year old nephew does a better job of his nonsensical chatter!"

Lluis knew when he was beaten, and with a disgusted snort beat a hasty retreat, leaving the three young men laughing... Ajay's episode forgotten, remaining unfinished.


The unexpected announcement after the second period cancelling classes for the day was greeted with joyous hoots and gleeful cheers. A sudden, unscheduled holiday, and that too on a Friday, wasn't something that the teens were willing to let pass... and as the young boys trooped out of their classes, the hall and grounds resounded with the excited propositions and plans; friends huddled close, tossing ideas - Have lunch somewhere outside, and then catch a movie... Visit the beach and ogle at the scantily clad firangi babes there... Maybe, go to the Arvalam falls and caves... or simply, go for a long drive... each group setting their own agenda.

Harsh had declined the offers, somehow no longer interested in hanging out with his mates, do the kind of things they were planning... it all seemed so childishly ludicrous, so senseless! And as he walked home alone, wondering how he'd spend the remaining part of the morning, and the afternoon... his mind drifted to thoughts of Mayank... If only they could be together now, get back into the water, catch waves... ah, that would have been so much better! Well, he was probably busy at work, maybe attending another of those meetings that they regularly had... discussing and planning! Harsh sighed as he unlocked the door and went in, maybe, he'd just laze around... read something and wait for Mayank to pick him up in the evening.

Flinging the haversack across the chair he sat down on the bed and felt his phone buzz...

"Hey, it's your break between classes, right?" he heard Mayank ask. "Can you manage to get out?"

"Get out?" he questioned, wondering what he meant, "are you outside the college?!"

"Nah, I meant can you bunk class today?"


"Go surfing, of course!" replied Mayank.

"Well, I can do even better," exclaimed Harsh with a laugh, "classes got cancelled and so I don't need to cut class, I'm free!"

"Wow," Mayank responded, "so, where are you?"

"At home..."

"Okay, be ready, I'll pick you up in twenty minutes!"

"What about your work..." Harsh began to ask, but Mayank had already disconnected.


At Harsh's suggestion they had packed lunch and gone further north - past Tiracol, and beyond their secret cove... driving down empty country lanes and bumpy mud tracks across wild countryside... and then hiked down rugged wilderness for nearly half a kilometre to the coast.

"Where do you manage to rustle up all these amazing places from, huh?!" Mayank asked as he looked around the desolate, windswept landscape, already feeling his heart begin to thump.

"Was here last summer," Harsh grinned with pleasure, "for a field study with the oceanographic team. Had seen the surf then and always wanted to try it out, but since it was so far away, and so difficult to reach here, I never dared to attempt it, alone."

It was a thin sliver of powdery, golden beach, isolated from all humanity... with rocky outcrops on both the northern and southern ends, the water clear... And as they dropped their boards and looked out, they saw the sets roll in, like disciplined soldiers marching forward... the wind and westerly swells colluding to generate some wonderfully perfect waves - hollow and sucky. The offshore wind holding it up... till it curled into nerve-tingling walls of water... lovely and fast peeling tubes - two, even three separate barrels on each wave!

"Hey, this is a barrel fest!" exclaimed Mayank, his eye twinkling as he quickly pulled off his shirt and dropped down to attach the leash to his ankle. With shrieks of joy they ran in, paddling out to launch themselves on the waves... riding fast, and climbing high... Spraying loads of spume into the air in a sweeping arc, a frothy lace, before speeding down the glassy face... racing on, barrelled forward by the surging power of the ocean, manoeuvring up and down the upright wall... lifting off the lip to spin in the air before landing back on the wave in a mindboggling display of precision... as if performing one of those outrageously exquisite synchronised water ballet... lapping on towards the shoreline.

Both hooting with glee, each eyeing the other in appreciation... quickly going out to catch the next wave... till hunger finally pulled them out of the water for a bite to eat; and then it was back on the waves again, riding the swell... till the golden orb sank low over the horizon, and the sea turned frigid.

The two young men finally hauled themselves out of the water and trudged back to the car, tired, but happy...


"You always drop me off at the gate," said Harsh, unbuckling the seatbelt, "don't you ever want to come up, see my room, huh?"

Mayank smiled, "You're just going up to keep your board, so do I need to tag along?"

"Well, no, but you've never been to my room..."

"Okay, fine," Mayank smiled, "let me park the car properly."

"Not here," replied Harsh, quickly getting out of the car, "park it in the drive," he called as he ran to open the gate.

The staircase at the side of the building led up to the two roomed compact unit on the terrace. The front room bare except for a half dozen pairs of shoes and sandals, while the inner room contained a study table, a single chair and a bed.

"This is my home..." smiled Harsh, propping up the surfboard against the wall of the outer room.

"Well, wow," Mayank observed, "you really keep the place clean and organised, you should see my room back home!"

Harsh gave a pleased smile, "You don't know my mom... she won't allow even a scrap of paper out of place, and after years of cleaning up my room at home, I've got into the habit."

Mayank nodded, going up to the table and looking at the framed photos.

"That's my parents..." said Harsh, walking up behind Mayank.

"And this is your brother, right?" asked Mayank picking up the picture and looking at the young boy, the corky smile in place, the face freckled.

"Yes, you saw him with me that day at Gokarna."

Mayank nodded, "He too surfs?"

"No way," Harsh laughed out loud, "he's shit scared of the sea!"

"What?!" Mayank asked in surprise, looking up at Harsh.

Harsh nodded, smiling at Mayank's shocked look.

"But that day he went right into the water..."

"Oh, he loves to watch me surf," Harsh replied, a happy smile on his face, "and will get into the water with me... but, even I can't make him get onto a surfboard!"

"He loves you, isn't?"

Harsh nodded, adding in a low voice, "He's the best brother a guy can have..."

"And this is your sister?" Mayank asked, replacing the photo back on the table.

"Yes," smiled Harsh. "Well, I can't offer you anything since I don't have anything here - no fridge, no stove..."

"Ah, want to act a proper host, eh?" Mayank grinned turning around, "but hey, I already have what I want," he added, wrapping his arms around the slim waist and pulling the boy closer.

Harsh giggled as Mayank covered his mouth, his own hands snaking around the broad shoulders, hugging.

Both moaned at the wonderful feeling coursing through their body... They had been hungry with wanton lust ever since their trip to the exquisitely desolate beach that morning, and having spent the entire day surfing those perfect swells, alone in each other's company, had filled their young heart with an intense desire... And now, in the privacy of the bedroom they unabashedly rubbed their raging crotch against each other... the hands groping and fondling; the breath harsh and ragged... both eager to finally consummate that passion... make love.

Stumbling their way over to the bed Mayank pulled back for a moment to quickly yank off Harsh's tee, and then throwing the boy down, swiftly climbed over, his mouth back over Harsh's, nibbling and biting those awesome, full lips... licking them... thrilling in the happy groans as the boy clung on, shivering under him...

With broad swipes of the tongue Mayank licked his way to the left ear, wiggling it around before flicking his way down the jaw line... going down the throat... and along the shoulder... shifting, as he slowly lifted off the teen, crouching, and then bringing his knees closer, pushed the legs apart, his mouth over the heaving chest... the tongue circling around the bristling areola, lapping over the taut nipple...

He pulled back for a moment to stare at the mouth-watering pointed nubs, all pink and rigid, and with a lusty groan lowered his face, wrapping his lips around one, sucking it in... and heard the instant loud gasp as Harsh lurched up... his fingers tight around Mayank's locks, shoving the head closer.

Licking, sucking and nibbling Mayank fed on the boy tits, alternating between the right and the left... gently holding the tiny nub between his teeth as the tongue rapidly flicked over the sensitive tip... driving Harsh crazy, the moans getting louder and more desperate as he squirmed and jerked under him... shoving back at the slobbering mouth... the groans merging into an incomprehensible gurgle...

Caressing and sliding his hands lower, Mayank wrapped them around the slim waist, clutching tight as Harsh arched his body high, his voice chocked as he whispered between moans, "Mayank... um, please... stop... Please..."

Taken aback by the request, Mayank pulled back to look down on the flushed face... seeing the half-closed, glazed eyes, the flared nostrils... the parted lips. "Why?" he whispered back.

"Nnngh, no..." Harsh gasped out, the eyes closed, the chest still heaving.

"Why not?" asked Mayank, reaching lower and placing his open palm over the bursting crotch, squeezed the rigid lump, "You want it!"

Sucking in air at the sudden contact, Harsh shuddered, "Yes..." he hissed, staring back at Mayank. "But, but not here..."

"Why, what's the problem?" Mayank asked, surprised by the sudden reluctance, slowly lowering his mouth to reclaim the saliva drenched boy tit, the hand still at his crotch, stroking the flexing shaft... the long fingers snaking between the legs to caress the encased scrotal sac.

"They are home," Harsh gasped in reply, his hips automatically swaying in response to the stimulation.


"The owners," Harsh whispered, "they'll hear..."

"Let them..." Mayank chuckled in response as he looked up briefly, before his mouth went down once again, sucking in the taut nipple.

"Unh, no..." Harsh gasped, desire washing over his whole being, "please..." he pleaded, his hand grabbing Mayank's wrist in an attempt to stop the unbearable stimulation.

"Let them hear, maybe it will inspire him!" Mayank suggested with a wicked grin, his hand giving the throbbing bulge one last, loving squeeze.

"Chee!" Harsh exclaimed in utter shock, horrified to even think of that lovable, old gentleman in a sexual situation.

"Okay, let's go back to my place then."

Harsh nodded, still breathless as he quickly rolled away from Mayank, slipping his hand inside his pants to adjust the painful erection.


"Hey, isn't that Ali's bike there?" asked Harsh, spotting the distinctly yellow Cagiva Raptor, Ali's pride and his joy, parked in the shadow of the large tree, two houses down the lane.

"Where?" asked Mayank, guiding the car out of the driveway.

"Under that tree," Harsh pointed, "there..."

"Yes, that's his bike all right," replied Mayank, noting the registration number.

"What's he doing here?"

"Who knows," Mayank shrugged before asking, "You know the people who live there, any young guy?"

"Uh-uh," Harsh shook his head, "I hardly know anyone in the neighbourhood."

Mayank grinned as they drove past the house, "Probably met someone new," he said with a smirk.

To be continued...      

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