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VII. Encounter at the Beach   

Getting out of the bathroom Mayank paused, watching the sleeping boy on his bed... Lying there naked, on his stomach... the sheets thrown off, face turned towards him, Harsh looked so beautiful, so damned hot... It never failed to amaze Mayank, making him catch his breath, each time, every time...

Those amazingly large, long-lashed dark eyes... so guileless, and honest; the chiselled features - yet so soft and sensuous... framed by the longish hair, now dishevelled in slumber... and that luscious pair of lips... so warm and pliant... Such perfect beauty... almost... almost pretty!

But if anything, feminine Harsh was not... And Mayank had ample proof of that, having already savoured the prowess and power of the teen's virility... repeatedly experiencing the enormity deep in his untouched belly as he had surrendered himself over the past week...

His eyes travelled lower... over the gently rising and falling shoulder... down the length of the torso... seeing it slowly sweep out... rising to form those perfect twin mounds... firm and smooth...

Drawn irresistibly, Mayank walked up to the bed on silent feet, careful not to wake the sleeping boy... and then gently climbed in, lowering his face... lightly kissing the parted lips before pulling back, to watch the face, so calm and content, innocent in slumber.

Suddenly, that single, brief peck didn't seem enough as desire engulfed him, making him want more... and lowering his face he lashed out with his tongue, tickling the philtrum... feeling the soft teen stubble there. He heard the sleepy moan and felt the upper lip twitch in response... quickly covering the mouth, kissing with a ferocity that was sure to awaken the boy, pressing hard as his tongue slithered into the waiting mouth... breathless... his body tingling with lust, the heat between his legs now tumid, flexing urgently.

He felt the lips respond... and felt the hand behind his head, the long fingers wrapping around strands of his hair... clutching...

"God, you're so cute..." he gasped, finally pulling back and staring into those large eyes.

"Don't stop..." Harsh whispered in reply, fully awake now, and in the grip of a maddening arousal.

Mayank moved in closer, wrapping his arms around Harsh and once more they were kissing... gnawing at each other's mouth... tongue fencing as it probed the deep recess of the oral cavity... hands already reaching out, touching naked flesh... caressing... stroking... arousing.

"That's an awesome way to wake up," suspired Harsh giving a happy giggle, his whole body shivering with desire, the early morning sluggishness long vaporised. And like playful children they quickly scrambled around, getting into position for the day's first mating.

With his heart slamming and his breath coming in ragged gasps, Mayank mounted the boy, crawling in between the already parted thighs... and looking down saw the eyes staring back at him, already half closed with passion, feeling the groping hand reach lower, between his leg, holding him...

The boy grasped the rigid phallus and gasped, as he did each time he touched it, his fingers wrapping around the heated shaft, feeling its monumental thickness, feeling it flex... carefully guiding it...

With a joyous groan Mayank pushed... slowly sinking in... feeling the pulsating clutch of the tender tissues surround him, moist and warm. Nudging the folds gently, he sank in deeper... travelling higher and heard the boy gurgle under him, groaning in the agony of ecstasy... crying out as he sensed the fierce rigidity, and once again becoming acutely aware of its tremendous length...

Harsh wrapped his slender legs around Mayank's flexing buttocks and allowed himself to be carried away on the rapturous wings of erotic bliss, his arms tight around the hunched shoulders, clinging on... afraid to let go, afraid that the spell would be broken... thrilling in the rhythmic beat of the powerful pelvis as it took him higher... drove him faster... towards the inevitable precipice... till all at once, his world swirled into a dark void, his tenacious grip slipping as he got sucked into the vortex of a mind numbing explosion... ripped to shreds... floating away into oblivion...

He let out a wail and heard a faint reply... a returning call, as Mayank joined him in the orgiastic fury of consummation...

They lay quiet for a long while, savouring the warmth of each other's embrace, both recovering, catching their breath... content... Mayank drawing lazy doodles across Harsh's face, making the boy squirm and giggle languorously... and as he rolled over on his stomach, turning his face away, Mayank's hands reached down, once more caressing and kneading those awesome mounds... the fingers tracing the perfect sweep... both relishing the moment.

A long while later Mayank stirred, looking at the ticking clock over the bedroom door. "Well, I need to get ready for office," he sighed, sitting up, reaching out to pat those plump cheeks one last time. "You have no classes on Saturdays, so why don't you remain here, you know, read something and stuff, and I'll take the afternoon off," Mayank suggested getting off the bed and standing up, "and then we can go out for lunch, and surf..."

Lifting up on his elbows Harsh looked up and then with a naughty giggle wiggled forward, planting a sloppy kiss on the dangling phallus, "Sure," he said, dropping down and burying his face in the pillow once more.


Mayank returned exactly at noon and soon they were driving up, back to the Tiracol area. They had already eaten and when Harsh wanted to go home to pick up his board, Mayank suggested he use Mayank's spare one.

But the sea was bad that day... completely messy with a steady onshore wind... the whirling eddies making it choppy...

"God, its all chop, totally blown out!" groaned Mayank in dismay.

"Relax, it'll get better, I'm sure," replied Harsh, taking Mayank's hand, interlacing the fingers as they walked down the beach, boards tucked under their arm. "Let's wait for a while."

Mayank sighed and together they walked closer to the water's edge, flopping down on the warm sand. They sat for a long while, talking... but eyes scanning the water, waiting. The onshore wind had finally died down... Yet no swell, not a single set made its appearance... the sea eerily calm, the water almost still.

"No hope," Mayank said getting up, totally frustrated at the wasted afternoon.

Harsh laughed as he ran after Mayank, "Let's go to Calangute," he suggested, reloading the boards.

"Calangute, what's so special about there?" Mayank asked, surprised, "It's for the visiting tourists."

"Nah, not the beach, silly," Harsh answered with a grin, "it's the new ice cream place there, real yummy stuff!"


"Hey, Mayank..." The greeting took them both by surprise as they sat enjoying the frozen delights, trying out various flavours on the menu, scoop after generous scoop...

Looking up, Mayank nearly scowled with discomfort, "Oh, hey, Ajay," he answered, not too enthusiastic as the man came over to their table, the name instantly arousing Harsh's intense curiosity as he remembered Ali's tale about Mayank's college days...

"Out having ice-cream, eh?" Ajay grinned, pulling up a chair and sitting down.

Mayank nodded, "So, what're you doing here?"

"Just looking around, dude," replied Ajay, staring at Harsh for a brief moment before turning back to Mayank, "a bit of sightseeing before work begins."

"And when does it start?" asked Mayank, as Harsh discreetly eyed the man, recalling what Ali had mentioned, about Ajay's infatuation... his 'hots' for Mayank.

"From Monday," Ajay replied, "but I'll be shifting to the farm tomorrow and so thought I'd check out some of the more interesting spots of Goa before I get stuck in that godforsaken place."

"Oh..." Mayank responded, his voice flat.

"I'll be staying there, at a stud farm," Ajay informed, "since it will be a lot easier that way, rather than travelling from the city, everyday."

Mayank nodded, not too keen in the conversation.

"Have you ever been to a stud farm?"

"No," Mayank replied, shaking his head.

"Well, let me settle in and then you can drop by and I'll show you around."

Mayank gave a wan smile, "Thanks."

"No problem," smiled Ajay and then turning back to Harsh asked, "Surely too young to be your colleague... your cousin?"

"Friend..." replied Mayank, his voice terse.

"Oh," Ajay exclaimed, eyes wide; the look suddenly keen as he studied Harsh, before smiling at him, "Hello, since your friend didn't bother to introduce us, I'll do the honours myself, I'm Ajay, an old friend of Mayank."

Harsh nodded in acknowledgment, smiling back... himself as keen in Ajay, as Ajay seemed interested in him.

"And you are?" Ajay asked.

"Harsh," the boy replied, looking briefly at Mayank, once more remembering what Ali had mentioned - about Ajay getting himself assigned as Mayank's room-mate... wondering.

"Like, you can't be working at the hotel, huh?" he asked, the eyebrows high in curiosity.

"No," Harsh shook his head, suddenly curious to know what had exactly transpired that stormy night...

"Ajay, he's my surf buddy," replied Mayank in a cold voice, suddenly seeming to lose all interest in the ice cream before him.

"Oh, yeah, of course," smiled Ajay, looking at Mayank, "you were always interested in that surfing thing. So," he added turning back to Harsh, "you too do that stuff?"

Harsh nodded, sensing Mayank annoyance... remembering about their fight. Wondering what it had been all about... But Ali had never finished the story.

"Went surfing together, huh?" he inquired.

Harsh nodded once more, casting a quick glance at Mayank.

"Great," Ajay exclaimed with a smile, "atleast Mayank now has a buddy to give him company! So, what you guys do?"

"Huh?" Harsh looked at Ajay, wondering what he meant.

"Like, you dive in and just swim around or what?" Ajay repeated.

"We surf, Ajay," Mayank replied, "I'm sure if you do a google you'll fine a comprehensive definition of the sport."

"Yeah, of course," Ajay smiled at Mayank and then turning back to Harsh asked, "You-all met at some surfing event or what?" leaning closer.

"Um..." Harsh shook his head, but before he could respond, Mayank replied, "We met at Gokarna, at the beach there."

"Gokarna, now, where's that?!"

"It's a three hour drive from here, lovely beach and great surf," Mayank smiled, the eyes cold.

"Oh, and you guys met there? Interesting..."

Suddenly pushing away his sundae, Mayank stood up and taking out his wallet, signalled the waiter for the bill, startling Harsh as he looked up at Mayank, and then down at his unfinished smoothie, slowly getting up as Mayank settled the bill.

"Leaving already? But you haven't finished your ice cream yet..." Ajay remarked, looking up at Mayank.

"Oh, we've had enough..." Mayank replied and then turning to Harsh added, "Let's go home."

"Home... um, you two stay together?" asked Ajay, still sitting.

"Yes," Mayank nodded, quickly walking out of the shop, his hand firm on Harsh's arm.


Harsh had nearly dozed off... tranquil, after the frenzied session in bed, the repeated bouts of lovemaking that they had indulged in earlier. "Come, I'll drop you home," Mayank whispered reluctantly, slowly sitting up.

"Huh?" asked Harsh, startled, "can't I stay back tonight."

"I'd love it," replied Mayank, getting off the bed and looking around for his discarded briefs.

"Then why can't I?" Harsh asked; now up on his elbows, watching Mayank.

"Honey, Sandeep will be here tomorrow morning," Mayank explained pulling on his jeans, "I'm supposed to visit the stud farm."

Harsh gave a disappointed sigh, but understood what Mayank meant, and slowly getting up gathered his scattered clothes, putting them on.

To be continued...      

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