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IX. Shadowed   

As he stood near the entrance of the building, Mayank looked impatiently at his wristwatch... Harsh had called around noon and asked him to meet him directly at the multiplex, instead of picking him up at his place... and now, the boy was late! And as he looked up, he saw Harsh running up the steps, flushed.

"Hey," Harsh greeted with a huge grin, panting.

"You're late," Mayank said, returning the smile.

"Only by five minutes," replied Harsh as they walked in.

"And what kept you, Pretty Boy?"

"Well, I was with Peter," smiled Harsh, briefly touching Mayank's hand and giving it a quick squeeze, careful of the people around them. "It's his birthday tomorrow and he wanted to pick up some clothes. He wanted me to come along and so I called you, asking you to meet me here directly."

"Okay," replied Mayank, lightly brushing his hand down Harsh's arm, "want to have something?"

"Not really, just a coke maybe," answered Harsh, "Peter actually treated me to a burger," he grinned.

Mayank handed the tickets to Harsh saying, "Check the screen number," and went to get the drinks, picking up a large bucket of popcorn for himself.

"Number four," Harsh read out, handing back the tickets and taking the tall glass of his favourite cola.

They walked down the moderately crowded passageway, watching the people, and checking the colourful posters announcing new releases. "Guess who I met at the mall?" Harsh asked with a twinkle in his eyes as they finally found an empty seat and sat down.

"Beats me," Mayank said, looking at Harsh, smiling.


"Ajay?! Well, what's he doing in town?"

"How should I know," Harsh replied, picking up a single corn, "probably buying clothes and stuff. Peter had gone to try out the clothes he had picked and I was just looking around when I felt a tap on my shoulder."

"And what did he have to say?"

"He was kinda friendly," Harsh replied, sipping his cola, "mostly casual chat, like where I'm from, what I study, where my family is and stuff, and how long I've known you..."


Harsh giggled, "Well, most of the time I acted dumb, hamming and hawing and never really giving a straight answer... he looked flustered, and then he had a lot of questions about surfing..."

"Interesting..." observed Mayank.

"He wanted to know if I could teach him!"

"And now you have a pupil, huh?" Mayank laughed, looking at Harsh.

Harsh grinned with a sly look, "Well, I told him I'm busy with a few assignments, and then will need to prepare for my exams..."

Mayank laughed.

"Finally he left when Peter returned, seeming a bit disappointed."

"Well, guess its time, let's forget Ajay and enjoy our movie..." Mayank stated, getting up as a pair of ushers opened the door to the auditorium.

Very few people followed them in, maybe because it was a Monday, or maybe, a reflection of the quality of the movie that they had chosen. Walking up the aisle they went to the back of the auditorium, taking an empty row.

The movie turned out to be a big disappointment, and after the first twenty minutes, they were both utterly bored, whispering about leaving, yet somehow sitting on... laughing and giggling away as they murmured silly nothings into each other's ears... Harsh ribbing Mayank about his trip to the stud farm the previous day, about ogling at mating horses... "And I'm sure your room was a mess this morning," he sneered, "the floor splattered and the bed sheet starched!"

In reply he felt the sudden, unexpected touch between his thighs... making him nearly leap out of the seat, gasping in shocked surprise.

Feeling himself going stiff, Harsh tried to close his legs, but there was no escape... the hand remained, persistent, the palm pressing down firmly as the fingers teased the quickly hardening shaft. A soft moan escaped his parted lips and he urgently whispered, pleading for Mayank to stop. In reply the hand got bolder, the fingers reaching lower... fondling the tingling balls, the open palm massaging the now rigid and desperately flexing column... making him squirm uncomfortably, his breath harsh spurts.

"Go on," Mayank hissed gleefully in his ear, "what else about the mare refusing the stallion after she caught sight of my crotch, huh?"

"I'm... um, I'm... please, stop, Mayank," the boy pleaded, his hips jerking back to escape the relentless stimulation, but there was nowhere to go... and as the hand continued to blatantly grope and fondle, the pelvis pushed up into the warm, adoring palm, swaying slightly... shamelessly rubbing against the pressure.

"Like it this way, huh?" whispered Mayank, his hand relentlessly titillating the teen, "love being touched and fondled in public, eh?"

Harsh could only gasp in reply, the rigid cock struggling painfully for space in the confines of the tight jeans... totally shamed by his reaction to Mayank obscene act, yet feeling so amazingly wanton!

Thankfully for Harsh, it was intermission, and the lights came on at just that moment, forcing Mayank to quickly withdraw his hand. "Well, let's go..." he said, standing up.

But Harsh continued to remain seated, his cock throbbing hotly, the tumescence obvious, the shaft clearly outlined through the jeans... his face red with embarrassment.

"C'mon," Mayank repeated grinning down at him.

"I can't," Harsh said in a low voice, "wait for a while..."

"Why, the mare might want you now, huh?" Mayank grinned, his eyes twinkling at having extracted sweet revenge for all the earlier ribbing.

Harsh didn't bother to reply, forcing his mind to dwell on thoughts that would make him forget Mayank's touch, make him go soft... and after about five minutes he felt the slight lessening of tension... the rigidity waning. "You'll get it back, dude," he hissed malevolently, finally standing up as Mayank looked down at his crotch and laughed. "Very quick on the trigger, eh," he said with unconcealed mirth, "I like it... and now I know how to control you in public!"

"Where to now?" asked Harsh as they walked out of the auditorium, his face still flushed, the ears still hot from the shameless act that Mayank had just indulged in, in the darkened auditorium...

"A drive, dinner and then home," grinned Mayank, his hand lightly brushing Harsh's buttocks, careful not to make it too obvious.

"The horses' really did turn you on, huh?" Harsh whispered close to his ears, once more in control.

"I'll show you, tonight" Mayank replied, furtively glancing around at the people walking past them.

"Uh-oh," responded Harsh with a wicked grin.

"Missed you terribly, yesterday..." Mayank said, his voice husky, both laughing.

And as they walked down to where the car was parked, happy in each other's company, they didn't notice the familiar pair of eyes observing them... watching them get into the car and drive away... following after them...


The car remained discreetly behind, the eyes watchful... following the pair as they drove north to the Keri beach... driving on before parking the car at a distance and getting out, keenly observing them as they walked the lonely shore along the water's edge, hand in hand... watching as they kissed in the twilight... the eyes piercing.

It followed them as they drove to the Tiracol village and ate their dinner, waiting in the car for them to emerge and then trailed them back to the resort, stopping as Mayank drove in at the main entrance... waiting for a moment before swiftly driving away... the face contorted with hateful rage.


After that relaxed Monday, the week suddenly turned lonely for Harsh... empty afternoons and solitary evenings, as Mayank got busy amid unending rounds of meetings, discussions and strategy planning, with hardly any time for himself, returning home late... too exhausted and tired to drive around or go out; too late to call Harsh over for a cosy evening together. They just spoke on the phone instead, dejected and desperate, thirsting for each other's company, craving for the intimacy that had suddenly been snatched away from them.

"Tomorrow evening," Mayank assured that Thursday night, "the meetings get over around noon, and then I'll pick you up and we'll go out..."

Harsh nodded silently, wishing for the night to pass in a single blink.

"Good night, Pretty Boy," Mayank whispered, "I love you."

"I love you too," replied Harsh, "and I miss you terribly!"

"Tomorrow..." Mayank promised, before disconnecting.

To be continued...      

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