Fated - Chapter 2

by Kenitra

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The first chapter of this story was originally posted as a one time story, about two years ago. I have revised and expanded the first chapter, and found I like the characters enough to continue the story. The chapters will alternate between the two main characters' POV.

I am planning to continue writing this story, however my writing has slowed to a snail's pace recently. But chapter 3 is underway and will be posted as soon as possible.

If you haven't read any of my other stories, I just want to let you know that I am a female writer.

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Chapter 2 - Corey

When I woke up in the morning I was momentarily disoriented, but I quickly remembered the events of the night before. Trevor had given me everything I ever hoped for, for Christmas. After hearing what happened to him and his first real lover, I was grateful and honored that he could get past his fear and love me.

It still surprised me how quickly I fell in love with him. But somehow I just knew that first night we met that he was the one for me. I still constantly send out silent prayers of thanks for bringing him into my life, and making sure I was there that night to save him.

I glanced down at Trevor in my arms. He was beautiful. His body perfectly toned from running and swimming, with a smooth, hairless chest and stomach, and an incredible bubble butt! He looked much younger than his 29 years. I felt a surge of protectiveness. Even though he is older, he was more …fragile? Not really, but perhaps more vulnerable. I didn't have a tragic past like he did. My home life was typical suburban. My family loved me even though I was gay. As far as they were concerned, I was still just Corey, son and brother. I didn't have a terrible time coming out. Perhaps my size and athleticism helped that. Not too many people would willingly take on someone who is six foot five and about 230 pounds of muscle. And I had no tragic former loves. I'd had a boyfriend in high school but it wasn't really serious. We were the only 'out' guys at school so we gravitated towards each other. We are still friends, though. At university, I'd dated a few guys, and slept with a few of them, but none were taken home to meet the parents.

Trevor was completely different. I was glad his parents had been okay with his sexuality, but it must have been hard for him when they died. His smaller stature, eight inches shorter and about 80 pounds lighter than me would have made him vulnerable to harassment and homophobes. Then the death of his first real lover compounded with the guilt he felt, nearly destroyed him. I wanted to make sure he never felt that kind of pain again. I had his love and would take extra care with his heart, so he always felt my love. And I would be extra vigilant with the rest of the world to make sure no one tried to physically harm him.

I looked down at my lover as he began to stir in my arms. Golden hazel eyes looked up at me and he smiled. "Good morning my Love," he murmured softly. "I love you."

I returned his smile and leaned down to kiss him gently. "Good morning Baby," I said quietly. I momentarily wondered if he objected to that endearment, but his smile brightened even more if that was possible and I knew he liked being my baby. "I love you too. Merry Christmas!" I added as I remembered what day it was.

Trevor laughed softly. "It certainly is a Merry Christmas, isn't it?"

I kissed him again. "It's the best Christmas ever," I said softly. I wiggled down the bed and turned on my side so we were facing each other. "How are you this morning?" I asked as I remembered our passionate love making from the night before. Even though men are generally stronger than women, I tended to be so much larger and stronger than the men I slept with, that I still had concerns about accidentally hurting someone. I was glad I didn't have to worry about sleeping with women.

Trevor wiggled a little and grinned. "Well, it might be a little uncomfortable sitting down, but I like having a reminder of our love," he added quickly before I could feel guilty.

I gently stroked my fingers down his cheek. I still felt a little guilty though; I knew I was well endowed. "Nothing serious though?" I asked gently.

Trevor kissed my fingers. "Nothing serious Corey. Just some of those muscles haven't been used like that in quite a while." He leaned forward and kissed me again. "We just need to get those muscles back in shape. And that requires lots and lots of practice," he added.

I laughed and hugged him to me. "I think we can manage that," I whispered into his ear. My stomach chose that moment to growl. We hadn't eaten much the night before, before we ended up in the bedroom. Now my body was rebelling. Trevor laughed softly and patted my chest as he pulled back from our embrace.

"Why don't we go out to the living room, put the Christmas tree lights on and light a fire in the fireplace? I'll fix us some breakfast and we can just relax until we have to leave for your parents," Trevor suggested.

"Sounds like a plan, baby," I agreed.

We walked to the bathroom first to take care of business.

Although it was cold outside, the house was warm so we both just pulled on boxers before making our way to the kitchen and living room. Trevor started on breakfast while I got the lights on and the fire going. Then I joined him in the kitchen. The bacon was cooking in the microwave, and Trevor was cooking pancakes in the frying pan.

"What can I do to help?" I asked the chef.

Trevor looked at me with a grin. "First, you can get over here and kiss the cook!" he instructed. I did. "When the microwave stops, take the bacon out and wrap it in paper towels. Then put the bowl of beaten eggs in for one minute," he told me.

I did as I was told and in a few minutes we had a huge breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast, tea and orange juice. Trevor loaded the food up on one tray while I took the beverages, utensils and extras like salt, pepper and jam on a second tray. We walked back into the living room and set the trays on the coffee table. We sat on the floor between the table and the couch. I could feel the added warmth from the fireplace making the room extra cozy.

I reached over and grabbed a piece of crisp bacon. I held it to Trevor's lips and he opened to take a bite of the strip. He smiled at me shyly as I popped the other half into my mouth. Trevor picked up a fork and speared some scrambled egg. He moved the forkful to my mouth and I gladly ate the egg.

We continued eating the rest of the food that way, sampling from the different foods and feeding each other. We paused in the middle to drink the hot tea.

When we finished I pushed myself up onto the couch and pulled Trevor up with me. I moved to the end and leaned against the arm, while Trevor settled on his side between my legs. We sat quietly and watched the fire and Christmas tree while breakfast settled.

My hand started to slowly rub circles over Trevor's warm back and he snuggled closer against my chest.

"Mmm. This is perfect, Corey," he murmured.

"I agree," I whispered. I had my lover in my arms, my stomach was full, what more could I ask?

We both dozed for a while simply enjoying the quiet. As the morning progressed we finally stirred. My parents were expecting us about one, and we still had things to do. Reluctantly we got off the couch and carried the morning dishes, as well as the dishes from the night before, into the kitchen. Thankfully Trevor had a dishwasher so we tossed all the dishes into it and turned it on. I took Trevor's hand and walked us back to the bedroom.

"You know, in the interest of conservation, we should really share a shower," Trevor said with a leer.

Conservation, yeah right! I was more than willing. We stripped off our boxers and walked into the large bathroom. Although the house was small, the master bedroom and bathroom were huge. The bathroom had a sunken whirlpool tub that would seat Trevor and I with room to spare. The shower stall was about four feet by five feet with multiple showerheads located at different levels. I started the water while Trevor pulled out two huge fluffy, dark green towels.

I let Trevor step into the shower then closed the door behind me as I followed. The hot water gently pelted us as the steam surrounded us. Trevor washed my hair then reached for a bottle of body wash. He poured some onto his hands and turned to me. I stood quietly as he began to wash my body. His hands were gentle as he massaged the rich lather over my skin. He started with my hairless chest, then moved to my arms before walking behind me and lathering my back. He worked down my back, tenderly soaping my butt before moving to my legs. He moved to the fronts of my legs and worked his way up. When he knelt in front of me, his face was level with my growing erection. I watched Trevor look up at me, his gaze full of love, before he gently grasped my swelling organ in his hands. Very carefully he washed me, letting the spray of water rinse away the suds. But when he was done, he didn't release me. He rose on his knees and after another look up at me, he took me into his mouth.

I gasped and threw my hands to the wall behind me for support. His tongue worked the sensitive underside of the head and my body shuddered. I couldn't do anything but stare down at Trevor and watch him pleasure me. His mouth opened wide and he sucked my length into his hot mouth.

"Oh God! Trev! That's incredible baby," I gasped as he worked. The moist, hot pressure quickly brought me to the brink. "Oh...Trevor! I'm going to come soon baby," I murmured. Trevor looked up at me again, with my member still in his mouth. I don't know if I've ever seen anything sexier! He reached out and grasped my hands, moving them to the back of his head. It took me a moment to figure out what he wanted. I gently twined my fingers into his hair. "You want me to fuck your mouth baby?" I purred, dropping my voice. I watched Trevor's pupils dilate with desire. I felt his throat muscles constrict as he swallowed, bringing me even closer to the edge. I carefully pulled his head back then slid my length back down his throat. "You like that my sexy baby?" I asked huskily. "I'm just going to use your mouth and take my pleasure baby. Nothing you do can stop me," I added. I watched in amazement as Trevor got even more excited. I could see his straining erection bobbing in his lap as his mouth worked over me. I slowly increased the speed and depth of my thrusts into his mouth. The pleasure was indescribable and I knew I wouldn't last much longer. "Oh baby, I'm going to come down your hot throat. I'm going to feed you my load and you're going to swallow it all baby," I murmured. I watched as much as I could through my own pleasure to make sure Trevor was okay. It turned me on even more watching how excited he was getting from my words and actions.

"That's it baby," I gasped out as I slammed myself down his throat and pulled back again. "Take it all baby," I said as I repeated the movement. "Here it comes baby," I cried as I thrust one last time and shot my load down his convulsing throat. My body was wracked with spasms and I collapsed against the wall behind me. Trevor followed me, lapping at me, cleaning any remaining cum from my organ.

I slid down the wall until I was sitting on the floor of the shower. Trevor was still on his knees in front of me. "That was incredible Trevor, thank you," I said sincerely as I reached out and pushed his hair back from his forehead.

Trevor smiled shyly. "You liked that?" he asked softly.

"Yes!" I said emphatically.

He smiled brightly. "Good. It really turned me on too," he added. It was then that I looked down and saw that he was soft. I raised my eyes to look at him again. "I shot when you did," he said as a blush spread across his cheeks.

I reached out and pulled him to me. "You are incredible baby. I love you so much." I pulled back a little so I could see his eyes. "I didn't hurt you did I?" I asked in concern.

Trevor immediately shook his head. "No! No, Love. You did exactly what I wanted but you never hurt me," he vowed.

I leaned forward and kissed him passionately, trying to relay the depths of my feelings through our mouths. When we both needed air we separated and panted for breath. The water was starting to cool slightly so we reluctantly stood up. I quickly washed his hair then poured some body wash into my hand so I could wash my beautiful man.

I worked down the front of his body, over his toned, smooth chest, then pausing to kiss the tip of his penis before moving down his legs. Then I stood again and turned him around, letting the water rinse him off. I lathered his back and slowly worked down to his beautiful, pert butt. I carefully stroked a finger between his cheeks and over his opening. Trevor gasped softly, and then moaned, pushing back against my hand.

"Still a little tender?" I asked softly.

Trevor nodded. "Yeah, but it feels good too," he said quietly. I smiled and kissed his shoulder before quickly finishing his legs and turning him for a final rinse before the water ran cold.

I reached over and turned off the taps. We stepped out of the shower then quickly grabbed the large towels to dry ourselves. It was so comfortable and felt so right to walk with Trevor into the bedroom and start to dress. I'd brought clothes with me so I quickly dressed in dark gray slacks and a deep teal silk shirt. As I buttoned my shirt I turned to watch Trevor go through his closet. He pulled out a pair of black pants and a lightweight maroon sweater. I knew the outfit would look great on him. I walked back into the bathroom to fix my hair while Trevor dressed. A few minutes later he joined me and fixed his hair. We looked at each other in the mirror and smiled.

"You look good Corey," Trevor said honestly.

I grinned. "Thank you. So do you Trevor, really good. It's going to be hard to keep my hands off you," I added.

Trevor laughed softly. Then he turned serious. "So your parents are really okay with this? With us?" he asked hesitantly.

I nodded and turned to look at him. He turned to face me. "They really are, Trevor. I told them I thought I was gay when I was fifteen. My parents sat down with me and asked if I was sure. I told them girls did nothing for me, but there were a couple of boys at school that I really, really liked. They told me to be careful about who I told, for my own safety." I paused as I remembered that conversation. "My Mom told me to always use condoms and my Dad told me to bring any boys I wanted to 'see' home so they could meet them. That was it." I stroked Trevor's cheek. "I don't think the conversation would have been much different if we'd been talking about girls," I said truthfully.

Trevor nodded. "Okay. What did you tell them about me?" he asked curiously.

I smiled. "I said I'd met the most amazing, wonderful man who I hoped to spend the rest of my life with," I told him softly. "I also told them you were a few years older than me, and a professor at the university," I added.

"Well, if that didn't change their minds about meeting me, I guess it won't be too bad," Trevor said quietly.

I realized then how nervous he actually was about meeting my family. I pulled him into a hug. "My parents, Brad and Karen, will love you. My little sisters, Kim and Sarah will probably drool all over you too," I added getting Trevor to laugh.

"Okay, okay. Let's just go do this," Trevor said as we walked out of the bathroom.

We gathered our coats and wallets as we walked to the door. Trevor detoured to the kitchen to pick up the homemade apple pie he'd bought at a bake sale. He wanted to take something for my Mom.

It was cold but sunny out this Christmas morning. Snow had fallen a few days earlier and still covered the ground, but the roads were clear. We set the pie carefully in the back on my car before we climbed in. Presents for my family, were already wrapped and in the trunk. I'd signed both of our names to the tags.

We enjoyed the hour-long drive together, talking about the coming new year. I told Trevor about my new classes and he talked about the classes he would be teaching.

"Would you be able to take all of spring break or even part of it off?" Trevor asked when we'd been driving for about half an hour.

I thought about my schedule. Work wouldn't be a problem. Some of the guys who only work one or two shifts a week would be happy for more time. My class schedule would be brutal, but if I planned ahead and kept up on assignments I could take most of the break off. "I could probably take five or seven days," I replied. "Why?" I asked curiously.

Trevor smiled at me. "I was thinking about going away for a week; somewhere warm and sunny. My treat, too!" he added emphatically.

That comment made me look over at him quickly. "Trevor…" I started to protest, but he reached over and covered my lips.

"Corey, be honest. Could you afford airfare, food and hotel accommodations for a week in, lets say, the Bahamas?" he asked gently.

I knew the answer was 'no'. My parents made enough money to pay for tuition, books, and my rent. But my daily living expenses came from my bouncer and bartending jobs. That was the deal I'd made with my parents. But I wasn't sure I was comfortable taking Trevor's money.

"Corey, love, listen to me," Trevor said earnestly. "I own my house outright, no mortgage. When my parents died I inherited everything they owned. Their bank accounts and investments were doing well. I sold their house, the cottage and their two cars. I'm a tenured professor at a very prestigious university, which means I'm very well paid. I'm also still earning royalties from the first book. When the next book comes out, I'll be earning two to three times what the university pays me. What do I have to spend my money on?" he asked quietly. "I love you, Corey. Now that I have someone to share things with, I want to start living again and experience the world, with you."

How could I say 'no' to that argument? "Well, you know, my birthday was in early October. We could consider it a late birthday present," I suggested with a grin.

Trevor leaned over the gearshift and kissed my cheek. "Happy belated birthday, Love," he whispered.

I moved my hand to his thigh and patted it. "Thanks baby," I said sincerely. I left my hand there as we continued the drive. When we approached the town, I had to change gears more often so I reluctantly moved my hand.

As we drove down the street I grew up on, I pointed out things to Trevor. I showed him where my best friend had lived, until his family moved when we were in grade eight. I pointed out the house where I had my first kiss, with a girl! Yuck! It had been a birthday party and I was about ten at the time. Trevor laughed at my expression as I told him.

Finally we pulled into the driveway of my family home. It was a corner lot, and had a huge backyard. My Mom had the usual decorations up, white lights framing the house, wreaths on the two garage doors and the front door. I could see the Christmas tree sitting in the front window of the living room.

"Well, this is it," I announced as I turned the car off.

Trevor looked up at the house. "Nice house Corey. It looks like a really nice neighborhood to grow up in," he said honestly.

I nodded. "It was." I opened my door. "Let's go, baby." Trevor reached into the back seat for the pie while I opened the trunk and pulled out the bags of presents.

"Corey!" Trevor froze in horror when he saw the wrapped gifts. "I didn't get anything for anyone!"

I pulled him close to me. "These presents are from 'us' Trevor. I put your name on them too," I told him.

He looked at me with his eyes glistening. "You did?"

I gave him a quick kiss. "Of course!" I directed him towards the front door. "Now lets get going. I guarantee my mom is probably standing just inside the door waiting, and wondering what is holding us up!" I added with a wink.

Trevor laughed and relaxed a little.

We walked up to the front door but before I could open it, it opened. My Mom was standing inside with a big smile on her face. She's about five foot nine with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes.

"Hi guys! Merry Christmas!" she greeted us.

I stepped forward and leaned down to kiss her cheek. "Merry Christmas Mom." I turned back to Trevor and pulled him forward. "Mom, this is my boyfriend Trevor Ward," I said.

She looked at Trevor. "Welcome Trevor. I'm glad you could join us for Christmas," she said sincerely.

Trevor smiled hesitantly. "Thank you for inviting me Mrs. Wilson." He held out the pie. "I wasn't sure what to bring, but thought an extra pie couldn't hurt," he explained.

Mom took the pie. "Thanks Trevor. And please, call me Karen."

"Merry Christmas all," a voice said from behind me. I turned to see my Dad standing in the doorway of the living room. People say I look just like him, except that I'm four inches taller than he is.

"Merry Christmas Dad," I said as I stepped over to give him a one-armed hug.

Dad patted my back then moved to step by me. "Hi, I'm Brad Wilson," he greeted Trevor and held out his hand.

Trevor shook his hand. "Trevor Ward. It's a pleasure to meet you Brad," Trevor said honestly.

"Likewise," Dad replied.

"Well come in boys. Take off your coats and go sit down," Mom instructed. "Or maybe Trevor would like a tour of the house?" she suggested before heading to the kitchen with the pie.

I handed Dad the bag of presents and turned to take Trevor's coat. He was looking a little shell-shocked and I couldn't resist giving him a quick kiss. He smiled sweetly and I grinned. I hung up the coats then picked up his hand. "Let's go check out the tree, then I'll give you a tour, okay?" I suggested.

We walked through the doorway to the right of the entranceway. The tree was to the right, in front of the big bay window. It was a perfectly shaped, real spruce tree. My Mom had a real knack for decorating it too. We could see remains of opened presents, pieces of wrapping paper and boxes. I knew my sisters had probably cleaned up in the gift department. I knew we would be hearing from them as soon as they realized Trevor and I were there.

With our backs to the tree, we walked across the living room and into the dining room. The table was already set with the best china and cutlery. It was only going to be the six of us for dinner. The doorway at the end of the dining room entered into the large kitchen. Mom loved to cook and the huge kitchen gave her the chance to experiment. The kitchen table was next to a bank of windows looking out over the backyard. There were snacks set out on the table so we paused to fill a couple of paper plates. Cheese, crackers, crab dip, and an assortment of cookies quickly found places on the plates. I dipped a cracker into the crab mixture and held it to Trevor's lips. He looked at me then nervously glanced over to where my mother was working beside the stove. His eyes returned to mine and he smiled as he leaned forward to snag the tasty morsel with his teeth.

I bent down and licked a tiny crumb from the corner of his mouth. "I love you so much Trevor," I whispered.

Trevor smiled and gently kissed me. "I love you too, Corey," he replied softly.

We continued the tour, walking across the kitchen and into the family room. The gas fireplace was lit, giving the room a warm, homey feeling. A scented candle burned on the mantle and soft Christmas music played on the stereo. We walked through the family room and out the other end, which took us back into the main entranceway. There was a two-piece bath located just off the foyer.

"Want to go up or down first?' I asked Trevor.

He shrugged. "Doesn't matter to me," he replied.

I decided to go upstairs first so we walked, hand in hand, up the spiral staircase. Opposite the top of the stairs was the guest bedroom. Before the basement had been completely finished it had been my youngest sister, Sarah's, room. But once I had moved into the basement, she moved into my old room. To the right of the guestroom, was the main bathroom. Right of that, at the end of the hall, was my old room, now Sarah's room. The master suite was next to that. I opened the door so Trevor could see the huge master bedroom and sitting room.

"It also has a walk-in closet, dressing room and ensuite bath with whirlpool tub and shower," I explained.

Going back in the other direction was the fourth bedroom upstairs, my sister, Kim's, room. The door was closed but I could hear her talking inside. I knocked quietly on the door.

"Hey Kim?" I called out.

The door opened. "Hey Cor!" Kim greeted me. I heard Sarah moving around and a second later she appeared behind Kim.

"Corey! Merry Christmas bro!" she said, walking out to give me a hug.

My sisters both had the family blonde hair and blue green eyes, just like I do. Kim was about five foot eight while Sarah was five foot five. Many of my friends had commented that they were both very pretty.

"You must be Trevor," Kim said, turning her attention to my man.

Trevor smiled at the girls. "I better be," he replied with a grin. He held out his hand. "Nice to meet you Kim," he said sincerely. Then he turned to Sarah. "Nice to meet you too, Sarah."

They both shook his hand.

"So how'd you end up with the big oaf?" Kim asked with a grin.

"Hey!" I protested.

Trevor laughed. "I guess I was just lucky," he said giving me a look filled with love.

"Unlucky, you mean!" Sarah quipped.

"Hey Brat!" I growled at her. She giggled. "So did you two clean up on the presents?" I asked.

"Of course!" they said simultaneously. All four of us laughed.

"Well, I'm going to finish giving Trevor the tour," I said and Trevor started walking towards the stairs.

"Hey bro?" Kim said softly. I turned to look at her. "You done good!" she said with a wink.

I grinned. "Sure did!"

I rejoined Trevor and took his hand as we walked back downstairs. The basement stairs were under the main staircase.

"Down here is the wreck room with a bar and fireplace," I told Trevor. "There is another full size bathroom, a bedroom and a hot tub room too."

I showed him around, and then led him to the bedroom. It was my room whenever I was at home. I pulled him in then closed the door. I turned back to him and pulled him into my arms. Trevor wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head against my chest.

"Your family is really nice," he murmured.

"Thanks, baby," I whispered.

"I wish you could have met my parents," he whispered. "I think they would have liked you," he added quietly.

"I would have liked to meet them too," I said softly. "I would like to tell them what an incredible son they raised, and how much I love him."

Trevor raised his head to look up at me. I could see his eyes glistening. It must have been hard for him around family holidays with no family to be with. But that was all in the past now. I leaned down to kiss him hard. I wrapped my hands around his butt and lifted him up. He wrapped his legs around my waist, as our kiss grew more passionate. His fingers stroked my back and shoulders as our tongues stroked each other's mouth. I loved his taste, warm and spicy. It reminded me of the holidays. I would always associate the smells and sights of Christmas with Trevor. He was a priceless gift.

Trevor threw his head back and I nibbled along his throat.

"God Corey!" he moaned softly. "You drive me crazy! You feel so good, Love!" he muttered.

I could feel Trevor's erection straining against my stomach while mine throbbed sympathetically against his perfect butt.

I wanted nothing more than to toss Trevor onto the bed and make love to him. But fortunately Trevor's cooler head prevailed. He pulled back from our kiss and leaned his forehead against mine.

"We can't do this Corey," he said softly, releasing a big sigh.

I closed my eyes and let out my own sigh. "I know," I whispered. I gave him another brief kiss then set him back on his feet.

We were both heated and aroused from the kissing. I didn't want to face my parents with my pants tenting in front of me. "Come on," I said quietly, taking his hand. I led him out to the wreck room and over to the pool table. "A game of pool will give us a chance to cool down," I explained.

Trevor nodded and picked up a stick. We actually played two games; each of us won one. By the time we were done, our ardor had calmed and we were ready to go back upstairs.

We walked into the kitchen to find out what my Mom was doing.

"Need help with anything Karen?" Trevor asked.

Mom looked over at us. "Oh, thanks Trevor. I think everything is taken care of. The turkey will be coming out in about half an hour then Brad will make gravy. Everything else is just heating through," she replied. "Did Corey offer you a drink?"

I made a face and blushed. "Oops?" Trevor laughed as I walked over to the fridge. "What would you like Baby? We have cola, juices, wine, beer…."

"Wine would be nice Love," he replied softly.

"Red or white?" I asked as I took down a couple of wineglasses and moved to the wine rack.

"Red please."

I pulled out a previously opened bottle of red wine and poured us each a glass. I corked the bottle again then walked back to Trevor. I handed him one of the glasses.

"Thanks love."

I smiled and turned back to my Mom. "Well, I think we'll go sit in the living room and talk to Dad for a bit if you don't need us?"

She smiled at us. "Okay. I'll call if I need any help."

I led Trevor back to the living room. Dad was sitting in one of the chairs reading over some papers. I walked over to the couch and pulled Trevor down beside me.

"You have a beautiful home Brad," Trevor commented.

Dad set the papers down and looked over at us with a smile. "Thanks Trevor. It's done the job with three kids running around. So Corey mentioned that you are a Professor?" he asked.

I knew my Dad would get around to questioning Trevor eventually. I put my arm around Trevor's shoulder and sat back.

Trevor nodded. "Yes, I teach English Literature and writing at the university. I got my Doctorate when I was twenty-four and started teaching the next term. I write as well," Trevor added.

Dad nodded. "That would explain Corey's request for autographs from a few authors," he said with a grin. Trevor nodded again. "So have you published anything?" Dad asked.

I felt Trevor tense and squeezed his shoulder giving silent comfort. I knew his first book was still a tender spot for him. He took a deep breath and answered my Dad. "Yes. I have one novel that was published three years ago. I'm also about to send another one into my editor for review and I'm confident it will get published as well."

"Good for you! Getting books published can be a rough prospect," Dad said. Trevor looked a little confused and I knew it was because I'd never told him what my Dad did for a living.

Dad noticed his confusion. "Corey didn't tell you? I'm a publicity manager with Northam Press," he explained. Northam is the biggest newspaper publishing company in the country.

Trevor turned to glare at me and then looked back at Dad. "No, Corey never mentioned that fact to me," he replied.

"What genre do you write?" Dad asked as Mom came in to join us. She sat in one of the other chairs.

"Both of my books are fantasy slash sci-fi stories," Trevor replied.

"You write books?" Mom asked having missed the first part of the conversation. "What are the titles? Maybe I've read them."

Trevor smiled slightly at her enthusiasm. "Well my published book is called Ransom Rising and the next book will be called Twin Triumph," he told her.

"Ransom Rising? I think I have read that," Mom said thoughtfully.

I could see that Trevor was starting to get uncomfortable and I wanted to alleviate the situation. "Maybe we can discuss the book another time Mom? It was a costly endeavor personally for Trevor to get it published," I said gently.

Mom looked at Trevor intently for a moment then smiled sympathetically. "Of course. May I ask why you aren't with your family for the holidays?" she asked cautiously.

Trevor smiled sadly. "I don't have any family left," he said quietly. "My parents died in a car accident almost 8 years ago. No aunts or uncles, no grandparents and no siblings," he explained.

"That's terribly sad, Trevor. I'm sorry. But I'm glad you came with Corey today," Mom added.

"What about telling us how you met?" Dad asked, changing the subject. And to my favorite subject too! Trevor looked at me and smiled, letting me tell the story.

"I saw Trevor around campus a few times and thought he was cute," I started. I knew Trevor would blush. "I didn't know who he was at first. Then one night I saw him in a club. I was too afraid to talk to him though. But when he was leaving, I noticed a couple of bullies leave at the same time. I had a bad feeling about it so I followed them. Thankfully I found Trevor before they did. I walked him home and we talked a little. We started having lunch a couple of times a week on campus. It didn't take long for me to realize I was falling in love," I added softly, squeezing Trevor a little closer to me. I figured that was enough of an explanation without going into the details.

Trevor wiggled a little closer to my side. "It did take me a little longer unfortunately. I'd…I'd had a bad past relationship and it took me a little while to figure out that Corey wasn't the same and any relationship we had would be different." He looked up at me. "But I'm glad I finally clued in," he added softly.

"Me too," I whispered and gently kissed his rosy lips.

"Well you both seem very happy so I'm glad you found each other," Mom pronounced.

I looked over at my Mom, then my Dad. He was nodding in agreement. "Thanks Dad, Mom."

Trevor looked over at my parents. "Yes, thanks Karen and Brad for welcoming me into your home."

"You're welcome, Trevor," Dad said sincerely.

The stove started to beep a couple of seconds later and Mom stood up. "Well, that's the turkey. I'll take it out, then you can start to make the gravy," she said to Dad.

He nodded and followed her into the kitchen leaving Trevor and I alone. We sat quietly staring at the decorated tree for a few minutes.

"Thanks Corey," Trevor suddenly said softly.

I kissed his hair. "For what?" I murmured.

"For all of it," he said softly. "Being persistent, loving me, inviting me here, changing the subject earlier. All of it," he whispered.

"My pleasure," I whispered back.

We sat quietly for another few minutes before my sisters came downstairs and joined us. They enjoyed telling stories about my adventures as a child, thoroughly embarrassing me. Trevor enjoyed it though. Eventually my parents returned and said dinner was ready. We all walked to the kitchen and picked up a dish of food to take into the dining room.

My Dad sat at the far end of the table, my Mom at the end closest to the kitchen. Kim and Sarah sat along one side, leaving the other side for Trevor and I. Once the food was on the table my Dad said Grace and then we dove into the food. I think the controlled chaos of everyone passing dishes and asking for food amused Trevor. But I noticed his plate was as full as mine was. The meal was delicious as usual. Mom is a great cook. The turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, and coleslaw all rapidly disappeared.

Finally I pushed my plate away from me and sat back. "Oh, I'm stuffed," I moaned. And I was. I always over eat at family meals.

"I would hope so, since you ate as much as the rest of us combined," Dad commented. My sisters and Trevor giggled and Mom smiled.

I looked at Trevor. "See the abuse I have to deal with," I bemoaned.

Trevor reached over and patted my belly. "Poor baby," he said, not at all sympathetically.

I stuck out my tongue and more laughter erupted. I crossed my arms and pretended to sulk.

Mom stood up. "Well, why don't we move around a little, get the table cleared, then we can have dessert and coffee in the living room?" she suggested.

We all agreed and Dad, Sarah and Kim picked up dishes to carry to the kitchen. Trevor stood and walked behind me, wrapping his arms around my neck. He leaned down and kissed my cheek. "I love you…even if you are a spoiled brat!" he added.

"Hey!" I protested and turned around, lunging for him. He jumped away from me, but not before I managed to slap his butt. We both laughed. He walked back over and gave me another kiss. "You'll pay for that comment tonight, baby," I vowed. Trevor just grinned.

We picked up some dishes and carried them to the kitchen. Before long, the leftovers were put away, the dirty dishes were in the dishwasher and the coffee maker was gurgling away.

"We'll have dessert in about half an hour and open presents then if that's alright with everyone?" Mom said. We agreed.

I took Trevor's hand as we walked out of the kitchen. "Why don't we go for a short walk?" I suggested. "Just around the block, but it might work off a little of the food."

"Sounds good," Trevor agreed. I pulled our coats from the closet and told Dad, who had followed us from the kitchen, where we were going.

I opened the door and let Trevor go out first. After I closed the door behind me, I picked up his hand again and began to walk.

Trevor looked at our clasped hands then up at me. "Everyone in the neighborhood knows?" he asked curiously.

I shrugged and nodded. "Most of them, yeah. And I told you, Trevor, I don't hide who I am. Does it make you uncomfortable?" I asked, releasing his hand. I realized that just because I was completely out, didn't mean that Trevor was, or wanted to be.

Trevor paused then reached for my hand. We resumed walking. "It's not so much uncomfortable, it's unfamiliar," he said softly. "I never had a particularly open relationship with Jordy. I think he told most of his friends that we were just roommates. If someone asks I'm honest, but when you don't have a lot of friends, not too many people ask."

I brought our clasped hands to my lips for a kiss. "I'm sorry you've been so isolated and lonely. I hope I can help change that," I added.

Trevor looked at me and smiled brightly. "You already have. This is the best Christmas I've had in many, many years. I guess since my parents died."

I pulled him closer and put my arm around his shoulders. I was pleased when Trevor leaned against me and put his arm around my waist. We walked at a leisurely pace around the small block looking at all the different Christmas decorations and a few attempts at building snowmen.

"We haven't talked about New Years yet," Trevor mentioned after a few minutes.

"You're right," I agreed. "Did you have something in mind?" I asked.

Trevor shook his head. "No, not really. I probably would have just spent the night at home, reading and watching TV."

"Well, the Campus Keg is having a party if you'd be interested in going," I mentioned. The Campus Keg was the bar/pub I worked at.

Trevor looked up at me. "You don't have to work?"

I shook my head. "No, I worked it last year. And since I have some seniority, I get it off. I also get free tickets," I added.

"It's mainly for students, isn't it?" Trevor asked.

I shrugged. "I don't know. It's basically for anyone who is staying in the city. Last year there were a number of professors, TAs and even some parents. It's semi-formal and they have a live band. And lots of good food!"

Trevor laughed. "Ah, that's the clincher then. A party with good food is essential." He was quiet for a moment. "I'd like to go to it, with you," he said seriously. I was thrilled. I knew that a few people at the U knew he was gay, but this would be a big step for Trevor.

I smiled and hugged him closer. "Great! We'll have a wonderful time."

We rounded the corner and walked the rest of the way back to the house in silence.

After I hung up our coats, we walked into the living room to rejoin the rest of my family. Mom and Dad were just walking in, each carrying a tray. Dad had the coffeepot and cups while Mom had two pies and dessert plates. They set the trays on the coffee table. My sisters were sitting on the couch so I led Trevor to the loveseat.

"How do you take your coffee Trevor?" Mom asked, and then paused. "Or do you even drink coffee?"

Trevor smiled and nodded. "I do. Just a little sugar please," he requested.

Mom fixed the coffee and handed it to Trevor. She fixed my cup, with lots of cream and handed it to me. Once everyone had coffee, Mom started into the pies.

"Who would like apple pie, that Trevor was kind enough to bring, or blueberry pie?" she asked.

Trevor, Mom and I had apple, while the others had the blueberry. We all sat back to enjoy the sweet and drink our coffee.

When the dessert was gone, Sarah moved over to the Christmas tree and the remaining gifts. It was family tradition that each year one of us kids would distribute the gifts. It was Sarah's turn, this year. She read each tag, saying whom the gift was for, and whom it was from. My parents gave me a gift certificate for a tall man's clothing store. One of the downfalls of being six foot five was finding clothes to fit. It was a truly appreciated present. My sisters gave me some CDs and some accessories for my computer like ink, paper, and burnable disks. Everything I frequently used when writing reports and projects.

Trevor and I gave my sisters CDs too, as well as passes to an upcoming all ages concert at the university for a band they wanted to see. Mom was given a caramel colored, hand knitted sweater that I'd bought at a craft show on campus. Dad got a box of golf balls and a certificate for a putting range. He'd only recently started golf and was working hard to improve his game.

Trevor was truly surprised when Sarah handed him a couple of presents. Sarah and Kim had jointly given him a nice sized gift certificate for a bookstore. I knew Trevor would enjoy using it.

"Thank you Sarah and Kim. This is really wonderful!" he said enthusiastically. Both girls blushed.

Trevor opened the gift from my parents. It was two sets of sheets with 280 thread count. I'd told Mom about Trevor and described his house to her. She obviously remembered every detail. The sheets were for a king sized bed and contained dark greens, navy blues and browns, all colors used in the bedroom.

Trevor was stunned. "Uh, wow." He looked over at my parents. "Thank you…I'm not really sure what to say. Your acceptance and welcome has…um…really surprised me. It means more than I can say."

Mom just smiled. "I'm glad you like them, Trevor." I put my arm around his shoulders and gave him a hug.

"What did you give each other for Christmas, Corey?" Kim asked.

We both reached for our pendants at the same time. Everyone came over and checked out the designs.

"And Corey gave me some books personally autographed," Trevor added and looked over at my Dad. "Thank you for that Brad," he added.

"Is that all?" Sarah asked.

I glanced at Trevor and he started to blush as he remembered our lovemaking from the night before. "Trevor told me he loved me for the first time last night," I said softly. "Anything else, you don't need to know."

Trevor looked up at me and smiled sweetly.

We sat and talked for almost an hour. Finally I looked at Trevor and we silently agreed it was time to go. It was almost six and we had the drive home. I loved my family, but I wanted to spend some quality time alone with Trevor.

"Mom, Dad, I think we're going to head out now," I said as I stood up. Trevor stood beside me.

"Are you sure you have to go, honey?" she asked as she always does.

I nodded. "Yeah. The forecasters are calling for more snow tonight and it's been a long day," I explained.

The six of us migrated out to the foyer. Dad retrieved our coats while Trevor said goodbye to Sarah and Kim. Mom went to the kitchen to grab a couple of bags for us to put our gifts in.

"It was really nice meeting both of you," he said sincerely as he shook their hands again.

"It was great meeting you too, Trevor," Kim replied.

"Yeah. Make sure you take care of the gorilla," Sarah added with a smirk.

I turned and pretended to make a grab for her. "One of these days, brat!" I threatened.

Sarah stuck her tongue out and ran up the stairs.

Trevor turned his attention to my parents as he accepted a plastic bag from Mom. Mom handed me two bags, one empty and one that I knew was full of leftovers. She didn't think I could cook! I put the computer stuff into the empty bag.

"Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your Christmas," Trevor said as he put the new sheets into the bag with the gift certificates and my CDs.

Mom walked over and gave Trevor a quick hug. "You're more than welcome Trevor. I'm glad you shared the day with us."

Dad shook his hand. "Well, you're the first man Corey has brought home, so it was a pleasure meeting you. I'm glad you two have found each other," he said sincerely.

Trevor smiled. "Thank you Brad. It was wonderful meeting you too."

I said goodnight to Kim kissed Mom goodbye and shook Dad's hand. I promised to see them again over the holidays before New Years.

I unlocked the car doors and Trevor set the bag of gifts in the backseat before climbing into the car. Once I was in, I leaned over and pulled Trevor closer for a long, deep kiss.

We were both panting when I pulled back. "Been wanting to do that all afternoon," I commented with a grin.

Trevor laughed. "Well, I think you gave your parents a good show," he said as he looked out the window. I looked over and saw my parents were still standing in the doorway. I blushed and started the car. We both waved to my parents as I backed out of the driveway.

Once we were back on the road, I reached over to pick up Trevor's hand.

"I can't remember the last time I had such a good time," Trevor commented quietly.

I glanced over at him and squeezed his hand. "Good. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Why don't you grab the bag from the back seat and we'll check out a couple of the CDs my sisters gave me?" I suggested.

Trevor agreed and pulled out a couple of the new discs. He put in the new Carlos Santana disc and we listened to the smooth sounds as we drove.

There wasn't much traffic on the roads going south so we made it back to Trevor's in about forty minutes. We unloaded the car and walked into the house. I took the bag of food directly to the fridge while Trevor set the gifts on the kitchen table.

"Want some coffee?" Trevor asked.

I walked towards him and we met at the edge of the kitchen counter. I pulled him into a hug. "Coffee sounds good, babe. You do that and I'll get a fire going. Then we can listen to music and munch on some of the cookies Mom sent back with us," I added. Trevor grinned and leaned up for a kiss.

"Or we could take the coffee and cookies to the bedroom," he suggested slyly.

I laughed. "I like the way you think! How about I put on a set of the new sheets?" I suggested.

"Perfect," Trevor agreed. He walked over to get water for the coffee maker while I walked to the table for one of the sheet sets. I walked down the hall to the bedroom and quickly stripped the old bedding and replaced it with the luxurious new sheets.

I put the dirty sheets in the laundry then did a quick check to make sure the lube and baby wipes were in the bedside table. I stripped; pausing at my boxers, but then took them off as well. I lay down on the freshly made bed to wait for Trevor.

About a minute later, he pushed open the door with his foot as he carried a tray into the room. He grinned as he saw me. "Mmm. To hell with the cookies, I think I'll just have a Corey snack," he said with a laugh.

I smiled and sat up. Trevor set the tray on the end of the bed and handed me one of the steaming mugs. He walked over to the ensuite and I could hear water running for a couple of minutes. When he returned, he was naked too. He picked up the other mug and the plate of cookies before sitting down beside me.

"So is this the perfect end to a perfect day?" I asked softly as I nibbled on a cookie.

Trevor swallowed the cookie in his mouth and nodded. "Almost," he replied.

I looked at him. "Almost?" I turned and set my mug on the bedside table then turned back to Trevor. "Almost?" I asked again as I moved closer.

Trevor laughed nervously. I carefully took the mug and plate from his hands and leaned in front of him to put them on the table. When I moved back, I stopped right in front of him. "Almost?" I said again. I ran my fingers down his cheek. "As I recall, you're already in trouble for that comment earlier today," I said softly.

Trevor smirked. "So what are you going to do about it?" he challenged.

I don't think Trevor thought I could move that fast! Before he knew it, I had flipped him over onto his stomach and was stretched out over his back. He gasped in surprise. "Well first, I thought I would torture every inch of your hot body with my tongue and teeth," I whispered heatedly into his ear. I felt him shudder beneath me. "And if I don't feel that is enough punishment, then I'll have to drive," I thrust my hips, pressing my erection against his butt as I said the word drive, "the lesson home some other way," I finished.

Trevor pretended to struggle. "Oh please don't torture me!" he pleaded in a staged voice.

I laughed and tried to speak in a serious voice. "You must be strong, babe. Accept your punishment," I said.

I felt Trevor start to shake as he muffled his laughter in the pillow. He managed to calm down after a few seconds. He relaxed suddenly under me. "Oh, do what you will," he said dramatically. "I can take it."

I proceeded to test that statement. I moved his hands up to the headboard and wrapped his fingers around the spindles. He got the idea and kept his hands up there. Then I went to work. I moved onto the bed beside him and started to lick, nibble and stroke every part of him. I started with his neck and shoulders then slowly worked down his smooth back. I skipped his butt and kissed my way down his legs to his toes.

I knew I was getting to him. He was trying hard to remain still, but his hips were gently thrusting against the bed, and every couple of minutes, his entire body would shudder.

When I was sure I'd covered every inch of his backside, except his bubble butt, I rolled him over. He automatically returned his hands to the headboard. I looked at his face. His eyes were closed and a fine sheen of sweat glistened off his skin.

His erection was jutting proudly from his groin, just as beautiful as the rest of him. "Beautiful," I whispered looking at his perfect body. Trevor smiled slightly but didn't open his eyes. I knew he was enjoying just feeling the sensations I was creating on his body. For his front, I started at his feet and worked my way up. I ran my fingers up his legs, stopping at the junction of leg and hip. I followed my hands with my lips, alternating from leg to leg. I licked the crease of his groin, but avoided his erection, skipping up to his navel instead. Trevor groaned in frustration and I smiled against his stomach. My tongue darted into his cute belly button making his entire body twitch. My hands reached up to tweak his nipples while I lapped at his navel for a minute, driving Trevor nuts. I was harder than I can remember ever being, but this was for Trevor, so I forced myself to ignore my own desires.

I raised my head when I heard Trevor start to chant something very softly. When I finally realized what he was saying, I smiled. He was simply saying my name, over and over again. I decided that I was getting close to making pleasure torture; real torture and I didn't want that. I moved up Trevor's body, gently kissing and biting his nipples a couple of times. Then I licked up his throat and chin, until I reached his lips. Trevor quickly opened his mouth to invite me in. I accepted the invitation.

I delved in to the warm moistness and devoured his mouth. I couldn't get enough of his taste. Trevor started to whimper and I knew I had to finish things quickly.

I abandoned his mouth and he whimpered loudly. "Shh, baby. It's almost time, I promise. I love you," I murmured.

I quickly moved back down his body to his pulsing, leaking erection. Without delay I took the organ deep into my mouth and throat. Trevor screamed and his body convulsed off the bed. I held his hips down firmly and suckled intently. Trevor whimpered and moaned as he tried to thrust into my mouth. I wouldn't let him. I pulled back and licked around the enraged head, then slowly down to the root. I paused on the way back up to tease the sensitive glans before licking across the weeping opening. With one hand I reached down to cup his balls, gently squeezing. I could feel the sack tighten and knew he was getting very close.

I pulled back completely and looked up at Trevor's face. "Look at me baby," I whispered. Trevor shook his head, not wanting to open his eyes. "Trevor, look at me," I said again.

He opened his eyes slightly and gaze down at me with glazed eyes. "I love you," I whispered before leaning forward and taking him down my throat right to the root, never taking my eyes from his.

His body convulsed and he threw his head back as he screamed my name. I felt the first warm jet of cum flow into my mouth and eagerly swallowed it down. I pulled back so I could taste him better as I suckled and slurped everything he gave me.

Trevor collapsed in a boneless heap on the bed when the orgasm ended. I gently licked his softening organ, making sure I didn't miss a drop of his essence, before I moved up on the bed beside him. Trevor managed to turn his head and look at me, giving me the most beautiful, brilliant, satiated smile I've ever seen.

I brushed his sweat-slicked hair from his forehead and gave him a gentle kiss. "So have you learned your lesson?" I asked softly.

Trevor chuckled. "Give me a minute and I'll let you know," he murmured. I nodded and snuggled against him, letting him enjoy the endorphins floating through his body. My own ardor calmed slightly, but I was still hard and leaking.

About ten minutes later, Trevor stirred again. He started to rub his hand up and down my arm. He glanced down and saw my erection. "You know, while that was a painful lesson, I still don't think I quite have the 'point'. You may need to 'drive' the lesson home, just to make sure," he murmured.

I grinned and leaned forward to kiss him. "Well, if I must, I must. I want to make sure you have really learned your lesson," I whispered. I reached behind me to the bedside table and fumbled around for a moment before finding the bottle of lube. With that in hand, I pushed Trevor back to the bed and moved down between his legs. He raised his legs and planted his feet on the mattress. He smiled down at me and I wondered for the hundredth time how I got so lucky.

I put the bottle beside me on the bed and gazed at my incredible lover. I ran my hands up his shins, and down his thighs. Then I reached down to cup his butt. Each cheek fit perfectly into each of my hands. I tilted his body up, moving his knees back over his chest. It left him spread wide open for me and I moved down to kiss his little pucker. I realized that he'd washed himself in the bathroom before we'd started. I opened my lips and suckled on his fluttering opening, making the muscles contract and release. With my tongue, I probed the little opening and gently pushed my way inside.

Trevor whimpered and I smiled through my actions. I loved the little sounds he was making. I pushed in as deep as I could with my tongue, then began a rapid thrusting motion until Trevor's entire body was shaking again. I pulled back and glanced up, seeing the renewed erection. He had his hands wrapped tightly behind his knees, keeping his legs back for me. My own erection twitched at the gorgeous sight. I reached for the bottle of lube and poured some onto my hand. I slathered one finger with the slick liquid then moved to Trevor's opening. He was so relaxed from the earlier orgasm that my finger slid in easily. Trevor moaned softly and I paused.

"Okay?" I asked softly.

"God, yes!" Trevor gasped so I knew the moan was from pleasure not pain.

I removed my finger and added lube to two fingers, returning to his entrance. The two fingers slid in just as easily. I moved the fingers in and out, and around until I struck the little fleshy knob inside. Trevor's entire body shook as I stroked his prostate.

"Please Corey," he whispered.

"Soon," I murmured. And it would be soon. My own erection was throbbing and leaking profusely. I knew I couldn't wait much longer before I had to sink into that tight heat. I pulled my hand back, added more lube and gently pushed in three fingers. There was a little stretch, and Trevor grunted softly. But once my fingers were inside he pushed back against my hand, wanting more. I knew he was ready, and so was I.

I pulled my fingers out and Trevor moaned at the loss. I stroked his stomach softly. "Here it comes, baby," I said softly. I poured more lube into my hand and quickly slicked it over my engorged erection. I was close to exploding. I grabbed Trevor's legs and pulled them up onto my shoulders. I lifted his butt onto my thighs and leaned forward. I looked into his hazel eyes. "Ready?" He nodded and I moved forward. I touched his opening and slowly pushed my way inside. I knew he was probably still a little tender from the night before, so I moved as slowly as I could, letting him adjust.

It was hard to stop myself from simply thrusting into the incredible tight heat, but I didn't want to cause any more pain than was necessary. Soon enough, I was all the way inside. I leaned down to taste Trevor's kiss-swollen lips. I pulled my hips back and thrust in again, this time a little harder.

"More," Trevor whispered.

I did it again, thrusting even harder, my balls slapping against his flesh.

"More!" he said again, louder than before.

I looked into his face, wanting to be sure. He smiled and nodded. I grabbed his legs from my shoulders and moved them towards his chest, folding Trevor almost in half. I moved my own legs out behind me, planting my feet against the baseboard. My hands were set on the mattress, either side of Trevor's head. I had all the leverage I needed and began to push into Trevor with deep, hard thrusts. I picked up speed and soon I was pounding into his butt. Thrusting, over and over again. Trevor lifted his hips to meet every thrust.

I knew I wouldn't last long, so I put most of my weight on my left hand, moving my right to grasp Trevor's erection. "I want you to come with me, Trevor," I said softly as I stroked his heated flesh.

I wasn't sure if Trevor heard me. He was lost in his own world, his head tossing from side to side, little gasps and moans escaping him. I stroked his erection in time with my thrusts. "Are you ready Trevor?" I gasped out as I approached my own release.

"Yes, yes!" Trevor hissed.

"Here it comes baby," I whispered. "Come now! Trevor!" I shouted as I started to erupt inside of him. Trevor's body went taut at the same time and I could feel his flesh pulsing in my hand.

I lost myself in my own pleasure sensations, barely remaining conscious enough to remember not to collapse on top of Trevor. I pulled from his body and rolled to the side, panting for breath, my muscles and nerves still twitching with my release.

When I came back to myself I realized Trevor was wrapped against my side and I leaned down to kiss his hair.

"Hey," I murmured.

He looked up at me and smiled sweetly. "Hey. Welcome back," he added.

I grinned. "How long was I out?" I asked.

Trevor shook his head, "Only a minute or two. I think I was out for a minute too," he said.

I reached across my body to stroke his face. "That was incredible, Trevor. You are incredible. I love you so much," I murmured.

Trevor moved so he was laying on my chest, looking down at me. "I think you are the incredible, amazing one. I'll never understand how I got so lucky. I love you Corey," he said gently.

I wrapped my arms around his back and held him tightly for a minute.

Finally Trevor pulled back a little. "I love you Corey, but I don't want to be stuck to you forever, so we better take a quick shower," he suggested.

I grinned. "Spoil sport," I said with a pout.

Trevor laughed and rolled off of me, then the bed. He stood beside the bed and waited for me so we could walk to the shower together. We took a quick shower, simply rinsing off the sweat and cum, before returning to the bedroom. Trevor jumped onto the bed, flopping onto his back.

He grinned up at me. "I can't believe how happy I am!"

I smiled at him. "Me too," I said sincerely. "I'm going to go get a glass of water. Do you want anything?" I asked.

"Sure. I'll have some water too. You could put the plate of hors d'oeuvres in the microwave for a couple of minutes and bring it with you, if you're hungry," he suggested.

I nodded. "Sounds good. Be back in a few minutes."

I walked out to the kitchen and grabbed the covered plate from the fridge. I pulled off the plastic wrap before turning the microwave on. I grabbed a pitcher and filled it with ice water from the fridge. After a quick look around I found one of Trevor's trays and set the pitcher, two glasses and some serviettes on it. I pulled the bottle of plumb sauce from the fridge just as the microwave beeped. Once the sauce and plate were on the tray I headed back to the bedroom.

Trevor was propped against the headboard with a number of pillows behind him. I handed him the tray, then walked around to the other side of the bed and climbed in next to him. We put the tray across our laps. It was just past nine so we turned on the TV to watch the early news while we had our snack.

I put my arm around Trevor's shoulders as we ate. I could tell it was uncomfortable for him to sit still.

"So how sore are you?" I asked softly when the news broke for a commercial.

Trevor glanced up at me, blushed and smiled. "A little," he acknowledged wiggling around trying to get comfortable. "But I like it," he added so softly I almost missed it.

"You like pain?" I asked quietly. That was something we hadn't really talked about.

Trevor shook his head. "No. I mean, I don't want to be whipped or paddled, or anything like that." He looked up to meet my eyes and smiled. "I just like being reminded that I have someone who loves me. So a little discomfort is nice once in a while," he added shyly.

I hugged him closer with my arm. "Okay. But I'm still going to pick up something for the future that will cool the pain. It's not an issue when we're on holidays, but I don't want you to be in pain when you're trying to teach," I said.

Trevor nodded in agreement.

I decided it was a good opportunity to broach another subject we hadn't discussed. "So do you want to top next time?" I asked.

Trevor froze and took a deep breath. "Sure, if that's what you want," he said softly.

I preferred to top, but we were in a relationship and I didn't want it to be a one-way relationship. "What do you want?" I asked quietly.

Trevor moved the tray towards the end of the bed and turned to look at me directly. "I know we haven't talked about it. And we probably should have," he said ruefully. "But I'll be honest. I prefer to bottom. But, I don't want to deprive you of something you like. I love you and would be honored to make love to you."

I smiled at Trevor. "Trevor, no matter who tops or bottoms, we make love together. We are equals in all things, regardless of preferred positions, okay? And just so you know, I prefer to top," I added with a grin. Trevor smiled brightly. "I just didn't want you to feel like I was taking and not giving."

Trevor shook his head and moved forward to wrap his arms around my neck. "If you call what we did earlier, just taking…I might have to teach you a lesson!" he whispered.

We both laughed.

I got up and moved the tray to the dresser before visiting the bathroom. Trevor followed and we got ready for bed. Back in the bedroom, I shut the TV off and crawled under the comforter. Trevor snuggled up against me and I wrapped my arms around him.

"I think this is what I've missed most about not having a boyfriend," he said softly. "The snuggling."

I smiled and kissed the top of his head. "Well, you're in luck. Snuggling is my favorite hobby," I whispered.

Trevor giggled and softly kissed my throat. "Good," he murmured.

When I finally drifted to sleep, I had one hand tangled in Trevor's hair, the other on his butt and a leg thrown over Trevor's. I'd never been more comfortable.

To be continued...