Finals Week Fuck

We were in Psychology class together. It was a night class I took once a week. I kept staring at him. He sat on the row behind me and to my right. I couldn't help but stare and sometimes he'd look back at me with that knowing nod of his head and soft sexy smile. He has classic good looks, is very intelligent in class and has an amazing fucking body. He appeared to be physically fit and oh so handsome.

Today, he leaned over to me and licked his lips just before he spoke to me and asked me if I wanted to go to the coffee shop and cram for finals with him. I smiled back at him nervously and quickly agreed. His name is Dustin and he's about 5' 11", around 25 and 175 pounds with nice arms and trim waist line and blonde hair that's slightly tossled. His lips are amazing and I would have to catch myself from staring at his mouth for too long. . I could see how thick his thighs were sitting in class with a prominent bulge in his jeans that made my hole tingle and my mouth water. My name is Kerry and I'm 5' 7" 155 pounds. Nice build, dark hair and I love to bottom and I'm 38. I was very nervous and flattered because I know I'm older.

Class ended around 7:30 pm that evening and he quickly comes up to me and asks, "So you ready to hit the coffee shop Kerry?" I say yes, grab my book bag and off we go to study. Keep in mind now, finals isn't until next Thursday, so I was wondering why the rush tonight?

So we were sitting in the coffee shop and he and I were bouncing questions off of each other and things were going well despite my lack of concentration on the work and focusing more on Dustin. About an hour and a half goes by and we've really accomplished a lot during our study break and if I didn't know any better, Dustin was flirting with me! He keeps licking his lips and smiling flirtatiously at me and my dick is rising in the coffee shop.

I almost spilled my cup of coffee because I was a little nervous and intimidated. I was fumbling around with stuff on the table and dropped my ink pen on the floor. I leaned over to get my pen, and there I was head under the table, eyeball to his crotch and thick muscular thighs. As I'm reaching for my pen, Dustin grabs his cock and rubs the thick bulge in his jeans and squeezes a HUGE fucking handful of cock meat. Now I was really nervous, but horny.

I got back up and smiled at him and pretended to ignore what I had seen under the table, but I knew he knew I saw it. We studied a bit more and after we both agreed we had accomplished a decent amount of work, we started wrapping things up. I reach for my notebook and Dustin reaches for his text book and grazes my hand and lingers there with his hand on mine. He doesn't move and just looks up at me and smiles. I ask him if something's wrong and he says..."No, not at all. I've wanted to touch you all night long. I'd love to touch you in other places too if you'll allow me the pleasure." I look at him and quietly say back to him, "The pleasure of you touching me and me touching you, would be ALL MINE.!"

I smile back at him and now my cock really gets hard and I ask him if he's gay. He says, "HELL YEAH. I was hoping you were too. I've been catching you look back at me in class and I noticed you staring at my body and sometimes I'd catch you sneak a peek at my cock. I've been dying to ask you out some how to get to know more about you but I just couldn't think of a way to approach you appropriately."

So I ask him what he would like to do from here and he offers to take me back to his house. I follow him nervously in my car and we pull into the drive. He opens the door for me and we go in. He gets us each a beer and I sit on the couch and he comes and sits right next to me. He puts his hand on my thigh and just dives in to make out with me. I'm so turned on by Dustin and I think he's fucking HOT and he knows it.

He pulls away and tells me how I'm such a great kisser and he wants more. My hand stays on his thigh, then I allow myself to move my hand over to his crotch and I just grab the thick bulge in his jeans. I tell him, "I'll give you whatever you want!" Dustin smiles at me and grabs my hand from his huge cock and takes me to his bedroom.

We start to undress and chat calmly about bullshit and he pulls off his shirt. I'm bent over the bed removing my shoes and turn around to see the amazing abs, tight trim waist line and beautiful round pecs on his chest capped by sexy small round nipples. I notice his left nipple is pierced and it looks so hot dangling there on that muscled chest of his. He sees me staring at his chest and instinctively flexes his pecs for me and my hole quivers. I let out a low growl deep in my throat and I stand up and just suck on his nipples. He throws his head back and moans softly in his deep voice and pushes the back of my head harder against his chest. He loves it. While I'm still sucking on his tits, I reach down and unbutton my jeans and slide them off my firm ass revealing a tan line that simply makes Dustin moan. I hear him say, "Fuck Kerry, you have a hot fucking ass dude." As he's saying this, he reaches down and slaps my ass and feels my glutes bounce back in his hand in greedy appreciation. "Now that's a hot fucking ass man! I'm so going to fuck that if you let me dude." I say, "Oh you WILL fuck my ass bro, I promise you that."

After my jeans are completely kicked off from around my ankles, I pull off his nipples and stand up to meet his lips. We tongue fuck each other's mouth and kiss and moan deep into each other's face. His hands are all over my back and shoulders. He continues rubbing my back and then both hands come down on each cheek of my ass and he wraps his entire hands around my tan-lined bubble butt and squeezes them firmly. I look into his eyes and ask, "You like that ass dude?" He says, "FUCK YEAH!"

He and I suddenly break our kiss. We're both breathing heavily and I go straight to his jeans to get him naked like me. I unbutton and unzip his jeans and pull them down to see a nice thick bulge stuffed in his white briefs. His briefs look so good fitted around his tight waist line and dark skin. He steps out of his jeans and I run my fingers and thumb under the waist band of his briefs and slowly reveal all of his manhood. His amazing thick cock springs forward and upward right in front of my face and I gasp softly. I think to myself..." Fuck he really does have a thick cock!!!"

He looks down at me smiling because he knows I'm happy at what I see. He asks, "So what you think Kerry?" I look up at him and say, "Fuck Dustin, I don't know if I can handle such a thick cock. How long is this thing?" He says modestly, "It's not that big, maybe a little over 8 inches." I lick my lips and reach my hand around to hold on to his muscular ass and I start slowly sucking his hot fucking dick. The room is quiet and all you can hear are the wet, sucking noises I'm making on his cock and his deep guttural moans as I blow him.

"Fuck Kerry, suck my cock dude. Damn you can't imagine how often I thought about you in class each week!" I suck him harder and with more intensity. I continue to make him moan and I love it. I go down on him as deep as I could, feeling his fat dick pushing its way deeper into my throat, feeling the thick head of his dick tickle that back of my tonsils. Dustin moans and puts his hands on the back of my head and pushes my head further on to his thick shaft...His cock goes deeper and forces its way into my throat past the muscles and my throat just opens up to take him all the way down. I gag a little and pull off some. The saliva in my throat thickens and makes his cock slicker and he pushes me back down on his dick. This time, that fat cock of his goes all the way in and down into the depths of my throat and my chin rests on his ball sac and my nose is buried in his trimmed pubic hair.

He pulls his cock out of my mouth and pushes me on the bed on to my back. He straddles my chest, then inches up over my face and leans forward and puts his cock back into my mouth. I can visualize his ass muscles pumping and flexing and watching his fat cock fucking my face and his balls dancing on my chin. I reach up and hold his ass.

"FUCK YEAH KERRY...DUDE YOU'RE FUCKING MOUTH FEELS SO GOOD ON MY COCK. MILK MY COCK WITH YOUR THROAT BRO." My hands are still wrapped around him holding on to his flexing ass muscles, literally pushing on his ass making him fuck my face as I'm laying on my back and I love every fucking thick inch of his dick inside my mouth. I want to please him so much. I want to take him places he's never been before with a cock sucker.

I start to stroke his cock with my right hand while I suck on just the head of his cock and his body is trembling...I'm taking him to the edge...but he's not going to cum now. I pull off of his dick, turn him around and bury my face in his hot round muscled ass. As he's sitting on my face I hear him moan, "FUCK KERRY EAT MY HOLE DUDE." I'm getting turned on each time he talks dirty to me and I'm eating his ass fantasizing about how he's going to fuck me while his hole is still wet from my tongue. I pull away from his hot ass and I see his nice balls hanging between his thighs and his huge, fat cock boned up and standing straight out in front of him and parallel to my chest right between my pecs. His cock is dripping warm pre-cum on my chest and it feels fucking HOT.

I pull away from him and we both get off the bed and stand up to kiss. He embraces me firmly yet again. You can hear the passion in our breathing as we make out. The heavy breathing and body contact breaks the silence in the room. I slowly stop kissing him and I say to him, "Dustin, I want you to lube up that thick dick and fuck me until you give me your load."

He smiles and leans over to his night stand and pulls out his lube. I get back on the bed on all 4s this time and look over my shoulder. As I watch him lubing up and slowly stroking his cock, I see his muscular chest bouncing and flexing as he pumps his cock. I suddenly feel his fingers wet my hole and I hear the top snap shut on the lube. Dustin climbs on the bed between my legs while I'm on all 4s and I feel him running his fingers down my spine from the top of my neck all the way down to the crack of my greedy fucking pussy. I feel him rest his fat cock right between the buns of my firm ass and he slowly grinds his cock up and down the crack of my ass. I'm moaning and he's breathing harder. He's ready to fuck and I'm ready to get fucked!

Dustin breaks the silence and asks, "You ready for my dick Kerry?" He slaps his fat cock on my hole a few times warming up my asshole...rubbing the head over it, coating it with lube and his pre-cum.

I look over my shoulders and I tell him to go slow. I feel the pressure of his thick 8" cock head right on my pussy hole...I tighten up a bit out of instinct, take a few deep breaths and I tell him to PUSH...He grips my hips strongly like a man holds a man...I feel the constant pressure building. His cock starts to slide into my ass and I let out a low moan. Suddenly I feel his dick pop past my sphincter and it starts its way deep inside my pussy.

My cock is springing to attention and starts to leak pre-cum from the excitement of his muscle cock's entry. His big dick finally reaches the end and he's buried deep inside me. He leans over to kiss the back of my neck and I get goose bumps all over my body. I turn my head back and make out with him and he takes that as his cue.

He starts to slowly pull out and push back into me. I'm moaning and starting to grunt from the pleasure of feeling his fat cock in my hole. My ass muscles are flexing each times he stuffs that fat dick into me. I pull away from his thick full lips and I tell him to fuck me like he wants and he smiles that sexy smile and says, "You're ready sexy?"

I say, "Oh fuck yeah Dustin, go ahead stud and fuck me good. I need the tension from all this studying fucked out of me dude." He lowers his hands and grips my hips and starts to slowly pound my hole...the passion and tension is starting to build up from our fucking. His hip rhythm picks up and he starts to really hammer my hole. I'm moaning like a fucking bitch in heat and taking all that he has to give me. I've wanted him to fuck me for a couple of months now. The room is filled with the sounds of his breathing, the wet sounds of his hips fucking my greedy wet pussy and his bed squeaking. I'm on sensory over load from all of the hot, wonderful noises. Then he starts to talk dirty and I almost shoot my load right between my legs and onto the bed. I try to hold back. I concentrate.

In between hip thrusts and grunts, I hear Dustin say, "Kerry how do you like my fat cock in your ass? Your fucking hole feels like a velvet glove wrapped around my thick cock dude." That makes me want more and I start to fuck my round muscled ass back on his dick harder and harder. I'm gripping the sheets until my knuckles are almost white, turning into the greedy bottom bitch I LOVE TO BE.

"Dustin, you're dick feels so fucking good in my pussy dude...fuck my hole hard man. I can take that big dick now. Give me all you've got bro. I want that nut deep inside me." I'm grunting the words out and I can tell this is turning Dustin on because he picks up the pace and the bed really starts to squeak. He slaps down a hand on my right ass cheek and tells me how hot my round white ass looks as I take his fat cock. When he slapped my ass, I could feel my hole bite down on his dick and he moans.

He starts to slow down some and says, "Let's switch positions. I want to see your face when I seed your pussy dude and make you cum." He pulls his pulsating dick slowly out of my fucked hole. He flips me over on my back and I smile. I get on my back, lift my legs up and lock my elbows behind my knees, exposing my hole to his fucking thick cock..."COME ON DUSTIN, TAKE MY HOLE AND SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE GOT STUD!"

He licks those lips, puts his hands on the back of my thighs and tells me, "Dude, I'm going to breed your pussy like no man has ever done before and hopefully own it after."


I feel his cock head kiss my pussy lips again and with one swift motion, he's buried in my ass balls deep and grinding hard. I moan, "UGGGHHHH FUCK." I fucking love every thick inch of it. I look up at him and literally beg him to fuck me. He leans over, makes out passionately with me. His face is getting flush and red with passion and an intense look comes over his face. He's biting his bottom lip and it looks so sexy.

He pushes out his chest, arches his back and he rears back and starts to really hammer my hole while my elbows are locked behind my knees and I'm just giving up my pussy to his pounding. He's pounding harder and harder. His breathing his getting louder and I'm moaning so loudly. He's fucking me so hard that it's pushing me across the bed. Each thrust from his hip makes me grunt and moan, but I continue to give up my hole to him. HARDER AND HARDER...the pounding continues...He's fucking me like a true stallion, a man on a mission. The sound of his bed squeaking, the mattress bouncing under me from his powerful thrusts, over and over again. I feel his thick muscled dick swelling up in my fucked hole...

He looks down at me and says, "Kerry about to cum dude. FUCK I'M GOING TO BREED YOUR HOT PUSSY. YOU WANT IT?"

"FUCK YEAH I WANT IT DUSTIN. DEEPER...HARDER...COME ON DUDE, NAIL MY HOLE." My cock starts to jump and throb between my legs. I feel the rush of hot liquid from his cock shoot into my hole...his cock is jumping inside my ass and getting unbelievably thicker!!!!

"OH FUCK DUSTIN, I CAN FEEL IT CUMMING INSIDE ME...FUCK THAT SHIT. FUCK MY HOLE DUDE...GIVE ME THAT NUT...DON'T STOP. KEEP FUCKING ME DUDE!!!!" My cock instinctively jumps and unloads its nut on my own chest to my neck...I'm cumming too.

I unlock my elbows from the back of my knees and grab on to Dustin's muscular ass, feeling how hard his ass muscles are as they are flexing each time his cock shoots load after load into my aching hole...

He keeps on slowly fucking me until my cock stops shooting and then lays on top of me breathing heavy into my ear. His back is lightly covered with a sheen of sweat and I feel his body relax. He leans in to make out with me again. His cock is still inside my ass and he makes it flex while he's kissing me passionately.

We lay there a while...both breathing hard...both exhausted from such a hot fucking...

After a few minutes of just laying there, he looks at me and smiles and asks..."So we studying again tomorrow?"

I smile and just squeeze his cock with my hole and say, "OH YEAH."

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