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Finding Family

by Jeff Allen



We started soccer practice in August with a great group of returning veterans plus some promising freshmen.  The returning veterans included not only my crew of guys but also Bobby Whitaker, Elijah Baker, Caleb Stuart, Tyrone Jackson, Ward Furr, Brandon Leach, and Jonathan Pittman.  Ryan Ladd was notably absent and sorely missed.  The new freshmen included two guys that seemed to have particular promise as players.  One was Rashod Roberts, a well-built black kid who, as a freshman, had taken over first chair violin in the high school orchestra.  The other was Yosuke Takamachi, who everyone called "Ske."  His parents had opened an upscale Japanese-style restaurant in the town a couple of years earlier.  I'd eaten there a few times with Ginger Watson and her partner Jenna Rawls and one time with Robert Marquez.  The food was excellent. 

Both Rashod and Ske were in my ninth grade government class.  Rashod was quiet and reserved.  Ske was the opposite.  He was the class clown and kept everyone entertained.  Although he pushed the envelope several times and I had to be stern with him, there was no way you could stay mad at the kid.

Rashod and Ske also doubled the number of uncut guys on the soccer team.  The first time the new guys took a shower with the team, Tyrone loudly called attention to the fact that Rashod and Ske were "naturals" just like him and Jonathan.  Ske blushed deeply.  Rashod's natural coloration was too dark to notice a blush.  The two of them quickly got over any initial embarrassment, and by the third day of practice Tyrone, Jonathan, Ske, and Rashod referred to themselves as "The Naturals."

That weekend my three guys and I were invited out to the Marquez mansion for dinner.  The boys were planning on spending the night.  Robert insisted that we bring Mutt out with us so I wouldn't feel obligated to get home early to let her out the next morning.

Elena prepared another delicious meal, ate with us, and then retreated to her part of the big house.  The rest of us played a couple of games of pool, and when dinner was settled we swam and played in Robert's big pool. 

After forty-five minutes or so of wrestling around with the kids in the water, Robert and I moved to his hot tub.

"Tyrone tells me that you're going to help TJ and Isaac with college."

"Yeah, they're both bright kids.  They deserve the chance to give college a try."

"I understand that Isaac doesn't have any financial resources, but I would think that TJ's father would have done something to take care of him."

"As far as we can tell, that didn't happen.  Angela is the executrix of the estate, and she keeps telling TJ that there isn't any money."

"There seems to be lots of money for Angela."

"You're right.  I think John Ladd made a mistake if he thought Angela would watch out for anyone except herself."

"Parker, I want to help you with both Isaac and TJ."

"Thanks.  That's really kind of you.  I appreciate your offer, but I can handle it.  I've got enough money coming in from investments that it won't be a problem."

"I'd still like to help.  I like both TJ and Isaac a lot.  They've really helped Tyrone, and I'd like to do something for them."

"Robert, thanks, but I can handle it.  The boys are my responsibility not yours."

"Why won't you accept my help?"

"Like I said, the boys are my responsibility."

"And I'd like to share that responsibility with you.  In fact, I would like to share a lot more with you if you'd let me.


Robert's low laughter rolled across the hot tub.  "I'm sorry, Parker, this is a serious moment, but the look on your face is anything but serious.  I think my little confession took you by surprise, no?"

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

He laughed again.  "And just what do you think I'm saying?  That I'm gay?  Yes, I am gay.  I've known since I was in high school.  I told you the first time you had dinner here that there were a lot of gays in the NBA, but no one could come out of the closet without losing their career.  I don't have a career to worry about any more.  Accepting responsibility for Tyrone taught me that people and relationships are more important than careers.  I've never found a man who I thought I could spend the rest of my life with.  That is until I met you."

`He IS saying what I thought he was saying!'

"I have been attracted to you since the day you came over to my car while I was watching soccer practice.  I thought you were hot then.  I think you're even hotter now that I know you.

"Tyrone and I talk about almost everything.  As he got to know your gang he figured out that you were in a relationship and told me, so I didn't say anything.  I just enjoyed getting to know you as a good friend.  I know your relationship ended over Christmas, but I haven't said anything before now because I wanted you to have time to heal from that breakup.  I don't want to be your rebound lover.  Now, I hope you've healed, and I hope you'll consider trying to take our friendship to another level."

"Robert, I don't know what to say.  This has caught me completely off guard.  I think we need to talk, but I'd be a lot more comfortable talking if we weren't sitting naked in your hot tub."  `What are you saying, stupid.  Here you are in a hot tub with one of the sexiest guys you've ever seen.  He's just told you he has the hots for you, and all you can think about is getting dressed.  No, go with your gut.  Dressed is better.  You need a little time to process this.'


Robert smiled at me.  "Well, I'll take it as a good sign that you're nervous."

"Flabbergasted is a better word than nervous.  I sure didn't see this coming."

"I like to surprise people now and then."

"I think you've managed to do that."


We climbed out of the tub and retreated back into the locker room area for a quick shower.  It was weird.  Robert and I had been naked together dozens of times over the past year.  I'd never felt self-conscious about it before.  This time as we showered I found myself turning my body so my cock and balls were not as exposed to him.  At the same time he seemed to be purposefully exposing himself to me.  I hurried through the shower and dressed.

We retreated to the small sitting area in the wing of the house containing his bedroom and a guest bedroom where I normally stayed.  I sat at one end of a love seat.  Robert poured each of us a glass of his exquisite single malt scotch and then took a place at the other end of the love seat.  He draped his arm long the back so that his fingertips just barely made contact with my shoulder.

"What should we talk about?"

I looked into his warm chocolate brown eyes.  They were beautiful.  And they were laughing.  The big jerk was enjoying my discomfort.  "I guess we both need to know some background on how the two of us came to this place in our lives."

"That's fair enough.  I've told you before about leaving Cuba and about almost drowning when our boat sank within sight of Miami.  After that I don't think my experience growing up was all that different from that of any other immigrant Cuban kid in Miami.  I liked to play basketball, and I was good at it.  It got me noticed in junior high, and it got me into one of the better high schools in Miami.  That's where I met Charmaine.  Looking back, I think I all ready knew I was gay, but I saw her as a way to prove to myself that I was really straight.  Almost every time I was with a woman, I was imagining some guy. 

"Life in the NBA is fast.  Finding sexual partners was never a problem.  There were always lots of willing women...and men.  I was open about the women and careful about the men just like all the other closeted guys in the league.  After a few years, I was tired of the whole scene.  I was tired of people that wanted to be with you because you were a big NBA star.  I was tired of having meaningless sex with a different partner every time.  I was tired of people trying to make themselves into something by being associated with me. 

"In a strange way Charmaine's cancer and death provided the way for me to break out of that cycle.  However, I went too far in the opposite direction.  When we moved here, I was hiding from the world using Tyrone as the excuse to do it.  It was you and your guys who showed me that it was possible to be accepted as a person instead of as a symbol.

"I know you would hesitate to ask, so I'll go ahead and tell you.  I have had many sexual partners.  I wasn't always careful.  However, I always had regular HIV tests.  That was a requirement in the NBA.  I haven't been with anyone, male or female, in nearly two years.  I've continued getting HIV tests every six months, and I'm negative.

"I am by nature a very private person, Parker.  I've never had many true friends.  You are the first person in years who has treated me as a regular person and as an equal.  When I'm with you, I want to share things with you that I've never told anyone else.  I think you are the most amazing man I've ever met, and I have fallen in love with you."

He smiled and let his fingers graze along my shoulder sending a shiver down my back.  "Now it's your turn." 

I took another sip of my scotch before beginning.  "All right.  I realized I was gay in junior high, but I never did anything with another guy until college.  I slept with several guys in college and then had one very disastrous relationship.  I thought we were in love, but when he turned abusive I left.  I played the bar scene for the next couple of years.  Even the first year coaching up here, a female friend and I were at the bars almost every weekend.  I was rarely with the same guy twice.  I didn't want to get attached.  Like you, I've had regular blood tests, and I'm HIV negative also.

"My bar hopping days ended when Trey came to live with me.  Since then I've only been with a couple of guys, and just sort of found myself in a relationship with Karl."

"So it was Karl Henson that you were involved with?  Tyrone picked up from Trey and TJ that you had something going with someone, but that he was only able to be here every once in a while.  Karl Henson seemed to be the logical candidate for your part-time lover."

"Yes.  It was Karl.  We saw each other only when he was home on leave.  He's a great person, and I still think the world of him.  I realize our relationship was really one of convenience for both of us.  I was tired of the bar scene long before Trey came to live with me.  Karl allowed me to have a `relationship' without having the other emotional entanglements because we both knew he would be going back to West Point as soon as his leaves were over.

"Robert, you have become my best friend.  You're an incredibly handsome and sexy man, but I always assumed you were straight and off limits.  I've tried very hard not to think of you in a sexual way, and I'm having some trouble getting my mind out of that track.  Can we take this slowly?"

"We can take this as slowly or as rapidly as you want.  I'll let you set the pace."  He gently traced his fingers across my shoulders again sending another shiver down my back.  He smiled, "Although I may try to speed things up from time to time.  I'm pleased that you find my touch stimulating."

His eyes drifted down to my crotch.  I followed his gaze.  I was sporting a noticeable bulge.

I felt my face redden.  I set my empty glass down on the table and stood.  "I think I need to go to bed now...alone.  I have a lot to think about."

A look of disappointment flashed in his eyes but was quickly masked by his smile.  "I understand."  He brought the back of my hand to his lips.  "I'll see you in the morning."

I turned and nearly ran into the guest bedroom.

I spent a lot of the night thinking.  Could I love Robert?  He had become my best friend.  Could I think of him as something other than a `friend'?  Was he really gay?  He said he'd been with both men and women during his time in the NBA.  Was he really bisexual?  Did he profess interest in me because I was available?  He was a famous sports figure.  He could have anyone he wanted.  Did he really want me?  Why would he want me?  What could I give him that he couldn't find in a dozen other places?  Was I capable of a real relationship?  I sure didn't have a good track record in the relationship department.  Could I get past my fears and insecurities?

About five in the morning, I gave up on getting any more sleep...there hadn't been a lot of it anyway...and climbed out of bed.  I pulled on my shirt and pants and padded barefoot into Robert's room. 

He was lying on his side facing me with one arm thrust under the pillow.  I sat in the chair that faced his bed and watched him as he slept.

He'd shaved off his beard a few months earlier.  I'd been stunned then at how much younger that had made him look.  Half his handsome face was buried in the pillow.  His arm and shoulder were exposed above the covers.  Silky black hair covered the small portion of his chest that was visible.  I was already familiar with his body.  We'd been naked in either his or my hot tub on several occasions.  I'd always appreciated his beauty, but now I was seeing him as a potential lover.

Why was I hesitant?  Was he too perfect?  Could I live up to his expectations?  Could he live up to mine?

His eyes opened.  He smiled showing his perfect white teeth. 

"How long have you been watching me?"

"For a while."

"You look tired."

"I didn't get much sleep last night.  It's all your fault."

His low rumbling laugh came out before his response.  "I should be sorry, but I'm not.  It means that you've been thinking about me...about us.  If you had been able to sleep, it would mean there was no chance for us."

"You're right.  I thought a lot about you last night."

He opened the covers revealing his long, naked body beneath them.  His cock was erect with the foreskin fully pulled back away from the glans.  I'd never seen him erect before.  The sight caused a stirring in my groin.

"Come to bed.  It's too early to be awake."

I stood, wriggled out of my pants and shirt and climbed into bed with him.  He threw the covers over us, turned me to face away from him and then used his free arm to pull me back against his chest.

I felt his lips brushing my tousled hair.  "Go to sleep, Parker."

I did.


We all had a great time staying out at Tyrone's, but then we always had a great time when we stayed out there or at our house.  It was just a bunch of gay friends having a good time together.  After dinner we cleaned up the dining room and kitchen for Elena, and then all the guys including Parker and Robert went down to the pool for a while.  After a lot of splashing around, Parker and Robert left to go to the hot tub.  Before dinner Tyrone had warned us all that his dad wanted a chance to talk with my Uncle Parker privately so we stayed in the big indoor swimming pool.

When we were done chasing each other around in the pool we grabbed our clothes and, still naked, headed up to Tyrone's room for the rest of the night.  As we passed the hot tub room I noticed that Robert and Parker were gone.  I thought that was kind of odd because they usually stayed in the hot tub for quite a while.  It must have been a short talk.

Up in Tyrone's area of the house we dug into the snacks Elena had prepared for us and put on some music.  We stayed naked.  That was the norm whenever we were over at Tyrone's or upstairs at our house.  I know what you're thinking.  A bunch of naked gay guys all in the same room.  You'd think there would have been a lot of fooling around, but there really wasn' least most of the time.  Usually we just clowned around like teenagers do.  There was a lot of verbal banter and a good bit of touching, but nothing too least most of the time.

Okay, that night was one of the "different" times.  Maybe it was because Ryan, TJ's straight brother, wasn't there with us.  Ryan was cool with all of us being gay, but we didn't push it very much when he was around.  Ryan had been shipped off to some military school by his witch of a mother.  TJ had been really down for almost two months after Ryan left.  TJ was my best friend, but there was really a special bond between the two brothers.  We knew from his letters that Ryan was just as miserable about the separation as TJ was. 

Sorry for the rambling.  I'll get back to the events of that night out at Tyrone's, `cause I know that's why your reading this. 

We finished most of the snacks and were just kicking back listening to some music.  Tyrone got up and started dancing around.  As he danced he went farther and farther into his own world.  He closed his eyes and moved to the music.  His hands started roaming over his toned body as he danced, and his penis began to inflate.  We could see the darker head of his dick emerging from the foreskin as he danced. 

TJ was sitting next to me on the floor.  I felt his hand on my thigh.  I was hard instantly.  I looked over to TJ's lap.  His dick was in the same condition as mine.  I closed my eyes and put my hand on TJ's thigh and slowly moved it back and forth.  Each time I went closer and closer to his hard on until my fingers brushed over his warm shaft.

I looked over at Tyrone.  Isaac had joined him in dancing.  They were moving together to the music, their bodies constantly touching, hands, chests, thighs.  Both had full-scale erections. 

Isaac moved closer and kissed Tyrone on the lips.  Tyrone responded by opening his mouth.  They continued their languid dance movements as they kissed.

Now, we had all fooled around with one another.  However, we'd never kissed open-mouthed like that.  It had always been mutual masturbation, lots of 69's, and blowjobs, but never kissing like that.

Watching Tyrone and Isaac was the hottest thing I'd ever seen.  When TJ's hand closed around the shaft of my erection, a shiver went through my entire body.  I almost came right then and there.  I felt TJ's breath on my neck.  I turned my face, and our lips met.  I felt his tongue pressing against my lips, and I opened my mouth in response.  We both moaned as our tongues began dueling.  I rolled over on my side to press my entire body up against his.

Tyrone and Isaac were still dancing but now they were back to front.  Tyrone was taller and his hands continued to move over Isaac's chest, stomach, and down to his swaying cock as Isaac pushed his ass into Tyrone's groin.

TJ and I continued to jack each other as we watched the others.  The tip of Tyrone's dick, slick with precum, appeared and disappeared at the top of Isaac's ass crack as they moved in time to the music.

Tyrone bent his knees as he moved, and I could tell that the head of his weapon was pressing against Isaac's hole.  Isaac's eyes remained closed as they moved together.  An expression of discomfort momentarily passed over his face but was replaced by another...lustful...look as Tyrone pressed his shaft home.  As Tyrone moved deeper and deeper into Isaac's ass, the two of them began moving as one.  Both faces reflected the ecstasy of their coupling.

Tyrone used his hand to turn Isaac's head so they could kiss.  They remained locked in the kiss as their movements became more rapid.  Finally Tyrone's head snapped backward and his body tensed as he shot his load into Isaac's warm tunnel.  As Tyrone gave his final thrust Isaac's dick erupted with shot after shot of cum.  The first volley landed a good six feet away from the copulating pair.

Seeing their climaxes sent TJ and me over the edge.  We'd continued to stroke the other's dick as Tyrone and Isaac's love making had become more intense.  We unloaded into each other's hands as Tyrone and Isaac separated.  Isaac turned to face Tyrone, and they met together in another long, intense kiss.

Tyrone lifted Isaac's face in his hands.  "I've wanted that for a long time."

"Me too."

They kissed again.  Then Isaac looked over at us and said, "I hope we didn't gross you guys out.  I kind of forgot you were there."

Tyrone laughed.  His laugh was like his father's.  Soft, rumbling, and incredibly sexy.  "I don't think we bothered them.  It looks like they both shot big loads."

TJ smiled and brought his hand covered with my cum up to his mouth and began licking his fingers clean.

Tyrone took Isaac's hand in his.  "I hope you guys don't mind staying out here tonight.  I think Isaac and I want the bedroom to ourselves."

After Tyrone and Isaac retreated into the bedroom, TJ and I cleaned up in the guest bathroom and then lay down together on the palate on the floor where all four of us had planned on spending the night.

"What do you think just happened?" TJ asked.

"I think Isaac and Tyrone just become boyfriends."

"I never would have guessed that one."

"Me either."


At breakfast Isaac and Tyrone sat next to each other.  It was pretty obvious something had changed.

Robert kept looking at them across the table.  At one point Tyrone's eyes met those of his father.  Tyrone reached over and put his arm around Isaac's shoulder, and Robert just smiled and winked.  Then he and Parker leaned toward one another.

I dropped my fork.  "Holy shit!  Parker, are you and Robert...?"

My uncle and Robert just smiled.

(To be continued)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Many of the characters who play parts in this story were previously introduced in either "When Love Comes" (last posted in the College section on Sept. 6, 2001) or "Love of a Lifetime" (last posted in the College section on May 19, 2003). While not necessary, readers may find it useful to read the two earlier stories posted on this site.  Both previous stories are also posted at

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