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Finding Family

by Jeff Allen






Jorge Menendez quickly adapted to our unconventional household. The first guys he really bonded with were Ryan and Nacio. The three of them often sat together after dinner and happily chatted in Spanish. Nacio and Jorge had grown up speaking Spanish. Ryan had become very good at it with help from Nacio. I could catch a few words here and there. Languages had never been my forte. To my delight Jorge decided to come out for the soccer team when the spring season started, and he was a great asset to the team. He continued to work at Takamachi's Restaurant, but only on the weekends which gave him the time he'd lacked before to play soccer. Donnie found a ten-year-old Ford Taurus that looked like a piece of crap but ran perfectly, and I bought the car to give Jorge a vehicle of his own. He was so excited when he got it that you'd have thought I'd bought him a Cadillac.

Jorge and Tyrone Jackson became boyfriends, but it wasn't always an easy relationship. They broke up a couple of times because Jorge found out about Tyrone having sex with other guys, but after a week or so they would be back together.

Robert Marquez and I talked about Tyrone's promiscuity. It troubled Robert. He talked with Tyrone about it, but in the end it was Tyrone's choice. I just hoped Tyrone would grow out of his blow-everything-in-pants stage before he hurt himself or hurt Jorge.

Karl and I were growing to love one another more and more as each day passed. He started helping with the soccer team in addition to taking over more responsibility for running his family's hardware store. Joe May and I certainly appreciated the help, and the boys seemed to respond well to Karl's efforts.

All the college guys came home for their spring break in early March, but Josh and Isaac only stayed a couple of days before heading back to Adams to be with their boyfriends.

During that week of Spring Break TJ and Donnie talked with Karl and me about buying a house.

Right next to my property was a forty-acre tract that included a modest three bedroom house and a small barn that had been up for sale since the fall. The house had been built in the 1930's and had been modernized recently with the addition of another bathroom in the downstairs. The barn dated from the 1940's. It had fallen into a little disrepair, but it was still basically sound. Donnie had the money for a down payment and thought he would be able to get a mortgage from the bank.

I suggested that they talk to an attorney about the best way to protect both their interests in the property if they bought it. That turned out to be a good move. The attorney created a corporation with Donnie and TJ as the two partners. Both placed an equal amount of money into the partnership toward the purchase of the property. Donnie put up funds from his savings, and TJ was able to get permission from the trust managers at the bank to use funds from his trust account. His trustees considered the partnership to be an investment. The partnership protected the interests of both guys if something happened to one of them or to their relationship. The attorney also strongly urged Donnie to file for divorce from his wife and seek legal custody of his boys.

Setting up the partnership and securing a mortgage for the small farm from the bank took less time than I thought it would. By the end of March Donnie and TJ were homeowners. They started some minor renovations on the house and barn which went quickly because everyone at our house was eager to help their brothers. That allowed them to set the middle of May as their move-in date.

I really didn't want them to move, but I knew this was the next step in their relationship. I kept telling myself that they would be right next door. It really helped my growing separation anxiety when one of the first things they did when after closing on the property was clear a pathway through a narrow copse of woods from their yard to mine. Grant and Micah were over at our house much of the time and continued to swim in the pool and enjoy playing with all the guys from the soccer team who hung out at my place in the summer. The guys from the "Annex" as TJ and Donnie's house was soon named continued to eat most dinners with the larger group at my house. Of course dinners during the summer time were a very informal affair.

It was a good thing that Donnie, TJ, and the boys moved into their own place. My house was packed for the summer.

Josh and Trey stayed in Adams. Josh didn't want to leave Brandon, and Trey had a job as a summer research assistant for Gary Griffith, aka Doc. Jonathan Pittman and his lover/twin Wes Dawson stayed with us. Isaac came home as well and brought Bart Harris who wanted to do some outdoor work instead of washing dishes at the restaurant...and he wanted to be with Isaac. Isaac also brought Ahmed Kahn home with him.

Ahmed's parents were traveling to Europe for some professional meetings and then to Pakistan to visit family. Ahmed had been to Europe and his parents' homeland several times in the past, and he prevailed upon his parents to let him stay in the States over the summer. Ahmed's parents first approached Isaac about staying with Ahmed in their house, but Isaac wanted to be in Carterville for the summer. Isaac talked it over with me and then, with my permission, proposed to the Kahn's that Ahmed come live with us in Carterville for the summer. They agreed after several telephone conversations and one face-to-face meeting between Karl and me and the Kahns.

Isaac and Bart took Donnie and TJ's old room. Ahmed got the room that had been Grant's and Micah's. Ryan had his own room over the kitchen wing of the house; Nacio and Jorge were in the room next door; and Jonathan and Wes stayed in the third room in that area. I'm sure there was some hot sex happening in a few of those upstairs bedrooms, but not nearly as much as you might think. Once summer started and we got into our summer routine, there were friends or guys from the soccer team spending the night at the house almost all the time.

Ryan Ladd and Tyrone Jackson graduated the first week of June. Ryan had garnered an academic scholarship to Adams State, and Tyrone's basketball talents had earned him a scholarship at Kansas State. He was going to be leaving to go to the summer basketball program out there in early July. He and Jorge decided to remain friends but not continue as boyfriends after Tyrone left.

After graduation we quickly fell into our regular summer routine. Everyone got up around six. Within a few minutes we were all jogging as a group down the road. Donnie and TJ were able to join us on the morning jogs because each morning one of the guys from my house went down the path to the Annex and stayed with Grant and Micah while their two daddies jogged.

After the jog we would eat a quick breakfast after which the guys working for Ladd Brothers Lawn Services covered themselves with sun screen, received their days assignments from TJ or Ryan, loaded up the equipment, and left for their various destinations. They were all out of the house before eight.

Karl didn't have to be at the hardware store until nine, and I didn't have anything to do for the county summer recreation program until a little after that. We cleaned up the kitchen from the breakfast herd and took our time to shower and shave. We usually took our showers together and shaved each other. Sometimes the showers and shaves became overtly sexual. Even if we didn't end up making love, those were always intensely intimate times for us.

The evening brought everyone home. As happened in previous summers it was common for guys on the soccer team or friends to show up at the house in the late afternoon or evening. The guys shot hoops, played soccer or Frisbee, and swam in the pool. Almost everyone swam naked in the pool, and many of them stayed naked when they got out of the pool. Even Ahmed, who had started the summer by assiduously wearing a bathing suit, was unashamedly running around the backyard and swimming in the pool in the buff after the first couple of weeks. Karl and I enjoyed the scenery when we thought about it, but most of the time we didn't pay attention to whether or not some one was clothed or naked. One thing that everyone did notice and that provided lots of entertainment for us was to see the looks on guys' faces when they saw Bart's equipment for the first time.    It was an impressive sight.   Even the straight guys stared with open mouths. Even after swimming around in the cool waters of the pool, Bart's dick hung down about six inches. Apparently both Bart and his brother Brandon not only "showed" they also grew! Isaac confided in me one time that Bart's dick was almost eleven inches long when it was erect, and Josh had intimated the same thing about his boyfriend.


I hadn't really expected to be responsible for Ahmed over the summer. Bart and I had arranged for him to come stay with me over the summer in Carterville and work for TJ and Ryan. Ahmed's parents had decided that they needed to attend a big international math conference in Europe and then go to Pakistan for the rest of the summer to visit with aging relatives. Ahmed made it plain to his folks that he did not want to go. After some period of discussions among the three members of the Kahn Family, Ahmed's parents asked me if I would consent to staying in Adams over the summer and live in the house with Ahmed. I didn't want to do that, but Ahmed pleaded with me saying that if I didn't stay with him he would have to go to Europe and Pakistan. I thought, Life's tough, Bud. I've never been to Europe and not likely to get there any time soon. But I felt sorry for him. We worked it out with Coach, TJ, and Ryan that Ahmed would stay in Carterville over the summer and work for Ladd Brothers Lawn Services. That would be a new experience for Ahmed on two fronts. It would be the first time he would be around a bunch of gay guys, and second it would be the first time in his life that he ever had a job. That boy had led a very sheltered life.

Ahmed was completely blown away by the free atmosphere and casual nudity around the house. It took him several days before he didn't stare open mouthed whenever one of the guys came out of the shower or pool naked, but he finally came around, and after a few weeks of wearing a swimsuit he started swimming in the pool without the suit like most of the rest of the guys.

I thought his jaw was going to drop to the floor the first time he saw Bart naked, but then that's the reaction of just about everyone when they first see the piece of meat that swings between Bart's muscular and hairy legs. As impressive as Bart's penis was in its flaccid condition, it was almost twice as impressive erect. The Harris men...or at least Bart and Brandon...had to be part horse!

I really liked Bart. No, let's be honest, I was probably already well in love with Bart before the summer began. He was handsome, smart, kind, funny, and a wonderful lover. After the first few times when his orgasms came quickly, Bart developed amazing control. He figured out just what to do to provide maximum pleasure to me during our lovemaking session. All that, and he was versatile too! I think most guys seeing the size of Bart's dick would assume that he was a top. He was much of the time when we had anal intercourse, but he also enjoyed it when I put my dick into him. Life was good!

By the end of the summer Ahmed had himself a boyfriend...Jorge Menendez. They hit it off right at the first of the summer when they found out that they shared the same birthday, July 13. We had a big barbeque party to celebrate their combined birthdays. Both guys wore big wide smiles all the way through the event. Ahmed told me that he was having the best time of his life at the party, and Jorge told me that it was the first time he'd ever had a birthday party.

After Tyrone left for his basketball camp at Kansas State, Ahmed and Jorge became even closer and started spending most of their time together. They didn't make a big deal out of the whole thing, but Jorge began spending most nights in Ahmed's room which shared a bathroom with ours. One time I got up in the middle of the night to pee. There was an almost full moon that provided a lot of light. The door to Ahmed's room was open, and I saw him on his back on the bed with Jorge pounding into his ass. Like I said before, Ahmed had some brand new experiences that summer.




When Doc Griffith asked me to be his research assistant over the summer, I jumped at the chance and told him I'd do it. Then I got to thinking. It would mean staying in Adams over the summer. I would miss out on a summer with Parker, Karl, TJ, and the rest of Coach's Cubs.

Well, I wouldn't miss all the cubs. Josh was staying in Adams with Brandon over the summer. Matt Stevenson had arranged a job for Josh helping with the summer football camps for high school kids, basically so that Josh and Brandon would be able to stay together over the summer.

Also Brian Barnes was going to remain in the upstairs apartment during the summer and over the next academic year. He had graduated in May and was starting an MBA program that would keep him in Adams for another year. Brian had been on the soccer team with us, and I'd had a crush on him since the first time I'd seen him. Brian was living with an MBA student from Russia when I first met him. It's a long way between North Carolina and St. Petersburg, Russia.   After Sergei graduated and left Adams, he and Brian gradually grew apart and Brian started to date other guys.

Unfortunately, I was never one of the guys Brian dated. We were friends, and he lived upstairs from us, but that's as far as it went. If I stayed in Adams over the summer, I'd get to see Brian some. On the other hand, I figured I'd also have to listen to him pounding into his latest boyfriend. His bedroom was right over mine, and I knew from experience that I would be able to hear the bedsprings creaking. If that happened, I could always beat off to the sound of the bed creaking upstairs or go sleep on the couch in the living room.

I was amazed at how quiet the town of Adams was when the university wasn't in could actually find empty parking spots on the downtown streets. The grocery stores weren't crowded. Traffic in town was almost non-existent.

Most nights either Josh or I cooked dinner, and Brian ate with us. Josh always put aside a meal to give to Brandon when he got home from the restaurant so we were always careful to cook something that would taste good heated over.

During one of those dinners, Brian said, "Listen guys, my parents have a place at Sunset Beach, and my brothers and several friends and I usually get together down there the weekend before Memorial Day to get the place cleaned up and ready for the summer. The annual work weekend is coming up next weekend. Do you guys want to go down? We'd be working on the house, but we always leave time for some fun over the weekend."

Josh replied, "That sounds like fun, but I'll have to pass. I already know that Brandon's going to be working next weekend. I'll stay here with him."

Brian turned to me, "What about you?"

"I'm not sure. If it's mostly your family, wouldn't it be kind of awkward?"

"Naw. It's not just family. My brothers Justin and David will be there. You already know Justin. David's partner will be there too. Beside them, I think C.Z. Johnstone and Andy Hatcher will be there plus Doc Griffith, Matt Stevenson, and Kevin Williams."

"You mean the Kevin Williams next door?"

"Sure. He's good friends with my brother Justin and with C.Z. and Andy, who are sort of adopted Barnes brothers.  Come on along. We'll have a blast. The more help we have the quicker we get the work done and the quicker we can get to playing on the beach."

"Okay. I'll have to check with Doc tomorrow in case he has some test he wants me to run in the lab over the weekend."

"Cool. It'll be fun."

I asked Doc the next day. He didn't have anything for me to do in the lab so that Thursday afternoon Brian and I piled into his Honda Accord and started the six hour drive to Sunset Beach. We chatted continually during the drive. It was the longest time he and I had ever spent together. I'd been afraid we would run out of things to say, but that wasn't the case. I really enjoyed the time with him.

Sunset Beach is the southernmost barrier island in North Carolina. Unlike the other North Carolina barrier islands, Sunset Beach faces almost directly south which allows you to have a view of the sunset out over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Thus the name Sunset Beach.

Brian kept referring to his folks' place as a cottage. I sure wouldn't have called it that! The place was up on pilings like almost every other structure on the island. It had a long central room with the kitchen end toward the road and the living area facing out to a big porch and deck on the ocean side. There were four bedrooms on the first floor that flanked the living area. Each bedroom had its own bathroom and was furnished with a double bed and a single bed. Above the kitchen and dining part of the living area was a sleeping loft with four hide-a-bed couches and lots of big floor cushions. Brian and I got the sleeping loft.

Everyone had arrived by nine in the evening. The only guys I'd never met before were Brian's brother David and his partner Adam Hawkman. They lived in Asheville where David was a CPA and Adam was an emergency room physician. David looked like a slightly shorter and more solidly built version of his two handsome brothers. He had curly, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a killer smile. Adam was also extremely good looking and easily the tallest person in the group. I put his height at about six foot four inches, and he probably weighed a solid 210 pounds. He had long straight coal black hair pulled back into a pony tail with dark brown eyes, high cheek bones, and a slightly hooked nose. From his facial structure and general coloring, I guessed that he was Native American. I found out later he was half Cherokee.

It was a strange group in the beach house. We ranged in age from Kevin Williams who I figured was in his early to mid forties down to me at age twenty. The group included three gay couples, two single gay guys...Brian and me, and two married straight guys...Kevin Williams and Justin Barnes. It was obvious from the banter going back and forth that most of them had been friends for a long time. I was the new guy, but that wasn't a problem. It was a comfortable group to be in.

We talked and laughed until nearly midnight before guys started drifting off to bed. Brian grabbed a couple of sets of bedding for us, and we headed up to the loft. We each pulled out one of the sleeper sofas and made our beds. We took turns relieving our bladders in the half bath in the loft before turning in. I wasn't sure how to sleep, but Brian quickly stripped down to his skin and crawled into his bed. I followed suit and was soon asleep.

The next morning most of us jogged on the beach before breakfast then got started on the list of chores. David rented a pressure washer from a local hardware store and set about cleaning the house, porch and deck leading down to the beach. The rest of us worked on the inside of the house or on the workroom and the outside shower below the house or removed all the screens from the windows and cleaned the sand and salt from them and repaired any damaged areas.

We took a break for lunch while the porch and deck dried from the power washing. It was a bright cloudless day so the sun had dried everything by the time we finished lunch and cleaned up the kitchen.

That afternoon Brian and I returned the power washer and picked up some pressure treated lumber for a bench that his mother wanted down at the end of the boardwalk toward the beach. Some of the other guys started on applying a new coat of stain to the porch and deck while some others began painting the walls in the downstairs bedrooms.

By late afternoon Brian and I had the bench constructed, and the others were done with their tasks as well. We were all tired, sweaty, and a little sunburned despite having slathered on gobs of sunscreen in the morning and at noon. Doc and C.Z. went to the mainland for groceries while the rest of us took turns getting cleaned up in the showers.

After grabbing showers Brian and I pulled the big gas grill out from the storage area under the house and got it cleaned up while Doc and C.Z. were on their shopping trip. It was clean and ready for use by the time they got home.

The meal was salad, thick steaks, fresh vegetables, French bread, and lots of beer.

It was completely dark by the time we had finished cleaning up the table and kitchen from dinner. David went out on the porch and then came back inside to announce, "There aren't any lights in the houses on either side of us. Looks like this would be a good time for the first official night time swim of the summer."

I made a move to go upstairs to put on my bathing suit when Justin grabbed my arm. "There's no need for a suit. We're all skinny dipping."

Everyone shed their clothes in the living area, grabbed towels, and headed down to the beach. The night breeze was a little cool. My nipples hardened into small nubs on the walk down to the beach. They stayed hard when we all hit the water because it was still pretty cool as well. We played in the surf for a while dunking each other and wrestling around before heading back up to the outdoor shower below the house. There were three shower heads in the enclosed shower, but there were ten of us. It took a while for everyone to wash off the salt and sand.

Kevin Williams and I were the last ones in the shower. When I got upstairs to the loft, Brian was already in his bed and snoring softly.

The next day which was Saturday most of us jogged again in the morning before breakfast. The list of jobs was completed by noon so we spent the rest of the day down on the beach lying in the sun, tossing around a Frisbee, playing in the surf, and drinking beer.

That evening Doc and C.Z. grilled shrimp and vegetables out on the grill. Delicious!

We repeated the night time skinny dipping and then lined up for the shower.

Once again, Kevin Williams and I were the last ones out of the shower. However, this time Brian was still awake when I got up to the loft.

"Have you had a good time, Trey?"

"Yeah, I have. Thanks for inviting me. It's been a great weekend."

"You look like you got more sunburn today."

"I think I did. My back, shoulders, and face all feel a little tight."

"I think there's some stuff up here that will help that."

He pulled back the sheet revealing his naked body and walked into the bathroom. I heard him rummaging around in the cabinet beneath the sink for a bit. Then he returned holding a plastic bottle.

"This should help. It's got aloe in it. Mom found this stuff several years ago, and since then she's kept the bathrooms stocked. It should take away the sting and help turn the burn into a tan."

"Thanks." I took the bottle and squeezed a little on my hand. I touched the lotion to my forehead, and immediately felt the heat and tightness of the sunburn disappear.

"Hey, this is good stuff." I began applying it to the rest of my face.

"Yeah, it works great, and it's not greasy so it doesn't get all over the sheets or your clothes. Here, give me the bottle, and I'll do your back for you."

Brian began applying the cooling lotion across my shoulders and down my back. I didn't know which felt better...the cooling action of the lotion on my sunburn or the movement of Brian's hands on my skin.

He worked his hands gradually down my back to the top of my ass. When his fingers started touching me down there I was suddenly very aware that we were naked and he was standing so close behind me that if I moved my butt backward just a little I'd probably touch the tip of his cock. Those thoughts caused the blood to start flowing to my dick, and it began to plump up.

Brian rested one hand on the side of my hip while his lotion covered fingers ventured two or three inches onto the rounded part of my ass.

"You've got some burn down here where your suit pulled away from your butt when you were kneeling down building that bench."

My dick got plumper and started to rise outward away from my balls.

His hands left my hip and ass and moved to the backs of my calves. I realized he must be kneeling behind me.

Without a word, he worked the lotion into my calves and then moved up to the back of my thighs as far up as the bottom of my ass. By that time my dick was standing straight out from my body.

He stood up and reached around to hand me the bottle. "Okay, you're coated. Would you mind doing me? I got a little too much sun also."

I hesitated turning around because of the enlarged state of my cock.

I felt Brian's cheek on the side of my shoulder. He was able to look around my chest and see my dick standing out from my body.

"Nice one! It happens to me too when a hot guy rubs lotion all over my body. I'll probably have one of those too by the time you're done putting the lotion on me."

He pulled away and then came around in front of me and stood with his back toward me. I gladly began spreading the cooling lotion on his beautiful body. Touching him like that kept the blood flowing to my dick, but since it was now sticking more up than out I was able to stand a little closer to Brian as I rubbed the cooling lotion onto his back. I liked what I was doing.

Brian liked it too. I'm a couple of inches taller than him so every once in a while I was able to sort of peer over his shoulder. I could see that his dick had enlarged and was now standing straight out parallel to the floor like mine had been. The tip of the head of his dick was visible beyond the edge of his foreskin. It had been completely hidden earlier. I wanted to grab it, but I reminded myself that he hadn't really done anything to indicate that he had a sexual interest in me so I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind.

I finished by kneeling behind him and putting the lotion on his legs like he had for me. I stopped a couple of inches short of the top of his legs because I was afraid my impulse to run my hands all over his shapely ass would be too much for me to resist.

I did slap his butt playfully to let him know that I was done with the lotion.

"Thanks, Trey. That will help me get to sleep tonight."

It may have relaxed him, but the whole process sure had me on edge. My dick stayed hard as granite after we climbed into our separate beds. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer. I quietly got out of bed, went into the bathroom, sat on the toilet seat, and jerked off. It only took a couple of strokes before I shot my load.

(To be continued)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Many of the characters who play parts in this story were previously introduced in either "When Love Comes" (last posted in the College section on Sept. 6, 2001) or "Love of a Lifetime" (last posted in the College section on May 19, 2003). While not necessary, readers may find it useful to read the two earlier stories posted on this site.  Both previous stories are also posted at

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