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Part 1: Finger Yourself in the Common Room

Finger yourself in the common room

Whoa! Jon quickly turned his screen off and flipped his phone over before anyone next to him saw it. Had he read that right?

As discreetly as he could, Jon picked up his phone, held it close to his body, and checked the text again.

Finger yourself in the common room

Yup! He peeked over at Hans, who was sitting across the aisle at the other end of the lecture hall. Judging by his nonchalant expression, no one would have guessed that he had just sent Jon that filthy text.

The tap on his shoulder made Jon jump in his seat.

"Everything okay?" asked Joseph, with a concerned look on his face.

"Yeah, yeah," Jon whispered back to his roommate. "I just have something I need to, uh, take care of later."

Joseph nodded and turned back to the lecture.

He looked over at Hans again, who now had the slightest hint of a smirk on his pretty, pretty face.

How was Jon going to pull off this one?

Jon pretended to concentrate for the rest of the lecture. He was nervous that he might get caught, but for some reason, his dick was hard as a rock. As they stepped out, Jon covered his crotch with his notebook and gave Joseph an excuse about forgetting his lab notes back at the dorm so he could get his 'assignment' finished as soon as possible. Hans did not like to be kept waiting.

The common room was empty, and the couch had been pushed to one end of the room for board game night. By some massive stroke of luck, it had been pushed to face the wall, creating a little nook where Jon might lie down and be hidden.

He fished the lube out of his backpack and hopped over the couch. Jon lay on his back, resting his head against one of the armrests, and set his phone against the other one and set it to record video (Hans needed evidence, of course). With his heart pounding out of fear and excitement, he peeled off his shorts and black boxer briefs, and pulled his thighs up to his chest. With his knees up near his ears, both his blushing face and his tightly puckered asshole were in clear view of the camera.

"Assignment number four" Jon whispered to the camera.

He squeezed some lube onto his finger and slowly spread it over his hole.


He had only recently discovered that his asshole was an erogenous zone. He relaxed into the lovely feeling of teasing his asslips while he slowly jerked his painfully hard cock. He could feel his heart beating against his chest from the combined thrill and fear of someone walking in at any moment. He tried to push the tip of his index finger inside himself, but his hole was still too tight. Hans was so much better at this.

Jon squeezed some more of the lube onto his fingers and pushed harder against his puckered entrance until it suddenly shot right into him.


Jon felt his hot hole wrapping his finger in its tight warmth as he pushed past his sphincter with the cool lube. He reached in deeper and crooked his finger up to try and find his prostrate--


Just then, the door swung open.

"Sup dude!" called out Lewis.

"Heeyyy-OH!" Jon bolted upright on the couch, but this only lodged his finger deeper inside his hole. Lewis had just come back from a run, judging by the way his sweat stained tee hugged his broad, broad shoulders as he leaned down to rummage through the fridge for a carton of milk. Jon couldn't take his eyes off Lewis's slightly damp athletic mesh shorts as they danced over the perfect roundness of his ass.

"Gah…" a deep groan involuntarily escaped his lips.

"Say what?" Lewis asked, peeking over his shoulder, and removing his headphones. His athletic shorts-covered bubble butt hung out of the refrigerator in Jon's direct line of sight as the poor boy tried to pretend that he wasn't squatting on the couch with a finger lodged inside his ass.

"Uh, nothing." Shit!

"You okay, little dude? You're red as a tomato!" Lewis closed the fridge door and started walking towards Jon. Shit shit shit!

"No! I mean yes, I'm fine, uh, just…" Shit shit shit shit shit---


Jon wished the floor would swallow him up the way his greedy hole was clenching around his finger.


Lewis took in the sight of the younger boy sitting on his haunches with both hands behind him, with his erection jutting out at an angle as it throbbed in time with his pulse.

"Wow, little dude, looks like I interrupted something."

Jon could feel beads of sweat trickling down his spine but he was far too afraid to move, even to cover himself up.

"Don't worry about it!" cried Lewis, clapping him hard on the shoulder. "Looks like you're pretty close, huh?"

"I, uh, sorry, I…" Jon's cheeks and chest were flush with embarrassment.

"Go on, don't stop on account of me."

What the WHAT?

"You want to keep going?"

"Yes, I… but, no, I mean--"

"Go on, little dude!" Jon's cock was pointing straight at Lewis, begging to be toyed with. "Do you want me to help you?"

Yes, of course. "Yes." Had he said that out loud? "I mean, wha---AHH!"

Lewis grabbed Jon's whole cock in his fist and squeezed lightly, before slowly sliding his hand up and down.

"Little dude, are you fingering yourself?" Lewis asked softly.

"Unh.." Jon whispered in response.

"Let me see that!" Lewis grabbed Jon's legs and flipped him up to get a closer look.

"Lewis!" Jon moaned, as the older boy threw him down like a rag doll. He pushed Jon upside down, perched his ass against the back of the couch and spread his thighs to get a good look at his asshole. 

"Oh wow, that is one pretty pink boypussy!"

Jon felt completely vulnerable as the sweaty jock leered at his tiny pink hole but the precum dribbling down his chest towards his reddened face gave away his arousal.

"Mind if I have a taste?"

"Lewis! Please!"

"Don't mind if I do!" said Lewis as he leaned in and began licking around his tightly puckered boypussy.

"OHH!" Jon cried out in pleasure. He had only been rimmed once before, and his nerve endings were ablaze from this still new form of pleasure. "Yes… yes! Lewis!"

"Mmmmm… you like that little dude?" Lewis asked, shooting a devilish grin at Jon before diving back in again.

"Yes! Ohhhhhhh… ohhhhhhh… mmmmmmmmm… Yes, Lewis don't stop!" Jon grabbed his cock and began jacking furiously.

"Oh no, little dude" Lewis roughly yanked Jon's hand off his own cock and replaced it with his own.

"Yes! Please! Lewis!"

"Spit on my hand," ordered Lewis. "Again. That's it, how's that feel?"

"AHHHH!" screamed Jon as Lewis slowly and tightly stroked up the shaft, coaxing out even more precum. The clear dick juice slid down Jon's treasure trail and pooled between his pecs.

"Little dude, you need to keep it down!" Lewis admonished as he clapped a large hand on Jon's mouth. With one hand gagging the moaning freshman and the other jacking his cock, Lewis went back to feasting on his winking asshole.

"Mmm!" came Jon's muffled cry, as he stared pleadingly at Lewis with puppy-dog eyes.

"You close little dude?"

"Mm-hmm!" nodded Jon.

"Then let's make you cream!" Lewis thrust his tongue into the now relaxed boyhole as he tugged harder on Jon's cock.One… two… three more thrusts of his tongue and---

"MMMMMMMMMMMMPPPHHHHH!!!" He could feel Jon's ass muscles clenching against him as his whole body shook with a powerful orgasm. His downturned cock sprayed jets of hot cum all over his chest and his face and Lewis's gag-hand. Lewis kept softly lapping at his asslips and gently tugging at his cock as smaller and smaller bursts of cum trickled out of his cock.

"Wow, little dude!"

Lewis finally let go of Jon's mouth to spread his cum all over his chest, lightly smearing it over his nipple.

"That was… pretty great…" Jon panted out between breaths, smiling sheepishly as he shuddered through the final stages of his orgasm.

"You're telling me? That was some moneyshot!"

"Oh shit, sorry I made a mess all ov--"

"No worries, little dude, I needed a post-workout protein shake!" And with that, Lewis lapped up the streak of cum from the back of his hand.


"Hmm… maybe next time!" Lewis shot back at him with a wink. He lightly slapped Jon on the ass, and then walked out of the common room just as abruptly as he had entered.

Fuck. "Fuck!" Fuuuuuuuck.

Jon looked over at his phone, which, miraculously, was still in position and recording.

"Assignment four complete. Sort of. Something tells me you won't mind."

Jon stopped the video, lay back and sighed.

"Gotta love college!"