Finger Yourself in the Common Room Part 2

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Part 2: Just Desserts

"Those were not my instructions."

"Hans... please..."

"I said to finger yourself in the common room."

"Please, Hans..."

"I said to finger yourself in the common room."

"Just let me..."

"I don't remember saying anything about rimming, or about getting Lewis involved in the picture."

"Hans... I'm so sorry... please just let me cum..."

"I don't think you understand, Jon." Hans insisted. "You directly disobeyed my instructions."

"Ohhhh..." cried Jon as Hans continued to stroke his cock ever so slowly.

"And disobedience requires punishment." Hans stopped and let go.

"NO!" cried Jon, struggling against his restraints. "No, please Hans, don't stop! I need it!"

"Need what?"

"I need it! I need to cum! Please, it's been so long!"

"Seriously, Jon," admonished Hans. "I've only been edging you for twenty minutes."

"Nooo... Please... I haven't cum all week!"

"Well, of course I didn't let you cum all week!" Hans responded, leaning down to kiss Jon on the cheek, and whispered softly into his ear. "That's just part of the punishment!"

"Please, Hans!" Jon couldn't take it any more. "I want to cum!"

"Well, we all want things we can't have, don't we?" asked Hans rhetorically, ghosting kisses down Hans's neck, across his chest, and trailing down to his crotch.

"Mmm... yes! Oh yes!"

Hans stopped suddenly and looked up at Jon's flushed face. "What do you want, Jon?"

Jon groaned at the sight of Hans' beautiful face inches from his painfully engorged cock. "Please..." he mewled. "Hans... I need it!"

"Do you want me to kiss it?" Hans kissed the tip of Jon's cock, which was now an angry red. "Like this?"

"YES! Oh yes, please!"

Hans relented, and decided to give him a bit of relief. He gently licked up and down Jon's cock, cooling the hot flesh with his spit.


"You're so pretty like this, Jon!" Hans stepped back to admire his handiwork, one hand gently stroking the now-whimpering boy. Jon's wrists were tied to either side of the bed, and his ankles were tied to his wrists. This gave Jon's back a beautiful arch, ending with his cute tush high up in the air almost as an offering. His spread legs gave easy access to both his cock and hole, which made Hans's slow torture so much easier. Hans had initially worried that this position might be too uncomfortable, but Jon's lithe body was surprising flexibile. His only complaints tonight had been about orgasm denial, so Hans figured he could leave him tied up for a little while longer, admiring the tensed muscles and elegant curves of Jon's physique.

"Yes, Hans, don't stop!" cried Jon as Hans picked up his pace on Jon's cock ever so slightly.

"So pretty all tied up for me!" whispered Hans, as he climbed onto the bed behind him. "Do you want the dildo now, pretty boy?"

"Yes, oh yes! Give it to me!"

"Such an eager one tonight!" Hans kissed up and down Jon's perineum. His asshole glistened with spit, loose from the good tongue bath Hans had given it earlier. Jon might even be able to take the dildo all the way this time.

"Hans, I need it, please!"

"I know you do, my pretty. I also know you need to be punished."

"No, Hans... I'm so sorry... Please just give it to me!"

"I know you're sorry, Jon, but I still need to punish you." Hans lubed up the dildo. Slender as it was, it had never made it's way up Jon to the very hilt. "Open wide, now!"

"Grroaahh..." cried Jon. Hans's generous rimjob had relaxed his hole but now it seemed to tighten right back up again.

"Does that hurt, Jon?" Hans asked, after getting the first two inches past the sphincter. He tapped on the end of the dildo, causing little tremors of pleasure.

"No, keep going, so good, so goooo..."

"Let me in, Jon..." Hans tapped harder and harder, slowly pushing the small dildo deeper and deeper inside of Jon, until he felt a stronger resistance.

"Ahh... slow down, let me get used to it!"

"I don't think so, Jon," replied Hans as he pushed a little harder. The lube was making the gradual descent smooth, though he had to push even harder to get deeper inside of Jon. "I think you need to feel a little pain tonight."

"Ah-ah-ow! Please, slowly, please Hans, it hurts!"

"That's good, it's supposed to hurt a little bit!" Hans smiled down at him and thrusted in another couple of inches.

"AH! It hurts a lot!" Jon's face was contorted into a beautiful expression of anguish.

"Haha! That's not a lot," Hans explained, holding a pillow against Hans's mouth, making sure to leave room for him to breathe. "This is a lot."

"HMMMMMMM! HMMM! HMMM! HMM!" Jon cried out as Hans pushed the rest of the dildo in, holding it firmly in place as Jon thrashed from side to side, held down only by hid bindings.

"I know, I know!" Hans rubbed soothing circles around Jon's taut ass. "I know it hurts Jon."

"MMHMHMMM!" yelled Jon through the pillow gag, his eyes now wet with tears.

"Oh my pretty boy," Hans rubbed down Jon's thighs. "Trust me, it hurts me too to see you like this!"

Jon had stopped screaming and was now sobbing softly into the pillow.

"Now let's just take a look here." Hans slowly inched the dildo out until it popped out. He peered into Jon's now-empty and spasming hole, and stroked a single finger in and around teasingly. "See, it's hungry already!"

Jon sniffled but said nothing, even though he was no longer gagged.

"I'm so sorry, my darling, but I had to punish you!" Hans gently tugged at Jon's now limp cock as gently licked around his winking asshole.

"P-p-please... Hans..." Jon begged hoarsely.

"What- do- you- want- my- darling?" asked Hans, punctuating each word with a soft kiss to his hole.

"Hans... give it to me..."

Hans looked up. "You want the dildo?"

"Please... "

"You have to say it" Hans insisted, stabbing at the pulsing hole with his tongue.

"Ohhhh... Hans... y-yes..."

"Mmm... (kiss) Okay then." Hans slathered even more lube onto the dildo. "Are you sure?"

"YES, Hans, give it to me!"

"If you say so, darlin'" Hans smiled as he pushed in with one slow continuous stroke. It went in much easier this time, but Hans didn't try to force it all the way. This time, he was focused on making Jon feel good.

"Hans... yes... harder..."

"Oh now you want it harder, do you?" Hans asked with a chuckle. "Such an eager boy!"

"Ohhhhh! Uh-uh-uh-uh..." Jon groaned in pleasure as Hans timed each thrust of the dildo with a stroke on Jon's cock.

Hans could do this forever. Jon made the prettiest noises and the prettiest faces. He responded so easily, and so eagerly, it was hard not to get addicted to pleasuring his boytoy. Hans played Jon's ass like an instrument, varying the depth and force of his thrusts to get new and exciting sounds out of Jon's throat. If he pushed up, he would hit Jon's prostrate, making the bound boy squeal with delight. If he sped up, Jon would moan unintelligibly; if he slowed down, Jon would breathlessly beg for more. Hans stared down at the beautiful boy beneath him, drifting into a trance as he kept jerking Jon and pounding into him.

"CLOSE- Hans- so- close!" Jon panted, interrupting his reverie.

"Oh! Alright then." Hans grabbed the dildo with both hands and began pummeling his hole harder. "Does that help?"

"AH- ah- ah- ah- SO- close- Hans- OHH!"

"Oh, would you look at that?" Hans kept hammering away at the dildo as cum began dribbling out of Jon's cock with each thrust and running down his belly. "So pretty!"

"Oh- oh- Hans- please- fi- nish- me!" Hans left the dildo in place and grabbed Jon's cock. Immediately, more cum began gushing out, spilling all over his chest.

"There we go!" Hans gently squeezed Jon's cock with one lube slick hand and used the other to massage his balls. "There we go! How was that?"

"Hans!" cried Jon as a final shot of cum spewed out.


"How are your hands?" asked Hans, feeding him another spoonful of ice cream as he eyed the red marks on Jon's wrists.

"It's my ass you should be worried about!"

"I know! I'm sorry, god, I just got carried away."

"It's okay. I know you have a thing for my booty."

"Well, yeah, it's just so..."

"Don't even get started." Jon licked the lid of the ice cream tub. "Was it really just twenty minutes?"

"God, no! More like forty, forty-five?" Hans gingerly stroked over Jon's asshole. "It doesn't hurt too bad does it?"

"It hurts like a bitch." Jon deadpanned.

"Oh shit, I'm so sor--"

"Haha it's fine babe!" Jon cut him off. "I didn't use the safeword, did I?"

"I was actually pretty surprised about that," confessed Hans. "I was sure you were going to!"

"Come on, babe. You know I trust you!" Jon assured him, giving him a creamy kiss.

"Ugh! How can you eat that stuff?"

"Who doesn't like bacon?"

"But bacon flavored ice cream! That's like the height of hipster nonsense."

"It's the Jewish boy in me." Jon snuggled deeper into Hans's neck. "You know I love being naughty."

"That you do, babe, that you do."