Author of "Brother's Boyfriend" here with another story to you to pass some time.

It was graduation night and the biggest party that could happen was going on at the frat house. Several people had turned out to the festivities even those that weren't really invited. This was a party that no one wanted to miss anyway. Several people were standing around the kitchen chatting and drinking beer while games were going on in the dining room and video games were going on in the living room.

A few people had gathered upstairs to the rooms on the second floor doing just random things but in one of the rooms there was a major party going on. Coty was sitting on the bed with his jeans down to his ankles and his boxer briefs down to his knees. My buddy Nate who had snuck into this party with me uninvited was on his knees in front of Coty with his head in his lap. Anyone walking in on the scene would see that he had his mouth full as Coty's cock slid in and out of his mouth and down his throat. Nate was moaning as if he was really enjoying what he was doing which was something I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams. Danny was standing guard at the door with Alex. Coty slid his hand down to the back of Nate's head and held him down as he thrust back and forth his hips rising off the bed each time fucking my best friend's face.

Before I go any farther my name is Greg. And this was a night I won't forget anytime soon. I walked around upstairs looking for Nate knocking on every door thinking he had found some random chick to sneak off with and leave me hanging. What I didn't know was that the chick was going to have a dick between their legs. I knocked on one of the doors and before I knew what was happening Alex pulled me into the room and slammed the door behind me.

"Uh hey, you guys....Nate." I said seeing the scene playing out in front of me.

Nate's movements stopped but Coty's didn't as he continued fucking my best friends mouth. My mouth dropped as I saw what was going on and if I said I didn't feel a reaction down below I would be lying. I heard someone clear their throat which tore my eyes off of the scene on the bed in front of me and I looked to the other bed in the room. Mark was sitting there with a grin on his face and a hand on his crotch holding the bulging shorts up towards the roof.

"Hey Greg, while that mouth is wide open why don't you come wrap it around this?" he chuckled.

Before I could even think of anything to say Alex was pushing me towards Mark. His hand was on my lower back urging me along and for some reason my legs weren't stopping as I walked over to him. Alex then put his hand on my shoulders and urged me down to my knees.

Alex lean over and wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pressed his lips near my ear as he whispered, "You ever suck dick before Greg?"

"N...N...No" I stammered looking up at Mark in front of me before looking back over at Nate who had went back to work on Coty's cock.

Alex turned my head back towards Mark not wanting to let me go at all. "Well Mark here offered you to suck his dick. You're not going to disappoint him are you? Besides you weren't invited, you want to earn your welcome here, right?"

"Yes sir." I said starting to look up at Alex but he pushed my head back towards Mark.

Mark had already lowered the boxer briefs he was wearing and his hard cock was standing straight at attention and aimed right at my face.

"Earn your welcome and suck my dick kid." he winked.

"I'll help you, just wrap your lips around it." Alex said pushing my head forward.

Without thinking I parted my lips and felt the head of his cock brush against my lip and I tried to push back away but Alex held me right there.

"Feels weird but I know you're going to be a great cock sucker." Alex coached.

Mark pushed his hips up a little off of the bed sinking a couple more inches into my mouth. I didn't fight it anymore as I closed my lips around it and let him push into them. He settled down against the bed pulling a few inches back out but I lean forward and took them right back into my mouth.

"Relax that mouth and throat." Mark urged as I did what he said.

He let me lower my head on him even more taking more of his cock in. And yeah it did feel weird and taste weird but it also was kind of thrilling and was turning me on. One thing I had to give Mark credit for was he was a very patient guy. The whole time I was adjusting with trying to get use to having his cock in my mouth he never once complained. I got a moan out of his body every now and then as I'd try to take as much as I could.

"Doing good G, just blow me like you would want someone to do you." he said trying to help me out.

I started bobbing my head back and forth in his lap feeling the veins in his cock rub against my lips and my tongue. Instinctively my tongue ran along the vein sometimes wanting to get use to anything he'd allow me to. And if he was going to let me do this to him I wasn't going to back out now.

I was so into it I didn't notice someone else walk over to me until they grabbed my hair and pulled my head out of Mark's lap and into their crotch.

"Keep sucking dick like that and you're going to have to suck mine." my gym mate Spike grinned down at me grinding his hips against my face. "Would you do that Greggy?"

I usually hate it when he called me that but for some reason right now it was having the reverse effect on me but I didn't say anything in response. My main goal right now was to get back to Mark. I had reach out and was stroking Mark's cock getting saliva and pre-cum all over it as my other hand had slid around Spike's waist and rest on his ass.

"You are going to let me shove this log down your throat aren't you Greggy?" he grinned.

"I'd love to blow you Spike." I mumbled against the bulging jeans that was pushing against my mouth and I parted my lips and closed them around the bulge I found there. He slid it back and forth over my lips as he held my head with both hands now.

He let me go and I looked over near the bed where my best friend was that started this all. He was making gagging noises but he was sucking Danny's dick who had left his guard by the door. I figured now Coty was watching the door in his place. Danny was giving it to him rough too. His fingers were grasping at Nate's head as he held his head where he wanted it and thrust to his hearts content.

"Danny there has a monster dick." Sean said sitting down on the ground next to me after I had gotten loose from Spike. Mark still had his eyes closed as I stroked him and continued to play with his cock.

"I bet you would love to suck that wouldn't you Greg?" he grinned as he looked from Danny back to me. "He's so long I bet he'd go right into that throat nicely."

About that time a few people in the room laughed because Nate had pulled off and asked if Danny was trying to choke him on purpose.

"I bet your buddy Greg there would give it a good go to take it all. Wouldn't you Greg?" Danny asked looking over to where I was next to the other bed.

"I'd try." I said as I grinned.

I then lean forward and took Mark's neglected cock back into my mouth and started sucking him once more as if I had never stopped. His hands went right back to the back of my neck to urge me on and while I had ignored him Sean was sitting beside me still his hand running up and down the back of my shorts.

"He's got a nice ass." I heard Sean say to the other guys around. At that moment someone else joined him and I glanced back to see who it was. Coty was sitting across from Sean now rubbing my ass right along with him.

"Yes he does." he said feeling me up basically. "Who's going to be the one to get to fuck him first." he laughed.

"That's going to be me." I heard Blake say from across the room.

"Dude, arm wrestle you for it." Coty laughed.

"Actually I think that Greg should be the one to choose that, right? I mean since it's his first time and it's his ass." Blake countered.

Coty tapped me on the shoulder and had me pull back. "Out of everyone here in the room, who's going to be the lucky man to fuck this nice ass?" he asked his finger running up underneath the leg of my shorts.

I looked around the room between the guys as I was a little nervous. "If I had to do that and choose I'm going with Blake."

I tuned out Nate's gagging and the sounds that Danny was making and went right back to sucking Mark's cock. Which got his hand down to my head as it ran through my hair.

"I think you should do this more often." he said his hand patting the back of my head as I kept sucking.

After awhile of sucking Mark's dick I heard a different type of moaning going on in the room now. I pulled off of Mark and looked over towards the bed where Nate was. Now instead of sucking Coty's dick Nate was face down on the bed with his legs rose and his feet aiming for the roof. The sight that I saw was another that I will never forget in my life. Mitch was on Nate's back between his legs and he had his arm around Nate's neck holding him still as his hips slammed forward, then pulled back, and slammed forward again.

I continued watching not sure what else to do as I never thought two guys would do something like that. Hell I never thought I'd suck another guys dick either. But Nate seemed to enjoy this as much as he had enjoyed blowing Coty. Being so into the scene I didn't notice someone getting on their knees behind me until I felt their hands on my ass. I looked over my shoulder and Blake was on his knees behind me sliding his arms around my waist.

"You serious about letting me fuck you?"


Blake grinned from ear to ear. "Would you give a bud a piece of ass?"

Deciding to play along I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know. Depends on how desperate he was and if he had a condom." I said smirking a bit.

"Pretty desperate but condoms irritate me" he said smirking right back. "Wouldn't you help a brother out?"

I didn't say anything as I thought about it but eventually I nodded my head.

"So you'll give me a piece of ass Greg?" he confirmed.

"Is it going to hurt?"

"Well honestly, yeah. But not for long. You'll start to enjoy it and you'll be craving a man's dick after it's over."

I didn't say anything but he wasn't going to stop there. "You want to see if I'm right don't you?" he asked nuzzling his face against my neck.

How was I supposed to say no to a hot guy like this when he was so close to me and I felt the bulge in his boxers rubbing against the thin fabric of my shorts.


"Want my dick up that hot little ass of yours don't you Greg?"

I looked over and Nate and Mitch both were looking at me but Mitch hadn't stopped at all. As if to show how much fun it was he drove hard down into my best friend causing him to yelp but he didn't take his eyes off of me.

"Let him." Nate said smiling towards me but the smile didn't last long as Nate grasp his hips and pulled him onto all fours as he continued plowing into him.

"He loves it." Mitch finally said.

"What do you say sport, you want to try it out for yourself?" Alex asked crouching down beside me. "Me or Blake here, one of us is going to fuck your ass."

I looked back at Blake and reach back putting my hands on his hips. "Okay Blake."

Blake wasted no time in getting his clothes off tossing them all towards Alex in the process. He got up and went over to where Nate was and grabbed the lube. "Gotta borrow this bro." he said patting Nate's back. I wondered just how good friends Nate was with these guys and why he had never said anything to me about what they did. I felt hurt a bit that he couldn't because I could have been having some fun too. While Blake was gone Alex moved in on me and had the back of my shorts down as he grinded the bulge in his jeans against me.

"Such a shame that you chose Blake there." he chuckled. "I would have made you feel real good."

"Maybe later." I said reaching back and hooking my thumb into the back pocket of his jeans.

"You for real? You want to ride my dick?"

"I don't see why not, you seem to want me to try, right?"


Alex reach around me and hooked his arm around my neck as he pulled my back flush against his chest and did something I didn't expect. He lean around me and pressed his lips to the corner of my lips and gave me a quick kiss. "I'd love for you to ride my dick."

"My place. Tonight." I simply said to him with a wink.

"You got it."

He moved out of the way as Blake came back and got down onto his knees behind me. He shifted so that he was sitting back on his calves as he rubbed his cock along my crack and aimed the head of it at my opening. I tensed and he felt it so he wrapped his arm around me and rubbed my stomach. "Gotta relax bro."

I took a deep breath and relaxed but I didn't think it was going to help. Mark seemed to think it wasn't as well so he took my head and guided it back down onto his cock shoving it all the way in as a way of distracting me. It seemed to work because the next thing I know I felt pressure and heard a slight pop as the head of Blake's cock slipped into my ass. I jerked and tried to pull away but he gripped my hips with both hands and held me right there.

"Just relax kid." he said letting his hand slide up my back and up between my shoulders. He moved back and forth with just the head inside me as he tried to loosen me up and I felt tears at the corner of my eyes but I closed them and continued to suck Mark.

"Help him out." Blake nodded towards Alex who moved beside me now.

He lean in and kissed my ear as he rubbed my shoulder. "He's got the hardest part over with and you're doing so good. Slowly and carefully sit back against his lap. Slowly." he repeated.

I couldn't say anything as my throat was stuffed with cock but I slowly began pushing back against Blake and I could feel a few more inches slide inside of my spread ass. When it started to hurt again I stopped once more and gripped my shorts in my hand.

"It hurts kid but I know you like my dick in your ass." Blake said keeping still. He tapped me on the shoulder and when I rose up he locked his arm around my waist. "Focus on me for just a moment. I want you to take it all."

"It hurts." I grunted trying to get use to it.

"It won't for long, and we'll practice you taking it as much as you want."


"Yeah, you can take my dick anytime you want it and we'll practice getting it inside you." he grinned.

I chuckled and he used that brief moment to push the rest of the way in and I felt his legs against the back of mine. He sat back once more and pulled me with him and I moaned out.

"I'm all in baby." he said ruffling my hair playfully.

"Yeah. Feel your balls." I moaned.

"Like feeling them against your ass?"

"Honestly yeah."

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