Disclaimer: This story and all of its characters are fictional. It is meant to entertain and perhaps arouse the reader. This story contains scenes depicting young men in sexually compromising situations including exchange of bodily fluids and some scenes of a sadomasochistic nature including bondage. If you happen to hate erotic homosexual literature, then you are suspiciously bad at using the internet, because you've stumbled across exactly that. Please do not read further if you are not of legal age to do so according to the laws of your fine people. This work and all characters herein are the property of Himeros, please contact him at any time to inquire about the rights to make this story into a full length motion picture franchise.

Author: Himeros
Email: ofvenus@gmail.com


Chapter 1: Breaking a Dumb Rule

Gavin shut his door, tore his shirt and jeans off then slumped into the desk chair. It'd been a long week, but it was finally Friday. He was almost a month into his first year of college and he was definitely in need of some personal time. Porn was the little horny swimmer boy's new found hobby. He still looked the part of a Junior in high school. His thin frame and constant lingering obsession with his own penis only helped to complete the picture. His chest was lightly muscled, his stomach flat and lean. The kid gazed wide-eyed at a video as his hand found its way to the growing erection tenting a pair of tight blue briefs. The fabric was soft and warm - it might've been a couple days since he'd changed into a fresh pair actually. The scent of his own crotch wafted up to him as he stared forward, unflinching. He was clearly still very much a boy despite his age.

He was watching long videos, a bondage video popped up next. He popped in his earbuds and relaxed as the fake screams filled his ears. He was now unconsciously edging himself. He wanted to make it last. The scene grew more intense as did his strategic stroking. His dick was a rock in his undies.

He had never really watched much porn in high school so it was all relatively new to him. After getting into the Frat the seniors made a point to go over the house rules for all freshman. Mostly it was boring shit about cleaning and respect - all pretty obvious and reasonable. But they had also thrown in the strangest of commandments right at the end. No porn, and No masturbating for the first month. This was ironically what gave Gavin the idea to watch porn while masturbating. He never even bothered with it back at home. Someone was always around. But now, he had true privacy and so much porn at his fingertips.

But in his defense, Gavin did follow the peculiar rule for a full and faithful 8 hours, until he went to bed that first night at the frat. Then there, in a bed he shared with his laptop, he broke that dumb rule all over his naked torso. And again the next morning. At the time he told himself that it was all clearly unenforceable, probably just fucking with the newbies anyway. Plus the temptation was worse for him. Low enrollment that year had left him with no roommate. So 28 days later he continued to disobey this dumb rule. In fact, he had simply forgotten about it altogether.

Suddenly his cock began to pulse, he'd been edging too long. His boy-meat was straining at its most erect and he didn't dare touch it for fear of creaming his undies. In this delicate state, even removing the underwear could be enough sensation to set him off. So the boy paused, squeezed his thighs and breathed in sharply as he tried to buy some time and hold back the eminent orgasm. Then suddenly two strong arms reached between his bent elbows and locked his arms in an upright full nelson - pinning him back into his chair. In that exact second, his cock grazed the inside of his underwear and he let out a pathetic series of grunts as he came hands-free into his little blue briefs. It was the most terrible orgasm of his life - for many reasons. First of course was the shock that came with being caught. Second, some other guy was holding onto him as it happened. But most disturbing to him was the third reason: Because after a day of thinking about this orgasm, after two lengthy videos worth of edging, his grand release was supposed to be his to conjure, his to savor from the depths of his blue balls to the tip of his engorged cockhead. But instead, it had been utterly spoiled. With no warning at all, he shot his load - joylessly - into his own underwear. And without his expert hands to provide the necessary pressure, a true climax had been denied. His frustration was instant and tinged with a sour humiliation.

But had Gavin the presence of mind to remember his Day 1 orientation at that very moment, had he ever taken that bizarre rule seriously, he would have realized there was a fourth reason that this was the most terrible orgasm of his life. A senior just caught him breaking that dumb rule - and he soon would be punished for it.

Chapter 2: Meet the Seniors

Gavin twitched helplessly as his underwear filled with semen. The first massive spurt seeped out through the fabric, the rest was trapped inside dripping down into his sweaty pubic hair.

"What the FUCK!?" he finally spat out, only after the faux-gasm subsided.

"Good question, Freshman. What the fuck?"

"Let me go, man!"

"Shane, get in here! We got one!" The senior ignored Gavin's demand as he called for backup.

Shane burst into the room. He wore only a pair of basketball shorts. He was tan and unreasonably good looking. And he wore ONLY basketball shorts, his generous endowment flopped back and forth visibly as he hurried to the computer chair where Gavin was being pinned from behind against his will.

"Aahhhh...yup!" he slapped the boys tight abdomen three times quickly. Gavin flinched as his helpless stomach muscles contracted. Shane was noticeably excited, or maybe a little hyped up on a post work-out rush. His head jutted around looking for the next step. "Ok, Dean, let's get him on the bed."

"Wait, what the fuck?" he repeated, this time adjusting his tone from angry to genuinely confused. He realized now that Dean was the one that had caught him. He knew better than to cross Dean, he was a well-muscled member of the wrestling team, and he commanded authority over nearly everyone he encountered. He was a full grown man, solid, holding a helpless boy who's own muscles were just beginning to come into their own.

They carried him to the bed. Dean actually got up onto the bed straddling the boy and continued to hold him in the full nelson from behind. Gavin had now given up the struggle, but Dead manhandled him as if he would try to escape at any moment. His strength was jarring.

"What's going on?" Gavin pleaded.

"So you couldn't wait two days to jerk off?" Shane started in on him now standing at the end of the bed.

"Two days? Why would I wait two days to jerk off?"

"First month is up on Monday, kid. Two days and you woulda been free to cum!" explained Dean his voice right in Gavin's ear.

"What do you mean? I jerk off all the time."

"Ha! Rule 5 man! No porn, No Jerkin' it for the first 30 days!" shouted Shane.

Gavin's face went flush. He'd completely forgotten that dumb rule. It was SO dumb. Were other people actually following it? And how is it he'd never been caught in 28 days? He'd REALLY broken that rule SEVERAL times in 28 days. Like more than 28 times!

"So, you've been jerking the whole time then." concluded Dean.

"Sounds like it bro." Shane answered for the boy.

"Take 'em off", Dean commanded. With that Shane carefully began to peel back Gavin's undies.

"Wait, what's going on?"

His wet shrinking cock flopped against his leg, finally free, exposed to his manly captors. The generous dollop of boy juice still balanced perfectly on top of his underwear. Once off, Shane carefully handed them off to Dean. Gavin was now entirely exposed. His boy dick glistened with leftover cum as his soiled underwear hovered in Dean's hands right in front of his face.

"You're gonna eat this freshman. It wasn't supposed to come out for two more days, so we're gonna put it back in, ok?" Dean was speaking to him like he was 5 years old.

"c'mon man..." Gavin pleaded, with a fake laugh, hoping this was a joke.

The dirty underwear, with it's glob of cum, inched forward towards his face. It wasn't a joke.

"No, man, please!"

"Do it, or regret it!" was Dean's response. "Open up!"

Gavin opened his mouth as the lukewarm semen was spread across his tongue and lips.

"Suck it clean."

He sucked on the foul fabric of his own dirty briefs, as the completely foreign taste of jizz invaded every last tastebud on his tongue for the first time. He'd never in a million years, even though of tasting it before. Zero interest. He gagged at the rancid flavor mingling in his mouth.

"Swallow it...." commanded Dean. Then he pulled the underwear from Gavin's dejected face and reached down to wipe up a second helping from the poor swimmer's groin. He flinched as Dead forcefully rubbed at his helpless crotch. With the underwear away from his field of view Gavin looked up to see Shane and 3 other seniors hovering at the edge of the bed, snickering. One was taking a video of the entire thing on his phone. Gavin was utterly humiliated. He knew there was no protesting. Well this must be what they do when you break that stupid rule, he thought. Then the dirty undies once again were at his face, with a fresh batch of cum and pube juice. This time Dean smeared it all over Gavin's face as the group laughed hysterically.

"Ok, that takes care of today's little infraction, Freshman" said Dean, getting off the bed. "One down, 27 more to go! See ya tonight!" With that he motioned to Shane, who snatched up Gavin's laptop and the two exited. The 3 giggling seniors in his room began rummaging through Gavin's things as the boy lay naked in a complete state of shock, his own cum drying on his face, and lingering in his mouth. He sat up, wiping himself in disgust.

"What's happening?" he asked still confused.

"We're just getting these out of the way" said one. By "These" the fratboy was of course referring to all of Gavin's clothes. The freshman just sat and watched, what could he do? As their arms filled up they left the room one by one. Finally his drawers were empty and the lst senior was heading out the door.

"But what am I supposed to wear?" asked Gavin.

"Those" the kid answered, as he gestured to the wadded up pair of spent briefs that had just been used to feed Gavin his own nut. "In fact, you're not allowed to wear anything BUT those for the rest of the weekend. Yer already in deep shit man, don't make it worse."

Then he left.