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Author: Himeros
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RECAP: A Freshman Fratboy gets caught breaking a No Masturbation rule and awaits his punishment to come later that evening.


Jake, Gavin's neighbor, came rushing in immediately after they left.

"Woah!" He instantly averted his eyes the second he noticed Gavin was naked. Gavin snapped to and quickly slipped on the damp undies. Jake peeked out of the corner of his eye. He noticed Gavin had the undies on, but kept his gaze averted as they spoke. "So that was crazy huh? We heard most of it from our room!"

"Uhh, fuck yeah...Did you guys know about the Jerk-off rule?" Gavin asked, pissed off.

"Well yeah", Jake said.

"Fuck, I had no idea it was real!!" Gavin was more and more freaked out. "They're gonna do some bad shit to me man, I just know it. I accidentally fucking confessed to jerking off every day since school started!"

"You what!?" shouted Jake, finally staring straight at the mostly naked boy.

"I didn't know!! I just fucking blabbed it! Why didn't somebody fucking tell me about this stupid rule!?"

"Shit man, you ARE fucked! Jackson totally got caught with porn last week - he told us that they actually spanked him in the basement in front of a bunch of guys. He wouldn't go into details, but I heard from his roomie that they also put something on him. Like a....a boner cage or something?"

"Boner Cage!? What the fuck is a boner cage?" Gavin was panicking.

"Not sure. Stops you from getting a boner, I guess?"

"Holy fuck, why does that even exist?" Gavin was panicking.

"You want a spare set of clothes or something?" Jake offered.

"No, man they told me I gotta wear this...just this."

"Ug, Did they say you couldn't wash it? cuz, it's covered in jizz and..."

"Oh good idea, do you got a load I can toss it in with?"

"Super gross..."

"C'mon man!"


He followed Jake back to his room and tossed his lone article of clothing in the basket. Jake left to start the load while Gavin headed for the showers. As he approached the bathroom he noticed Jackson standing by the door. Boner cage was all Gavin could think. He took a microsecond to check out the kid's crotch - But he didn't notice anything odd, not that he was well practiced at checking out other guy's packages really. But there was no detectable sign of a "boner cage". Of course there wasn't, thought Gavin. They're just spreading rumors to fuck with us. Jackson looked a little shocked to see a Gavin naked.

"Hey Gav, They told me you had to wear your dirty underwear..." Jackson started. He was sheepish, not the same smiley guy Jake met a month ago.

"Wow news travels fast" said Gavin, dejected. "Yeah they said I couldn't wear anything but that this weekend. I heard you got caught too?"

"Yeah, it fuckin sucks. Hey so anyway, I gotta do what they say.... They told me you're not allowed in the bathroom by yourself this weekend.... You gotta come get me if you need to go... so I can... 'watch' you."

"What? That's sick"

"Yeah, I guess I'm supposed to make sure you don't try to jerk off in there." Jackson explained, as his voice quavered.

"Holy fuck! Ha! Fine, well it's the last thing on my mind right now. I'm just gonna take a quick shower. I guess you get to watch!" It was Gavin's attempt at a joke, but it didn't land with his preoccupied audience.

The two boys entered the Freshman bathroom. It was a multi-stall bathroom / communal shower situation. Jackson sat on a bench and watched as Gavin got into the shower and soaped up his body. This kid wasn't taking any chances, thought Gavin. He was clearly doing exactly as they had instructed. The naked freshman rubbed the bar of soap across his lean swimmer's torso. The water spattered down his faint but visible abdominal muscles. He made sure to scrub his pubes with extra attention, knowing that they were caked in cum. His face also. All the while Gavin's chaperone was all business, never averting his eyes. Gavin finished up and grabbed a towel to dry off, then instinctively wrapped it around his waist.

"You...you can't wear that man."

Gavin rolled his eyes and tossed the towel on the floor, heading over toward the urinals.

"Can I pee? Or is that not allowed anymore?"

Jackson almost let out a smile, but he stopped himself. "Yeah you can pee. But...You gotta sit down to do it."

"What?!? Fuck this!" He walked over to the stall and sat on the toilet, leaving the door open of course. Jackson followed him in and closed the door behind them. Gavin looked up at him like he was crazy for doing it. Jackson shrugged. It was awkward, the stalls were small, not a lot of room for two. Gavin peed as Jackson stared down at the boy's crotch - just as he had been instructed no doubt. "Here, see, No hands!" Gavin raised his hands in the air and continued to pee as proof that he wasn't breaking any rules. Gavin suddenly felt like an asshole. He put his arms down.

"Hey man, I'm sorry if I'm being a dick. I'm not mad at you, I'm just an idiot for getting caught. I know you're just doing what you have to do, right? We cool?"

Jackson finally smiled at that. "Yeah, we're cool."

Gavin flushed, then stood up, meeting his new comrade eye to eye. There was an awkward and intimate pause, while Gavin waited to get let out, "We can go now" he finally said looking into Jackson's worried eyes.

"I'm...I'm supposed to... " He started over, "Do you want me...to lick it clean for you?" It was hard for him to get the words out.

Yet another awkward pause, "oh, my dick?" Gavin asked quite innocently not really believing what he was hearing or saying.

"Yeah..." Jackson then got on his knees which wasn't easy to do with two boys in one stall.

"No no no, hey I'm good!" inserted Gavin quickly. "I'll just..." He quickly grabbed some toilet paper and dabbed himself. "There! We're good. Hey can I get out?"

"Sure...Sure...Yeah" Jackson got up from blowjob position and clumsily turned around to unlatch the door. The two parted ways in the hall as Gavin headed back to his room to hide and wait for the laundry. He wished he could erase that creepy encounter altogether. Poor guy, they were clearly still punishing him.

Gavin opened his door and stopped dead in his tracks. Shit just got weirder. His bed had been stripped of all the sheets and blankets. They were now piled on the floor, and standing on top of that pile was his friend Jake. He was wearing nothing more than Gavin's still soiled blue underwear and he looked positively mortified. Shane sat on Gavin's chair waiting.

"Hey Gav!" Shane started, "All...clean?" He looked up and down at the boy's naked body then back to his eyes. "So we were setting up downstairs for tonight's meeting and guess who comes down to do a load of laundry on a Friday night?"

"Oh shit" Gavin put his head in his hands. "Look I'm sorry, please don't punish him, it was my idea. I'll just wear them as is, here, let me put them on."

"Oh we'll punish whoever we want to punish, Gavey" He slowly looked over at Jake who had his hands crossed over his thin boyish frame. "Piss yourself freshman" he commanded. Jake's eyes protested. Shane repeated, "Piss yourself freshman! In the undies."

Jake closed his eyes in embarrassment and standing there in front of Shane and Gavin, he began to pee inside the briefs. At first it was just a dribble, making a tiny damp spot on the undies, then the stream increased as warm urine streamed down the boys leg onto Gavin's sheets. Once he had finished, the entire front of those abused blue undies were soaked and the smell was unmistakable.

"Take em off" ordered Shane.

Jake slowly peeled the warm piss-laden garment off his body and stepped out of them. It was Gavin's first glance and Jake's naked body. He felt bad for noting it, but he found his penis to be a little on the small side. There were lots of pubes, which now glistened with piss, but he must have been a "grower" - hopefully. Jake held the underwear aloft.

"Grab them with your teeth Gavinstein" instructed Shane, acting annoyed that he had explain each step to the terrified boys.

Gavin paused, disgusted by the thought. He inched towards Jake, opened his mouth as if it was torture to do so and slowly clamped his teeth around the crotch of his underwear. It was warm and foul. The piss oozed into his mouth - acrid, somehow oily. The urine immediately invaded every nook and cranny of his tongue. He coughed. The aroma was unbearable, but he managed to keep them in his teeth.

"Go ahead and put them on" Gavin gladly removed them from his mouth, then slipped them on. They were growing colder now, and he was instantly revolted with his situation. He now stood completely defeated marinating in his friend's piss. With the terrible flavor lingering in his mouth.

"You probably won't want to use those sheets tonight." Shane advised, "See you downstairs in five" Then he was gone.

"What the fuck?" Jake said, standing naked in front of his friend.

"I'm so fucked man"


"So this has to be a first..." began Dean as the Seniors and Juniors slowly hushed themselves. "We've only had three transgressors so far this year. Two caught with porn, one caught with his dick in his hand." The fratboys all laughed at that. "Now we have a fourth - and he's guilty of both. This is day 28 of 30 days. Not sure why you'd risk it on day 28, but I guess when you gotta nut, you gotta nut."

The guys began laughing again, In the stairwell around the corner Gavin cringed as he stood wearing only his piss-stained undies, waiting for his entrance. Marco stood beside him. Marco had brown skin and a slight latin accent which became much more pronounced the drunker he became. Gavin had always made special notice of Marco for some reason. First of all he noted him to be a chronic crotch adjuster. Every spare moment the guy had, he used it to rearrange the contents of his pants. It was as if he was constantly reminding everyone around him, that A: he had balls and B: the location of those balls were to be found just where you'd expect them. He also had a natural aroma that was distinctively intoxicating - not that Gavin recognized it as intoxicating - just distinctive. But it was intoxicating to both men and women, it snuck up on you, and made you want to be near him.

He was also on the wrestling team, although he must have been a lighter weight class than Dean, because he wasn't quite as big. But still a very impressive male specimen. Marco stood out in a Frat, not only because of his darker skin tone, but also his demeanor.

Towards the end of a frat party on the first weekend of school everyone was shit-faced and horsing around. Shane and Marco started play-wrestling - hamming it up for everyone. At one point Shane slipped and fell towards Marco grabbing his waist to stop his fall. As he fell, Marco's shorts fell with him and the latino's massive dick and balls flopped out for all to see. He was exposed to a large mixed group of people and yet he showed absolutely no signs of embarrassment or anger. Instead he just stood there with his pants around his ankles, looked down at Shane with a warm grin and calmly said, "Hey, buy me dinner first fag, 'fore you get all up on ma jock, yo."

It wasn't so much the enormous genitals that stuck in Gavin's mind, or the quippy sense of humor. It was the complete and utter ease with which Marco dealt with the situation, with every situation. Anyone else would have pulled their pants up immediately in shame, turned bright red, and yelled at Shane. But Marco just laughed and helped Shane up before eventually getting around to pulling his shorts back up. He was a cool mother fucker. He exuded a pot-induced calmness and he worried about absolutely nothing. Gavin was relieved that Marco had been chosen as his "handler" for this. He was the one upperclassman that could have, in some small way, comforted him (even if unknowingly) as he waited for whatever horribleness was to come.

Dean continued over the laughing fratboys, "But aside it from it being SO close to a full month. Fucking Monday! What makes this guy a first, is that he openly confessed to jerking off every day since he got here!" The crowd howled at that. "Yup!" Gavin didn't remember it going down quite like that, he'd said "all the time" not "every day" but it was hard to be pissed off about being misquoted, when the statement was actually completely accurate.

Marco turned to look at Gavin, "You ready little dude?" The look on his face made Gavin realize that he definitely was not. So much for comforting.

"Bring him out!" shouted Dean.

Marco grabbed the poor kid by his naked shoulders and walked him out to the group - who all stood in the basement near a keg laughing and cat calling - the volume rose as they caught a glimpse of Gavin's pathetic underwear. Marco slapped him on the ass as they came to a stop.

"Gavin, you broke our rule..." began Dean, "...frequently and evidently without regret. We're going to change that last part!" The truth was, they already had. "You've got a choice. You've been punished for today's transgression already, but there are 27 days - 27 cumloads, that remain unpunished!" The fratboys went crazy at that. Gavin stood exposed as ever, with his head down - his little swimmer body was dwarfed by the jocks standing around him. "So it's your choice, little man. Either you get the paddle - 27 times. Or we'll personally put those 27 cumloads back in you! What do you say?" Gavin had not expected option 2. He assumed spanking was the only option, and the thought of sucking a dick was unfathomable - The choice was suspiciously obvious.

"The...the paddle" Gavin said meekly.

"The paddle...."

"The Paddle, sir...Please?" Gavin corrected himself.

"ok" Dean responded unceremoniously, hiding a grin.

With that Gavin was torn from the group and dragged to the other side of the basement where he was made to stand in front of a large framed poster of the school mascot. Shane removed the poster from the wall revealing a small door with a padlock. He unlocked it, opened the door and tossed the freshman inside. It was dank and dark. The light flicked on revealing a simple room with cabinets on one side and in the center there was a customized wooden sawhorse. Gavin was in shock. But it was still better than sucking a dick right?

About half the original group remained around him, just the seniors were allowed in this room apparently.

"Strip boy" commanded one of them.

Gavin slipped off his disgusting briefs and held them in his hand - not knowing what to do with them. The whole room glared at his naked body.

"Why don't you just hold onto those boy....in your mouth."

Gavin slowly placed the foul underwear in his mouth and put his hands back down to his side, wincing at the taste. He looked pathetic. Then four guys headed straight for him and grabbed him by his arms and legs, hoisting him over the sawhorse and securing his wrists and ankles in the leather straps affixed to the bottom of each leg. It all happened so fast. Before he knew it he was completely bound to the device. His head hung over the front end staring down at the floor, and at the back end a solid piece of wood installed vertically from top to bottom forced his junk backward away from his stomach. His dick pointed straight downward as his balls protruded out towards the boys behind him. Gavin had never felt so utterly vulnerable, so completely at the mercy of others. The restraints were tightly bound, preventing any movement. His mind was transfixed on his unprotected genitals.

Dean produced a small paddle from one of the cabinets and purposefully walked in front of Gavin slapping it in his hand as he passed by. Gavin's breathing became erratic, it almost felt like a panic attack. Then suddenly he felt the smooth wooden paddle gently placed squarely on his ass. It was deadly silent in the room. All of the giggling from earlier had been left in the other room.

"Your regret begins today boy" Dean started, "You have chosen pain." Gavin gulped as best he could with the underwear gag in his mouth. It was rank.

One subtle pat on his left ass cheek signaled that the punishment was about to begin. Then a second later he felt the regret they'd been mentioning, full force. The paddle came down on him with a deft snap directly against his protruding defenseless testicles.

"UUUNFH!" Gavin sucked in putrid underwear-oxygen as his entire body clenched down. The pain rising into his gut. They weren't spanking his ass! Was it a poorly aimed mistake?

"UUUNH!!!!" Gavin grunted again as a second stronger blow struck his quivering balls. "NUHH!" he shook his head back and forth.

"UUNGH!!" again his nut suck was assaulted, Gavin began struggling furiously against the restraints. "UUUNNHH" His eyes were watering. The pain was unimaginable and he had no ability to protect himself. The natural male reaction to a nut-shot was curling up, cupping the balls, sheltering them. All of that instinct was impeded, nullified.

"AAUNNNGGHH!!!" a fourth smack landed expertly. It was the hardest so far, each was clearly growing in intensity. It was too much! Gavin spit out his underwear. "NO!!!! STOP PLEASE!"

"AAAAAGHH!!" a fifth smack met his balls. "NO!! FUCK PLEASE!" Gavin was openly crying now, sniffling. He pulled in vein at the leather straps that bound him in this horrible predicament. If any pretense had remained leading him to believe he was anything other than a boy, it had all left him now. "Not my Fucking Nuts Man!?!!?!?"

"AAGH! FUCK! FUCK!!!" A sixth blow landed, but the paddle did not recoil. It held in position smashing his balls against the base of his taint all held in perfect position by the wooden backing of the sawhorse. "You expected an ass-whooping?"

"Yes!" Gavin cried.

"You're ass isn't want caused this mess, boy. You're ass isn't on trial here. There are no rules referring to what you can or can't do with your ass!" Suddenly the paddle swept up and was inserted into Gavin's ass crack. The punisher wriggled it around comically against Gavin's clenched hole to illustrate his point. Gavin wriggled pathetically trying to cling on to some nonexistent dignity. "You are free to stick anything in here you want, boy! So why would we spank your ass?" The response was punctuated with a seventh heartless crack to the powerless boy's nut sack. "FUUUCK! I can't!!! I can't do it! Please, I'll do anything else!!! Please!!"

Dean sighed from behind the boy, annoyed - or at least feigning it. "So you're changing your mind then? Don't want to go with the paddle option anymore" He gently patted the bound boys tender balls as he waiting for a response. Gavin flenched at each swat.

"Yeah, Yes! Yes SIR!" The patting crescendoed and was finished with an eighth powerful nut shot. "AAAGGH!!!! UNNGH!! FUHHH!!!! FUCK PLEASE MAN!"

"ok boy" Dean suddenly conceded laying the paddle on Gavin's ass, Gavin exhaled in relief. "But you're going to owe us another month starting Monday. No porn, no jerking off"

"Ok, Yes, whatever you want, thank you!"

"You're welcome boy, now let's get some cum inside you."

To Be Continued...

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